Author: Ginger Q
Story Title: Honeymoon For One: Part One
Characters: Ares & f (Donna Clark)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Uber. A modern-day woman inadvertently awakens the God of War on her trip to Greece. Mary Sue.
This rating is for explicit m/f sex, moderate D/s, and non-consensual sex.

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This story contains graphic scenes with sexual content between two consenting adults (male/female). If you are offended by this, are under age or it is illegal where you live, please leave now.

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Honeymoon For One: Part One
By Ginger Q

I sighed looking out the small window of the airplane. Greece, I can't believe I'm actually here! A vacation my fiancée and I had planned over two years ago. This was supposed to be our honeymoon; only we never made it down the isle. We have been split now for - it's got to be thirteen months. I was upset at first, but have to admit, I really am glad we didn't go through with it. He wasn't right guy for me. He was too short and too small, and had a too big case of 'Little Man Syndrome.' He left me for some passive, petite little girl, one he could have control over. That was never the case with me, being too headstrong for him. I definitely was the one wearing the pants in that relationship. Although, he told me it was because I had put on too much weight for him. He would never admit that it was really because I made him look like a wimp! But, I had to agree I had put on a few ever since I started this job; with its' extremely long hours, mostly sitting at a desk. I just didn't have the time to exercise regularly any more. And eat healthy? Right, I'm lucky I have time to drive through the fast food place on the way to wherever.

I hadn't had a 'real' vacation since I started with this company back in 1996. Marriage or not! I would be damned if I would give up my first planned trip away from home since the last family vacation back in senior year of high school. Besides the tickets were non-refundable! I was hoping to bring along my best girl friend. She was planning to take my ex's ticket, but at the last minute, couldn't get the time off. So here I am, alone, but still excited.

Yes, Greece! I had always loved ancient history as a child. Went to every museum within driving distance. My family had a wonderful home library and mom had purchased some series of 'Time/Life' or 'National Geographic' books on ancient Rome and Greece and other Mesopotamian countries. I loved those books.

Now I'm stuck with the 'honeymoon suite' at the hotel for the next week. I am hoping to plan enough events and sight seeing tours to keep me busy during the day. I felt really stupid checking in. "Oh Mrs. Ross, we have been expecting you. When should we expect Mr. Ross?" The clerk spoke politely.

"Unfortunately, my husband will not be able to join me this time, and the travel agent said that we could not change our reservations"

"Oh, so sorry to hear that, well enjoy the champagne anyway." She handed me a key and the bellboy showed me the way to my new home for the next 6 nights and 7 days!


Of course, the room was exquisite and very romantic, with all the special little touches any newlywed couple would enjoy. It made me a little sad. So I put away my things, freshened up and decided to venture into Greece.

Day One: Early Evening

I decided to go for a walk. The scenery was beautiful. The hotel sat on the outskirts of a town that had more lake than land. I walked and walked along the shoreline when I came upon something that looked like an extra large gazebo-like patio. It was circular in shape, with eight carved pillars and a pointed white stone roof that seemed to barely balance on the pillars. I was unusually drawn inside the circle. I don't know why. I didn't even notice the barriers that had been placed around to keep people out, walking right through them. The sun had just set, going over the horizon on the far side of the lake. You could tell it would be a beautiful evening. The clear night sky, with all the stars aglow, covered the town like a warm blanket.

I went to sit on a tall piece of broken white rock. Looks like it used to be something before it began to crumble apart. A table maybe, I wasn't sure. I leaned my butt against it to test its support for weight, and then fully sat upon it. I could hear the crickets chirping, it was so peaceful, so breathtaking, so romantic. Sensual visions began playing across my mind, like previews clips run before the feature movie. I reached down between my legs and rubbed myself over my clothes. I had the biggest urge to rip them from my body, wanting to feel the wind's caress against my naked skin, but I hazily retained the thought that I was in a public place. The rock I was sitting on was just the right width to comfortably straddle, like you would a horse. I hiked the skirt of my dress up to my waist, flipped my leg over and slipped a hand past the elastic waistband of my cotton panties. I was so horny, caused, perhaps, by the influence of the romantic city. But I had no man, not even a prospect! Wanting to rid myself of frustration, my finger wildly flicked my sensitive clit, my pussy flooded with juices and more. I had finished menstruating the day before, but a little remaining blood mixed with hot stream leaving my body. With my eyes closed and my hand moving in a frenzy, I began to reach higher and higher. I threw back my head, letting the wind lightly blow my hair away from my face. My body senses were peeking, I could feel the material of my dress rubbing against my breasts, causing the nipples to harden. Moaning, I slightly opened my eyes to look out at the horizon where the moon was climbing up from the hill. A man was standing there, not too far away, watching. I could tell he was dressed entirely in black, as if a body like that could be hidden by the darkness of the night. His dark curly hair just reached his shoulders and his hips were moving in unison with my body's waves. I could feel his eyes on me. I didn't stop though. It excited me more to know I was being watched. I closed my eyes again, I was going to cum. Oh, oh, yes. YES! My body began to shudder and writhe on the rock, my fluids overflowing, soaking through my panties. My moans increased in volume. When I opened my eyes again - the man was gone. Quickly, I got up; I didn't see the large, bloody wet spot, where I had just been sitting. Reality rushed in as the heat flooded my cheeks. Who else could have seen me? What could have possibly overcome me like that, to act with such recklessness? Embarrassed, I practically ran all the way back to the hotel.

When I got up to my room, I removed my soaked underwear, tossing them on the closet floor and sat on the bed. I looked around at the large, empty suite. The room obviously echoed with history of new love. Catering to the pleasures of passionate lovers. There was a large mirror on the ceiling, strategically placed, of course. The loneliness was really beginning to hit me hard. I lay back on the bed and stared up in to the mirror. My ex's words about being too fat rushed in and clobbered me - "Who would want to be with a fat pig anyway?" I told the image staring back. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea taking this trip alone, this honeymoon for one. I turned over and buried my head in the pillow and cried my eyes out. I would have given anything for a little male attention. I needed to feel desirable again, to feel like a woman again. A knock came at the door.

"Just a minute" I managed to get out between my heavy sobs. I rose and walked to the door, wiping my eyes with the back of my hands, leaving black marks from my mascara. I'm sure I looked like hell, but didn't really care at the moment.

"Who is it?"

"Delivery, ma'am."

I opened the door and nearly died. It was him! The man who had watched me from the field. Even though I had not been able to see his face, there was no mistaking that fantastic silhouette of his. He was holding a large bouquet of fragrant lilies and orchids that sported lovely shades of purples and pinks and white.

"You? What do you want?"

He said he wanted to apologize for intruding on my privacy earlier. "Here, these are for you." He pushed the large bouquet towards me.

I took them asking, "How did you know where I was staying?"

"This is the only hotel close enough to the temple's offering circle that you could walk to?"

"Temple?" I suddenly felt extremely shameful, thinking I had disrespected a holy place with my earlier actions.

"Yes, you were in the offering area for the temple of Ares, the God of War, one of the twelve Greek Gods,"

"Oh?" I'm sure my cheeks were beat red. I couldn't help but notice how good looking this man was. Good looking - Hell, that was an understatement! He was down right gorgeous with that muscular body, sexy dark eyes. The smile he flashed me almost made my knees turn to jelly.

"Thank you for these, they're lovely!" I thought I should put them in water. I asked him in and told him to have a seat while I took care of the flowers. I walked to the sink to fill a vase.

