Author: fivehundredbc
Story Title: Deception at Dusk
Characters: Xena & Ares, Xena/Gabrielle, Gabrielle & Ares
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Ares and Xena decide to have a little fun with Gabrielle. But is that all it is?
This rating is for explicit f/f, m/f, and f/f/m sex, and for non-consensual sex.

Xena, Ares, Gabrielle, and Joxer all belong to MCA/Universal. No copyright infringement intended.

This story contains explicit descriptions of male/female, female/female and female/female/male sex. It also contains non-consensual sex. Do not read the story if these subjects disturb you.

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This is my first attempt at fanfic so here goes. This story takes place sometime after the 'Dirty Half Dozen'.


Deception at Dusk
By fivehundredbc

It had been a long day, even for a god. Watching Xena in battle always wore him out. Today was no different. He had actually begun to get accustomed to her beating the hell out of the warlords he sent her way. In fact, most of the skirmishes he had caused lately were merely to watch her fight. He had no real interest in small villages, his only interest was her and their destiny, to rule the world together. If he couldn't get her back then there was no way he was going to see that happen. What really irked him was that he could sense that she wanted him as much as he wanted her but she wouldn't budge. That blonde bitch Gabrielle was the source of his problem. He knew if he could rid the world of the annoying little bard, he could have Xena back at the head of his army and the head of his cock. He also knew that if he bumped her off Xena would never come back. Quite a predicament, he thought to himself as he settled down against a tree a few yards away from where the two women were making camp.

Xena's muscles ached. She had taken a hard fall this morning. She had to admit that Ares' warriors were well trained. Well, they should be, she thought. After all, you used to be one. She looked at Gabrielle who was laying their blankets out for the night.

"I guess this means we're eating jerky and molded bread tonight." Gabrielle gave Xena a knowing look. "Xena, I know you would never admit it but you are tired and your back hurts from that fall, I doubt very seriously you feel like hunting or fishing."

Xena was always amazed at how well the girl could read her. The warrior in her had always prided herself on being able to keep her emotions, both good and bad, well hidden. Gabrielle, however could always see through the rough exterior.

"Besides," Gabrielle began, "We still have some molded cheese too." This last note made the warrior laugh.

Ares loved to see Xena laugh. He used to make her laugh uncontrollably. Why couldn't they talk anymore? They used to sit for hours talking and joking together. Did she really find him as repulsive as she claimed? He didn't think so, she was just afraid of disappointing the little brat.

Xena took a seat on the blankets that her companion had lain out and began to work on her sword. The bard plopped down behind Xena and began to massage her shoulders. Xena gave in to the fingers working on her. She turned her head stretching it to release the tension of the day's battle. She put her sword aside and began to unlace her boots. Gabrielle reached around Xena and unfastened the warrior's breast armor. She knew what Xena needed and she was going to give it to her.

Xena sighed as Gabrielle's hand brushed across the leather covered nipple. Gabrielle placed the armor next to the sword and went back to work on Xena's shoulders.

Xena's juices were flowing. Every time Gabrielle undressed her it was like the first time, hot and fiery but at the same time gentle and loving. Gabrielle yanked a little on Xena's long dark hair and whispered, "turn around." Xena obeyed the command and was quickly facing the strawberry blonde anticipating the bard's next move.

Ares could not believe his good fortune. He had only got to witness their love making on one other occasion. He reveled in seeing Xena like this. She would never give into him like she did to Gabrielle. With Ares she was always in complete control. To see someone take her and command her was sweeter than any nectar. He moved closer so he could get a better look. He would like to get close enough to smell the juices of his love but knew if he edged too close she would sense him and it would ruin the whole thing.

Gabrielle removed Xena's wristbands without any trouble and leaned in for a kiss. Xena met the young girl's mouth eagerly. Their puckered lips met, but that wasn't enough to satisfy the bard. Gabrielle traced Xena's rosy lips with the tip of her tongue. Xena let her tongue escape to chase down her lover's. Their tongues met and began dancing in Xena's mouth, then Gabrielle's. "Let's get you out of that leather," Gabrielle purred to Xena. Xena raised her arms as Gabrielle pulled off the warrior's dress. The bard threw the dress out of the way and went back to kissing Xena. Her cunt was aching to have Xena's tongue doing its magic on it.

Xena, now only in her shift, didn't look so much like a warrior. Ares was astonished that he had never taken the time to truly know the woman behind the warrior. When they had sex it was rough and fast. It was great. She was the best he had ever had, but he truly desired to know her like this. If he ever got her back he knew the first request he would make would be to make love to her.

