Author: Amazon
Story Title: Gabrielle's Fantasy
Characters: Xena/Gabrielle, Gabrielle/Ephiny, Xena/Ephiny, Xena/Gabrielle/Ephiny, Xena/Callisto
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Gabrielle daydreams about an Amazon orgy with her favorite warriors, while remembering a guilty secret from her past. Gabrielle gets just what she wishes, including a good hiding, warrior-style!
This rating is for explicit f/f, f/f/f sex, and bdsm.

The characters in this story are the property of MCA/Universal and Ren Pics. This story is not for profit and is not intended to infringe anyone's copyright. It's just a bit of fun.

Explicit scenes of fem-sex, kink and rude words...if this is illegal where you live, or you are under 18, please give this story a miss.

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Gabrielle's Fantasy
by Amazon

Gabrielle knew she should be concentrating on her surroundings as she trudged along the dirt track, gazing up at her warrior-love riding ahead astride her powerful warhorse. She should keep her senses alert, listen out for sudden movements of birds or animals, look ahead for potential ambush sites like sharp corners, cliffs, or overhanging branches. If she'd only been gifted with the Warrior's highly sensitive nose, she'd have to flare her nostrils for any whiff of smelly warlords too.

But it was a pleasant sunny afternoon and they were only half a day away from the relative safety of Amazon land. The land Gabrielle ruled as Amazon Queen. This idea still seemed strange to her, a frightening though flattering responsibility. But for now, Gabrielle was enjoying the steady pace of the journey and was content to rely on her Princess for early warnings of trouble.

She let her mind drift. Rooting around in the part of her memory where she kept half-finished and unwritten stories, she found what she was looking for: 'The Amazon Queen's Birthday'.

This was a favorite tale for Gabrielle, one she enjoyed going over and over in her mind, embellishing, adding and removing scenes, tinkering with the dialog and actions of her cast. It was a story she could never commit to paper or perform, she'd decided. It was too personal and it was guaranteed to offend the real-life characters it playfully caricatured. Not that Gabrielle set out to present her friends in a bad light. She just couldn't help seeing through all those tough-girl pretensions to the less flattering motivations that warrior women prefer to keep hidden. If she wanted to use this knowledge for the purposes of her own enjoyment that was her business, she reasoned. What touchy warriors don't know can't hurt them.

"Gabrielle, what are you smirking at?"

"Hey?" Gabrielle started. "Oh nothing, just enjoying the quiet."

The Warrior was unconvinced but chose not to ask about the guilty flush that rose to her lover's face. "Just stay alert will you? Don't trail along with your head in the clouds. I can't look out for you as well, you know?"

"OK, OK. We nearly there yet?"

"Couple of candlemarks. We'd get there quicker if you'd stop dawdling. Why don't you come up here?"

"Oh what's the hurry? I'm quite happy dawdling."

Xena sighed and pressed her horse onward.

After pausing to make sure the warrior had quite finished her familiar lecture, Gabrielle slipped happily back into her reverie.

The Amazon Queen's official birthday - a day of celebration when the tribe's top warriors demonstrate their fighting skills for their esteemed ruler and present her with gifts to show their deepest respect and devotion. In Gabrielle's experience (one birthday so far some six moons ago) the fighting demonstrations were the most enjoyable part of the whole day, even better than the sumptuous meal and drinking that carried on late into the night. No, the displays were a veritable feast of athletic woman-flesh, flexing and thrusting, wrestling and stretching, warrior sweat tricking down straining legs, arms and backs. And all for her approval.

However, the gift-giving that followed was less engaging, she felt, the gifts having symbolic value rather than being anything a young queen might actually wish for - if she were ever asked. The fresh carcass of a wolf or some other dangerous predator tracked and killed by the warrior; a bull wrestled to the ground in front of the queen; a clutch of the warrior's favorite but worn-out weapons - doubtless a heart-wrenching sacrifice for the devout Amazon but of questionable use to Gabrielle.

She didn't want to appear ungrateful - another reason why this particular creative work would never go public - but she liked to speculate what she might demand from her favorite Amazons if she was permitted to decide for herself. And of course, for the purposes of dramatic impact and her own artistic satisfaction, Xena would also be required to take part in the ritual giving, despite her ambivalent feelings - at best - towards the Amazon Nation.


"I want you both to come to my hut tonight and make love to me. All night," declared the Queen from the imperial height of her queenly throne.

Ephiny and Xena didn't look at each other but froze in open-mouthed horror looking up at their ruler in disbelief.

Xena broke the spell first, in her husky, warm voice. "Now just hang on a moment, Gabrielle..."

The Queen dismissed her with an impatient wave of her hand. "I want a hot bath to start with, then a deep tissue, all-over body massage with warm, aromatic oils. Then I want you both to show me the best, the very best, of your sexy skills. I want orgasm after orgasm, climax building on climax. I want toys, I want role-play..." Queen Gabrielle clasped her hands to her chest and paused to steady her breath.

"I think you and Xena need to talk about this first, Gabrielle," Ephiny quickly interjected. The Amazon Regent was faultlessly diplomatic these days about anything that could be considered Xena's territory. Whether discussing battle tactics, hunting techniques, or women, Ephiny was careful not to provoke the warrior's infamous temper. And well she might. Xena had often threatened to "break that short-ass Amazon's neck" in the early days when the two warrior women first became acquainted.

Gabrielle had warmed immediately to Ephiny's generous and gentle spirit, even though they met at the most difficult time of Gabrielle's young life - the apparent death, later reversed, of her adored idol, Xena. So she was perplexed and upset when the newly-vibrant Xena continually baited her new friend almost as soon as the two had been introduced. And the Amazon Regent was no better behaved. If the two women were within sight of each other anywhere in the Amazon village it would seem to the casual bystander that they were unaware or uninterested in each other's presence. But Gabrielle learned to read the danger signs. A twitching cheek muscle, a tightly clenched jaw, then without warning, fisticuffs would break out. Blood and threats then furniture would fly, along with any unfortunate Amazons caught standing too close.

"Outside, you Amphipolian slag!"

"Don't make me laugh, you Amazon midget. I'll snap your neck with one hand."

"Xena stop it!" Gabrielle would try to intercede as the other Amazons jeered them on while judiciously backing away.

"Let her get on with it, Gabrielle. I'm not afraid to deal with her." Ephiny's bluster was obviously for the benefit of her tribe. The diminutive Regent was clearly terrified that the warrior would be let loose to tear her apart. As the Amazons' second-in-command, Ephiny had to be seen to respond to threats with unshakable courage - even it meant sacrificing herself in a pointless brawl with a moody stranger. Gabrielle could see the slight pallor in Ephiny's cheeks and knew she was relying on her queen to call Xena off.

"Pack it in both of you. I'm queen here and I won't have you two fighting, do you hear me?"

Honors conveniently even, the two warriors backed away from each other, still growling promises of the dire harm that would follow if only they didn't have such high respect for Gabrielle's wishes.

"What is it with those two?" Gabrielle asked later with exasperation and anger in her voice.

Her military commander Eponin replied: "Have you ever seen two stallions with a group of mares, my queen?"

"No, I haven't. There's only ever one stallion with a group of mares."

"Well, that's because he's had to chase off interlopers," Eponin explained patiently. "This Amazon tribe is under Ephiny's control. She owns us, in a way. Then Xena comes along, all six foot of muscle and..." Eponin looks wistful and trails off before remembering who she was talking to. "Anyway, the younger Amazons, with respect my queen, they all fawn after Xena and would love to join her in her bedroll at night. It undermines Ephiny's command. She has to respond."

"Well, it's got to stop and I'm going to stop it," declared the queen.

A quiet but firm word with her Warrior would be the first step towards calming the situation, she decided.


"Oh, alright, but you know she always starts it," insisted Xena, kneeling restlessly at her lover's feet.

"No she doesn't, Xena, you know exactly what you're doing. You know you provoke her by swaggering about. You don't have to prove anything and you're a guest on her territory. And besides," Gabrielle added softly, lifting Xena's chin so she could no longer avoid direct eye contact, "I'd like it if you'd at least pretend to get on."

