Author: Cyrene
Story Title: Bad Girl
Characters: Ares & f (Nika)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Nika spreads her wings. Sequel to The Path Not Taken, Rules, Debts, and Bad Boy.
This rating is for explicit m/f sex.

This version of Ares belongs to Universal Studios and Pacific Renaissance. No copyright infringement is intended. The author is just letting them have some fun.

NC17 -- This story contains scenes of graphic sex between a man and a woman. If you are under 18 or if this is illegal where you live, please go away.

This story follows Bad Boy, but can be read on its own.

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Bad Girl
by Cyrene

Nika walked up the hill to her cottage. When Ares was not around she preferred to stay there, rather than in an empty temple. Her duties as the priestess did not take much time so when she wasn't busy she tried to follow her old routines as much as possible. The more occupied she kept herself, the less time she had to miss Ares. Today was market day in the village and even though Ares told her to take what she needed from the offerings, she still liked to go and visit with her neighbors. It was now late afternoon as she made her way home.

When she arrived, she retrieved an ember from the fireplace and took it back outside to the small altar in front of her cottage. She knelt and placed the small portion of her midday meal that she had saved on the altar. She lit the kindling beneath it and quickly added enough sticks to ensure the offering was consumed. She prayed that Ares would have time to visit her soon. She knelt there a few moments longer hoping he might come, but the only sounds were the birds. She stood looking over the valley a few moments reminiscing about her time as Ares' priestess. A lot had happened. He was a frequent visitor, but since he regained his powers after Zeus punished him, he had to spend most of his time undoing the damage Strife and Discord had caused in his absence. She looked up. It would be getting dark soon, so she drew some water and went inside. She ate a small dinner and cleaned up. She banked the fire for the night and let her tunic slip from her shoulders to the floor. She recalled the night Ares first came to her. She closed her eyes and hugged herself, remembering how good his hands felt on her.

She took a shaky breath and opened her eyes. "I'm getting myself so worked up, I'll never get to sleep!" she chided herself. She lay on the fur covering her bed. Ares had brought it for her. She stretched out on it enjoying its soft caress on her skin. She rubbed her arms and legs against it, then rolled onto her stomach. She couldn't help writhing on it, rubbing her nipples and thighs. Nika realized there was no stopping now; she had to have some relief, and if Ares wasn't there to give it to her, she'd have to take care of herself. She rolled over again onto her back and rubbed her hands over her breasts. She couldn't help pinching her nipples and soon had herself groaning. She slid her hands down across her stomach and down the front of her thighs. Then she remembered the vial of perfumed oil Ares had left there. She sat up and retrieved it from the shelf above her head. She poured some into her palm, then replaced the bottle. She leaned back again and tipped her hand allowing the oil to drizzle across her stomach and breasts. She shivered a little in anticipation of what she was about to do. It seemed forbidden, but Ares had never said she couldn't touch herself.

She closed her eyes and kneaded the oil into her breasts, teasing the nipples and pretended it was Ares touching her. She took her time as he would and she had herself squirming against the fur. She slid her hands down to her stomach, her hands dipping lower on each pass, sometimes returning to tease a nipple. By the time she reached her thighs, she had wantonly spread her legs and was just about panting. She forced herself not to rush and instead stroked her inner thighs slowly getting closer with each stroke. Finally she could stand it no longer and dipped her fingers into her crevice and lightly stroked her clitoris. Her fingers starting rubbing harder and soon she was moaning out loud. She pictured Ares setting her afire with his fingers. Nika felt the rush of wetness as she came calling Ares' name. She lay there totally drained, too tired to move. Her eyes flew open at the sound of hands clapping and she recoiled against the wall in a defensive position.

"Nice performance."

Nika's eyes widened at Ares lounging in a chair no more than three feet from her bed. She felt the heat rush to her face and she wished she could sink through the floor. "I, uh, I was just…"

"I saw what you were just doing."

