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Adult Xena RPG Mailing List
An Unlikely Pair (Callisto/Aphrodite) (14 K)
Vacation (Aphrodite & Hephaestus) (15 K)

Aihne - See Napalm Nacey

It All Began With A Trout (Xena/Gabrielle, Thraso/Eumache) (99 K)
And it Continued with a Skunk... (Thraso/Eumache, Xena/Gabrielle, Artemis/Cyrene) (129 K)

Comparisons (Ares/Joxer) (6 K)
I Will Repay (Ares/Iphicles, Ares/Strife, Joxer/Iphicles) (57 K)
Love is not Love (Ares & Aphrodite, (Xena & Ares)) (13 K)

Series: The Games Gods Play
Ares on Ares (Ares/AU Ares GOL) (11 K)
Render Unto Cupid (Cupid/AU Cupid GOW, Ares/Cupid/AU Cupid GOW) (23 K)
Consequences (Ares/Cupid) (17 K)

Adventures in the Rewrite Trade (Xena/Otere, Xena/Cyane, Xena/Anokin) (64 K)
Ananke's Children: Part 1 (Callisto/f) (21 K)
A First Time for Everything (Xena/Gabrielle, Lila & m, m & f) (97 K)
Gabrielle's Fantasy (Xena/Gabrielle, Gabrielle/Ephiny, Xena/Ephiny, Xena/Gabrielle/Ephiny, Xena/Callisto) (82 K)
The Initiation (Xena/Gabrielle, Gabrielle/Amarice, Xena/Gabrielle/Amarice, Ephiny/Amarice) (72 K)

The Reckoning: Part One (Xena/Gabrielle, Xena & m) (23 K)
The Reckoning: Part Two (Xena/Gabrielle, Xena/f, (Callisto/Artemis), (Callisto & Zeus)) (27 K)
The Reckoning: Part Three (Xena/Callisto, Xena/Gabrielle, (Xena/f), (Callisto/f)) (8 K)

Anderson, Joseph
Back to School (Xena (Bitch of Tartarus) & m, Xena & various m, (Xena/Gabrielle)) (112 K)
Callisto: Quick Study (Callisto & m) (22 K)
Dark Blood (Gabrielle & m) (10 K)
Echoes of Thermopylae (XO - Uber - Krycek & f, m & Jilly, Krycek & Kimberly, Scully/f/f & m, Mulder & f, Mulder & f) (437 K)
The Graduate (Gabrielle & m (Imbrios), m (Weldon) & f (Kimberly), m (Imbrios) & f (Kimberly), m (Imbrios) & f (Jilly), Joxer & Meg, (Xena/Gabrielle)) (102 K)
Home Movies (Aphrodite & Hephaestus, Hephaestus & Athena) (17 K)
Meeting of Minds (XO - Callisto & Alex Krycek) (15 K)
My Boy, Joxer (Joxer & Velasca, Joxer & Aphrodite) (21 K)
Scully: Warrior Princess (XO - Xena & Mulder) (46 K)
Slayers in Xena-Land (XO - Xena/Gabrielle, Gabrielle/Willow, Joxer & Meg, Meg & m (demon Ashcroft)) (87 K)

Anderson, L.B.
A Baby (Xena/Gabrielle) (19 K)
A Different Side of Meg (Meg/f) (12 K)
The Limousine Ride (Mel/Janice) (14 K)

Angela (Nniol)
Breathing (Xena/Gabrielle, Gabrielle & Perdicus) (4 K)
Separations (Xena/Gabrielle, Gabrielle & Perdicus) (5 K)

April (RedMsThing)
Passion Unchained (Xena/Gabrielle) (81 K)

The Best Laid Schemes (Hercules/Iolaus) (40 K)
Bluffing (Hercules/Iolaus) (29 K)
Furs Time (Hercules/Iolaus, Ares/Iolaus) (81 K)
Love's Brand (Hercules/Iolaus, Ares/Iolaus, (Iolaus/f)) (28 K)
Name-Dropping (Hercules/Iolaus, Iolaus/m) (45 K)
Night(ie) Manoeuvres (Hercules/Iolaus, (Xena/Gabrielle)) (31 K)
Out Into The Daylight (Hercules/Iolaus, Iolaus/various m) (100 K)
Petting (Hercules/Iolaus) (33 K)
Stolen Reputation (Hercules/Iolaus) (36 K)
A Sure Thing (Hercules/Iolaus, Ares/Iolaus) (58 K)

The Stoic Warrior (Xena/Gabrielle) (71 K)

A Journey of Love (Xena/Gabrielle, (Xena & Autolycus)) (59 K)
Ardent Warrior...Passionate Bard...Jealous Queen (Xena/Gabrielle, Ephiny/f (Kestra)) (50 K)
Hearts Lost - Hearts Inflamed (Xena/Gabrielle, Ephiny/f, Gabrielle/Ephiny, Solari/Eponin) (249 K)

Series: Uber
The Blaze (Uber - Zeen/Abby, Zeen/various f, Zeen/Debbi Ma) (155 K)
Inferno (Uber - Zeen/Abby) (208 K)
Flashpoint (Uber - Zeen/Abby, Zeen/various f) (221 K)

Artemis Artemis
Boys Will be Toys (Young Hercules/Young Iolaus) (47 K)
New StoryIn Vino Salacitas (Hercules/Iolaus) (337 K)

No Strings Attached (Gabrielle & Joxer, Gabrielle/f, Joxer/m, Xena/Gabrielle) (53 K)
Panta Rei (Ares/Caesar, Caesar/Lucifer, Caesar/various m, Ares/Michael, m & f, various m/various m) (28 K)

