Author: MB
Story Title: The Prisoner in the Room
Characters: Ares/Joxer
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Ares uses physical and emotional torture - to Joxer's delight. PWP.
This rating is for explicit m/m sex, bdsm, torture and sexual violence (snuff).

The characters belong to Studios USA and Renaissance Pictures and were used without permission. No copyright infringement was intended and no money was made.

This story contains explicit descriptions of male/male sexual relations, bdsm, sexual violence and torture. The story could be considered a snuff piece. Please skip the story if you think that you will be offended.

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The Prisoner in the Room
by MB
March 2000

Ares felt a thrill of anticipation. Joxer was always so happy to see him. He knew the mortals had come up with some psychological explanation - what was it? 'Stockholm Syndrome'? Whatever. All he knew was that it pleased him to come to Joxer's little room and know he'd be greeted with warmth and love. The tiny room had been Joxer's home for centuries, with only a bed, a small table and hard chair, and a rudimentary bath. He had no window, no clothes, no books, no visitors. Only Ares. The God of War came to see Joxer as often as he could, and when he didn't have time to actually visit, he'd check in for a while, watching indulgently as Joxer entertained himself with songs and imagined conversations. Even though his personality had disintegrated somewhat over the years as isolation pushed him into a kind of madness, he always managed to retain some elemental Joxer-ness. It was a most satisfying arrangement.

Ares flashed into the spare, quiet room and smiled down at the man sprawled sleeping on the bed. He gently took him by the shoulder and transported them to his own bedchamber, where he shook him awake.

"Joxer, it's time to wake up." Ares said.

"Mmm," Joxer mumbled, eyes opening sleepily and looking around. His face brightened when he realized that he was no longer in his room, and his smile was incandescent when his eyes lit on the god.

"Ares!" he cried.

"Have you missed me?" Ares asked teasingly. He always asked, even though he knew what the answer would be.

"Oh yes, Ares, I missed you like crazy!" Joxer clambered off the bed to kneel at Ares' feet. "What do you want me to do first?" he asked.

"Suck me. You know how I like it."

Joxer nodded excitedly, his trembling hands fumbling with the lacings at Ares' crotch. Ares watched, content to enjoy the anticipation. He would dispense with his clothes later, once Joxer had freed his cock. For now he enjoyed the pleasant sensation of his growing erection pressing against the leather of his pants and his breath began to come a bit faster with his increasing excitement.

He loved his time with Joxer. It had never grown old, never palled. There were so many things to do and an endless span of time in which to do them. Joxer had finally released his erection from the hampering leather and Ares thrust a large hand into his soft brown hair, pulling him closer, wordlessly urging him to take his cock into that talented mouth. He sighed with pleasure as hot, wet suction surrounded him. After all these years Joxer had learned exactly how Ares wanted it, and he did it so well, taking it deep into his throat, sucking hard, swallowing deliciously around the sensitive head. His other hand had found its way into Joxer's hair and Ares was guiding him, holding his head as he fucked that delightful mouth. Making Joxer immortal had been one of the best decisions he'd ever made; well worth Hera's rage over the stolen apple.

It had been quite a while since Ares had last been able to visit and he had been eagerly anticipating it. His mind flicked over all the things he wanted to do. Whip him, certainly; that was a given. Joxer's always pale skin was now almost translucent as he was never in the sunlight, and lash marks stood out against it in sharp contrast. He gasped at the idea of Joxer tightly bound, writhing in pain, struggling to escape as Ares marked the canvas of his skin. It was a heady thought and he felt a surge of excitement. His balls tightened and he felt the electric tingle of approaching orgasm spread through his body. Once he might have been angry that it was over so fast, but over the years he'd found it just wasn't worth getting upset about. There was always time for more. He groaned loudly as the waves of ecstasy overcame him and he held Joxer's head tightly against the brutal thrusts of his climax.

Ares' harsh panting finally slowed and he relaxed his hold on Joxer's hair. Joxer pulled back, gratefully gasping for breath. Ares allowed his cock to soften a bit and he stroked Joxer's head. "That was wonderful," he whispered.

Joxer nodded and gazed up at his god adoringly.

"What do we have here, mmm?" Ares said, looking down at Joxer's nude form and grinning at his straining erection. "You look like you want to come."

Joxer nodded again, but his eyes had closed as he continued to reverently lick and suck at Ares' cock. He regretfully pulled away. "You're going to get me all excited again doing that," Ares said with mock sternness. "And I have other things I want to do with you."