"How did you know that this was my room?" The handsome man was sitting on a velvet love seat in the room's faux 'living room' watching me fill the vase. I couldn't keep my eyes off him.

When he didn't answer I asked again "You're awfully bold to go knocking on a stranger's door with flowers and apologizes. What if my husband had answered the door? This is the honeymoon suite, ya know?

"I knew your husband wouldn't answer. You're not married."

"How do you know?"

"Because, if you had just been married, your new husband would be doing the same things to you, in here, that you were doing alone, out there."

Got me there! I had been facing the mirror over the sink while we had this conversation when I caught my own eye. "Shit!" I said under my breath. I had total raccoon eyes. I excused my self and went into the bathroom to fix my face. "Oh, God. I can't believe that a huge hunk of man is sitting in my living room and he brought me flowers. And I look like THIS? Classic, Donna, classic!" scolding myself. I hurried to slap on some cover-up and went back out.

"Are you ready now?" he asked.

"For what?" He gave me a sexy, seductive smile. Oh sure, I was ready - for anything he wanted me to do. No problem. Softly he responded "Dinner, dancing, a night out on the town!" he put out his hand for me to take. I reached for it. He had extremely soft skin.

". . .but I don't even know your name. . . "

"I am . . . (he paused) . . my friends call me 'War'" He saw that I had a questionable look on my face, so he continued, "it's short for 'Warren'"

He didn't really look much like a Warren to me. "I'm Donna, nice too meet you"

I couldn't believe this was happening. It was like I created him out of my own dreams. He was perfect, everywhere, totally gorgeous! He could have been a Greek God (if there were really such a thing.) I wondered if I hadn't perhaps fallen asleep - and this was just a great dream!!

Day One: Late Evening

We moved out on to the patio area of the restaurant. He popped open a bottle of champagne and pored us each a glass. The moon was hovering over the still lake, reflecting just enough soft light to make the atmosphere very romantic.

"Let's make a toast," he said, holding up his crystal flute. I clumsily lifted mine as well. Not being a heavy drinker, and all ready having a before dinner cocktail and three glasses of wine with dinner, I was now feeling the effects of the alcohol.

"To . . . you! May all your dreams come true and grant you happiness!" Our glasses kissed, splashing some of the bubbly out on to my fingers as they clanked. He quickly caught my wrist with his free hand. Putting his own glass down, he then took my glass. Pulling my hand to his lips, he proceeded to lick the champagne from each finger. My heart was beating heavily. The hot feeling in my gut ignited again and passion burned through my entire body, faster than it ever had before. I couldn't say a word, mesmerized by the vision of his tongue swirling around the tips of my fingers. When he was done, he gently placed my hand back around the glass and smiled. I looked away from him, feeling intimidated - shy even. I didn't know what to do, how to respond. I am sure he wouldn't of thought me to be coy about it; especially since he had seen me pleasing myself in public that day. Thank God he spoke, the silence was a little uncomfortable.

"Well, it's getting late. I should probably get you back to the hotel now. Waiter, check please!" He took care of the bill, stood and pulled out my chair, being a perfect gentleman. He reached for my hand as we walked the shoreline back to the hotel; finally releasing it we arrived at my door.

"I hope you had a good time, Donna! I know I sure enjoyed your company" He was softly caressing my check with his hand. Smiling, I nodded in agreement. "Would you mind if I kissed you goodnight?"

What - you have to ask? I thought. "I would like that - Yes!"

He took a step closer to me and slipped one arm around my waist. With the other hand he brushed the hair from around my eyes so he could capture them without obstruction. I could feel the heat radiating from his body as his full lips moved to press against mine. He smells so good! As if in slow motion, he traces the outline of my mouth with his tongue. He stopped and pulled back just enough to look in my eyes again. When he saw approval in them, he quickly returned to my mouth, kissing more passionately this time, pressing harder now. I heard myself sigh as he parted my lips with his tongue. Not wanting to be intrusive, he hovered, just inside, waiting for me to meet his tongue with my own. I did, of course, as passion flooded my body. I closed my eyes and melted in his arms.

He could have made a move on me then. Instead, after a few minutes, he pulled away. Eyes still closed, I allowed my head to slowly roll around so it leaned back. I took a deep breath and opened my eyes. He touched my face again.

"I better let you get some sleep now." He kissed my cheek as he released his arm from my waist. "Goodnight, Donna"

"Goodnight . . . and thank you"

He was about to leave when he stopped "Donna, I know Greece better than any of those hotel tour guides. Would you like me to take you on a tour of my homeland tomorrow?"

My face lit up. "Sure - I'd love it!"

"Good, I'll be here at 8 am. We can have breakfast first."

"I'll be ready!"

"O.K. See you then" and he turned and walked down the hall. I watched him until he disappeared around the corner. What a great ass! I hurried inside to quickly get to sleep. Anxious for morning to come so I could see him again.


Ares, God of War, materialized in the honeymoon suite, remaining invisible. He stood there, just watching Donna sleeping peacefully. He anticipated his consumption of her, of what he needed from her. He relished in his wicked desire, for it was her blood on his offering altar that had awakened him from centuries of hollow sleep. All of the Greek Gods had been long forgotten. But her blood brought new life in to his soul again. She was now his possession, belonging to him alone. And he wanted nothing, if not everything of her.

He waved his arm over her whispering "Dream now, only of me. Dream only of me and of the pleasures I will bring to you." Donna stirred restlessly. He had taken her dreams back to the offering altar to retrace her steps once more. Only this time, he would do much more than just watch. He closed his eyes and slowly entered her dream.

Day Two: Morning

I awoke early and jumped up, eager to start the day. I was terribly excited about seeing War today. Unable to get him out of my head, I envisioned him as I disrobed for my shower. God, what a wild dream I had last night! I remember being back in the offering circle again, where I first had seen him. Only in my dream, he didn't just stand there watching. He approached me, kissing me feverishly, finally making passionate, passionate love to me. I had never known anything like it before. The desire he invoked in me was still tingling in my soul this morning. I wanted to explore it more, but it was 7:15 and he would be here soon.

With my body senses heightened, my usual washing routine was arousing me. The feeling of my wet, soapy hands sliding over my body, my breasts, my legs, inside my thighs. "Donna, snap out of it. What has gotten in to you lately" I told myself. But it was useless. I just couldn't seem to keep my mind out of the gutter lately. I was so incredibly horny though. I wanted sex - bad. I wanted sex with War - bad. All I knew was that I had better get myself together or I was sure to make a fool of myself.

I was just reaching for my tennis shoes when I heard a knock at the door. For one second, my heart froze in anticipation. I opened the door and there he was, looking good enough to eat! He was dressed in a short sleeve, white, button up shirt and a pair of black athletic shorts. In his hand, he held a single perfect lavender rose. He was smiling brightly.

"Good morning," he greeted me, holding out the rose.

"Morning." I reached to take the rose and our hands touched. I tried to hide my desire for him by quickly turning, saying that I just needed to put on my shoes and we could go. I didn't want to be alone with him in my room. The way I was feeling today, I was afraid I wouldn't last five minutes before I'd be all over him.

"No rush. I have already arranged for our breakfast. Room service will be here shortly." Oh no! "I hope you don't mind. The view is so beautiful from your balcony, I thought you would enjoy eating under the morning sun." He turned his bottom lip inward, slightly biting down on it. Those full lips of his, surrounded by that sexy beard, looked so kissable.

