Author: GingerQ
Title: The Honeymoon is Over: Part One
Pairing: Ares & f (Donna Clark), Ares & f (Yvonne), f (Donna) & m (Ted), f (Donna) & m (Lucas), Ares & f (Crystal), f (Donna)/f (Crystal), m (Lucas) & f
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Uber. Ares follows Donna back home to the States to punish her for running out on him in Greece; and to force her to concede to her destiny. Sequel to Honeymoon for One. Mary-Sue.
This rating is for explicit m/f and f/f sex, bdsm and non-consensual sex.

The character of Ares, God of War, belongs to Renaissance Pictures. No illegal use is intended.

This is a sequel to Honeymoon for One

This story contains graphic sexual content, bdsm and and some non-consensual content. If you are under age or it is illegal where you live, please leave now.

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The Honeymoon is Over: Part One
By GingerQ


Rachel had just arrived home with her friend, Michelle. She could tell that Donna was already home because she could hear the muffled sound of Celine Dion's voice through the closed door of her roommate's hibernation chamber.

Rachel had been worried about Donna ever since she returned from Greece. She had figured the much-needed vacation would have done her well, but rather, she returned depressed and lifeless. Donna wouldn't talk about it either. Trying to pass off as if nothing were wrong. But ever since she got back, all she did was either work or spend time by herself in her room listening to some sad, sappy song about broken hearts or lost love. She had practically quit socializing altogether. Rachel had expressed her concerns about Donna to Michelle. Now, the two of them were determined to get her out of the house tonight - even if they had to drag her unwillingly.

Rachel knocked at the door.

"Donna, you in there?" She rapped a second time. "Donna?"

"Yeah, Rach. Come on in!"

"Hey, you!" Rachel said perkily. "Michelle is here. Come on out and say 'Hi'"

Donna rose from her desk and walked with Rachel back to the living room.

"Hey, Michelle! Long time - no see." The two girls hugged briefly.

"Donna-Girl! Where have you been? You haven't been down to Blue Bell's Cafe in ages. I don't think you been there since you got back from Greece and that was at least, what, six months ago?"

"It's been closer to a year." Rachel interjected.

"Yeah, I know. I just haven't been much into partying lately. And I've been busy with other things. You know how priorities change?" Donna said in her defense.

"Well not tonight! Rachel and I are taking you with us this evening."

"Well I appreciate your concern, but I really don't feel . . ."

"Tough! It's Pete's birthday. You remember Pete? The bartender? Anyways, he loves your singing, and I promised him I would get you down there to sing a few songs for him for his birthday. Please, Donna - you just have too. I'm this far away from snagging the guy and you would be helping me score some major points." Michelle pleaded. Her and Pete were already an item, and most everyone knew that, except Donna. Michelle had just said it to have a good enough reason for Donna to go with them.

Donna looked to Rachel, hoping she would save her.

"Don't look at me, Donna. I'm with Michelle on this one." She said with one hand perched on her hip.

"Please, Donna! Just for a little while?" Michelle had a needy sound to her voice.

"Well . . . just for a little while, I guess. But only a few songs and then I'm home. I have a busy day at work tomorrow." Donna reluctantly agreed.

"You always have a busy day at work. That's all you ever do anymore is work. You need to get out and let your hair loose. It'll do you good." Rachel smiled as she began to scoot Donna back down the hall. "Now, go get ready. We want to leave in a half hour or so."

Donna went back to her room and went to the closet to pick out something to wear. She stood there for the longest time, just staring at her clothes. She really didn't want to go, but she couldn't refuse Michelle. Michelle had always been really nice to her, which is surprising, considering the circumstances the met under.

