Author: Lilac
Story Title: Caesar's Mark: Part One
Characters: Caesar & Meg
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Before going onto the battle field, Caesar notices a little barmaid who HAPPENS to look just like the Warrior Princess. The greeting of the two is promising for the both of them.
This rating is for explicit f/m sex and graphic language.

Xena, Meg, Joxer, Gabrielle, Brutus and Caesar do not belong to me, they belong to Universal Studios, Renaissance Pictures, USA Studios.

Author's Note: A First in a series! This takes place at the beginning of the 4th season. It takes place sometime before 'A Good Day.'

This story contains graphic language and f/m sex. If it offends you, you SHOULD NOT READ IT!

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Caesar's Mark

Caesar's Mark I
By Lilac

"Lord Caesar . . ." The centurion approached the dark-haired Roman. "The scouts say they've spotted Xena in the next town . . ."

Caesar looked at him, bringing the goblet of wine down from his lips. "The next town . . . which is?"


"Thebes . . ." Caesar set the goblet down on the desk. "Fetch me my horse, centurion . . ."

"Aye, sir." The centurion saluted him, and walked out of the tent, and to the stables.

"Thebes? What would our dear Warrior Prin-cess be doing in Thebes . . ." He looked at the map of Greece. "A town of hooligans, drunks. . . . Greece's Tavern capital apparently . . ."

He walked out of his tent, and his white stallion was waiting for him at the gates of the camp. "Brutus, watch the camp while I'm gone. Any news on Pompey's men . . . write down, I shall look at it when I return."

"Yes, Caesar." Brutus nodded, then saluted him as he mounted his horse.

"Oh, and Brutus . . ." Caesar looked at his friend.


"If you find that blonde of Xena's, have her captured, and put on a cross . . ."

"A cross?" Brutus looked at him quizzically. "What for?"

"If this is indeed Xena, she'll be looking for her friend after she finds out I'm in the area. Stake my personal banner beside the bard . . ." He grinned cynically. "I want her to know who ordered the death of her . . . friend."

"Yes, Sir . . ." Brutus turned, and walked off.


Caesar rode into the city, his eyes gazing around as his horse trotted up to a tavern. He dismounted the white steed, and hitched it to a post; walking into the tavern arrogantly.

As he stepped into the tavern, all eyes rested on the Roman, and the tavern was quiet.

The barmaid walked out of the backroom, the crowd starting talking again; Caesar looked over to her.

The barmaid eyed one of the customers leaning over the bar to get a bottle, and she smacked him with her rag. "Ah, ah, ah ah!" she grinned. "Don't even think about it, Malachi."

Caesar's eyes widened as he saw her. "By the gods . . ." he murmured. "It's . . . Xena . . ."

The barmaid --who was of course, Meg-- looked at Caesar, and smirked. "Are you going to stand in the doorway all day? Or are you going to come in and sit down?"

"Excuse me?" he asked.

"Get outta the doorway, dumbass!" she yelled.

Caesar's eyes narrowed as he walked towards her. "What did you just say?"

She put her hands on her hips. "Don't think you scare me, Roman."

"Scare you?"

"I've dealt with men worse than your kind!"

"Please, Xena," he grinned. "Let's not get into your past."

"Xena?" She grinned, and clicked her tongue. He thinks *I'm* Xena, she thought. This must be Caesar. Xena told me about him. But that isn't going to stop me from having a little fun with him.

"Yes . . ." He inched closer to her.

She grinned again, and moved closer to him, whispering softly, and cynically. "Yes, let's look into the future . . ." Her lips moved closer to his, her blue eyes swimming in his brown ones.

Caesar raised a brow. Xena didn't act like this. It has to be a trap, he said to himself. But before he could gather his thoughts, Meg already had him in a deep, lustful kiss.

Caesar blinked. There was something about this kiss that caught him off guard. It wasn't Xena's kiss, no. He knew how Xena kissed, and this woman was not Xena.

He pulled back, and looked at her. "You're not Xena . . ."

She grinned. "You catch on quick . . . for a Roman."

He rolled his eyes. "I knew you weren't Xena . . . from the moments I laid my eyes on you."

"Oh?" she grinned. "By the way, Caesie . . ."

Caesar raised another brow. "Caesie?" he mouthed.

"I'm Meg," she giggled, rubbing her nose against his. "But you can call me yours."

Caesar's lips grew into a confident smile. They always go for the men in the uniform, he thought.

"Well, Meg . . . I'm Caesar, Julius Caesar." He smiled, taking her hand and kissing it.

"Yes, the Ruler of Rome, Governor of Gaul . . ." She trailed a finger down his bicep. "I'm very . . . very . . . VERY . . . impressed." Her lips once more almost touching his.

His eyes roamed around the tavern, noticing all eyes were on him and Meg.

"Why don't we go some place else . . . somewhere more private." Meg's lips formed into a sly grin.

Caesar smirked. "Why not . . ."

She took him by the arm and led him upstairs to a room and closed the door behind her; locking it.

He sat down on the bed, looking her over as she climbed onto the bed, and crawled over to him.

"You're the welcoming committee, I take it?" He grinned, leaning towards her.

