Author: Sara
Story Title: Premonitions
Characters: Xena/Gabrielle
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Asks the question, "What would life be like for Xena if the 'Vision' came true?"
This rating is for explicit f/f sex.

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To my baby sister Natalie. You are the greatest joy in my life. Your innocence and youth give me reason to go on.

*Spoiler warning: The Vision. also, I have changed things to fit my story, you don't like it . . . tough.*


By Sara

Near Amphipolis

There are those who whisper of the warlord Xena. Now secluded in a self-imposed exile, she lives near the bustling town of Amphipolis, yet far enough from constant human contact. There are those who whisper that the day Gabrielle died, Xena died right alongside with her. There are those who whisper that this woman is now more fierce and dangerous than she was in her warlord days. There are those who whisper, because they are afraid to say it to her face.

The time of the winter solstice is coming and the townspeople give each other knowing looks. The warlord will be emerging soon, it's almost time again. They are not disappointed. The next day she appears, in full battle armor complete with a 'don't bother me' attitude. The villagers comply. No one will get in her way, especially not when they know why she is here. The townspeople watched her make her way to a well-respected inn.

In moments, she is out again with a smaller, older version of herself standing in the door. There is pain on Cyrene's lovely face as she grabs the mighty warrior's arm and speaks unheard words. All the villagers see Xena narrow her eyes and jerk her arm free. She set out for the stable where her war horse, Argo is waiting. Short minutes later, she is gone, heading north to a destination most people speculate about, but no one save the warrior and Cyrene knows for sure. The good people shake their heads. For the past five years, it has been this way, always near the anniversary of the bard's death, Xena would disappear for a week with no one, except for her mother, knowing where she was at. They sadly shake their heads, such a pity.

Traveling takes two days back to the place where Xena stopped living. She passes familiar faces and towns. No one bothers her. All know who she is and where she is going. All respect her for her undying love and all fear her wrath should they detain her. The third day of traveling brings her to her beloved's burial place. On a snowcapped mountain, Gabrielle's life was taken five years ago. The warrior looked around for any signs of thieves and finds none. She entered the crypt and glanced around. All is as it should be. She lit a torch and mindless of the cold, shed her furred cloak. She took out a worn pack, gifts for her beloved. Xena looked around, memories of her bard adorn the walls. Gabrielle's precious scrolls are neatly catalogued, resting against one wall. Her Amazon Queen regalia adorn three walls.

Xena closed her eyes. Times like these were when she would swear she could hear the sweet voice of her friend ringing in her ears. She could almost swear Gabrielle was there with her in the room. The warrior shook her head and took a torch, ready to make the final journey down to where her love slept in eternal peace. She opened a secret door and descended down a flight of stairs, lighting torches on her way down. At the bottom of the stairs, there was a small room, keeping her most precious treasure safe from intruders. The warrior knelt in front of her love's sarcophagus. She hasn't allowed herself to feel anything . . . not yet. She closes her eyes and unbidden memories flood her mind as she is taken back to the time of her lover's death.

The Ambush

They had been ambushed by Roman soldiers. The one and only time the warrior princess had been caught unaware had been the worst mistake she had ever made. They had been captured and taken to Caesar's tent. He was engaging Pompey in another battle for power of the Roman Empire. The look on Caesar's face when Xena had been brought to him in chains had been one of arrogant superiority. "Well, well. Xena, it has been a long time and look at this, you're right where I want you, kneeling before me." The smirk did not leave his face as he came to stand in front of Gabrielle. "Still traveling with the irritating blonde I see. Now, the important question is what are you doing here, and why." He narrowed his eyes and waited for an answer, but when he was ignored, he smiled, knowingly. "That's the Xena I know, never give up anything. Very well, perhaps a night in my jail will see your tongue loosened. If not, there are other ways to get what I want from you." He motioned to the guard. "Take them away."

They had been taken and thrown into a makeshift cell with soldiers guarding them at all times. Gabrielle had been exhausted and the warrior had urged her to get some rest, she would stand watch. The beautiful emerald eyes looked trustingly at the warrior and her mouth had uttered the sweetest words ever heard. "I love you Xena, we'll be ok." The warrior had given her a crooked grin in response. Xena had stood with her back against the wall, trying to think of a way out of this. She slid her back down the wall until she was sitting next to Gabrielle's head. The warrior clenched her jaw, she would get her bard out of this, one way or another.