Blood Sisters (Xena/Callisto) (14K)
Twisting in the Wind (Hercules/Iolaus and Iolaus & Nebula) (84 K)
Unchained Thoughts (Xena/Hercules) (8 K)
War God Lust (Xena & Ares, Xena/Gabrielle) (12 K)

Series: Xena Stories
. . . But We're Not the Same (Xena/Gabrielle) (16 K)
How Long Till My Soul Gets It Right? (Xena/Gabrielle, Xena/Lao Ma, (Xena & Hercules)) (15 K)
This Must Be the Place (Xena/Gabrielle) (49 K)
The Dark Side of my Soul (Xena/Gabrielle, Xena/Callisto, (Hercules/Iolaus)) (150 K)
Idylls of the Conqueror (Xena the Conqueror & Hercules, Xena/Gabrielle, Hercules/Iolaus, [AU]Iolaus/Ares, Xena the Conqueror/[AU]Gabrielle, [AU]Gabrielle/[AU]Callisto, (Xena & Hercules) (277 K)

Series: Hercules Stories (in the same continuity as the Xena Stories)
Never Let Me Down Again (Hercules/Iolaus) (29 K)
See Forced Revelations (Hercules/Iolaus, Ares/Iolaus)

atara and Ruth Gifford
Forced Revelations (Hercules/Iolaus, Ares/Iolaus) Sequel to Never Let Me Down Again by atara (104 K)

The Baths of Eros (Hercules/Iolaus) (44 K)
The War God Series - 1 and 2 (Ares/Joxer)

New StorySweet Provenance (Xena & Ares) (235 K)

Autumn Queen
Forced Affair (XO - Ares/Qui-Gon) (9 K)
One Night Long Ago (Ares/Cupid/Iphicles) (10 K)
War vs. Lust (Ares & f (Alexandria), Ares/Caesar & f (Alexandria)) (10 K)


Barderella - See Hahn, Rachel

Only One Chance (Uber - Chance/Tracy) (37 K)

Coming Around (Iolaus & Gabrielle) (42 K)
Consequences: The Debt (Iolaus & Gabrielle) (153 K)
See A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to Scyros... (Iolaus & Gabrielle, Joxer & Dirce, (Xena & Hercules))
See Rebirth (Iolaus & Gabrielle, Iolaus (Dahak) & Gabrielle, (Xena & Hercules))
Soulmate Lament (Iolaus & Gabrielle, (Iolaus & Nebula)) (6 K)

Beckers & Ingrid
A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to Scyros... (Iolaus & Gabrielle, Joxer & Dirce, (Xena & Hercules)) (69 K)
Rebirth (Iolaus & Gabrielle, Iolaus (Dahak) & Gabrielle, (Xena & Hercules)) (111 K)

New StoryThe Innocent (Xena/f, Xena/Gabrielle) (25 K)
New StoryThe Innocent II (Gabrielle & m, Xena/Gabrielle) (26 K)

Bonobo, G.
See Been There, Never Done That (Xena/Gabrielle, Xena & Joxer, Gabrielle & Joxer, Xena/Gabrielle & Joxer)
An Episode In Which Joxer Revisits His Past (Joxer & various f, Joxer/various m, Ares/Joxer) (10 K)
What Joxer Saw (Iolaus & Nebula, Hercules/Autolycus, Xena/Gabrielle, Ares/Joxer, Meg) (24 K)

Brown Bettied
New StoryVaria is the Spice of Life (Varia/various Amazon Queens, Varia/Young Cyane, Gabrielle/Varia, Xena/Gabrielle) (24 K)


Hera's Return (Xena & Hercules) (20 K)
In The Sight Of Vengeance (Iolaus & Gabrielle) (16 K)

What If... (Iolaus & Gabrielle) (19 K)
The Beginning (Iolaus & Gabrielle) (19 K)

C.N. Winters - See Winters, C.N.

A Night with the God of War (Ares & f) (9 K)

A Taste of the Warlord (Xena/Gabrielle) (34 K)

Comparing Notes (Xena/Gabrielle) (16 K)
Turning Tables (Xena/Gabrielle) (75 K)
Winning Smiles (Xena/Gabrielle) (105 K)

Paybacks Aren't Such a Bitch (Xena/Gabrielle) (48 K)

Collins-LaCroix, Beverly
The Chosen One (Gabrielle & Ares) (9 K)

Cory, Dana
The Love of Lao Ma (Xena/Lao Ma, Xena/f, Xena & Borias, Xena/Gabrielle) (99 K)
Sleepyhead (Xena/Gabrielle) (10 K)

Craig, Tommy & Mistee Pontes
Cavern of Dreams (Gabrielle & Joxer, Xena & Joxer) (34 K)

Memories (Xena & Hercules) (22 K)

Interlude (Xena & Ares) (35 K)

The Path Not Taken (Ares & f) (54 K)
Rules (Ares & f) (46 K)
Debts (Ares & f) (38 K)
Bad Boy (Ares & f, Ares/Joxer, Strife & f) (63 K)
Bad Girl (Ares & f) (35 K)


Dark Angel
The Offering (Xena/Gabrielle) (161 K)
Zero Tolerance (Xena/Gabrielle, Gabrielle/Najara) (31 K)

Series: Conqueror Series
Chattel (Xena the Conqueror/Gabrielle) (19 K)
Thrall (Xena the Conqueror/Gabrielle) (22 K)
Ever After (Xena the Conqueror/Gabrielle) (40 K)

Series: The Conqueror's Property Series - Follows the Conqueror/Chattel Series
Emergence (Xena the Conqueror/Gabrielle, Gabrielle & m) (23 K)

Series: 'The Pay for Play Chronicles'
The Price of Silence (Xena/f) (20 K)
As The Candle Burns (Xena/f, Xena/Gabrielle) (29 K)
Deliberate Strangers (Gabrielle, (Xena/f (Arnise), (Xena/Gabrielle)) (30 K)
Secrets and Lies (Xena/f (Arnise), Xena/Gabrielle) (33 K)
Surrender (Xena/Gabrielle, Xena/f (Arnise), Xena/Gabrielle/f (Arnise)) (39 K)

Darkbloom, Vivian
The Stars Fell Down (Xena/Gabrielle, Mel/Janice) (40 K)

Darth Payne
New StoryWarriors, Princesses, and a Jedi (XO - Xena/Gabrielle, Gabrielle/m, Xena/Ephiny) (262 K)

DAx - See Ennis, Patricia L.

