Author: atara
Title: War God Lust
Pairings: Xena/Gabrielle, Xena & Ares
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Gabrielle asks Xena to relate her fantasies about the God of War and is inspired . . .
This rating is for explicit m/f and f/f sex, and mild bdsm.

Xena, Gabrielle, Ares, and Eve are the property of MCA/Universal/Studios USA and Renaissance Pictures. No copyright infringement is intended, and no financial profit is anticipated. :-) Please check with me before archiving or distributing.

This story takes place right after THE SIEGE OF AMPHIPOLIS and contains spoilers for that episode. It's rated NC-17 and contains explicit descriptions of mildly kinky male/female and female/female sex. You won't like this story if you assume that Xena is exclusively lesbian and monogamous.

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War God Lust
by atara
© 2000

For my loving Lord and Master. With gratitude, love, and lust.

"I know you said you felt something," insisted Gabrielle as she rocked recently-fed and just-burped Eve in her arms.

"Well, of course, I felt something," muttered Xena in return. "Have you ever looked at him, Gabrielle? And I have to admit it's kind of flattering--he's desired me for years. I can't say I'd mind having my way with him. But Gabrielle . . . "

"You don't have to tell me," laughed her companion. "It's not as if I don't know you'd jump anything attractive that moves. I know you love me."

"And only you," insisted Xena in a low purr that could still make Gabrielle shiver.

Gabrielle got up, sure that the baby was asleep, and took her to the cradle on the other side of the room, behind a curtain drawn for a measure of privacy. Eve was tucked in without incident, and Gabrielle kissed her forehead before returning to Xena.

"Tell me," said Gabrielle, lightly dropping her compact body back into the rocking chair, stretching out her legs, and deliberately clasping her hands behind her neck. "Tell me what you'd want to do with him."

"Gabrielle!" exclaimed Xena, not sure whether to be more surprised or indignant.

"Come on," returned Gabrielle. "Just because I'm not interested in men any more doesn't mean I'm not curious. And as males go, he is an attractive specimen." Then she grinned. "I still think Iolaus is cuter though."

"You would," sighed Xena. "You really want to hear this?"

"Sure. I find your twisted fantasies very entertaining. Hot too. It's a shame you don't write them down. Maybe you could consider a career change to writing tales of lust. Not as dangerous as being a warrior."

"If I weren't so exhausted, Gabrielle, I'd give you a good spanking," said the warrior threateningly.

"Ooh," exclaimed Gabrielle with a wriggle. "Now are you going to tell me or not? I dare you."

Xena narrowed her eyes and glared at her lover. Gabrielle knew that "dare" was the magic word, and she'd never be able to resist now. "OK, you asked for it."

"Mmmmmm," Xena mused. "I'd really like to have my way with him. I think it would be amusing to see just how much he'd let me get away with; how far I could push him. I'd like to play him like a lyre and make him sing. And his nipple was very tasty," she acknowledged.

She continued, "Instead of tossing him into bed, like I did today, I'd like to grab him suddenly and throw him up against a wall. Hard enough for it to hurt. Before he knew what happened I'd have one arm across his chest, pressing him into the wall. With the other I'd be holding on hard to his hair. A shame it's shorter now. Have you ever really looked at his lips, Gabrielle? I'd like to suck the lower one into my mouth and bite hard. Really hard. Hear him gasp and moan. I'd like to draw blood; then I'd really have him. I wonder how a god's blood tastes . . . " she mused.

"I always knew you were a Bacchae at heart," muttered Gabrielle lazily. Xena glanced up and saw that her lover was rather poorly concealing the finger that was circling her nipple through the fabric that stretched across her breasts.

"He'd melt into a puddle when I pushed him on the bed," continued Xena. "I think what he really wants in a lover is someone who would push him around. His usual playthings must be always in awe of the war god thing. Hah! And the more blood I drew, the more pliable he'd be. I'd bite him everywhere I could get a mouthful. I'd draw my tongue around his nipple until he relaxed, and then I'd bite it hard." Xena glanced idly at her hand. "And scratch him too. Think of the red lines emerging on that skin, defining those muscles. Think of him squirming to get away and moaning desperately and hoarsely for more.

"How long could I tease him?" she mused. "How helpless and needy could I get him? I'd make him satisfy me and give me pleasure before I'd even think about relieving his frustrations. He'd have to beg to please me too. And do a damn good job." Xena paused. "I'd straddle his face, see just how useful a god's tongue could be." Xena closed her eyes, imagining, while Gabrielle squirmed. She thought of Aphrodite's attempt to seduce her and shook her head, regretting she'd turned her down. The tongue of a goddess might be very . . . versatile indeed.

