Author: Erin
Story Title: The Proposition
Characters: Joxer/Cupid, (Joxer/Strife)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Upset and a bit confused about the events of the night before, Cupid decides to blame it all on the mortal who started it. Sequel to The Prostitute.
This rating is for m/m sex.

I don't own 'em, I'm just having fun.

NC-17 for language and male/male sexual situations.

General Comments: Nothing much to say here, except maybe that this one isn't as strange as The Prostitute and it's damn near normal compared to the last story in the trilogy. Thanks to Feklar for the beta and to Jenni Wren for the inspiration.

Sequel to: The Prostitute

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The Proposition
by Erin
September 1999

Totally unbelievable. The man had no shame! How could he do it in the first place, let alone act like it didn't matter? Pacing back and forth across the small back room of his main temple, Cupid occasionally glared at his cousin. The God of Mischief, however, ignored him.

Reclining on a bed of pastel colored pillows, Strife examined the strange looking helmet he held, an amused smile working at the corners of his mouth. "Cool, huh?" he asked without looking at his extremely upset cousin.

The God of Love didn't respond, he just continued to pace.

"I mean, it sucks as head gear, but watch this." Strife turned the helmet upside-down. "Instant punch bowl! We could use it for those orgies you throw." He finally looked up at his cousin, grinning. When Cupid just glared again, he sighed and tossed the helmet back behind him.

"Lighten up, Cupie." Pulling a badly made sword out from under the pillows, he looked it over critically.

"You took his sword?" Cupid commented in disbelief, still pacing.

"It's not like he needs it. Not with that other one he's got. Oh, man," Strife breathed, letting the weapon drop, a wicked smile crossing his lips. "I could sure use a few more rounds of that!" He slid a hand inside his open shirt, rubbing a nipple as his eyes drifted partially closed.

"You're such a slut!" his cousin accused, the speed of his pacing increasing to match his temper.

"Mmm," Strife moaned as he moved his hand down to his pants to stroke his hardening cock. "Face it, Cupie, you're just jealous 'cause you're not."

Cupid abruptly stopped pacing and stood over the other god, wings fluttering in agitation. "I can't believe you, Strife!"

His cousin just smirked at him, his hand moving to the laces of his pants. "Well, if you're gonna get all bent outta shape over it then why don'tchya go complain to Ares or something. Maybe he'll listen."

"I already did," Cupid grumbled, remembering his Father's amusement at it all.

"Really?" It came out as more of a moan as Strife slid his hand inside his now open pants. "What'd he say?"

"He wants to know if you give discounts to family."

Flashing his cousin a grin, Strife began stroking himself lightly. "Nope. But tell him I'll trade for something."

That did it. "This is totally not cool!" Cupid exclaimed. His temper rose as the other god ignored him. "Damnit, Strife! You're a god, not a prostitute!"

With his free hand, Strife held up the money purse he'd taken from the mortal. "But check it out, Cupie, I made almost twenty dinars!" His grin widened.

With a noise of utter exasperation and fury, Cupid disappeared, Strife's annoying giggle echoing in his ears.

For a few seconds the God of Love didn't know what to do, then his anger found a focus. He went right to the one person he could blame for this: the mortal who'd started it.

He found Joxer making camp along an overgrown road, not far outside the town where Meg's Tavern was. The mortal -- minus helmet and sword -- had just gotten a small fire started. Appearing in a shower of gold sparkles, Cupid crossed his arms over his heavily muscled chest and glared.

Startled, Joxer overbalanced and tripped, ending up sprawled at Cupid's feet. Looking up at the winged god above him, his jaw dropped. "You...!" he gasped, scrambling up into a sitting position. "You were there last night with Strife, so you -- you're the God of Love!"

"Duh!" Cupid snapped.

"I knew I knew you! Last night I mean. Do you remember me? You know, Xena had me come get you when Bliss was playing with your arrows and--"

"What I remember is what ya did last night!" Cupid cut him off abruptly. "You treated a god like a prostitute!"

"Oh. That." Joxer turned a bit red and he looked down at the ground nervously. "Well, see, I didn't know he was a god and he went along with it so what was I supposed to think? I mean, he looked like he worked there!"

"And I didn't?" The words were out before Cupid could think about them. In an instant his anger began to make sense to him, as did all the other gods' amusement at it.

"Um, no. Why?" Joxer frowned in confusion.

"So that's why ya propositioned Strife and not me? 'Cause he looked like a pro?" Some of the his fury had left and he'd ceased to glare.

"Well, not totally." Joxer looked back up at the god. "He didn't laugh at me."

Oh. Cupid sighed as the rest of his anger dissipated. He hadn't even considered that. "If I hadn't laughed at you, then maybe you would've asked me instead of him?"

"I would've thought about it," Joxer replied, comprehension beginning to show in his wary expression. "You're, you know, really handsome and if I'd thought you were interested then I might've--"

"Prove it."

"What?" Joxer's eyes widened and he stared at the god in shock.

"You heard me." Cupid couldn't help smiling slightly. He knew why he was doing this, even if Joxer couldn't understand. Strife had been teasing him since last night, deliberately provoking him. So playing with his cousin's mortal made for perfect revenge.

