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I have listed those mailing lists on which fan fiction is encouraged, or is the main focus of the list.

Obviously, I haven't updated this page in a long time. Onelist and eGroups merged, and then yahoo bought the company out. Who knows, maybe I'll update this page someday. In any case, all onelist and egroup lists can now be found on the Yahoo! Groups site (although, the site's search function never seems to work for me).

Mailing Lists

NOTE: Some of the following were pulled off of Xena Online Resources - Thanks to LisaB for permission

Fanthropology A list for discussing the history, culture, fanfiction, society, and elements of media fandom.

Hercfic An adult fan fiction and discussion list pertaining to the show Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. Most if not all of the fiction posted to the list is slash fiction. For more information, Questions regarding list policy can be addressed to Summer Rain at

Ted Tales The Ted Raimi Fan Fiction Mailing List subscription
This is a fan fiction list based on characters played by Ted Raimi. In order to subscribe, send a message to the e-mail address

Xena Scrolls Mailing List subscription
This a mailing list for the posting and discussion of Xena and Hercules fanfiction. All Xena and Hercules fans are welcomed. In order to subscribe, send an e-mail with 'subscribe_xena_scrolls' in the subject line to:

Xenaverse Mailing List subscription
Probably the most popular X:WP mailing list, Xenaverse is an unmoderated list for all fans of the show. In order to subscribe, send an e-mail with 'subscribe xenaverse' as both the subject and text of your message to: List guidelines are mailed to you after you subscribe.


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Mailing Lists on Onelist

NOTE: Once you've registered with Onelist, then you can sign up for all of the following mailing lists directly through their site (with the exception of lists that are restricted - you need permission from the moderator). I have listed all of the mailing lists that mention fan fiction, using the descriptions that are provided from Onelist.

Alt_fanfic [English] [For People Over 21] [restricted]
This list is for those who write or want to beta read alt fan fiction, especially that of Xena : Warrior Princess. General Stories and other writings including poetry are allowed, but we prefer prose: alt or romance. Any pairings or characters, including slash are welcome. BDSM, violence, sexual violence ok, with warning. I also write Lois and Clark : The New Adventures of Superman fan fiction, so fan fic from other shows is welcome as well. Exchange links, information, or stories. This is a fairly new list, and we are looking to build up a solid base of subscribers. Because we will be exchanging Adult content, this list is limited to subscribers at least 21 years of age. For more information,

Altar_of_Ares [English] [For People Over 21]
This list is dedicated to the New Zealand actor, Kevin Smith and all the characters that he portrays. Discussions, opinions and fanfic are all welcome. Flaming or fighting on or off list are not. This list is dedicated to het and general fiction and discussion. Although we will honor and respect each other's divergent tastes in fiction, we also recognize that most members of this list prefer the men and women of the Herc/Xenaverse to remain true to their sexual characterizations on H:TLJ, Xena:WP and Young Hercules. There are many lists dedicated to slash fanfic; this is NOT one of them. Erotica is welcome here, provided it is properly labeled and a disclaimer is present. Discussion of adult themes is also welcomed. This list is about FUN and friendship above all else. This list has an official webpage and fiction archive located at

AmbrosiaGarden [English] [For People Over 21]
Welcome to The Ambrosia Garden! This is a list for fans 21 and older of the Xena, Hercules, and Young Hercules series. Here we discuss everything about the shows, actors, etc. Artwork and Fafic welcomed. And of course, be courteous to all list members.

ARES-GABRIELLE [English] [For People Over 17] [restricted]
Ares, the Greek God of War, and Gabrielle, Xena's irritating little blond sidekick, a couple? YES! This is a list for Ares/Gabrielle fanfic. It is a het list only. It is for fanfic involving Ares and Gabrielle, and also a discussion list regarding Ares and Gabrielle, and their friends, enemies, etc. Come on and add your contribution regarding this dynamic pair. Opposites to the extreme, meet in the middle, and sparks ignite...

Ares-Hercules-Xena [English] [For People Over 21]
Fanfic mailing list for Ares fans and fans of all characters on Hercules, Xena and Young Hercules. All types of fanfic welcome. Slash is also welcome. No one under the age of 21 Some material may be objectionable to certain readers as it may have sexual content. No flamers, no child pornography all fanfic sent to the list must contain disclaimers and rating.