"OK. For you." Xena kissed the top of Gabrielle's head briskly, got to her feet and walked out of the Queen's hut to join some besotted young Amazons for more weapons practice. Gabrielle sighed at her retreating back, but she knew the promise she'd won from the Warrior did not come easily. And thank Artemis Xena still had no idea that her Amazon rival had shared Gabrielle's bed even before she'd seduced her herself...

It wasn't sex, strictly speaking, of course. But there was no way Xena would ever understand or care about that. If she even suspected that Ephiny had made a move on her - and Gabrielle was sure she did not - the Amazon would immediately become Xena's Enemy Number One. Gabrielle knew it and Ephiny knew it. So when her turn came to kneel at her Queen's feet, the golden-haired Regent blurted out the question almost straight away.

"My queen, forgive me for even asking, but I, I mean, Xena doesn't know, does she? That we, that I.."

"Do you think you would still be breathing if she did?"

"I suppose not."

"I don't think there's any need to mention it. It was before Xena and I got together and she loves to think she was my first. I don't see any need to cause trouble."

"And, anyway, we didn't do very much," agreed Ephiny eagerly, "I mean.." she frowned.

"What we did was good, Ephiny," Gabrielle repeated the chin-lifting technique she'd earlier used on Xena. "I loved what you did to me. It wasn't inappropriate at all. You saved me from despair and I'll always be grateful to you for that."

Ephiny bowed her head. "Thank you, my queen."

Gabrielle reached down and took the Amazon's hand, pressing it to her lips. Ephiny looked up and, not for the first time, Gabrielle saw the sadness in those kind, hazel eyes.


When the Amazon had left, Gabrielle couldn't stop her thoughts returning against her will to that painful time. Her warrior, the beautiful, tall, mysterious woman she'd somehow convinced to take her on never-ending travels and adventures, lay dead. Gabrielle had been no more than a village girl then, love-sick as a puppy and too young to even recognize her feelings as the first signs of a blooming passion. Everything had been so new, so exciting. She adored her taciturn companion more and more each day, never realizing that her incessant questioning and girlish chatter was driving the warrior to distraction. Then it had all gone wrong so fast. She could not even invoke the memory of that particular agony, only that she'd accepted responsibility for fulfilling Xena's dying wish - to take her body back to Amphipolis to be buried next to her younger brother.

She'd arrived at the Amazon village in a state bordering on complete breakdown. With as much strength as she could muster she'd explained to the Amazons that she was taking the great Warrior Princess to her last resting place. Ephiny, who had troubles enough herself, showed her nothing but kindness, especially considering Xena had killed many Amazons in cold blood in her earlier days as a ruthless warlord.

Later that night Gabrielle lay in the Amazon hut with Xena's casket on the ground next to the bed. She lay awake, eyes wide-open but unseeing, unable to think, sleep or feel. She felt numbness and cold all the way from the ends of her fingers to the depth of her soul. She hoped she could draw on the last of her courage for the journey to Amphipolis. She knew when she got there she would find the quickest way - whether by rope or blade - to join her love in the cold earth. Life held no more meaning, all that kept her going was her dream of joining Xena in Tartarus.

Sometime in the middle of the night - time also came and went without attracting much of Gabrielle's notice - she heard soft footsteps enter the hut. Not quiet enough to frighten her, but quiet enough to suggest stealth.

"Gabrielle?" The voice of her Amazon host. In her madness, Gabrielle had imagined her warrior come to gather her in her powerful arms and take her to their new underworld home. Instead she felt the covers pulled partly back and small, soft hands touch her shoulders, then an arm slowly sliding around her waist.

"Don't be frightened. I want to help you. We Amazons know all there is to know about the pain of losing a loved one." Ephiny reached out her hand to stroke Gabrielle's cheek and found it soaked with hot tears. "Come, turn around to me."

In a daze, Gabrielle slowly turned over, uncaring whether her visitor was Artemis herself or Hades come to steal her last breath. The naked Amazon gently pressed the back of Gabrielle's head, pushing her face down towards her chest. "Take me in your mouth, my child. It is the Amazon way to give comfort. Suckle at my breast and it will ease your suffering."

Gabrielle took the offered nipple and sucked cautiously. The Amazon sighed with relief or pleasure and bade her "do it a little harder." She did as she was told and soon settled to a regular pulsing motion. She did not know how long she lay cradled in the woman's arms, but gradually, with agonizing slowness, feeling and warmth began to return to Gabrielle's body. The Amazon made no demands but simply stroked her brow and made soothing noises as a woman might to her suckling baby.

In time, Gabrielle was able to gather some of her former sanity. She continued to suck at the stranger's breast, aware now of the woman's slow, deep breathing in her ear. The nights she'd spent dreaming of such tender moments with Xena! Visions she'd hardly allowed herself to picture, pleasures her young, untutored heart could scarcely imagine. Formless sensations of writhing bodies, enveloped in softness, framed by hard, hungry kisses... And now here she was, experiencing the beginnings of these forbidden feelings with a stranger. Her love dead and cold beside them.

Ephiny must have sensed Gabrielle's sudden confusion. "Hush, my sweet. You need strength, don't fret." Gabrielle felt warm lips press against her cheek. She looked up from the soft bosom where she'd been nestled and met the woman's mouth with her own. Instinctively she took the Amazon's tongue and welcomed it. The woman might not know it, but this was Gabrielle's first intimate act with one of her own kind. While her conscious mind still screamed in silent agony, fragmented by grief, her body acted to satisfy its desperate need for comfort.

They lay for candlemarks pressed against each other, touching gently and exchanging long, deep kisses. Gradually Gabrielle became aware that she was whimpering, though she had no idea why. The older Amazon held her more tightly and pushed her hand firmly between Gabrielle's legs. She tried to pull away from the uncomfortable feeling of fingers brushing a very sensitive, intimate place, but Ephiny just gripped her tighter. Then she felt waves of almost unbearable sensation starting in her belly. A tingly, searing heat flowed out to her toes and fingers, up her spine and her neck, to the very tip of her nose. She shook violently for what seemed like a whole candlemark then fell to sobbing against the woman's shoulder.

"Good girl, that's right, let it go now." Ephiny murmured sweet encouragement against Gabrielle's neck until her crying subsided and she finally rested exhausted against the Amazon's chest. She lay drifting in and out of a shallow sleep until she became aware that Ephiny was reaching between her own legs. "It's OK, go back to sleep." Ephiny lifted her and rolled her gently onto the bed beside her. When Gabrielle lay still, she replaced her hand in its former position. Gabrielle listened while the Amazon sighed and then moaned softly. She could feel Ephiny's arm moving in a regular rhythm and was curious to know what ritual her hand was performing beneath the covers. Before she could gather her courage to investigate, she heard Ephiny's breathing take up a new beat, hard and quick, matched by a vigorous stroking movement of her hand.

Gabrielle listened intently to the cries of ecstasy from deep within Ephiny's throat as she brought herself to climax. She'd never heard a sound like it and she resolved to hold that memory in her head forever. Forever. With a start, Gabrielle realized she'd thought of the future for the first time since Xena's death.

"You alright, Bri?" Xena looked back at the bard, a genuinely concerned expression on her face.

"Huh? Oh! Yes, yes, I'm fine. I was just thinking about something sad, that's all." Gabrielle reassured her quickly.

"Why were you doing that?"

"Oh, it's for this story I'm working on. It's got a sad scene."

"Why do you want to make up sad stuff? Life is sad enough. Don't people want excitement, adventure, sex, a bit of a laugh?"

"Oh yes, it's got all that too." Gabrielle always brightened when the warrior asked her about her work. "But it needs the tragedy too, all life's colors, you know."

"I worry about you."

"I know you do. There's no need really. It's just the creative process."

"Alright. Gods, I'm glad I'm a simple fighting woman.." Xena laughed and turned back around, urging her horse onward once more.


"How did that happen?" Gabrielle wondered to herself. "One moment I'm building up to a sexy orgy scene the next I'm reliving that dreadful time.." Still, she knew her feelings for Ephiny would always be linked with that suffering she would never be able to forget. A tragedy and a blessing for Ephiny - having shared her pain and helped her in her darkest hours, she would always have a place, scarred and forever raw, in Gabrielle's heart.

