Author: MommaMuse
Story Title: Anatomy of a Dream
Characters: Gabrielle & Joxer
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Sometimes dreams come true.
This rating is for explicit m/f sex.

Joxer and Gabby belong to others, specifically Renaissance Pictures and MCA/Universal Studios/Studios USA. I am not in this for profit, and have nothing worth suing for.

This story contains explicit sex between a man and a woman.

Thank you Ashera, for going over this so carefully and making helpful suggestions. It ended up much better than it started out, thanks to you.

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Anatomy of a Dream
By MommaMuse

Gabrielle hated it when Xena left. It was bad enough when she went off by herself for no reason. But to be left for this reason was even worse. Xena was off doing whatever the hell it was she did whenever she left her loyal friend and sidekick behind - and probably enjoying herself thoroughly - while Gabrielle was stuck taking care of Joxer. This really sucked – in a big, major way.

The hopeless klutz had managed to step on a broken sword during their last battle, and cut his foot rather badly. Xena had dressed and salved it, but it had still picked up an infection, and now he was running a fever. Not a bad one, mind you, but enough that the Warrior Princess insisted he stay behind – and that the bard stay and watch over him. So Xena was off doing her derring-do, while Gabrielle was stuck here doing doo-doo. This really sucked.

He had been complaining about being a bit warm, so she had dosed him with the herbs Xena had left, and sent him to the river to bathe and cool off. But he had been gone a long time – she sent him there right after lunch, and the sun was now low in the sky. She realized this should have worried her long before this. He could have passed out and drowned, and while he annoyed her frequently, she didn’t wish him dead. She set off to find out what had become of him, her worry growing with each subsequent step.

She saw his clothes when she stopped by the riverbank to catch her breath. Scanning the river for assurance of his well being, she saw him asleep in a patch of fading sunlight on a large rock near the bank. Naked. And from the sight of him, he was having a very entertaining dream. She stared in awe.

She had, in her travels, heard the descriptive phrase, "hung like a horse." Until she had spent some time with a healer who owned a stallion she had no idea of the exact magnitude that phrase encompassed. Once she saw the equine equipment, she realized that the description had to be mere hyperbole. Or at least, she had thought so until now. The sight before her was truly impressive.

It finally occurred to her that she wasn’t here to indulge in a study of Joxer’s finest feature; she was here to see if he was okay. He certainly looked okay – way beyond just okay. He looked fine. She managed to drag her eyes up to his, which were now open and studying her. "Hi, Gabby," he offered casually when he finally caught her eye.

"J-J-Joxer," she stammered out, ashamed of her recent thoughts. Then realizing just how relaxed he was (except for that particular part of him), she stared again, but now at his face. "Aren’t you bothered by the fact that you’re completely naked, and I’m standing here?" She might not know everything about this warrior wanna-be, but she was sure she knew he would be humiliated by this turn of events under normal circumstances.

"Nope," he answered calmly.

Her curiosity was about to kill her. "Why not?"

He smiled serenely. "Because you’re just a dream." She paused to digest this, and he went on. "You’re standing there, all but drooling over me. How could you be anything else?"

She had to admit – his logic was faultless. She had never found the clumsy oaf in the slightest bit attractive before. Okay – maybe just the slightest bit. Hell, in the getup Aphrodite had dressed him in while he was under that bell spell he was downright gorgeous. He hadn’t looked all that bad in her pink nightie either. She shook herself, a funny feeling gripping her stomach. To draw her own attention elsewhere, she questioned him again.

"Do you dream about me much?"

His grin was truly evil. She was sure she’d have remembered if she had ever seen that expression on Joxer’s face before. "Yeah, all the time."

Gabrielle felt some concern. "And do we have sex in those dreams?" That look she had previously noticed on his face gave her a pretty good clue.

"Oh, yeah."

His monument to this happy thought seemed to increase with this statement. She had never heard anyone referred to as "hung like an elephant" before. Her breathing became ragged.

He stood up, and walked over towards her, limping slightly, his assets swaying invitingly as he approached. Her heart stopped entirely for a few moments. She tried squeezing her legs together to make the feeling she was experiencing go away, but it just made her feel more so, in a different way. She tried the more clinical view. Damn, it looked even larger up close. So much for clinical. She began to sweat.