Aresgodofwarfanfic [English] [For People Over 17]
This list is open to any type of fan fiction and discussion dealing with the character of Ares The God Of War (played by actor Kevin Smith) from both Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules The Legendary Journeys. This list is an unmoderated and unrestricted list and is open to anyone.

AresJoxerCupidStrife [English] [For People Over 17]
This list is for those of you who want to see Ares paired up with Joxer or Cupid paired up with Strife ONLY from Hercules the Legendary Journeys and Xena Warrior Princess. Pictures, FanFic, discussions, etc. are welcome. If it has to do with one or all four of these wonderful guys, then it's welcomed wholeheartedly. This list deals with slash pairings of an adult nature, so if this is not your thing, please do not join. This list will most definitely contain NC-17 content, so please join only if you are eighteen years of age or older. Lurkers, readers, writers and betas are all welcome here. The main goal of this list is to have fun.

Asherasarchive [English] [For People Over 21] [announce]
A list strictly for announcing updates to Ashera's Archive.

Auto-erotica [English] [For People Over 17]
Auto-erotica is a mailing list for fan-fiction writers and readers interested in Autolycus, the King of Thieves from "Hercules" and "Xena", as well as other Bruce Campbell characters such as Brisco County, Jr. All genres of fic welcome, although as you can guess from our name this is primarily intended to be an adult fiction list. Modelled after our "sister-list" Joxerotica, the only rules are no flames and to keep the chatter & fic focused on the *characters*, not the actors themselves.

Callistoxxx [English] [For People Over 21] [restricted]
This is the official mailing list for Callisto's Dirty Stories. Meet others who have dirty thoughts about the blonde goddess in Xena: Warrior Princess, talk about Callisto, write stories, chat, etc. The list is open to adults only, and any sexual persuasion is welcome. So, if you've felt left out on other Xena lists because you have impure thoughts of Callisto, you're welcome here! :-) The only requirements are that you be an adult, a Callisto fan, and have an open mind. Please note, Callisto's Dirty Stories is a fan site for Callisto, and NOT an 'adult' site; if you don't love Callisto, you won't like the site. This list is restricted... when you sign up, please send an email to with a statement of age, and something about Callisto (i.e., your favorite ep she was in, her hometown, etc... something to prove you're a fan and not someone just looking for an adult list :-) For more information,

CenterforXenaStudies [English] [For People Over 13]
Discussion of Xena the Warrior Princess Television Show.......subtext friendly......a place for a exchange of ideas....a creative outlet for writers of fan fiction..... along with ancient Greek Civilization, Roman Civilization and their cultures as it pertains to Xena:WP

Cupie [English] [For People Over 17] [restricted]
This list is to celebrate all that is Karl Urban. You know him as Julius Caesar on Xena, you love him as Cupid on Hercules, and you want more fanfic about him!! Well, here it is, a Karl Urban fanfic list. All Herc-Xenaverse fanfic is welcome, but c'mon, we want Cupie!! Beware: This list will contain slash (duh!).

Destinys_Gateway [English] [For People Over 13] [restricted]
This is a Mailing List for Fanfiction Round Robins that are Crossovers. We'll try anything! Starwars, Labyrinth, Buffy, Xena, Sailor Moon...ETC.

Golden-Lust [English] [For People Over 17]
This list is devoted to the character of Iolaus from Hercules, the Legendary Journeys. This list is for adults only, age 18 and up. We welcome any kind of adult fiction as long as Iolaus is one of the main focuses of the story. Both Canon and Original Characters are welcomed. No flaming will be allowed, and you will be removed for it. For more information e-mail

Hadesunderworld [English] [For People Over 17] [restricted]
Fan fiction focusing on the Underworld and its lord, Hades, as portrayed by Erik Thomson on the television shows Hercules and Xena. For more information e-mail

Herc-slash [English] [For People Over 21]
Fanfic list for those of us who crave slash stories involving Hercules, (of the Hercules: The Legendary Journeys fame) This list will involve male/male erotica, so if you are offended by such relationships, go find one more suitable to your own taste. Hercules/Iolaus, Hercules/Ares, Hercules/other male. Writers choice. No criticism allowed. Romantic stories welcome.