Joxer looked up at him again and there was now uncertainty, and a touch of fear, in the loving gaze. Ares felt a little thrill. Oh yes, he loved to see that fear. "First, a whipping, I think," Ares said.

Joxer shook his head, panic blooming in his eyes. As always, Joxer was unwilling to accept that it was going to happen. Ares allowed him to beg, and listened earnestly, pretending to consider changing his mind before regretfully shaking his own head and implacably securing Joxer's trembling body to the cold metal frame he had materialized for just that purpose. From time to time he did let Joxer's pleas convince him to stop, for he liked to hear Joxer plead, see the hope warring with fear in his eyes, and Joxer wouldn't do it half so well if it didn't occasionally work. But not this time. Ares had been looking forward to this for too long to give it up now.

The whipping proved to be everything Ares had imagined it would be. Joxer begged, moaned, cried, then screamed, thrashing and writhing against his bonds as Ares marked his pale skin crimson with bloody welts. He finally paused, admiring his handiwork, and found himself unable to resist the temptation. He stepped forward, pushing Joxer's cheeks apart and pressing the head of his cock against the dry, tight hole. He paused, waiting for the man's pain-addled mind to comprehend the latest turn of events. Joxer moaned, instinctively tensing against the intrusion and Ares grinned fiercely as he thrust forward. So hot, so tight, the friction was almost unbearable, but wonderful nonetheless. Ares fucked Joxer fast and hard, his hands holding Joxer's hips in a brutal grasp as he yanked them back to meet the savage thrusts. Good, oh yes, it was so good. Ares came, shuddering with pleasure as he sagged against the welted back, resting his head on Joxer's shoulder. Joxer whimpered as the god's heavy body rubbed against the injured skin and Ares allowed his god consciousness to travel the well-worn paths of Joxer's mind, unerringly seeking the part of Joxer's brain that controlled his sexual pleasure, lightly tickling it with a mental touch. Thus connected, Ares could feel the burning pain of the whipping as a hot, tantalizing tingle over his back and legs, the burgeoning erection as a throb in his own groin. He unclenched his hands and reached for Joxer's cock, smiling against the damp skin as it filled and stiffened against his palm.

When Joxer was fully erect, his fast breathing no longer simply due to pain, but pleasure as well, Ares reluctantly withdrew, pulling away and walking around to the front of the frame. He contemplated Joxer's face: wet with tears, lower lip bitten bloody, liquid dark eyes huge. Ares leaned forward and tenderly licked away the salty tears, then the blood on his lip; Joxer's eyes closed and he let out a long, shuddering sigh. Ares dropped his eyes to the leaking cock, pleased at Joxer's ready response to his mental stimulation. He intensified it then, watching raptly as Joxer's body tensed with impending orgasm. Joxer was breathing harshly, his eyes closed, hips thrusting involuntarily and he cried out hoarsely as he climaxed, his semen arcing to the floor at Ares' feet.

Ares released the straps that held Joxer's body against the frame. "Get on the bed," he whispered. Though barely able to walk, Joxer wordlessly obeyed, crawling gingerly onto the bed and kneeling there. Ares watched his progress, then crossed the room and climbed on the bed behind him. He slid his hands over the bloody welts on Joxer's buttocks, reveling in the shudder and cry his action produced. No, he thought with satisfaction; he would never regret his decision to make Joxer his own.

"Spread your legs," Ares murmured, and as Joxer complied, he pulled open the tender cheeks, again pressing his cockhead against the tight entrance. Ares continued to tickle at Joxer's mind and he moaned as he teetered on a fine balance of pleasure and pain. Ares played for a while, entering and withdrawing, his eyes roving over Joxer's trembling body, always returning to the sight of his cock moving in and out of Joxer's ass, fascinated by the pinkish mixture of his own semen and Joxer's blood that slickly coated him. His excitement was building again, but this time he wanted more. He withdrew completely. "Turn over, Joxer, and lie on your back." Shaking, Joxer slowly obeyed, wincing with pain even as his cock stood hard and erect, and Ares thrilled at the fear written on his face.