Nika was still flustered and not sure if he was angry, when she noticed Ares' excitement obvious in his tight leather pants. She slowly sank back onto the bed and angling her feet to face him, slowly spread her legs. Staring right into his eyes, she began stroking herself again. She saw Ares' eyes widen as if he couldn't believe her defiance and heard his sudden intake of breath. Suddenly he was out of the chair and in the two steps to her, thought away his clothes. Then he was on her and in her, furiously thrusting. He captured her lips with his and pushed in his tongue claiming all of her. Nika wrapped herself around him and tried to match his tempo. She soon heard him groan, then felt his seed spilling into her.

Ares couldn't believe the intensity of his orgasm. Nika had managed to provoke him beyond control with her deliberate show of defiance. When he had arrived, he was quite surprised to see what she was so busy at that she hadn't even noticed him. A small part of him was angry, but the rest of him was fascinated. Nika was so shy and self-conscious at times, he had decided to watch the show. Now he was amused that she had done this to him and he decided this was a good opportunity to tease her.

"So I guess I won't have to visit this temple anymore since you seem to have things well in hand."

He was rewarded with a momentary look of alarm, then Nika gave him her best look of innocence. "I was just trying to practice what you taught me! Aren't you pleased?" she meekly asked.

Ares merely grunted in return. He could see the streak of mischief surfacing and knew there was no right answer, so he took a different tact. "Why should I be pleased you started without me?" He hurried on at her upset look. "I'll just have to think of a suitable punishment." He gave her a sly glance.

Nika felt upset that she might have really offended him, but when he gave her that look, she knew he wasn't, so she played along. "Oh, Great Ares, I am but your humble servant, here for your pleasure."

"I'll have to give this some thought," he began, enjoying her now nervous look.

"What are you thinking about?" she fearfully asked.

Ares merely smiled. "Come here and pleasure me." He pulled her on top of himself so she was straddling him. She leaned forward and traced his lips with the tip of her tongue. Nika then kissed him, slowly working her tongue inside to duel with his. When she tired of this, she trailed soft kisses around his neck and nibbled his ears. Nika took her time working her way across his chest. She followed the curve of his muscles, pausing to tease his nipples. She licked and suckled until his breath came quicker, then she continued downward. She was enjoying the feel of his hardness against her stomach then between her breasts as she slid down. She licked her way across his abdomen, pausing to tickle his navel with the tip of her tongue. When she couldn't ignore his shaft so close to her mouth any longer, she licked the tip and was rewarded with a soft moan. Nika positioned herself so she could squeeze his shaft between her breasts. She slid her breasts up and down massaging his erection until he started thrusting.

"Well I guess that's enough pleasure. I don't want to tire you out."

Ares eyes flew open. "You are just begging to be punished," he growled. Nika gave him her best bored look. "That's it!" he thundered.

Nika squeaked and tried to jump back, but he was too quick for her. Ares grabbed her arm and pulled her to him. He swung his feet over the edge of the bed and pulled her across his knees. "Maybe a spanking will help you behave."

Nika felt a flash of fear quickly followed by a wave of excitement. "You're not really going to spank me are you?" she pleaded. At the same time she couldn't help wiggling in his lap.

"Oh, yes. I think this is just what you need." Ares smiled at the little signs of her excitement. He brought his hand down in a stinging slap, not too hard but enough to give her something to remember. She gave a small yelp and he followed with another. After a few more she was squirming and half-heartedly fighting, but he held her firmly in place.

The first smack had stung and Nika couldn't help yelping. After that she tried her best to stay quiet. With each smack she could feel the sting radiate through her cheeks. After the next few she suddenly became aware of how aroused she was becoming and she couldn't help squirming in his lap. Her breath came faster until she was practically panting and she heard herself moaning. She could feel her clitoris throbbing and she desperately wanted some contact.

After a dozen smacks, Ares couldn't ignore how aroused she was or he was. Each time she wiggled, she brushed against his rod sending surges of pleasure through him. He rubbed his hand over her pink cheeks in slow circles before sliding his fingers between her legs. She parted her legs and lifted up to give him better access. He slid them through her wetness coating them before he fingered her clitoris. She cried out at the contact and bucked her hips. He wrapped his other arm around her waist once again holding her firmly in place. He drew his fingers across her nub in slow, tantalizing strokes until she was pleading with him to go faster. He finally relented because he also wanted release. He stroked her harder and faster and she quickly came in a flood of pleasure.