"You could say that." She smiled, and stopped in front of him, her lips almost touching his again.

"Then . . . I expect you to give me a welcoming I'll never forget."

"Don't worry, Caesar," she smiled wickedly. "You won't forget this one." She kissed his lips deeply, placing her arms around his neck.

Caesar wrapped his arms around her waist, and kissed her back.

She ran her hand down his thigh, and to his lower region, and squeezed his testicles. Caesar let out a moan of pleasure as he used one hand to pull his armour off; throwing it aside.

Meg pulled his skirt, and pants off of him, as Caesar undressed her.

Caesar ran his hands down the sides of her body, watching her facial expressions as he went along. He leaned down, and kissed her breasts softly, and moved from her breasts down to her stomach, kissing every inch of her body. Meg moaned loudly, and ran her nails down his back, leaving marks on his back. He moved back up to her lips, and planted his lips firmly on hers, positioning himself on her thighs. He pushed his cock inside her slowly, gaining a gasp of pleasure from Meg. He moved in and out of her with clean, smooth strokes, sometime bringing the head to the opening, and letting it sit there for about six seconds before pushing it back in. She moaned loudly as she pushed against his thrusts. Her hands went across his neck, and pulled him down to her, laying her hands on his back. He kissed the side of her neck, as she pushed herself into his cock rapidly, digging her nails into his back.

"Oh, by the gods, Caesar!" she moaned loudly.

Caesar's lips formed into a small grin, as his pace began to quicken, earning louder moans, and his name from Meg. He moaned loudly as he finally erupted inside of her, his warm seed flowing from him. He fell forwards, onto Meg, breathing hard.

Caesar didn't go back to his tent that night. Instead he stayed with Meg, where their Love Fest went on into the wee hours of the morning. At one point, Caesar felt almost content. He also wondered if he was confusing lust for love. He didn't LOVE Meg, he lusted after her.

But with Meg, THAT was a different story.


"I have to go back to Rome." Caesar looked over at Meg, behind the bar.

Meg looked at him, and frowned. "Why?"

"It's my job . . ." He sighed. "I have to."

"Will you come back?"

"Of course I will." He smiled, as she walked out from behind the bar, and up to him as he stood. "A moment won't pass . . . when I won't be thinking about you."

She grinned, and wrapped her arms around his neck, and kissed him; one of her legs lifting up into the air. He wrapped his arms around her waist, dipping her a bit, kissing back.

As this happened, the door of the tavern opened, and in walked a cheap armour-cladded "Warrior", with a grin on his face. He looked up, and saw Meg and Caesar kissing. He gasped loudly, and his mouth hung open.

"No," he said silently. He squinted his eyes to get a look of the Roman, and blinked. "Caesar," he said quietly. He turned around and ran out the door.

Caesar pulled back, and grinned. "Until next time, Meg." He took her hand and kissed it.

She grinned, and watched him leave with a sigh.



Xena's head snapped towards her name, seeing the cladded warrior. "Joxer.."

"Joxer," the blonde one asked. "What is it?"

"Meg . . . tavern . . . Caesar . . . kissing." He bent down, taking in deep breaths.

"What?!" Xena yelled, standing to her feet.

"You saw Meg and Caesar? Together?" Gabrielle asked.

Joxer nodded. "Yeah . . ."

"I've got to go talk to her." Xena mounted Argo.

"Xena." Gabrielle ran to her. "Don't . . ."

"Gabrielle, we're miles from Rome." She looked down at Gabby. "And it's not snowing."

"But what if he captures you?" Gabrielle bit her lower lip.

"He won't." She looked ahead for a moment. "Now, you stay here with Joxer. . . . I'll be back later."


Xena rode into the city, looking around. She noticed that everything was in order, and everything in its place. She dismounted her horse, and tied her to a post. She walked into the Tavern quickly, and spotted Meg.

"Meg!" She walked over to her.

"Xena!" Meg waved, and hopped over the bar.

"I heard Caesar stopped by." Xena looked at her.

Meg nodded. "Yeah, he did."

Xena took in a deep breath, and took her into the back room; closing the door behind them.

"Xena . . . if this is about me sleeping with Caesar I--"

"You slept with him?!" Xena yelled. "MEG! How could you?!"

Meg winced. "I'm sorry. I know you warned me about him . . . but you said nothing about how good-lookin' he is!"

Xena rolled her eyes. "Look, I need for you to let me know when he comes back into town."

"I don't know when he is. But when he does, I'll let you know . . ."


"No problem."

"What did he say to you before he left?"

"He said 'A moment won't pass-'," she started, but Xena finished it for her.

" . . . When I'm not thinking about you." She smirked. "He said that to me before he crucified me."

Meg sighed. "Xena . . . please."

"Alright, just let me know when he does come back . . . that's all I ask of you."

Meg nodded. "Will do."

Xena left immediately after that, and started to think up a plan for how she could switch places with Meg without him knowing it. A month later, Xena learned that Caesar had planned on using Meg to get to Xena. She needed to get to Meg very quickly, because if she knew Caesar, that meant Meg was going to die in Caesar's hands.


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