Herc-xenafanfiction [English] [For People Over 13]
This List is for anyone who wants to write and post fan fiction on either Hercules: The Legendary Journeys or Xena: Warrior Princess, Crossovers from both shows are acceptable as well. This List will also be open for discussion of the submitted fiction.Writers can also gain feedback for their story ideas amongst other list members. For more information e-mail

HercAresXenaUniverse [English] [For People Over 17]
This discussion/fanfic list is for the shows that make up the Hercules/Xena arc, with a strong slant toward the relationship between the all the wonderful, campy characters. This is an adult list. That means all adult het/slash fic is welcome. All fiction will be archived at The Wonderful World Of MakeBelieve Archive, which houses varied fandoms. The current interlist challenge is April showers/May flowers. You get the picture? Lots of romance. There are frequent archive updates, spanning the entire gauntlet of fiction and giving a recount of any new MLs as they come up. so join, post us a bio, and enjoy.

Heteroxena [English] [For People Over 21]
A mailing list for Xena fans interested in adult oriented stories and discussion involving Xena characters in hetero-sexual situations. For more information e-mail

IolausFanFic [English] [For People Over 17]
This List is for fan fiction based on the Character Iolaus from Hercules The Legendary Journeys and Young Hercules. Other HTLJ,XWP and YH Character Fan Fiction is also allowed here. Crossover fan fiction is also allowed. For more information e-mail

Jesss [English] [For People Over 13] [restricted]
"jesss" is the mailing list for the members of "Joxer Enthusiasts Supporting Sapphic Subtext" (anyone with an open mind can join us!) Born in the flamewars of and elsewhere, JESSS' purpose is to prove that Joxer fans and subtext fans can in fact get along. In fact, not only can they get along, but it's possible to be a fan of both at the same time. Group hugs, after all, can be the nicest kind :-)This list is mainly for friendly chit-chat among members...a place where you can talk about your favorite Joxer & subtext-related subjects without dealing with "phobes" of either. Not that we have a problem with civily-handled disagreements and criticism of these subjects, provided they are handled in an anti-inflammatory manner. But sometimes we need a break from it all, and there are plenty of other outlets on the net if you feel the need to bash Joxer and/or bash subtext. Discussions might get a little naughty at times, and the occaisionaly silly fan-fic may be posted.To join this modest group, or for For more information,

Joxer-luvs-ares [English] [For People Over 17] [restricted]
This list about the romantic relationship of Xena/Hercules' Joxer the Mighty & Ares God of war. Almost anything is welcome : Slash Fanfic JPEG s Wav s Links An introduction & age statement would be welcome

Joxerotica [English] [For People Over 17]
This is an erotica fiction and spicy discussion list conceived and created by the two list goddesses, Ellie and Marti. In the words of our favorite pasta strainer donning hero: "You may bow." ;) We created this list as a means for Joxer enthusiasts, who want to *see* more of the guy, to discuss and share fiction of a Jox-erotica nature. We also thought it would be fun to widen the topic, as long as one of Ted's characters is present let nothing hold you back. This list is subtext friendly, slash friendly <"which one of these is not like the other...">, or just erotic. So, if you aren't over eighteen PLEASE DO NOT SUBSCRIBE. The list goddesses assume that your subsciption to this list is a confirmation that you meet the age requirement. This list is about Ted's characters, not the man himself. If you have any questions, comments, or problems please e-mail Marti or Ellie.

Juliuscaesar [English] [For People Over 13]
A mailing list for fans of Caesar, Julius Caesar from Xena and Hercules. Also for fans of Cupid and Karl Urban. Join to discuss anything and everything. Fanfic is allowed and encouraged!

KindredSpiritLodge [English] [For People Over 17]
An adult mailing list for the Kindred Spirit Lodge sisterhood. The list is for discussion of Xena, bdsm, personal stories, and related areas; roleplaying; and posting fan fiction. All Lodgers are asked to post at least once every four weeks. Members who are consistently silent for longer periods will be asked to find lodging elsewhere.

ksares [English] [For People Over 17]
For fan fiction and discussion about Ares and characters played by Kevin Smith.