"Okay, um...what do you want me to do?" Joxer asked uncertainly, looking even more nervous.

Cupid didn't respond, preferring to let the mortal figure it out for himself. He just raised an eyebrow and waited.

Apparently realizing he wouldn't be getting any instructions, Joxer rose onto his knees and looked Cupid over indecisively. Finally he reached out and began unlacing the brown leather pants.

Cupid watched, hiding his amusement at the way the man's hands trembled. This mortal didn't look like he had much experience. Cupid guessed he'd probably have a better time if he just pushed Joxer down and fucked him. But he kind of liked the way Joxer seemed almost intimidated by the prospect of trying to please him. He decided to wait and see how bad this was before taking over.

It took a few moments but Joxer got the pants open. Finally. Cupid sighed impatiently. He'd been about to just make the damn things disappear they could get on with it. Besides being a total klutz, the man seemed almost incapable of doing something as simple as unlacing a pair of pants. What could Strife possibly see in him?

Then he felt fingers touch his cock hesitantly, sliding around the thick base, moving upwards slowly as if Joxer were learning the feel of it, memorizing every detail. Fingertips moved around the head then slid down the underside, the touch almost teasing.

As good as that felt though, it was much too light and Cupid wanted more. But before he could say anything, Joxer leaned forward and Cupid gasped as the moist tip of a tongue moved up the underside.

Now this was more like it. The brief surprise fading, he enjoyed the feel of the long, slow licks bathing his cock, causing him to harden even more. Then Joxer's fingers strayed lower, the touch exploratory. Cupid shivered at the gentle caress over his balls.

"Not bad," he murmured, running a hand through Joxer's soft brown hair. He almost yanked out a handful of that hair a moment later when a hot, wet mouth closed over the head of his cock.

Steadying himself, the god closed his eyes and just let himself feel that tongue licking around the sensitive tip, briefly pushing into the slit, making him moan. Fingers closed around his shaft and began to stroke, the rhythm counterpoint to the continued caressing of his balls.

Another moan and Cupid had to stop himself from thrusting into that talented mouth. He wanted to see what else Joxer would do given the chance.

The mortal didn't disappoint. For a few more moments that wonderful tongue swirled around the head, teasing, drawing out the sensations -- then the stroking stopped and without any warning, Joxer took him all the way in, swallowing his thick cock all the way to the base.

Cupid couldn't hold back his cry of surprise mixed with pleasure, and this time he couldn't stop the impulse that made him pull almost completely out of the other man's mouth and thrust back in, hard and deep.

But Joxer didn't protest. Instead he grabbed hold of Cupid's hips, bracing himself, and swallowed around the cock buried in his throat.

"Oh fu--!" Cupid groaned and quickly pulled back then shoved in, a pace he kept up, unable to stop the hard thrusts.

Joxer took it all, still swallowing when the other man pushed down his throat, his tongue working the head of the cock every time the god drew back.

When Cupid felt a hand slide over from his hip to his ass he got rid of his pants with a thought, impatient to feel that touch on his skin. Joxer made a pleased sound and the vibrations that caused around his cock had Cupid groaning. The hand on his ass moved lower, fingers brushing over his sensitive opening.

Hand still gripping the mortal's hair as he fucked Joxer's mouth; Cupid shifted his legs apart some, providing more room. Joxer took the invitation, slowly working two fingers inside him. Cupid thrust harder in response, almost completely lost in the feel of that hot mouth around him, the fingers fucking him -- and the intense pleasure that shot through him as he suddenly came, the force of it surprising him. He cried out, tremors shaking his body. The hand on his hip tightened, fingers pushing deeper as Joxer swallowed it all.

When it was over some minutes later, Joxer seemed almost reluctant to release him. Pulling away, Cupid looked down at the man kneeling before him. "You're good," he complimented breathlessly. Joxer looked back at him, trembling, his face flushed, eyes bright with arousal, and Cupid grinned in understanding.

"Jerk off for me," he ordered. "I wanna watch."

Joxer didn't say anything, he simply opened his pants as quickly as possible, freeing a cock that was pretty impressive for a mortal. Hand closing around the shaft, he ran his thumb over the leaking head, spreading the moisture before he began a hard, fast rhythm, stroking himself roughly.

Cupid found himself getting turned on again, not just from the sight of the mortal touching himself, but from the desperation in his actions as well. Already Joxer was close. His eyes were closed, his breathing harsh as he thrust up into his hand. His grip tightened and he gasped, stroking faster. Seconds later he bit into his lip as he came, semen covering his hand and the ground before him. It left him shaking, looking completely exhausted.

"Whoa, dude, you've got talent," Cupid said, hand reaching down to stroke his own cock, already hardening again. He thought about ordering Joxer to turn around and bend over, wondering how good he was at that. Joxer certainly wouldn't object -- but there wasn't time.

Cupid quickly clothed himself. "It's been real," he said with a grin. "You're off the hook now -- with me anyway. Later." Perfectly satisfied, he disappeared, leaving Joxer to deal with the consequences on his own.


© 1998/99, Erin.

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