Author: Mandy
Story Title: The God's Precious Warrior
Characters: Ares & f (Emma), Ares & f (Melanie)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Emma is given to Ares's Temple against her will, and he makes her a priestess and a warrior. He gives her a piece of the god of war, but the softer side *EG*
This rating is for explicit m/f sex.

The characters belong to MCA/Universal and were used without permission. No copyright infringement was intended and no money was made.

This story contains explicit descriptions of male/female sex.

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The God's Precious Warrior
by Mandy

"I can take on anything you've got... come on," said Em holding her sword out. Her opponent, a highly advanced general, was ready to strike. He attacked her with a fierce rage and she managed to block off every hit, but not put in one of her own.

"You'll eventually be tired, and way before me little girl," said the general attacking her again. She jumped back, but got a long slice across her side. The general kicked her wrist and the sword flew out of it and away from her reach. Em tried doing the same, but he tripped her and had the tip of his sword up to her neck in less than a second.

"I told you," said the general putting his sword away.

"I will beat you, eventually," said Em going to pick up her sword.

"Maybe when you practice by yourself a bit more."

"I won't go fighting a tree," she said putting her sword in her sheath, "it's not something I like to do."

"It'll help, and you need it. You don't have enough strength and discipline to keep yourself at high attention and energy for more than five minutes. Go find a tree," he said walking away.

Em walked in the opposite way toward the stream.

"A tree? What great warrior practices on a tree?" asked Em sitting by the river, letting her blondish brown hair fall to almost her waist.

"I did," said Ares appearing.

"Well, it's not something I plan on doing."

"My dear Emma, you're the most confusing priestess I have here. A warrior with great potential, but with her own rules and will."

"What's wrong with that? I thought that was a requirement, Great Ares," she said getting up to face him.

"It is, but too much is a bad thing. And the streak can sometimes run very visibly."

"I may be your priestess Ares, and to that I will serve and obey. But when it comes to my sword and my hand that wields it, it'll be on my terms," said Em.

He smiled seeing her stubborn streak surface, but that twinkle in her eyes of enjoying the little argument they were having. "Well, what about the bedroom? Who rules there?" asked Ares smiling.

Flashback's of their night of passion flew back to her. It was her first time, and Ares had been sure to make it a very... interesting one. He had covered her body with kisses, and thrust into her so hard she wouldn't have been surprised if her screaming had woken the whole temple. When she tried to take control to experiment with him, he pinned her down and continued kissing her. And then for trying to take control when Ares had some plans present for her body, she got a nice spanking.

"You are, my lord. I learned my lesson last night," she said smiling.

"That's what I thought. And if you're going to keep your stay here and continue to get rewards like that you'll keep up with what your instructors tell you," he said sternly. Her eyes narrowed, but she pulled her sword out and went toward the forest trees. Ares disappeared with a smile.


"Lord Ares, she can be nothing but trouble," said the general Emma was fighting earlier.

"She's a handful yes, but she's young and learning. By time she'll learn to control her skills, and learn some new things."

"We're training her to be a priestess and protect your temple, not to be a defiant warrior."

"Emma has fire, passion, and brains. She lives by her own code, and will become what she wants, with or without your help. I suggest you learn how to control your anger with her, and be more patient. I didn't enroll you in my services to have you butchering my priestesses and cutting them down for all being stubborn girls. See past the surface and you'll see what she can do for me. So stick to your job and teach her what she needs to know," said Ares sternly. The general walked away and Ares smiled.


Emma wrapped her wound after another good long practice with the tree. She was exhausted, but had a lot of things to do. Her chores were not yet complete, and she hadn't done one. As she was about to fall asleep from exhaustion, a high pitched scream of her name was heard.

"What do you think you're doing! Get to your chores! The temple doesn't clean itself!" yelled a woman. The highest priestess, Maria, was a woman who was in charge when Ares was gone to keep everything in order and did it in a strict fashion. Em got up, and went downstairs hearing the woman bicker about her defiance.