A New Light (Gabrielle & Ares) (6 K)
Change of Light (Gabrielle & Ares) (5 K)

Debbie B.
Y2K: A Night Remembered (Xena/Gabrielle) (10 K)

New StoryGoddess of Lava (Ares & f) (115 K)

Playing Havoc with Ares (Ares & f) (19 K)

Doe, John
Heads or Tails? (Xena/Gabrielle) (7 K)

Donald, Rab
The Best Laid Plans (Xena/Gabrielle, Gabrielle/f, Xena/f, Gabrielle/f/f) (24 K)
Passion and Fury (Gabrielle/Alecto) (14 K)

Donnelly, Julia - See Ellie and Julia Donnelly

New StoryThe Last Hunt (f/f/f, Xena/Gabrielle) (26 K)

DuMois, Randi
New StoryImagos (Hercules/Iolaus, Xena & Borias) (229 K)
Nocturne (Hercules/Iolaus) (35 K)
Some Enchanted Evening (Hercules/Iolaus) (8 K)

See An Affair to Remember (Hercules/Iolaus) (61 K)

Duncan, Emily
New StoryFirst Light (Uber - Jake/Nia, Nia/f, Jake/f) (467 K)


See Been There, Never Done That (Xena/Gabrielle, Xena & Joxer, Gabrielle & Joxer, Xena/Gabrielle & Joxer)
See Bound to Please (Gabrielle & Joxer, Xena & Joxer, Xena/Gabrielle & Joxer, Xena & Dennis)

Ellie and Julia Donnelly
Bound to Please (Gabrielle & Joxer, Xena & Joxer, Xena/Gabrielle & Joxer, Xena & Dennis) (137 K)

Ellie, sidewinder, G. Bonobo and Evil-Lyn
Been There, Never Done That (Xena/Gabrielle, Xena & Joxer, Gabrielle & Joxer, Xena/Gabrielle & Joxer) (166 K)

Gods and other Monsters (Hercules/Iolaus, Ares/Iolaus, Hercules/Autolycus, Joxer/m) (75 K)

Ennis, Patricia L. (1st Knight DAx)
The Kiss (Xena/Gabrielle) (19 K)
The Labrys (Xena/Gabrielle) (28 K)
Life From Death (Xena/Gabrielle) (157 K)

Demonstrations (Ares/Strife) (13 K)
Settling Differences (Ares/AU Ares, Ares/AU Cupid) (13 K)
Vacation (Ares/Young Iolaus) (22 K)

The Wager (Ares/Joxer, (Strife) (Cupid)) (Revised) (14 K)
In the Darkness of My Soul (Cupid/Strife) (17 K)

Series: P1
The Prostitute (Joxer/Strife) (27 K)
The Proposition (Joxer/Cupid, (Joxer/Strife)) (13 K)
The Punishment (Joxer/Strife) (53 K)

New StoryA Reasonable Demand (Hades/Strife, (Ares/Strife)) (12 K)
New StoryAltared States (Hades/Strife, Ares/Strife) (26 K)

The Herc/Iolaus Scrolls (Hercules/Iolaus) (5 K)

Series: The Euphonius Scrolls
Family (Iolaus/m, Hercules/Iolaus) (48 K)
Closest to Your Heart (POS Iolaus/m) (49 K)
The Next Monster (AU Iolaus/m, (AU Iolaus/Sovereign)) (49 K)
As Much a Part (AU Iolaus/m, (AU Iolaus & Nautica)) (68 K)
Dead Bugs in Amber (Ares/AU Iolaus, AU Iolaus/m, Ares/m) (72 K)
Harder Every Time (Hercules/m) (57 K)
Anyone for a Swim? (AU Iolaus (Jester-merman) & Nautica, m (Euphonius) (80 K)
Resolutions (Hercules/Iolaus/m (Euphonius), Hercules/Iolaus) (118 K)
Remembered a Hero (Iolaus/m (Euphonius), Iolaus & f (Siann), m (Euphonius) & f (Siann)) (165 K)

Evil-Lyn - See Ellie, sidewinder, G. Bonobo and Evil-Lyn


Stormchild (Ares & various f) (39 K)
The Warlord (m & f) (8 K)

Deception at Dusk (Xena & Ares, Xena/Gabrielle, Gabrielle & Ares) (29 K)

Flasheart, Filippa Morgan
Aphrodite's Secret (Gabrielle & Joxer) (11 K)

Flores, Melissa - See Misty

The Enchantment? (Xena/Gabrielle, Xena & Ares) (118 K)
Enchanted Again? (Xena/Gabrielle) (146 K)

