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Dec 3rd, 2000


Added all sorts of crap, and fixed some goofs. Added a webrings page so that the entrance of the site will load quickly. Loaded up a bunch of stories, although there is still lots to go. Turns out that Redhawk's CyberEpic was incomplete on the old site. I've fixed that, but am suprised that no one pointed it out to me.


Ahhhh! Shadowfen's may be shut down. Her web host is unhappy with the content she links to and she's not sure whether she wants to move it somewhere else. *@!$^%^#!$ web hosts.

And to make things even more exciting, there's a loony on the loose. There is a woman who is currently on a campaign to destroy any and all sites on the web that contain "immoral lesbian content". And she's doing it through any method she can, including hacking into sites and making repeated complaints to site providers. She goes by the name of JessieLee and has already been responsible for a great deal of trouble - including:

  • contacting writers and telling them that sites were closing and offering to host their work after careful "editing" to remove offensive material.
  • sending threatening e-mail to openly homosexual writers and to those that have writen same sex stories.
If you get any such e-mail (one address she's used is 'xenalover99@yahoo.com' - but there will probably be others), be sure to tell the e-mail server that the person is using the address to harrass/spam people. And make sure to confirm any strange claims that supposedly helpful people make. Watch your backs. Thanks so much to Mariah for the scoop.


The publication date for FRONTIERS, the Justice House Press anthology featuring TRISTAINE (the short-story version of Klancy7's The Clinic), has been extended. A new release date will be set shortly. A full-length novel by the same name is still slated for December, possibly followed by a sequel that continues the story of Jesstin and Brenna.


Added a bunch of new sites and updated addy's on the links page.

Obsession was down for a week or so, but has come back.
FanFiction.Net also experienced some outages, but seems to be up and running again. They still seem to have some internal linking problems, however.


I was asked (by the owner, of course) to remove the link to 'Firesong's Vale'.


This isn't really fan fiction related, but...

The Space Channel will be airing Xena episodes, beginning with season one, starting December 4th. Check your listings for times.

Nov 25th, 2000

God, what isn't new?

Okay, so I've finally opened the new site (beta version 2.1 ;), and perhaps you can see why it took me awhile (I hope anyway). BUT, and you had to know that this was coming, the site isn't really finished. I still have a whole lot of stories to load up onto the new server, so there are a bunch of links which aren't active yet. Still, at least with the site open and operational I can stop worrying about details and can just continue loading up stories until they're done. This means that I'll be loading up stuff every day, and may not post notices about it. Once all of the stories are loaded I will send out an update on the mailing list and post a complete notice on the site. Until then, just keep checking back.

There's lots of other stuff to do as well. Like run through the whole site and optimize graphics so that pages will load as quickly as possible. I've done the main page, but that's it. And I'm sure that there are dead links and typos galore. Please report any potential problems or mistakes to me at Ashera@asherasarchive.com.


No more friggin pop-ups!!! Yay! But a few ads. Why? Growing pains.

Running the archive is expensive, not as expensive as say Tom's Xena Page (not even close actually), but it does eat up a whole lot of time and money. The site is getting too big for free servers, so I've been running the site on multiple servers as a result, something that causes problems and can also get you booted. And quite frankly, I'm getting tired of worrying about site content and pop-ups and policy changes and technical problems and other crap. I'd like the archive to work, and I imagine that you do too.

I can afford it - now anyway, but it would be nice if I could get the site to be at least semi-independent. I'm concerned that if I have any financial problems (I work in the e-commerce industry. Nuff' said) the site will die. Rather than trying to get donations from people (what FanFiction.Net does in order to survive), something that I think is unnecessary at this point, I thought that a few unobtrusive affiliate ads would be okay. This doesn't mean that you have to click on them, but if you want to... *g* I just wanted to explain this so people would know what was happening. I might be adding a couple more in the future. Feel free to send me an e-mail if you have any concerns.