He continued on, calmly. "We usually have passionate sex. You jump me, and we go for, oh, I don’t know, hours." His dispassionate description of their imaginary activities was tying her insides into knots.  

This could be highly educational, should she ever need to write about the male fantasy life. Yeah – that was it. She would question him in order to better understand the male psyche. Her heart rate slowed a bit. That is, until she made the mistake of looking at his naked body again. What was she thinking? Oh, yeah – she needed to understand how men thought. Although Joxer was hardly the typical male. Unintentionally, she allowed her eyes to again stray to the confirmation of this fact. She gulped. "S-s-s-s-o," she choked out, "tell me about your dream."

"Why?" He seemed truly puzzled by this simple request.

"So I know what to do," she answered, realizing too late what that implied.

Joxer smiled joyously. "Oh, this is a new one. I get to teach you about sex. I like this one – I should’ve come up with it sooner."

She realized that she really had only been with one man, and that for only one night. She was the next best thing to a virgin. The experience would be educational. For some reason that word comforted her. And he thought he was dreaming, so he’d never discuss it. It would be almost like it never happened. She moved over to him, ostensibly to check his fever. She placed both hands on his face. He still was a bit warm, but now that she was standing so close to his undressed body, so was she. He began to pull at the laces to her top. "Wait a minute!" she protested.

"Why?" he asked again.

"Shouldn’t you at least kiss me first, or something?"

He paused, his brow wrinkled in thought, then nodded. Without further preamble, he pulled her into his arms, and against his naked body, and gave her a kiss that stirred things inside her she was sure she’d never known were there before. The heat within her was rising, but so were tender feelings that had both nothing and everything to do with the seemingly inevitable conclusion to this kiss. She wanted him - more than just physically. Right this minute, physical was good, but there was more to it, and that would take time to work out.

She began to run her hands over his surprisingly muscular back. Her ministrations moved southward, and she found that area to be equally pleasing. His hands were making similar journeys over her backside, causing her to feel, pressed against her stomach, his enormous…. She pulled her mouth away from his, feeling the need for a deep breath. "Wow."

He was looking at her carefully. "Is it alright if I take your top off now?"

Unable to trust her voice at this point, she simply nodded.

As he worked at the strings of her green top, he mumbled to himself. "It’s not usually this hard to get off. All I have to do most times is touch it, and it’s gone." Finally he managed to unlace the snug piece of clothing and he peeled it off. He began running his hands lightly over her breasts, causing Gabrielle to catch her breath suddenly. It felt so good.

"They’re larger than usual," he mentioned, conversationally. "Softer, too."

He began kissing his way down her neck, licking and sucking as he went. This alone was driving her wild, but when he reached her nipple and took it into his mouth, she felt her knees nearly buckle. He lifted his head, and she whimpered slightly in frustration.

"I don’t remember dreaming about how you taste before. You taste really good."

Then he returned to the other breast, and she sighed with joy. She was becoming once again aware of those other feelings for this man she hadn’t felt before. She wanted to hold him tenderly as he slept, to walk with her hand in his, to be a regular part of making dreams like this a reality for him. Or maybe those were feelings she hadn’t admitted to feeling before…

Somehow they had managed to wind up on the ground, lying in a soft bed of leaves. He was continuing his attention to her breasts, but there were other parts of her dying for attention. She tried to reach under him and unbuckle the belt to her skirt, accidentally hitting his impressive manhood in her efforts. She just had to touch it. Tentatively at first, she wrapped her hand around it, moving up and down slowly. As she gained confidence, she gripped more tightly and sped up. His eyes grew wide, his head having lifted from its delightful work when she had begun hers.

Finally he gasped, "You better stop that. I couldn’t…I mean I can’t...I want to…" She let go, hearing his disappointed sigh, but the glazed look in his eyes drove her even farther into her own feelings of desire.

