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Dec 5th, 2005 - NEW BLACK T-SHIRTS!

For the most part $1 from every sale goes to this site, although in some cases it's $.50 and it's $2.00 for the sweatshirts. Buying merchandise is one way of supporting Ashera's Archive. Another way is donating through PayPal:

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T-Shirts & more T-Shirts, Baseball Jerseys, Sweatshirts, Hats & More - Inspired by Xena Fan Fiction and Fandom
Customized Posters, Mousepads, Tote Bag, Stickers & Journals Mousepads, stickers & more
Mugs and steins Customized Ashera's Archive Mugs, Steins & Coasters
Official DVDs and CDs sold through affiliates, with more to come, including non-Xena items with Xena actors and actresses Official Merch

In order to sell products from without paying premium prices, my products are all separated into different 'shops.' Here are quick links to all of my ten shops, for those that would like to browse the merchandise in this way. This method is more haphazard, but it's also more comprehensive (since I don't link to all the things I've made in the categories above - there's just too much), and you get to see right away which products are on sale at the moment, because is constantly changing what is on sale. There are a few non-Xena items in here as well ;)

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