It was a few years back; Donna frequented the nightclubs back then. She was being picked up on by a hot looking surfer at one of the bars on the beach. Michelle had been the guy's girlfriend at the time and walked into the bar just when this dude was placing the "let's go fuck" kiss on Donna, who was standing by the pay phone getting ready to call a cab. Donna had too much to drink that night. She knew it and so did the surfer, who had made a bet with his buddies that he could seduce her within 10 minutes. Before Donna could object, his lips were on hers, throwing her body into a fit of temporary passion. Donna wasn't the type to do one-niters, and usually kept pretty good guard of herself. This one pounced on her unannounced, taking her by surprise. Realizing what had happened, Donna slapped him, but he was insistent with her, not willing to give up easily. That's when Michelle tapped him on his shoulder, busting her so-called "boyfriend" and, in turn, saving Donna. They had been friends ever since.

Donna pulled out a simple, but flattering dress to put on. Since she was going to sing tonight, she wanted to wear something demure. She wasn't in the mood to deal with some half-drunk idiot trying to pick up on her. She changed and fixed her makeup and hair and went back out to the living room to join her two friends.

"You ready?" Rachel asked as she entered the room.

"Sure, let's go!" Donna smiled. "We can take my car, so I can come home if you guys want to stay later."

In a strange way she was glad these two were making her go out. It felt nice to know that there were still people who actually cared about her. Besides, she was having a hard time lately trying to keep her ex-lover off her mind.

Ever since she had left Ares, the God of War, tied up in Greece - and still alive, she had been constantly looking over her shoulder, fearing he would be there to take her back with him or perhaps even kill her.

Those last two days of her vacation, she would never forget. She would never forget the entire trip, but the last two days were devastating. She had nearly killed Ares, but her heart wouldn't let her go through with it. It was her fault that he awakened to begin with. But even though she couldn't kill him, she ran, trying to escape from her supposed destiny. He had been so angry with her for trapping him with the chains and had said some extremely hurtful things while he was restrained. It left a mark deep within her heart.

She had not even tried to contact her friend, Professor Nijjan, fearful of what she might find out concerning Ares. She never opened any of the E-mail he sent her, deleting it as soon as she knew who sent it. She was living a scared life. Never feeling that she could truly relax, always on the lookout for Ares.


And you could bet Ares had been on the lookout for her too. But he was having a problem finding her. Back during the time when the great Gods of Olympus ruled, it was easy to pinpoint where a particular mortal was on the land. There were only a few thousand people in any one area.

But now, nearly the twenty-first century, and in Los Angeles to top it off, there were few million people scrunched together here, making it nearly impossible for him to narrow in on her location. He knew she was in the general area, but he always seemed to be just a few minutes behind her, missing her every time. He would become irate, furious even, and it only intensified his determination to find her.

About six months after Ares had followed her to the States, he was sure he spotted her going into a shopping mall. He followed the voluptuous looking woman with curly copper brown hair, wearing a business suit and sunglasses, into a dress shop. She swayed seductively as she moved among the racks of clothes. She picked out a few items and went into the dressing room. Ares moved in, waiting outside the dressing room door. When the woman came out to view her outfit, he grabbed her, pushed her against the wall and placed a hot sensual kiss on her mouth. After a minute he withdrew, surprised she was responding to his attack.

"You had to know that I would find you eventually," he spoke in a low voice, lust dripping off each word as it left his mouth.

The woman, pleasantly stunned by this action, removed her sunglasses and with her big blue eyes looked directly into his.

"No, sorry, I had no idea. But I am sure glad you did, sugar!" She reached out and ran her hand up his vest. "Who are you, anyway?"

Ares knew deep within that when he kissed this woman, it wasn't Donna, but his ego would not believe that the God of War could make an error, and therefore he had continued his approach with her as if she were Donna. Her blue eyes surprised him, thinking he would be looking into Donna's beautiful hazel ones right then. He quickly came back to reality.

"Warren, but you can call me yours for the next few hours." He could feel the desire he had sparked within this woman from his kiss, causing his need to rise to dangerous levels. He needed to release and knew it. What the hell? It's a warm body. She'll do, he told himself, but he was really needed was Donna's touch. She was an essential part of Ares' element now, and without her, he would never fulfill the destiny of his own life. Donna was the only one who could give him what he needed - that part of her soul that replenished his heart and his reason to live and grow. Without it, without her, he would merely just exist along with the rest of the mortal world.