Another knock came. "Room service." War let the man in and instructed him to set up the breakfast on the patio. I began to feel lightheaded and needed to sit down. What is happening to me? Uncontrollable emotions were bombarding me; I could barely contain my lust for him. When the bellhop had finished, War escorted him back to the door, handing him a couple of bills along the way. "Thank you, sir!" The door closed.

War strolled over to where I was sitting "Hungry?" he had a sparkle in his voice. Each step he took closer to me caused me to feel more and more intoxicated. I was beginning to think I would have to end this day before it even got started. I looked up at him. His expression turned to concern.

"Are you all right, Donna?"

"I'm just feeling a bit dizzy, that's all. I'm sure I'll be fine in a minute or two."

I sat further back into the sofa, closed my eyes and rubbed my temples with both hands.

"No, you're not feeling well, are you?" He sat down next to me. I tried to inconspicuously put more space between us by shifting my position. "Here, let me see if you're running a fever." He put the back of his hand to my cheek first, then to my forehead, noticing how I tensed up as he touched me. "Nope, no fever. Well, maybe a massage will help. Let me rub your shoulders."

Before I could object, he slid his body between the back of the couch and my left side, forcing my body to turn away from him. Again, flinching at his touch as he reached for my shoulder. Slowly, he tenderized my tight muscles with magic fingers. Heat pulsed from the tips of them, melting away mounds of stress that lie beneath the skin. Slowly moving up the right side of my neck, over to the left side and back down the shoulder. Lightly grabbing my arms, he pulled me towards his chest, so I would lean on him. He continued to rub my arms with downward strokes.

"Feeling better?"

"Only like I'm in heaven!" I sighed.

"Goooood." The way he spoke, dragging out the word, it was so sexy.

I felt him moving the hair around my neck, exposing an area of bare skin to put his lips on. He lightly kissed up my neck to my lobes, teasing me by quickly flicking his tongue in and out of my ear.

It tickled! And my body responded by closing my head to my shoulder. He took my chin and turned my face to his, staring into my eyes. I hid nothing from him at that moment, wanting him to be able to read my soul, to see my desire for him burning within it. I kept turning my body to face him, and rested my head in his lap, never breaking our glance. He lowered his head and his wet lips found mine. He was gentle at first, but quickly escalated with feverish urgency. There was nothing I could do. I was his now. And I liked it that way! He moved so his body was parallel with mine, partially covering me. Again his mouth to mine, hungrily searching it, probing in and around with his fiery tongue. I couldn't take much more before I thought I'd explode.

I felt his hand on my stomach moving across to my breast. He squeezed my nipple through the clothing causing it to become hard instantly. A soft moan escaped from me when he paused his kissing to breathe. I have never felt like this before, never this intensity.

Suddenly, his face changed. He moved his entire body atop mine and slid his massive arms around me. Hugging me tightly, trying to get a physically close as possible. He looked like a child, who was quite pleased with himself for getting a gold star at school.

"Woman, you are so sexy!" it surprised him to hear me snickering under my breath. He popped his head up. "What? I'm serious."

"Sexy, ya right!"

"Yes, sexy, to me. I like a buxom woman with shape. I am a big man, and you and I fit perfectly together" He tried to kiss me again, but I couldn't wipe the silly grin from my face, amused by his words. He popped his head up again.

"You don't believe me, huh? You will! I'll prove it!" I knew he was serious. His voice got low and there was lust in his eyes. I couldn't wait for him to kiss me again. I impatiently grabbed his cheeks and pulled his mouth to me, meeting him half way there. Eventually, my head came to rest on the cushions again. His hands resumed the examination of my breasts, only this time; he went up under my shirt to touch the bare flesh. I shuttered and stretched my arms out to caress his chest. He stopped my hands before reaching him.

"No, no, only one of us at a time. And I started first, so sorry!" He pinned my hands above my head and kissed me again before rolling over me and off the couch. Standing above me, looking down with those hypnotic dark brown eyes of his, he whispers:

"I am taking you to bed now, Donna." All I could do was nod. He effortlessly swept me from the sofa and carried me to the bed, gently setting me down. "Take off your shirt for me please" looking at me as if my beauty stunned him. I blushed.

"Only if you do first," a smile sneaking from the corners of my mouth. He didn't hesitate and it was gone. Oh my. So I grabbed the bottom of my shirt and pulled it over my head. Reaching behind my back, I unlatched my bra. He quietly gasped and held in his breath, as my ample bosom poured out of their confines. He sighed heavily. I watched as his eyes moved from my chest to my face to my chest again. Before I could blink, I was lying beneath him. The bare skin of our chests touching. I pushed up into him, enjoying the feel of his thick hair on my tender skin. As he claimed my mouth in heated passion, I slipped my arms around his neck, running my fingers through his dark curls. I heard him sigh deep in his throat as I touched him.

He moved between my breasts, his hand finding one, and his mouth the other. His huge hand had completely cupped it, massaging it gently, while his tongue swirled round the nipple of the other, until he found the tip and lightly nipped and sucked it. I just lay motionless, giving him full control.

After awhile his lips descended to my navel. His hands grabbed hold of each side of my pants and pulled. I lifted my butt from the bed so he could slip past it, taking my undies and socks along as well.

I felt vulnerable, as I lay totally naked before him. He didn't speak; he just continued to keep me spellbound with his eyes as he removed his own shorts. I was too nervous to look at what he had to offer. Perhaps a little scared too.

Quickly, he covered my body with his again, his face to mine. I could feel the hardness of his manhood pressing against my bare skin. It excited me so.

Then he kissed me in a way he hadn't before. It melted away any inhibitions I may have had, and left me feeling totally at ease, trusting him completely. Again moving down my body with little kisses, this time only briefly stopping at my breasts, he burned a path down to my nether lips, kissing all around them but never touching them. The kisses had stopped. I looked down at him. He was studying my wet mound as he took a finger and traced just inside the shape.

"Ow, you're so wet Donna!" I could see him smiling, but he didn't look up at me. He was obviously enjoying the sight of his fingers playing "hide and seek" far too much. I rested my head again just as he began to kiss me some more, but using more tongue. After an eternity, he moved his tongue over the length of my clitoris, spreading it as wide as possible by pressing down hard against me, barely moving at a crawl. I moaned, so he did it again and then looked at me.

"Do you like that?"

"Oohh, y y y es," my voice broken but sensual.

"So do I," he said as he fully buried his face between my legs. Licking, sucking, flicking with his tongue, his fingers found my tight opening. Sliding two of them in and out and in, until my hips began to thrust with his fingers rhythm. Building up the speed until I couldn't keep from moaning in pleasure, he fiercely attacked my sensitive nub with fervor, determined to bring out the onset of pleasure beyond my wildest dreams.

I screamed, my body wildly moving beneath him uncontrollably. He made no indication of stopping, himself becoming aroused by my cries of euphoria. Who are you to have such control over me? After igniting my passion within once again, he stopped, looking seriously into my eyes.

"I am going to have you now" he said in a 'matter of factly' sort of way. "Ready?" But he didn't wait for an answer. He thrust his engorged shaft between my legs to the depths of my heart. I was shocked at the sharp but pleasurable feeling he brought me as his cock forcibly stretched its way inside.

"Oh Donna," he whispered, as his movements became faster. We kissed passionately, our tongues entwined hungrily. Sweat building on his forehead.