Ares knelt between the long legs, allowing his hot breath to tantalize Joxer's erection. He touched his tongue to the slick tip, then took the entire length into his mouth, sucking and licking, smiling inwardly at Joxer's gasps and moans. He teased and played, enjoying both Joxer's reaction and the pleasure that flowed back to him from his connection to Joxer's mind. He pushed Joxer's hips down, taking him deep into his throat, sucking and swallowing. Joxer was going mad with sensation, so close to orgasm, but Ares would not allow him to come, not yet. Finally, when he could wait no longer, Ares materialized a small, sharp dagger. He drew back, reverently sliding a hand across Joxer's pale hip, finding the large vein that pulsed in his groin and he slashed into it with the dagger. Ares allowed Joxer to come then, dropping the knife and licking his lips, raptly watching Joxer thrust into the empty air, spurting semen mingling with spurting blood, the hot liquid collecting on Joxer's heaving abdomen.

As Joxer's pleasure faded and his breathing slowed, Ares moved to lie on top of him, sliding against the slick, wet mess on Joxer's stomach, kissing his soft lips. His mouth was so sweet, his breath divine. Ares felt the hunger swelling in him, wanting still more. Not giving him any time to recover, Ares resumed his mental stroking. Joxer whimpered as his sensitive cock began to fill yet again and Ares moved into position, raising the trembling legs and plunging his slick, bloody cock into Joxer's body. It felt so good, so hot, so tight. Joxer gasped at the sudden intrusion and Ares again increased the mental stimulation, causing him to moan and shudder as Ares brought him to and held him at the very edge of another orgasm. He lowered himself on top of Joxer, pressing him down against the bed, trapping Joxer's erection between their slippery bodies. He kissed Joxer again, slowly and deeply, as he continued to thrust, slow and sweet. Joxer moaned softly, twining his arms around Ares' neck and passionately returning his kisses. Ares groaned, his senses reeling as Joxer's love and devotion swelled, washing over him in heady waves. He pulled away a bit, positioning himself on his elbows, placing his hands around Joxer's throat and staring down into the dark eyes, now widening with terror.

Joxer shook his head frantically. "Please, Ares, no," he whispered, his hands grasping at Ares', desperately trying to loosen the grip around his neck. Ares smiled. He wasn't really squeezing hard yet, just holding tightly, and his eyes half closed in pleasure as Joxer began to struggle beneath him in earnest, frantically seeking escape.

From time to time Ares actually allowed Joxer to struggle successfully and get away. He liked for Joxer to really put up a good fight, so it wouldn't do to break his spirit. He needed to truly believe that there was a chance he might actually get away if he just fought hard enough. But not this time.

Ares implacably tightened his grip, lowering his mouth to Joxer's again in a hungry kiss, reveling in the pain, the pleasure, the love and the fear that emanated from the man. He gave a mental push and Joxer fell into orgasm again, his body shuddering, gasping into Ares' mouth. Ares tightened his grip still more, groaning as Joxer clawed ineffectually at his wrists, struggling to escape even as he pulsed out his pleasure against Ares' stomach. Oh yes, it was so good. Ares was awash in a haze of sensation as Joxer's struggles grew more frantic, his terror and lust overwhelming the god's senses.

Ares came hard.

As he slowly returned to awareness, Ares realized that Joxer's movements had grown feeble and he lifted his head to watch the light die in those beautiful eyes. He finally loosened his grip when all movement had ceased, the warm body beneath him still and calm. He eased over onto his side, gazing at Joxer. His head lolled at an odd angle and Ares grimaced at the man's face; strangulation was not pretty. He turned Joxer face down and curled up next to his side, idly running his fingertips over the dark welts that crisscrossed his back.

Ares lay that way for a long time as the body beside him cooled, reminiscing about all the good times they'd had together over the years. The memories aroused him and he ran his hands over the chill, pale skin, spreading Joxer's long legs and pressing into the limp form. It was always a little disconcerting at first, taking Joxer like this when his body was so cold and still.

Ares moved slowly, languidly; next time he'd cut Joxer's throat, Ares thought suddenly, grinning with anticipation. That was always a favorite: the struggles and cries, the bed filling with hot, red blood as Joxer grew faint and weak. It took him longer to recover, and he usually stopped fighting once he felt his life bleeding out, but there were pros and cons to every method of murder. His face would be pretty, too, waxy and blue around the lips. And all that bright blood.... Ares came again, filling Joxer's corpse with his hot seed.

As he relaxed in the sleepy afterglow, Ares gently kissed the cold neck and hugged the limp body close, patiently waiting for Joxer's immortality to reassert itself, to bring him back to life, so they could start again.

The end

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