Author: Mbard
Story Title: Moonlight
Characters: Xena/Gabrielle
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Gabrielle is poisoned, and it forces Xena and Gabrielle to face long-hidden feelings. First-time story
This rating is for explicit f/f sex.

Xena, Argo, Gabrielle and Ephiny all belong to those nice people at MCA and I want to thank them for letting me play awhile whilst their backs were turned. No infringement of anything was intended and I don't expect any material reward in return.

Be warned though that this is a love story between two adult consenting people of the same sex so if this bothers you find another site to play on. There is a depiction of graphic Sapphic sex, well it wasn't going to be graphic but I had a change of heart  ;-) so if this is illegal where you live or you are underage then you best go too.

One more thing - this is my first attempt at writing fan fiction and the first time I've let anyone other than those special few read something I've written. So please be gentle. If anyone would like to offer constructive criticism I'll gladly receive it. Enjoy!

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By Mbard


The sun descending in the west,
The evening star does shine;
The birds are silent in their nest,
And I must seek for mine.
The Moon, like a flower
In heaven's high bower,
With silent delight
Sits and smiles on the night.

    William Blake


Apollo finally receded, giving his power over to the feminine Moon who took it willingly. Filling the sky with her cool white light, growing into fullness when she exudes the most energy to waiting lovers below.

In a clearing by an ice blue stream, soft green grass velvet to the touch, two potential lovers were sat around a blazing orange fire, watching the Moon rise in her sky. Between gazing at the beauty above them, each would steal a glance at the other, taking in a more arousing sight. The raven dark tresses of the older one glinting in the fresh Moonlight, her piercing blue eyes which were at once gentle yet powerful all in the one gaze. And in the face of the girl, reflected in her emerald eyes was a love and desire that even the Moon, in her fortress of the sky, could detect and help nurture.

It was to be this night.

She would help the bard to release her fear and express her desires for the raven Warrior Princess. In return the Moon's power would give the usually fearless warrior the courage to look deep within herself and find the emotions that had been buried since the first time she met the bard from Poteidaia. Find them and express them.


Ever since Xena had come so close to losing her best friend she could no longer sleep at night for the emotions that ran through her body. When she nursed Gabrielle back to health in the Amazon nation, not resting once for fear the bard wouldn't make it through another day.

The soul searching she had done turned up unexpected results, but thinking long and hard about them Xena realised what she had always felt for her friend went beyond mere friendship, it even went beyond love. There was desire and need. Want and lust. But most of all, when it seemed Gabrielle wouldn't recover from the poison, and her champion had to face the fact that she would be alone, Xena realised that what she felt for the talented young bard was life itself. She respected, loved, wanted Gabrielle as if she were the essence of life, her life. She'd become the reason for the Warrior Princess to live. To fight her demons, lay rest her past and look forward to the dawn.

It was this that she clung to during Gabrielle's fever, swearing to the Gods if her bard died she would take revenge against them before joining her on Elysian Fields. It was this which drove her to despair when her healing powers could not bring Gabrielle out of the torture her lithe, little body was raging inside her. She sent Ephiny for every known medicine the warrior could think of, mixing herbs together in the hope one of them would end the bard's torment.
None of them did.

Xena was losing hope, and just when she had found her love within her dark heart. It wasn't fair, she cried in anguish by Gabrielle's side. The bard had done nothing to incur the wrath of the Gods, why was she being punished for Xena's mistakes?

Then as if the Gods had heard her cry, Gabrielle became audible again. For more than a week she'd not uttered a sound, not even a moan to express the pain she was so obviously feeling. It had been as if her vocal chords, the tool of her very nature, were severed. Only after Xena's tears had fallen over Gabrielle's too pale face and her heart had been expressed to the skies above, did the bard utter again.