"Well, Warren, I'm Yvonne! There is a Hyatt across Main Street about a block down. Meet me in the hotel bar in fifteen minutes and I'll let you buy me a drink." She laid a sexy, wet kiss on the strangers full pink lips, grabbing the back of his head with one hand. His arms automatically encircled her body, finding her ass; he squeezed it with both hands.

"I'll see you there" he whispered, running his finger along the side of her face, before walking away. He was angry, but didn't show it.

Fifteen minutes later Yvonne swaggered into the hotel bar and sat down next to Ares. He had already taken the liberty of securing a room for the two of them, and the key was sitting in plain view on the table in front of him. He had only one thing on his mind, and wanted her to know that. He was in no mood to be social with some Donna look alike; he just wanted a good fast fuck. From the way her hands found his body while sitting there, he knew that was not going to be a problem. She ordered a drink and downed it, then stood and grabbed Ares' hand pulling him from the booth. He picked up the key from the table and they went up to the room.

They didn't say much to each other. As soon as the door was closed, she turned and stood in front of Ares and began to unbutton her blouse, exposing her large bosom and skimpy bra. She reached behind her back and unlatched the bra, slipped the straps off her shoulders and dropped it to the floor.

Ares had been watching her. When her breasts were exposed for him, he "hummed" pleasantly and quickly approached her. He grabbed her around the waist then brutally came down on her lips, crushing them into her own teeth, invading her mouth with his fiery tongue. When he was sure she was getting nice and hot, he pulled away from her and took a step back.

"Take off the rest," he commanded as his eyes ran down her body.

"Whatever you say, Big Boy!" She happily obliged, and stood completely naked before him now.

"Lay on the bed."

She did and squirmed with anticipation in getting to fuck this gorgeous man. He walked to the side of the bed and stood over her. His presence overwhelmed her; she could feel his power and strength, and knew she was helpless. It turned him on. Ares sat on the bed with his back to her as he removed his boots. He took off his vest and tossed it on the nearby chair. He stood up and faced her, then started to unbuckle his pants. She sat up; her hands went to help him.

"Allow me!" she said with a wicked smile. Ares removed his hands and allowed the woman to undress him the rest of the way. His stiffening cock sprung out as soon as she had slid his black leather pants past it.

"My! You're big!" She grabbed it at the base and lightly squeezed it, moving her hand up the length of his perfect cock. As she reached the head, precum leaked from the tip. She licked it, moaning sensually as she did. Ares attentively watched her every move while she ministered to his muscle with her warm, wet mouth. He loved to see her lips surround it as she sucked it to the back of her throat. After a few minutes he began to thrust to her rhythm and grabbed the back of her head with a hand.

"That's right, you little bitch, you suck me good and I'll reward you by fucking you better than you've been fucked in you whole miserable life. You'd like that, wouldn't you, whore?"

She nodded, his manhood still crammed in her mouth. She didn't particular like the idea that he was calling her a bitch and a whore, but she was enjoying sucking this delicious cock far too much to stop and protest.

Ares began to move faster. Grabbing the sides of her head with both his hands, he steadied it and roughly fucked her mouth. She gagged, unable to take his massive size completely, but he didn't care. Getting off was the only concern Ares had at the moment. He began to reach his point of climax, his hips bucked even harder into the poor girl's mouth.

"Oh you bitch! That's right, suck me." He urged as his dick rippled with his orgasm. He pulled back slightly, waiting to see his cum overflow from her mouth. He knew damn well she would never be able to take it all. It had been far too long since he had sex, the last time being with Donna in Greece.

Letting out a final grunt, he finished and pulled his cock from her mouth, still dripping. She coughed, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. After a few breaths of air she started to tell him off but he grabbed her by the shoulders. His arm muscles flexed powerfully as he lifted her to his mouth, silencing her with a lustful kiss.