Despite herself, Gabrielle smiled as she allowed herself to imagine the torrents of Amphipolian fury if Xena ever found out.

"She did what!!? When you were so vulnerable?" Xena illustrated her disgust with a string of unspeakable curses. "I'll rip her to shreds. I'll flay her alive in front of her precious Amazon bitches..I'll.."

"Xena, Xena, don't! Please! You don't understand, it wasn't like that.." Gabrielle tried to calm her livid lover and realized her mistake too late.

"Oh really? What was it like then? 'Oh well, guess old Xena's dead then, I'll just have to make do with this short one..'" the warrior paced back and forth, out of control and frightening in a way Gabrielle had never witnessed before.

"Xena, stop it! You know how devastated I was."

"Oh yeh, devastated! Oh, Ephiny, Ephiny, I'm so upset, please fuck me."


"Well, Xena, y'know she was OK, but she's a corpse in bed.."


"Just lays there and expects me to do all the work.."

"This isn't fair and you know it!"

"Gods," Xena suddenly turned to face Gabrielle. "I was there in the room wasn't I? You didn't let her take you over-my-dead-body, did you?"

Gabrielle pursed her lips and put her hands on her hips, unwilling to look at her furious lover until the stream of sarcasm ceased.

"Not over the casket?"

Gabrielle looked up in disbelief, realizing Xena was serious. They locked eyes for a few seconds before Xena looked away. "I'm sorry," she muttered. "I didn't mean that."

They both stood in silence for what seemed a long while. Then Xena turned and swung up onto her horse. "I'm going away. I need to think."

"OK, don't take too long. Promise?"



Gabrielle shuddered at the very idea of ever losing her Beloved, whether by the hands of the Gods or because of an all-too-mortal indiscretion. Then she mentally shook herself out of her melancholy and returned to more pleasant thoughts. "I love you Xena," she mouthed silently to her lover's back.

"Now where was I..?"

The Amazons were settling into a night of drinking themselves silly, so Gabrielle quietly made her excuses and walked to her hut. Nodding to the young Amazon on guard at her door, she ducked through the curtained entrance. Straightening up, she realized her room had been prepared by the tribe juniors according to her instructions, but even so the sight made her gasp with delight.

A multitude of candles lit her queen-sized bed which had been hung with sheer red and orange curtains of a material some Amazon must surely have stolen from a passing eastern merchant. A small fire glowed in the grate and a hot-tub steamed invitingly before it. Aromatic oils warmed in dishes over the candle flames, wafting scents of forest and fern around the room. The effect was of a high-class bordello fit for an Amazon monarch, Gabrielle mused.

Her attention was drawn to the table by the bed, illuminated by a single large candle and laden with the offerings she'd requested from her suitors. She ran her fingers over the objects displayed for her, lingering over their texture and promise. Xena's whip lay coiled and flaccid, ready to unfurl at the first command of its mistress's hand. Next to it lay Xena's phallus. Gabrielle noted with a small swell of pride that it was slightly larger and thicker than Ephiny's, although either would surely deliver her to the Elysian Fields if used with skill and care.

Overall, the Amazon's sex-weapons were more varied than Xena's traveling pack, which was restricted to the basics out of necessity. Ephiny embellished her collection with the tools of her trade as tribe disciplinarian. Gabrielle lingered with approval, and with more than a slight shiver in her groin, over the riding crop, the thick leather strap, the viciously thin rod, and..well..what looked like a necklace of large black beads. Whatever. She would likely find out at some point during the night... The last item was familiar to her but not yet to that intimate part of her body where it was designed to fit. She reprimanded herself for her self-centeredness - of course the small, stunted phallus could find an equally snug place inside either of her warrior-playmates.

Lost in wishful thinking, Gabrielle idly fingered Ephiny's strap and allowed herself a small fantasy.

"A fantasy within a fantasy!" marveled Gabrielle as she trotted along behind Argo. "What a shame the critics will never get the chance to review this.."

As the queen ran her palm over the stiff leather she wondered what it must be like to be a young junior Amazon waiting patiently to be reprimanded by the Regent for some misdemeanor. She sat on the edge of the bed and imagined being pulled over Ephiny's lap, held down by small but strong hands..

"Keep still, Amazon, or you'll be taking your punishment in front of your peers," Ephiny threatened. "Now, I'm going to teach you not to smoke henbane behind the sweat lodge."

Gabrielle nearly gasped out loud as she could almost feel the Regent's strap brought down sharply across her exposed rear. Oops! Perhaps she had, she thought, as Xena turned around yet again to check on her companion. Something about Gabrielle's expression made the warrior smirk and she said nothing, just turned around again and rubbed Argo's neck affectionately.

The queen put the strap back on the table and inspected Ephiny's phallus instead. The design was identical to Xena's - a heavy wooden cock, lovingly shaped from a fig-tree branch and covered with a soft leather sheath. The sheath was tightly bound with minute, careful stitching before being turned inside out and stretched over the wood. Both sheaths looked new, she noted. Gabrielle was sure the last time she'd guided a wildly flailing Xena into her channel, the leather cock she'd grabbed had a lighter hue.

Gabrielle was startled out of her day-dreaming by a small cough from outside. She quickly put the phallus back on the table. "Yes, who is it?"

The gangly young Amazon guard stepped through the curtained door into the room. "The Amazon Regent Ephiny and Xena of Amphipolis to see you, my queen," the girl announced with studied formality.

"Thank you. Let them in, and you can go join your friends at the party now."

The girl nodded. "Thank you, my queen."

The curtain flapped as the girl ducked out through the door and the two women entered. Gabrielle swiftly arranged herself stretched out on the huge bed in what she hoped was a casually regal manner. Then for the second time that night she nearly gasped aloud.

Her Chosen Ones had also followed her instructions to the letter. Naked except for the loin cloths the tribe donned for ceremonial dances, the tall, dark warrior and the small, lean Amazon stood silently before her, solemn and slightly sheepish, awaiting her approval.

Gabrielle was shocked that her proud fighters had been willing to walk across the village and past the drunken Amazons in such a state of half-dress. But then, she reasoned, she hadn't allowed for Warrior Ego. They looked magnificent and they knew it.

Unable to trust her voice, Gabrielle gestured for the women to step toward the flicking orange tongues of candle-light.

Ephiny stood in front, the flames licking over her smooth, pale skin. Golden curls tumbled over her shoulders, a soft counterpoint to her wiry, almost dainty body. Gabrielle noticed the intricate tattoo on her hip - the deer symbol of Artemis the Hunter - and saw that it was echoed in the outline of the small, metal charm tied around her neck. Below, firm round breasts and hard, dark-red nipples pointed accusingly at Gabrielle. Yes, she remembered the feel of those buds hardening in her virgin mouth. Like Xena said, you never forget your first time. Finally, the Queen let her eyes roam down her Regent's long, slender legs before looking up again to meet gentle hazel-green.

Gabrielle let her unhurried gaze shift next onto the sacred form of her lover. Statuesque, carved in muscle, from long limbs to sculpted jaw and cheekbones, the sight was breathtaking even as it was familiar. Xena was tall and powerful yet equally - effortlessly - as graceful as the Amazon. The loin cloth hung loosely over her lean thighs, her breasts stood out proudly, large and full, her skin glowed darkly in the firelight framed by Ephiny's whiteness. Xena had tied her hair for the occasion in the style Gabrielle favored, a section of her dark tresses bound into a pony tail. Her 'evil warlord look', they called it. Another nice touch - she'd tied a thin leather thong just above her left bicep.

It was as if the two rivals had rehearsed their precise posture and bearing beforehand, so perfect was the vision presented to their Queen.

What did I do to deserve this? Gabrielle wondered. Whatever it was, it must've been in a previous life, she mused silently, answering her own unheard question.

"Turn around, please."