It was an anguished moan at first. Finally able to express her torture, the bard cried words that were not words, but explained exactly the pain she felt. To Xena's ears, they sounded as sweet and powerful as one the bard's stories. Tears once more broke their hold from the warrior's heart, only this time they were tears of joy. She smoothed the strawberry blond locks off of Gabrielle's face, gently stroking her cheek at the same time. Finally Xena could rest a little knowing that the worst was over with. Her bard was stronger than she ever thought she could be, she knew that, but for a while there it was touch and go. With still watchful eyes and acute hearing Xena slipped into the sleep she had alluded since Gabrielle had taken ill; and as she lay down next to the bard she put a strong tanned arm around her waist and pulled her gently close. "I'm never going to let you go again," Xena whispered.

Days went by without a coherent word coming from the young Gabrielle. Her fever had gone down and the pink colour had returned to her cheeks slightly, but still her mind was fighting off the last of the poison's onslaught. The warrior watched over her, not as concerned as she had been a few days before, but still worried Gabrielle's mind wouldn't make it back even if her body did. She sat and caressed the bard's face, wiping trace amounts of sweat from her forehead, lingering over the soft red lips, wanting so much to express what her heart felt with a kiss. Not daring to in case Gabrielle took that moment to awake and be abhorred by the warrior's touch. Though Xena doubted she would be, having this niggling feeling in the back of her mind that what she felt for the bard, was mirrored by her in equal intensity.

Such thoughts enveloped her when Gabrielle began to show further signs of her recovery. The bard began to form words which Xena could make out. Barley audible though they were, the warrior could have sworn Gabrielle had whispered her name, as if pleading for her warrior. "Can it be?" Xena wished, then it was there again. The voice, etched around the edges with the remaining pain, but still strong somehow. The words "Xena, I love you". It was much clearer now. In their hut, with no other sound to distract Xena's perfectly honed hearing skills, not even from the other Amazons who were waiting anxiously for good news about their Queen. Gabrielle spoke again, still she was unconscious but her voice grew stronger with every syllable uttered. "I love you, princess".

Xena's eyes were wide in amazement. Sat close to the bards side she had to choke back the tears that threatened to rain from her steely blue eyes. Fighting against every urge to take the weakened bard in her arms and press their lips together, Xena clenched and unclenched her fists, waiting for Gabrielle to speak once more.
The next time words did come from the bard's mouth they were accompanied with a flutter of her eyelids and a restless movement from her arms. She was regaining life back and seemed to be testing how far she could get on this her first try.
Xena was by her side immediately at this first sign of movement. Again she brushed Gabrielle's sweat filled hair off of her face. Offering words of encouragement to coax Gabrielle back. It took several more tries but eventually the bard opened her eyes fully, a blurred image controlled her vision and she had no idea where she was.

"Xena?" she asked, her voice sounding scratched from lack of moisture.

"I'm here, Gabrielle. Shh. Don't try to talk." Xena smiled to herself at the absurdity of the suggestion to her friend who never did stop talking. Ignoring her Gabrielle opened her mouth again, her eyes slowly focusing now on the beauty which she remembered so well as her Warrior Princess.

"Xena, where are we?" The words hurt her as they came out and she wondered how long she'd been asleep.

Before answering her, Xena poured some water into a cup and gently eased Gabrielle's head up in order for her to drink. Despite not knowing why, Gabrielle had a thirst the size of the desert to quench and spluttered when her throat couldn't take the shock of the cool liquid falling towards it. Xena took the cup away and laid Gabrielle back down on the bed. Wiping away the water which had dribbled down the bard's chin, with a touch that both women could feel as more tender than ones which had gone before.

"Don't you remember?" Xena asked gently, reluctantly taking her hand away. Gabrielle's eyes signaled she didn't.

"You were poisoned by Caretha. I couldn't get to you in time. I'm sorry." The warrior turned away so not to show the heartache in her eyes.

Gabrielle gingerly moved her arm, which screamed out in fierce cramps before the bard could place it lovingly to Xena's face. "Arrggh," she yelled, bringing Xena's head swiftly around, concern overtaking her eyes for the time being.