She melted within seconds and slipped her arms around his neck, clinging tightly to him. He laid her on the bed and covered her body with his. She was shocked to feel his cock hardening again so quickly as it pressed against her pelvis. She started to grind against him. His hands moved freely down her sides. He broke their kiss and moved down to a breast. Finding the nipple, he swirled it with his tongue and then sucked it.

She moaned and ran her fingers through his dark brown locks. Ares' desire was rapidly building again, exceeding his control. Becoming anxious, he bit her nipple hard and she yelled out.

"Ooow Shit! That hurts! Quit being so damn rough."

"Don't tell ME how to treat you, whore," he snapped back, angry at her rude interruption.

"Quit calling me a whore, you asshole!" She was more than upset now.

Ares looked at her harshly, his eyes narrowed and cold. "Why not? That's what you are, right? A whore, or would you prefer slut? Now, I'm gonna fuck you like a slut, and you'll like it too!" He stood up. "Turn over and get on your hands and knees," he demanded.

"FUCK YOU!" she snapped.

"That's precisely what I'm gonna do. NOW TURN OVER," he yelled, frightening her. She quickly complied, feeling she had no choice.

"Good girl!" He slapped her ass hard. He adjusted her closer to the edge of the bed. He slid a finger between her legs - wet, just as he figured - the slut! He took his massive cock in hand and rubbed it across the slit of her pussy, and then teased her clit with it. She moaned and pushed back against him. He took both his hands to open her cunt more, so he could ram his cock in. He did not give her time to adjust for his size.

She cried in agony at first, but within moments they became whimpers of pleasure as her hips rocked with his movements. He became excited quickly, watching his cock move in and out of the woman's glistening wet cunt, pulling it nearly all the way out and then slamming it back in as deep as he could. He reached under her and fingered her clit, bringing her to an intense orgasm. Her pussy convulsed around his shaft, and within a few more minutes, he came as well. Thoughts of Donna suddenly flooded his mind. He needed her now more than ever. This Yvonne woman was a joke, leaving him unsatisfied even though he had cum rigorously. He still felt empty.

"Ooow, baby. That was SOOO good! I'll be your slut anytime." Yvonne chirped. Excusing herself to go to the bathroom, she mentally prepared herself for round two with the big hunk, but when she came back out, Ares was gone.

"That fucking bastard!" she grumbled to herself.

She never saw him again.


Donna, Rachel and Michelle entered the trendy little club and found themselves a table by the door. The waitress arrived and took their cocktail order.

"Where's Pete? Isn't he working tonight?" Donna had watched the waitress move to the bar and had noticed a new bartender standing there.

"He'll be here anytime now!" Michelle replied.

"He's not working tonight, I take it?"

"Not here, he quit last month. He's working over at The Starboard now. Ever been there?"


"We out'ta get together again one day next week and take Donna over there. You'd like it Don." Rachel said.

Just then, a man with sandy brown hair and green eyes entered the club and approached the girl's table. He wore a Santana T-shirt and blue jeans.

"Hi everyone!" he said happily.

"PETE! Happy Birthday, baby!" Michelle greeted her lover with a sassy wet kiss to his lips, her arms wrapped around his neck. He sat next to her in the booth.

"Hey, I though you said..." Donna started to say, realizing that the two were already together.

"I know what I said, Donna. But I had to say something to get you to come out tonight." She still had her arms around Pete's neck, but was looking at Donna. "But it really is his birthday, that part is true. And he does like your singing, huh honey?" She turned her head to face Pete now.

"I sure do! So how you been, Donna? I haven't seen you in ages. You know, I still see Cal around every so often, he asks about you."

"Gee, sorry I missed him," she said sarcastically.

The four of them busted out in laughter. Cal was a fifty-five year old, bald, repulsive, little man, who drove a beaten up avocado green Chevy Impala, and always wore the same ugly suit, which he had probably bought in the early 1970's. He had a big thing for Donna, always did. When he drank too much, he wouldn't leave her alone, promising her the riches of the world if she would only go home with him. It became such a joke, knowing he barely had a dime to his name. But he always tried, nonetheless.