For the blink of an owl's eye, Xena and Ephiny hesitated, as if considering whether to obey or not. Then both seemed to inwardly shrug. Without looking at each other they turned and Gabrielle had to stifle a giggle with a hand over her mouth - two more perfect bottoms it would be impossible to find in all Olympia! Thongs passed between muscular buttocks leaving nothing to the Queen's over-heating imagination. Taking her time, she dwelt on each hemisphere at her leisure, letting her gaze stroke back and forth and imagining her tongue tracing the same course. Looking up at last she let her eyes rest awhile on powerful backs and shoulders.

"You can turn around now." Gabrielle could almost hear the relieved sighs as they relaxed, freed from her scrutiny.

"So," she looked from one impassive face to the other, "we'll start with my bath then."

Ephiny immediately went over to the steaming tub by the fire and tested the water with her hand.

"Is it hot enough?" asked Gabrielle walking towards her.

"I would judge so, my queen."

My queen, my queen... Gabrielle vowed to make Ephiny sing out that irritating phrase before dawn broke over the ceremonial hangovers of her Amazon tribe.

She took the Regent's offer of an outstretched hand and allowed her to undo the wrap of orange material that served as her dress. In an gesture all the more touching for being out of character, Xena carefully gathered up the cloth from the floor and neatly folded it on the chair beside the bed.

Taking Ephiny's arm, Gabrielle stepped into the tub and lowered herself into the water. She lay back, sighing as the heat and scented oils enveloped her.Then she closed her eyes and smiled to herself.

"Scrub me."

Gabrielle heard the sound of warriors scrabbling for soap and flannels then became aware that they kneeling either side of the tub. Without another word, her subjects started rubbing wet cloths along the Queen's proffered arms and shoulders.

"Hmmm... nii-iice"

From outside the sound of drumming began, a driving beat, soft and deep, rhythm overlapping rhythm...

"S**t!" Gabrielle cursed as she only just managed to avoid stepping into a large deposit dumped unceremoniously in the road by Argo who had hardly bothered to even slow her stride.

"You really are lost in a day-dream aren't you?" Xena laughed from the safety of Argo's back.

"She didn't give any warning! I wasn't ready."

"No, you're not ready for anything are you? Come on," insisted Xena without waiting for an answer. "Get up here now, missy." The bard acknowledged to herself that she was now feeling a little hot and bothered, and in dire need of the touch of her lover - even if several hands high in the saddle.

She took Xena's arm and swung up in front.

"There, that's better. Now I know where you are and we can get a move on."

Gabrielle nearly swooned as Xena pressed her face into her neck by way of welcome. Leaning back into the warrior's chest, she closed her eyes as she felt a strong arm slip around her waist.

The Queen felt thoroughly clean and pleased with herself. It was all working out very well so far, she agreed. She looked up at her lover, who had not yet spoken a word - and caught a twinkle in an azure eye. Rewarding her with a warm smile, she settled back in the water again. She closed her eyes once more.

"Now I want you both to do something for me." Gabrielle paused and inwardly steadied herself. "I want you to take the heated oils and anoint each other's bodies with them. You know," she added quickly without opening her eyes, "like young heroes in Sparta." She dared to peer through her lashes and saw that Xena's twinkle had been replaced with a cold stare.

Xena held her young lover's gaze just long enough to see worry creep across her features, then silently she got up and dipped her fingers into a dish of warm oil. "Come over here, Ephiny."

"What are you smiling at?"

"What? Oh nothing. Just happy."

"Funny little bard you are."

"Shh... Just enjoy the sun. It's not like you to be so chatty."

"Chatty?" Xena laughed and shook her head bemused.

Gabrielle leaned back in the tub and swallowed hard. Briefly, she wondered if she'd overdone it this time. Well, too late now...

Ephiny and Xena stood before her, running their greasy hands over and over their greasy, half-naked bodies. Strong fingers grasped and squeezed well-toned muscle, upper torsos leaning against each other for support. Gabrielle thought she heard Ephiny sigh as she rested her head against Xena's shoulder. The Amazon had hold of one of Xena's thighs and was being meticulous in ensuring every part of it was covered with oil. At the same time Xena was running her hands across Ephiny's back, massaging her vigorously and nuzzling - yes, nuzzling - the smaller woman's neck.

Gabrielle realized she needed to exhale. She felt the pulsing between her legs become insistent and slipped a hand beneath the water. Stroking herself slowly, she studied the scene and listened to the exquisite sound of naked warrior-bodies sliding slickly together.

"Ahem," after some time she coughed nervously. "I am here, you know?"

The women looked at her with hooded eyes and dopey expressions.

"I think I need to get out of my bath now, or I'll be a prune."

The next thing she knew she was swooped up in Xena's arms and carried over to the royal bed. Gabrielle couldn't stop the broad grin that spread over her face as she was lowered onto the fur covers and taken into the slippery embrace of her Amazon Regent.

Gabrielle giggled as she squirmed happily between the two oily bodies. Her warriors smothered their Queen in kisses and the subtle smell of pine oil could not overcome the unmistakable scent of aroused woman-flesh that emanated from each of them. Down her neck, over her chest then, boldly, Ephiny pressed her lips to Gabrielle's.

"Are you at a sexy bit in this story then?"

"Mmm? What makes you ask that?"

"I have many skills."

"Oh, your precious over-sensitive nose!"

"I can't help it."

"I'll stick eucalyptus leaves up your nostrils one of these days! It's not fair. It's like you're reading my mind."

"Aren't I in it then?"


"Your story."

"Oh yes, you're in it alright."

"So why can't you tell me about it and let me enjoy it too?"

"It's not written yet. I want to get it right. It takes time, y'know?"

"OK, OK." Xena sighed deeply making strands of Gabrielle's blonde hair billow with her exhaled breath.

Now, where was I?

The Queen gladly took the Amazon's tongue and caressed it with her own. Sliding over each other, they settled to a gentle rhythm as Ephiny pressed into Gabrielle's mouth in a lewd suggestion of what she intended to do elsewhere.

For the time being Xena seemed content enough to let her erstwhile enemy seize her young lover's mouth. She busied herself, running her tongue in an agonizingly sensual path across Gabrielle's tightly-muscled stomach until she decided it was time to reassert her authority. Gently nudging Ephiny out of her way, Xena claimed the Queen's mouth with a conquering thrust.

"Mmmm-hh," Gabrielle groaned in delirium. Without pause for complaint, Ephiny switched her attention to the breast that wasn't obscured by Xena's writhing body.

"Mmmmmhhhh!" Gabrielle wallowed happily, as she slipped over her head into a warm lake of sensation.

Time passed, unheeded...

"Time for your massage, my queen." From somewhere far away, Gabrielle could hear Ephiny's soft voice.

"Oh yes..." said Gabrielle groggily, pulling her mouth away from Xena's breast while her hand continued to fondle one of Ephiny's. "My massage... Ow!! That hurt!"

Xena slapped her hard on the butt. "Lie down on your front, your majesty!"

"Mmmm!" sighed Gabrielle as she acquiesced. "Do that again."

Xena held back for a heartbeat - then attacked.

"Ow!! Ohhhhh! That's so good!" Gabrielle moaned, her eyes clenched shut, her body writhing of its own accord. "More. Please?"

"Time enough for that later, my queen," Ephiny whispered, planting a soft kiss on Gabrielle's shoulder to seal her implied promise.

Strong hands flowed over Gabrielle's body. Fluid movements that carried the warmth of her skin into the very marrow of her bones. She sighed as she felt another palm sweep across her back, while strong fingers kneaded her calves and backs of her thighs.

She wondered at the apparent co-operation between Xena and Ephiny, now kneeling either side of her on the bed. Without speaking they seemed to have divided her body between them, marking out exclusive areas, sharing others. At one point some territorial unpleasantness broke out, but it was quickly resolved without Gabrielle's intervention. Just a bit of growling when a stray hand roamed over an invisible border.

The warriors flipped her over and started again at her feet. Moving instinctively together, they rubbed her ankles and shins, each taking their time over a thigh, then ignoring her throbbing sex and passing directly on to her abdomen. From time to time one or other would pause to drink from her lips, slipping a warm tongue inside but always withdrawing before Gabrielle could get her fill.