Nika lay across Ares' knees trying to catch her breath. She couldn't believe how turned on she had been or how good it felt. Then Ares was pulling her to her feet to face him. "Ride it," he growled. She could see the lust in his face and she quickly straddled him and lowered herself onto his waiting cock. Bracing her feet on the floor, she slid up and down his shaft enjoying the rapture on his face. Before long he grabbed her hips and thrust hard exploding into her. His pleasure was enough to put Nika over the top again and they fell back onto the bed panting.

Nika snuggled into Ares' arms happy to have him there even though she could still feel the tingle in her bottom. "Will you be here tomorrow?" She heard Ares' noncommittal "Mmmm" before falling asleep.


Nika heard the rooster crowing and groaned as she tried to stretch. There was a weight across her. She creaked her eyes open and smiled when she saw Ares lying beside her still peacefully asleep, his arm across her stomach. She hoped he'd be staying for a while. Waiting for him to wake, Nika studied his handsome face framed by those soft, dark curls. She longed to run her fingers through them. He looked so innocent when he was sleeping it was hard to believe he was the God of War. Her eyes drifted lower over his muscled chest. When they returned to his face, she found herself staring into deep brown eyes that went on and on.

"I'm happy you were able to stay." Nika cuddled closer. She gave into the urge to touch his hair.

Ares saw the look of wonder in her eyes. She still couldn't believe that he had picked her, that he wanted her. It made every time they were together seem new. He leaned forward to kiss her and felt himself stirring. This morning would be slow and leisurely. He left her lips to nibble along her neck and was rewarded by giggles as he tickled her. He took his time reaching her breasts, then licked and squeezed while ignoring her nipples. When he knew she couldn't stand anymore, he took one in his mouth gently sucking the hard nub while he lightly pinched and rolled the other. He was now lying between her legs and when he was done teasing both nipples, he slid his mouth across her stomach. He nibbled towards her side and again had her jumping as he found her ticklish spots.

Nika felt him slide lower still and she felt his warm breath on her mound, but then it was gone and his tongue started licking her inner thighs. Nika loved to lay with him. It was always so good and she loved hearing his sounds of excitement when she pleasured him. Now she was making her own sounds! He inched closer, finally licking the length of her slit. Nika couldn't help giving a small cry at the intense pleasure. Ares continued to leisurely slide his tongue up and down until she was almost weeping with frustration. Then she felt his incredibly soft lips wrap around her clitoris and suckle her into oblivion. Nika was still drifting back when she felt that wonderful fullness as Ares claimed her. She wrapped herself around him and watched his face as he took his time fulfilling himself. She was enjoying the unhurried rhythm when she sensed he was getting close. As he increased the pace, Nika was caught up in his excitement and he took her over the edge with him.


Nika cleared away the breakfast things and sat on his lap. Ares wrapped his arms around her. "I think today I'll see how well you do with your staff. Then I'll know if you've been practicing."

Nika smiled at him. "I practice everyday. Let's go, I'll show you."

"Where's that stallion I left here? What's his name?" He tried to hide his smile.

As Nika closed the door behind them, she felt her cheeks burn. She couldn't help it. Ares only told her to name him Insolence and make sure he knew his name because she had been insolent. "He's probably on the upper field and you know his name."

Ares' deep chuckle made her squirm. "Well, call him, we'll ride down to the temple."

Nike lifted her fingers to her mouth and gave a piercing whistle. Insolence soon trotted up to her. She slid a bridle on him and Ares lifted her up. Then he lightly leapt up behind her. Nika handed him the reins and leaned against him as he wrapped his arms around her. Now this was nice!

Ares thought so too. "After you practice, we'll go riding."

On the side of the temple was a small practice area. Nika went through her warm-up moves and her intense concentration showed on her face. When she was ready, one of the guards who practiced with her came forward. After they sparred a bit, Ares called a halt. "She's a bit weak on the left side. Work her harder there. Otherwise, she seems to be progressing."