Ares was sitting in his apartment. It was a cheap little one bedroom joint above one of the businesses on the same street as Blue Bell's cafe. There were not any pictures on the wall, the bed was left unmade, and the television got crappy reception. Ares walked over to the tube and hit the top of it, trying to get the reception to come in better. One of his favorite shows was coming on - COPS! He liked to watch the shows that had violent content. Suddenly, he felt a strange wave move through his body. Donna was close by - he knew it. He felt her presence.

Grabbing his coat, he hurried out the door. He walked the street, curiously searching in the doors of the businesses that were still open: Starbucks, the 7-11, the Chinese restaurant, finally coming to the nightclub. He had been in here before, trying to keep himself from going insane with boredom and frustration. He slowly entered the club.

Donna and Rachel were sitting on the side of the table that left their backs turned to the door. Donna didn't see him, but Ares spotted her immediately. He quickly turned and went back out the front door. His mind was moving at such a quick rate that he couldn't think straight. This was the day he had been waiting for!

His heart pounded heavily in his chest. In less than a minute, he formulated a plan. He began walking to make sure no one could see him and morphed himself into a woman. He turned back around and re-entered the club, taking a seat at the bar where he could keep an eye on her.

"What can I get you, sweetheart?"

Ares shot a shocked look at the bartender, forgetting he appeared as a woman for a moment. Then he smiled and ordered a beer and a shot of whiskey. The bartender returned a moment later with his drinks.

Ares picked up the whiskey and threw it down the back of his throat. Before he completely swallowed, he was tapping the empty glass on the bar, indicating to the bartender to fill it again.

"This stuff will put hair on your chest, lady!" he joked as he refilled Ares glass.

Ares was too involved with watching Donna to hear the man's remark. She was laughing heartily and seemed to be enjoying herself with her companions. It infuriated him, thinking she was out, having a good time and free of her destiny with the God of War. He stared at her through narrowed eyes as she rose and approached the stage. She was going to sing.

As she took the mic and cleared her throat, his mind was suddenly back in Greece. Back at the waterfront bar, where they had spent a joyful evening together. She sang for half the night. She was good! Made quite an impression on everyone too. A smile curved from the corners of Ares feminine mouth as the memory warmed his heart, but then he quickly pushed it away. The bitch had left him a few days later and she needed to be taught a lesson.

Donna began by acknowledging Pete's birthday with an imitation of Marilyn Monroe's version of "Happy Birthday". The entire bar was enjoying it, laughing and slapping Pete on the back, teasing him. Now Donna was ready to sing her first song. She had picked Sade's "Ordinary Love", mostly because it had reminded her of Ares. She missed him deeply, but would never admit it to herself. She was sure it was better for her this way - without him. But the song also held meaning to her. She knew her love for him was no 'ordinary love'.

Ares remembered the song as well. He sat entranced by the sound of Donna's voice; she sounded so similar to the girl who recorded the song. Throughout the next hour, Donna sang songs of Jewel, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, and few old songs from the big band era, including one called 'More Than You Know', a very sexy, sultry sounding tune. The way she performed it, had the guys in the audience howling at her. But she had really caught the attention of one fair-haired man, sitting at a table in the back. He seemed mesmerized by her.

She performed extremely well; the sounds from the audience were inspiring her. She remembered how she used to love to do this not too long ago, being a favorite with the crowd. She absorbed the good feelings it was giving her, and she felt alive again. She was truly enjoying her time out with her friends tonight.

The blonde haired man approached her as she came down from the stage after singing her last set of songs. He had also been taking his turn belting out the notes and was quite good himself. He introduced himself as Ted. He was new in town. He wanted to sing a duet with Donna. She agreed, and followed him back to his table to pick out a song. A couple of his buddies were sitting there, drinking beers. Ted chose the B-52's "Love Shack" as Donna picked Nat King/Natalie Cole remake of "Unforgettable". Donna sat and cheerfully chatted with the men. They were filling her full of compliments and flattery, and she ate it up, having been void of it for the past year.