"Gabrielle what is it?" Xena began feeling Gabrielle's bones, in case she'd missed a fracture. But Gabrielle acquiesced the warrior quickly. "It's just cramp. How long have I been out?" Xena relaxed a little and moved back from the edge of the bed.

"Eleven nights," Xena said, daring to look Gabrielle in the eyes, hoping her heart wouldn't stray into them. "I've been so worried about you." Catching how strong her emotions sounded, Xena quickly added, "We all have."

Gabrielle's attention was too quickly diverted to Xena's last sentence she didn't have time to process why the warrior sounded so distraught with her first words.

"We, who's we?" Gradually the bard could feel strength coming back to her mind and body. Glad of Gabrielle's question Xena stole herself to a more familiar repose.

"Ephiny and the others. I brought you to the Amazon village when your fever got worse. You needed the strength of your people."

Gabrielle looked at Xena with a puzzled look on her face. Never before had Xena talked about her in relation to the place she holds in the Amazon nation. Maybe it was the effects of the poison still but she couldn't quite put her finger on why Xena was acting so strange.

The Warrior Princess cursed herself again for letting her resolve drop a second time and let Gabrielle see the anguish she felt inside. Prepared to combat the bard of the questioning looks she was being given, Xena stood to her full height as if going into battle. Neither got to say their thoughts however, for Ephiny chose that moment to brave the wrath of Xena and inquire how her Queen was doing. She poked her head around the door and on seeing Gabrielle propped up slightly on her elbows flung the door wide in astonishment.

Both bard and warrior flung their eyes to the intrusion, the stronger of the two thanking Zeus for this reprise.

"'re awake." Ephiny launched herself into the room and took Gabrielle into her arms with relief and joy. The bard weakly returned the hug, wishing Xena had greeted her in the same manner.

Xena's eyes flashed with jealousy at how easy Ephiny expressed her welcome to Gabrielle. The bard noticed Xena stiffen but wouldn't allow herself to wonder why.

"I'm glad to see you too, Ephiny." Finally the bard was released from her hold and lay gently back down on the bed.

"And you're okay?" Ephiny only just remembering to enquire after her Queen's health. She looked between both Gabrielle and Xena for one of them to answer. Xena offered none, she was too busy silently admonishing herself for her behavior.

"I'm fine. A little stiff and groggy still, but I think I'll be okay."

Sensing something had passed between the two friends Ephiny quickly took leave of them both, to spread the word amongst her Amazon sisters their Queen had returned.

After she'd gone Gabrielle looked to Xena for an explanation of her earlier discourse but all she saw was the warrior's turned back as she followed Ephiny, saying something about getting the bard a bowl of broth.

'What a welcome,' Gabrielle thought to herself as she reluctantly acknowledged the fact that she felt ravenous with hunger.


Within days the poison's effects could hardly be felt within Gabrielle. Her colour had fully returned and her strength was coming back in leaps and bounds. Xena stayed by her side still, trying to make up for her terse behavior when Gabrielle had first woken up. But her mood swung from undying devotion to Gabrielle's needs to annoyance at the young bard for trying to do too much too soon. Her annoyance usually followed moments when the warrior let her emotions show, and the bard caught a glimpse of what lay in the warrior's heart. It confused Gabrielle no end to be treated in such a contradictory manner and having her Amazon sisters constrict Xena's usual self even further only tightened her resolve to leave with the Warrior Princess soon. In order to get their lives back to some kind of normality, if that were at all possible.

Ignoring protests from Ephiny and the others, Gabrielle for once decided that it was time to leave. Much to Xena's chagrin. She'd been out of bed for days now and even managed a few swings with her staff to prove she was ready, but still Xena felt uneasy returning to their journey. She wondered how she could keep her feelings for her young friend hidden when they were alone on their trek, with no Amazons to invade a glance which the warrior held a moment too long so the bard noticed. Or interrupt a touch between the two of them which lingered longer than it should have. Xena was worried how Gabrielle would cope if she told her what was in her heart. In the village it had been difficult enough to hide her emotions. She followed Gabrielle where ever she went, always keeping one eye on her in case something happened to her again. Even amongst her sisters, whom Xena knew would never harm Gabrielle, she couldn't help but be her protector. But outside of the Amazon nation, when it would be just the two of them, who was going to protect Gabrielle from the very person who should be protecting her? For that matter who was going to protect the Warrior Princess from herself?