From outside came the rhythm of pulsing drums in the night, punctuated by girlish cries of pleasure. The other amazons were now turning to each other for comfort. The celebratory mood would have mellowed as the wine-skins ran dry and the old stories reached their close. Hands would reach out for a chosen lover, mouths and tongues would explore new tastes and sensations. Bacchus himself would blush to see such abandon, the remains of the meal swept to the floor as young bodies claimed a place on the table to take their pleasure.

It was getting hot.

"Do we have any wine?" Gabrielle asked.

Xena stretched over to retrieve a wine-skin from where it hung around the bed-post. She pulled out the stopper and sniffed. "Kaltakka. That's better for you. You don't want to get dehydrated."

They each took a swig of water from the skin while the two warrior-women silently regarded the naked young queen lying on the bed between them.

Gazing up at her beautiful companions, Gabrielle couldn't help a writhe of pleasure. She cautiously spread her legs slightly open.

"Look at her. What a minx!" Ephiny smiled down at Gabrielle.

"Like a little blonde cat on heat," Xena agreed.

"You know, there's something else I'd like you two to do for me." Gabrielle ventured quietly.

Xena raised a quizzical eyebrow.

"I'd like to watch you kiss. A proper kiss, with tongues and everything...."

Gabrielle lay back on the bed and looked up at the muscular movement of Xena's throat as the warrior pushed her tongue into Ephiny's mouth in regular thrusts. The Amazon took this onslaught eagerly, gripping Xena by the hair and pulling her hard. As the women battled, kneeing above her, Gabrielle watched the tightening of Xena's stomach muscles as she instinctively pushed her hips against the smaller woman. That body that was so lethal on the battlefield was aching to penetrate flesh, she knew - not to kill but to satisfy a bloodlust nonetheless. Gabrielle could read the signs when her lover was in need.

"Can I touch you?"

"Hmm? What?"

"Whatever you've got going on in your head is driving me crazy, Gabrielle." Xena pouted in that way that said she wanted something and wasn't sure if she'd be allowed it. "I just need to touch you." She ran an experimental hand up Gabrielle's thigh, just under her skirt.

"Oh, Ok," Gabrielle was surprised at the huskiness of her voice when she spoke. "Just promise me you won't make me cum, Ok? I need to be inspired, do you understand?"

"Yeh, fine, OK." Reaching around her small companion, Xena pushed her hand further up Gabrielle's skirt and lightly brushed her fingers against her britches. "Just like that. Is that alright?"

"Hmmm. Lovely," said Gabrielle, shifting her position in the saddle, pulling her feet up to rest on Argo's neck. "Yes, just stroke my pussy with your fingertips. Don't.. mmmm, that's good... don't go inside my panties tho', promise?"

"Yeh, 'kay," Xena breathed softly. She closed her eyes, bathing in the sweet scent of Gabrielle's sex and giving Argo a reassuring pat with her free hand, trusting the mare to carry them on towards the Amazon village.

"Ok, that's enough."

On her command Xena and Ephiny broke their kiss, breathing hard and gazing into each other's eyes with surprised but undisguised desire.They leaned back on their heels and regarded each other as if for the first time, their expressions betraying their confusion and passion.

The golden-haired warrior recovered herself first, turning to Gabrielle with a smile. "So what would you like to play now, miss?"

"Ehm, dunno. How about 'Naughty Amazon Girl, Angry Regent'?" the queen suggested nervously, half sitting up on the bed.

"Ok," the Regent's eyes twinkled. She thought for a second. "So, Amazon, why have you been sent to see me?"

"Oh, I-I, er," Gabrielle's creative skills failed her as she quickly tried to think of a crime that would suit the punishment she hoped for.

"I caught her masturbating when she should've been on night-watch," Xena intervened, reclining back on one elbow behind Gabrielle. "She was at her post in the tree on the south side alright. But when I got closer I could see she was rubbing herself, sitting astride a branch."

Gabrielle gave Xena a look, but was given no opportunity to suggest a more dignified alternative.

"Really? So, you'd put the safety of your tribe at risk while you pleasured yourself, would you?" said Ephiny, working hard to hide a smirk.

"No, I-I, I mean," Gabrielle started to stutter out a defense.

"Stand up, girl." Ephiny voice was suddenly harsh and Gabrielle rose quickly to obey her.

Ephiny got off the bed, pulled out a chair into the center of the room and sat down. "Well, what have you got to say for yourself?"

Gabrielle couldn't help her eyes feasting on the Amazon Regent, naked except for her britches, the warriors' loin cloths having long been ripped off and abandoned. She roused herself to answer. "I, I wasn't doing it for very long. I just got turned on, I mean aroused.. I didn't mean to, it just happened. I thought I'd better, um, climax quickly so that I could concentrate on my watch."

"She's lying," Xena interjected flatly. "I watched her for nearly a candlemark while she wriggled about on that branch. She was enjoying herself."

Gabrielle rolled her eyes.

"Well, Amazon?" Ephiny was clearly enjoying the way this interrogation was preceding.

"I'm sorry, Ephiny." the queen bowed her head in contrition. "I shouldn't have been masturbating on my watch. I was thinking of myself instead of protecting my tribe." Her voice trailed off.

"So, what should we do with you?"

"I should be punished," said Gabrielle quietly, still looking at her feet.

"Right then," Ephiny suddenly leapt up from her chair. "Come over here." She gestured for Gabrielle to come over and stand next to her at the table.

Ephiny rested her arm over Gabrielle's shoulders as they both regarded the collection of toys donated earlier by the warriors. "What should it be, Gabrielle? Hmm?" She picked up Xena's coiled whip and the queen shook her head vigorously. "No?" What then? You choose your punishment." The Regent leaned over the penitent girl and pushed her closer to the table.

Gabrielle's face was flushed pink now. She pointed with a shaking finger at the leather strap. She knew it belonged to Ephiny and guessed it was the implement she used to keep younger members of her tribe in line.

Ephiny picked up the strap and tested it with a loud swipe against the palm of her own hand. Gabrielle jumped.

"Well, as Xena caught you I think she should take some pleasure in your punishment." She turned to the warrior on the bed. "Would you like to hold her while I beat her, Xena?" Ephiny gestured to the chair with a nod of her head.

Xena didn't need asking twice. She went over to the center of the room and sat straight-backed, her legs apart and her feet flat on the floor.

"Go and lay across her lap, Amazon." Ephiny was warming to her role by the moment and Gabrielle was becoming more than a little afraid.

Xena just grinned and slapped her thigh by way of invitation. "Come along, little girl. We haven't got all night."

Feeling her legs trembling beneath her, Gabrielle walked unsteadily to where her lover sat waiting. She stood beside her looking down at Xena's beautiful, strong thighs. But, when it came to that moment she was unable to prostrate herself. Xena pressed her hand into her lower back and pushed her forward.

"That's better," the warrior murmured as she forced Gabrielle's head down towards the floor and rubbed her palm gently over the naked rear conveniently upended in front of her. "This is going to hurt you much more than it hurts me."

"What's that supposed to mean?" asked Gabrielle, puzzled.

"It's a Britannia thing, don't worry about it."

"Oh." From her upside-down vantage-point Gabrielle watched as Ephiny's bare feet approached her from behind. She was acutely embarrassed, well aware of the view she presented to her Amazon deputy.

"How many do you think, Xena?"

"Hmm? Oh, let's say ten to start with."

"Right," Ephiny stood over the helpless queen. She was clearly enjoying herself immensely, Gabrielle would never have guessed. "Now Amazon I want to hear you count each stroke, do you understand me?"

"Yes," Gabrielle replied miserably.

"Yes what?"

"Yes, Mistress."


Gabrielle braced herself as Ephiny raised her arm and Xena grasped her legs and shoulders.


"OWW!! GODS!! Aphrodite!!"

"Hold, Amazon! Steady." Xena put her arm between Ephiny and Gabrielle's vulnerable backside. "That's our safe-word."

"You use 'Aphrodite' as your safe-word?" Ephiny laughed, incredulous. "Gods, I hope the Goddess of Love sees the funny side of that."

"Was that too hard, baby?" Xena asked tenderly.

"Oh, yes. Please, not quite that hard. Not yet."

