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If you would like to see an extensive listing of fan fiction sites, click on the Xena Online Resources banner below, and it will take you directly to their fan fiction links page. If you have or know of a site that you think that I should link to, or if I have linked to your site and you would like its description changed or corrected in some way, please e-mail Ashera.

Note: If you're wondering how I decide what sites go under the 'adult' category, I put them there if the site seems to contain predominantly adult fiction, rather than having some adult. Of course, if you don't agree with my decision, you can e-mail me. But enough babbling, on to the links!

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Xena and Hercules Adult Fan Fiction Sites

101 Aurellian Nights - See Pandorra's Vault: Uberotica

Aly's Ares and Iphicles Slash Various Ares and Iphicles m/m slash stories by Aly, including with each other. Brief summaries included. Url changed - AGAIN

Annals of the Conqueror Xena the Conqueror fan fic index and archive, all pretty much lesbian adult. Stories listed by author. (See banner below)

Apocryphion Adult male/male slash and het Xena and Hercules fic by Sue, with various pairings. Summaries are included.

Archaeobard's Den of Antiquity Lesbian Xena fan fic and Uber by Archaeobard. Summaries are included.

AresJoxerCupidStrife Official archive for the AresJoxerCupidStrife mailing list (see the mailing lists page). Hosts multiple authors and includes adult fic with the listed characters, mostly m/m slash but with some other pairings.

Ashera's Fan Fiction Small archive of my growing collection of Xena and Hercules fiction of all kinds, and my Star Trek: Voyager P/K slash. Summaries are included.

Asphodel - Adult Hercules & Xenaverse Fanfic Archive Official archive of the 'Asphodel' mailing list (see mailing lists page). Hades centred fan fiction by various authors, including het and slash adult. Summaries are included.

Athea's Slash Fanfic Page Has Hercules and Xena slash, and also Highlander, Johnny Quest, Professionals, Millennium and Sherlock Holmes slash. Home of the much loved Ares/Joxer 'War God' series. Also has some Hercules/Iolaus slash. Summaries are included.

The Auto-Erotica Archive Archive for the Auto-erotica mailing list (see mailing lists page) for stories concerning the characters played by Bruce Campbell. Slash and het fic listed by author and by title. Url changed

B L Miller's Site Lesbian Xena/Gabrielle and Uber by one of the best-loved bards in the Xenaverse. Author of 'The Western Chronicles' and 'Accidental Love'. Summaries are included. Url changed

B'Elanna Torres's Star Trek: Voyager & Xena: Warrior Princess Stories Page One general adult Xena story and various adult Voyager stories by B'Elanna Torres.

Balticbard's Fiction Lesbian and het adult, and general Xena fiction by Balticbard. Also including poems by Balticbard and Romy X.

The Black Rose: Sarina's Gothic Xena Page Archives a small amount of Xena fic by a few authors, and includes lesbian and het adult. Url changed

Blood Valor and Victory! Stories and links to Joxerotica stories. Included is a fairly extensive Joxer slash section.

CN Winters Xena Fan Fiction Adult lesbian fiction by CN Winters, consisting mainly of Xena/Gabrielle, but also Gabrielle/Callisto, Gabrielle/Ephiny, and some Uber fiction. Also includes her Subtext Report. Summaries are included. Site re-vamped

caesarkat's Home Page A couple of Ares slash stories by KitKat in the Ares section. Brief summaries are included.

Candace's Fugue Hercules and Xena adult m/m slash by Candace, featuring Autolycus/Hermes, Cupid/Hades, Caesar/Strife, and other Ares, Strife, Autolycus and Deimos adult slash. Summaries are included. Url changed

City of the Amazons Hercules, Iolaus and Ares fiction by various authors, including het and some slash adult.

Claire's Silver Slash Domain Male/male slash by Claire from several different fandoms, including Ares/Joxer, Mulder/Krycek (The X-Files), Jack/Daniel (Stargate: SG-1) and Apollo/Starbuck (Battlestar Galactica. Brief summaries are included.

The Collected Smut of Klancy7 Was previously listed as 'Klancy7 Fan Fiction.' Lesbian adult by Klancy7, who specializes in the kinkier side of fan fiction. Author of the Tristaine series (there is a Tristaine mailing list). Summaries are included. Url changed

Court of Slashqueen Previously listed as 'Kelly's (mostly) SlashFic Page.' Hercules slash including Ares/Strife, Strife/Joxer, Ares/Cupid, and many other pairings by Kelly. Also has a crossover series with The Vampire Chronicles. Summaries are included. This site is temporarily down for re-tooling Re-vamped, name change, and url change

Cupie Homepage Archive for the cupie mailing list (see mailing lists page). A few slash and het stories concerning the god Cupid. Stories listed by author.

D.S. Bauden's Xena Fan Fiction Xena fan fic by D.S. Bauden, all lesbian and adult, including Uber. Summaries are included.

Dana's Fiction Alcove Lesbian adult fan fiction by Dana Cory, including Xena, Buffy and original fic. Summaries are included.

Dark Angel's Den Lesbian Xena bdsm fan fiction, poetry, and themed pics.

Dharma Bum Incredibly funny Gab/Jox-shipper-friendly stories by Dharma Bum, including the winner for 'Best Comedic Story' in the 2000 Golden Quill Awards. Includes het adult and story summaries. Url changed

Dragon Moon Library Small archive of lesbian fiction by Lyssa, and a few other authors, with categories of Xena fiction, Amazon fiction, and Horror fiction, including lesbian adult. Summaries are included.

Dreamworker's Magazine Archive of Xena fan fiction, listed by author. Includes adult lesbian and general fic. Also has a few Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica, Beauty and the Beast, Highlander, The Professionals, The X Files, and Hercules stories.

EM Hamilton's Page Lesbian Xena/Gabrielle fic by EM Hamilton.

The Empress' Homage to Ares: Fanfiction A small collection of Ares related fan fiction and poetry, including het adult. Summaries are included.

Erin's House-O-Fanfic Hercules and Xena m/m slash by Erin. Summaries are included. This site has an awesome links page for Herc-Xena slash sites. Url changed

Fan-fic by Rickey Joxer het and slash adult by Rickey, including the 'Jett's Revenge' series. Summaries are included. Url changed

Fireheart's Den Ares fan page with fan fiction about Ares and other characters by Fireheart and a few other authors. Has general, lesbian, and slash adult. Stories listed by author.

Flipside Archive Official archive of the 'flipside' mailing list (see mailing lists page). Small collection of AU slash by a few authors. Summaries are included.

Foreva Xena Dedicated to Lucy and Renee, this is a really cool Xena site with just about everything. The fan fiction section has all kinds of lesbian and lesbian Uber stories by lots of bards. Stories are listed by author. (See banner below)

The GJErotica Archive Archive to the GJErotica mailing list (see mailing lists page) that not only has a collection of Gabrielle/Joxer adult fiction by various authors, but also includes Xena/Gabrielle/Joxer stories, and other combinations. You'll also find a challenges page, a very funny FAQ, and info on how to join the list. Summaries are included and stories listed by author and title. Url changed - AGAIN and re-vamped (See banner below)

GiffStein Productions The fiction page of atara and Ruth Gifford. There's Xena/Gabrielle fiction, Xena/Callisto, Gabrielle/Callisto, Hercules/Iolaus, Xena & Hercules, and other combos. There is also Star Trek fiction (including slash), and Sentinel slash by Debra Tabor. Summaries are included. Url changed

Haddaka's Home Page Ares/Joxer slash by Haddaka.

Hercfic List Archive Archive for the adult 'Hercfic' mailing list (see mailing lists page), consisting primarily of various Hercules slash. Listed in order of the dates that the stories were posted.

The Herculean Archives Hercules and Xena fan fiction by The Huntress and a few other authors, including het, slash, and lesbian. Summaries are included. Url changed - AGAIN

Herculean Slash An archive containing mostly Hercules/Iolaus slash, plus also Iolaus/Autolycus, and Iolaus/Various. Stories are listed by title and summaries are included.

Hercules After Dark Ronan's Adult Fan Fiction Archive. All the fiction is general adult. Most of it surrounds Hercules:TLJ, but some concerns X:WP characters. Stories are listed by title and summaries are included. Has a story challenge page, a beta-readers and editors list, and a 'what's new' section. (See banner below)

Iolausian Pervert's Club Small archive of Iolaus-centered adult fic, including slash and het. Stories listed by pairing, title and author. Summaries are included.