Emma first went out to get a bucket of water. As she did, she saw Ares on his horse. The stallion was a Midnight black, and she yearned to be in his arm on that horse, them riding by the stream as he whispered sweet words to her. But instead of riding up to her, he chose another priestess. Her name was Melanie, and one of Ares's favorites. Emma hadn't been there over a month and only with the god once, but was extremely jealous and hurt. They rode off into the stream.

Emma quickly pulled up the bucket, trying not to cry. She was scrubbing the floor when the general came up. "Missed a spot," he said. She scrubbed where he pointed and he walked by, leaving mud everywhere she must scrub. She tried to keep up with her chores, but with fellow priestesses and the general bugging her about things, she found it hard to concentrate. Before she was bound to the temple everyone was semi nice to her, being they didn't know her. But now, everyone disliked her it seemed.

As she was taking care of the horses, Maria came in screeching at her again. And when Emma couldn't hold her temper, she yelled right back. At first Maria was startled at the girl's act of defiance, but then it all came to an end. In one punch Emma was on the ground holding her nose. "You obey without a question, is that understood!" yelled Maria. Emma nodded, and when Maria was far enough away where she couldn't see the stables, Em ran off crying.


Ares was about to pound into Melanie one more time when he heard a crying girl. He knew it was a priestess, and got off Melanie. "Go back to the temple," ordered Ares while dressing. Melanie grabbed her clothes as Ares mounted his horse and raced off.


Emma sat down by the stream and washed off the blood from her face. Accidentally, she fell into the water. It was the middle of winter, and the water was freezing. Being it was shallow, she climbed out, soaked. Not wanting to go back to the temple, mostly in fear of Maria, she sat down by a tree and shivered while sobbing.

"Not a good place or time to take a bath," said Ares sitting on his horse.

Emma merely shrugged, trying to hide her tears.

"Not going back to the temple? You can get sick in those wet clothes," said Ares dismounting.

"I'll be fine." she said softly as Ares kneeled before her. He pushed off a tear that went streaming down her face.

"What's the matter?" he asked, very concerned that his priestess was upset.

"Must have been water from my hair," she said softly.

Ares looked at her in dismay. "Emma, you know better than to lie to me. Now whatever it is, you can tell me. You belong to me remember? No secrets..." said Ares.

"I don't want to be here anymore... I am here for the wrong reasons, coming here to where I'm just lonely. A completely different environment change. I want to go home..." she said beginning to cry.

Emma had been a gift (actually more of a sacrifice) from her kingdom to save their royalty and to keep peace in the land. She was a princess, and a delicate one trying to fit the shoes of a warrior. And as much as at times, especially this one, he wanted to send her back, she wasn't going. He took pride in her beauty and mind, and didn't want to let her go.

"Let's get you back to the temple. You're tired and cold," he said standing up.

She didn't move.

"To your feet, Emma."

Em was still crying, but after a moment rose to her feet. He made her look up at him.

"I won't send you home, Emma. You belong here with me. But you're not ready for this environment. Tomorrow I'm going to make sure that you'll get a chance to start fitting in. I forget that coming here wasn't a choice for you and that you're of a royal descent," he said softly. She nodded and he walked her toward the horse.

"I can't ride," said Emma in sobs.

"I won't let you fall," he said helping her up. He got on behind her, and put an arm around her cold body. The other he pulled the reins and they went back to the temple.


Emma changed and he laid her down in his bed. "Your side alright?" asked Ares sitting beside her. She nodded and he checked it. "You'll be fine." he said smiling. A gentle kiss was given to her lips, and he stood up. "You just warm up and I'll be back later to check on you."

She nodded and Ares left. Emma dozed off.


"Daddy, I don't want to go," said Emma in tears.

"You have to, Ares will destroy us. You'll have fun, and have all that time to get that extra energy out," said her father.

"What about mommy?" she asked as they arrived at the temple of Ares.

"She passed away last night Emma, but don't fret. It'll be the last death because of a feud. And you're the one to stop it, won't that make the kingdom proud of you?" asked the king.

Emma looked at him, and hugged him goodbye and the priest and priestesses came out. The king pushed her out and closed the door, riding quickly away without even waving, breaking her heart.


"Daddy!" she screamed waking from her slumber and horrid nightmare. She looked around and saw she was still in Ares's bed, but it was much later in the day. Emma couldn't help but begin to cry.

