Author: Steelknight
Story Title: Together
Characters: Hercules/Iolaus
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Iolaus sends a scroll to Hercules telling the demigod to meet him in his forge. A 5P's Challenge. PWP
Rating is for explicit m/m sex

I don't own them, I'm just borrowing them. When I return them they will both have big grins!!! No dinars made.

This story contains explicit male/male sexual situations.

Thank you Lorraine for the beta and encouragement, and to JJ for the all the feedback! I couldn't have wrote this without your help!

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This story was a 5P's Challenge. This is my list:

Person (Iolaus)
Place (Iolaus' forge)
Prop (Horseshoe)
Piece of Clothing (Iolaus' vest)
Sexual Position (kneeling face first against a wall)


By Steelknight

Hercules was muttering to himself. "'Meet me at my forge.' Or at least that's what his scroll said. So, I went to his forge but was he there - no of course not. It's too early in the morning for a game of hide and seek, " he said, shaking his head. The demigod looked around the forge. The forge area itself was clean, but every shelf, table or bench was covered with one project or another. Frowning, he bent down to pick up a horseshoe that had fallen from a pile of others lying on a table. Hercules shook his head as he remembered Iolaus' scroll saying, 'Herc you got to see what I've been working on.' Well that's pretty obvious. He's got a huge pile of horseshoes; he could shoe a whole herd of horses from the size of that pile. But the kicker is Iolaus doesn't have a horse. Not one; let alone a herd of them. Hercules stared briefly at the horseshoes, "Wasn't there something in that scroll about horseshoes?" he mused. Finally, he decided, "Iolaus really must have been bored while I was gone; I guess I should have known." Hercules grinned thinking about how creative Iolaus could be when he put his mind to it.

"Okay, so he's a little late," thought the demigod, "it happens. If he said he'd be here then he will be here." Hercules couldn't help thinking about the times that Iolaus was late because someone had thought they could hurt or use the hunter to get revenge against Hercules. Iolaus always got away from them and showed them a thing or two they would never forget. Well, he almost always got away the only times that he didn't... Hercules started counting the near misses, abruptly acknowledging them. "I've almost lost him so many times and I did lose him four times. I can't.... no.... I won't lose him again!" vowed the demigod fervently. What am I doing? I should know better than to think that way; Iolaus can take care of himself better than anyone else I know. Still when Hercules noticed that he had begun to tap his foot impatiently he decided not to wait any longer at the forge.

Thinking that he would just check a few other places for the hunter then if he didn't find him then he would come back and wait a little longer. First he checked the house; finding it empty except for a few furnishings. Just his bed, a trunk, a cupboard with dishes, cups, pots and pans, a couple of tables and chairs. Iolaus never worried much about possessions. The only possessions that were important to him, he always carried with him; his amulet, vest, sword and the knife that they had both forged together. Leaving the house, Hercules stopped next at the barn. It too was empty at least as much of it as could be seen from where he was standing. As Hercules looked up at the barn loft he remembered how it was one of Iolaus' favorite places to ambush him from. He smiled and his eyes slightly glazed over as he thought about how those ambushes had turned in to wrestling matches and those had turned in to a warm up for an event worthy of the Olympic games - a different kind of game - one that had no losers. After cautiously checking the loft and finding it empty he didn't know if he should be relieved, disappointed or worried.

Hercules still had the pond to check so that's where he headed next. It was there he finally found a sign of his partner. The rocks surrounding the pond were wet as though someone had left the water just minutes before. Unconsciously, releasing a sigh of relief Hercules went back to the forge. The first thing he spotted was Iolaus' vest hanging near the door of the forge. Entering the forge Hercules saw Iolaus' pants and boots near by. It took Hercules a couple of minutes to realize that Iolaus was there..... he was so still. Iolaus the human whirlwind was never still. Yet there he was in the far corner of the forge he was completely lost in mediation kneeling face first against the wall and he was gloriously nude! His hair and body still wet from his morning swim. Hercules loved to look at the hunter when he was still it was such a rare thing, usually it only happened when he was asleep or unconscious. Quietly watching and enjoying the view it was like looking at a statue of male perfection. The copper skin tone, the breadth of Iolaus' shoulders, the muscles in his back and thighs, then there was his ass two perfect round globes that begged to be fondled, squeezed, and kneaded. One look at Iolaus' ass was enough to even give the gods a bad case of lust. No wonder Dite called him Sweetcheeks - and they were too! Hercules couldn't help smiling as a few thoughts crossed his mind. He started to undress; first removing his boots then shirts, belt, and pants.