As Gabrielle removed Xena's shift leaving her body bare, it hit him. He was jealous. Jealous of Gabrielle. Imagine that. This little bitch had it all and where was he? Stuck on the fucking sidelines watching. He realized he was letting his anger get away with him. Focus, he reminded himself.

Gabrielle brought her hand down to Xena's tit and began to rub the nipple with her thumb. "My turn," Xena said. She began working at the laces that held in Gabrielle's ample boobs. They plopped out into Xena's hands and they sat for a moment fondling each other's breasts.

Ares' anger left him as his cock began to grow. His right hand began to rub the bulge through the leather as his left hand reached inside his vest to tease a nipple.

Xena maneuvered her hands down to Gabrielle's waist and pulled the bard's skirt off. Xena laid back on the blanket and motioned for Gabrielle to do likewise. Gabrielle obliged and reached again for Xena's nipple, but this time with her mouth. The warmth enveloped Xena's tit. Her cunt clenched at the sensation of it. Xena ran her long slender fingers through Gabrielle's silken hair. It was amazing what this Amazon could do with her tongue. Gabrielle let her hand snake its way to Xena's clit. She began to rub it with her forefinger, making Xena shudder from the pleasure. Gabrielle's finger reached a little lower and found Xena's lips eagerly waiting a good finger fucking. Gabrielle inserted her forefinger and middle finger and began an in-and-out motion.

Ares was losing it fast. He knew if he was going to last he had to get his hand off of his cock. That, however, was a lot easier said than done. Watching Xena get excited this way was bringing his come to the head fast. Then it happened, he could barely hear it but the words were distinctive. "I love you," Xena had murmured to Gabrielle. Never once in all of Ares and Xena's sex had she ever said that to him. The jealousy ripped through his heart. Why, he wondered, would she not let them have this just once for Zeus' sake? Suddenly he had a desire to ruin this for Xena. If she wouldn't love him he didn't want her to love Gabrielle either. He knew once Xena got past the point of no return that he could take control of this little rendezvous.

After giving Xena a good massage of her clit and a good fingering to get her good and wet, Gabrielle decided it was time to bring her lover to an orgasm. She slid down Xena's body until her face was hovering teasingly over Xena's pussy. Xena raised her pelvis up toward Gabrielle's mouth in hopes of breaking the tease. When Gabrielle got a smell of Xena's juices Xena's plan had worked. Gabrielle couldn't hold out any longer, she wanted to taste the warrior's excitement. She ran her tongue slowly up and down Xena's slit, getting a good taste of Xena's sticky goo. She then dived deep into Xena's hole with her wriggling tongue. Xena was squirming all over the blanket as her hips moved in time with Gabrielle's tongue fucking.

Ares knew that this was the moment. Xena would come soon, so he had to make his move. He edged up to their campsite. He saw that old familiar look come across Xena's face. She knew he was watching. She also realized that she had gone too far to call it off now. A smile spread across her face. A mischievous smile that Ares hadn't seen in years. A gleam in her eye that told him his bad girl was still there and he had picked the perfect time to find her.

She looked directly at where he was standing and winked.

She's remarkable, he thought. She can't even see me but knows exactly where I am standing. She motioned for Ares to come over to her. Gabrielle was too busy with Xena's snatch to notice anything going on. Ares showed himself only to Xena. Xena knew it was wrong but she became excited by the naughtiness of it all. She wondered just how long the god had been watching her friend please her. Hell, he's probably been here all night, she thought to herself. Ares wasted no time getting over to where his warrior princess had commanded. He sat down on his knees and asked her if he could lie next to her. She didn't answer him with words; she simple took her right hand and began to caress the bulge that was straining against the leather. Ares almost came in his pants right then. It had been a good three years since she had willingly, in her own body, touched his godhood.

Xena liked what she was doing to him, she knew she had complete control of his body. Quickly Xena the conqueror emerged and began to enforce her will upon Ares. She worked to free his cock from the leather. His head popped out first and the sight of his enlarged head made her come to a fierce orgasm.

Gabrielle tasted Xena's new flow of juices and, although her job was finished, she could not get enough of Xena's taste. She continued to dart her tongue in and out of Xena's fuckhole and let a finger slip down into Xena's tight warm ass.

Xena was on fire. Damn he made her kinky. Only Ares could take a calm night's lovemaking and turn it into something so naughty and nasty, and the bitch in her loved him for it. Sometimes she thought that Ares missed his true calling or lost it in a bet to Bacchus.

Gabrielle continued to lap up Xena's sweet gravy. Her arousal getting the better of her, she let her hand slip down to her own clit, which she began to manipulate. Xena had Ares' cock in hand giving it a good stroke when the bard looked at Xena. She gave Xena a puzzled look. "Lay down," Xena said firmly. It was clear that the warrior was now taking control.