Ironican Temple Het adult by Melissa X in the 'Xena Chambers.'

Jen's Iphicles slash fiction site Was previously listed as 'Iphicles slash fiction site'. Iphicles fan fiction by Jen, mainly m/m slash, but with some het adult as well. Summaries are included. Url changed

Joe Anderson's Creative Stuff Xena, X-Files, and ST:Voyager fan fiction by Joseph Anderson. Includes het and lesbian adult. Summaries are included.

Joxer Luvs Ares An Archive for the fan fiction of the 'Joxer-Luvs-Ares' mailing list (see mailing lists page) that celebrates the love between Joxer and Ares. Ares/Joxer stories by various authors, listed by title, and summaries are included. Url changed

The Joxerotica Archives The official fiction archive site for the 'Joxerotica' mailing list (see mailing lists page). Has adult stories about different characters played by Ted Raimi (mostly Joxer), and has m/f, f/f, and lots of m/m. Stories listed by author, by title, and now by pairing. They are also currently selling copies of a Joxerotica fanzine. Summaries are included. Url changed - AGAIN (See banner below)

Juxian Tang's Slash/Yaoi M/m slash and yaoi site with a host of fandoms, including Highlander, X-Files, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Space: Above and Beyond, Farscape, Harsh Realm, Lexx, Stargate, Oz, Angel, Farewell My Concubine, Dune and Hercules and Xena, all fic by Juxian. Also has original fiction. Male abuse, BDSM and m/m rape abound. Stories include summaries.

Kerry's Korner Male/male slash by Kerry for Hercules and Kung Fu. Also has Alien Nation and Sime~Gen fan fiction. Summaries are included.

Kindred Spirit Lodge The archives of lesbian bdsm stories, romance, erotica, Xena Fan Fiction, and roleplays from the Kindred Spirit Lodge mailing list. The Lodge's Library contains a rich, adults-only archive of erotica produced by our members. These tales celebrate both playful sensuality and the darker realms of sexual expression. Stories listed alphabetically by author.

Kitkat's Slacker Slash Shack Slash and het by Kitkat, including Ares, Cupid, and Strife.

Ksares Archive The archive for the new Ares mailing list 'ksares' (see mailing lists page). Ares stories with a mix of het, slash and lesbian. Pretty much the same set-up as the KSA archive. Stories listed by author and summaries included. This site is still under construction.

The Ksmithares Archive (KSA) The archive for the adult 'ksmithares' mailing list (see mailing lists page). Stories are het and slash, and they are listed by author. There is also a list of volunteer beta readers, story challenges, and round robins. There are brief summaries. (See banner below) This archive will no longer be updated. Url changed - AGAIN

LB's Home Page Home of LB Anderson's fan fiction, and now an archive of Xena fan fic accepting submissions of all kinds (there are already a few authors up). Stories are in the 'Xena and Gabrielle Tales' section and are listed by author.

Lace Priest Xena Alternative Subtext Erotic Stories Collection of lesbian adult stories by Lace Priest.

The Less Than Legendary Journeys Hercules, Xena, and Young Hercules het and slashy adult fiction, and a PG-13 Hercules/Buffy crossover (When Hellmouths Collide). Has grammar and writing guides (including a Herc slash specific one), links, quote generator, and a picture gallery. Includes a cool 'Interpersonal Relationship' chart that explains the connections between all the fandom's characters that subtexters, slashers, and general fans alike can enjoy. (see banner below)

Lianne's Fiction Page Hercules and Xena slash by Lianne including Ares/Joxer, Ares/Cupid, Ares/Apollo, and Ares/Sovereign. Summaries are included. Url changed

Lisa Jain's Xenerotica Original X/G Stories & Poetry Lesbian adult fiction by Lisa Jain, plus a few stories by other authors, and a bunch of links.

Lorraine Marker's Slash Stories Xena, Hercules and Young Hercules m/m and f/f slash, and het adult by Lorraine. Brief summaries included. Url changed - AGAIN

lucath's New Xenaland Page Has some lesbian/mixed adult fiction and some photostories by lucath.

Luthien's Slash Fiction Xena and Hercules slash fiction by Luthien, including Ares/Iphicles and Ares/Joxer. Summaries are included.

Luxuria Adult male/male slash by Cici Rossi, including Ares/Hercules, Ares/Iphicles, Iphicles/Autolycus, Ares/Iphicles/Cupid and more. Summaries are included.

Merlin's Lair Male/male slash by Merlin for the Highlander, Buffy/Angel, The Fifth Horsemen and Xena and Hercules fandoms. Lots of Ares/Joxer and some Cupid/Strife, Ares/Cupid, Joxer/Strife, etc. Some brief summaries included.

Millefiori by MB Male/male slash and a bit of het by MB, including Joxer/Jett, Ares/Joxer, Strife/Jett, Aphrodite/Discord/Joxer and more less-than-common pairings. Summaries are included.

Mindscapes and Musings Adult male/male slash and het Xena and Hercules fic by Toridon. Summaries are included.

Minerva's Domain Lesbian uber adult fan fiction by Minerva, and now including the work of a few other authors. Summaries are included. Url changed

Miriam Heddy's Little Corner of the Universe Xena, X-Files, Sentinel, and ST:Voyager P/K slash by Miriam Heddy. Includes Ares/Joxer and Joxer/Autolycus slash. Url changed

The Moonlit Xena Reading Corner Lesbian fic, mostly adult, and a lot of Uber. Stories are separated into Uber, first time, romantic, warlord, crossover, Mel and Janice, and are listed by author. There is also a 'what's new' page. Summaries are included in the Uber section. Also has a subtext gallery. Url changed - AGAIN

Mythe's Lair Lesbian Xena and Uber fiction by Mythe. Summaries are included. Url changed

Nene's Living Library Beautiful archive of lesbian Uber and original fiction by Nene Adams/Bardwynna. Includes the 'Gaslight Novels', 'Kwaidan', 'The Phoenix Saga', 'Xenaverse Chamber of Horror', and the much loved 'Xenaverse Faery Tales'. Summaries are included.

The Nesting Place: Scorpio's Nest Previously listed as 'Scorpio's Slash'. Hercules and Xena male/male adult slash by Scorpio, including Ares/Joxer, Joxer/Strife, Strife/Cupid, and lots more. Also houses X-Men, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Sentinel, Highlander and ST:Voyager slash. Summaries are included. Url and name changed

Odysseys and Ecstasy Previously listed as 'Thamiris' Ares Slash'. Various m/m slash by Thamiris (over thirty stories), all exceptional, with a heavy emphasis on Ares. Also includes a cyber art gallery, a collection of essays, a fanfic survey, and a sexy grammar guide. Pairings for stories and summaries listed. (Make sure to check out Bruce Campbell's response to a letter from Thamiris about m/m slash in the essays section). Url changed - AGAIN

Ogami's Xena & Gabrielle Stories Xena/Gabrielle adult fiction by Ogami, and a few other authors with other pairings.

One In A Mil Xena Page Lesbian adult fiction by Ms Mil Toro. Mostly Xena/Gabrielle, but includes Xena/Callisto fiction. Summaries are included. Not only will the fan fic no longer be updated, the site is going to be re-constructed sans any Xena fic. Thankfully, Morgan's Adult Fiction Library will be continuing to host all of Mil's fic, and I will continue to host the few stories that are on this archive Url changed

Pandorra's Vault: Uberotica Links to lesbian Uber, and a unique collection, 101 Aurellian Nights. A young woman is abducted by an exotic alien and forced to share her erotic fantasies to save her life. So begins the ongoing anthology of erotic lesbian Uber fiction. Includes erotic art. Concept by Felioness. Editors are Katrina, Mary D., DM Redhawk and Felioness.

Pasha's Fan Fiction Obsessions An extension of the Fan-Fic.Com web site, with a selection of stories from several fandoms, including ST:Voyager, Angel, Buffy, Highlander, X-Files, and Xena. Lesbian and slash adult.

Pillow Talk Series A Gabrielle/Joxer NC-17 series by Xebbie. Site designed by Misty.