Ephiny saw the rage Xena wore on her face and correctly assumed it was because a war was raging within her. A war between her heart and mind. But if Ephiny dared to even try and talk with her about it she knew the warrior would rip her limb from limb despite their friendship. So she remained silent, hoping Gabrielle would realise what was torturing her Warrior Princess and offer the cure.
As they left the Amazon village Ephiny elicited a silent prayer to the Gods. Asking Aphrodite to smile down on her friends, the warrior and bard, for as she told the Goddess of Love, she'd never known two people who were more in love with each other than those who'd just left her village.


Their journey was uneventful. Xena had chosen the route they took precisely because she didn't want to run into any trouble with Gabrielle still being in a weakened state. Whether the bard realised Xena's actions were again in her best interests she didn't let on. In fact the usually talkative story teller had hardly said a word since they'd left the Amazon village, worrying Xena no end.

Gabrielle's mind was a mixture of delight and despair. Back in the village, when she first regained consciousness and saw Xena's tear stained face before her eyes her heart caught itself in her mouth at the beauty of her Warrior Princess. But there was more to Xena's face in that first look. There was a pain so strong caught behind her sapphire eyes. Raw emotion spread throughout  the deep recesses of blue, she could see the warrior fight it, but even in their second gaze it was still detectable. Gabrielle, though unsure when she first awoke of many details, recognised the look in the warrior's eyes. For it was the same look she'd seen reflected in her own eyes when Xena had died. And knowing what that meant to the bard - the loss of the love who drove her to live - she could only assume Xena felt the same way about her. But then the look was gone within an instant when Ephiny rushed unceremoniously in to the room, and Xena's face was taken over by a steely determination Gabrielle knew only too well as Xena's warrior persona.

Now on their journey Gabrielle wondered if she'd imagined it all. Her heart so desired Xena that she thought maybe it had played tricks with her battered mind. Taunting the young girl into believing the great Warrior Princess could return her love. When so quickly Xena changed her posture, hardened her voice or drew an iron curtain down over her face Gabrielle assumed she'd been wrong once more and was mistaking friendship for desire. But just as Gabrielle hardened her own emotions to not be so visible and exposed, the warrior would soften and catch the bard off guard, eliciting from them both silent words and secret glances of love.

It was this that confused Gabrielle. She'd never tried to pretend to understand the brooding warrior's moods, but most of them she could detect and work through. With this however, it was like they'd both come up against a solid wall, so high it stretched to the foot of Mount Olympus itself. And on either side of it stood a warrior and bard, each oblivious to what the other's needs really were.

One thing Gabrielle did know. And that was she couldn't go on much further this way. Either they'd have to break this stalemate with an almighty row or end it with a passionate embrace. Either way the bard's patience waned.

The first day of travel had taken it's toll on both the warrior and Gabrielle. The younger because she tired easily, still needing to fully recover from her ordeal. The older one felt exhausted to be so near to her heart's desire and have to hide her emotions. She invoked several different kinds of meditation chants whilst riding upon Argo, only to open her eyes and see the sensuous figure of the bard before her. Long flowing strawberry locks, her delicate hand clutched to her long staff, athletic legs which slipped from beneath their boundary every time Gabrielle had to break her small step into a stride over fallen logs. Xena caught a glimpse through the slit in the bard's skirt of what would lay in wait for her if she jumped down from Argo and acted upon her desires for the younger woman. But even as such thoughts ignited a fire deep within Xena's sex she banished them as quickly as they came, desperately trying to hold onto the last strands of restraint she had.