"But I wouldn't want to let him show off too much," considered Xena. "After an orgasm or two, I'd just use him, rubbing my cunt on his face for my own pleasure. With one hand gripping his hair, and the other digging into his arms, he wouldn't be going anywhere. He'd let himself be used.

"If he was really really good, then I'd fuck him. On top. I might play with his balls and his cock with my teeth and fingernails for a while, perhaps adding an occasional flick of the tongue. When his protests grew hoarse and needy enough--just think of that voice begging--I'd mount him, only on the condition that he remain completely still. And while I moved up down his godly member, I could pinch and twist his nipples and watch the strain in his face as he tried to obey.

"I wouldn't let him come until I came again. After a while I'd tell him he could move, but only enough to please me, not to come himself. I'd press my weight down on him, so he could just rock against me, and when I came, I'd give him permission to come. He wouldn't have much choice with my cunt muscles contracting around him." Xena paused. "Yeah, that would be fun."

"Oh, come on, Xena," taunted Gabrielle. "Are you sure you wouldn't want it the other way around? Are you sure you wouldn't want that godlike cock shoved in your mouth and down your throat, as you kneel before him? I know you've said you like that." She paused, as she approached the bed. "And he can't be any bigger than Hercules was."

"Gabrielle!" gasped Xena, shocked.

Gabrielle took advantage of Xena's surprise to flip her over onto her stomach and pull her up on her knees. Xena felt a couple of well-oiled fingers pressing into her cunt. Gabrielle smacked the inside of each thigh, and Xena obediently parted her legs.

"Are you sure you wouldn't want him to fuck you like this?" demanded Gabrielle, adding another finger. "That godlike cock pounding into you, driving you down into the bed?"

"I want you to fuck me," begged Xena.

Gabrielle obligingly added a fourth finger, but didn't move her hand. "Who knows what a god could do with his cock, Xena? Maybe he could make it tingle or vibrate or something. And tell me you wouldn't want to surrender to him."

"Gabrielllllllle!" moaned Xena, pushing back against Gabrielle's hand.

"Tell me!" demanded Gabrielle, smacking Xena's ass with her free hand, and meanwhile adding her last finger and her thumb so her hand formed a wedge, pushed in just up to the widest part, the knuckles.

"Well, of course, you know I like almost anything!" snapped Xena. "I'm not real picky when it comes to sex. . . . Just when it comes to those I love," she added diplomatically

"Not good enough," mocked Gabrielle. "Tell me how much you'd want it from him." She twisted her hand slightly, teasingly, but refused to penetrate any further.

"Bitch," muttered Xena under her breath. "All right. Yes, damn you. I do want to take Ares myself; I do want to have my way with him. But I'd like it if it was reversed too. If Ares was on top. His voice really sends me, Gabrielle. I'd love to hear him ordering me to open up for him . . . and ramming me with his cock. I'd like to feel those strong hands mauling my breasts. I might even like to feel his hand smacking my butt. But eventually I'd have to flip him over and show him who's really in charge again. I couldn't leave with him thinking he had won. And he's so desperate for me, he'd go down for me, and that would be realllllly nice. Satisfied, you pervert?"

"That'll do," said Gabrielle lightly and shoved her oil-covered fist into Xena's cunt in one push.

Xena groaned loudly, and Gabrielle smacked her again. "Don't you dare wake the baby, Xena."

"Yes, Ma'am," murmured Xena, resigned. She knew Gabrielle wanted her surrender, and she consciously relaxed her body, parting her legs further and arching her ass higher.

"That's a girl," said Gabrielle approvingly, and she rewarded the warrior by fucking her hard, the fist almost slipping all the way out of Xena's cunt before shoving back in. Xena felt a scream rising in her throat and she buried her face in a pillow, clamping down hard on it with her teeth. Gabrielle laughed softly at the stifled squeaks and moans being emitted by the warrior princess, but she also felt the familiar awe pervading her of being allowed to have her way with someone as dazzling and beautiful and dangerous as Xena.

Gabrielle's pounding rhythm soon eliciting a shuddering orgasm from Xena, accompanied by choked yelps. Gabrielle twisted her fist rapidly, rotating it back and forth in Xena's flowing cunt, and Xena bucked and bit harder into the pillow as she came again, then collapsed forward onto the bed. She shuddered lightly as Gabrielle's hand slipped out of the still-contracting opening, then snuggled desperately into Gabrielle's arms, seeking caresses and comfort.

After the lovers held each other for a long while, punctuating their love-talk with light kisses, Xena noticed that Gabrielle's hand was straying over her own reddish curls. "Now tell me, Xena," Gabrielle demanded, "What was it like fucking both Iolaus and Hercules?"

The End.

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