There are lots of new resources and fun things on the site. New pages include:

  • One Liners page, where you can nominate your favorite Herc-Xenaverse fan fiction quotes.
  • New Pairings page, where new or rare pairings that have been added to the site are highlighted.
  • New Authors page is where you will find brief interviews with authors new to the archive. This page is run by Sara (I'm so happy she's helping!), so drop her a line if you want more info.
  • Glossary. I don't even want to admit how much time I've spent on this page, and it still isn't finished!
  • And I've added a Gallery. Why? I don't know. Cause it's an excuse to buy pictures and I needed to scan pics anyway. I'll be adding new stuff all the time. And once it gets big I'll organize it a bit better.
  • It's not really a new page, but I've made a bunch of new banners for the launch.
I haven't gotten around to updating the links yet.


YES!!!! Yes!!! I am selling it. For real. I will be mailing out the contributor's copies as soon as I have the cash to do so. Check out the The Xine page for ordering information. I'll be posting info about the stories in the fanzine and more tantalizing material later. I'll also be trying to get the word out in a month or so but want to get the site fully operational first. Plus, I'm already too busy as it is.


I have tried to keep track of e-mail and site address changes, but I would be forever grateful if you would check out your own stories and confirm that information is up-to-date. Similarly, if I don't link to a site(s) with your stories and you would like one or two added, please send me the urls. Part of the reason the story transferring has taken so long is that I've been checking on links and crap, but I'm sure that I've missed stuff.


Like I said on the main page, a couple of frustrating correspondences with people has led me to ranting publicly. Check it out on the Mission Statement page.

Okay, I think that's all I needed to say. Too much to do! Ahhhh!

Back to the Top

October 15th, 2000


Okay, charging along with the new site.... I'm building a new 'One Liners' page and I need more stuff. Do you have a favorite quote from a Xena, Herc, or Young Herc fan fiction story? Then send it in! The quotes can be funny, dramatic, observant, dirty - anything you want. Just as long as you couldn't get the damn line out of your head. And they don't have to be just one sentence (but please don't make them too long). Send them to Ashera@asherasarchive.com, and include the character speaking, the story's title, the author, the url of the story (if it's not on this archive), your name or handle, and what category you think it fits under.

I'm much too busy to look for ones myself, so.... help!

See ya

October 9th, 2000


I'm sick of excuses. You're sick of excuses. I'll skip 'em.... I'm still moving stuff and putting together new stuff for the site. For example, a glossary that has totally gotten out of hand (I'm a detail freak). A beta version of the site will be ready soon.

Is it just me or has Tripod been real twitchy lately?


Put up the updated Character Names page, current up to Coming Home. I've started adding Hercules characters as well. Please, please, please check the spellings of character names when you spellcheck your stories. Thanx.


Sara has graciously offered to help with the site. She will be running the 'New Authors' page that will be premiering with the new site. This page will showcase authors new to the archive, with brief interviews by Sara. She can be reached at sara@asherasarchive.com. In addition, she will probably be involved with other areas of the site as things get settled in.

If you are an author who has sent me stories for the first time (ie: there isn't any of your work on the site as of Oct the 9th) and you do not receive a message from Sara within the next few weeks, please contact me directly.


The Ashera's Archive Fanzine will be debuting at the slash fan convention FriscoN at the end of this month, as previously mentioned. I will be running a table under the name of Flaming Eye. I will probably contact authors after the con, cause I'm hugely behind and in a total panic and I just want to get the damn thing printed. But don't worry, you will get copies promised to you.


An anthology containing the short story version of Tristaine is in the final editing process before shipping to the printers. So far, Justice House is on track for release in mid-November. A novel version of the story is percolating along for its debut the second week in December. You can check out Justice House for more information.

Have a better one...

August 26th, 2000


I'm taking off to Ashland, Oregon for the week (for their Shakespeare festival). I'm being yelled at as I write this now. I've set all my mailing lists to digest, but I still wouldn't be surprised at all if my mail starts bouncing. I'd really recommend starting to use the Ashera@asherasarchive.com addy.

I'm still moving the stories (so the new site isn't operational yet). Dencity has yet to shut down the adult section, but I expect that they will at the end of the month. I'm not getting back until the 3rd, so a bunch of stories may be down for awhile. I'll fix it as soon as I get back. Sorry about the late notice.