"Ok Eff? Not so hard."

"Ok, sorry. Guess I'm getting too enthusiastic. I haven't had the opportunity to give a girl a good hiding in moons."


"Ohhhh, gods. One!!"


"Ohh! Two!!"

Gabrielle's rear-end hurt bad already and she knew her skin would be red, but she craved each blow more and more as the merciless Amazon Regent took advantage of her voluntary predicament. She gripped Xena's calf and pressed her lips briefly against her shin.

Thwack! Thwack Thwack!


Now she couldn't help herself from writhing around on Xena's lap, her hips bucking with unrestrained pleasure.

"Hold her still, Xena. I can't hit her if she's flailing around like that."

Xena grasped her more firmly and Gabrielle screamed in ecstasy as the sixth stroke landed across both cheeks.

"Ahhh! Six! Gods, harder Ephiny, please!!"

"What was that, Amazon?"

"Oh, mistress, please. I'm a bad girl. I deserve your punishment. Please thrash me!"


"Ohhhh!! Seven!!"

Gabrielle felt Xena reach underneath her leg to brush against her aching clit. She spread her legs wider to give her easier access and almost screamed with pleasure and frustration as the warrior found her target. "Oh rub my clit please Xena! Make me cum, I'm so close, please! I'll do it again later, I promise."

THWACK!!! Ephiny was using almost her full strength now as Gabrielle thrust her naked backside towards her to meet each stroke.

"EIGHT!!!" Gabrielle shrieked.

"You bad girl!" Ephiny was out of breath. "I'll teach you to play with your pussy on night-watch!"


"Ohhh! Ohh! OHHHHHHH!" Gabrielle's hips bucked almost comically as the combination of Xena's rubbing and the sting of the leather strap drove her to ecstasy. She screamed and sank her teeth into Xena's leg as wave after wave washed over her.

"Ohh, it's coming again! Oh Gods! Beat me again Ephin..."


"OHHHH! Ohh, Oh... oh yeh... oh gods yes... that's enough... Oh!" Gabrielle bucked a few more times then hung completely limp and sated over her lover's knees.

"Oh gods, Xena, I need to cum now! Put a finger inside me."

"Now hang on, you'll just tell me off if I do that."

"No, no I won't, I promise. It's my fault. Just do it, please!"

"Alright, but don't complain later if you don't get your story finished." Xena slipped her fingers under Gabrielle's soaking wet britches and rubbed between her slick folds. "Mmm, so wet..."

"Yeh, I'm a bad girl, aren't I?"

"Huh? Yeh, if you say so, Gabrielle. Bad girl!"

The bard leaned back against the warrior and pressed her face against her lover's neck. She inhaled the precious scent that was Xena and braced her feet against Argo's back. If the horse snorted her annoyance then the two lovers were much too engrossed to hear.

"Bad girl, Gabrielle. Bad slut. Your cunt is so dripping wet. I'm going to make you cum all over my hand." Xena murmured. She rubbed hard over Gabrielle's clit, sliding her fingers back and forth, taking wetness from her opening and lubricating the sensitive bud.

"Aaaowwhhh! OH, OH, OHHH!" Gabrielle arched her back, lifting herself out of the saddle and giving Xena full access to her pussy. The warrior reached under her, rubbing harder, interspersing her strokes with sharp slaps of her palm then slipping her fingers inside.

"Oh, yeh that's it. Oh, fuck me! Please!" Gabrielle arched her body higher, reaching behind to grip Xena by her hair.

"Like that? Bad girl! Bad girl! Bad girl!" Xena fucked her demanding little bard until she heard her cry out and felt her body shudder.

Gabrielle finally rested and Xena eased her back down into the saddle and into her arms.

"You ok?"

"Oh yeah! Gods, that was good!" Gabrielle could scarcely catch her breath. "Do you need..?"

"No, it's ok. I'll demand my reward when we get to the Amazons' place." Xena enveloped her Blonde Beloved in a big hug. "Why don't we just pass the time with this story of yours?"

"Don't nag, darling, please. I'll let you hear it one day. Promise..."

"Oh, that was intense. Gods, my butt hurts!" Gabrielle muttered, still hanging limply over her warrior's lap

"Let's get you over to the bed and get some ointment on you." Xena pulled the wobbly queen upright to stand on her feet. "Steady. Are you alright?"

"Yeh, phew, the blood's rushing to my head," she looked over her shoulder at her reddened buttocks, "from my ass by the look of it."

"I've got some ointment here," said Ephiny going over to the table. "Have I really hurt you? That was quite a beating."

"Oh, I asked for it. In fact.." Gabrielle frowned and put both hands on Xena's shoulders to prevent her lover from getting up out of the chair. "Hmm, yep, I'm gonna cum again."

"Oh, gods! What do you want me to do?" Xena looked up imploringly into her lover's face.

"Just put two fingers in me and rub my clit with your thumb."

Xena quickly obeyed. "Like that?"

"Uhmmmm, yes, that's it," she leaned her weight against Xena's shoulders. "Now kinda pull downwards with your fingers against the front of..Oh, yes, like that."

Xena watched her young queen's face intently as she did her best to follow her instructions. "See, I know where your special places are, don't I?" she smiled.

"Ohhh, yesss. Yes! Yes! YES!" Gabrielle threw her head back and tightened her grip around Xena's neck as she rocked herself back and forward on the warrior's long fingers. "Now! Really quick and hard!"

Xena grabbed Gabrielle round the waist with one hand and pumped three fingers as quickly as she could into her lover's hungry pussy. Simultaneously, she put her head down and flicked her tongue over the young blonde's clit.

"Ohhh! OHHH! I'm coming!! OHHHHHH! OHHHHHH!" Gabrielle's body rocked, tensed and then slumped onto Xena's back.

"Oh, that's it," she sighed. "All over now..."

Xena gently lifted her and sat up. She took her woman in her arms, tenderly stroking her face and kissing her hair. "Not for the night, I hope..."

"No, no, I just need to lie down for a bit," Gabrielle assured her in a small, dazed voice.

"Oh, I've heard that before. Next thing you know she's snoring in the arms of Morpheus," Xena grinned over at Ephiny who was standing by the bed opening a jar of ointment.

"This'll wake her up."

"Stings a bit, does it?"

"Just a little."

Gabrielle curled up against the bank of soft pillows her warriors had fluffed up for her. Her butt was still stinging from the vigorous application of the ointment, but she'd been given no choice except to agree that it was for her own good.

"Please keep still, my queen. This will stop the bruises forming," Ephiny had insisted as she rubbed her palm over Gabrielle's small, writhing posterior.

"Ow! By the gods, it's burning."

"It'll sting for a few minutes, my queen, but honestly it's better than not being able to sit down tomorrow."

"Or the next day," Xena added helpfully.

Gabrielle had wriggled and whimpered as the women massaged the warm lotion into her sore behind. She knew they were right. Warriors were nearly always right about most things, she thought ruefully.

Finally released from the torment, she leaned back against the pillows and luxuriated in a warm glow of satisfaction, the stinging sensation in her rear now fading to a not unpleasant tingling. Ephiny had beaten the Amazon Queen severely, as if she were just a lowly young miscreant sent to her for correction. And Gabrielle's response had hardly befitted a monarch. Although it had seemed of no consequence at the time, she was now acutely aware that her cries of ecstasy, and the cruel slap of leather, would have reached the keen ears of her subjects partying just outside her hut.

Still, she would hardly be the first amazon to crave Ephiny's harsh reproach. The Regent had earlier confided in Gabrielle about her concerns for tribe discipline - the younger girls were becoming so creative in finding ways to qualify for a beating, it was harder than ever to get them to behave.

Smiling to herself at this thought, Gabrielle settled back and watched her two half-naked warriors turn again to each other.

Both women were now dangerously aroused. For candlemarks they had responded to every whim of their demanding queen - massaging and fondling her, kissing each other for her delectation. Finally they'd held her down and strapped her, finishing with a swift and brutal fuck as Xena obeyed Gabrielle's command to bring her queen screaming to climax again.