She had been jerked awake when she felt rough hands grab her and shove her to the ground. Instantly alert, she could hear Gabrielle crying and yelling her name. Xena looked up to see a Roman soldier about to rape the bard. Animal rage filled her as she stood and threw the man off her lover. She gently picked her up. "Are you ok?" She whispered. The petite blonde nodded. "You got here just in time, just like always," she whispered back. The warrior nodded and slowly, tenderly set her back down on the ground. "Stay here," she warned. With a snarl, she turned to face the three soldiers who had been standing guard. She stared at them coldly, they were dead men. The first soldier rushed her and she caught his wrist and flipped him over, then she punched him, knocking him unconscious. Xena picked up his sword and faced the other two. The second soldier drew his sword and charged Xena, leaving his side wide open. She deftly side stepped the charge and sliced him through the stomach. That only left the would-be rapist.

Xena's lips curled back in a snarl of disgust. The soldier attacked and thrust his sword and Xena countered. They lunged and parried back and forth, until Xena swept his feet out from under him and came to stand over him. She saw the fear in his eyes and pointed the blade at his neck. "Give my regards to Hades, you bastard," and plunged her sword in his neck. She withdrew the blade and dropped it on the ground. Xena came back to Gabrielle and knelt in front of her, checking for injuries. Only a few minor cuts and bruises. "I'm fine Xena. Just hold me please," Gabrielle pleaded. The warrior took the bard in her arms and held her tightly. It wasn't long before the next watch of the guard came to relieve the men. When they walked in, Xena rose to stand protectively in front of Gabrielle. The men drew their swords and yelled an alarm. Soon Caesar stepped through the tent flap and surveyed the carnage.

He looked curiously at Xena. "Why would you go to all the trouble of killing my guards and not escape. Unless it wasn't escape that prompted your killing." He surmised when he saw Gabrielle's lacerated face. He pondered the warrior for a moment, this woman was trouble and he needed her out of the way. Suddenly, a brilliant plan formed in his mind. Time to kill two birds with one stone. Caesar gave Xena a smug grin. "Xena, for the killing of Roman soldiers, I sentence you and your little friend to death," he paused dramatically, "by crucifixion." He gave a short laugh when Gabrielle gasped. "I win Xena, but then you always knew it would end this way." He smirked, but his smile fell and he turned to the captain of the guard. "Crucify them." He snarled and left the tent. The captain brought his hand to his chest and extended it forward. "As you wish mighty Caesar."

Two guards stepped up and Xena and Gabrielle were jerked apart and stripped of their clothes. They were given course shifts to wear and were then dragged outside and led to a snowcapped mountain. Other prisoners were being put to death and all around them were the sounds of the dying. As she and Gabrielle were laid side by side on wooden crosses, Xena turned her head to gaze into Gabrielle's emerald eyes. "Gabrielle," the soldiers were preparing the nails that were to be driven into her flesh. "You're the best thing in my life." The bard smiled at her lover and whispered, "I love you Xena." The warrior saw the soldiers spread Gabrielle's hands and hold them ready to drive the nail in. She saw the mallet swung and kept her eyes fixed on Gabrielle. The bard did not cry out, but kept her gaze on the warrior, taking comfort in Xena's love to dull the horrible pain. Another nail was driven into the girl's feet and the bard flinched but no cry of pain escaped her lips. The soldiers raised the cross up, leaving Gabrielle to hang there. Xena felt nails being driven into her flesh, but her mind was on Gabrielle and she focused on her and not the pain. Her only thoughts were of Gabrielle, how could her bard write her beautiful stories now? The warrior felt herself being raised and soon she was right beside Gabrielle. They looked at each other and smiled a smile of the soul. Together in life and death.

Trumpets heralded the arrival of Caesar. He stepped from his chariot and smiled at his own brilliance. "Maybe this time, you'll die like a good girl. Excuse me, but I have an old score to settle and a world to conquer. I must say I am disappointed in you Xena. I always expected you to go down fighting with a sword in your hand. Still you are dying and it is by my hand, so I suppose I shouldn't feel too cheated." He bowed mockingly. "Destiny awaits." Turning to the soldier holding the mallet, he said, "Break the blonde's legs first." He smirked at Xena. "Tell your friend how much it hurts Xena, you're next. The warrior snarled and spit in the would-be emperor's face. He wiped the saliva from his cheek and glared up at Xena. His look changed from one of rage to satisfaction and he strolled away, turning his mind to other important things, like beating Pompey.