Rachel Hahn's Amazon Nation Was previously listed as 'Barderella's Xena Alt FanFic'. Small amount of het and lesbian adult fan fiction by Barderella and other authors. Barderella only chooses stories for her site that she finds exceptional. Summaries are included. Url and name changed

Redhawk's Realm Lesbian adult fiction, primarily Uber stories, listed by title. Mostly by Redhawk, but with a few other authors as well. Summaries are included. Url changed - AGAIN

The Righteous Cause of Strife Temple A site devoted to the Pale One and to furthering his worship across the Net. Has a fanfic archive, image archive, a convention page featuring places to see Joel Tobeck in the future, and links. The fan fic archive contains m/m slash, including Strife/Cupid and Strife/Autolycus. Stories listed by author, and summaries are included. Url changed AGAIN2 and re-vamped

Roo's Writings Male/male Hercules slash by Roo, including Ares/Iphicles, Hercules/Iphicles and Ares/Joxer. Summaries are included.

The Royal Court of Corinth An Iphicles (as played by Kevin Smith) fan fic archive, with lots of m/m slash and het adult by various authors, and with some non-explicit slashy and het works. Stories are listed by author and include summaries. Url changed

Rusalka's Realm Previously listed as 'Welcome to the Gutter'. Hercules adult m/m slash by Rusalka including Ares/Sovereign and Iolaus/Iphicles. Summaries are included. Url change - AGAIN 2

Scarlet Skies Pretty nifty looking Ares/Xena shipper site with fan fiction (including adult) by various authors, images/montages, a listing of the main characters on Xena, an episode guide, all kinds of xenamedia, and much more.

Section X Mostly adult lesbian by Katelin B. Includes a ST:VOY J/T story. Summaries are included.

Seduction The official archive of the Ares/Gabrielle mailing list (see mailing list page). Originally designed by Misty, the owner of the Jox/Gab site That Was Scary, this archive has recently changed management. A small amount of fiction, including adult. Summaries are included. Url changed

Shamenka's Slash Page Ares/Joxer slash and ST:Voyager Chakotay/Paris slash by Shamenka. Brief summaries are included. Url changed

Shegoddessulina's Hercules Slash Hercules m/m slash by Shegoddessulina including Hercules/Iolaus, Ares/Autolycus, Ares/Strife and more. Summaries are included.

sidewinder's page of slash fiction Previously listed as 'sidewinder's slash 'n trash shack'. Has A-Team, Babylon 5, SeaQuest, Brimstone, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, Hong Kong Cinema (especially Jackie Chan) and Xena/Hercules slash by sidewinder. Includes Joxer/Autolycus stories, Ares/Joxer stories, and a Xena/Gabby/Joxer round robin with other authors. Summaries are included. Url changed - AGAIN

The SinTrade Inn Official archive of the SinTradeInn mailing list (see mailing lists page). Adult lesbian Xena role plays, Uber and original fan fiction which acknowledges the BD/SM subtext that exists in the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle. Includes such authors as Klancy7, Dark Angel, alainis jhari and others. Brief summaries are included. Many of the stories originally hosted on Xenadom are also being added to this site. Url changed and site re-vamped

Summer Rain's Hercules Fan Fiction Hercules and Xena slash by Summer Rain consisting mainly of Hercules/Iolaus, but also includes Ares/Joxer, Iolaus/Joxer, and Iolaus/Sovereign slash.

Syrenslure Fan Fiction Features adult lesbian stories by Syren's lure. One story by Dark Angel. Also has fan fiction about Lois & Clark and Charmed. Summaries are included.

The Temple of Ares and Joxer - a.k.a. The A/J Index Ares/Joxer slash archive run by Erin. Stories are listed by author, by title, and summaries are included. This archive will no longer be updated This site has been closed

The Tenth Muse1 Fiction Fiction by The Tenth Muse1 for various fandoms, including Xena. All orientations in stories, but with lots of Xena/Gabrielle. Summaries are included.

Tiggster's XenaVerse Fan Fiction A large archive of mainly lesbian Xena/Gabrielle fic, including adult. Stories are separated into the categories of 'Xena/Gab', 'Dark Tales', 'Uber/Alt Tales', 'Joxer the Mighty' and 'Original Stories'. The site also hosts poetry. Will accept lesbian, het and slash submissions. Stories are listed by author. (See banner below)

u m b r a e Lesbian Xena/Gabrielle kink by Penumbra, including Uber. Summaries are included.

Valentin's Stories Male/male Hercules slash by Valentin, including Hercules/Iolaus, Sovereign/Iolaus, Ares/Iolaus, and Iolaus/Cupid. Also contains Highlander and Sentinel slash fiction.

The Valkyrie: Xena Subtext and Star Trek: Voyager Subtext Site A small archive of Xena lesbian stories (and one bi three-way) and ST: Voyager m/m slash and lesbian fic. Stories are listed by fandom. This site will no longer be updated.

VixenNet Lesbian adult fan fiction by Amazon including Xena/Gabrielle, Xena/Callisto, Xena/Gabrielle/Amarice, and more. Brief summaries are included.

Vyola's Corner Fiction by Vyola, mainly m/m slash, for The Sentinel, Highlander, Star Trek: Voyager, Xena and Hercules. Includes three Xena/Hercules slash stories, one Ares/Joxer, one Hercules/Iolaus, and the other Iolaus/Cupid. Summaries are included.

Welcome to the Nanoverse Uber lesbian fiction set in the realm of Nano Technology by Jules Mills. Re-vamped and url change

Wild, Slash by Narcissus Adult male/male slash by Narcissus, including Ares/Iphicles, Ares/Cupid, Cupid/Iphicles and more. Summaries are included.

A Work in Progress... Adult lesbian by Sharon Bowers. Also has original fiction, het, and X-Files Scully slash.

Xenaslaves' Fan Fiction Site Lesbian adult fic by Xenaslaves, including Xena/Gabrielle, and Xena/Gabrielle/Callisto. Summaries are included.

Zoe Rayne's Slash Fiction Index Previously listed as 'Dyevka's Ares/Joxer Fiction.' Various Hercules and Xena male/male slash by Zoe Rayne (formerly known as Dyevka), including a page for Ares/Joxer. Summaries are included. Has a doctored photo gallery for A/J. Also includes Due South, X-Files, The Professionals, and other slash. Url and name changed

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Xena and Hercules Fan Fiction Sites

8th's X:WP Alternative Fan Fiction Page Huge archive of lesbian Xena fiction and poetry, including adult, listed by author.

Adventures with Xena: Warrior Princess Lots of Uber fiction and some het adult by Ann Logan (wilma3). Summaries are included.

Altar of Ares Official archive of the Altar_of_Ares mailing list (see the mailing lists page). All kinds of het Ares fic, from G to NC-17. Stories listed by author.

Amphipolis Cafe Slick-looking Xena site with images, sounds, an episode guide and a growing fan fiction archive specializing in general fic, but also including some lesbian content and a few NC-17 stories. Stories are listed by 'Genre' and 'Focus', and are soon to be listed by title and author as well. There are also some story recommendations by the webmasters. Summaries are included.

Ares and Xena: Bonded For Eternity Ares and Xena shipper site with images, montages, episode guide and a fairly substantial fan fiction section. Stories are listed by author and include summaries. The fic on the site is non-adult.

Ares and Xena Writers' Club Xena/Ares shipper site with lists, essays, and reviews of fan fiction by Ares and Xena fans.

Ares Xena Romance Page Has Xena/Ares fan fiction by various authors, including adult. Listed by author with brief summaries.

AresXenaShippers Small amount of Xena/Ares fan fiction by various authors, including adult.

Autolycusfic Small archive of Autolycus fic by various authors, all general. Summaries are included.

The Bard's Corner A huge archive that is part of Mary Draganis' Xena Information Page. Stories are listed by author, and the site includes some of the best bards on the Net. There are also links to other fan fiction sites. Most of the fiction is lesbian, and there is lots of lesbian adult. A special page for Joxer fic was also added, Joxer Tales (See banner below) Url changed

Bards of the Xenaverse: XWP FIN & Post-FIN Fan Fiction Pretty much what the title says. A growing archive of fic dealing with the show's ending, including adult lesbian stuff. Stories listed by title and author.

baermer's Xena: Warrior Princess Fan Fiction Has lesbian and het fiction, including some adult alternative, and is home to Baermer's epic story, 'The Peloponnesian War.' Url changed

The Beach House Lesbian Uber/original fiction by Jules Kurre. Summaries are included.

