Author: Minerva
Story Title: Afternoon Delight: Part I (Revised)
Characters: Xena/Gabrielle
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Uber. Gabrielle helps Xena relieve some tension the old-fashioned way.
This rating is for explicit f/f sex.

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Even though this is uber, Xena and Gabby are not my creations, they belong to Rob T., and Universal Studios. I am just borrowing them. However, this story is mine--I wrote it! Making it my property.

This story is of an alternative nature. It features graphic consensual sex between two women. There is also use of strong language. If you are underage or this offends you, do us both a favor and read no further. Bows in thanks :)

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Afternoon Delight: Part I (Revised)
by Minerva
© 1999 by Minerva

I walked into the dark room, but I knew something was amiss. "Gabrielle, are you home?" There was no answer as I felt my way around in the darkness, and thought to myself,"You've finally scared her off you goof with your domineering ways and have to have it my way attitude--or hell it could even be my bad morning breath who knows?" I let my hair out of the tight bun that I'm forced to wear in a world of men where I had to be sexless--yeah right me sexless. It bounced and slithered down my back in a heavy stream of inky blackness. Lifting my nose into the air, I thanked my highly toned senses. I could smell her perfume soft and sensual like the wearer. I could feel her presence like my shadow sometimes not seen but always there. That is when I felt her brush up against me and plant moist lips close to my ear.

"I've been waiting for you,"she said and just like that I was wet and pulsating. Her voice was like warm velvet caressing and tantalizing. I swallowed and simply nodded my head at a loss for words.

Do you know what I've been waiting for?"she asked.

Again, I only shook my head in reply. She chuckled...

"I want you to know it feels like to be the one submitting, and I want to feel what it does to me."

"Can you submit to me?" I whimpered audibly. My body shook in half part anticipation and half part fear of what I would reveal--the vulnerabilities the secrets....Her tongue traveled up the ridge of my right ear.

"Answer me,"she said.

"PPlease,"I said.

"Please what Xena?"--she said.

"Take me."

"No, that's not what I wanna hear."

"Make love to me."

"NO, say it!!!!"

"I ccan't."

She chuckled once more. Her hot breath blowing in my ear."I know you're dripping for me I can smell it."

Her hand slid down my torso past my waist to cup my sex through the thin fabric of my slacks. Crying out at the light touch, my hips bucked forward as if seeking instinctively more contact--any contact.

"I can feel it. God, your so wet. You want this don't you?"

My head spun no coherent thought permeated my mind--it's only my body. I felt her begin a slow grind against my ass and moaned loudly when I realized I couldn't breath. I reached behind me to increase the contact and all I felt was naked skin.

"Oh, God!"

I grabbed her shapely buttocks pulled her against me as I pushed against her. Blindly, I sought whatever pleasure I could get--arousal was so acute it bordered on high voltage electricity. The primal, the instinctual took over--shutting everything down except my undulating body and savage grunts that were punctuated by. . .

"Fuck me! Please, Oh God!"

In a flurry of movement and a demonstration of raw strength my back was against the wall; her lips were crushed against mine in a kiss that was uneven, frantic, and carnal with thrusting and probing tongues and moist, wet lips. As if it had a life of its own, her naked thigh wedged itself between my legs. She flexed and arched her thigh upward creating sunburst behind my eyes and electricity down my spine radiating outward. Her lips...God those lips.. caught each whimper each moan claiming them as hers as the one who caused them. My hands traveled down the expanse of her strong muscled back. I heard her moan and her gyrating hips sped up as I caressed the two sensitive dimples at her lower back. On their own volition, my hands grasped tight rounded globes of flesh kneading them apart, sliding inside to brush the insides of her sensitive cheeks. She tore her lips away from mine and growled. . .growled at me.

"No, you're not taking over", she said, glaring at me through passion lidded blue-green eyes.

"I can't think when you touch me like that. Xena, please let me?"

I nodded my head, giving in, and in return she gave me a pleasingly cute smirk. Gabrielle leaned in and flicked my lips with her tongue.

"Good girl. You WILL be rewarded," she smirked.

