Author: Sara
Story Title: You're It
Rating: NC-17
Characters: Xena/Gabrielle
Summary: PWP. A game of tag turns into something more.
This rating is for explicit f/f sex.

MCA/Universal/Studios USA and Renaissance own th' girls and no copyright infringement is intended.

This story contains explicit consensual sex between two women. If you are under 18 or if this is illegal where you live, then please leave.

This story is a PWP. It contains no moral lesson whatsoever. It's just a sex story. Hey, you can't have a plot all the time!

Please sir, can I have some more feedback?


You're It

Xena and Gabrielle were travelling to Amphipolis to visit Cyrene. They were walking quietly when suddenly Gabrielle hit Xena on the shoulder. "Hey, let's play a game."

Xena looked down at her shoulder and then at the bard. "What?" she asked, caught off guard.

"Come on, let's play a game," Gabrielle wheedled.

Xena tsked, "No."

Gabrielle pouted, "You're no fun Xena."

The warrior shrugged indifferently and continued walking. All was peaceful until Gabrielle broke the silence with a cheery, "C'mon, let's play a game."

Xena rolled her eyes and sighed in defeat. "Fine," she stood, waiting for Gabrielle to continue. Instead of an explanation, she received a sharp blow to the back.

"Tag, you're it."

Before Xena could protest, Gabrielle was scampering into the forest yelling, "Catch me, catch me, catch me."

In spite of herself, Xena laughed at Gabrielle's childlike, playful behavior. "Ready or not, here I come," she said dryly, before setting off in pursuit of the bard.

Gabrielle crouched behind a large tree. She giggled softly, "Xena will never find me here." No sooner had she whispered those words when she felt a shove from behind.

"Tag, you're it," the warrior said smugly. Turning, she imitated the bard's earlier words, "Catch me Gabrielle, catch me, catch me." With a laugh, she turned and ran deeper into the woods.

The bard gritted her teeth. "One...TEN! Ready or not, here I come," she yelled, running after the warrior princess. She came to a small clearing and looked around. "I'm gonna find you!"

"No, you're not," came a high pitched sing song reply.

Gabrielle peered suspiciously. The rustle of leaves caught her attention. She slowly crept towards a clump of bushes. A smile of satisfaction played across her lips. Xena was getting sloppy. "AHA!!" she exclaimed triumphantly, parting the bushes. The bard straightened up in dismay. "Dammit," she muttered. Xena wasn't there. A chuckle made her whirl around. "This isn't funny anymore Xena," she yelled.

"Yes it is," Gabrielle received another sing song reply. She patiently began to search the nearby foliage for any sign of the warrior. After several frustrating moments, the bard cracked and was tearing through the underbrush. She stopped short when she heard a familiar voice.

"Ya give up?"

Gabrielle slumped in defeat and sighed. "I give," she called. Xena stepped out from a tree directly in front of her. The bard cried out in outrage, "Gods, you were right in front of me?!?!"

Xena nodded and smiled at Gabrielle's expression. Her bard liked to win. "Yep, you know what I want to hear."

"Oh come on Xena," Gabrielle pleaded, "don't rub it in." Her protests were silenced by the quirking of an eyebrow. The bard heaved another dramatic sigh and said, "You're the best Xena. All hail the mighty warrior princess, champion of the game of tag. Happy?"

Xena smiled and nodded, satisfied. "Yes." Her look of satisfaction turned seductive. "Now, I get to claim my prize." She grinned before taking Gabrielle in a possessive kiss. "Mmmm, I like this game," she said, running her hands over Gabrielle's breasts. The bard gasped in response. "What? No protests Gabrielle?" Xena asked mockingly. Her only answer was a breathless sigh when she trailed her hand down into Gabrielle's breeches. The warrior was pleasantly surprised to find Gabrielle moist and warm for her. "Ready for me so soon, my little bard?" she asked playfully, leaning in to nip Gabrielle's neck. She left several bruises, regardless of the fact that there would be no way for Gabrielle to hide them.