Ares grew more enraged as he watched Donna smiling and laughing with the three men. About ten minutes later, she rose and rejoined her own table. Then Ares heard the DJ call on her and some Ted person to come and sing. WHAT? She's singing with him now?

As Donna and Ted sang "Love Shack", the crowd cheered and danced. They had a blast singing together. After the commotion had settled, they got serious and sang "Unforgettable". They definitely had some musical compatibility going between them, seeming to compliment each other's voices with their own. Ares had mistaken the musical connection for sexual sparks. Jealously welled up in his throat. It took every bit of self-control he could muster up to keep from pulverizing poor Ted into oblivion with a fireball.

When they had finished singing, Donna excused herself and went to the ladies room. Rachel was there, primping in the mirror.

"Hey, you and that guy sound great together! What's his name?" Rachel asked.

"Ted. He just moved to town not too long ago."

"He's a looker, Don. Did you give him your number yet?"

"No, I don't think he's interested in me that way, Rach."

"WHAT? Girl, I'm making an appointment for you with a shrink. You need your head examined. I saw the way he was watching you as you sang, before he went to talk to you. The guy's got it bad for you. You should go for it, Don. When was the last time you got laid anyway?"

"Well . . . ah . . ." Donna stumbled for an answer, knowing she had not told Rachel about what happened on her trip to Greece, or about Ares.

"Too long. Probably since you were engaged to the little dweeb . . . what was his name?"


"Oh yeah, that's right. William. I'm sure glad you didn't go through with that. It would have been a big mistake."

"Me too." Donna said, entering a toilet stall.

"Well, I'll see you out there." Rachel pushed the ladies room door open to leave.


Donna finished her business and washed up. She pulled her lipstick out of her purse to freshen it. Another woman entered. She looked deeply at Donna through the mirror's reflection as she walked by her to a stall. Suddenly, Donna got a strange feeling. She felt nauseous. Ares instantly came to mind. She swore she felt his presence nearby. Oh shit, time to cut the evening short! She would have to tell her friends goodbye before leaving. She was almost disappointed the evening was ending; she'd been having such a good time. The first real fun she had since the trip. Capping the lipstick, she threw it back in her purse. She rushed through the door and ran straight into Ted.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Ted. I didn't see you."

"That's okay, cutie! You can press your body to mine anytime you want."

Was that a pick up line? She brushed it off. Ted still hadn't moved from in front of her, blocking her path.

"Well, I have to go now. But it was really nice meeting you, Ted."

"Oh? Where are you going so soon? It's barely eight o'clock and the night is young! Come on, let me buy you a drink."

"No, Ted, thank you. I really have to go."

"Then take me with you." He said, moving closer to her and reaching around her waist. "I promise, I'll make you sing some more!"

He most definitely is trying to pick me up. Ted tried to kiss her. She turned her head, raising her hand and tried to back away, but he held her tightly.

"Please, Ted. No."

Suddenly Ted's attitude changed and he became angry. "What's wrong? Aren't I good enough for you? What, don't I make enough money for you?"

Donna was confused. Where did that come from? "No, it's got nothing to do with you. I'm just . . . not . . . available."

"That's not what your friends tell me. They said you needed to meet someone. That you needed to get laid." He tried to kiss her again. She resisted, and now she was angry.

"They said THAT? Owwww." Donna was glaring at the table where her friends were sitting. Ted moved his hand over one of Donna's breasts and squeezed it.

"Get away from me, you pervert." She broke free from his hold, stumbling backwards almost knocking down the woman who she had seen in the restroom a moment ago. "If you don't leave me alone, I'll scream for security. Now let me by."

Ted moved to let Donna pass, watching her as she returned to the table to chew out her friends. Ted mumbled under his breath "Fucking Ice Princess Bitch." He said it with such hate.

The lady, who had been standing behind Donna at the time, heard Ted clearly and he didn't like it at all. Ares decided that this guy needed to learn some respect. He was so distracted with Ted at the moment; he didn't notice Donna leaving the club. He glanced at her table and she was gone! Rushing past Ted and out the door, he looked around for her. Damn! He had lost her again. Now he was twice as mad at that Ted guy!