Look Into My Eyes: Part 1 (Revised) (Uber - Ellie Maelstrom/Anna McKenzie, Ellie Maelstrom/Alexandra Aultman) (65 K)
Look Into My Eyes: Part 2 (Revised) (Uber - Ellie Maelstrom/Anna McKenzie, Ellie Maelstrom/Alexandra Aultman) (87 K)
Look Into My Eyes: Part 3 (Uber - Ellie Maelstrom/Anna McKenzie) (81 K)
Look Into My Eyes: Part 4 (Uber - Ellie Maelstrom/Anna McKenzie) (61 K)
Look Into My Eyes: Part 5 (Uber - Ellie Maelstrom/Anna McKenzie, Ellie/Leigh) (32 K)


G. Bonobo - See Bonobo, G.

Night Interludes (Gabrielle & Joxer) (34 K)

GabTBard - See Lisa S

Possession (Xena/Gabrielle, Gabrielle/Najara) (49 K)

Gifford, Ruth - See atara and Ruth Gifford

Naked Warrior (Ares & f (Daria), Ares & Discord, m (Lord Novick) & f (Daria)) (310 K)
Sara's Gift (Ares & f (Sara)) (35 K)

Series: Honeymoon
Honeymoon For One (Uber - Ares & f) (212 K)
The Honeymoon is Over (Uber - Ares & Donna Clark, Ares & Yvonne, Donna & Ted, Donna & Lucas, Ares & Crystal, Donna/Crystal, Lucas & f) (313 K)


Hahn, Rachel (Barderella)
Diary of a Madwoman (Callisto/Ephiny, Xena/Gabrielle) (107 K)

Hamilton, EM
Unspoken at Midnight (Xena/Gabrielle) (38 K)

Heddy, Miriam
Series: Counterpoint sfz*
Lessons in Battle (Ares/Joxer) (33 K)
Without Rhyme Or Reason (Ares/Joxer) (57 K)
The Gods' Tears (Ares/Joxer) (51 K)
Idle Hands (Ares/Joxer) (40 K)
Dark Dreams (Ares/Joxer) (32 K)
Temper, Temper... (or, Mead Between the Lies) (Ares/Joxer) (136 K)
Hooks, Lines, and Sinkers (Joxer/Autolycus, (Ares/Joxer)) (39 K)

Hind's Blood
The Gift (Gabrielle & Ares, Ares/m, Gabrielle/various f, Gabrielle & various m, various m & f, (Xena/Gabrielle)) (22 K)
Rejoined (Hercules/Iolaus, Xena/Gabrielle, (Hercules & Serena), (Xena & Ulysses)) (30 K)

Horne, Ian
Betrayals (Gabrielle & Brutus, Gabrielle/f/f (Brutus' body slaves), Brutus & f & f (Brutus' body slaves), (Xena/Gabrielle, Xena & Antony)) (25 K)

Huntress, The
One Way Ticket (Iolaus & f, Hercules & f, Hercules/Iolaus & f, Hercules/Iolaus, Ares & f, Xena/f, Gabrielle/f, Hercules/Iolaus & Gabrielle/f) (343 K)


After Thoughts (Iolaus & Gabrielle) (7 K)

See A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to Scyros... (Iolaus & Gabrielle, Joxer & Dirce, (Xena & Hercules))
See Rebirth (Iolaus & Gabrielle, Iolaus (Dahak) & Gabrielle, (Xena & Hercules))


J69 - See Mbard

J.A. Bard
In Search of a Greater Cause (Xena/Gabrielle, Xena & m, Xena & Ares, Gabrielle & m) (532 K)
Journey Through Shadow Land (Xena/Gabrielle, f/f) (277 K)
Road Show (Xena/Gabrielle, f/f) (918 K)

Blood Hunt (Uber - ?/?) (9 K)

Four Friends (Xena/Gabrielle, Hercules/Iolaus, Xena & Hercules, Iolaus & Gabrielle, Hercules & Gabrielle, Xena & Iolaus) (19 K)

Lapse of Devotion (Gabrielle & m, (Xena/Gabrielle)) (14 K)

The Highwaywoman (Uber - Bess/Mary) (12 K)

Regency Fuck (Uber - Iphicles Fairfax, Earl of Royston/Yves Marsham, Duke of Aresborough) (345 K)
Ritual (Ares/Iphicles) (10 K)
Sand (Ares/Iphicles/Apollo, Ares/Iphicles, Ares/Apollo, Iphicles/Apollo) (20 K)
When in Rome... (Caesar/Iphicles, Caesar/m, Iphicles/m) (27 K)

Between Friends (Xena/Gabrielle/Ephiny, Xena/Gabrielle, f (Trilee) & m (Larion), (Xena/f (Marnie)) (66 K)
Peaches & Cream (Xena/Gabrielle) (23 K)
Reflections of Darkness (Xena/Gabrielle, Xena/f) (186 K)

Rebirth (Hades/Borias) (12 K)

Series: Vengeance
Revenge is Sweet (Ares/Caesar) (8 K)
How Do I Thank Thee (Ares/Iphicles) (6 K)
And Nothing Beats Three (Caesar/Iphicles, Ares/Caesar/Iphicles) (19 K)
No Vengeance for the Wicked (Ares/Strife) (11 K)

Jess and Oshun Anat
Love and War: A Study in Light and Dark (Ares/Ares & Cara, Cupid & Jenna & Cupid) (24 K)

A New Beginning (Ares & f) (17 K)
Choices (Ares & f) (50 K)
Chance Encounter (Ares & f) (34 K)
Betrayal (Ares & f) (38 K)

The Brass Jar (Uber - Ares & f) (42 K)
The Brass Jar - Part Two (Uber - Ares & f) (47 K)
The Americanization of Ares (Uber - Ares & f) (33 K)
The God of War Takes a Holiday (Uber - Ares & f) (37 K)
The Great Mount Olympus Ambrosia Contest of 1999 (Ares & f (Jessica Albritton) (76 K)