I raised an eyebrow and gave her a toothy grin. "I'm counting on that one."

She smiled up at me and stroked my face with the tips of her fingers. "So beautiful, so damned beautiful."

She leaned in and softly brushed my lips with hers. We both whimpered at the unexpected gentleness and the sensuality of it. Her small yet strong hands wound their way into my thick hair dark as midnight, and my larger hands rubbed, caressed and worshipped the soft skin of her back. Her lips parted and her tongue snaked out and beckoned for mine to play. They played. . .sliding, slipping and sucking. She moved back a step and the loss of her body against mine was like a sharp arrow. I whimpered in protest, and then growled in anticipation as I felt her begin to unbutton my blouse. With each instance of exposed skin I felt the heat of warm, moist kisses grace it.

"God, you don't wear a bra. I don't understand how the men at your office don't chase you around your desk," she giggled.

I looked down at her and gave her my own version of her smirk, as I felt my pants being unzipped and saw them fall soundlessly to the floor.

"Ohhhh, I see you give them..the look!"

"Tch, no underwear either, for shame,"
she said.

"Gabrielle, I'm gonna give you the look if you don't stop teasing me,"I said.

"You can give me what ever look you want cause I am impervious to them, and I can do what I want like this. . ."

I heard myself whimper raggedly as she gently pushed my naked breast together and brushed her thumb back and forth across already achingly hard nipples. She grabbed one swollen brown bud and tweaked it between her fingers.

"You're mine tonight. I can do whatever I want to you."

I shivered in anticipation as to what exactly whatever was.

She traced the outside of my nipples teasingly and we both watched them grow unbelievably harder and larger. She looked at them hungrily and with what seemed to be a ravenous growl, she tried to suck both of them into the warm cavern of her mouth.

"Fuck, oh God baby, yes!!!"

I grabbed the back of her head and arched my back trying to feed her more. With every suck I felt the tight bundle of nerves between my legs jump and pulsate in empathy and to greater life. She lifted her knee bringing it into greater contact with my throbbing clit. I pressed down and rode her thigh. All the while slipping and sliding on the wet trail I was leaving. Everything around me went dim when I felt her fill me with her fingers. She knew time was passed for gentleness and slowness, so with a relentless pounding my whole sex vibrated in appreciation. The wet slurping sounds of her suckling at my breast, the slapping sound of my ass bouncing and sliding up and down her rock hard thigh and amorous fingers was too much. I was so close.

Between mouthfulls of breast she uttered, "Xena, tell me how I make u feel."

I was this close to coming and she wanted to talk! Christ, women!!

"Talk to me!!

"You feel unghhh!!!! So good, so warm, so fucking hot!"

"You like me fucking you like this don't you?"

God the things she was saying to me! I could hear in the distance this low keening, gasping sound, and I realized it was me. My body was on fire, and my clit had a mind of its own with each sentence she spoke I rode her harder.

"Are you gonna come for me Xena??"

"Ungnnn, fuck yea!!"

"When Xena??"


"No, you are gonna come for me now!!!!"

"Uugghnnn. . .of fuck. . .gonna come!!!"

"That's it baby come all over me!!"


My body convulsed violently as wave after wave of pleasure crashed through me gathering up until I was shaking helplessly against her. She gathered up as much of my ass with her free hand and continued to rub my sensitive clit over her thigh. She slowly continued pumping until the last shiver was gone. Long minutes later, my body leaned heavily against her, as she rubbed my back to comfort. Slowly, she pulled her fingers from inside me. I winced and moaned as I was attacked by aftershocks. I leaned back up against the wall, and watched her through heavy lidded eyes. Her fingers were coated with me. She took those fingers and rubbed them over my sensitive nipples then brushed my bruised lips with them. Slowly she licked my nipples clean and trailed her lips up my neck over my chin to my mouth.


"Sssshhhhh, Its okay. So, this is what it feels like?"
she asked as she flicked her tongue back and forth over my lips---"mmmm, good."

My answer was a tired whimper.

"Tch, oh come now, you can't be tired. I just started. It's gonna be a long afternoon."

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