When Gabrielle mentioned she was growing weary and looked in to the Xena's stony face the warrior couldn't help the flash of desire which burnt its way across her eyes at the sight of the bard. She felt it swarm through her before she could stop it, and as she saw Gabrielle step back slightly with a small gasp Xena's face hardened and twisted as if she had come face to face with the God of War. To Gabrielle it felt it was she whom the warrior was furious with, and she moved away from her gaze and strode out in front of Argo once more. But Xena's facial tirade was directed at herself. If she could at that moment strike herself down for letting loose her heart she would have. Firstly for showing her desire then scaring the object of such lust away. She gently kicked Argo's side and led her to catch up with the bard who'd moved on quickly since their brief exchange of glances.

"Gabrielle....Gabrielle," Xena called to her, but the young woman wouldn't turn around. Xena jumped down from Argo and landed in Gabrielle's path, blocking her way. "Gabrielle, is everything okay?" She resisted putting her hands on the bard's bare shoulders not sure if she would keep them just there.

Gabrielle rolled her eyes at Xena, then tried to rein in her anger. If the warrior truly was oblivious to her feelings, the bard thought, she wouldn't give her any more cause to be annoyed at her. Desperately forcing a smile the bard spoke softly. "I'm weary, Xena. That's all. Can we rest soon?" She couldn't bare to look the taller woman in the eye, afraid of what she'd find there. But if she had done she would have seen Xena's gaze melt at the gentleness of the bard's voice and a single tear stray from her eyes.

Quickly shaking herself free from Gabrielle's unknowing hold over her, Xena allowed a friendly tone back into her voice. "Sure, Gabrielle. There should be a clearing up ahead, and a stream. We'll camp there for the night."

Without exchanging another look the two women resumed their places as they usually walked. Xena up high on the back of Argo and Gabrielle falling in step at her side. The only difference was the jamming motion as Gabrielle lift and dropped her staff as she walked. Xena noticed but decided to say nothing.


The sunset had been awe inspiring. Beautiful crimson waves meeting with a clear blue sky. Expanding and eventually swallowing it whole. As the sun faded away Xena and Gabrielle sat and ate the food the warrior had caught earlier that day. There was a fire burning between them, igniting flames and shooting its orange fury in to the air above. Xena watched the bard closely, satisfied her appetite showed signs of improvement. Neither had spoken much since setting up camp as the first sign of Apollo's retreat burnt the sky.

Xena had fed Argo and taken her glorious steed down to the stream for water. On her way thoughts flashed through her mind of Gabrielle. They were relentless as she chanted her mantra, nothing could keep them at bay. Thoughts of Gabrielle's lips touching her own, of tasting the salt from her skin, kissing the nape of her neck as she wrestled her out of the cotton shift she was wearing. Trailing exploring hands along the length of the bard's naked body. Squeezing her firm breasts, pinching each darkened nipple till it became hard and erect. All Xena wanted to do was touch Gabrielle, tell her how much she loved her, desired her, needed her. Most of all she wanted to feel the bard's lips against her own. Locked irrevocably in a passionate dance. The warrior's resolve to hide her feelings was losing its hold over her body and mind. She thought about Gabrielle's words during her fever. The confession only the Gods should have heard. Could she trust the bard's words that were spoken when she was so wracked with pain?

The only way of knowing if Gabrielle had meant them, however unconsciously admitted, would be for the Warrior Princess to speak of her feelings first. But this was Xena. Dark, brooding silent Xena. Who only elicited the smallest of talk when necessary, and never volunteered a conversation, especially one so close to her heart.

She was resolved to do nothing. Calling upon every scrap of self-discipline she could muster as she walked back to the camp with Argo at her heels. And maybe she would have stayed resolved. Only as usual fate and the Gods played a hand in her life once more. On approaching their makeshift camp, stealth-like as always, Xena caught a glimpse of Gabrielle's naked torso, stretched high, working through tense muscles before she went down to the stream to bathe. It froze Xena in her tracks. Her heart pounded, her mouth became dry, and the desire she has always felt for her young friend manifested itself in a pool of slick wetness between her thighs.