Ksmithares [English] [For People Over 17] This list is now defunct
This mailing list is dedicated to fanfic and discussion involving characters played by Kevin Smith (Ares and Iphicles on XWP and HTLJ.) Anything goes--except flaming. Be forewarned: the material generated by this list is mostly erotic in nature: we're slash (m/m) AND het (m/f) friendly here. Therefore you must be 18 or over to subscribe. This is a high-volume list. For more information, or contact (see banner below)

LesbianXenites [English] [For People Over 17]
A site for lesbians and _suporters_ who wish to talk about Xena: Warrior Princess and the whole subtext issue. Fan Fic can be posted as well as poetry.

Lunacy-Reports [English] [For People Over 17] [announce]
The Lunacy Fan Fiction Report features reviews of new Xena: Warrior Princess fan fiction available over the Web and includes fanfic related announcements. It is published on an irregular basis every 2-3 days. For more information,

MedievalTavern [English] [For People Over 17]
Welcome to The Tavern! Our message list is very unique in the Xenaverse in that we are open to ALL discussions about the TV show, Xena: Warrior Princess. We are not only subtext-friendly, we are Joxer-friendly as well. Any topic or episode is up for discussion here! We are a warm and friendly bunch of people who are united in our love for the show. We also welcome fans of Hercules and Young Hercules to the list. All we ask is that you come to the Tavern with an open mind. We also welcome fan fiction on the list. If you like to write about XWP, we would love to read it. For more information, contact us at: Hope to see you at the Tavern!! For more information,

Scififantasies [English] [For People Over 17] [restricted]
Discussions and/or lust over our favorite characters (male or female) from Sci/Fi or Fantasy shows (Quantum Leap, Star Trek, Highlander, Xena, Hercules, Babylon 5, etc). Since most conversation will be of adult nature NO ONE UNDER 18 PLEASE. Also, fan fiction is welcome, just include ratings on it. For more information,

SinTradeInn [English] [For People Over 21]
An Adult Xena BD/SM group dedicated to producing wonderful role plays set in the world of the Warrior Princess and her bard. Members are fans of the series and acknowledge the BD/SM subtext that exists in the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle. Posting and discussion of Fan Fiction, original stories and poetry are also encouraged. Please be aware that this is a dark list, and you will find some rough material here, including nonconsensual fiction and fantasies of force. Primarily, this is a list for lesbians, but people of all identities are welcome.

slash_update [English] [For People Over 17]
This list is for people over 18 because of the nature of the list. Well, don't you hate it when you visit a Slash Fan Fiction page daily to see if it has been updated? Well the purpose of this mailing list is to tell/be told when a site, be it a personal page or a archive, is updated. Only Slash or Slash related sites updates are allowed. If you have just added a story or link to your page, you can tell this list. If you have a archive, tell the list that more stories have been added. Also, if you have a favourite author, you can tell the list when their page is updated. Found a new author who writes Slash fan fiction, tell the list! It's that simple! Join Now!

slashing [English] [For People Over 17]
This list is for people who like reading and writing slash in any fandom. You must be 18 or older to join this list. All fiction posted, unless stated otherwise, will automatically be archived at The Complete Kingdom of Slash. We welcome *any* Fandom - the archive has over 65 - as well as original m/m or f/f fiction, and discussion about stories or slash is welcome. This list is for anyone who would like to have their slash stories archived at the Complete Kingdom of Slash, and for readers who want to read the stories frist hand before they are archived.

