Author: Meg, Warrior Barmaid
Story title: Mistaken Identity
Characters: Meg & Caesar
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Meg goes to Rome and is mistaken for Xena. Is it worth it?
This rating is for explicit m/f sex.

Meg and Caesar do not belong to me, they belong to Universal/Studios USA. So on and so on yada yada yada

This story contains explicit descriptions of male/female sexual relations.

Author's Note: I've noticed some fanfic with not alot of Meg in them..and since I role play as Meg, this bothered me. And all you see is her with Joxer, I was thinking more along the lines of this. But you have to read to find out more!


Mistaken Identity
By: Meg, Warrior Barmaid

Meg walked along the streets of Rome, getting looks like she had never seen before. She looked worried, as she had never been outside of Greece before. And Rome, she wanted to see for a long time. She had stopped at a place to buy liquor from a man outside the tavern. She smiled, and gave him the amount for the five bottles for her tavern. She walked down the alleyway, looking around. She turned her head, thinking she heard foot steps, then dismissed the idea and kept walking. A man walked out form the shadows and grabbed her. Before she could scream, then man covered her mouth with his hand.

"What's the matter Xena?" he asked. "Lost your touch?"

The woman's eyes widened as she struggled.

He laughed, "Caesar's waiting for you.."

She tried to scream, but was pulled off into Caesar's palace. He threw her into Caesar's chambers.

"Get changed..." He motioned over to the bed "There are your clothes." and with that, the soldier left. She looked at the clothes and shrugged, putting them on, and sat down, waiting on Caesar.

He closed the door, and looked at her lying on the bed. He smiled to himself, and walked over to the bed, and sat down. Meg woke up, and looked at him. She gasped, and backed up.

"What's the matter Xena?" he asked.

"I'm not Xena!" Meg hissed.

He laughed, "Come, come..Your not Xena?"

She shook her head, "No.."

He crawled towards her, "Oh?" A smug smile formed across his lips.

She backed up, she had heard the stories about what Caesar did to Xena. Betrayed her, broke her legs. She didn't want to get mixed up in this. But she couldn't help but look into Caesar's eyes. He was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. And right now, Joxer was far from her mind. She smiled, maybe she should play along being Xena. She knew where this would get her.

"Xena, don't play mind games with me. It doesn't work." Caesar boasted

"I'm sorry Caesar." She grinned.

He smiled, "It's alright." He stopped and ran his finger down her thigh. "I want to put all I put you through behind us."

"I don't know if I can do that, Caesar..." Meg grinned slyly.

"Why not? Don't you trust me?"

"It's not that I don't trust you....It's just that I need you to make me believe you."

"Oh really?" He smirked, "And how is that?"

"I'll make you a deal, you come Meg's Tavern every month or so, I'll be there, and we can chat...and I might consider not slitting your throat right here."

He grinned, "I'll have to think about it. I'll have to let you know when I'm firm on the deal."

She ran her hand down his chest, placing her hand on his inner thigh, she crawled closer to him, and kissed him passionately. She pulled back, leaving him breathing heavily. "Firm yet?"

He grinned, "Xena, this is a side of you I haven't seen since the night on your barge..."

"Well, I'm full of surprises," she grinned, and kissed him again.

He pulled back, "Now I'm firm on the deal.."

She purred, "Good..." She pulled him onto her, and kissed him down his neck.

He kissed her down her chest, stopping between her breasts, and pulled the dress down, kissing the hardened nipples. Meg let out a moan, and grounded her hips into his. He removed his breastplate, along with his clothes, and undressed Meg slowly. She dug her nails into his back, as her sucked on her breast, then moved down to the opening between her legs. He licked her clit furiously, while placing two fingers inside of her. Meg gasped with pleasure, as he worked his fingers around inside her. He pulled them out, and immediately moved down and started to play with her with his tongue, licking up her juices.

"Please..." she moaned.

He looked up at her, "Please what?" he smirked. "Fuck you?"

She nodded, "Please."

He grinned, and sat up, cradled himself between her legs, he slid himself slowly into her, gaining a quick yelp of pleasure from Meg. He moved his hips back and forth, doing slow, smooth strokes. She moved her hips along with his, moaning lowly. Then, his pace became more rapid. She cried out his name as his pace became more rapid. She moved her hips faster to gain with his speed, sending Caesar on a high of power. She nearly screamed as she reached the brink of her orgasm. Caesar could feel her convulsions within her, making his pace more rapid and harder. He moaned lowly as he finally erupted inside her, and collapsed on her chest. Meg kissed his forehead, her chest heaving from near exhaustion.

He withdrew from her, and rolled over and laid next to her. She laid her head on his chest, and played with his hair. He sighed, and closed his eyes. Knowing he had won her over. It was so easy. He knew she still loved him, now he would use that to his advantage.

Caesar's dreams that night were pleasant. He had thought it over before falling asleep, he would have Xena in his grasp again. He planned on having his pleasure before the business.


Meg woke up early that morning, and looked around. She looked at Caesar and grinned evilly. She crawled on top of him, and kissed him.

His eyes fluttered open and he grinned, before he could say anything, she moved down between his legs, and began to give him oral pleasure. His eyes widened, grinning to himself. She licked his shaft, up and down, and began to suck on it, poking the hole with her tongue. He began to fuck her mouth slowly, as she licked madly.

He grinned, thinking he could get used to this. But not too attached, of course.

She continued licking him, licking up some of his precum. He closed his eyes, and became a bit more stronger with his pace. She smiled, thinking that playing Xena wasn't all that bad. He groaned once more, and he exploded inside her mouth, and she licked up every last drop. He slid back and smiled at her.

She grinned, watching him stand, and go into another room to change. She quickly put her clothes on, and ran out the door, slamming it. Caesar's eyes widened as her heard the door slam. And after getting dressed quickly he ran out after her.

She laughed hysterically as she ran out of the gates of Rome, into the forest.

Caesar moaned as he stopped at the gates. "Damn her..." One of the soldiers walked to Caesar, and saluted him.

"Caesar, I have something to report, sir," he spoke.

Caesar looked at him. "What?"

"Xena was spotted near the river this morning..."

He blinked, "But that's impossible...she was just..." he looked up at the woman, who he thought was Xena, standing at the mouth of the forest.

She laughed. "The name's Meg! And Caesie, it was a pleasure doin' business with ya, babe!" She winked and ran off into the forest laughing.

The End

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