Gabrielle stepped out of her remaining clothes and passed a frozen warrior on her way to bathe.  They only exchanged a small smile. The bard still feeling anger at how Xena had treated her back at the Amazon village. But she did note to herself, as the cool water stripped away her aches and pains, of the surprised look on Xena's face and she let herself dream of the look she could have sworn as desire in the warrior's eyes.
After their meal, the air silenced between them only to be broken by the crackling of wood in the fire, both women seemed to relax. There were a lot of things unsaid between the two of them. And as the powerful Moon wove her magic across the sky, a new confidence was born in both their hearts.

The bard spoke softly. "Xena, are you happy?"

The sudden distraction from her lustful thoughts caught the warrior off guard and she looked questioningly at Gabrielle. "What do you mean?"

"What I asked. Are you happy?" The bard was strict in her repose, not letting her thoughts of earlier glances come between her and what she wanted to know.

"Of course, I am." Xena nodded emphatically as if it reiterate her words.

"But are you happy with me? Am I not just a burden to you?" Gabrielle was referring to all the times Xena had had to take care of her after a battle, or protect her during one. She felt guilty. He mind projecting scenarios of what Xena's life would be like if she didn't have to look after an innocent from Poteidaia. Even though she knew deep down in her heart that Xena wanted it this way, to have her by her side, for once the bard needed to hear the words spoken.

Xena took a moment to respond. Battling herself to tell Gabrielle of her feelings. If there was a moment to do just that, Gabrielle and the Moonlight had provided it.

"You are not a burden, Gabrielle." Xena's voice was so soft the bard strained to hear her words. It was as if the warrior didn't want her to hear them. But feeling no trepidation, Gabrielle stood from her place opposite the warrior and joined her by the fire.

"Then why do I feel like one?" She took the stronger woman's hands in her own and forced Xena to look at her.

With that look Xena felt her heart soar right out of her chest and into the moonlit sky. She saw devotion in Gabrielle's gaze. And trust. And friendship. But most of all she saw the love her heart could no longer refuse. It took a leap of faith for Xena to speak again, but she knew that it was a faith well placed.

"I don't mean to for you to feel that way." Tears stung her eyes, she forced them back. "I forget sometimes." She could sense Gabrielle wanted to speak and quickly she pulled a hand to her face, and placed strong callused fingers over her mouth. "If I get annoyed or chastise you too quickly its only because I care. Gods Gabrielle, if anything happened to you I don't know how I could go on." Her fingers hadn't broken their hold over Gabrielle's soft lips, but now gently rested there. "I was so scared back there in the Amazon village. You were so ill and I could do nothing to help you. It felt like my hands had been cut off. I was useless. Watching you in pain, seeing what Caretha had done to you in vengeance for my blood. She knew the best way to kill me would be for you to die."

Gabrielle had been silenced for too long. Unaccustomed with the sensation, and also of Xena saying so much in one breath, her whole body ached to be heard. But when she brushed free of Xena's hold, the warrior looked at her with pleading eyes. "For once, my bard," she said, sternly yet with a gentle voice, "will you let me speak?"

The bard nodded. Reeling headily at being addressed as 'my bard'.
"Caretha could see how much you meant to me, even when I couldn't. I bottle things up, I know that, but I'd never let myself indulge such thoughts. Until she forced me to. And she did, when I found you laying so lifeless just after the poison took affect. I knew then, what I'd always known but wouldn't give reason to." Xena gasped for air, her heart felt as loud as a thousand horses stampeding towards her, surely any minute it would explode from her chest.

"I'm in love with you, Gabrielle." A tear escaped her grasp and fell from her sapphire blue eyes. Before it had time to reach her perfectly etched cheek bones, Gabrielle was there with her hand to wipe it away.

"And I love you, Xena. Always have." She whispered.