Strife_lust [English] [For People Over 17] [restricted]
"Strife: The Other White Meat!!" This list is for all the Strife lovers of the world. If you like pale squishy things that guest on Xena and Hercules, this is the list for you. It's mainly to spark more Strife fanfic, but it's also for just all-around Strife lust. We welcome any Xena/Herc fanfic, but the main purpose of this list is to bow down to the God of Mischief. Slash and Het fanfic welcome! For more information,

Subtext_in_xena [English] [For People Over 21] [restricted]
This will be a list dedicated primarily to the issue of subtext in Xena: Warrior Princess. The list is open to women and men, gay, hetero, and bi. This list welcomes everyone as long as they are genuinely interested in the subtext and enjoy it. The welcome is genuine: This is not a list in which anyone will be made to feel uncomfortable; hetero, gay, or bi, female or male, everyone who enjoys the subtext and wants to talk about it, about fanfic, alt. fanfic, about the show in general, is welcome. One rule: No flaming and lots of tolerance. Trolls and other troublemakers aren't welcome. A webpage is in the process of being written for the members of the list. In the meantime, if you want to know more, send me email. If you already know about the list and want to subscribe right away, click on the name of the list. I'll be notified and you'll receive a welcome message shortly. The welcome message will contain the rules of the list--not many, and mostly common sense, but please be sure to read them--and other information. I hope you decide to join, we've been up for six months, and it's a fun list; great discussion, friendly people, and wonderful fan fiction. We have a good number of people--enough to keep it interesting, but not so many that it becomes impersonal. See you soon! :) For more information e-mail

Tristaine [English] [For People Over 18]
For readers of the TRISTAINE series, by Cate Culpepper.

Wwbg [English] [For People Over 17] [restricted]
Welcome to, Women Who Boldly Go! This is a writers and readers alternative fanfiction mailing list honoring women loving women ranging from the Startrek universe, Xena Warrior Princess universe as well as other UBER fanfiction interests. UBER, in its general definition, represents character spin off's from popular television icons. And if that isn't enough, women can post their peotry, fiction or non-fiction journal works with the group. Here writers will be able to share their works-in-progress. Please note: This is a private women's list. You must be invited by a woman who is already subscribed to the list. If you have not been invited you will need to contact me privately at this email address: After I learn a little more about you, you will need to call me for final confirmation of your identity. : )

Warlordslair [English] [For People Over 17]
Discuss Xena fan fiction with other fans. Recommend works that you like. Leave messages for the bard's letting them know what you think. It's up to you. It's important to let the writers know you enjoy their efforts to sooth away the void when the show is in reruns. Bard T.Novan will be the listmaster and will respond to any mail directed to her. She can not guarantee that others will do the same. She will try to pass messages along. For more information e-mail

Xhbw [English] [For People Over 17]
The Xena & Hercules Bards' Workshop (XHBW) is a mailing list for fan-fiction writers working in the Xena, Hercules and Young Hercules fandoms. This list is open to all writers no matter WHAT type of fiction you write: gen fic, adult fic, alt fic, slash fic, etc. This list is not for posting of complete stories as much as it is to serve as a space for writers to talk about particular issues relevant to these fandoms. Need help with historical/mythological facts? Can't remember some pesky detail of the Xena canon or timeline? Need to find a beta-reader for your new Xena story or a good site to post it? Are you a new writer looking for constructive feedback and help before posting your story to the world at large? That's what we're here for! Stimulating debates & discussions encouraged, but NO FLAMING will be tolerated. This list is intended for adults only as discussion may include reference to material that is explicit in nature. For more information,

XWPfanfic [English] [For People Over 21] [moderated] [restricted]
Read any good fanfic lately? Or perhaps you've written some. XWPfanfic is a moderated, restricted mailing list devoted to all aspects of fan fiction related to Xena: Warrior Princess. It is a place for readers and writers of fan fiction to share ideas, opinions, and recommendations. Readers can post reviews of their favorite stories, and writers who want to post stories to be workshopped can do so. Bards and beta-readers can connect here. And writers who need help finding just one more synonym for "blue," or who wonder if cement was in use during Xena's timeline, can take their questions to the list as well. This list is subtext-friendly, uber-friendly, kink-friendly, and even Joxer-friendly (so long as he keeps his paws to himself). Pretty much any discussion related to the amazing body of fan fic that has sprung up around the show will be welcomed. Flames and destructive criticism will not. For more information e-mail

Xxxenalist [English] [For People Over 21] [restricted]
Discussion of Alternative Xena fiction for adults only. For more information e-mail