"Yes, my Lord." The soldier saluted and left.

Ares turned to Nika. "Don't favor one side. An opponent will pick up on that in no time and take advantage. Now, let's go for that ride."

Once again Nika handed Ares the reins and they head off into the woods behind the temple. Nika felt very secure leaning against Ares and feeling his arm wrapped possessively around her waist. As they picked their way through the woods, Ares told her stories of the titans and how Zeus had defeated them. Nika hung on every word, as Ares added details not usually heard in the tales. When he finished the tale, Nike pulled Ares' arm tighter around her. "I'm glad the titans aren't around now!" As they rode on, Nika couldn't help running her hands along his thighs. The closeness of him and the motion of the horse had her mind drifting to other things. She soon felt the hand around her waist slid up to fondle her breast and could feel his hardness against her. She leaned her head back exposing her neck for him to nuzzle. Ares pulled Insolence to a halt and let go of the reins. Now Nika had two hands roaming her body teasing her to a fevered pitch. Her skirt was up around her waist and a set of fingers was very busy between her legs while the other teased her nipples. Her own hands were tangled in Ares' soft curls as his lips devoured hers.

Ares had steadied the horse with a thought as he let go of the reins. He wanted both hands free for this! When he had Nika on the edge, he put his hands around her waist and lifted her so she could turn to face him. She lost no time in opening his pants and drawing him out. Nika slipped an arm around his neck and pulled him into a kiss while she stroked him and rubbed her thumb over the head. When he just had to thrust, Ares lifted her once more and impaled her on his throbbing shaft. He slid her up and down as she wrapped her legs around him and held onto his shoulders. Very quickly, Nika was crying out and Ares came right after.

Nika looked up at him with sated eyes. "Hmmm, riding has never been so enjoyable!"

Ares chuckled and lifted her so she could turn around again. "We'll head back. It's well past lunch and your stomach is getting boisterous." He laughed when she tried to look insulted and Nika couldn't help laughing too. She couldn't help but feel happy when he had time to spend with her.

Returning to the temple, Ares lounged on his throne and Nika went to the outer room to pick some food from the offerings. She carried some fruit and cheese to Ares then went to bring him a cup of wine. Nika was sitting in her usual place next to his throne while they enjoyed the light repast when they heard some people entering the temple. A guard entered and saluted when he saw Ares. He was obviously only expecting to see Nika.

"My Lord Ares, there are some petitioners. Shall I admit them?"

Nika tried to hide her disappointment when Ares nodded. She was thinking about the time Ares had teased her to new heights while she squirmed in his lap on his throne. She heard him chuckle and when she gave him a questioning look, he grinned and asked, "Why, Nika, what's wrong?" That confirmed her suspicion that he had guessed her thoughts and what she was hoping for. She'd get even!

Ares kept dragging out the audiences and merely smiled every time he looked at Nika. He could tell she was fit to be tied, especially when he would "absently" stroke her arm or graze a nipple when the petitioner turned to go. Finally, he told her to go prepare a supper for him while he finished with the petitioners.

They ate dinner in Ares' quarters. As they were finishing, Nika jumped up. "I brought back a pot of honey from the market. I think I'll have some now." She left a moment and returned with a small pot. Ares narrowed his eyes slightly. Nika was up to something. That innocent look was a dead giveaway. Well, one thing about Nika, she wouldn't keep him waiting long.

As Nika put the pot on the table next to Ares, she noticed his suspicious look. She tried not to smile. "Would you mind giving me something to dip?" She sat next to him and without giving him a chance to answer, began unlacing his pants. She had to smile when she saw his wide-eyed stare. She ducked her head to her task, but a moment later found both of them naked. She glanced at Ares and answered his smug look with an unimpressed one. She took the pot and drizzled a line of honey along his already hard shaft taking care to thoroughly coat the tip. She put the pot on the floor and knelt down to greedily start licking.