After he regained his composure he unbuckled her skirt, pulling it and her panties off together in one fluid motion. "There, now that went the way it’s supposed to," she heard him mutter. Then he began kissing his way on down her body, every touch of his mouth and his tongue adding fuel to the fire already burning in her loins. When he reached the spot that was fast becoming the most demanding part of her body, she expected him to tease her for a while before getting down to business. Instead, he dove right in, causing the bard to gasp and moan in the same breath. Whatever was building inside of her was making every muscle in her body tense. She could hear her blood pounding in her ears. His clever tongue found just the right place, and suddenly, the whole world drew in to focus on that one little spot. "Oh, my," she began. "Oh, oh oooooooh!" And the world exploded – the warmth ran through her body and tingled to the ends of her fingers and toes. Her thighs clamped around his ears, and she had her fingers twisted in his hair, trying to pull him right into her. Finally, the feelings softened, like a tide going back to the sea. She relaxed her body, releasing Joxer from her grip.

He sat back, rubbing his ears. "That hurt!" he complained. "You’ve never hurt me before."

As she regained control over her rubbery limbs, she saw the disappointment on his face and felt sort of bad for him. She didn’t mean to ruin his dream, even if it wasn’t really a dream. Besides, she was starting to feel a new strength of affection for this man. Even though he thought he was dreaming he seemed every bit as concerned about her pleasure as he was his own - maybe even more so. His devotion to her was becoming more apparent by the minute, and she wondered how she had ever managed to ignore him or find him annoying.

She pulled herself up and crawled over beside him. "Here," she said in a deep husky voice she wasn’t sure was her own, "Let me see if I can make it better." She began kissing and licking his ear, feeling him relax and begin to enjoy the attention. Soon she was working her way down Joxer’s long neck, throwing the occasional nip into the mix, and hearing his breath hiss out with pleasure. She pressed him down onto his back, and traveled to his flat nipples, giving them the same treatment he had given hers, delighted by the way his slim hips would buck when she pulled them lightly with her teeth.

After a few moments of this, while she was considering her next move, Joxer grabbed her shoulders and pulled her face up to his.

"Enough," he breathed. "I don’t want to wake up before the best part." He rolled her onto her back, and she spread her legs in eager anticipation. He ran his hands over her breasts again, then moved into position. As he entered her and she gasped, he explained breathlessly, "This is when I tell you that I love you."

She pulled his head to hers, exploring his mouth and answering his declaration of love without words. As he pulled away she moaned, "Oh, Joxer."

With some effort, between panting breaths, he pointed out to her, "Now you always say you love me too, and we’ll always be together."

She really couldn’t say it now, as much as she wanted to. She had to wait until it came from her heart, and she was too absorbed with other parts of her anatomy right this minute. But she knew she would tell him later, many times. She ran her fingers over his chest, hoping her eyes held the message she wanted him to hear, and just said, "Okay." Besides, he thought this was just a dream, and she wanted him to know, really. Then he began to move harder and faster, and both thought and speech became impossible for her. She cried out again, the feeling and her squeal both lasting longer this time. She became conscious, as she finished, of his body tensing, and then he thrust once more and stopped, holding her close, shuddering and moaning her name. Spent, he collapsed on top of her, his weight not entirely uncomfortable as his body covered hers. Eventually he shifted off of her, and she curled up on his shoulder, throwing her leg over his, amazed at how natural this felt.

He wrapped his arm around her, and just before her eyes closed entirely, she heard him mumble, "I really want to have this dream again."


Joxer awoke, and his first thoughts were of the dream he had had the night before. Never before had the whole experience felt so real. He then realized that he had been sleeping in the nude, and his covers were all wrapped around his right side. Reaching over to pull them straight and recover his body before Gabby woke and saw him like this, he encountered soft flesh rather than the expected pelt. He sat up in terror, startling Gabrielle awake without being aware he had. He scrambled for something to cover his nakedness, resorting finally to piling leaves in his lap. He drew a few deep breaths, and calmed himself enough to turn and look at the figure beside him.

The beautiful bard was laying there, not a stitch of clothing on her, her head propped up on one elbow, smiling bemusedly at his expression. "Oh no," he moaned, holding his head in his hands. "I really did that. It really happened. I wasn’t dreaming. Oh, man."

"Yup," she replied cheerfully, "Wanna do it again?"

He looked at her as if she had grown another head. "Do it again? You don’t hate me? You don’t want me to go away, and never show my disgusting face in your sight again?"

She reached for his shoulder, pulling him back down beside her. Snuggling her naked body up to his, she smiled widely. "If that’s what you think I’m feeling, now you are dreaming."

The End

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