Ephiny, in particular, was close to losing control, Gabrielle noticed. The small amazon was kneeling on the bed, her arms wrapped around Xena's neck, rubbing her lithe, firm little body against her larger rival. She seemed almost girlish in her attempts to get the warrior's attention. She breathed in Xena's ear, then bit down on a lobe, sucking and pulling until the great Warrior Princess whimpered in response.

Sensing a victory of sorts, Xena pressed the golden-haired fighter down onto the bed to lie at Gabrielle's feet. She gently pushed Ephiny's legs apart then lowered her full weight onto her body. Ephiny immediately raised her legs and crossed her feet behind the warrior's back. Even knowing Xena would never agree to satisfy her so soon, she couldn't help bucking her center against her rival, pulling her in tighter with her legs.

Xena thrust and ground her hips a few times to meet the writhing woman beneath her, fighting to keep control and moaning with the effort. Then she reached up and pulled the amazon's hands from around her neck.

Ephiny groaned in frustration. "Wait, wait, my little amazon minx," Xena murmured. Gabrielle flinched, waiting for the Regent to rail against such condescension. But instead Ephiny obediently let go and, to Gabrielle's astonishment, almost batted her eyelids at the retreating warrior. They had obviously reached some kind of understanding.

"Get her ready for me, Gabrielle," Xena tossed the off-hand order over her shoulder as she strode across the room to the table laden with implements of pleasure.

Eagerly, Gabrielle got up on her knees and crawled over to take up her station between Ephiny's legs. Xena knew all about her bard's insatiable appetite - if her mouth wasn't full of food, it was pussy, she would tease. Gabrielle silently thanked her warrior for thinking of her pleasure at a time when her own needs must be so urgent.

She looked down at Ephiny and watched the Regent's chest rise and fall in fast, shallow breaths. Gabrielle locked her gaze on the amazon's gentle eyes and tugged on her britches. Slowly and deliberately she pulled them down, forcing Ephiny to lift her legs and bring her feet together. Removing them with a flourish, Gabrielle flung the garment carelessly over her shoulder. The debonair effect was somewhat lost when she heard "thanks" from Xena and realized she'd inadvertently hit the warrior in the face. But the hungry look in Ephiny's eyes never faltered, so Gabrielle simply ducked her head down to being attending to her needy Regent.

In truth, as they all knew, Ephiny was sopping wet already.

Gabrielle feasted greedily, lapping between folds and savoring a new deep and musky scent. Ephiny groaned, closing her eyes as Gabrielle's hands found her nipples and pulled. She lay back and pressed her hand to the back of Gabrielle's head then bucked her hips as a tongue swept dangerously close to her clit.

The Queen pulled away. "Slow, amazon. You're to be fucked by the Warrior Princess before you cum, understand?"

"Yes, yes, my queen. I understand," Ephiny replied between breaths.

"Get her in position, Gabrielle."

"Up on your knees, Regent."

Ephiny hesitated for a second, then with a faint sigh, she got up and turned around on all fours. Gabrielle pressed the warrior's head down to rest between her hands on the bed.



"Remind me again why that special position you like is called The Amazon Prayer."

Xena gave an embarrassed laugh and shrugged. "C'mon, Gabrielle. You know why."

"Yeh, but I like to hear you tell that joke." She slyly dug her warrior in the ribs.

Xena sighed, then in a high-pitch whiny voice she mimicked the distinctive burr of Gabrielle's tribe: "Oh, by Artemis! Take me now! Oh Artemis! Oh fuck me, please..."

Gabrielle playfully smacked her lover on the arm, but couldn't help laughing. "You are so rude."

From across the room, Xena smirked as she strapped on her leather harness and eyed up her prize.

"Have I got her wet enough for you, Xena?" Gabrielle asked innocently, as she ran her fingers along the dripping folds of Ephiny's entrance.

"Oh, yes, looks like you've done a very good job, Gabrielle," came Xena's husky reply.

"Good. Now get over here so I can watch you fuck her."

Xena strode quickly towards the bed, her large appendage sticking out slightly ridiculously in front of her and bobbing with each step. She took up Gabrielle's position, kneeling behind Ephiny who moaned loudly when she leant down to give the Regent another licking.

"Take it easy, Xena. She's very close." Gabrielle warned.

Xena obviously agreed and lifted her head, ignoring Ephiny's wail of disappointment. "Now, let's see what you're capable of amazon." Without ceremony, Xena pushed two fingers into the Regent's open pussy. Ephiny groaned with relief and raised her head. Xena pushed her back down again.

"Oh, gods, stop fucking about, Xena! Just stick it in me."

"Now, now," the warrior growled. "Be ni-ice. You'll get what you want soon enough. I want to know how deep you are first."

"I can take a centaur, warrior, so I'm sure I won't have any trouble with you," Ephiny spat back, causing Xena to raise an eyebrow.

Even so, Gabrielle saw Ephiny bite into the fur rug covering the bed as Xena finally relented and pushed her full length into her. The queen watched fascinated as her lover, with a roar of triumph, took possession of the amazon's body.

Xena's greater height suited their position perfectly as she lay over Ephiny, braced on her hands and knees. She held her own body almost perfectly still while her hips alone thrust hard, forcing the smaller woman to rock back and forth on the bed, writhing to meet each stroke.

There were many occasions when Gabrielle had been on the receiving end of Xena's passion in this way, kneeling, compliant in the same posture. And there were times when the warrior had seemed locked in her own rhythm, her need to penetrate overpowering her concern for her lover's pleasure. "Hey, hey." Gabrielle would reach round and slap Xena's thigh until she got her attention. "Hey, I'm here too remember?"

"Huh? Oh sorry."

"Slow down, you're not digging a hole."

"Sorry, sorry, baby..." the warrior would seem to shake herself out of a trance, then she'd relax and settle to a gentler beat, slowly grinding and rolling her hips in that motion she knew her lover adored.

Xena was certainly fucking Ephiny hard, thought Gabrielle, but on this occasion she seemed well aware of what she was doing. The sight was fascinating in its depravity.

"You are a beast, Xena."

"Gabrielle, I'm just... Uh!... Uh!...doing what you're always saying I should do," Xena replied without letting up the onslaught. Y'know... Uh!..Uh!... 'discover your inner dog'."

"Your inner child, Xena, your inner child..." Gabrielle shook her head and rolled her eyes.

"Oh, right, whatever."

"Hey, what are you giggling to yourself about?"

"Oh, y'know, just appreciating my own jokes."

Xena snorted. "Oh, it's a comedy as well is it, this story? I can't wait to hear it, you know, when you get around to finishing the bloody thing..."

"Sshh!" Gabrielle patted her lover's knee.

Gabrielle watched in fascination as Ephiny was dragged face-down back and forth across the bed, willingly impaled on Xena's cock. The Amazon Regent made no effort to conceal her true desires, her legs splayed open behind her as Xena held her hips aloft and pounded mercilessly.

"Oh!... Xena!... Screw me... Uh!... Please!... Harder!"

Xena knelt behind her prey, her eyes hooded, her teeth barred, her long black mane of hair slick with sweat. Gabrielle recognized this animalistic stage in her warrior's arousal - Xena was beyond words, her natural language reduced to a limited repertoire of grunts and groans as she thrust into her grateful victim.

Gabrielle had heard Xena's guttural poetry many times, but this was the first time she'd been able to observe her lover's features as she gave in to feral desire. She marveled at the primitive impulses that drove her, possessed her, made her the terrifying and magnificent warrior and lover that her bard adored. The warrior's face was contorted as if in pain as she drove relentlessly onwards towards the release that would never come, or at least not for her, not like this. The Elysian Fields would first welcome Ephiny who was yowling now with pleasure and need. Gabrielle reached a hand out towards her Regent and it was immediately gripped in a tight fist.

Then, without warning, Ephiny braced her feet against the bed and straightened her legs, forcing Xena to scramble to her feet and stand upright over her. Xena quickly regained her balance and leaned into the woman to meet the butt pushed up towards her. A few short, perfunctory thrusts, the sharp sound of Xena's muscled stomach slapping against Ephiny's buttocks, then a tremor in Ephiny's legs became a uncontrolled shudder. She screamed again and again then roared, a fearless Amazon warrior in full battle-cry.