He suddenly stopped. Moving quickly to stand at the foot of the bed, he grabbed my legs and slid me down so my butt was at the edge of the mattress. He pushed my knees outward, to spread my legs further and re-entered, able to reach even deeper now. He licked his thumb and placed it over my clit, moving it in unison with his thrusting hips. My own hips now moving as well, I felt my pussy muscles convulse around his large cock, drawing him further and further inside.

"Cum for me, Donna, I want to watch you cum for me," saying as his thrusts turned into pounds - reaching as far inside as he could. With his thumb mercilessly flicking away, he took me to a new height of sensuality, completely powerless in his awesome presence. He watched as the feelings overflowed from me, causing passion, agony and relief to appear together on my face.

Smugly he whispers, "Yes, give me everything you've got. I want all of you." And he could no longer hold back. Yelling out my name, he came heavily, his body shaking as he did. He collapsed on top of me, exhausted, but his lips found mine, kissing me as if I was the only thing he ever knew. I lay contently, wrapped within the protection of his strong arms and drifted off to sleep. I think he did too.


Ares, God of War, was sweating. He had shot his seed deep within her, knowing that no matter what her mind would tell her, her body would never be able to resist his touch... He felt stronger now. She had giving him her passion, her soul and he hungrily devoured it. He only was using her to bring him back to full force. He touched her sleeping face but quickly pushed away the fondness he felt for this mortal. The God of War doesn't get emotional. Still, he knew he would crush her in the end. Oh, well. There are many mortals, but there is only one Ares, God of War.

Hearing his name invoked a coldness inside of him. He contemplated thoughts of telling her the truth about him. About who he really was. He thought she might get off again knowing she had just fucked a real God! He sure did! Thought he performed rather well for not having any in seven or eight hundred years. No, now is not the time. I may scare her away, like she could really hide from me! He chuckled to himself.

Day Two: Afternoon

I woke up in War's arms a couple of hours later. He looked so sweet sleeping, so I carefully got out of bed, not to wake him and headed for the shower again. My mind going over and over the mornings' occurrences. God, he is really hot in bed. I must get some MORE! It had been over a year since I had been with a man. Well, since my ex and I had split and we really didn't do it that often either. It had been so long, I guess I could have fallen in to the "born again virgin" category. I was tight and he was big and it hurt so good! O.K. that's it! You had better be ready for me War!

After I dried off, I put on this pink teddy I had brought with me (just in case!) and perfumed and painted myself, feeling rather good about it. War was still asleep. So I slid under the sheet from the bottom of the bed and found his hard (?) pecker. He gets hard while asleep? Not excited, HARD! What luck! I put the head in-between my soft lips and circled the tip with my tongue. I heard a faint moan on the other side of the sheet. I couldn't help but giggle a bit. So I continued to run my tongue down the length of his shaft and back up again (giggle - giggle), until I fully took what would fit and slurped it in as far as I could... I felt the sheet moving. Oh oh, my cover is blown, pun intended! (giggle). I didn't look at him; instead I pretended that I didn't even notice that the sheet was gone.

"Aphrodite? Is that you?" sounding slightly out of it.

What did he just call me? I stopped, but not before pausing at the loose skin on the back of the head. I am always so noisy when I do this.

"Aphrodite? I guess that could be a compliment. I've been told I was good, but never have been called 'the Goddess of Love' before!" I was still giggling a bit. I swear he looked surprised, like he was expecting it to be someone else. After seeing that look on his face, I quickly got up and headed for the bathroom. This sure wasn't the response I was hoping to get. And even though it upset me, I didn't want to cop an attitude with him.

From the bathroom, I loudly asked, "I thought you were going to take me sightseeing today? If that's still the plan, we should probably get going soon. It almost noon!"

Yes, my feelings were hurt, I will admit. But what right did I have to that? I mean, come on, I met the guy yesterday. I don't know where he came from, or what he does, or even if he's married. I never thought about that. What I did know is that I get a feeling around him that I don't get around anyone else. He sparks something so far down inside me - I can't really explain it. Just a look from him in my direction makes my body respond with uncontrollable lust for him. I don't understand why these feelings about him are so strong. There have been other men before that I've have desired immensely. They had made me so hot that I was a raging animal with them in bed. But War, he's different. It's scary in a way, yet, also very intriguing.

"What are you doing?" he was standing in the door of the bathroom, naked, leaning against one side.

"Well, I'm getting dressed, of course. I can't go out in public looking like this now, can I?" a hint of sarcasm was escaping through my tone of voice, even though I tried to keep it hidden.

"Well, maybe you can't go out in public, but you could come in here with me!" He grabbed my hand and pulled me into the other room while he walked backwards towards the bed. I watched the smirk grow across his face as he eyed me up and down, holding my arm up a bit, as to get a better look.

"You did this for me? And you smell so good, too!" he reached the bed and sat down, leaving me standing there before him. "Turn around, let me see."

I did as asked, reluctantly, still not comfortable with the situation. I guess he must have picked up on that.

"I am sorry, Donna. I hope I didn't offend you earlier. I was still half asleep. And I'm not used to being awakened like that. Not that I didn't like it . . ." he grabbed my hand again and pulled me to him. In seconds, my hurt feeling disappeared as his kisses told me how much he wanted me right now. I slipped my arms around his neck and sat on his lap, straddling my legs around him. Suddenly, he flipped me over and was on top of me, his hard shaft pressing against the dainty pink lace panties I had on. His mouth coming down hard against mine in heated desire. His tongue felt so wild as it went from my lips to my ear and across my throat leaving a fiery trail behind. I was losing control again. Ready to let him take over and dictate what would happen next. Wait a minute! It's my turn. Just as he went to push his massive cock around the elastic of my pink undies to enter me, I backed away from him, and sat up. He almost looked mad, but I think he was just stunned.

"What's wrong, Donna? I told you I was sorry!" his voice sounding urgent. He was standing next to the bed now, holding his hard manhood and looking confused.

"Remember earlier? You said only one at a time. So sorry, War, but I started first this time!" He narrowed his eyes and tilted his head sideways a bit.

"Hey! It's your rule," I said as I swung my head around to lie under his cock. I reached up and took it in my hand, stroking it slowly. That sexy, wicked smile of his was back now, bigger than ever.

"I have to say . . . you have a lot of guts, girl. It's quite refreshing!" his hips were moving in small circles now. I took his cock and lightly slapped it on my cheeks and across my mouth, just allowing my tongue to barely touch his skin.

"Oh, ya, I like that! Play rough with me baby!" He seemed to know exactly what to do to turn me on full blast.

For the next half hour, I sucked and licked and rammed his huge hard cock down my throat as far as I could, disappointed I couldn't completely swallow it altogether.

While he talked his nasty little talk to me, it caused me to become wilder that I ever knew possible. Eventually, causing me to demand that he fuck me now, and fuck me hard. But I made him promise to let me suck him off just before he came. I wanted to make sure I directed it all over my body and face. That is the most erotic feeling, really sensuous!

He's turning me into a sex monster. And I loved it! You should have seen his face when I pulled away from him as he started to get off, showering my breasts, neck and face with his creamy hot seed. God it was good! And he was diggin' it just as much as I was.

"You nasty little girl!" he said as he pulled me to his mouth. Claiming my lips intentionally, his hand roamed freely over my body. "Your sexual appetite is insatiable!" grinning largely.

"What's wrong, can't handle it?" I teased.

"Are you kidding? I'm the only man for the job, my dear!" and we started all over again.

