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Last Updated: November 25th, 2001

I finally decided to move all of the stuff I've written to one place. I write for the Xena-Hercules and Star Trek: Voyager fandoms, but I also ocassionally read Vampire Chronicles and Star Wars slash, and have just recently gotten into X-Men Logan/Rogue stuff (not another fandom!). Every once and awhile I'll check out Spike fic too (as in Buffy: The Vampire Slayer), although I just can't find another guy that I'd really like to see him paired with - plus, I kinda like him getting it on with the Buffster. And I'm developing a crush on Tripp from Star Trek: Enterprise - but same problem as Spikey. Maybe when they start developing the munitions guy some more....I might eventually start writing for those fandoms as well, but I hope not. *g*

Not a whole lot of stories listed right now, but I'll be adding some new stuff soon. I include all sexual orientations in my stories, but male/male is my favorite. However, I also love writing Xena/Gabrielle romantic fiction. Please read the disclaimers in order to determine if you wish to read a story. Thanks for stopping by.

Gabrielle, Xena and Joxer

These stories contain female/female romance and explicit male/female and male/male sexual situations.


hunk o' bad boy

I can't say that the results of any of these stories are entirely satisfying for me. Black Petal in particular was a very long and frustrating writing experience (and I'm still not ready to post it). I think that I'm most happy with Panta Rei, although my fascination with angst and intrigue has perhaps dulled the sexual potential - a chronic problem of mine, I think.

No Strings Attached Gabrielle/Joxer, Gabrielle/f, Joxer/m, Xena/Gabrielle [R] Oct '99 (52 K)
Joxer catches up to Xena and Gabrielle in Delphi after leaving Spamona, and while Xena is off visiting the Oracle, Joxer and Gab have a drunken heart to heart.

Panta Rei Ares/Caesar, Caesar/various m, Ares/m, m & f, various m/various m [NC-17] Nov '01 (28 K) New
Change is inevitable.
The NC-17 rating is for explicit male/male and male/female sex, sexual violence, rape and torture.

Black Petal (Coming soon) Xena/Ares, Ares/m, Xena/Gabrielle [NC-17]
Battling mysterious demons alone in a dark forest, Xena finds that she is up against the seduction of the manipulative wargod once again - and that he holds the greatest weapon against her: The Truth. First in the Lamia series.

Infinite Regression (Not sure if I'm ever going to get this one done) Ares/Joxer, Xena/Gabrielle, Ares/m [NC-17]
Filled with despair at the loss of his blood innocence, Joxer stumbles into the clutches of the God of War.



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Harry and Tom

These stories contain explicit male/male sexual situations.


Tommy boy

Reading these stories now, I just think they suck. But it's nice to recognize problems with writing that were once invisible to me. I'm tempted to make big changes with them, but then they would be whole new stories. I still think that my writing is clumsy, but I suppose that I should leave these up as a reminder that hard work does pay off. I think ;)

The Race P/K, P/T [R] May '99 (24 K)
Tom and Harry have always been good friends, but sometimes competitiveness can bring out the worst in people. Response to Maigret's speed challenge on PacKage, a speed challenge involving a space suit and the phrase, 'long, hard and wet,' but not in relation to anything sexual.

Irritation P/K [NC-17] May '99 (37 K)
On an away mission down to a planet's surface Tom decides to have some fun. And, of course, it's Harry who has to come to the rescue.

Suffer (Coming soon) P/K, P/T [NC-17]
Sequel to Irritation. How will the two friends deal with the fallout of their away mission?



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