Ares leaned back on the cushions to enjoy Nika's ministrations. She was licking her way up his hardness, being very careful not to miss a drop. His breath was quite ragged by the time she reached the tip. Her dainty, little licks had him very close to the edge and he was ready for her hot mouth to devour him. His eyes flew open when she suddenly stopped. She was kneeling on the floor just watching him. When he gave her a look of disbelief, she merely shrugged. "The honey is all gone."

Her eyes widened in alarm when he gave a strangled sound and lunged for her. Nika rolled back out of his reach and quickly amended, "I have more honey! I just thought you fell asleep!"

Ares settled back. He'd take care of her later! He watched mesmerized as she dipped one finger into the pot, then slowly anointed the tip of his throbbing cock with it. Nika took her time spreading the sweetness around and around the tip. Any more of this and he wouldn't be able to hold it. Nika seemed to sense this and he watched as she slowly sucked her finger clean. She gave him a shy smile as if she didn't know what she was doing to him and slowly pulled his cock to her tongue. She gave a few small licks and when he groaned, she sucked his cock into her mouth. She slid her lips up and down his length sucking hard on the tip. A few minutes of this was all he could stand and he shoved himself down her throat and he felt his insides being pulled out his cock. It felt so good! He was still trembling as he fell back his hand still holding Nika's hair. He pulled her to him. "Just so you know, I'm going to spank you good for that. But right now I want some honey."

Nika felt a stab of fear and anticipation course through her. She had the feeling she wouldn't be sitting too well when he was done unless she could change his mind. Then he got up and motioned her to lie down on the divan. He handed her the pot.

"You did such a good job with the oil yesterday, now you can rub some honey on yourself." He beckoned and a chair slid over to him. He sat and motioned Nika to spread her legs so he could watch.

Nika took the pot and let the honey drip on her breasts, then left a trail across her stomach to her mound. She bent her knees and opened her legs as wide as she could and drizzled the golden sweetness over all the places she wanted licked. She put the pot on the table and lay back. Ares was watching her through half-closed eyes. Then before he could approach, she dipped a finger into her slit and scooped up some honey on her finger. Nika almost laughed at the look on Ares' face when she put her finger in her own mouth instead of offering it to him. "Hmmm, so good. Would you care for a taste?" She gave a little thrust of her hips for emphasis.

Ares just gave a small smile, then produced a length of rope. His smile widened when he saw the flash of fear in Nika's eyes and her cringe. He calmly took a hand and tied the rope to her wrist. Then he took the other and tied her wrists together, then to the divan. Nika knew better than to resist just now. "That's for helping yourself to something that belongs to me." He then knelt on the floor next to her and licked the honey from her breasts. He took his time licking and nipping until Nika was squirming and moaning non-stop. Half the village could probably hear her! Ares then followed the line of honey across her abdomen and into her mound. He carefully lapped up the honey, starting at the edge and working his way in. He kept her from wiggling too much by holding her hips down. When he finally cleaned off the last drop, Nika was panting for release. He looked her straight in the eye and said, "Oops! No more honey. Oh, and look the pot is empty too!" He held it up for emphasis.

"Please? Please don't stop now! I need you so badly! I need you to fill me up!" When Ares just smiled, Nika added, "I'll behave from now on!"

"Don't make promises you can't keep!" Then Ares was on top of her plunging into her tight warmth. He knew she wanted it hard and fast, so he gave it to her. It didn't take long before Nika was bucking beneath him and crying out. Ares then gave into his own release. Staying on top of her, he propped himself on his elbows and studied her satisfied face. "Now where did you get the honey idea?"

Nika blushed a little. "Remember when I told you about the soldiers I overheard in the tavern that time? This was one of the exploits they bragged about. They used wine, but I thought honey would be fun to try."

"It was fun, but don't think I've forgotten about your spanking. Hmmm, maybe I should spank you in the market." He pursed his lips in thought.

"You wouldn't expose me in the market, would you?" Nika hoped he was teasing, but you could never be sure.

Ares had to smile at her worried look. "No, I guess not. I don't like sharing. So, I should probably just spank you now." He gave her a smug look. "You were hoping I'd forget about it, weren't you?"