August 11th, 2000


I did get alot done on my week off. The new site is almost finished. I just need to add the new links in the stories and then move them all. Shouldn't take too long. I have to have it done before the 17th (when the adult section of dencity shuts down), but I'm gonna try to finish it this weekend, then have it beta-ed during the following week. However, some new features may not be completely ready.


I'm going to the multimedia slash fan convention FriscoN. It's in San Francisco from the 27th of October (Friday) to the 29th (Sunday). The Xine will debut at this con. As a result, I have bought a dealer's table, but as I am only going to be selling one fanzine, I'll have lots of room for other stuff (I'm sharing the table with someone else as well). If you have any new or used fanzines that you would like sold, send me an e-mail at Ashera@asherasarchive.com. You will have to pay for the shipping and handling to get them to me, but nothing else.

July 30th, 2000


I'm on vacation. I got my week off! Woohoo!!! And here I am working on the site until 4am already (bad archiver!). Anyway, I added a bunch of links, a few new mailing lists, and have been preparing for the move. Not that I'm anywhere close to being done. Still, I am sooo looking forward to 'ad and pop-up window free status'. Yay! (Sorry, it's the sleep dep). Once I have everything set-up, I'm going to post notice on my update list and ask people to beta for me. Then, when it looks as if everything is working okay on the new server, I'll start annoying people about the URL change. Isn't the Internet fun?

Sleepy time

July 25th, 2000


Preferred seating packages just went on sale for the May convention (http://www.creationent.com if you're interested). I hope my credit card is accepted *g*


Looks like I will get my vacation during the first week of August. I'll be taking the opportunity to switch over to the new server. Thanks to Sara for offering to help :) Things might be a little buggy during the change. I appreciate your patience.

July 17th, 2000


Jen's Regency Fuck should have been included in the Mixed category in the update (although, you'll find it in the Uber section of the pairing pages). There are some male/female naughty bits in the story, however brief. And BTW, I rarely give personal plugs, but read this story, regardless of what kind of fic you like. It blew me away...in more ways than one. *ahem* But seriously, it is really well written.


After the long and fruitful relationship this site has had with dencity (sense any sarcasm here?), it appears that my departure from their ranks will no longer be voluntary. Just got this:

We regret to inform you that due to a policy change the adult section of the dencity.com service will be discontinued as of August 17th. You should use the next 30 days to move your site to a different service.

I don't know why, but this just totally cracks me up. What a bunch of dorks. They use the lure of a "free adult server" service to get customers, barely keep up with the resulting demand, and are now going to boot all of those sites off. Typical. But I guess that I shouldn't laugh, as some sites will now be forced to move and will have to do the server hunt again. Yuck. Anyway, as I was already planning on moving, and have already secured myself some pay space, I'm pretty lucky (course, I'm paying for that luck). This just means that I'll be forced to move earlier than I had planned. I was going to launch the site with the fanzine (a stupid idea anyway), but now I'll do the site first. If I can offer any advice, tripod is relatively easy to use, you get 50 mgs, the site usually works (big plus!), and they seem to have an "ignorance is bliss" policy toward adult content. However, the big drawback is the damn embedded ad policy. I hate 'em, but if you can live with them...

As for the fanzine, I will be getting the %#^@&!* thing printed sometime in August or September (the exact time dependent on whether I get the time off from work in August that I was supposed to - they're being wishy washy).


July 10th, 2000


Okay, update is complete.

Took off two sites from the links page: 'Callisto's Dirty Stories' and 'The A/J Index'. Callisto's Stories just seems to be gone *shrug*, and the A/J index has been dismantled. Oh yeah, and I added some new links too.


My ashera@usa.net address is being spammed to death (on account of dencity). I won't be shutting it down yet, by any means, but I want to start phasing it out. I just found out that my e-mail settings for my new pay account were changed. My server changed their editing interface and I think that's what did it. I've reset them, but if you have sent off any e-mail to Ashera@asherasarchive.com, I haven't received it. You'll have to e-mail me again. Sorry, but I didn't have any idea that this was happening. Why can't things ever be easy? *g* I've done some tests and everything seems to be cool now.