Ares returned to his seat at the bar, silently watching Ted and his group, patiently waiting for him to leave. When he did, Ares followed him outside. Ted was still pissed at being turned down, so when the woman approached him, flirting, he figured he could save the night after all. She had asked for a ride home, and Ted was more than happy to oblige.

They got in the car, and drove off. When they reached a signal, Ted placed his hand on the woman's thigh. She smiled, putting her hand on top of his.

"Let's go somewhere private." she shyly suggested.

"We can go to my place, if you want. It's just around the corner!"


Ted opened the door to his apartment. She followed in behind him. He removed his jacket and threw it and his keys on a chair. He turned and asked if he could get her a drink. She accepted. So Ted went into the kitchen and mixed a couple of vodka and tonic's. When he returned to the living room, he stopped in his tracks. The woman was gone, and now there was some big macho looking guy standing there.

"Who are you?" Ted asked.


"Justice? What do you mean? Why are you here?" Ted had set down both drinks now. He was slowly inching towards the fireplace, where he planned on grabbing the poker to use as a weapon.

"I'm here to teach you some manners, buddy!" Ares' voice was cold when he spoke. His eyes were completely black and narrowed when he looked at him. He could feel the rage building up inside, coupling with the jealously he had felt earlier, when he and Donna were on stage together. He cracked the knuckles on his hands and slowly moved towards Ted.

Ted grabbed the poker, holding it out in front of him. "You better get away from me, man." fear enveloped each word as it left Ted's mouth. He was shaking.

Ares just laughed wickedly. With a thought, his large, sharp sword appeared in his hand in a flash of blue and white light. With one strong swing, he knocked the poker from Ted's hand. Shocked at what he just saw, Ted pissed his pants.

Ares threw his sword in the air and it disappeared. He wanted to get his hands on this one. He wanted to feel him squirm in his powerful grasp. Ares beat the living shit out of Ted, giving him a concussion and numerous bruises and broken ribs. If he hadn't heard Ted's roommate fumbling with his keys outside the door, Ares may have even gone as far as to kill the poor sucker, but choose to vanish from sight before he was seen.


Back in his room now, Ares paced the floor. He was so close - she had just slipped away too fast. Right between his fingers. The fight he had with Ted had soothed him somewhat, but now he was thinking about Donna again, getting more and more annoyed. He mindlessly walked to the window and looked out.

An impious smile found his lips as he saw Donna's three friends walking to a car. He knew the dark haired one was Donna's roommate. He heard them talking in the bar. He disappeared instantly in a flash of light.

Pete first opened the passenger side door for his sweetheart, Michelle, and then the back for Rachel. A moment later, Ares invisibly materialized next to Rachel in the back seat. Pete got in the drivers side and started the car.

"Hey, Pete, turn on the heater. I just got a major chill." Rachel said as she crossed her arms, rubbing them in an attempt to warm up.

When they arrived at Rachel's house, she bid them both farewell, thanked them for the fun evening and wished Pete a Happy Birthday once more before closing the car door and heading up the stairs. Ares followed behind her a couple steps, unseen. Rachel entered the apartment building and pushed the button for the elevator and waited for the door to open. She got in and punched the third floor button. She felt that strange chill again as Ares got in before the door closed. Rachel exited the elevator and walked down to the end of the hall and put her key in the lock of apartment #314.

Ares quickly slid past her when she opened the door and began looking around for Donna. The house was dark. Apparently Donna had already gone to bed. Rachel tossed her purse, hung her sweater and walked down the short hallway to Donna's room. She wanted to peek in on her to make sure she was okay. She had left being angry with her and the others about Ted. She was sleeping. Rachel closed the door and turned in for the night.


Ares materialized inside Donna's bedroom. He sat down on the chair at her desk and watched her sleeping. Passionate memories rushed him as he recalled doing exactly this when they were in Greece. He missed her so much. But he was not ready to forgive her yet for what she did. She had left him! No one leaves the God of War and escapes his wrath.