Nika couldn't keep the guilty look from her face. She was feeling a warmth start in her groin, but she was still afraid. Ares stood and told her to turn over. Her eyes widened when she saw the leather strap in his hand. She instinctively twisted her wrists trying to free them to no avail. When Ares tied you up, there was no getting loose until he was ready. She swallowed nervously and turned over. She heard the swish of air just before the first whack. She gave a slight jump, but managed not to cry out. It stung, but she knew he was holding back, just toying with her. Again she felt the heat growing and after a few smacks was rubbing against the cushions.

Ares was amused by her obvious arousal. He hadn't expected Nika to have this reaction. She always managed to surprise him. He gave her ten smacks, then asked if she had learned her lesson.

"Yes! Next time I should get a bigger pot of honey!"

Ares laughed and grasping her hips, pulled her to her knees. She felt him between her legs, then she was filled with him. She groaned with the pleasure and cried out when his fingers danced along her slit. She matched his tempo, thrusting between his fingers and his hardness. Nika quickly lost herself in the waves of pleasure that crashed over her. Ares cried out with her and she felt him pulsing into her. Then the rope slipped from her wrists and she turned into his arms. "I'm sorry I displeased you. I'll be good so you won't have to spank me anymore." She gave him her most contrite look.

Ares laughed in her face. "You loved every minute of it, and I'll spank you whenever I feel like it!"

Nika blushed. "Well as long as it's not everyday!" She rubbed her cheeks for emphasis. Still chuckling, Ares carried her into the next room and put her on his bed. He poured himself a cup of wine and reclined next to her. As they shared the wine, she told him how much the town had grown since they built his temple. She now had help with her own field that Ares had said she could keep. However she had less and less time for farming since she was practicing with her staff.

Ares put the empty cup on table. "I'll be gone in the morning. I can't let things go too long right now."

"Will you be back tomorrow night?" Nika casually asked.

Too casually. Ares frowned slightly. She was obviously planning something. He replied just as casually. "I'll be back at sundown."

Nika just smiled and snuggled into his arms to enjoy his warmth for as long as he could stay.


When Nika woke, the sun was up and Ares was gone, but she had the evening to anticipate. She quickly got dressed and hurried into town. By mid-afternoon everything was arranged to her satisfaction. When she was telling Ares about her daily routine, she omitted one new skill she was practicing. She hoped he approved. She had a table brought to the outer room of Ares' quarters and set with all the things she knew he liked. She had the servants pull the divan away from the wall so there was room to walk around it, then they setup a screen along part of the windows and the doorway to the garden. When she was through fussing, she went to bathe.

Nika loved the bath in the back of the temple. Warm water ran through it so it was always clean and ready to use. She settled in the warmth and tried to relax. She knew Ares suspected something, but she was sure he wouldn't guess this. When she finished, Nika went to her room and pulled a costume from the trunk where she had hidden it. She was carefully laying everything out, when a servant informed her the musicians were in place. The sun was just beginning to set and Nika hurried to the throne room. Ares would be back at any time. To disguise her nervousness, Nika sat at the foot of Ares throne and leaning against it pretended to be immersed in a scroll. Suddenly, there was a black leather leg against her arm. Nika looked up distractedly as though surprised to see Ares.

"Oh, it's sundown already!"

Ares narrowed his eyes. Should he play along or give her a hard time?

"I had some dinner setup in your quarters. Would you like to eat?"

Curiosity won out and Ares found himself playing along before he realized it. He followed her back to his quarters. She fussed and brought him some wine while soft music drifted from the musicians hidden behind the screen. They were just finishing their meal, when Nika jumped up. "Oh, I almost forgot! I'll be right back!"

Ares reclined on the divan with his cup of wine. "Here it comes! I wonder what she cooked up this time." Ares was shaken from his reverie of their previous afternoon's activities by a loud clap. He couldn't keep the startled look from his face when he looked up and saw Nika. At her clap, the music changed and now beat out an exotic tempo. Ares took in the gold-decorated bra that barely held Nika's breasts and the copious, but sheer skirt that barely hung onto her hips as she swirled and gyrated. Ares became painfully aware of his throbbing erection in his tight pants and thought himself into a gold-trimmed black toga.