Xena_hercroundrobin [English] [For People Over 17]
This List is open to all fan fiction writers who would like to work on Round Robin fiction based on the TV Shows Xena:Warrior Princess and Hercules:The Legendary Journeys Please bear in mind that this list is unmoderated and unrestricted

XenaBondage [English] [For People Over 21] [restricted]
XenaDom's list is for all adult Xena fans into bondage S/M, D/s, leather and restraint fetishes, discipline, etc). The list is open to lesbian, bisexual and st8t fans of the show. Hopefully there will be good, open discussions about the show from a bondage/sexual aspect ('did you see the look Xena gave gabrielle when She said, "You don't want to make me mad now do you?') and also personal discussion by like-minded people on all aspects of the bondage lifestyle, which may even include consensual roleplay. The list is not really meant for non-Xena fans, and there might very well be a quiz :-) Also You absolutely MUST be 21 or over and have an open mind. Any questions? Email kpuppy before joining if you need more info at For more information,

Xenatales [English] [For People Over 21] [restricted]
This list is 'restricted' to writers/authors, be they amateur or professional, and enjoy the TV show Xena: Warrior Princess from a "Subtextual" point of view. Our purpose is to help each other improve our craft of writing, and to make new friends. For more details subscribe to receive more info. [NOTE: this list is subject to be 'closed' to new membership without notice, as we are attempting to keep it small and beneficial to all of the subscribers] Thank you. List Owner.

XenaverseFanFiction [English] [For People Over 13]
All Xenaverse fan fiction is welcome, as long as it stars Xena, Hercules, Gabrielle, Ares, Joxer, Iolaus, and Autolycus. If you have any stories with yourself as one of the main characters in the story that is welcome also. :)


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Mailing Lists on eGroups

NOTE: Once you've registered with eGroups, then you can sign up for all of the following mailing lists directly at their site (with the exception of lists that are restricted - you need permission from the moderator). I have listed all of the mailing lists that mention fan fiction, using the descriptions that are provided from eGroups.

ares-slash - Ares Slash [Restricted]
Slash fan fiction involving Ares, god of war, from Universal Studios' Hercules and Xena. Slash is male/male sexual/romantic situations and can be very graphic. If you like to write and read slash stories, if you like that stud, the god of war, join us. To subscribe, send a message to And the moderator's e-mail is

ares-hercules-xena - Ares-Hercules-Xena Fanfic
Fans and fanfiction writers of Ares, Hercules and Xena and all characters. May contain Het sex or slash. Must be over 21 to be a member. To subscribe, send a message to And the moderator's e-mail is

ares-fanfic - Ares Fanfiction
This is a list for fanfiction and discussion of the character Ares as depicted by Kevin Smith in the Xena/Hercules universe (owned by MCA-TV). To subscribe, send a message to And the moderator's e-mail is

Asphodel - Asphodel
This is an adult list for fans of Xena and Hercules' Hades. Fan fic is encouraged, whether slash or het. So if you don't like certain characters together please don't pay Charon to ferry you over. Anyone who lives in Asphodel is on topic and anyone can visit, although we're none too fond of the whining Persephone. (Though, Strife lovers, Iolaus fans, as long as they're dead...or visiting, they're On Topic too.)

axrs - Ares and Xena Romantics' Society
The Ares and Xena Romantics' Society is for fans of the love/hate relationship between the hunky God of War and the brassy Warrior Princess.

bards - New & unknown bards of the Xenaverse [Restricted]
This is a mailing list for Xena: Warrior Princess fan fiction writers who have just started writing, are unknown to the Xenaverse, or would just like to help others with ideas for their stories. You can join this list if you'd like to review more well-known bards' stories, give tips to beginners, or ask questions about the background of certain X:WP characters. In the future, we'll have chat sessions with 'famous' Xenaverse bards where you can ask them any questions you may have. The other members of the list can also become your beta testers as you write new and exciting stories. To subscribe, send an empty message to And the moderator's e-mail is

B_R_A_W_L - Beta Readers and Writers List
For both fan fiction writers and readers, novice and experienced alike. For those who are looking for Beta Readers, those who wish to do Beta Reading or those who want to talk with others who share the same interests. This is a place to exchange ideas about stories and characters, how to develop characters and ideas, new and old editing ideas and how they work. This list is for the exchange of story ideas, for brainstorming, for discussion and disagreement of what is expected of Beta Readers.