Slowly he approached the hunter and kneeled right behind him. Gently pushing Iolaus' legs apart to slide his own knees between them. Putting his arms around the hunter he brought the Iolaus' body up against his own Hercules nipples hardened on contact with the hunter's back. The hunter's body was cool and the water still dripping from his hair was cold it felt wonderful against his own hot body. He started to play with Iolaus' nipples pinching and twisting them. Moving the hair away from his lover's neck Hercules began to feast licking, nibbling and sucking leaving passion marks. He smiled as first he felt and then heard the increase in Iolaus' breathing. Hercules' hard cock moved between Iolaus' legs rubbing against the hunter's balls, massaging them. Hercules reached one hand down to wrap around it Iolaus' hard leaking cock. Slowly stroking his cock and feeling it harden even more under his hand. The demigod waited. Using his fingers to gently flick against the slit in Iolaus' cock gliding though and around the steadily increasing amount of precum. Using his precum wet fingers Hercules returned to playing and teasing the hunter's hard straining nipples. "Just a little more, "thought Hercules, "anytime now he will..."

That's when he heard the sound he had been waiting for a gasp then a softly moaned "Herc... Oh Gods... Herc!" The hunter pushed himself closer adjusting so Hercules' cock stood ready to enter him as Hercules used a mixture of precum and spit to lubricate his cock. Iolaus sat down and started taking Hercules' cock, slowly impaling himself. Riding the demigod's cock and increasing his speed till Hercules started gasping moans of his own. Together they reached a rhythm; together they gasped and moaned their pleasure till the forge echoed with the sounds of their lovemaking. Joined together in heart, mind, soul and body. Both Hercules and Iolaus had their eyes closed; yet all they saw was each other. Hercules still feasting on Iolaus' neck could see his lover's face, although it was facing away, knowing by heart the color Iolaus' eyes turned with lust, how one corner of Iolaus' mouth turned up in half a grin, and how Iolaus' eyes would melt into his as they both came together.

In his mind's eye Iolaus could see his lover as well. The brown hair surrounding his face, deep blue eyes that grabbed his heart, the way Hercules would start to bite his lower lip if he couldn't get close enough to use them on Iolaus' lips, neck, or body. Iolaus couldn't take it anymore he needed something more, he reached down and took the hand that the demigod had been using to tease his nipples in to hard tips that begged to be touched, fondled or pinched. As he raised the hand closer to his mouth he drew Hercules' index finger slowly in to his hot, wet mouth. Swirling his tongue around it nipping and sucking like it as though it was a cock. Hercules moaned with pleasure. Iolaus thrust into Hercules' other hand while they matched tempo to each other. Hercules' cock hit Iolaus' sweetspot with every stroke. They came at the same time each shouting his lover's name. Both Hercules and Iolaus' bodies shuddered with reaction from their just released passions.

Hercules laid them both down on their sides. Gently separating, Iolaus turned into Hercules' arms. Iolaus looked in to Hercules' eyes. Then he started to kiss his way down the demigod's body, paying special attention to Hercules' neck and leaving a few passion marks of his own. Hercules moaned as Iolaus continued to attack his neck but used his hands to turn the demigods nipples back in to hard oversensitive nubs straining for more contact. Moving his hot, wet mouth down lower, Iolaus briefly stopped to taste Hercules' nipples and hearing a deeper moan coming from Hercules, he smiled to himself. Iolaus Moved slowly down the demigods body.

Setting Hercules' body on fire with a teasing trail of mock bites and nips. Still not touching Hercules' throbbing cock. Iolaus began to run his tongue over the demigod heavy balls taking them in his mouth and gently sucking them. Moving past Hercules' balls. Iolaus nipped the cheeks of his partner's ass. Using his hot moist tongue to slowly tease Hercules entrance; his tongue darting, lapping and stabbing at but not entering the demigods tormented hole. a Hercules' breath sounded ragged to Iolaus. Moving back from Hercules' ass, the hunter attacked again. He started teasing the demigod by just breathing on his cock, using small hot puffs of breath to caress the weeping cock. Hercules arched in response moaning "Iolaus please suck me!" Iolaus answered at once by taking as much of the full length of the demigod as he could. Iolaus knew that Hercules wouldn't be able to hold out much longer when he pleaded "Oh Iolaus that's so good... so good I want to... I need to taste you too! Iolaus!"

Hearing his lover's plea, Iolaus shifted his body around so they were both cock to mouth Hercules wasted no time taking Iolaus' cock in his mouth and sucking it down his throat. Iolaus knew he wouldn't last long the way Hercules mouth was working his cock. So he started to turn up the heat once more. First wetting his fingers, then sucking harder on the hot cock in his mouth, he used one of his hands to play with Hercules ass gently entering him and using his fingers to find and softly stroke his lover's sweetspot. Knowing that when Hercules started moaning and sucking harder that the demigod would fight fire with fire.

Hercules wet a couple fingers of own and using them to enter then stroke Iolaus' pleasure point he felt Iolaus arch as he started to cum in the demigod's mouth. Iolaus' climax was all it took to start Hercules' own. Together they both swallowed all his lover had to give him. Reluctantly they released each other's cocks from their mouths. Hercules lifted Iolaus into his arms once more. They met with a matching smile on their faces and a promise in their eyes. Together always - forever together.


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