Having said that . . . please start sending all inquiries, comments, etc to the Ashera@asherasarchive.com address - and submissions should go to submissions@asherasarchive.com. All submissions will now receive an automated response, which will save me time. I know that changes are annoying, but this one will hopefully be permanent. I wasn't going to do the changeover until the new site was up, but I might as well get things started now. However, if you send off a letter and don't get a response, please report it to my ashera@usa.net address immediately. Thanks for your patience.


There are twenty-one new stories up on the archive, a mix of f/f, m/m and m/f.


The Blaze (155 K) - By ArdentTly
Inferno (208 K) - By ArdentTly
Ever After (40 K) - By Dark Angel
The Offering (161 K) - By Dark Angel
Secrets and Lies (33 K) - By Dark Angel
Zero Tolerance (31 K) - By Dark Angel
Finishing School (23 K) - By Klancy7
Loving the Conqueror: Part One (39 K) - By Mythe
Moonlight (40 K) - By J69


The God's Precious Warrior (17 K) - By Mandy
He's All That (253 K) - By Melissa Flores (misty)
Lapse of Devotion (14 K) - By Jairemy
Wet Concessions (11 K) - By Venus


Gods and other Monsters (75 K) - By Elvichar
Ritual (10 K) - By Jen
Sand (20 K) - By Jen
When in Rome... (27 K) - By Jen
Together (13 K) - By Steelknight


Blood Hunt (9 K) - By JDG
Deception at Dusk (29 K) - By fivehundredbc
Regency Fuck (345 K) - By Jen

Back to the Top

July 6th, 2000


I'm behind, which some of you have noticed as evidenced by the oh so supportive letters you've sent - NOT! Some of you folks really know how to motivate a gal. *grumble* Anyway, as soon as I get home tonight from work I'll make at least a small update. I have already loaded some stories up, but had some missing files slow me down. Plus, it takes longer than you'd think to add new stuff to the 'pairing', 'title' and 'author' pages. So yeah, by tomorrow there will be at least a few stories up.

And then to find out that the gold seats were already sold out for the May Pasadena Con. Holy shit that was fast. Guess I'll be doing the preferred seating thing.


I have removed both of Alexiares' stories, as per her request (which is why the total dropped down two). I hope that they'll be coming back one day. :(

June 27th, 2000



Okay, the big-ass project at work is not finished (won't be until the end of July), but a major hurdle was jumped, so things aren't as bad. This coming weekend is a long one, due to Canada Day on July 1st (I'm not American :P), so there will be an update posted by the beginning of next week at the latest. And I will be taking that week off I promised to play catch-up in the beginning of August. Wish I could do it now but it's not possible. The f-word thing (no, not fuck - I can say that) will be finished before the end of this summer - or I will publically commit Seppuku. Well, that or I'll just slap myself...but very crossly! If you are an author who submitted something, and I have not already told you personally, all the rules concerning fanzine (gasp, choke) submissions were dumped a long time ago. Post your story wherever the hell you want. Sorry that I didn't publically declare this earlier.

On a lighter note, a bit of personal blabbing here. I've been reaping the benefits of this whole job thing: cash. As a result I have been spending liberally on fan fic. I'm not of the school that believes writers and publishers shouldn't be making money off of Uberfic (not that fanzine writer/publishers make money - yeah right). I bought a bunch of fanzines (the Ksmithares one rocks ;), bought the Persistence of Memory audio tapes by WordWarior after having fallen in love with the Surfacing tapes (which were loaned to me by my buddy Angela [Nniol]). Both Surfacing and its sequel Persistence of Memory were written by Paul Seely and Jennifer Garza, and they're excellent examples of UberXena if you aren't familiar with the genre. I've just started getting into it, so I'm pretty behind. In addition, I just got my copy of Lucifer Rising by Sharon Bowers (put out by Justice House - whose url I can't get to work) in the mail from Amazon. And Ang also loaned me Darkness Before Dawn by Belle Reilly (put out by Renaissance Alliance Publishing, Inc. - whose url I also can't get to work - I hope its my computer). I've got lots of cool stuff to read and listen to. Now if I just had the time...