Gabrielle fell back onto the blanket, her perky tits sticking beautifully in the air. Xena left Ares cock standing at attention and went to work on Gabrielle. She leaned over the young girl and began to suckle her pink nipples. Xena's ass was in the air and Ares couldn't stop himself. He positioned himself behind the warrior and began rubbing her firm rump. Xena had no desire to stop him. It had been too long since she had been this naughty. It felt so good, and this way no innocent blood would be shed.

Xena's tongue licked down from Gabrielle's boob to her hard stomach and then on to better places. Xena began lapping at the bard's clit like a kitten, exactly the way that Gabrielle had told her she liked it. From Ares' position the only thing he could see was the back of Xena's head and Gabrielle's face that appeared to be in sheer ecstasy. He took his dick in his hand and guided to the spot he desired.

Xena tensed a little when she felt the cock part her labia. She knew if he went any further then there would be no stopping him. Hades, what was she thinking, there was no stopping him now. He leaned down into Xena's ear.

"Are you okay with this?" he asked.

She didn't hesitate, she only whispered, "Yes." What was going on? Now Xena was confused. He had asked when he had her at such a vulnerable moment. Even more shocking she had said yes. Oh, to Tartarus with it, she thought.

Gabrielle was now bucking against her and Xena was really turned on. Ares pushed his cock slowly into Xena's depths. He had to get control of himself or he was going to come too soon. He grabbed a handful of her hair and began to ride her like a pony. He knew she liked it rough and from the way she was acting these last few minutes a little of the old Xena was with him tonight. She began grinding herself onto his cock and he lost it. His princess was fucking him back. He couldn't control himself any longer. He let his seed spill inside his beautiful warrior. With the hot come stinging her insides Xena's cunt shattered into a massive orgasm. It was like he had shot lightning up her cunt and she was electrified. It caused her to pause a moment from her muff dive. Gabrielle, however, demanded satisfaction and pulled Xena's head back down.

Ares pulled his cock from Xena and kissed her on the shoulders. He then lay next to Gabrielle. Xena gave him a knowing look and nodded her head in agreement. Ares mouth closed over Gabrielle's tit. He began to flick his tongue back and forth across the nipple. Gabrielle thought she was hallucinating from the pleasure Xena was bringing her. She could feel someone sucking her tit. Xena inserted two fingers up the bard's cunt and began to eat and fuck her simultaneously. That was the breaking point. The warmth on her breast and Xena's many skills brought her orgasm to full force. Her body shuddered and then relaxed. Xena smiled a devilish smile and Ares knew his job was done. With a thousand splashes of light he was gone.


It didn't take long for Xena to realize what she had just done. She had given in to him. He caught her at a moment of weakness and she spread like a bar whore. Why, dammit, did he have that affect on her? Damn he was good. If only there could be a way. What? What in Hades are you thinking, Xena? It is his scum that you battle everyday. Another night like that and you'll be his scum again too. Scum.

Suddenly she felt very dirty. Without a word to Gabrielle she ran to the lake nearby. The water was freezing but she didn't care. She had to be clean. Not only had she let him touch her but also she let him, no she didn't just let, she encouraged him to touch Gabrielle. She knew if Gabrielle ever found out what just happened she wouldn't forgive her. She scrubbed hard but it wasn't working. Its my soul that's dirty, she thought. How do you clean your soul? By staying the hell away from him that's how, she decided.

Ares was watching from the other side of the lake. He knew what she was doing. His plan had worked and yet he was sorry that it had. It may have ruined this night with Gabrielle but it also made her hate him a little more. He wanted badly to go to her but knew that she would shun him now. He had to try.

She sensed him, "What the fuck do you want, you bastard?" She felt him behind her stroking her hair. She turned and flashed her eyes at him in pure anger.

"Xena, I only wanted you."

She slapped him and for once it truly hurt him. "Look Xena, I know this may be hard for you to believe, but I didn't want to hurt you."

Xena gave him a painful unbelieving look. "Okay, I meant to hurt you, dammit, but not like this. I wanted to ruin it for you. But not for the reasons you're thinking."

Xena retorted, "I don't care what your reasons are. Get lost."

Surprise crept across Xena's face. He was hurt, truly hurting the way she was hurting. Part of her wanted to not care but the other part of her cared very much. She hated the latter part of her and wished she could lose her. But wait, she thought, the old Xena didn't give a damn about Ares' feelings, only her destiny and how he could be used to achieve that. If she had any remorse for his pain then they weren't the old Xena's feelings, they were hers.