She got up and went to the window but Ares pulled her back.

"Hey... it's okay now," he said softly.

"Let me go! I swear by the gods if you don't let me go!" she yelled crying. She had only been this much trouble the first few days when she arrived. He picked her up off of the ground and let her tire herself out struggling before he laid her back down. She really didn't know how to contain her strength.

"Emma you can't go home... I won't let you. And you're bound now, last night we sealed it. And you know only I can let you go now. Things will get better, I promise you. Gods don't lie. Rest, and tomorrow I'll help you."

She nodded, sobbing. Ares covered her back up and left. When it became nightfall, he crawled into bed with her and fell asleep.


Emma was woken by Ares. "Morning lovely, sleep well?" asked Ares laying beside her. She nodded, eyes half open. The warm fur blanket was around them, and she was content beside him. "We have practice my dear, so let's get you up and dressed. I had your clothes washed out and dried last night," he said making them appear beside her. He got up, and she sat up. When they were done dressing, he took her out to the field.

"Don't put so much energy into a hit," said Ares blocking a hit from her as they practiced. She tried again. "Not softer, just don't use both hands. Try from one hand, up to the middle of the sword," said Ares. She did. "Good," he said smiling.

Ares kept her up on training, being nice and helpful. The sword was a bit too advanced for her, so he moved to the staff. She enjoyed it better, and had more fun with it. He taught her to horse ride, or at least the beginnings of it that day as well. She had great determination. Ares saw a fire in her eyes, and was immediately attracted to it.

Ares passed her chores on to others. He kept her by his side in the throne room, her leaning against the side of his throne. As kingdoms visited, she read a scroll. Every time someone turned to leave, he'd touch her neck/cheek with his hand and smile at her. She felt a bit more at home now.

He admitted to ignoring his newest priestess at his temple and put part of the responsibility for her actions the past day on himself, but knew she'd be fine now. He gave her an accepted feel, and she was happy.

When everyone left Ares pulled her to her feet. He devoured her mouth and took possession of her tongue with his. Emma was a first a bit uneasy, but it quickly left her as Ares put her in his lap and started undressing her. They were alone, and he carried her to the altar. There he undressed her and broke the kiss, smiling at the young body's beauty.

She looked up at him and he went down to a breast, teething it. She gasped, feeling the love she'd wanted from him the other day. Her body was turned on by the god, and he fingered her as he sucked her nipples. She wanted more, and just as she thought he was about to give her more, he stopped.

"Stand up," he ordered. She did and he kneeled her down, putting her fingers in her hair. "Lick and suck, learn it quick," he said before jamming her head up to his manhood. She almost gagged but he backed her up a bit. She caressed it with her tongue, and felt some of him release into her mouth. She went to pull away to spit it but he held her firm. "Swallow it. Today is your turn to pleasure me," he said. She did and continued, becoming bolder. He let her go and was moaning in pleasure.

When she was bored with it, Emma laid him down and eased onto his cock, riding him. Ares grabbed her hips and slammed her down on himself. She cried out and he smiled while groaning as he spewed into her. Her body collapsed on him, and he turned her and laid her on the altar, slamming her hard. Em's body shook under pleasure, another orgasm, and her being so tired. Finally he let her come down from her cries of his name and relax her body. He pulled out, picking her up and carrying her to his room.

There he laid her on her back and massaged her with oils.

"I told you I'd make it better for you,"

"I believe you," Em said softly. When he was finished, Emma was given the opportunity to do the same to him. When she ran her hands over his chest with it, he stopped her.

"Are you comfortable here Emma? If you're not, being I've given you the full proper treatment, I'll let you leave," he said softly.

"My father abandoned me, Ares, and you took me in no matter how much I wanted to leave and didn't see what he did to me. And then when I was upset and didn't know where to turn, you were there for me and helped me through my worst times. I'm happy here now, and see that if I went home, my father wouldn't care about me as much as you. I want to stay, I'm your priestess and this is where I belong."

Ares took the bottle from her and set it down as he kissed her. He cuddled her up to him and she smiled, falling asleep. "Welcome home, my precious warrior," he said falling asleep.


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