May 29th, 2000


Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

Yes, I'm still here. My computer is all upgraded, including a new monitor so I can actually see the graphics I make. I've been super busy with a project at work, but as soon as it's finished I will be taking a week off. And what will I be doing with my vacation time? Updating, finishing the fanzine, and launching the new site. So, please don't yell at me for being behind. I know already!

New site, you say? I finally decided to walk the walk and bought some web space. There is nothing there yet, but www.asherasarchive.com is now mine. You can also start e-mailing me at Ashera@asherasarchive.com as well. I'm really eager to transfer the site soon, as I hate the new embedded ads Tripod has started. To hell with freakin free servers. :P So, trust me, I haven't forgotten about the site or the fanzine.

I was going to add a bunch of links, but I'm too tired. And I'll strip the old update links of story details later...


Added the revised and complete version of Skkye Blue's Dark Revelations
Added the revised versions of Minerva's Afternoon Delight Uber series, including the sequel Evening.
Added the complete version of Amazon's A First Time for Everything
Added the second part and conclusion of Xena Bird's Star Wars: The Phantom Menace crossover In My Place

The Cleo 2525 fan fiction site that I started finally has a few stories up - but needs lots more. Check it out: The V O I C E - Cleo 2525 Fan Fiction

And I'm totally behind on e-mail, so if you haven't received a reply, don't freak. I'm not ignoring you. I wouldn't even be surprised if some messages have been bounced. I'll be slogging through my netaddress account sometime early this week, but you can now use my new e-mail addy as I've already mentioned. Going to bed...

Back to the Top

April 17th, 2000


I'm going to be offline for a short while, as I'm getting my computer upgraded. Once I'm back in business I'll be able to get stuff done faster. Sweet ;) Then my priority will be moving the site to a new server and starting the editing of the fanzine.


Most of you on the Hercules and Xena Banner Exchange have probably already noticed that the banners weren't working, or received notices, but in case you didn't know, the exchange had to move due to their server being unceremoniously shut off. If you still need to recreate your account, email Dixie at Dixie@xenite.org or LisaB at LisaB@xenite.org (with a subject line of HXBE or Banner Exchange) and they will send you the URL to recreate your account and get the new code.


That's right, instead of finishing other things, I created a new site. Before you start yelling at me, I'm just setting the site up - I will hand it off to someone else to maintain after awhile. Everybody needs a break, and I had the urge to make new graphics, and I wanted to make futuristic ones, so.... Anyway, it's just the bare bones right now, but as I get stuff in it will be built up. Any kind of fic is welcome: general, lesbian, het, slash, you name it. It's called The V O I C E - Cleo 2525 Fan Fiction, and I hope you like the site.

The V O I C E - Cleo 2525 Fan Fiction

April 1st, 2000


Okay, dencity's working and I finally got an update done. Woohoo!! Without further ado...


SL Bowers' A Work in Progress... is happening again.

That Was Scary: A G/J Page is being updated again, and has some new additions.

The GJErotica Archive has moved and is working again. It also has new additions.

And there a couple of new links on the links page.


I've added the revised versions of Frost's Look Into My Eyes, parts One and Two. I've also added parts Three, Four, and Five


There are thirty-eight new stories up on the archive, a mix of f/f, m/m and m/f.