We never did make it out sight seeing. But around four o'clock we thought we should get something to eat (besides each other!). We showered together, dressed, and left the room in search of someplace fun and lively to spend the evening. We ate a light supper at a Greek restaurant's version of 'Souplantion' and found a fun looking bar on the water's edge, not too far from the hotel.

The God of War had to step back for a moment to think about his plan. He felt that he did not have a tight enough hold on Donna's psyche. She was extremely spirited, and it seemed that his seduction of her was having the opposite affect. It gave her more life and vitality, rather than drain her of it. Although he was still getting stronger, it was taking longer than he had expected. He needed more. But he also knew, when it came to him and the sex, she was already giving him everything she had and more. She was an open book. Unable to hide any part of her emotions from him. He just wasn't sure if it was because of his spell over her, or her own free will.

It had been such a long time since he intermingled with mortals; maybe he forgot something important about how to control them, possess them? Or were they just becoming more and more advanced as time passed. Perhaps that's why all the Gods were forgotten now. They were no longer needed - the mortals could take care of their own. Ares started to get angry - or frustrated at his analysis of humanity. He was more determined than ever to rule over all of them - and build himself a new Olympus. A New Empire. His Empire, and the entire world would be his subjects. His thoughts made his heart beat heavily.

Day Two: Early Evening

"War? Hey War - Hello, are you in there?"

He shook his head and looked at me, blankly.

"Boy, you sure were somewhere far away, huh dude? You could have at least told me you were leaving," I teased.

"Wh. .what? What are you talking about? I've haven't moved since we sat down here" snapping at me.

"Hey, don't get your panties in a ruffle! It's just a metaphoric saying. You've never heard anyone say that before? All I meant was that you looked deep in thought. Obviously, I was right, because it sure changed your mood!" becoming defensive.

I got up and walked over to the jukebox to see what they had to choose from. I wanted to hear something upbeat right now, since lover boy ticked me off by jumping down my throat. I fed the machine a few dollar bills and found the perfect 'theme song' for War and me. A big smiled developed as I picked a Rolling Stones tune. I punched in a few more selections and glanced over at the booth where War was paying the waitress for our drinks when the music started playing. I was still flipping through song titles, dancing in place when I felt his arms circle around me from behind.

"Your drink is here. Won't you come back to the table now? I'm awfully lonesome with you being so far away." His voice was low, speaking softly into my ear. I turned around to face him; his arms still around me. He was sticking out his bottom lip - pouting with an exaggerated 'oh - feel sorry for me' look in his eye. I couldn't help laughing! He looked so cute. I gave him a quick kiss on his luscious full lips.

"O.K. But only if you promise to have fun."

"I promise, I'll be a good boy."

I put my arms around his neck to hug him, and whispered to him "I like it better when you're a BAD boy!" and quickly poked my tongue in his ear. I released my hold and grabbed his hand, pulling him towards the booth.

The Stones tune was playing now. I was in front of him, playfully performing the words of the song to him. "I can't get no - satisfaction, but I tried, and I tried." It didn't take him long to jump in as he partnered me in my silly performance. We laughed, acting like teenagers. Having a great time together!

His eyes were revealing the child in him as he smiled and danced around with me.Will he ever stop surprising me like this? It was such a change from the syrupy seductiveness he was always wearing (I liked that too, though).

He seemed light-hearted and happy. I don't think he knew any of the songs that were playing, but he was faking it pretty good. I don't know, maybe he is into classical . . . or punk! Didn't matter. I was having the vacation of my life! And I knew it was mostly because of him!

A tall man with a receding hairline entered the lounge with some electronic equipment. He had on a pair a beige poly-blend pants and a shirt that looked like Jamaican Goodwill reject. He walked onto the small mock stage and began to set up his equipment.

"Oh look! I guess we're going to have some live entertainment."

"What was that, Don?" he had momentarily tuned out the rest of the world, completely taken in by the sound of Sade's sultry voice signing 'Ordinary Love'.

"I said 'live entertainment' - see?" I pointed to the man on the stage.

"What's he doing?" he asked. I could tell he was beginning to slip back into Sade's words. She was telling him she'd 'keep crying for you, keep trying for . . . I'm falling.'

I answered anyway, if only for the reason of hearing my own voice. "I'm not sure, I don't see a guitar or anything, just a couple of mics."

Thank God that song is over now or I was going to have to go kick Sade's little ass for stealing War's attention away from me.

War picked up his drink and curved a semi-grin from the corners of his mouth. He took a sip from the glass, gazing mischievously at me. Scooting closer to me, one of his hands disappeared underneath the table and found my leg. He gently squeezed my inner thigh and pushed his hand down farther between my legs. I looked at him, shaking my head and smiling.

"What are you doing?"

"Er, ah, my hand was cold." Giving me this innocent look.

"Only one hand?" I joked.

He set down his drink and looked as if he was going to put the other hand in the same place. Instead he reached for the far side of my waist, pulling me closer to him. He kissed my cheek.

"I like this. . music!"

The way he said it almost made me think that he had never heard any music before, of any kind. That was preposterous! Someone of his age, never hearing music. Age? I wonder how old he is.

"War? How old are you?" He had been watching the tall, funky dressed man with curiosity, but now quickly turned to look me in the eyes.

"What does it matter? I'm older than you, and that's all you need to know about it."

My question seemed to hit a nerve with him.

Boy! This guy has more mood swings than a woman with PMS. I snuggled up to him and whispered in his ear "I was just curious, because you are such a fantastic lover, ya know. Like you have had decades of experience, yet, you don't look much older then me." I backed away and with my head tilted downwards, I looked up at him through my eyelashes, raising my eyebrows. He took my chin in his hand and lifted my face up to his.

"Try centuries!"

I smiled, knowing I was not going to get a real answer out of him. Like he said, what does it matter anyway? He laid a slow, sensuous kiss on my lips. One of the kind of kisses that cause my eyes to close and the world to disappear from around me, leaving just the two of us. I sighed when he stopped, my eyes slowly opening to the vision of his gorgeous face, with his neatly trimmed beard and dark, sexy eyes. Suddenly, I was startled by a loud sound, causing me to jump and widen my eyes. He laughed at me.

"Good evening folks. Howz everybody doing tonight?"

It was the man on stage. He apparently succeeded in connecting his gear and was conducting a sound check. "Testing, testing - one - two - three" When he was satisfied, he continued.

"O.K. people, it's KARAOKE time!" He flipped on a CD. The jukebox faded out as a music video began to appear on the various TV screens around the room. He started to sing a poor imitation of Elvis' 'Love Me Tender'. The waitress approached our table again.

"Another round?"

War nodded. I popped up "Where do I get a list of songs?"

"I'll bring one back when I deliver your drinks." War was looking at me questionably.

"I like to sing" I justified to him.

"Really?" He seemed amused.

This guy really sucks! I thought as the DJ began to sing a second song. 'Born To Be Wild'. I could tell War agreed. He looked at me by shifting his eyes my way, but kept his head faced forward. His brows were drawn together, causing his forehead to wrinkle.

"Want to go some place else?" he finally says, looking as if he could no longer handle the man's crooning anymore.

"Sure, I guess. But let me have a shot at it first." I picked out two songs and wrote them on the cards the waitress brought with the songbook. After one more torturous rendition of what usually was a good song, the DJ called me up.