Out of the corner of her eye, Xena saw the soldier with the mallet step up next to Gabrielle. He drew his arms back and swung with all of his might. "NOOOOOOOOO." The cry was torn from her lips as she heard the sickening sound of bones being broken and heard her lover's cry of pain. The soldier stepped back and admired his handiwork. With a smirk, he turned and stood in front of Xena. The warrior closed her eyes, bracing for the pain she knew was coming. The man brought the hammer back and prepared to swing. A cry of alarm went through the camp and all men were needed at the battlefront. Pompey's army was advancing and Caesar needed every man to come and hold off the fierce fighting.

Xena opened her eyes in time to see the soldier grab his sword and run down to the plateau where the armies waged war. The warrior looked over at Gabrielle. The bard had fainted from the pain. Sounds of armor and swords clashing filled the air. Cries of pain and death went on through the night, with Gabrielle in and out of consciousness. She was losing a lot of blood from her wounds and Xena realized that her lover was in shock.

"Hang on Gabrielle," she whispered. Morning came along with the arrival of the triumphant Pompey the Magnus. He rode his horse through the camp, coming to stop in front of Xena. An unreadable look crossed his face, and he ordered some men to cut the warrior and the bard down. Xena was loosened first. She was so weak she could barely stand, but she found the strength as the soldiers released Gabrielle. Xena was there to catch the bard and looked at her pale face. "Take them to the healer," Pompey ordered. Xena raised her head to look at Pompey. "Why are you doing this?" She asked hoarsely. Pompey looked at the ground, "Call it a favor Xena. Except this time I won't want anything from you in return." The magnus walked away and ordered his men that once Xena and her friend were well enough to leave, to let them leave unharmed, under pain of death. Xena looked back at Gabrielle. She searched for some sign of life in her friend. Slowly the bard opened her eyes and gave Xena a weak smile. "Xena," she breathed and then lapsed into unconsciousness.

The pair were taken to the healer's tent. The aged man patched up the warrior but was hesitant to let her see his other patient. "How is she?" The healer looked contrite. "I'm sorry. She's struggling. She's lost so much blood . . . . It's only a matter of time now." The man whispered. The warrior shoved him aside and walked over to the curtain that separated Gabrielle from the rest of the patients. Taking a deep breath, she pulled back the curtain and came to sit at Gabrielle's bedside. "Gabrielle," she whispered, stroking her lover's forehead, "open your eyes." Emerald eyes slowly opened to look into deep blue ones. "Hey sleepy head." The endearment received a shaky smile from the bard. "Xena, I know already."

"No," Xena said fiercely through tears. "It's not happening. I won't let you go Gabrielle not now, not ever. You hear me." Another weak smile from the bard. "I hear ya princess." The smile faded as she looked intently into the eyes of the warrior princess. "Xena, my life is so much better for having known you and loved you. You've taught me so much and I have seen you change for the better. You brought out the best in me." She raised her hand to caress the cheek of her warrior. Xena turned her face into the touch and closed her eyes. "I love you so much," Gabrielle continued, "and I am so blessed to have had your love for my own. Nothing is more precious to me. Remember your monster promise Xena?" Gabrielle's voice was getting weaker and the warrior looked down into the face of the woman she loved more than life itself. "I remember," Xena's voice was choked with tears. The bard nodded and said, "I am holding you to it princess." Xena smiled and shook her head. "You won't need to bard. You're going to be fine." Gabrielle smiled and whispered, "Liar. C'mere."

She pulled Xena's head down for a kiss. The warrior felt tears run down her face and tasted salt in their kiss. The salt was not just from her tears, but from Gabrielle's as well. The bard asked for entry and Xena opened her mouth to receive the gentle thrusts of Gabrielle's tongue. The kiss was gentle and sweet, as they both committed to memory the taste and texture of each others' mouths. All their love and desire was poured into that kiss. It seemed to go on forever until Xena had to break it to get some air. "Don't let my death undo all the good you've done. I know that we will be together again. I love you Xena, my warrior princess. I love you." Gabrielle's whisper trailed off as the life was taken from her. Lashes slowly closed over emerald eyes as the breath was taken from her body.