Misunderstood (Ares/Joxer) (9 K)
Aftershocks (Ares/Joxer) (4 K)
Crystal Dreams (Ares/Joxer) (30 K)

A Dark Day (Gabrielle & Iolaus) (23 K)
Puzzle Pieces (Gabrielle & Iolaus) (38 K)
'Twas the Night Before Solstice (Gabrielle & Iolaus, Lila & Joxer, Minya & Hower, Hercules & Minya, Xena & Hercules, Autolycus & f (Rebecca)) (147 K)


Mistaken Identities (Meg & Jett) (17 K)

Katelin B.
Best Friend (Xena/Gabrielle) (27 K)
Queen's Orders (Xena/Gabrielle) (9 K)

Keller, Andrew Troy
Heatstroke (Xena/Gabrielle, Xena/Gabrielle/Meg) (4 K)

All Or Nothing (Ares/Iphicles) (10 K)
Caesar's Vengeance (19 K)
Detested Sport (Iolaus/Autolycus, Ares/Autolycus) (109 K)
Discovery (Ares/Joxer) (21 K)
End of Reckoning (Caesar/Iphicles) (14 K)
Private Time (Ares/Joxer) (5 K)
Stranger in a Strange World: Challenge (AU Joxer/AU Cupid) (5 K)
True Love Conquers All (Ares/Young Iolaus) (56 K)

New StoryAs the Dart Flies (Xena/f, Xena/Gabrielle, Xena/Gabrielle/f) (21 K)
New StoryCaitlin's Chronicles (f/f, (Queen Marga/f) (128 K)

Anger Channeling (Cupid/Strife) (5 K)
Curiosity (Sovereign/AU Cupid GOW, Ares, Hades, (Ares/Caesar)) (7 K)
Poison (Ares/Strife) (6 K)
Wings of Love and War (Ares/AU Cupid GOW, Ares/Cupid, Cupid/Cupid GOW, Ares/Cupid/Cupid GOW) (10 K)

The Clinic (Uber - Jesstin/Renee) (217 K)
The Disclaimer's The Thing (Xena/Gabrielle) (49 K)
Finishing School (Gabrielle/Najara, Xena/Gabrielle) (23 K)
Ides of March Revisited (Xena/Gabrielle, Xena & various centurians, Gabrielle & various centurions) (41 K)
In Caesar's Hands (Xena & Caesar, Xena/Gabrielle, (Gabrielle & Caesar)) (28 K)
A Night At The Inn (Gabrielle/Callisto, Xena/Gabrielle) (42 K)
Night Rage (Xena/Gabrielle, Gabrielle & m) (46 K)
Shadow Shaman (Xena/Gabrielle, Gabrielle/various f) (65 K)
Warriors In Need (Xena/Gabrielle) (9 K)
Web of the Furies (Xena/Gabrielle, Gabrielle & Ares, Xena/The Furies) (60 K)

The Courtly Butch Meets the Lady Aria (Uber - Jesstin/Lady Aria) (10 K)
Come To My Window (Uber - Jesstin/Lady Aria) (12 K)
Aria's Dream (Uber - Jesstin/Lady Aria) (8 K)

Kristy (Sarsel)
Night Thoughts (Xena & Ares, Xena & m (Corhonus), Meg & m (Corhonus)) (46 K)


New Territory (Xena/Gabrielle) (76 K)
When We Dance, Who Leads? (Xena/Gabrielle) (69 K)
Honeymoon's Over (Xena/Gabrielle) (64 K)
Mantles are Heavy (Xena/Gabrielle, (Joxer/f)) (164 K)

Lace Priest
Don't Know (Xena/Gabrielle) (11 K)
A Frozen Moment (Xena/Callisto) (24 K)
Must It Always Be Me? (Xena/Gabrielle) (10 K)
What's The Question? (Xena/Gabrielle) (14 K)

Lady Phoenix
The Loss of Light (Ares & Gabrielle, Xena/Gabrielle) (10 K)

Thunderstorm (Hercules/Iolaus, Ares) (3 K)
Strange Twists (Ares/Joxer, Joxer/Autolycus, Autolycus/Strife, Xena/Gabrielle) (24 K)

A Twist of Fate (Xena & Ares (Xena & Caesar, Ares & Cleopatra)) (152 K)

First Impressions (Jett & f) (30 K)

Lawrie, Robin
Xena Meets Seven (XO - Xena/Seven) (6 K)

Balancing the Scales (Xena/f, Xena/Gabrielle) (53 K)

Fire, Walk With Me (Xena/Callisto)
Nutbread Strikes Again (Gabrielle/Callisto, (Xena/Gabrielle))

Caesar's Mark: Part One (Caesar & Meg) (12 K)
Sweet Rewards (Xena & Cupid) (9 K)

Lisa Jain Thompson - See Thompson, Lisa Jain

Lisa S (GabTBard)
Beginnings (Xena/Gabrielle, (Gabrielle/Perdicus)) (22 K)
The Heart's Furies (Xena/Gabrielle) (146 K)

Key to the Bedroom (Joxer/Autolycus) (20 K)

Little Dragon, The
New StoryJust a Day at a Lake (Xena/Gabrielle) (8 K)

Lord, Pamela A. (Heron)
Bacchanalia (Xena/Gabrielle, Gabrielle/various f, Gabrielle & Bacchus, Xena & Bacchus) (117 K)
Dream Lover (Uber - Jennath/Chymera) (20 K)
Hearts Found and Lost (Xena the Conqueror/Gabrielle) (19 K)
Ice and Fire (Uber - Karas/?) (23 K)
Matador (Uber - La Bianca DelOro/Alysse deFleur) (27 K)
Sacrifice (Deianiera & Blue Priest of Hera) (17 K)
The Flame, Not the Candle (Xena/Gabrielle) (32 K)