Flipside - Flipside
Fan fiction list for Alternative Universe (AU) Xena and Herc characters. The list is mostly for fic, but discussion is encouraged, so long as it's not too OT. All ratings/pairings allowed with appropriate warnings.

bard_tavern - Gabrielle's Story Scroll
This is a list where people can read and write stories. Hercules, Young Hercules, Xena etc... Feel free to write at anytime, there are no deadlines. Group Moderator:

gjerotica - Gabrielle & Joxer Adult Story List
This is the place to share NC-17, steamy adult fiction with other Gabrielle/Joxer bards. We love Gabrielle and Joxer, and we love 'em together!! You can visit our homesite at:

gjrs - Gabrielle & Joxer Romantics Society
The Gabrielle & Joxer Romantics Society is a forum for fans of the possible romantic relationship of the heroic bard and warrior wannabe. Although having taken much criticism from sub-texters, we've proved that we're a growing force to be reckoned with. Please visit the homesite of the GJRS:

jffg - The Joxer Fan-fic Guild
For bards captivated by Joxer the Mighty - this is a place they can bounce ideas of other bards and grow from the exchange! Types of stories? Anything involving Joxer!

karlsgirl - karlsgirl
A fan list for Karl Urban who plays Cupid on Hercules and Xena, and Caesar on Xena.

meeting_betas - Beta list
This list is a way of connecting Betas [fanfic editors] with Writers. On this list you can post what you require of a Beta or a Writer and hopefully you can find someone who meets them. It's kind of like the dating game. Also this list is SLASH friendly. Het is allowed but won't be expected.

xenabits - xenabits
If you're looking to have some hot sexy fun with Xena characters then this is the place for you. This list is for writers of short erotic xena tales, and when I say erotica, I mean EROTICA, not romance (though that has a place too). I also love stories with a sense of humour. People who are just starting to write are welcome here. Lurkers are tolerated, but I prefer people that post! Some of this will be very explicit stuff. This list will include alt, bondage, whatever you desire. It can be hetero, lesbian, fetish, as long as it has something to do with the show Xena: Warrior Princess. Keywords: Xena, Warrior Princess, Gabrielle, sex, erotica, xenerotica, erotic, explicit, add-ons, graphic, lesbian, bondage, obsession, writers, alt, fanfic, xenabits, fan fiction, authors, roleplaying, BDSM, sexy, Callisto, Joxer, Ares, Autolycus, creative writing, hardcore, softcore. Please, if you have anything to post, do so! I won't judge you! I don't bite! (well, not unless you LIKE that sorta thing...) By subscribing to this list, you are stating that you are over 19 years of age.

xenas_dark_side - xenas_dark_side
A place for fans of Xena, Hercules, or Buffy that enjoy the darker themes to the shows. Fan-fiction is welcome - actually, needed :) Any type of maturity. Just write it at the top so the young ones on the list can pull down the shades (joke!). Looking for some dark relationships-Xena/Ares, Xena/Caesar, Buffy/Angelus. We will be discussing adult themes so be warned. We're just gonna have some fun.. No flaming.

YoungHerculesSlash - Young Hercules Slash Fiction List
Demi-gods, Hunters, and Princes, oh my! Fallen for the charms and beauty of Young Hercules, Iolaus, and/or Jason? Think one of them have too? Discuss your favorite slash pairing or post your fanfic here. Be it subtext or outright man on man action, all Young Hercules fic is welcome.


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Role-Playing Mailing Lists


NOTE: Once you've registered with Onelist, then you can sign up for all of the following mailing lists directly through their site (with the exception of lists that are restricted - you need permission from the moderator). I have listed all of the mailing lists that mention fan fiction, using the descriptions that are provided from Onelist.