The Bloody Sword Xena fan fiction of all kinds and fun parodies by Jade. Summaries are included. Url changed

The Bookcase Xena PG-rated fan fiction archived in the 'Xena' area, with lots of Gabrielle/Joxer fiction. Also includes the Golden Quill Awards, and stories for the seaQuest, X-Files, American Gothic and Stargate fandoms. Stories are listed by author and include summaries.

Born for War: Xena and Ares A Xena/Ares shipper site with lots of fan fiction, including a coupla adult fics. Stories listed by author and most include summaries.

Briar Tales A Xena/Ares shipper site with a small amount of G to PG rated fiction by Briar.

CCAmazon's Soulmates Page Iolaus and Gabrielle shipper site. Has Iolaus/Gabrielle fan fiction, and a forum.

Caer Llachlan - The Castle Keep Lesbian fiction by Llachlan, including adult, Uber, and original fiction. Summaries included.

Catherine M. Wilson's Xena Fan Fiction Lesbian fiction by Catherine M. Wilson, including some parodies.

Ceallach's Iolausian Page: The Writers Corner Hercules and Iolaus fan fiction by various authors, including PG and R rated het. Summaries are included. Url and name change

Ceryndip's Sanctuary: Fan Fiction A pretty big archive of Hercules and Iolaus fan fiction by various authors, including a few stories with slash and het adult content. Summaries are included.

Chakram-1's Xena:WP - Fan Fiction Index A searchable archive of lesbian fan fiction and poetry, including adult, listed by author. Url changed and Re-vamped

Clotho's Place Previously listed as 'Clotho's Tapestry'. Lesbian adult and het fan fic by LZClotho. Also ST: Voyager Janeway/Seven and original stories. Summaries are included. Url and name change

The Crysanium Slick and hip Xena site with a growing fan fiction library, hosting a bunch of bards and stories, predominantly lesbian. Stories listed by author.

de Bonheur's X:WP Alt. FanFic & Etudes Page Lesbian Xena fiction, poems, and artwork by de Bonheur, including adult. Re-vamped

Dreamcatching Original and Xena fiction by Lariel, both gen and lesbian, including collaborations with other authors - including Temora, Kamouraskan, Verrath and Archaeobard. Summaries are included.

Ella Quince's Altered Stories Lesbian fan fiction by Ella Quince, Mary Morgan, and Gilliland, including adult. Also includes Ella Quince's 'The Blue Quill,' a writing reference for Xenaverse bards, beta-readers and editors. Url changed

Elysium - Hercules: The Legendary Journeys Fan Fiction A good-sized archive of Hercules and Young Hercules fan fiction that includes PG-13 and adult works. Stories are listed by title, author and theme, and include lots of het and m/m slash. Summaries are included.

fanfictiongrit Xena/Gabrielle lesbian fan fic and Uber by Grit, including some adult. Summaries are included.

First Time Stories Collection of first time Xena/Gabrielle stories listed by author, title, and there is also a content search. Summaries are included. Url changed

Heart of Darkness Callisto Uber fiction by Robert Buckley. Includes adult het content.

Hudson Leick Fan Fiction Archive Previously listed as 'Callisto's Tales'. Part of the Hudson Leick Official Fan Club Web Site. Big archive that lists works by title, author and story type (short story, mini-novels, novels, poems, humor, alternative and Uber). Contains a few het and lesbian adult stories (4 lesbian stories total when I checked). Summaries are included. Url and name change

Illyandria's Enchanted Lands Previously listed as 'Sooner Die In Your Arms...' and 'Illyandria's Xena and Ares Page'. A Xena/Ares shipper archive with fan fiction by Illyandria and many other authors (and it's getting bigger all the time - +500 stories right now). Fiction and poetry are listed by author, and include author bios and sites. Has lots of het adult. (see banner below) Re-vamped, name change, and url change - AGAIN

The Iolausian Dimension General Iolaus fan fiction, poetry, pictures, polls, reviews, and more.

The Iolausian Library Large archive/index of Iolaus related (and other characters) fan fic. Has a few het and slash adult stories, but the majority of stories are PG and under. Stories listed by author. Url changed

Iolausian Wheel of Torture An index specializing in IolausCentric hurt/comfort stories. A few het and slash stories. Stories listed by title and author, and some have summaries. Oddly enough, considering the subject matter, the site does not specialize in adult. Url changed

Joxer Tales Section of Mary Draganis' Xena Information site set aside exclusively for Joxer fan fiction, including het and slash adult. Stories listed by author.

Joxer the Mighty - Hero Het adult and general Joxer fiction by Nancy Lorenz, including Gabrielle & Joxer. Plus her Gabrielle & Joxer comic, Blunder On!

Joxerite's Fan-Fiction Guild Archives Archive of the Joxerite's Fan-Fiction Guild mailing list (see mailing list page). Stories, filks, top ten lists, and a challenge page. Stories listed by Author in alphabetical order and include summaries. Not adult oriented. Url changed

KB's fan fiction X-Files, X-Men, Angel/Buffy, Anime, and lots of Hercules and Xena slash, including Hercules/Iolaus, Strife/Cupid, Hades/Strife, Joxer/Cupid, Aphrodite/Discord, Ares/Iolaus and Joxer/Autolycus by kirarose. Summaries are included. Url changed

Katrina's Fan Fiction Site Stories listed by author. Has an alternative Xenafic library, an Elect Amazons Realm (with alt fic), a Wildside section for kinky lesbian adult, and other long and short stories by Katrina. There is lots of lesbian adult fiction. Url changed

Kawcrow's Aerie: Fan Fiction G to PG-13 rated fan fiction by Kawcrow, including Gabrielle/Joxer stories. Url changed

Kayla's Fantasy Archive Fan fiction by Kayla for the Star Wars, Babylon 5 and Xena/Hercules fandoms, including some het and slash adult. Summaries are included.

Kora's Inn Young Hercules site with a small collection of fan fiction. None of the stories are adult.

LJ Maas - The Many faces Of Lesbian Xena/Gab and Uber fiction by LJ Maas, including her stories that are now published by Renaissance Alliance Publishing, Inc.), and a section for other authors. Stories are listed by author and include summaries.

LN James Alt Fiction Lesbian fiction by LN James, some adult, including humor and Uber fiction.

Lessa's Smithsonian Page Fan fiction archive concerning any character portrayed by Kevin Smith. Includes Forum Fanfiction, Temple Fanfiction (written by Ares' Priestesses), fanfiction collected from the Hercules and Deb U. Forums, and other fiction. As far as I can tell, there is only het adult fiction (in the Temple Fanfiction section). Stories listed by title.

The Library Xena/Hercules and Highlander fan fiction by Cat, including adult lesbian. Summaries included.

The Lost Scrolls of Gabrielle Small collection of fan fiction concerning Gabrielle's adventures following the death of Xena by Lady Leonie (with one story by Adelaide). Includes Ares/Gabrielle stories. Summaries are included.

LynKa's Xena Fan Fiction Page Large archive of Xena fanfic. Works are separated into categories of 'Alternative', 'General', 'Romantic Friendship', 'Poetry' and 'Beyond Uber', and they are listed by author. Lots of lesbian adult fiction. Url changed

Maggie's Place: For Fan Fiction and Original Fiction Previously listed as 'Gharedsu's Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, and other Fanfic Home Page'. General and het adult fan fiction related to H:TLJ and X:WP by Gharedsu, including pairings of Iolaus & Gabrielle and Iolaus & Xena. Also has Hercules het and slash adult on the Adult page, including Hercules/Iolaus, Gabrielle/Iolaus, Xena/Hercules, Ares/Hephaestus, Ares/Iphicles and more. Also has Babylon 5, X-Files, Beauty and the Beast, Star Trek: DS9, and Highlander fan fiction. Summaries are included.

Maison de Kamouraskan Lesbian Xena/Gabrielle and Uber fic by Kamouraskan, including hilarious humor pieces. Some stories have brief summaries.

Merpup's Royal Academy of Bards Archive of Xena fan fiction by various authors, both lesbian and general (no sexual or romantic content), and stories are listed on their 'what's new' pages. Some summaries included.

Merwolf's Cave PG rated lesbian fan fiction by one of the most loved of Xenaverse bards, Melissa Good, including her published Uber series 'Tropical Storm.' Summaries are included.