Lorenz, Nancy - See Napalm Nacey

The Amazon's Breast (Xena/Gabrielle, Xena/Ephiny, Gabrielle/Ephiny, (f & centaurs, Xena/Lao Ma)) (11 K)
Beaches (Xena/Gabrielle) (4 K)
Firelight (Xena/Gabrielle) (5 K)
The Hayloft (Xena/Gabrielle) (6 K)
Mortals Beloved (Xena & Marcus, Xena/Gabrielle, Gabrielle & Marcus) (6 K)
The Saddle (Xena/Gabrielle) (5 K)
The Wedding (Xena/Gabrielle) (15 K)
Xena & Gabrielle & Dax & Brook (Xena/Gabrielle, Xena/f, Gabrielle/f, f/f) (4 K)
Xena and Gabrielle Surrender (Xena/Gabrielle) (7 K)

Alternatives of the Heart (Xena/Gabrielle) (89 K)


A Hero's Reward (Joxer & Aphrodite/Discord, Aphrodite/Discord, (Gabrielle & Joxer)) (11 K)
The Prisoner in the Room (Ares/Joxer) (16 K)

Series: Brotherly Love
Mortal Love (Strife/Jett, Ares/Joxer) (27 K)
Practice Makes Perfect (Strife/Jett) (13 K)
The Dungeon (Joxer/Jett) (10 K)
A Taste of Punishment (Joxer/Jett, Joxer/m (Laikus), Ares/m (Laikus), (Ares/Joxer, Ares & Discord)) (19 K)
Just Like Old Times (Joxer/Jett, (Ares/Joxer)) (25 K)
If Wishes Were Horses (Joxer/Jett, Ares/Joxer, Gabrielle & Joxer, Strife/Jett) (53 K)
Fruit of the Vine (Joxer/Autolycus/Jett) (19 K)

Is That Cash Or Charge? (Xena/f (slave)) (54 K)
Moonlight (Xena/Gabrielle) (40 K)

McAlister, Jheran
All's Fair in Love and War (Joxer/Autolycus, Ares/Joxer, Ares/Autolycus) (66 K)

Bed of Thorns (Xena & Ares) (5 K)

The God's Precious Warrior (Ares/various f) (17 K)

Series: Warrior Princess of Sparta
New StoryDiscovery and Loss (Xena & Ares) (31 K)
New StoryChanging the Stars (Xena & Ares (32 K)

Meg, Warrior Barmaid
Mistaken Identity (Caesar & Meg) (8 K)

Melissa X
Love That Bard (Gabrielle & Joxer, Xena & Autolycus, Lila & Jett, Callisto & Jett, Najara & Jett, Ares & Discord, Discord & m) (19 K)
What Night Sparks (Gabrielle & Joxer) (9 K)

Three In A Bed (Xena/Gabrielle, Xena/Gabrielle & Ares) (17 K)

Metadi, Dani
Everything To Do With Love (Xena/Gabrielle) (27 K)

Mil Toro
Liquid Fire (Xena/Callisto, Xena/Gabrielle) (62 K)
The Smell Of Her Britches (Xena/Gabrielle) (41 K)
When She Was A Warlord (Xena/Gabrielle, Xena/f) (59 K)

Please Forgive Me (Gabrielle & Ares, Eve & m (Nathaniel), Virgil & f (Beth), m (Nathaniel) & f (Beth), Xena & Hercules) (57 K)

Just a Little Ditty (Uber - Xena/Gabrielle) (17 K)

Series: Afternoon Delight
Afternoon Delight: Part I (Uber - Xena/Gabrielle) (Revised) (12 K)
Afternoon Delight: Part II (Uber - Xena/Gabrielle) (Revised) (11 K)
Afternoon Delight: Part III (Uber - Xena/Gabrielle) (Revised) (13 K)
Afternoon Delight: Part IV (Uber - Xena/Gabrielle) (Revised) (13 K)
Evening (Uber - Xena/Gabrielle) (22 K)

Miriam Heddy - See Heddy, Miriam

Misty (Melissa Flores)
He's All That (Gabrielle & Joxer, Xena & Rafe) (253 K)

Anatomy of a Dream (Gabrielle & Joxer) (16 K)
Married with Fishsticks: The Missing Scene (Crustacea & Hagar) (11 K)

Murphy, Joe
On Cloud Nine (Xena/Gabrielle) (15 K)
The Surrogate (Gabrielle/f) (21 K)

Downtime (Xena/f, Gabrielle/Ephiny) (31 K)
Lost Love (Xena/f) (106 K)
Loving the Conqueror: Part One (Xena the Conqueror/Gabrielle, Xena the Conqueror/ f) (39 K)


Napalm Nacey (Aihne - Nancy Lorenz)
His Princess (Xena & Ares) (18 K)

Series: Children of the Gods
What is a Hero? (Gabrielle & Joxer, Xena & Ares, (Callisto/Artemis)) (263 K)
Brother & Brother & Brother (Xena & Ares, Gabrielle & Joxer) (264 K)

New StoryOur Boy in Blue (Uber - Ares/Iphicles) (29 K)

Misunderstandings (Hercules/Iolaus) (60 K)

Fever Dream (Hercules/Iolaus) (10 K)
Fever Dream 2 (Hercules/Iolaus) (22 K)


O'Connor, Pash
Forbidden Mountain (Callisto/f, Aphrodite/f) (104 K)

O'Merta, Mary
The Arms of Consolation (Iolaus & Gennea, Hercules/Iolaus) (59 K)

Fruit, Feet & Grins (Xena/Gabrielle) (27 K)

Oshun Anat
Ares with a Cherry on Top (Ares/Cupid/Strife) (5 K)
See Love and War: A Study in Light and Dark (Ares/Ares & Cara, Cupid & Jenna & Cupid)
Iphicles and the Seven Gods (Ares/Iphicles, Cupid/Iphicles, Ares/Caesar, Iphicles/m) (21 K)
Tale of Two Caesars (AU Caesar/AU Cupid, AU Caesar/Iphicles, Ares/Caesar) (52 K)


Pamela A. Lord - See Lord, Pamela A.