"Oh gods Xena, don't tease me," Gabrielle pleaded when the warrior held her fingers still against her pulsing mound. Soon, she felt Xena slide two fingers into her slick folds. Gabrielle closed her eyes and sighed as her lover rubbed her fingers back and forth across her flesh.

At the bard's sigh, Xena grinned. With her free hand, she unlaced the green top and exposed the bard's breasts. She caressed one breast with her free hand while still continuing the slow, steady rhythm down below. During those activities, she was still nuzzling and nipping Gabrielle's sensitive skin. Her combined efforts were rewarded with a long, hard moan from the bard. "Please Xena," Gabrielle panted.

"Tell me what you need," Xena whispered, stopping all movement.

Gabrielle groaned in protest. "Don't stop. More," she pleaded. The warrior grinned and slid her fingers deep into Gabrielle's body. "Oh...Xena," Gabrielle sighed when her lover moved them in and out. " that...harder." The warrior complied and another finger was introduced and the pace became quicker and harder. Gabrielle couldn't stop the movements of her hips, meeting each thrust of Xena's fingers. She let out a ragged groan of frustration when her lover pulled her fingers out. Her breathing was coming in quick, painful gasps and her body was screaming for release. "PLEASE," she cried.

The warrior shoved the bard's breeches down and took them off. She hiked up her lover's russet colored skirt. "Spread your legs for me," she whispered against the bard's ear. Gabrielle didn't hesitate and spread her legs to give Xena what she wanted. With a triumphant smile, Xena lowered herself down to Gabrielle's sex. The scent of her arousal was heady and musky and she found that she couldn't wait for a taste of her bard. She extended her tongue enough to graze the blonde covering of soft hair. When she heard Gabrielle's whimper, Xena pushed past the soft curls and rubbed in between the slick folds. There was nothing sweeter than her bard. The taste was tangy, like an aphrodisiac Xena knew she would never get enough of. The warrior took her time, leisurely exploring the soft, wet folds. She could tell her lover was needing more by the restless movement of her hips.

With a low growl, she thrust her tongue deep into Gabrielle's body. The bard let out a ragged groan of pleasure when Xena established a fierce stroking inside of her body. The passionate grunts and groans coming from her lover alerted Xena that Gabrielle was almost to the edge.

"Xena...please," the bard begged. She needed release. Her body was on fire and she couldn't take much more.

The warrior replaced her tongue with three fingers and drove deep into Gabrielle's welcoming softness. Her mouth found the sensitive nub. With her teeth, she scraped the flesh gently while furiously pumping into her lover's body. Gabrielle's cries spurred her to increase the tempo. Still shoving her fingers into the bard, Xena sucked the hard nub into her mouth. She continued to pull at the sweet flesh while the bard's body tightened in climax. Xena heard Gabrielle scream her name over and over again. She kept up the passionate assault until her release was over.

When Gabrielle's tremors ceased, Xena lapped up all the sweet nectar from her lover's body. She stood up to gaze at her mate. Gabrielle was still trying to catch her breath. A satisfied smile crossed Xena's lips. "I love you," she said softly.

" you...too," Gabrielle panted. She smiled sheepishly when Xena laughed at her breathy response. After a few moments, the bard was back to normal and she blushed when Xena handed her her breeches.

"These belong to you," the warrior said smugly.

"Thanks," Gabrielle said dryly. She slipped them back on and smoothed down her skirt.

"Anytime. Come on, we've got to get going if we're going to make Mother's by dark," Xena said over her shoulder as she led them back to the main road. "Gabrielle?"

"Yes Xena?"

"Remind me to play with you more often. I like winning." Xena's tone was teasing.

Gabrielle gritted her teeth. "Next time the outcome might be different Xena."

The warrior smiled and shrugged. "I still win if you think about it. So do you."

The bard thought about it for a minute. She nodded, "Yeah, I guess you're right." A wicked grin crossed Gabrielle's pretty face. "Want to play again?"


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