"Need it now." A husky whisper interrupted Gabrielle's complex choreography.

"Huh? What, darling?"

"Need it. Need some bard."

Gabrielle rolled her eyes. "You've just had some bard, darling."

"Need more. More bard. Now. Please?"

The last entreaty was so mournful - as if the great warrior princess truly expected to be refused or scolded - that Gabrielle felt her heart melt.

"Are you saying you can't wait until we get to the Amazon village?"

"I was just thinking that... well, they'll all want to talk the girl-talk. Catch up on the gossip and all that. It'll be dawn before we get any time alone."

"Yes. I suppose you're right. By then they'll be drunk and they'll want to show you their latest fighting techniques...."

"I need it now," interjected Xena, a little more boldly.

"Alright, darling. You've made that very clear. Well, you've got the reins."

Xena grinned with relief and quickly coaxed Argo off the road and into the woods.

With her faultless talent for finding discreet clearings, Xena soon found suitable spot. She slid from Argo's back and held out her arms to her bard-love. Once safely on the ground, Gabrielle took her lover's hand.

"Come here."

Bemused, Xena followed as she allowed Gabrielle to lead her through the leafy dell.

"Gabrielle, where are we going?"

"Hush, my love."

Gabrielle led her woman deeper into the wood until she found what she was looking for - a large redwood tree that would suit her purposes wonderfully. She stopped and pushed the warrior backwards against the trunk. Xena for her part made great play of being pushed around by her diminutive lover.


"Now, this has to come off." Gabrielle briskly started unhooking Xena's armor.

"Hang on, I thought I was going to get some..."

"No, no, my love. I'm gonna give you a good licking instead. When I'm quite ready. Now help me get this armor off." Gabrielle's hands were shaking and Xena took them between her own and held them still for a few steadying moments. Gazing into each other's eyes with longing, they silently agreed to drop their play-acting for now. Xena bowed her head and leaned towards her lover. Their lips met and Gabrielle eagerly took her tongue in her mouth. The warrior gathered the smaller woman in her arms and held her tightly as they kissed and grappled with each other like drowning women gasping for air.

When they finally broke apart, Gabrielle quickly regained her forceful demeanor. She stripped Xena of her upper armor and started on unlacing the slip beneath. But again her shaking hands made the task impossible. Gabrielle whimpered in frustration as her fingers struggled to loosen the ties holding the garment closed over Xena's bosom.

"Here, here, let me." Xena gently pulled the bard's hands away and swiftly undid the ties. Gabrielle whimpered again as the warrior slid her hand into her cleavage and pulled out one breast. "Here, suck on me," Xena whispered.

Gabrielle greedily accepted the invitation and brought her mouth to the offered nipple.

"Oh, yessss." Xena sighed and smiled down at the contented look on Gabrielle's face. The young woman's eyes were closed, her mouth pumping and sucking loudly. "Good girrrl," Xena purred. "Suck me. That's right. That feels so good."

"Mmmph!" Gabrielle nuzzled her face into Xena's soft bosom.

Xena reached again into her short leather dress and pulled out the other breast. Gripping her lover tightly by her long, blonde locks the warrior princess attempted to dislodge the limpet clamped to her chest. "Hey, hey, c'mon baby, suck the other one for me now."

With some persistence she managed to persuade Gabrielle to release her hold and suckle from the other nipple. Xena groaned at the first touch of warm, wet lips and then from a deep pulling sensation as the hungry mouth started feeding again.

Xena let herself be carried on rolling waves of pleasure as she slowly exhaled and contemplated her situation - half naked in the woods, her breasts hanging exposed out of her dress, her young blonde lover suckling and moaning in her arms. She closed her eyes and imagined being discovered in such a compromising position by her enemies - by Ephiny, who if not an out-and-out enemy was at least a rival, by that kooky bitch Najara, by Ares, by Callisto... hmm, Callisto.

Xena allowed herself to muse on the forbidden fantasy that she'd battled against, unsuccessfully, for nearly a moon now. It had sprung, unbidden, one night as she lay spread out on her back on her bedroll, her legs stretched wide open, Gabrielle fucking her fiercely with her whole hand. Just as the warrior had started her rapid ascent to climax, she'd seen her blonde nemesis standing over them both, laughing, mocking Xena for her submission to the young bard. The very idea had been enough to drive Xena to ecstasy and only her warrior-training and strength of will had stopped her shrieking Callisto's name instead of Gabrielle's.

Now she was too excited to fight it. She wanted to relive this fantasy again, but this time to keep it under her control. She closed her eyes and opened them again, willing herself to see the luscious figure of her arch enemy leaning against the opposite tree, languid and dangerous.

"Xeeeeenahh! You slut. Look at you, with your breasts hanging out like a common whore. You like having them sucked, don't you? You like what your blonde bitch does for you."

"Oh, yes, yes!" Xena moaned out loud in response to her imaginary adversary.

"Mmmm, you're really turning me on, Xeennah." The warrior could now clearly see her enemy, leaning back against the tree and reaching under her short leather skirt. "Yes, you're right, I'm not wearing any panties. I never do." Callisto rolled her head back and closed her eyes. She had clearly just pushed her fingers into her pussy. "Oh, Xena, yes," she breathed. "Let me hear you beg the Irritating Blonde to suck you harder..."

"Gabrielle, please, suck me harder.." The blonde bard replied with a closed-mouth moan and obediently switched breasts again and started sucking and chewing on the wine-colored nipple.

"Ohhh!" Callisto was now fucking herself vigorously, one leg bent forwards, her foot braced flat against the tree, her whole body jerking with each self-administered thrust.

Xena moaned in frustration as Gabrielle suddenly pulled away from her rigid teat. "Shh, my love! I said I would give you a good licking..."

The young blonde lowered herself slowly to her knees, marking her progress with gentle kisses to her lover's hands. Lifting the leather strips of the short skirt, she pressed her face against warm britches and savored the woman-scent that enveloped her. Xena responded by grinding her hips in a slow, undulating movement.

With one hand reaching behind, Gabrielle took hold of Xena's britches, tugging them at the same time from the front with her teeth. With agonizing slowness, she pulled them down to Xena's feet, where the warrior was able to step daintily out of them.

"Hook one leg over my shoulder," the Amazon Queen commanded.

Xena obeyed and couldn't help looking over to see her enemy's reaction. Callisto jeered in a voice only the warrior could hear. "Xeeenaa. Oh, yes, lift your leg so I can see your snatch. Gods, I wish it could be me kneeling there and tasting you instead of your little bitch!"

Xena was jerked out of her daydream by a wicked tongue that whipped expertly around her opening. "Ahhh! Gabrielle, that's so good."

Gabrielle had her mouth full and could only reply with the lewd slurping and lapping noises she knew her lover adored.

Xena could feel her cum flooding over her young love's face. Her hips started bucking and she knew she could not contain the climax that had been building in her for candlemarks.

Gabrielle knew it too and did not attempt to slow her lover's progress. Instead she thrust three fingers into Xena's soaking wet cunt and fucked her hard and fast, while letting her thumb take up the task of tormenting the warrior's clit.

"Ahh! Ohh! Uh!" Callisto rubbed herself furiously and threw her head back as she came.

Xena finally allowed herself release.

Her scream startled birds into flight for miles around. It sent small animals scurrying for their underground homes and caused larger ones to stop in their tracks, cocking their ears to the roar of an unfamiliar creature.

Gabrielle, pleased with herself, grinned up at her warrior-love, gathering her into her arms as Xena's legs failed her and she slid down against the tree to the ground. They sat for some time, arms and legs entwined around each other, waiting for their breathing to return to normal.

"I love these private times we have together," Gabrielle leaned contentedly against her lover's shoulder.

"Yeh, just me and you. No-one else to bother us."

"No-one trying to kill us, or compete with you..."

"Or steal you from me..."

"Y'know sometimes I wish we could run away somewhere where no-one could find us."

They contemplated this in silence for a while. Then both of them started laughing uncontrollably.


"You're right..!"

"We'd just get bored!"


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