Nika slowly advanced, gyrating her hips and pelvis and trying to ripple her stomach. She knew that every time she twirled her skirt out Ares could clearly see the brief golden thong beneath. She smiled to herself when she noted that he had changed from his confining leathers. The loose tunic did nothing to hide his obvious excitement. She had been a little worried about his reaction and was happy to see he approved. Nika took her time jiggling and twirling about the room until she started to tire. Than she slowly approached the divan and gyrated her way around it stopping every now and then to shake her breasts in Ares' face. When he reached for her, she backed off. Thrusting her pelvis at him, Nika sank to the floor on her knees and slowly leaned back, continuing to undulate her body. Her fingers slowed the rhythm of the castanets and she wantonly parted the skirt to expose the thin golden strip covering her sex. When she knew Ares was ready to pounce, she quickly rose up once again and twirled around the divan. Suddenly she found herself sprawling across Ares.

Ares' voice was gruff when he pulled Nika across him and commanded, "Enough!" He pulled the castanets from her fingers and ripped the bra from her. Nika barely had the presence of mind to give two sharp claps. She dimly heard the musicians discreetly leaving through the garden doorway. Ares was ripping the skirt from her and then pushed her to the floor between his legs. He ripped off his toga and pressed her face into his groin. He felt her tongue licking his cock but when he growled in his throat, he felt her lips slide down his shaft. He couldn't help grabbing her head and thrusting hard.

Nika thought she was going to choke, but after a couple thrusts, Ares' sweet nectar was filling her mouth. She loved the taste of him and when he was finished, she pushed him back so she could lick his anus. She was rewarded with his soft moaning, and when he started squirming, she licked her way back to his new erection.

Ares reached down and pulled Nika up next to him. He thrust his tongue into her mouth and probed while he ripped the thong from her and teased her with his fingers. Nika was more than ready and his fingers were soon slick. He massaged her into a frenzy, then pushed her onto her back and settled between her legs. He rammed his cock into her and gave her several hard thrusts that she met with enthusiasm. He heard her cry of disappointment when he withdrew and flipped her onto her stomach.

Nika felt Ares roughly pull her hips to him and push her legs apart. Then the head of his slick cock was pushing into her ass. She let a groan escape, but then his fingers were flying across her clitoris once more and she was soon bucking between his fingers and his shaft. Every time she started to tremble, Ares would stop until the feeling passed. Then he would again snake his hands around her waist and slide his fingers along her slit. Only when she was actually crying from want, did his fingers give her the friction she needed. Ares continued to ride her hard through her screams of pleasure and as she collapsed forward, Nika felt Ares reach his climax.

Nika felt a slight vertigo as Ares moved them to his bed, then he was propped on his elbow staring at her. She knew from his raised eyebrow he was waiting for an explanation.

"A group led by Lander is camping nearby. He asked me to come to his camp and pick some tribute for the temple. I was in a tent choosing some items, when I heard the music. It was strange but intriguing at the same time. When I asked Lander about it, he told me it was music from the east and there were dancers too. He was entertaining some friends. I asked if I could see, so he took me to the tent where there were dancing. As soon as I saw them, I knew I wanted to dance for you. So I told him I wanted to borrow a dancer and some musicians as part of the tribute."

"Why don't you just keep them?"

"I don't think we need two dancers here," Nika announced firmly.

Ares just smiled at her flash of jealousy. "Well, keep a few musicians so you can dance again."

Nika smiled. "I take it you approve of my new interest."

Now it was Ares' turn to feel a stab of jealousy. "As long as you only dance for me," he growled. Then he covered her and possessed her once more.


Nika awoke when she felt him stir. It was just getting light. "I must leave. Zeus has an interest in this particular conflict, and I want to see to it personally." Ares stood over her as he fastened on his sword.

"I'll try my best not to be a bad girl while you're gone."

Ares cocked an eyebrow at her. "Well I'll just have to punish you when I return." He parted with a smug look.

Nika sighed and hugged herself. "I'm counting on it," she whispered.


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