Author: Dayna
Story Title: A New Light
Characters: Gabrielle & Ares
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Takes place after 'Seeds of Faith,' and offers an alternate turn of events.

Characters don't belong to me. They belong to MCA/Universal/USA Studios. No copyright infringement intended.

Notes: Notes: This takes place after 'Seeds of Faith,' and is from Ares' point of view. This is my first attempt at a Xena fic.

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A New Light
by Dayna

Ares sat in his temple, contemplating the events that had just happened. Despite what he'd told Xena, he was scared that his time of power was coming to an end. He had thought that by killing Eli he'd stop it. But Xena was right, he'd played right into Eli's hands. He'd made a martyr out of the man. {Damn!}

As Ares began pacing, his thoughts turned to Gabrielle. Watching her put herself in danger to protect Eli had impressed him. She had become an extremely talented warrior. He now saw her in a different light. She was a brave, confident woman, not afraid to face him. This side of her had been the reason he approached her after Eli's death. He'd been sure that he could seduce her to his side. And he'd thought he'd succeeded...until she again defied him. His anger had not been enough to kill her. Seeing her kneeling helpless before him, he couldn't bring himself to destroy her. Xena's timely arrival had saved him from showing weakness.

Gabrielle's defiance of him had only served to intrigue him more. She had an inner fire that drew him to her. Before he left the village, he vowed that sooner or later she would belong to him. And if he had to destroy Xena to get Gabrielle, then so be it. His infatuation with the warrior princess had dimmed, replaced by his desire for her sidekick. The feelings he had for Gabrielle were much stronger then any he'd had for Xena. And this time, he would not fail. He would not stop until he had Gabrielle by his side.

Ares stood in the shadows watching Gabrielle with Xena and the baby. He saw the love in her eyes as she held the tiny infant. And with that, Ares knew how to get Gabrielle. Ares smiled as he disappeared.


Gabrielle was walking around the village when she felt like she was being watched. She turned to see Ares leaning against one of the buildings. Her hands dropped to her weapons as she eyed him.

"Now, now Gabrielle, is that really necessary?"

"What do you want, Ares?"

Ares moved slowly towards her, reaching out to caress her cheek. "I think you know what I want, Gabrielle. I want you."

"Tough, because it'll never happen!" Gabrielle said, then turned to walk away. But Ares next words stopped her dead in her tracks.

"Not even to save Xena's child?"

Gabrielle turned slowly. "What do you mean?"

Ares shrugged. "It would be a shame if anything happened to that innocent little baby. And Xena would never be the same if she lost her child."

"Even you wouldn't stoop so low, Ares."

"Are you willing to bet the child's life on that, Gabrielle?"

Gabrielle eyed Ares, and she shuddered as she looked into his eyes. He meant what he said. There would be no hesitation in destroying an innocent child.

"What do I have to do?" Gabrielle asked.

Ares smirked as he walked closer to Gabrielle. He pulled her into his arms, stroking her cheek. "Come with me. Be by my side. Do that, and I spare Xena's child."

Tears came to Gabrielle's eyes as she considered what that would mean. Ares' hand on her chin forced her to look back at him. "But betray me, and I'll kill them both."

Gabrielle pulled away from him. "I...I need time to think."

"You have until morning. If you haven't come to me, I go looking for that beautiful little baby."

Ares watched as Gabrielle ran from him. He had no intention of destroying the child, but it was an effective threat. And he had no doubt that Gabrielle would honor his 'request'. Ares laughed as he disappeared.


Dawn was nearly upon the town, as Ares stood waiting. He had been sure that Gabrielle would sacrifice herself for the child.

"I'm here, Ares."

Ares turned to see Gabrielle walk towards him. He saw the tears in her eyes, but he also saw her inner strength. She thought she was sacrificing herself, but he'd make certain she came to enjoy being with him.

"Are you willing to do as I asked?"

"Asked? I don't remember you asking anything, Ares. But, I'm surrendering to your threats. I will go with you, and remain with you. As long as you don't hurt Xena or her child."

"I give you my word, Gabrielle."

Ares pulled Gabrielle into his arms, pulling her tightly against him. Sooner or later, she would give in to the desire he knew she felt. She was not oblivious to the attraction that was between them. And with Xena out of the way, he could get Gabrielle to admit it. And if not, seduction was always fun for both participants.

"You won't regret your decision, Gabrielle." Ares said as he captured her mouth in a passionate kiss.

Gabrielle looked up at him in confusion, and he smiled. This was going to be fun, Ares thought to himself as he tightened his hold on her. And then they disappeared.

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