"And now, our first performer of the evening. Let's give a big welcome to . . . DONNA"

Now the bar had about twice as many people than when we first arrived. The music started and I was rather nervous all of a sudden. OK here goes. My first song was 'The Rose'. I started to relax after the first verse. I knew I was a decent singer. I joined the chorus in high school and sung in the church choir. I even had a mini-karaoke setup back home. Soon, I forgot about the people in the bar, tuning everyone out, like War had done with the Sade song. I sang beautifully, and was rewarded by enthusiastic claps and whistles from the crowd. Now song #2. I had picked out an old ballad from my parents era.. I always loved that music. Those people were real musicians back then. It was called 'I've Got A Crush On You', a real sweet and charming love song. I sang it better than the first song. (more clapping and cheers). When I returned to the table, War had a pleasantly surprised look on his face.

"Wow! You're really good, Don! I mean REALLY!" then he leaned over to whisper something to me. "Will you sing to me in bed tonight?" I blushed. There were some people sitting close by who were pointing at me and talking. War proudly put his arm around me, letting everyone know that I was there with him. Another lady was singing now. At least she was better than the host, who was walking up to our table.

"Excuse me. You are a really good singer. Care to do a few more?"

I started to shake my head no when War interjected.

"She is good, huh? Sure she'll sing some more, won't you honey?"

"Ya sure, I guess so"

"That's great cause I'm really terrible. But I needed a job and this is better than nothing." The DJ said. "Here are some more tickets to fill out."

So, on and off for the next few hours, I sang a variety of songs ranging from pop to soft rock to oldies, and of course my favorite big band tunes that were either swinging or love ballads. I had way too much to drink and the words on the TV were getting blurry. Good thing I know all the words by heart.

Around 9:00 pm, I told War that I wanted to go back to the hotel. The alcohol was making me hot and horny, or maybe it was the way that War was looking so desirably at me.

"Come on, baby! I want to go and play your instrument. The one that makes my body sing!" and I laid a big wet kiss on his full pink lips. It was starting to become more than just a kiss.

"Let's get out of here." He grabbed my hand and we headed for the door. You could hear some people calling after me 'Goodbye'. 'You were great!' 'Night Donna'. When we were outside, he stopped and pulled me into his arms.

"You seem to have made a few fans in there. I'm not surprised, with a voice like yours." He pulled me tighter to him, "but I'm your biggest fan. The only one you need" and his hot mouth covered mine in a possessive claim, sparked by the mild jealously I had heard in his voice. It made me feel good that he wanted me that much.

Becoming extremely aroused by his lustful kisses and the sensation of his cock growing harder as it pressed against me, I told him we had better hurry and get back while my legs could still support me. By the way he was kissing me, they would surely turn to rubber at any moment.

Then his strong arms swooped me from the ground and he carried me until we reached the entry of the hotel, kissing me the entire time. Desire had taken us both over and as soon as we were in my room, I ripped my cloths off. Then I turned to him to help with his. We never made it to the bed; he took me without hesitation, right there on the floor, immediately ramming his stiff cock into my wet pussy until I was screaming in ecstasy. It was really hot sex. Rolling all over the floor, utilizing the furniture, whispering dirty things in my ear, driving me absolutely wild with lust and raw desire. We even were getting a little rough at one point.

When we were both spent, I looked at his sweaty face and cried "GOD, are you ever GOOD!" He didn't say anything, he just looked proud. He must have carried me to the bed, because I didn't remember getting in myself.


Ares was sitting on the sofa of the hotel room. Donna had fallen asleep on the floor, so he had picked her up and tucked her into bed. She was wild tonight! He felt twice as regenerated as the last time. He smiled as he watched her breathe - in and out. This has got to be the strongest mortal he had ever come across. All of the mortals whose lives he had previously touched, especially the women, would have been whimpering fools by now. Crying for either his attention or his mercy. Not this one! He thought, perhaps she could be a part of his new empire. He would have to wait and see. Because, as much as he denied it, as much as he tried not to, he really liked her. She was beautiful, smart, fun, spirited and the best lay he could remember having with a mortal in a long time.

Feeling more alive now, he focused on planning the next steps to take in the proclamation of his New World. He would probably need to call on an ally or two. He thought about Discord or Strife, maybe one of the other Gods. He smiled as Aphrodite came to mind and then remembered how upset Donna had gotten with him earlier. He liked the feeling he got when she was mad at him. It turned him on in a sinister way. 'I bet she can get really hot under the collar if provoked enough. I bet she's stubborn and uncontrollably passionate. But she's pretty good at keeping her emotions in check, I have to admit, she's got a lot of self-control. That's so unusual for a woman. Maybe I will have some fun tomorrow when I take her around Greece. Yes, it will make for an interesting day.'

He had completely drifted from his thoughts of planning the world's demise, distracted by this simple girl who was asleep in front of him.. He was determined to control her, since she seemed to be one who wouldn't let herself be controlled by anyone. 'We'll just see about that!' He loved a good challenge.

He stood, walked to the bed and touched her face. After turning off the lights, he joined her in bed, closely snuggling up to her naked body. With his arms wrapped around her, he kissed her cheek lightly, sighed and drifted off to sleep himself.

Day Three: Morning

I awoke from War covering my face with light little kisses.

"Good morning, beautiful!" he said softly "I had room service bring up some coffee. Want me to pour you some?"

I smiled and slipped my arms around his neck. "You're much better tasting than Java, Baby! Why don't you give me some more of that sugar instead?"

He kissed me again, more deliberately now. Before I knew it, we were making love again. Not having sex, like the night before, but sweet, wonderful, gentle lovemaking. When we both were sated, I turned on my side and faced him, rubbing my hand over his masculine chest. He looked at me. That's when I saw something frightening. I turned away quickly.

"Don't look at me that way!" upset, my voice was stern.

"What Don, what do you mean?" he touched my shoulder to turn me back towards him. "Don't look at you what way?"

I stared him deep in the eyes; my brows pulled together, my face serious.

"Like that - all mushy and lovey! You're gonna ruin it all, please don't do it. Don't ruin it!"

He was confused now; he didn't know what I was talking about. I continued.

"Don't go looking at me with that flicker of love in your eyes. You'll wreck all the fun we're having. I have to go home in FOUR days and I don't want to be packing a broken heart when I do leave. And if you start with those feelings, I'll jump on your train, forgetting the consequences. Then my time with you will end, and all I'll have left to remember you by are shattered pieces of my heart."

"You mean you don't already love me? Donna . . ."

"Yes, and NO! I don't know. But it doesn't matter. Even if I do, as long as I know that you don't feel that way, then I won't allow myself to fall. We can just be good friends that have great sex. It's perfectly fine with me. That way I can look back on these memories and smile and feel good about them, instead of regretting them cause they only cause me pain. You understand?"

"You are able to control your emotions at will?"

"Yes, most of the time - with the exception of a couple. Anger and lust."

"Love too?"

"No, because love is a choice, not an emotion... You can pick and choose whom you wish to share it with. Lust, on the other hand, is uncontrollable. It knows no bounds, no race, and no gender. It is simply raw animalistic desire; pure physical attraction. It's not even close to love, although people mix the two of them up constantly."

"Are you trying to tell me that you are choosing not to love me, Don?" he spoke as if someone just ran over his dog.

"Love you? War, I hardly know you. Why are we even talking about this? I mean, look at you! You're a fucking knock out. I bet you have dozens of women hanging around you constantly. You could have any woman you want."

"And what if I want you?"