"Gabrielle," the warrior shook her love slightly. Tears fell unheeded as she shook Gabrielle again harder. "Gabrielle, please don't leave me," she cried as her ragged sobs filled the tent. She threw her head back and let out a ragged scream, "NOOOOOOOOOO!"

The Burial Chamber

Xena wiped away the tears and looked down at Gabrielle's sarcophagus. Even after all this time, it still hurt so much. She sniffled and opened her bag. "I brought you something bard." Her soft voice broke the silence. "I got you a new scroll. Mother sends her love and Joxer sent you these." She laid a handful of daisies on the lid. "He wanted to come but this is my time with you. I brought you something else, your staff." The warrior grinned crookedly. "It took me awhile but I tracked it down. I knew you would be wanting it." Her grin faded as silence fell heavily over the little room. When she spoke again, her voice was filled with pain. "It hasn't gotten any easier. I still cry for you at night. I still hurt inside Gabrielle." Tears spilled over as she wept openly in front of her love.

"Why? Why did you have to leave me?" She asked brokenly. "I tried to take care of you. I tried to keep you safe but I failed you. I failed you." She cried harder, letting the guilt and pain pour out of her. "I would give anything to have you back, anything. Life isn't worth living if it means living without you. The pain only gets worse and worse." Xena wiped away her tears and tried to calm down. When her sobs had subsided, she continued. "I can't forget what happened, but I've kept my promise bard. I can still feel you all around me. I swear, every girl I see looks exactly like you. It got so bad to the point where I hate crowds. Even when I'm alone, it's like you're still with me, inside me. I can still feel your touch. I can still taste your lips and I can still hear your voice. I don't think I can take much more of this." Xena paused. "Mother says that I'm punishing myself by coming here. I see it as justice. If only I had been more alert, you wouldn't have died. She says it's time for me to move on, but I can't . . . I won't. I don't want anyone else, just you. Gods, no one understands." The pain filled her again and the tears began leaking out of her eyes. "Gods Gabrielle, I don't want to go on without you anymore." The mighty warrior finally broke down and cried deep, heart broken sobs for her lost love.

When all her tears were spent, she sniffled and said, "I'm sorry. I know you would want me to be strong and I'm not doing you proud by sitting here in self pity." She wiped her face and started to rummage around in her bag. "Damn, I must have left it upstairs. I'll be right back, ok?" As she turned to leave, Xena heard a scraping noise. She turned to see the lid of Gabrielle's coffin moving and saw Gabrielle sit up. The bard turned to look at Xena. "Killer," she hissed. Xena's eyes grew wide with shock. "You lied to me. You said you would protect me and you lied. It's all your fault Xena." Gabrielle rose and turned a hateful gaze towards the warrior. Two flames of emerald seemed to bore a hole straight into Xena's heart. She lunged towards Xena and wrapped her hands around the warrior's throat. "Together in life," the hands squeezed as Gabrielle let out a malicious laugh, "and death." She squeezed harder and Xena gasped for air. "No," she cried. "NOOOOO!"

Only A Dream

Xena sat up, shaking and in a cold sweat. "Xena?" Gabrielle called softly. "Are you okay?" Concern filled the emerald eyes as she took the shaking woman in her arms. "Hey, it's ok love. You're alright." She soothed. "Easy, you're safe here with me. Easy." The shaking eventually stopped and Xena's racing heart returned to normal. Gabrielle dropped a kiss onto the raven hair of her lover. "That must have been some dream princess." Xena hugged Gabrielle tightly. She pulled back to look deep into her lover's emerald eyes. She saw concern and love. "I love you Gabrielle." She whispered before she took her mouth in a fierce kiss.

Gabrielle was so surprised, she didn't respond immediately. When she recognized the desire in Xena's kiss, she opened her mouth, letting the warrior claim her. Desperation drove Xena as she broke the kiss and roughly pushed Gabrielle back down on the blankets. She kissed her way down to the silken skin of Gabrielle's neck and sucked the soft skin into her mouth, leaving several dark purplish bruises. Through a haze of passion and fear, she heard Gabrielle's moans. Gabrielle moaned when she felt Xena's mouth on her and tangled her fingers in her raven hair, urging her to bite her again. Instead the warrior nipped her way down to Gabrielle's breasts, perfect in their rosy tipped glory.