Their eyes locked. Each taking in the weight of their words. No more needed to be said. The time for speech had passed. Now only action would acquiesce the two of them. As if it was destined to always be that moment Xena tilted the young bards face toward her and placed her own lips upon Gabrielle's. They met at first tenderly, each fearing if they went too far with that first touch the other would pull away. But soon their bodies relaxed, their minds already off on a higher plane of pleasure, and their lips locked in a passionate exchange.

Xena found Gabrielle's mouth inviting. Without a second to resist Xena forced her tongue inside the younger one, brushing against her, then relenting and licking the soft lips she'd seen so many times before and longed for what she was now experiencing.

It was Gabrielle who first pulled back, for air more than anything. Xena looked at her with hunger and the faintest sign of fear.

"Are you sure?" Gabrielle barely whispered as she entwined her hands in Xena's long raven locks.

The warrior raised an eyebrow and a look of pure need overtook her eyes. They both understood what that look meant. Within seconds Xena had Gabrielle beneath her on their bedrolls, reaching for every inch of the bards tantalizing flesh underneath the pale shift and long skirt she wore.  Gabrielle could feel excitement grow from within her, and gasped when a muscular thigh pressed between her own, forcing her knees to part and lay bare her throbbing sex.

Xena could feel the bard's soft juices flow over her leg. An urge unprecedented in her before now, caused the warrior to rip at Gabrielle's skirt until the bottom half of her was as naked as the day she were born, her dress in tatters to her side. A feral smile played across Xena's lips as she began to grind herself on Gabrielle's thigh, letting the bard feel how her sex was also dripping with need for her touch. For her part Gabrielle tugged at the leather straps which held Xena's dress to the flesh she so wanted to possess. When Xena began to grind her body into Gabrielle's it only tightened her urgency on exposing the warrior's naked form. She managed to release one side, and a throbbing breast fell eagerly to the bard's waiting lips. She latched onto the brown flesh and sucked and bit the tender nipple until it darkened underneath her tongue, whilst all the time enduring the maddening passion she felt every time Xena thrust her hips against her own.

The warrior wanted to possess all of Gabrielle but when she felt the young girl lick her sensitive nipples it was all she could do to not give into herself right there and then and release what was inside her. She needed a distraction and getting the eager bard out of her clothes so she could exact the same treatment on her voluptuous mounds seemed the perfect thing to delay both their climax's. Kneeling up and bringing the bard with her so they were both in a sitting position she pressed their bodies tightly together, pushing her lips hard against Gabrielle's to express how much she needed her. Xena darted her long soft tongue in and out of Gabrielle's mouth, eliciting a moan from the bard each time it seemed she would not return for further exploration. But this served its purpose. The bard did not know how it happened, but suddenly she felt a strong hand cup her left breast without the restraint of her shift hiding the texture of those callused fingers. She broke away from Xena's kiss, long enough to look down at herself and see the shift in the same condition as her skirt to one side, with a quick second glance she noticed it was also joined by Xena's leather dress and a puzzled frown worked its way over her sweating brow.

"How did you do that?" The bard asked, only now fully taking in Xena's naked body only inches away from her own.

The warrior smiled and curled her lips around Gabrielle's right ear lobe. "I have many skills, Gabrielle". And before she knew it Gabrielle was once more laid out on the bedroll, but this time it was a naked warrior adorning her body and spreading her silken wetness against her thighs.

Xena turned her attention to similar ministrations as Gabrielle had offered her breasts moments before. She lay gently on top of the smaller woman and let her mouth work it's way down from her sweet lips, licking the salty taste from her neck, trailing her tongue between the canal of Gabrielle's large chest to finally rest on her left nipple. It puckered immediately as Xena laid the gentlest of kisses. A moan, low and guttural, escaped from the bard's parted lips as Xena attended her in such a maddening slow sensual way. She'd never dreamed it would feel so good to have the warrior touch her this way. Xena's tongue flicked over the erect nipple, biting the hard flesh, taking it into her mouth between clenched teeth and softly tugging at it as she let it slip from her mouth. All the while their bodies matched each other in a rhythm as old as time. Gabrielle bucked beneath the stronger woman as she felt Xena's hold on her breasts tighten. Her desire was reaching a frenzied pace and she knew she needed more. More of Xena. She tugged at the warrior's hair, cupping her face and bringing it up to her own. She placed a long hard kiss on the warrior's lips, searching her mouth with an inquisitive tongue. Finally she broke away and spoke in a husky voice.