I got up out of the bed and went to the closet to find something to put on. "If you are trying to get out of taking me around Greece today, it's working. I'm fine with booking one of those tour busses offered by the hotel." I headed for the bathroom.

"Oh come on, Donna! I'm not trying to get out of anything! Are you going to take a shower?" he raised his eyebrows up and down twice, trying to be cute, but I wasn't buying it.

"Yes - alone please. I just need to clear my head. OK?" He didn't answer. "OK?" I repeated.

"Whatever you want." He went to pour himself a cup of coffee as I entered the bathroom, closing the door behind me.


Ares was furious now. He saw an opportunity to push Donna's buttons, and he tried; only to find that she could cause the circuits to short out before he got the response he wanted from her. Another backfire! If he had to deal with many more of these defeats, he would surely lose his temper with her. It really ticked him off that he couldn't arouse the smallest argument from her. He was the God of War, the master of conflict. This was not good. He thought about storming the bathroom and brutally taking her, having his way with her in the shower. And only because she wanted to be alone for a few minutes. But Ares heard it as if she didn't want be with him right now. "Ok, Donna. I'll let you slide . .. . this time. But just you wait, my dear."

The God of War was beginning to feel like his old self again. He breathed in deeply through his nose, causing his large chest to become fuller. His mind was already planning something else. Something she wouldn't like. He smiled wickedly.

Day Three: Noon

War had spent the better part of the last half an hour trying to convince me to choose another place to go. To his objection, we had just arrived at one of the largest museums outside of Athens. I had insisted on going, wanting to visit at least one museum on this once in a lifetime trip to Greece. But unless we wanted to spend two or more hours driving to Athens, this was the closest one to the hotel.

It was located in a building on the campus of a university. The museum also doubled as an aid for students who were studying the history of ancient Greece. There were many authentic artifacts at this museum that you would not normally see at one of larger cities museums. That's because these artifacts were either damaged and unattractive or too boring to put out for display to attract tourists. There were also numerous ancient scrolls being translated by one of the university's professors. Professor Nijjan was a well-known historian who specialized in linguistics. When he wasn't teaching a class or giving a lecture, you could find him in the museum, trying to decipher some text. The professor was also the museum curator.

War and I went on the 30 minute guided tour offered by a school volunteer.. I found everything to be quite interesting. War, on the other hand, looked more interested in soda machine and microwave oven in the cafeteria. He insisted that there were other better places he could show me, but I wanted to stay for a while longer. I had been talking with the student guide, asking her lots of questions. I was shocked to find out that the school only started using computers to aid in their research four years ago. They looked to have an extensive amount of data here. I was curious how they categorized everything.

"Have all of the items been computer catalogued?"

"Yes, Professor Nijjan's staff just recently finished doing that not more than two or three months ago, complete with numerous cross-references for detailed data base searches.

"Oh really?"

"Yes, that was the main reason we got the computers to begin with, so the students would have a way to research projects and papers."

"Are these resources available to non-students, as well?"

"You can always access our web site, but let my show you where the student study hall is!"

I looked around for War. He was still sitting at one of the tables in the cafeteria. Now he had a candy bar and a cup of coffee.

I asked the guide to wait a moment and I popped my head in to tell War where I was going to be. He asked how much longer I would be. I wasn't sure. Poor guy, this was not his idea of a fun afternoon. He said he wanted to go take care of some personal business since we were in town and wondered if I minded.. He would pick me up in an hour.

"No problem. That's fine with me!" I threw him the keys to my rental car and turned to join the girl who was waiting for me. She brought me to the student's hall where there were a couple dozen desks set up with computers.> She told me to pick any chair and go for it. A few other people were doing some research. I asked if any of the professor's staff might be available for a question of two.

"I'm sorry, none of the staff is here right now, but Professor Nijjan is right there." She pointed one of the desks. Sitting there was a middle-aged man, wearing a white smock and wire-framed glasses. His clean-shaven face and bright blue eyes made him somewhat attractive. He looked up briefly when he heard his name spoken, but quickly returned his thoughts back to the scroll he had.

"Thank you, you've been very helpful." I told the girl, who turned to leave.

I picked the desk directly behind the professor, turned on the computer and began clicking away. Back home, I am in charge of cataloging my company's entire inventory on computer. It's part of our 'Internet Sales' program which I had a big part of instigating two and a half years ago. I was always interested in how other companies or groups have utilized today's technology in organizing data or inventory for the World Wide Web. This was a double treat to me, since I also enjoyed ancient history.

"Oh my! Oh my! Well, I would have never thought . . ." the professor was talking to himself. "Who would have figured Ares would be destined to become the new King?"

What? What was he talking about? He obviously had discovered some new information from the scroll he was working on. I couldn't help myself, I had to ask.

"Ares? King? King of the Gods?" I asked. The professor turned to me.

"Yes! This particular scroll's writings are the predictions of an old prophet. He foretells the future of the 12 Gods of Olympus. We have only discovered four scrolls so far. This one is the last in his series of predictions. It is about the God of War, Ares." He finally looked up from the scroll to see whom he was talking to. "I haven't seen you here before. Are you a new student?"

"No, sir. I am just a tourist."

"Really? We rarely see a tourist in the study hall. Come to think of it, we don't see many tourists at the museum either. Not with so many other museums sporting all the priceless relics. Why are you here?" <>"Actually, I was curious to see how you had entered all of the historical information that has been gathered over the years. I do something similar for my job in the States."

"You work for a museum? Which one?"

"Oh no, I don't work at a museum. But my company is getting into Internet sales"

I proceeded to give him a brief summary of what I did. " . . . but ancient history has always been a hobby of mine, especially Greek, Egyptian, and Roman history. I find it all very fascinating!" I could see the excitement in the professor's eyes at his new discovery.

"So, what is all this about Ares becoming the King, now?"

His eyes widened as he began to tell me the prophet's story. "Apparently, according to the scroll, one of the Gods accidentally kills Zeus. The entire Olympian world begins an era of chaos. Without the King to keep justice, the rest of the Gods become wild. There were murders and the stealing of powers. The entire city was destroyed. Eventually, the Gods either ended up too weak, unable to aid humanity, or too powerful and full of themselves to care for the mortals. The people who worshiped them were beginning to diminish rapidly. And without worship, no God can survive. Over time, they all were forgotten and fell into a state of eternal sleep."

"So, wouldn't have Ares fallen asleep too?"

"Yes! But this is the amazing part. Sometime in the future, just shy of a thousand years after their fall, a mortal woman awakens the great God of War. He appears to her as a human, and seduces her, taking parts of her soul each time he does. He needs her soul to become strong again. He plans to take over the world once he is fully restored. Only now, it is a different world. He cannot take it over by the brutal forces of war, the only way he has known. He has to begin again, to learn about this new world and capture it in a different way. He uses the woman to help teach him, unaware that . . . the scroll is damaged, I can't make it out. Ok skip that part. Then the prophet continues to say that there are many trials the God must endure before coming to the understanding of his feelings. He nearly loses . . . shoot! The text is damaged here too . . .(he picks it up again where it is legible) . . . this new age, she does not respond to his demands too quickly. She is stubborn which is one of the things he loves in her. Then something happens and she leaves him. He becomes heartless and eventually gains a worldly position through deception, but . . . Oh darn!"

"What's wrong professor?"

"I cannot read the last part of the scroll. It has been too badly damaged."