Series: The Conqueror Trilogy
Penance (Xena the Conqueror/Gabrielle) (222 K)
Blood Meridian (Xena the Conqueror/Gabrielle) (129 K)
Ascension (Xena the Conqueror/Gabrielle) (145 K)
Companion Piece
Opacity (Xena the Conqueror/Gabrielle) (19 K)

Series: Untouchable Face
Untouchable Face (Xena/f, Xena/Gabrielle) (172 K)
Divine Boredom (Xena/Gabrielle) (243 K)

Realization, or Enough of This Crap, Already! (Gabrielle & Joxer) (46 K)

Poet Dareau
Don't Mess with my Toot-Toot (Strife/Cupid) (5 K)

Pontes, Mistee - See Craig, Tommy & Mistee Pontes

Cerberus' Challenge (Xena/Gabrielle) (175 K)
Empathy's Cost (Xena/Gabrielle, Ares/m) (170 K)



CyberEpic (Uber - Dusky/Shannon) (291 K)
Wyoming (Uber - Principal Jennifer Walters/Sorka Brickman) (24 K)

RedMsThing - See April (RedMsThing)

Series: 'Tribute'
Tribute (Ares/Joxer) (35 K)
Hero's Path (Ares/Joxer) (22 K)
Consort (Ares/Joxer, Hercules/Iolaus, Cupid/m) (85 K)
Sacrifice (Ares/Joxer, Joxer/Strife) (66 K)

Richardson, Portia
A Half Moon Before and Two Summers After (Xena/Gabrielle, Gabrielle/f) (163 K)
Under the Kenyan Sky: A Romance (Uber - Kate Chavez/Serena Hewitt, Kate Chavez/Lisa Calltreaux, Kate/Rachel, Dafton/Jimiyu, Serena & Elliot, Serena/Heather) (233 K)

Series: Jett's Revenge
Jett's Revenge (Gabrielle & Jett) (50 K)
Aftermath and Passage (Gabrielle & Jett, Xena/Gabrielle & Jett) (19 K)
Two Brothers (Xena/Gabrielle & Jett, Gabrielle & Joxer, Xena/Gabrielle & Joxer, Xena & Jett) (28 K)

The Lion and the Lamb (Ares & f, m & f) (323 K)

Rose, The
New StoryThe Pleasure, The Pain (Ares/Iolaus, Hercules/Iolaus) (95 K)

New StoryFantasy (Hercules/Iolaus) (17 K)
New StoryRevenge (Hercules/Iolaus) (27 K)

Rowley, R.E.
Xena: The Joxercist (Xena/Gabrielle, Joxer & f) (74 K)

Modern Women (Uber - She Woman/Girl) (9 K)
Modern Women: Part 2 (Uber - She Woman/Girl) (24 K)
Modern Women: Part 3: Chapter One (Uber - She Woman/Girl) (12 K) (work in progress)

Emotionally Yours (Iolaus/Iphicles) (60 K)
Tomorrow Is a Long Time (Iolaus/Iphicles) (45 K)
Homecoming (Iolaus/Iphicles) (124 K)


Now More Than Ever (Xena/Gabrielle) (17 K)
Premonitions (Xena/Gabrielle) (26 K)
You're It (Xena/Gabrielle) (9 K)

Series: 'T' trilogy
Trials (Xena/Gabrielle, Xena/f, Gabrielle & m) (78 K)
Tribulations (Xena/Gabrielle, Xena/Hope, Hope/Ephiny) (39 K)
Triumph (Xena/Gabrielle) (36 K)

Sascha Morgan
Shattered: Part 1 (Strife/?) (6 K)
Stranger Things Have Happened (Joxer/Strife) (13 K)
Worse Than Death: Part 1 (Joxer/Strife) (14 K)

New StoryThorns & Roses (Xena/Gabrielle) (94 K)

See Been There, Never Done That (Xena/Gabrielle, Xena & Joxer, Gabrielle & Joxer, Xena/Gabrielle & Joxer)
For Services Rendered (Meg & Joxer/Autolycus, Joxer/Autolycus) (36 K)

Series: Moments of Transition
Moments of Transition (Ares/Joxer) (129 K)
Between Sunsets and Dawn (Ares/Joxer) (41 K)
Casualties of War (Ares/Joxer) (194 K)

Crossover Voyeurs (XO - Xena/Scully, Tom Paris, Harry Kim) (10K)

Skye, Scarlette and Randi DuMois
An Affair to Remember (Hercules/Iolaus) (61 K)

Family Reunion (Xena/Gabrielle) (48 K)

New StoryBy the Book (Autolycus/Caesar) (18 K)

Together (Hercules/Iolaus) (13 K)

Sutherland, Elaine
Lao Ma's Kiss (Xena/Lao Ma, Xena & Borias, (Xena/Gabrielle)) (85 K)
Women in Prison (Uber - Guard Captain Xenia Krieger/Gabrielle) (63 K)


The Coziness of a Cave (Xena & Hercules) (20 K)
Hurtful Memories (Xena & Hercules) (20 K)
Lovers United (Xena & Hercules) (33 K)
The Many Faces of War (Xena & Ares) (36 K)