"I need you, Xena."

The warrior's heart stopped beating for a second as she heard the young woman she'd grown to love whisper her request.

"What do you need?" Teasingly she stopped her body from grinding on top of the bard even though every urge in her body was screaming to take more of her.

"I...I need to feel you...inside me." A blush worked its was to Gabrielle's already flushed cheeks. This melted away the last of the warrior's restraint and she finally gave in to what she knew they both wanted. The warrior reached to Gabrielle's lips once more, letting her tongue linger. As she pulled away she whispered in a breathy voice, "I love you." She could see tears form in the gentle green eyes and she gently stroked them away. All the bard could do was smile.

Xena descended Gabrielle's body, inching her way down with soft kisses setting the bard's flesh alight every where she touched. The warrior slipped out her tongue and slowly drew a wet line from the bottom of Gabrielle's heaving breasts to the top of the soft, blond mound that caused such wondrous stirrings in the warrior. She could smell her sex. Her desire for her proving as intoxicating as any of Cupid's arrows. Her bold hands parted the bard's eager thighs and with a look of devilish intent she sank deep within Gabrielle's core.

A gasp loud enough to startle the birds in the trees escaped from Gabby's lips as she felt Xena's tongue lick around the folds of her throbbing sex, relishing in the juices that flowed freely there. She clutched at Xena's head, forcing her in deeper. The warrior responded to the touch. Inching in further until she possessed every part of the bard's wet folds. Slowly she found her rhythm and slipped in a finger around Gabrielle's pulsating clit. The bard screamed, knowing she was close to the edge of surrendering her body completely to the passion Xena was invoking in her. Sensing this Xena delved deeper with her hand, easily inserting a second, then a third finger until her tongue and hand were drenched in Gabrielle's sweet juices.

The warrior pushed harder, curling her fingers inside the crevices of Gabrielle's sex, licking all the wetness that was yielded for her. She thrust in time with the bard's rocking hips. With her free hand she grabbed Gabrielle's ass, forcing her off the ground and allowing more access for her tongue. Gabrielle couldn't hold on much longer. She dug her fingers in Xena's hair, forcing down on the tireless hand inside her. She was at the edge, one more thrust would send her over. As if she had had her thoughts, Xena exerted a final push, flexing her muscles as she did and heard Gabrielle scream out her name into the night. It brought Xena over with her.

Slowly they're rocking quieted to a comfortable pace, the warrior working her way through an intense orgasm by grinding her dripping wet sex against Gabrielle's firm thighs. The bard just held on to the woman she loved as she tried to learn and breath again. With their bodies returning to them Xena withdrew her hand from Gabrielle's folds, eliciting a small groan from the bard who already missed its touch. She took the soaked fingers and pressed them to her lips, wanting to savor the taste of herself on the woman she loved.

Sweat poured off them both. Xena curled around the young bard, whose breathing had still yet to return to normal. She held her close, both trembling at what they'd just experienced. Eventually the bard spoke.

"How long have you been wanting to do that?" A sly smile curled her lips.

Xena laughed and kissed the top of the bard's head. "Seems like a lifetime."

"Well..." she turned and kissed Xena deeply on the lips. "Don't wait so long when you next feel the urge." And with that the bard launched her own assault on the willing Warrior Princess.


From her fortress of the sky the Moon watched two lovers enjoy her dance, until Apollo came again and reclaimed his throne. But even as she faded and began to lose sight of her world, the Moon knew she would find the same two lovers still locked in her passionate dance the next time she rose to take the sky.

The End?

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