She latched onto an already hardened nipple and swirled her tongue around the erect peak. She then increased the torment by scraping her teeth against the sensitive flesh. Xena turned her attention to the other breast and lavished the same attention on it until she felt Gabrielle arching against her, and her hands trying to force her lower. The warrior found she couldn't wait any longer and spread the bard's legs. With a groan, she delved her tongue into the slick, hot flesh.

Gabrielle cried out in ecstasy at the sensation of Xena's driving into her. The warrior kept up the frenzied strokes and Gabrielle couldn't control the grinding of her hips. Her body was on fire, she needed release. "Gods . . . Xena . . . please" she whimpered. The warrior withdrew her tongue and shoved three fingers into the bard. Gabrielle was so wet, Xena didn't worry about hurting her. Her tongue found the sensitive nub at the beginning of the bard's sex and sucked it into her mouth. She moved her tongue in counterpoint to the strokes of her fingers. Xena closed her eyes as she felt Gabrielle's internal muscles clench around her. It wouldn't be long now until the bard found her release.

Gabrielle's ragged breathing filled the air as she quickened the movement of her hips. When she felt her sex being sucked and licked, Gabrielle knew she couldn't hold out any longer. She felt herself coming, her body tensing as hot waves of pleasure started to spill over her. She screamed Xena's name as the sensations rolled over her, leaving her helpless in passion's wake.

Xena withdrew her fingers after the tremors had ceased to shake her lover. She gently kissed Gabrielle's sex and licked all the sweet juices on the inside of her thighs. Xena returned to see Gabrielle still trying to catch her breath. She smiled tenderly as Gabrielle blushed and finally managed to slow her breath. "Xena, are you okay?" she looked up into the deep blue eyes of her lover. "I mean, you were wild there a minute ago. Not that I'm complaining or anything." She grinned wickedly. Xena looked at Gabrielle seriously. "Did I hurt you?"

The bard shook her head. "Well yeah, but I liked it, it was a good kind of hurt." Again she smiled, but her smile faded as she saw the serious look in her warrior's face. "What is it? Talk to me."

"I don't ever want to lose you Gabrielle."

"You won't princess. I'll make sure of it." Her eyes searched Xena's face. "Does this have something to do with that dream you were having?" Xena closed her eyes as she remembered the horrific vision. "Yeah, but I'll tell you about it later. Sleep." she said when she saw the bard's eyes drooping. "Ok," Gabrielle yawned, "but we're going to talk about this later. I won't forget Xena." She trailed off and soon her deep breathing filled the night air.

Xena listened to the sound of Gabrielle sleeping. When she was confident the bard was really out, she slowly moved Gabrielle back down to the blanket, careful not to rouse her. When Gabrielle started to snore lightly, Xena grinned and looked around her. Her smile faded as she donned her shift, grabbed her sword, and walked into the woods. She glanced around. "I know you are out there. Show yourself."

A shimmering light filled the air and a beautiful ageless woman appeared. She was clothed in a hunting tunic with a quiver of arrows on her back. "Artemis." Xena nodded slightly.

"You really can sense us, can't you?" The goddess of the hunt asked in admiration. The warrior merely nodded. The look of admiration turned to one of grave severity as gray eyes met blue ones. "I have shown you a vision of the future warrior. It will come to pass should you be careless with my queen's life. Take care Xena, for I will be watching. If you fail her, you will deal with me and there will be no escape. You will wish for death." The goddess fixed Xena with a gaze that left no doubt to her sincerity.

Xena clenched her jaw. "Now you listen to me. I won't let that happen. I won't let Gabrielle die because of me. I swear it here and now. I will guard her life with my dying breath." Artemis nodded. "You have made the vow and named the conditions. Pray you will be able to keep it warrior, for many trials and tribulations come your way. Remember," the goddess intoned as she faded away, "I will be watching." Xena rolled her eyes. Damn gods, can't mind their own business.

She walked back to camp. Gabrielle was still sleeping soundly. A quiver of fear coursed through the warrior as she remembered the outcome of the vision. "No, I won't let that happen." She said aloud. Gabrielle stirred and mumbled something about nutbread and swords. Xena smiled and stripped off her shift and slid between the covers to rest her body up against Gabrielle's. She brought the bard to rest in her arms and let the feelings of love she had for this woman settle over her. The warrior princess yawned and gave the bard a quick kiss before she settled down to sleep, content in her love.


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