The Moonspeaker Lesbian Xena fic with an oddball sense of humor by Alexiares. Accepting submissions by other authors. Summaries are included.

Morgan's Fiction Libraries Het and slash Xena and Hercules fan fiction for the most part by Morgan, but also includes a few other authors. Has both het adult and m/m slash adult on the Herculean Erotica Page. Also has fiction for Alien Nation, Babylon 5, Due South/Lois & Clark, Robin of Sherwood, Sapphire and Steel/The X-Files, Highlander/Dick Turpin, and original fiction. The site now houses Mil Toro's stories as well. Summaries are included. (See banner below for Herculean Erotica Page) Url changed - AGAIN

The Mount Olympus Archive Small archive of Xena and Hercules fan fiction, PG rated. Summaries are included.

New Library of Alexandria Lesbian Xena/Gab fan fiction and Transgender/Drag King Uber by Smitty. Summaries are included.

Obsession's Home Page A huge archive of lesbian Xena fan fiction, including a large quantity of adult fiction. Also has a chat room, The Xena: Warrior Princess Museum Of Subtext, The Subtext FAQ For The Loyal Opposition, a fan art page, a gallery, and much more. Home of the Silver Lath award. Re-vamped

Perdicus Joxer Romantics' Society Site that supports the possible pairing up of Joxer and Perdicas (and mocks the site that was its inspiration). Includes m/m slash, edited sounds, a FAQ, links, and more. There are really only two Joxer/Perdicas stories and they aren't adult. Summaries are included.

Pink Rabbit Consortium Art gallery (including subtexty faux pictures), Subtext Zone (including lesbian adult fan fiction), Xena Zone (with general fan fiction but no adult), Buffy photos, subtext links, and Alien Resurrection stuff including f/f fiction, art and pics. The site also lists impressive links to a multitude of fandoms.Url changed

The Power and the Passion Xena fan fiction by Power Chakram and Bluesong, including het adult.

Romance Down Under Archive of fan fiction about the many characters played by Kevin Smith, specializing in hetero and consensual adult fic. Stories are listed by fandom and summaries are included.

The Sacred Archives of Ted Previously listed as 'The Joxer Archives'. A small archive of Joxer fan fiction by different authors. Includes het adult fiction.

Scealta de Cairdeas: The Works of Brigid Doyle One of the best-loved 'general' bards in the Xenaverse, Brigid now has her own home here. Includes Uber.

Xena/Ares Fan Fiction @ Xenite Country - Xena/Ares Shipper Fan Fiction Medium-sized archive of Xena/Ares fic by various authors as chosen by Dixie, with a bunch of adult het stories, with a few lesbian pairings too. Stories are listed by author and include summaries.

Sidekick Website An Iolaus and Gabrielle site, with Iolaus and Gabrielle romantic fiction (and some Xena and Herc too) by Ingrid (Beckers), all PG rated. Also has poetry, pictures and more. Summaries are included. Url changed

Skkye Blue's Corner Xena/Ares shipper fiction by Skkye Blue and a few other authors, including adult fic. Stories are listed in 'General' and 'Adult' sections, are listed by author and include summaries.

The Subtlety of Pickett's Charge Presents: Fan Fiction Joxer fan fiction, including both Gabrielle/Joxer and lesbian stories, predominantly PG-13 rated, by Phil D. Hernández. There are also a few other stories by other authors.

TV-based fanfiction by Marina Frants & Keith R.A. DeCandido Buffy, Highlander and Hercules het fan fiction by Marina and Keith. PG-rated. Stories listed by fandom and summaries are included.

Tales From the Children of Xena & Gabrielle Lesbian Uber fan fiction archive and index. Has a small amount of stories in the Library, and the Lending Library offers extensive links to author's stories on other sites. Has an index organizing ALL of the stories, both on this site and linked, on a chronological time line. In the Gallery, each artist has their own Exhibit. Also features an Art Links page so that you may visit other Galleries in the Xenaverse. In addition to the fan fiction and images available in the Library and the Gallery, the Site Design section offers Xena, Gabrielle and Uber themed backgrounds, buttons and digital graphics. Also has a description of the genesis of the 101 Aurellian Nights anthology.

tedjoxertimandmore A (mostly) Gabrielle/Joxer shipper site with fan fiction by Lori Bush and a few other authors. Most of the stories are PG rated. Summaries are included.

Temora: Bard of Dubious Talent Despite the all-too-modest title, this site hosts much-loved Xena fan fiction, comedies and Uber by Temora, including gen and lesbian. Summaries are included.

Tendre's Tablet The official collection of bard Lizzy Tendre's spoofs and fanfic of the television show Xena: Warrior Princess, including the 'Asunder' and 'Between Bygones' series, and the incredibly hilarious Uber series 'D.C.' Url changed

The Time-Waster - Vivian Darkbloom Xena lesbian fiction and Uber by the much-loved Vivian Darkbloom, including her hilarious White Trash series.

timwellman's Xena Fan Fiction Page Collection of Xena stories by Tim Wellman, including G-rated adventures and parodies, and then racier lesbian stuff. Summaries are included.

Tom's Xena FanFic Archive Previously listed as 'Xena Fan Fiction on Tom's Page.' A huge archive of fan fiction of all types listed by author and by title. Also has interviews with fan fiction writers, and has a section with resources for writer's, including information specific to X:WP (like Greek history and mythology). Has both lesbian and het adult fan fiction, but you have to look for content by actually reading the stories. This site will no longer be updated (See banner below)

Tonya L. Muir's Stories Xena/Gabrielle fiction and lesbian Uber by Tonya Muir, including her well-loved 'With Faltering Steps' and 'Making Strides' (which are both set to be published by Renaissance Alliance Publishing, Inc.). Also includes joint efforts with CN Winters, XWPFanatic and TNovan. Summaries are included.

Ultimate Hercules and Xena: The Bard's Palace General Xena, Hercules, and Young Hercules fan fiction, including het adult. Summaries are included. Url changed

Vannus' Image of Ares Ares fan site with Ares fan fiction by Vannus and a few other authors, all het, some adult. Stories listed by author and summaries are included.

Xebbie's Xena Xone Het, slash and a wee bit of lesbian fan fic by Xebbie, but all with a Gabrielle/Joxer spin. Probably split evenly between non-adult and adult fics. Author of the Pillow Talk series. Summaries are included.

Xena and Ares Fanfic A collection of links to stories that concern Xena and Ares, some het and lesbian adult included. Listed in alphabetical order by title and summaries are included.

Xena/Joxer Relationshippers Small archive of Xena/Joxer shipper stuff, including adult het and lesbian fanfic. Summaries are included.

Xena Eyes Fan Fiction Collective A large archive of Xena fan fiction, with stories separated into categories of general/classic (including het stories), alternative, subtext, Uber-Xena, fan poetry and a special section just for children's fan fiction. Stories are listed by author, but the site is also searchable.

Xena Links - With Preference for Lesbian Fiction Pretty self-explanatory. Lots of resources.

XenaCrazed Alternative Fan Fiction & Poetry Some lesbian adult. Stories listed by title under author headings.

XenaCrazed General Fan Fiction & Poetry After making a quick scan of the disclaimers, there doesn't seem to be any particularly smutty gen, but there is romantic stuff. Stories listed by title under author headings.

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Xena and Hercules Fan Fiction Directories and Indices

The Athenaeum Previously listed as 'The Xenaverse Codex.' A detailed index - and now archive as well - of Xena: Warrior Princess fan fiction available on the Internet. Separates fiction into convenient categories, and links by genre, by focus, by author, and by title. Also has links to fan fiction sites. Has both lesbian and het adult fan fiction. Summaries are included. Url changed

Beyond Uber A link index for Beyond-Uber stories, including lots of lesbian adult. Updated regularly. (see banner below)

CasaUber - An Uber Only Directory Large Uber directory that lists stories by author and title, with a separate Mel/Janice section, and includes summaries on the title listings. It also list stories within series, links to published works, and has reviews. Most of the stories are lesbian, including lots of adult.