"Well, it certainly paints an interesting picture. What is the timeline for these events?"

"I believe it to be somewhere close to the year 2000. So, if this were to be true, then it should be happening sometime in the very near future, if it has not already come to pass."

"Professor, may I ask you a silly question?" he looked up at me again. "Do you really believe that the Greek Gods were real?"

"Well, I have never seen anything to prove that they did or did not exist, yet most of the old beliefs that the Greeks had, stemmed from their belief in these Gods. They relied on them for prosperity. So spiritually speaking, I would say yes, because so many people did believe, therefore making them tangible in a way."

"That story about Ares, quite intriguing. Are there other writings that coordinate this story?"

"Well, let's see." he turned back to the computer and started up a search engine. "Ok, staff. Let's see how good of a job you've done." He was speaking to himself, just out load.

"Search for Ares, Greek God of War. More specifically - future predictions. Ok, you bolt bucket, do your stuff. It will probably take a minute or two before it spits out an answer. So you say you're from the States, what part?"

We continued with some small talk while the computer did its search. A couple minutes later it was done.

"Hey, we've got, a least, half a dozen other references here! Let's see what this one says." He opened a file listed from the search and browsed through it. "Not much detail here. This writing only states that the people believe that Ares will become King. Apparently, he had the largest number of worshipers just before they disappeared, other than his sister, Aphrodite."

"The Goddess of Love?" Gee, where have I heard that name before?

"Yes, but she always did have a large number of worshipers. Lets go on to the next reference. Here, this entry has been labeled as a piece in our item research section. That means we can view it! It's in the south wing. That's what we call the 'war wing.'"

Speaking of war, I wonder where he is? It had been just over an hour since he left. "The war wing?"

"We call it that because it houses most things related to the God of War. Lots of war paintings and writing of the same. Would you like to go see? We could check out this item."

"Sure! Let's go." I already forgot that War was supposed to be back at any time. We left the hall and headed for the south wing.

The professor was genuinely excited to have a captive audience that shared his interests. I guess he must not get out too often. We arrived at the entry to the wing and the professor unlocked the door, holding it open for me.

"I thought you said it was viewable."

"It is, but not publicly yet. In this part of the museum, we store things that are still being researched and/or cataloged. Eventually they will be moved to the main display area."

"Wow, I feel special, getting a sneak peek before the rest of the world."

The professor laughed. I guess he had seen these things so many times before that they didn't seem awesome to him any more. He started searching for the item the computer referenced. I began to walk along the walls, checking out the pictures and display cases.

Then I saw something I couldn't believe. It was War, well, not really, but it could have been. Supposedly, it was a depiction of Ares on a chariot, heading into a war. This Ares and my War looked very similar. It made me wonder if perhaps the Gods were real. And War could possibly be a descendant of Ares. I couldn't pull myself away from the picture. I'm not sure how much time passed when I heard the professor speaking to me.

"Look, I found it!" His voice seemed to break my trance. I walked over to where he was now sitting at a table, with another scroll spawned out before him.

"This one has more detail concerning his resurrection back into our world. It says a young female, one who had already been chosen long ago, will come upon one of Ares temples unknowingly. Somehow she ends up on the altar and leaves behind the blood of her feminine soul, which, in turn, awakens the great God."

"The blood of her feminine soul? What does that mean?"

"I'm not really sure. Apparently, the God watches her from a distance, and follows her to a lover's nest, where he begins his seduction of her, taking a piece of her soul to make him stronger. It speaks of a lusting spell he uses. Once he touches her, she is unable to resist his advances on her. Even if her words say 'no', her body will betray her. This goes on daily for a period of seven days. That's all it says."

"I don't know professor, it sounds like these folks were dipping into the ambrosia a little too much." We both laughed. He returned the scroll from where he got it.

"What had you so interested over there?"

"Just a picture of Ares. He looks so much like a friend of mine."

"Someone back in the States?"

"No, someone I met . . ." A slight dizziness came over me and I thought I was going to faint. Professor Nijjan caught my arm.

"Are you alright?" he was ushering me over to a chair. Once I was seated, he went to get me a glass of water from the sparkletts cooler in the hall. By the time he returned with it, the dizziness was gone.

"Thank you, professor" I took the water from him and drank it. "I apologize. I just got a little lightheaded. I'm fine now, really."

"You had me worried there for a moment. Can you walk?"

"Oh yes. Really, it's over now. I guess I had better make an appointment with my doctor when I return, though. This is the second dizzy spell I've had since I arrived in Greece. Do you think it could be jet lag?"

"Possibly, but you should probably go see your doctor like you said, just in case."

We headed back to the study hall and I watched the professor resume his research on the computer. He was unable to acquire any additional information to pertaining to the story of Ares resurrection. After reviewing the last file from the search, he turned to me again.

"Are you here alone today?"

"I arrived with a friend, but he wasn't really into the museum thing, so he went to take care of some errands. He is supposed to be back to pick me up."

"What time? The museum closes in half an hour." That's when I noticed it was starting to get dark outside. Just then, War walked through the door. It was almost like he was waiting for me to call on him and then he magically appeared.

"Oh Donna, I am so sorry I'm late. I hope you're not too upset with me."

"Don't sweat it, babe. The teach here has been keeping me entertained in your absence." The closer War came to me, the more I wanted to kiss him. That lightheaded feeling started to return again. I looked over to the professor, wanting to bid him thanks and farewell. He appeared almost frozen and had a look of disbelief on his face, as he stared at War.

"Professor? Professor!"

"Huh, huh, oh yes, I'm sorry. What is it?" His stunned face was slowing turning blank as he looked at me. I felt like he knew something. Something about War. Something he wasn't going to let on about knowing.

"I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful and informative afternoon. It has been a real pleasure meeting you, Professor Nijjan!"

"And you too . . . " realizing he had never asked my name.

"Donna. Donna Clark." We shook hands. I picked up my purse and walked to War, who was trying to hand me the car keys. I told him I felt he should drive, in case I had another one of those dizzy spells again. Honestly, I didn't want to drive because I didn't think I would be able to keep my hands off his sexy body, and cause us to crash. I was losing my self-control again. Why has this been happening to me so much lately? Probably because War is so damn hot, and he likes me, and I am only here for seven days . . . Naw. This guy is not a Greek God, he only looks like one!


Ares was beside himself with anger. He had figured she would be furious with him for not coming back when he said he would. Instead, she seemed caught up with the attention that no-good history teacher was giving her, not even noticing how much time had passed.

But Ares wasn't playing his little game to just to get a rise out of her. He had also hoped it would keep her attention diverted far enough away from the ancient text, foretelling of his return. He knew the text existed, he just didn't know where it would turn up. He had tried to talk her out of going to this museum, as he would try to keep her away from any of the museums in Greece. He knew she would find out soon enough, but he wanted to be fully restored first. He couldn't chance her disappearing on him. Even though it was likely he could seek her out wherever she might go, there was always that one chance in a million she could discover the perfect hiding place from him, and remain out of his reach. No, he could not allow that to happen. Not when he was so close to his destiny.

He didn't speak to Donna in the car on the way back. He could see the desire she had for him in her eyes, but he was too angry with her right now to think about sex. He was (unnecessarily) jealous of Professor Nijjan, not wanting her to be alone with any other man. He knew he was going to blow up at her if he said anything right now. He felt the blood pumping through his veins and his heart beat heavily. He would wait until they were back at the hotel, where he could get his hands on her, if necessary.

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