"Okay, explain yourself," she said after reconsidering.

He was shocked; she was actually going to hear him out. Don't blow it, he thought to himself. "Xena, it's like this, I was watching you and Gabrielle make love and I got jealous."

"Jealous?" Xena questioned.

"Yes, Jealous. I was thinking of all the times we've been together and never once have we truly made love to each other and it pissed me off. I didn't want you having that with anyone else if we couldn't have it. So I decided to sabotage it." Ares answered.

"But why would you care? You told me a long time ago that you could never love anyone," he thought he detected a little pain in her last remark.

"Xena, I lied back then, but I am not lying now. I love you, dammit. Everything I do I do to get you back. I have never felt this way about anyone. I want to do to you all those things she was doing to you." Ares confessed.

Xena was very confused. Her heart said go for it but her mind refused. "Forget it Ares, it could never work. We're on opposite ends now. If you had said something years ago thenů"

He got angry, "Then what, Xena? You would have laughed me out of your tent, that's' what!"

She knew what he was saying was true. Damn him, why did she want him so badly? She would just have to get over it. She couldn't let him win, not that easily.

"You know I can read your thoughts, Xena," he stated, rather than asked. She nodded for him to continue, "When you realize that this isn't a game to be won or lost you'll look in your heart and you'll find me there. Til next time, Xena," he said and then was gone again.


By the time Xena made it back to camp, Gabrielle had fallen asleep from the exhaustion of their romp. Xena lay down next to the bard and tried hard not to think of the last hour's events. However, the harder she tried the more the thoughts plagued her.

Would it really hurt anything, she wondered, to just give it one shot. Her mind screamed at her, Hades, yes it would hurt. What are you thinking, Xena? He is the epitome of everything you want to get away from. But her heart retorted, Just because you don't agree with the things he does, well, that doesn't mean that you have to stop feeling for him.

Xena tossed and turned, unable to get comfortable. Every time she closed her eyes she felt those lips on her shoulders, those hands holding her hair, that cock in her cunt. Dammit, she jumped up. She needed a run, that would do it.

Xena took off sprinting through the woods, wearing only her shift. The wind felt good in her hair. The forest floor was soft on her feet. Then, thump, she hit something hard, was it a tree? Surely not, she would have seen it. Blackness enveloped her and she finally got the sleep she desired.

The sweet smell of honeysuckle drifted in the air as Xena's senses came back to her. Then the thought occurred to her. It was the middle of autumn; no honeysuckle could be in bloom. She opened her eyes and realized she was no longer outdoors. This place had a familiarity to it but she knew it was no place she had ever been. A familiar scent drifted into her nostrils. Ares, she thought.

"Alright, show yourself," the warrior demanded. She surveyed her surroundings but to no avail. He was nowhere in sight. This place was absolutely breathtaking, perhaps it wasn't Ares. After all, he was hardly the god of romance. The soft bed she was lying on just didn't look like Ares' style, he wasn't the cream colored type of god. And the material felt like the material Lao Ma had used in Chin. She had never seen anything like it in Greece. Other than the bed the room was hardly furnished. There was a dressing table in the corner and a clothing chest on the floor at the foot of the bed. There were two windows that lighted the room in the day and four candles one in each corner that Xena assumed would be for evening lighting. The windows were open and the breeze was causing the cream colored drapes to make a flapping sound. Xena walked over to the one of the windows to take a look outside.

She hadn't imagined the smell; it was honeysuckle, but how. Everywhere she looked there were signs of early summer. There was a garden with a stone paved path just outside the window. "The Elysian Fields," Xena questioned out loud. She heard a low voice behind her, "No, Xena, the Aresian Fields," he chuckled. "Welcome home, Xena, Welcome home."

Xena looked at the god with amazement; she had never seen him like this. He had given up the black leather for a soft white top that laced to close. The pants appeared to be made of a softer material too. They were a deep brown and clung to his well-sculpted muscles. She didn't know what he was up to but she was finding it very difficult to be angry with him with him looking the way he did, almost vulnerable. She realized she was going to have to stop ogling him if she was going to regain her senses. She turned to look out the window again.

"Ares, what are you up to?" she questioned.

His hands closed over her shoulders and began to massage. "Nothing Xena, I just thought you could use a break, well deserved I might add." She wanted to believe him but she knew Ares and he always had something up his sleeve. "Cut the crap, you didn't go to all of this trouble for nothing," she stated.

"What trouble Xena?" he questioned.

She was beginning to lose her patience, "the trouble of creating this little paradise," she answered.
"Ahh, but Xena, you are wrong. I didn't create this place. This is my home on Olympus, not some ploy to mess with your mind," he knew she was softening as he began to work his hands down her back.