Lunacy's Fan Fiction Reviews Reviews of all kinds of fiction. Separated into categories of Alternative, General, Uber-Xena, Warlord/Slave, and Xena the Conqueror. Because Lunacy gives good summaries plus the reviews, it's an excellent way to find Xena fan fiction. Reviews of both lesbian and some het adult. Also, has an excellent selection of resources for fan fiction writers, including a beta readers directory, fascinating articles about fan fic, and links to sites about 'Notable Women Throughout History.' Url changed

Shadowfen's Xena: Warrior Princess Fan Fiction Index A huge index which links by title, by author, and has separate sections for Children's Stories, NetForum Stories, and Uber-Xena stories. Stories have symbols that give you information as to the subject matter. Has both lesbian and het adult fan fiction, but you have to look for it. Has an excellent 'what's new' section, but the site isn't as regularly updated as it used to be. Summaries are included. Url changed (see banner below)

Tal's Corner The 'Fan Fiction Sites Index' part of the site is a fairly comprehensive listing of Xena fan fiction sites on the Net, with a preference for lesbian stories. The Index is split up into categories of 'Indexes', 'Reviews', 'Archives' and 'Personal Sites', and sites are listed alphabetically. The site also includes fan fic and reviews/recommendations by Tal.

The Uber Abode Uber Xena index that keeps track of updates of continuing stories.

Über über Alles: The One-Stop 24 Hour ÜberXena Pit-Stop Want a good explanation of Uber fiction? Then check out this site, which provides an in depth description, genesis, and a large index of lesbian and het ÜberXena. Not being updated any longer

The Ultimate Fan Fiction Directory A directory of fan fiction, listed by title under categories of general, alternative, poetry, amazon, Callisto, Uber, stories with the male characters from the show, a category specifically about family, and one for gods and goddesses. You can also find C.N. Winter's Subtext Report here. Lesbian and some het adult fiction. The what's new section is also a great index for Xena fan fiction all over the 'Net, and is updated daily. Url changed

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Multi-fandom Archives and Indices

Angst Archive Archive that specializes in male/male slash with rape, child abuse, and sexual violence. Has stories for Anime, Buffy, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Highlander, the X-files, and Hercules and Xena stories. Url changed

Australian Slash Archive Largish archive of predominantly male/male slash by Australian authors. Over 40 fandoms are listed, including Highlander, Sentinel, Stargate, Star Trek, Star Wars, X-Files and a bit of Xena-Hercverse m/m. Stories listed by author, title and fandom. Summaries are included.

BritSlash A large archive of fan fiction centred on slash for British TV shows, films etc, and any others that are shown in the UK, past, present or future. Most stories are male/male adult, but there are a few female/female too. Fandoms include Buffy, Highlander, Due South, Blackadder, Blake's7, Red Dwarf, Dr. Who, The Professionals, Queer as Folk (British) and a couple of Xena/Herc crossovers. Stories are listed by fandom and title, and some listings have brief summaries.

The Complete Kingdom of Slash Previously listed as 'Slash Fan Fiction Archive for all Fandoms.' Has both female/female and male/male slash for Batman, Buffy, Battlestar Galactica, Brimstone, The Crow, Due South, Family Ties, Highlander, Homicide, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, Law & Order, Man From UNCLE, Once a Thief, The Pretender, Profiler, The Professionals, PsiFactor, Space: Above and Beyond, SWAT Kats, The Sentinel, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: DS9, Star Trek: The Next Generation, X-Files, Hercules and Xena, and more. Also has zines and original slash. Looking for submissions. Stories are listed by title and there are summaries. Url changed - AGAIN 2

Data Annex Fan Fiction Archive Huge multi-fandom archive. Fandoms include Buffy, Angel, Charmed, Due South, Highlander, Quantum Leap, Star Trek, Star Wars, X-Men, X-Files and Xena/Herc. Includes adult fic, with some het, slash and lesbian, but with no Xena/Herc adult. Stories are listed by title, by fandom and by author - with a crossover and adult index as well. Summaries are included.

The Fan Fiction Directory A fan fiction site index that is attempting to list most, if not all, of the fan fiction sites on the Internet. It used the Karen Nicholas Fan Fiction on the Net (below) site as it's backbone.

Fan Fiction on the Net The best place to find any kind of fan fiction sites surrounding television, movies, and books. Includes specific categories for Adult and Slash. Also has categories for Fanzines, Fan Fiction Information, Fan Art, and Writer's References. Unfortunately, it hasn't been updated in ages and probably never will be again. Oh, bite my tongue - looks like Karen did finally get around to updating. A fan fiction archive for Buffy, X-Files, Star Trek, Ally McBeal, La Femme Nikita, Soap Operas, and Xena and Hercules, now run by Pasha O'Connor. Stories have ratings from G to NC-17, and are listed in categories of Alternative, General, UberXena, The Darker Side of Xena, Parodies, Poems and Filks. The archive is searchable. Re-vamped

FanFiction.Net An enormous searchable archive of fan fiction for tons of fandoms (television, film, comic, music - you name it), with work from G to R, including lesbian, het and slash. Also has a mailing list, chat room, and a top 20 list. They also have many resources for writers and readers. This site no longer hosts NC-17 work (see banner below) A cool and regularly-updated directory of websites, email lists, and other online resources with lesbian fan fiction or original fiction. Includes such fandoms as Babylon 5, Buffy, Roswell, Star Trek, West Wing, X-Files, X-Men, Xena and many more. Sites are briefly described. (See banner below)

Hetskateers Headquarters A site dedicated to stories from several different fandoms, as well as original works, that are of a Heterosexual nature. Includes a Xena/Hercules section. Stories are listed by author (within fandom sections) and summaries are included. Url changed - AGAIN

Lady Slash Index Female/female multi-fandom fan fiction index. You can add in your own site.

Lelia's Fan Fic Archive The fan fiction archive for 'Lelia's Callisto and Gabrielle Shrine'. Includes such fandoms as Star Wars, Sleepy Hollow, X-Files, The Mummy, Pillow Book, Shallow Grave, Xena and Hercules and Crossover fic. Xena fic is separated into 'General' and 'Alternative' sections, with adult het, slash and lesbian stories in the 'Alternative' section (and in the Hercules fic section). Summaries are included.

Mediafans A site that contains male/male slash by various authors for various fandoms. Includes Hercules, Highlander, The Sentinel, The Professionals, Star Trek Voyager, and more. Also has slash links and a message board.

The Mostly-Slash Rape-Stories Link Page Self-explanatory. Indices links to rape stories for Once a Thief, Stargate SG-1, The Pretender, The Sentinel, Blake's 7, Highlander, Space: Above and Beyond, Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: Deep Space 9, Star Trek: Voyager, Forever Knight, Homicide, Millennium, Hard Core Logo, The Swamp Thing, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, Profiler, The Professionals, Miami Vice, MacGyver, Due South, World of Darkness, Battlestar Galactica, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Hercules.

Mythic Designs Multi-fandom fan fiction archive with Star Wars: TPM, Lord of the Rings, Babylon 5, The Mummy, Farscape, Xena and Hercules fan fic. Het and m/m slash adult, depending on fandom - not sure about anything else. Stories listed by author, within each fandom, and summaries included.

The Nesting Place A Nesting Site for Slash Writers on the web, with over 20 authors writing in over 30 fandoms - including lots of Hercules and Xena slash.

The Red Room Adult fan fiction archive that lists fan fic for Forever Knight, Highlander, Space Above and Beyond, Superman, X-Men, Comic Books, Anime, and a few Xena stories (one m/f crossover with Space Above and Beyond, and two Xena/Callisto). Url changed - AGAIN 2

Slash It Up! Multi-fandom slash site and mailing list link index, organized by pairing. The Xena/Hercules section lists 'Ares/Joxer', 'Callisto/Xena', 'Cupid/Strife', 'Hercules/Iolaus', 'Joxer/Autolycus' and 'Xena/Gabrielle'. Other fandoms include Buffy, Angel, Highlander, X-Men and Gundam Wing.

The Slash Page Database Project A self-referencing, self-expanding database of slash related websites. You can suggest a site to be added, or if you have a site, you can add it yourself. The database is fully searchable by keyword for type of site, fandoms, pairings, themes and even author names. (See banner below)

SlashCity A cool fan-run webhosting service specifically started to help host slash fan fiction and their archives. Links to many authors writing in many fandoms.

Wonderful World of MakeBelieve Lists het and slash for lots of fandoms including Hercules and Xena. Summaries are included. Url changed

Writers and Their Stories A fan fiction site that lists Xena and Hercules fan fic, as well Sea Quest DSV, Star Trek-The original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and AOL Chat Room Log, X-Files, and the X-Groups; X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, Generation X, X-Force, X-Factor, Excalibur, X-Man, Cable, and Wolverine. There is lesbian adult Xena fan fiction. Stories listed by author.