Afternoon Break (39 K) - By Towandababe
Downtime (31 K) - By Mythe
Lost Love (106 K) - By Mythe
Frustrations (70 K) - By Xenaslaves
Heatstroke (4 K) - By Andrew Troy Keller
The Highwaywoman (12 K) - By JediPrincess
Journey Through Shadow Land (277 K) - By J.A. Bard
Road Show (918 K) - By J.A. Bard
Possession (49 K) - By Georgia
Tribulations (39 K) - By Sara
You're It (9 K) - By Sara


After Thoughts (7 K) - By Ingrid
Back to School (112 K) - By Joseph Anderson
Dark Blood (10 K) - By Joseph Anderson
Scully: Warrior Princess (46 K) - By Joseph Anderson
Caesar's Mark: Part One (12 K) - By Lilac
Coming Around (42 K) - By Beckers
Consequences: The Debt (153 K) - By Beckers
Soulmate Lament (6 K) - By Beckers
A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to Scyros... (69 K) - By Beckers & Ingrid
Rebirth (111 K) - By Beckers & Ingrid
Mistaken Identity (8 K) - By Meg, Warrior Barmaid


All Or Nothing (10 K) - By Kelly
Caesar's Vengeance (19 K) - By Kelly
Detested Sport (109 K) - By Kelly
End of Reckoning (14 K) - By Kelly
True Love Conquers All (56 K) - By Kelly
Boys Will be Toys (44 K) - By Artemis Artemis
Homecoming (124 K) - By Rusalka
Iphicles and the Seven Gods (21 K) - By Oshun Anat
The Prostitute (27 K) - By Erin
The Proposition (13 K) - By Erin
The Punishment (53 K) - By Erin


Echoes of Thermopylae (437 K) - By Joseph Anderson
The Honeymoon is Over (313 K) - By GingerQ
In Search of a Greater Cause (532 K) - By J.A. Bard
In My Place: Part One (24 K) - By Xena Bird
War God Lust (12 K) - By atara

Back to the Top

March 31st, 2000


Dencity is going to be performing an upgrade all through March the 31st, and probably into April 1st (no joke ;). This means that all the stories listed on that server (which is most of them) won't be working for about 24 hours or so. At least Dencity was nice enough to warn us this time. In any case, as soon as they're up and running again, I'll be loading up an update. So, expect it on Saturday sometime.

Back to the Top

March 29th, 2000


I'm sooooo close to finishing an update. Just a few more tweaks here and there. You might have already noticed some series having been updated.

I added a bunch of new links, and fixed some dead ones (thank you, Ang, for pointing some out), including removing links to 'GabTBard's' site and the 'Iolausian Wheel of Torture.' If anyone out there knows where these sites can now be found, give me a shout.

I posted a revised version of Erin's The Wager


I'm sure many of you have heard the buzz. Onelist/eGroups has installed a family filter on all of their lists, without telling anyone, and with the default set 'on.' How considerate of them, don't ya think? If you are on any adult mailing list sponsored by onelist/eGroups, including the update list for this site, then be sure to change your setting to 'off.' Otherwise you might end up losing some mail. And how does one do this, you ask? Here are instructions:

  • Go to the eGroups site
  • Log in
  • Choose the 'Home' page
  • Look for the search function in the middle of the page. Over it you will notice the Family Filter On link
  • Click on it
  • Unselect the family filter box and click on the 'Done' box
  • Give a big raspberry to the site and return to reading smut
Be back soon :)

March 19th, 2000


I'm having technical difficulties. *whimper* For some reason my files are getting garbled when I ftp them. I suspect it's dencity, but I'm getting a new ftp program anyway (I'll also be getting a pay server very soon). This means that I can't finish the update. I also had to spend some time today fixing dead links. Thanks to Lelia for pointing a bunch out to me. The Pairing pages seem to have some old links on them, I must have sent an old file (grrr). I tried to catch them all, but if you have any trouble with dead links, try the author or title pages. And please e-mail me about them! :)

I posted a revised version of Skkye Blue's Slow Burn awhile ago, and am working on getting the revised (and complete) version of her Dark Revelations up too.

I also added some links, and I'll be getting up new stories as soon as I can. And yes The Xine is still happening. Things were put on hold as a result of my being exceptionally busy with work. I am now aiming for May, 2000. I'm only about a year late.