The Alchemist's Dream (Uber - Marsius/Phaestion, Phaestion & Aphra, Aphra & Clifford, Phaestion & f (Berceline), Phaestion/m) (130 K)
Be Content Broken (Ares GOL/Cupid GOW, Ares GOL/various, Cupid GOW/various) (16 K)
Guerradio (Uber - Guerradio/della Corintia, Guerradio/Amadeo, Guerradio/Baccho, Guerradio/Mortregno) (157 K)
Like a Virgin (Ares/Autolycus, Ares & various f (temple priestesses), Ares & f (Theia), (Autolycus/Iolaus)) (160 K)
Rules for the Tragic Poet (Uber - Ares/Caesar, Iolaus/Iphicles, Hercules/Iolaus, Ares/Borias) (62 K)
This Flesh We Wear (Ares/Joxer (Iphicles)) (21 K)
Vibrations of a Bell (Xena & Ares, (Ares & Aphrodite)) (29 K)

An Audience of One (Ares/Caesar, Ares/Iphicles, Ares/f (Cassia & temple priestess), Caesar/f (Cassia), Caesar/Iphicles, Joxer/Iphicles, Joxer/m, m/f, m/m) (131 K)
Hell (Ares/Caesar, Ares/Iphicles, Caesar/Iphicles, Ares/various m) (108 K)
Metamorphosis (Ares/Caesar, Caesar/m, Ares/Iphicles, Caesar/Iphicles, Iphicles/m, Caesar/various m) (40 K)
Triumvirate (Ares/Caesar/AU Cupid, Ares/Caesar, Caesar/AU Cupid, Ares/AU Cupid, AU Cupid/m, Caesar & f, Ares & f, AU Cupid/m, Ares/m, Ares/m, Caesar/m) (118 K)

Thompson, Lisa Jain
Callisto: Insurrection (XO - Callisto/Seven) (13 K)
Obsssesssion (Xena/f) (15 K)
Windshift (Xena/Gabrielle) (5 K)

Afternoon Break (Xena/Gabrielle) (39 K)
Ground Rules (Xena/Gabrielle) (137 K)

Trabal, Saul
Braving the Inner Storm (Joxer & Meg) (170 K)
A Taste of Deja Vu (Joxer & Meg, Autolycus & f) (166 K)
A Switch of the Role (Joxer & Meg) (135 K)

Callisto's Triumph? (Callisto/various f, Gabrielle/Callisto, Xena/Gabrielle/Callisto, Xena/Callisto, Xena/Callisto/Aphrodite, Gabrielle/Aphrodite) (41 K)



No Way Out (Ares/f) (49 K)
The Favour (Ares/f) (67 K)

Wet Concessions (Xena & Ares) (11 K)


Conversion (Uber - Sister Maria/Sister Gabrielle, Sister Gabrielle & m) (102 K)
Infidelity (Xena/Gabrielle, (Gabrielle & Perdicus)) (55 K)

Wellman, Tim
Blonde on Black (Callisto & Joxer) (20 K)
Rain (Xena & m) (10 K)
Victim of the Game (Callisto & Ares, Callisto/Hope, Ares & Hope) (12 K)

Williams, Theodore
A Time For Us (Gabrielle & m) (191 K)

wilma3 (ann logan)
The Finest Mentor (Xena & m) (16 K)
Scarlet Cadence (Tasha & Lord Passion, various m & f, (Xena/f)) (41 K)

Searing The Wounds (Xena & m, Xena/Gabrielle & m) (25 K)
Searing the Wounds: Part 2 (Xena & m) (16 K)

Winters, C.N.
Homecoming (Xena/Gabrielle) (195 K)
Coming Home (Xena/Gabrielle) (111 K)

New StoryLove Remembered (Ares & Gabrielle) (47 K)


An Acceptable Sacrifice (Ares/Jett) (11 K)
Fantasizing Can Be Fun (Xena & Joxer, Gabrielle & Joxer, Xena/Gabrielle & Joxer) (9 K)

Leather After Dark (Ares/Jett, Joxer & Meg) (30 K)
With Friends Like These... (Xena/Gabrielle/Joxer, Gabrielle & Joxer) (31 K)

Series: Pillow Talk
Pillow Talk (Gabrielle & Joxer) (17 K)
The Look of Love (Gabrielle & Joxer) (40 K)
My Favourite Mistake (Gabrielle & Joxer) (37 K)
Accidents Will Happen (Gabrielle & Joxer) (64 K)
Heat of the Night (Gabrielle & Joxer) (49 K)
In The Clear Light of a New Day (Gabrielle & Joxer) (85 K)
Frustration Break (Gabrielle & Joxer, Gabrielle & m) (80 K)
Bodyrock (Gabrielle & Joxer) (50 K)
Camping With Xena (Gabrielle & Joxer, (Xena)) (23 K)
The Aphrodite Factor - Part One (Gabrielle & Joxer) (63 K)
The Aphrodite Factor - Part Two (Gabrielle & Joxer) (63 K)

Xena Bird
In My Place: Part One (Previously entitled 'Lips Press Against Lips') (XO - Gabrielle & Obi Wan Kenobi, Xena/f, Xena & Qui-Gon Jinn) (24 K)
In My Place: Part Two (Previously entitled 'Lips Press Against Lips') (XO - Gabrielle & Obi Wan Kenobi, Xena & Qui-Gon Jinn) (13 K)

Learning to Love (Xena/f, Gabrielle/f, Xena/Gabrielle) (169 K)

Frustrations (Xena/Gabrielle, Gabrielle/Ephiny, Xena/various f, Gabrielle/various f, Ephiny/f, various f/various f) (70 K)



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