Xena Slash Fan Fiction Review Previously listed as 'Xena Fan Fiction Plus'. A large multi-fandom archive, with lots of Xena fan fiction, that posts all kinds of pairings (with a preference for slash and lesbian). Includes lesbian and slash adult by many authors, reviews by JoJo, and a listing of favorite stories. Works are listed by author. Other fandoms include Buffy, Charmed, Star Trek, X-Files, Dark Angel and Witchblade. Url and name change

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Xena and Hercules Fan Fiction Review and Recommendation Sites

The Amazon Ice Company A listing of lesbian adult stories given the Amazon Ice Award based on their potency. Includes comments by fans about the stories and you can vote for your own *hot* favorite. (See banner below) Url changed

Bard Picks This is a site designed for bards and fans to place reviews of stories that have captured their imagination. It's the "good" reading stop. Recommendations are for lesbian stories. Url changed

Blurb: Recommendations of Xenaverse Fan Fiction The middle ground between a One-Reviewer System and a Public Reviewing System, both of which already exist. Here bards review work by other bards, including DJWP, Penumbra, and Michal Salat. Has lesbian adult. Url changed

Cee's FanFic Reviews Regularly updated Xena lesbian and Uber fic reviews by Cee, informal in style. Also includes themed sections.

Double X Reviews Small listing of Herc-Xenaverse fan fic reviews by Xat and Xin, with the focus on het themes. Hasn't been updated since 1999.

The Golden Quill Awards Awards started in an effort to recognize and reward the excellent work of the Joxer the Mighty fan fiction authors.

The Herculean Slash Reviews Here you will find links for some of the best Herculean slash fiction available. The reviews are listed by character pairing, by author, by title, and by episode where relevant. Codes explain what sort of content each story contains, eg comedy, angst, drama, hurt/comfort and so on. Summaries are included.

Lunacy's Fan Fiction Reviews - Highest Recommendations Stories, mostly lesbian, with the highest rating as given by Lunacy.

Luthien's Recs and Raves A small but very good recommendation list for Hercules and Xena male/male slash.

Nancy Amazon and Ewok Alternative Uber Fanfiction Reviews Xena Uber reviews by two clever and uncompromising fans. This site is no longer updated

Odysseys and Ecstasy: Recs by Thamiris Another short-but-good male/male slash rec list for the Xena-Hercverse.

Slash Fiction Online! Previously listed as 'Best Slash Fiction on the Net'. A listing of recommended male/male and female/female slash stories for A-team, Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica, Highlander, Homicide, Oz, Sentinel, Stargate SG-1, Star Trek (all series), The Bill, X-files and Manga & Anime Series including Yaoi fiction, and Xena. Also has a fan fiction glossary filled with helpful definitions. Url changed

Swollen Buds Awards I'll let the site speak for itself: "The members of the Swollen Bud Committee have banded together to draw reader attention to some of the very best in X:WP fan fiction by periodically presenting awards to stories with exemplary plotting and craftsmanship." The site reviews "alternative, general, traditional, and/or uber AND ranging in explicitness from G and PG to NC-17". Url changed

TASTE: Recommended Readings from the Erotic Xenaverse Story recommendations for m/f and m/m Xena and Hercules fan fiction. Recommendations are decided by a five-member committee: Thamiris, Ashera, Sockii, Taz and Erin (T.A.S.T.E). Stories receiving at least 3 votes will be linked to, pending the author's permission (if this page ever gets going).

Tragedy88's Recommended Readings General and alternative reviews by Xenites. Has lesbian adult, but I don't think there is any het or slash adult. Searchable.

XIPPY Award Page Weekly awarded stories by MaryD.

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Resources and Sites of Interest

These are sites that don't actually post fan fiction, but that deal with issues that are related to fan fiction and are of general interest. - Sexuality Was previously listed as 'The Mining Co.' Lots of cool stuff here. You can find Amateur, Bondage/Discipline/S&M, Celebrity, Gay, Lesbian, Straight Men's Erotica, and Straight Women's Erotica. They also provide links out to other sites. This site's url is constantly changing, so you might have to poke around a bit. Can also try this link

The Bardic Circle Site for The Bardic Circle mailing list, with writer resources and more.

The Blowfish Catalog Another cool sex-positive store with an impressive collection of comics, sex toys, books, videos and more, with recommendations from the staff. In the same tradition as Good Vibrations and Come As You Are. They also publish short erotic fiction in their weekly email newsletter, they're currently accepting submissions, and you get paid if your story is chosen.

Come As You Are Canadian co-operatively-run sex store. The site has an online catalogue with toys, books, videos and hosts sex-related information. Their approach to sexuality is one of respect, openness, humour, communication and responsibility. They are service- and community-oriented; accessible and disability-positive. And just like Good Vibrations, they only sell products that the staff have tried (ewww - hehe ;)

The Elements of Phyle Written with the X-Files in mind, this guide to better writing is nonetheless handy for any fan fiction writer.

Fanfic Archivists Support List Site for the Fanfic Archivists mailing list that is a forum for archivists of fan fiction to talk about issues related to their 'work.' The site lists the members and also links to resources for archivists. (See banner below) Url changed

Fanfic Symposium A forum for fan fiction discussions, essays, and resources. Has some really interesting stuff. In particular, see The Fannish Potlatch: Creation of Status within the Fan Community, a discussion of fan status and community by Rachael Sabotini. Compares the act of fan 'gift-giving' (offering fan fiction stories, archives, artwork, vids, etc) to the North-west aboriginal practice of potlatches.

The Fine Art Of Being Come Out To: A Straight Person's Guide To Gay Etiquette An interesting and sometimes horribly funny look at the common misconceptions our heterosexist culture has of gays, lesbians and bi people - and the subsequent gaffes and horrors that result.

Good Vibrations Looking for sex-toys, videos, erotic books, comics and more? Want a vendor that is woman-owned and operated and doesn't result in eight million porn pop-ups from less-than-trustworthy companies? Want a cool and upfront online magazine about sexuality? Good Vibrations believes that sexual pleasure is everyone's birthright, and that access to sexual materials and accurate sex information promotes health and happiness. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Straight friendly. Check it out! Consumer-friendly directory to adult sites on the net. In the words of Jane, "We review sites of all kinds: from highbrow erotica and fine art nude photography to xxx hardcore with no redeeming social value." Sites cover a large range of topics too: Sexuality advice, gender and sexuality resources, information about bondage, S/M, fetishes, amateur porn, vintage pinups, written erotica...

Kevin Smith Foundation A developing site for the foundation developed in Kevin's memory.

Mammoth Index of Xena: Warrior Princess Fan Sites A new Xena link directory with lots of fan fiction links of all kinds.

Minotaur's Sex Tips for Slash Writers What a great page! An invaluable service to any writer who wants to write m/m slash and isn't sure about the specifics of male homosexual sex. Url changed

Simahoyo's Writer's World Previously listed as 'Writer's Toolbox'. This is a series of links and other tools for writers of fanfiction and historical fiction put together by Simahoyo. Url changed

Writers' University An amazing, all-encompassing resource for fan fiction writers, editors, readers, and those interested in the theory behind the phenomenon, this site covers everything from fan fiction terms and grammar, to copyright law and the history of fan fiction. The site was specifically created to provide a resource for writers and readers seeking more information on fan fiction's history, terminology and culture. Once associated with Fanfiction.Net, this site has blossomed into an independent amd ambitious attempt at a definitive reference for fan fiction.

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Xena and Hercules Fanzines

Agent With Style Fanzine press that publishes/distributes works for many fandoms including Buffy, X-Files, Star Trek (TOS, VOY and Next GEN), Highlander, Star Wars, and Xena!

Bearly Spaced Enterprises Fanzine available. Includes Highlander, Hercules, and Xena fan fiction.

BEDLAM: Fanfic Resources A listing of available fanfic websites, fanzines, and information about fanfic in general for lots and lots of fandoms. This site has been shut down

Fan Fiction on the Net - Fanzines Karen's listings of fanzines for loads of fandoms.

Flaming Eye A small zine press that I will hopefully get off the ground very soon.