A fan of Kevin Smith? Then be sure to get your hands on A Glimpse into the Archives of Ksmithares, A Hercules/Xena fandom slash zine showcasing the characters of Ares and Iphicles and their exploits with Hercules, Iolaus, Strife, Joxer, Cupid, Caesar and other favorite boys from the Hercaverse. This first edition fanzine features 18 of the very best slash stories from the Ksmithares Archive, hand-selected by a five-person panel of writers and editors. The 'zine is truly a work of art, not only for the terrific story content ranging from the quirky Dark Entries and ribald To Catch a King, to the somber and dreamy Worship Me, but also for the magnificent artwork. There are three original pieces by Sockii, including one commissioned for the 'zine itself, and 17 gorgeous cyberart renderings from Selusera and WorstWitch. Eleven prints are full page and more than half the artwork is full color.

Cost: $18.00 US (for US and Canadian orders) - 160 pgs (The Fates Publishing). Include an age statement confirming that you are at least 18 years of age.

Send check or MO to:

Mary Sauers
103 Davenport Street
Chicopee, MA 01013-2810


If you're interested in a Virtual Season of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, read on! Here's a quick definition of a Virtual Season, in case you're not familiar with the term: A Virtual Season is where fans of a show get together and write their own episodes and basically 'produce' their own season of the show online. A group of fans didn't really want to see the show end, so they got together and came up with a web page (but no virtual episodes yet). Ambrosia Productions will soon proudly present ... Hercules & Iolaus: The Legends Continue!

  and Iolaus: The Legends Continue

The site needs authors, and people to edit and beta. If you're interested, check out their website. There you will find the writer's guidelines and resources, and information on submitting work. Send questions, comments, and concerns to ambrosiaproductions@yahoo.com


The Joxer Fan Fiction Ezine, tentatively titled The Joxer Scrolls Society, is now accepting submissions. The zine will be published bi-monthly, and will feature 3 sections, each focusing on a different genre of Joxer fiction: General, General Romance, and Alternative Romance (slash). Stories be within 1,000 to 5,000 words in length (longer stories will be considered for publishing in a serialized format) and work must be original (as in never before published on the Net or anywhere else). The ezine is also looking for non-fiction articles dealing with any topic related to Joxer fiction. This can be anything from technical tips dealing with writing, as it pertains to fan fiction in this genre, trends in fics, the effect the show has on fic, etc. Non-fiction articles should be within 250-1000 words in length. All submissions will be subject to editorial revision and comment of content and grammar, with authors having final approval rights. All submissions will also be subject to a six month exclusivity agreement.

The deadline for submissions for the first issue will be April 1st, 2000. All Joxer authors are encouraged to participate. The whole purpose of the ezine is to bring together in one place all authors and readers of Joxer fiction, which right now are scattered haphazardly across the Net. The ezine wants to celebrate and discuss the uniqueness, perseverance, and dedication that Joxer bards have given to the fans over the years. So let's go folks - get those submissions going!

If anyone has ANY questions at all, please feel free to email Findle at findle@cisnet.com


X.E.N.A.D.O.M. has been updated, with a new section added called 'The Basement.'

Minerva's Domain has been updated with new chapters, and is now accepting submissions from other authors.

Shadowfen got some crappy letters and is subsequently not happy. Don't piss Fen off, people! We need her. *g*

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March 15th, 2000


Yeah, I know I suck. I'm almost finished an update, but I'm always too tired after work. I'll get everything done this weekend. I also have a bunch of news I have been meaning to post for awhile...

Before I go, make sure to check out the new Save Xena site offered by CN Winters. It makes some really good points.

Save Xena

Jan 31st, 2000


I have news to post, but no time to post it. Will put it up tomorrow. I couldn't load as many stories as I wanted to, because dencity wouldn't let me ftp stuff. I'll be adding more stories in a week or so. I'm also going to move all the 1999 stuff to another page. Anyway, gotta go! Oh yeah, and there are some new links...


I have removed all of badbard's stories, as per her request. Her site has also been removed. I always hate to see a bard leave :(

I also removed Thamiris' stories Theatre of Pain and A Taste of Divinity, as per her request. Luckily, I have two new ones from her :)

And I also took off my story Gladiator, because it needs major revision.


There are thirty-seven new stories up on the archive, a mix of f/f, m/m and m/f.


