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    Welcome to Ashera's Archive

    What's New
    Last Updated: June 14th, 2011 - Added 60 new scans to the gallery Read more...

    Click to go to mastercat.ca New Site
    Ever wanted to have a quick reference for all of the Xena photos out there? Here's your chance to help build just such a listing. Yeah, like I need to start a new project... Read more...

    Welcome to Ashera's Archive. This is a fan fiction site that was created in August of 1998 to offer Xena-related and Hercules-related fan fiction that would include all the various character pairings that are found on the Net - and to specifically serve as a portal to the wide world of Xena/Hercules fan fiction. I thought that it would be nice to have an archive of adult fiction that would include stories about all sexual orientations, and that would also be conveniently listed by pairing and include ratings. But the site also includes (and welcomes!) non-explicit stories - which is why I am now calling it a pairing archive, as opposed to an adult archive (but don't get me wrong - this site will still specialize in adult works). In any case, you will be able to find female/female, male/female, male/male and other combinations here, and links to every kind of Xena and Herc fiction out there. The fiction archive itself has since been retired.


    Xena: Warrior Princess, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Young Hercules, and the characters from these shows are the copyright of MCA/Universal, Studios USA and Renaissance Pictures. This is a not-for-profit fan site, and is in no way attempting to infringe on that copyright.

    While the characters in these stories are the copyright of MCA/Universal/Studios USA/Renaissance Pictures, the content of these works is copyright to the authors. Please do not reproduce or distribute stories, or portions thereof, without the express permission of the author.


    Caged Xena

    Many of the pictures used to originally create graphics on this site were taken from Tom's Xena Page.

    Tom's Xena Page

    A few pictures have also been used from Xena Rulz and Michelle's Xena Library

    And some high-res scans were used from the Czech site Epizody/Episodes (which doesn't seem to exist anymore), and from Mike's Page

    Mike's Page

    Thanks to R'rain, atara, Tim Wellman, LisaB, Morgan, sockii, Thamiris, Aramis, Klancy, Matt, Cands, Nacey, Findle and to everyone else who has been helpful and supportive. Many thanks to Angela (Nniol) for getting me into this crap in the first place and for helping with authors and info. Big time thanks to Ilene and Sara for helping with the site and putting up with my laziness. And thanks to all the authors, readers, and fan fiction archives and indices who keep the fandom so strong.

    In many ways this site was modeled after R'rain's Star Trek Slash Archive, which has passed on :(

    Some of the Hercules and Young Hercules pictures were taken from The Less Than Legendary Journeys.

    The Less Than Legendary Journeys

    All images taken from various sites were used for graphics - pictures in the gallery are my scans, or donated scans. Thank you everyone!

    Protest Censorship and Homophobia

    Xenites Against Discrimination

    Freedom of Expression in Fanfiction

    Tributes to Xena Warrior Princess

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    More cool fic.

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    More cool filled sites.


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