His home on Olympus, Huh? She had always wondered why he had never brought her here back in the old days and now she knew why. The old Xena would have laughed her ass off at the god of war enjoying such soft luxuries. This was a far cry from the bachelor pads he called temples. Damn, his hands felt good. Maybe she did need this. Maybe she could strike a deal with him. Maybe she didn't want a deal. Maybe she just wanted to give in.

He brushed her hair away from her neck and laid his chin to rest on her shoulder. He whispered softly in her ear, "just one day, Xena, and I swear I will return you unharmed to your little bard."

The breath on her neck was sending waves on pleasure to the rest of her body. She turned to face him. The warrior in her had disappeared, leaving the woman to hold her own with the God of War. His arms were wrapped around her; his hands clasped just above her butt. She closed her arms around his neck and pulled his head down to hers. "Make love to me, Ares," she requested.

His lips closed over hers and he pulled her into him. His tongue moved into her mouth where hers joined in the dance. He broke their kiss to look into her eyes. He saw tears. "Xena, I can't do this," he painfully admitted.

"What do you mean?" she questioned even more painfully.

"I mean I can't force you to be with me. It's not the way I want you."

She let her finger trace the hair around his lips and answered, " You're not forcing me to do anything. I want to know you like this, I have a feeling it's something I should have done ten years ago."

He gave her a puzzled look, "Ten years ago?"

She knew she had thrown him a curve, "Yeah, if we had been able to look at each other like this back then, then perhaps we could have had a chance to truly love each other, but now things between us are so messed up."

She was crying. He had only seen her cry once before. The night he watched her give up Solon she had cried. She hadn't known he was there. He had wanted to go to her so badly, but he knew she would think he was being soft like Borias. He had to hold her this time, soft or not, he thought.

He picked her up and placed her softly on the bed. Ares wiped her tears away with his fingers. Suddenly she began to laugh. "What so funny?" he asked.

"I was just thinking of the look on your face earlier tonight when I invited you to join me and Gabrielle."

He couldn't help but to chuckle. He knew his jar had probably dropped a foot. "You want something to laugh at do you?" he asked and began to tickle Xena's ribs. She laughed uncontrollably and did her best to tickle back. When the tickling was over Xena was pinned below the god.

"Please make love to me."

This time he wouldn't stop. He lowered his mouth to meet her eager lips while his hand began to caress her breast. Xena was working at the laces on his shirt hoping to get a taste of his sweet breast. She began to tease his nipple sucking and biting as he let a finger slip up inside of her. His skilled fingers found her g-spot and began to rub it while his thumb was working at her clit. Before long Xena had shot into a wondrous orgasm on Ares' fingers. He pulled his fingers out of her vagina and gave them a long tongue bathing. The taste of her moved his cock into sheer excitement he mounted Xena.

She was tight from the recent orgasm, so tight she could feel the veins bulging in his cock. She felt it jerk and knew he was going to explode. She didn't want him to pull out, instead she dug her fingers into his ass and urged him to spill his seed deep in her cunt. Ares did as his love wanted and fell limp on top of her from the sheer release of being allowed to give her all he had.

As he lay there on top of her she ran her fingers through his black locks. Where had their clothes gone,she wondered? He must have disposed of them, she thought. She placed a kiss on the top of his head and realized that he had fallen asleep. She had never seen him sleep, she didn't even realize he needed sleep. She wrapped her arms around him and decided that sleep was not such a bad idea.


When she woke the candles were lit and it was dark outside the window. He warrior attire was laid out at the foot of the bed. He sat on the edge of the bed dressed in his black leather.

"You know I have to ask you to stay," he said not looking at her.

"Yes, I know," she paused, "And you know that I am going to say no," she finished. She put her leathers on and walked over to and stood in front of him. "Ares, give me one more kiss before you take me back."

He stood up and placed his lips gently on hers. The blackness overtook her.


Xena awoke with a start, there was a noise in the nearby bushes. The familiar clang of metal let her know it was only Joxer. Xena took a good look around the campsite. Gabrielle was exactly where she had been when Xena went for her run. Had she even gone for a run? Maybe it was all a dream.

"Xena," she heard Joxer call from the edge of camp.

"Quiet, Joxer. Gabrielle is sleeping," she ordered.

Joxer nodded his head and settled down to sleep. Xena laid back down herself and looked up at the night sky. It must have been a dream. I was gone a whole day, she thought.

She brushed a strand of hair out of her face and found sticking in it a twig of honeysuckle, the sweetest smelling honeysuckle she had ever smelled.

The End

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