Adultxenarpg [English] [For People Over 18] [restricted]
This is a role playing game of a more adult nature. Come in, chose a character and join the story. It contains sexual content that is not appropriate for people under 18. You can fight battles, rescue or destroy villages, and play out steamy scenes with other characters. All sexual content is allowed, except beastiality and child porn. We allow same sex and straight sex. Hercules characters are also allowed.

Callisto Warlord [English] [For People Over 21] [restricted]
An Adult roleplaying game based on the belief Xena and Callisto belong together. Xena rides into town to stop Callisto but the towns people to save themselves, hand the Beautiful Warrior over to Callisto. When Callisto finally leaves, she leaves the shattered Woman something to remember her by, and a added surprise. Callisto has fallen in love with Xena, but is it too late? Has she gone too far? You as the players get to decide for yourselves. This is a subtext list, no flames allowed. Any complaints send them off list to Xena. Strong adult language and situations will be posted some explicit. No Children allowed. All Characters but Xena and Joxer are open. For more information e-mail

CreativeAction-rpg [English] [For People Over 17]
Greetings: Are you tired of being told how to play your character? Are you tired of lists that only want you to protray this show or that? Do you long to create your own character or write for your favorite character without having to check every word you type first? Would you mix and cross your favorite shows? Well then this is the place for you. Set in ancient times, you can play any role you want from any show as long as you remember your time line. Hercules, Xena, Highlander, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sinbad, Young Hercules, Robin Hood, Forever Knight, even a visit from Star Trek is possible. Pick a show, pick a character or create your own. All are welcome. This list is for adults only as it may contain adult content, violence, and content of a sexual nature, including het. and slash. All orginal characters, must have bio. Please run all bios by me first, or my co-moderator before posting to list. Send all questions and bios to or Now join in and lets have some fun!!

DearGabrielle [English] [For People Over 21]
This is a adult role playing list for all Xenites. This list is very subtext friendly, flaming is not allowed. I am Gabrielle, my co moderator is Xena. She will be with us later. Send any questions you may have, we'll answer all we can. A few friends and some enemies may pop up now and then, so be prepared! BATTLE ON! For more information e-mail

MyHercXenaRPG [English] [For People Over 13]
Hi, do you like the shows Xena and Hercules as much as I do? Then join this list dedicated to role playing. The scenrio, Xena, Gabrielle, Hercules, and Iolaus all decide to join forces to fight wrong. Along the way they encounter everything from villians like Ares to friends like Joxer. This RPG will be set before the Dahek stuff. The only character taken is Gabrielle. Please join! For more information e-mail

X-H_Alternate_Greece [English] [For People Over 17] [restricted]
A Xena Hercules rpg list that takes place in the alternate reality. Here Discord could be goddess of love or Joxer could be king of the gods. On this list no character can be played the way they are on the show, so Xena can't be our hero and Ares can't be the god of war. You are allowed three characters and made up characters are welcome. For more information e-mail

Xenarpg [English] [For People Over 21] [restricted]
An Adult Xena roleplay game based off Xena Warrior Princess. Adult language and Adult situations will be posted. Rape or attempted rape may be included. This is a subtext friendly list. No flames and no kiddie porn allowed. No Children allowed. There is no set game for this list, the Moderator will pick from any game suggestions offered by subscribers. Both Xena and Hercules Characters will be used on this list. We have a Xena, all other Characters available. E-mail off list to Moderators for Gabrielle, Callisto, Hercules & Iolaus Characters. All other characters can be requested through the list. For more information e-mail

XenasChakramrpg [English] [For People Over 21] [restricted]
Adult only lesbian friendly roleplay game based off Xena Warrior Princess. This list will have strong language, explicit sex of the fanfiction variety. And adult content including rape and or attempted rape. I have a Xena. Callisto and Gabrielle requests should be sent off list. All other characters are open, except Joxer and of course Ares. Made up Characters are welcome. No flames and no Kiddie porn allowed. For more information e-mail

XenaTheNewAdventures [English] [For People Over 13] [restricted]
This is a RPG mailing list. I will have to approve you. As soon as I approve you, I will need you to submit: 1 major character 2 minor characters. I am Xena, Autolycus, & Joxer. Either than those characters the rest are open and free for you to choose so join quick and get the character you want!! See ya soon!

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