Infinity Press Fanzines for slash pairings from ST:Voyager, The Professionals, Stargate SG-1 and more. They cancelled their Xena/Hercules fanzine, but submitted stories will appear in the upcoming Uniquity. Looking for submissions. Url changed

The Joxerotica Fanzine Fanzine for sale with Joxer fan fiction, containing both het and slash. The fanzine can also be ordered from Agent With Style

KnightWriter Press Over 100 different fanzines for over 50 fandoms including Hercules, with het and slash. Url changed

Ksmithares Fanzine See the 'what's new' entry for March 19th, 2000 for ordering information. A Hercules/Xena fandom slash zine showcasing the characters of Ares and Iphicles and their exploits with Hercules, Iolaus, Strife, Joxer, Cupid, Caesar and other favorite boys from the Hercaverse. This first edition fanzine features 18 of the very best slash stories from the Ksmithares Archive, hand-selected by a five-person panel of writers and editors. The fanzine can also be ordered from Agent With Style

Neon RainBow Press Zine Small zine press with a Hercules/Xena genzine, and a slash one supposedly on the way.

Oblique Publications A long-time UK slash fanzine publisher (despite being new to the web), with Batman Forever, Blake's 7, The Crying Game, Due South, Northern Exposure, The Professionals, Sherlock Holmes, X-Files and Star Wars: The Phantom Menace slash. Also archives the fanzines. No Xena or Hercules works yet.

Sockii Press Fanzines Fanzines for various fandoms including A-Team, X-Files, Babylon 5, and Hercules and Xena. This site is no longer looking for submissions or printing new titles. Url changed - AGAIN

Triforce Productions PG-13 fanzine for Hercules and Xena fanfiction. Looking for submissions.

Unicorn Press Various fanzines for X-files, Star Trek, Highlander, and Hercules and Xena. Ratings from G to NC-17. Url changed

Zine Zone An online adzine that lists and links to several small presses and specific fanzine titles for various fandoms.

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Xena Fan Fiction on Tape

Carol's Xena Fan Fiction Tape Consortiums This site allows groups of people to combine their moneys so that they can order a story from WordWarior that would be too expensive to order individually. Unfortunately, as WordWarior is retiring, only those stories already selected will be available.

Missy Good's Stories Read by WordWarior Recordings of Merwolf's Fan Fiction, as read by WordWarior, available for purchase.

WordWarior's Fan Fiction Audio Tapes WordWarior's personal site, with information about her history of recording fan fiction. WordWarior has decided to retire, but her recordings are luckily still available.

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Xena Related Fiction Sites


Jane Doe Press Another publishing company born from the desire to support gay and lesbian works. With each novel published, a non-profit organization is selected to donate a percentage of the profits to. Includes novels by such Xena fan fiction and Uber authors as BL Miller, D. Jordan Redhawk, V.H. Foster, Linda Crist and more.

Justice House Publishing Publishers of Melissa Good's 'Tropical Storm,' BL Miller's 'Accidental Love,' Sharon Bowers' 'Lucifer Rising,' and many other lesbian Uber favorites. The site also offers info about upcoming projects (including a collection of Jeanette Atwood's 'Battle On' comics). Also has a collection of work listed by author. The novels are available for purchase through the site, and through Url changed

The Next Chapter A new archive of original fiction run by Mary D, ranging from action/adventure to romance.

The Open Book, Ltd. - Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Bookstore An independent bookstore specializing in gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender titles.

Renaissance Alliance Publishing, Inc. Publishing company responsible for printing such works as 'Darkness Before The Dawn' by Belle Reilly, 'True Colors' by Karen King and Nann Dunne, 'With Faltering Steps/Making Strides' by Tonya Muir, and more lesbian Uber favorites. Novels are available for purchase through the site, and through Also looking for submissions. Url changed

A Room of Her Own: A Dynamic Anthology of Lesbian Fiction This site was created to house fiction, poetry, and essays written by lesbians for lesbians to enjoy. Includes work by many well-known and respected Xenaverse authors and is run by BL Miller and Llachlan. Url changed

Shady Ladies Press Independent publishing company dedicated to producing entertaining lesbian literature with an emphasis on woman-to-woman romance, relationships and love. Authors include names familiar to the Xenaverse: Nene Adams (Bardwynna), V.H. Foster and Radclyffe.

Wordscape Fiction An online anthology of original fiction and poetry, with many authors familiar to anyone who reads Xena fan fic.

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Non-English Xena and Hercules Fan Fiction Sites

Bibliotheca Large German Xena fan fiction and poetry archive, with a listing of stories written in German, translated into German from English, and even German stories that have been translated into English. Adult lesbian stories abound. A few Buffy, Star Trek, X-Files, Babylon Five and Hercules stories too. Includes Xena artwork and a fan fic FAQ in German. Stories are listed by author.

Fan Fictions: Francophones et Anglophones The Traductions Bardes page has lesbian stories by well-known bards, such as Melissa Good, B.L. Miller, C.N. Winters, Della Street, Elaine Sutherland, TNovan, Vivian Darkbloom and more, translated into French. The Francophones Bardes page has fan fiction written in French by French authors. Lots of lesbian adult. Summaries are included.

Fantasia&Realidade em Xena Warrior Princess A Portuguese site with a tiny amount of lesbian fan fiction and Uber by one author.

Iolausian Corner Russian fan site with Hercules fan fiction in the 'Theban Chronicles' section, including Russian translations of English fan fiction and fan fic written in Russian. German and English Xena fan fiction and Uber by Loona, including lesbian.

Verrath's Book Of Tales English and German Xena fan fic and Uber by Verrath, including lesbian.

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Xena and Hercules Fan Fiction Web Rings

The Adult Fan-Fiction Webring A webring for all websites containing explicit or violent fan-fiction.

All Things Strife A webring for anyone with a part of their site pertaining to the wonderful God Of Mischief. The entire site doesn't have to be focused on Strife but it does have to have more than a brief mention of him. Fanfic, art, screen caps, wavs, ep guides, etc. are all welcome

Alternative Scrolls of the Bards Web ring for all sites with H:TLJ and X:WP fan fiction with only lesbian content.

A.R.E.S. Webring The Ares Rules Erotica Society Webring hosts websites that contain erotic fan fiction about Ares, God of War, as played by the gorgeous New Zealand actor Kevin Smith on Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. Stories featuring other Kevin Smith characters are also welcome, of course, but in the end, Ares Rules!

Ares and Joxer Slash Ring Webring dedicated to the romantic, or not so romantic, relationship between Ares, The God of War and Joxer, The Mighty.

The Fan Fiction Web Ring This ring was created mostly for fan fiction archives, and they host all types of fiction, from stories to poems. Not for highly slashy or strictly NC-17 sites.

The Gabrielle and Joxer Romantics Society Web Ring For those sites that have something up that lets any web surfer know that you want Joxer and Gabrielle to end up together romantically. Includes fan fiction sites.

Hercules and Iolaus Slash Ring Webring dedicated to the relationship, romantic or not, between Hercules, The Demi-God and Iolaus, The Hunter.

Hercules Fan Fiction Webring This is a webring for any site containing fan fiction based on the TV show Hercules: The Legendary Journeys or characters that have appeared in that show. Url changed

The Hercules-Xena Slash Ring The Hercules-Xena Slash Ring hosts web sites featuring slash fiction with any m/m pairings from Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess. Url changed

The Kink-Slash Fanfic Webring The purpose of this webring is to try to link together all the sites in all fandoms that contain slash fanfic of a kink/BDSM nature. Url changed

Lady Slash A webring of slash sites of the f/f variety for many fandoms.

Scrolls of the Bards Web ring for all sites with H:TLJ and X:WP fan fiction with only general content.

Slash Fan Fiction Ring This webring is for any site that contains fan fiction of a slashy nature.

Soulmates Webring For sites that support the belief that Iolaus and Gabrielle are soulmates, and that Xena and Hercules belong together. Includes sites with fan fiction.

The Subtext of a Different Kind Webring Created to link together fans of the TV series "Xena" who are intrigued by and interested in exploring "alternative" relationships between the show's characters. For those of us who also enjoy looking for less "obvious" romantic possibilities between the characters. Url changed

The Television FanFic Webring A webring dedicated to FanFic from any and all past and present television shows. Url changed

XenaEyes Fan Fiction Collective SiteRing Travel the Xenaverse looking for fine bards, great stories, and good times.

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