Adventures in the Rewrite Trade (64 K) - By Amazon
Ananke's Children: Part 1 (21 K) - By Amazon
A First Time for Everything (16 K) - By Amazon - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6,
Part 7, and Part 8.
Gabrielle's Fantasy (82 K) - By Amazon - NOW COMPLETE
The Initiation (72 K) - By Amazon - NOW COMPLETE
The Reckoning: Part 2 - (27 K) By Amazon
Breathing (4 K) - By Angela (Nniol)
Separations (5 K) - By Angela (Nniol)
Dream Lover (20 K) - By Pamela A. Lord (Heron)
Hearts Found and Lost (19 K) - By Pamela A. Lord (Heron)
Ice and Fire (23 K) - By Pamela A. Lord (Heron)
Matador (27 K) - By Pamela A. Lord (Heron)
Ground Rules (137 K) - By Towandababe
Premonitions (26 K) - By Sara
Trials (78 K) - By Sara
Thrall (22 K) - By Dark Angel
Y2K: A Night Remembered (10 K) - By Debbie B.


Anatomy of a Dream (16 K) - By MommaMuse
Bad Girl (35 K) - By Cyrene
A New Light (6 K) - By Dayna
Change of Light (5 K) - By Dayna
His Princess (18 K) - By Napalm Nacey
Honeymoon For One (212 K) - By GingerQ
The Lion and the Lamb (323 K) - By Rose
Love That Bard (19 K) - By Melissa X - NOW COMPLETE
The Many Faces of War (36 K) - By Tareena
Night Interludes (34 K) - By Gabluver
Realization, or Enough of This Crap, Already! (46 K) - By Pixie
A Taste of Deja Vu (166 K) - By Saul Trabal


Be Content Broken (16 K) - By Thamiris
Rules for the Tragic Poet (62 K) - By Thamiris
Don't Mess with my Toot-Toot (5 K) - By Poet Dareau
Poison (6 K) - By Kitkat
Shattered: Part 1 (6 K) - By Sascha Morgan
Stranger Things Have Happened (13 K) - By Sascha Morgan
Worse Than Death: Part 1 (14 K) - By Sascha Morgan
Strange Twists (24 K) - By Ladybard

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Jan 27th, 2000


Yay! Dencity is working! And the pages are loading faster, so whatever they did worked. I just wished they could have managed the upgrade more discreetly. Oh well, no use crying over free servers.

Jan 26th, 2000


Well, here I was all ready to do an update (honest!), and I discover that dencity.com has crapped out. Grrrr. They are supposedly running some kind of system overhaul, but now their main page isn't even coming up. Doesn't exactly instill one with confidence. I'm not going to panic yet - I don't have the time to anyway - I'm just gonna wait for awhile. Hopefully they'll have their shit together by tomorrow, because I'm going away for the weekend. Otherwise, the update will happen on Monday or Tuesday. That is, if dencity hasn't just disappeared. Wouldn't that be fun?

This also means that all the stories hosted on the dencity server aren't working, which I imagine some of you have already discovered. This is why I want to move to a pay server.

Sorry folks.

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Jan 14th, 2000


Hey. Just wanted to reassure everyone that I am working on an update. It's my priority this weekend. Thank god it's Friday.

Not having watched the show, I have always neglected to mention that Young Hercules stories are totally welcome here, and I've added a mention in the submission guidelines to reflect that. Sorry if you've felt excluded. I've also been looking for sites to link to, but there doesn't seem to be much. Know of any good YH fanfic sites? Then send them along to me. Thanx.

Jan 6th, 2000


I'm not going to the Pasadena convention. I just can't swing it. I wouldn't have had the fanzine finished in time anyway. Yes, I'm still working on it. Yes, I'm also working on an update. No, I don't know when either will be finished. How's 'soon' sound? Please don't kill me.

On the brighter side, I've finished the new design for the site. It will be much more user friendly, and will include new and interesting pages. And I've also designed a new cover for the fanzine. I'll be previewing it soon.

Hope you had good holidays :)

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