"Well now that I've found you, my sweet Destiny, there is plenty of time to punish you for your act of betrayal," he said silently to himself. He disappeared in a flash of blue and white light.


Now that Ares had located Donna, he could finally take time to figure out how he was going to punish her. He used to spend all of his energy just looking for her. Over the past year it had taken it's toll on him, leaving him too exhausted to think that far ahead. Oh sure, he would have his impulsive visions of torture, but they were usually outrageous, created in a fit of anger or frustration.

At first he just followed her around - everywhere. To work, in the car, at the grocery store - even in the shower! She became very on edge, restless, causing sleeplessness to returned night after long night.

The fire of arrogance, that used to fuel the passion in the warrior at battle, was growing hotter again in the God of War's soul. His mind churned with cruel intentions and a stone coldness entered into his heart. He slowly started messing with her, just the little things. Things that would cause her to have a bad day. Like materialize in her room before she awoke and turn off the alarm, so she'd be late. Or cause her to have a flat tire during her lunch hour. He would follow her around constantly, always invisible to her. He'd move stuff around on her desk when she'd go to the ladies room.

Donna was becoming more and more agitated every day. These pranks of Ares were driving her insane and raising her stress level. She would often snap at Rachel, causing them to bicker with each other. Thoughts of Ares became more frequent, distracting her constantly. She felt like she could have a nervous breakdown any day.

One night, when Donna felt that it couldn't get any worse, Ares locked her out of her own room. That did it - it broke her, and after she finally was able to get inside, she broke down crying.

The following day Ares thought he was growing tired of this little game and decided to give it a break for a while. A short while! Besides, he wanted to come up with something new - spice it up to the next level.


Two weeks later, Donna awoke one weekend morning from another restless night of sleep, overwhelmed with depression. She had to get away for a while and so she went for a drive. She ended up in the valley and decided to stop at a new museum she had wanted to visit, unaware a special exhibition of Greek artifacts were on loan there, making it's way across the country. She paid the admission fee and walked in. The first thing she saw sitting there in the main lobby was a miniature model of the great ruins in Athens.

"Oh great, I came here to get away from these thoughts." she spoke out load. Since she was already here, she figured she'd make the best of it anyway. Everywhere she looked, she saw Ares. His likeness in a painting, or his profile on a vase. She felt like he was taunting her. Which he was! Purposely trying to get the desired response from her.

Donna had been so frazzled lately; that it never dawned on her it could really be Ares. After he tortured her for an hour or so, she became so absorbed with the God she fled the museum, nearly running to her car. When she was finally inside, she broke out in tears.

It seemed like only yesterday when Ares was holding her in his beautiful, strong arms. She wonder if she had made the right choice; curious as to what he was doing right now, unaware that he was invisibly sitting next to her. She thought about Professor Nijjan. She suddenly had burning need to find out something about Ares. She dried her eyes and heading for home to E-mail a message to Greece.


As usual, Rachel was gone when Donna got home. That girl spent more time out parting that Donna did in her 'wild' days. Rachel was younger than Donna by three years. They had been roommates during Donna's last year of college. They had got along so well together, that after Donna graduated, Rachel moved off campus and together they got the apartment.

Now, her and Rach had been bickering so much lately that Donna was glad she was gone, even though she felt gloomy as soon as she entered the apartment. She knew that, lately, she was spending way too much time here. A prison for her tormented mind. If she didn't find something new to do soon - a hobby, anything, either her or Rachel would end up dead, from the others hand, she thought.

She walked into her bedroom, already forgetting that she was going to E-mail Professor Nijjan. She turned on the radio and sat on the bed. Suddenly, she shot up, eyes wide. Did I just hear that right? The radio announcer was making dedications that afternoon and she swore she just heard him say: "this next tune is for Donna: Warren wants you to know that he will see you soon", followed by Sade's "Ordinary Love".

Donna felt clammy and lightheaded and sat back down on the bed. Ares was kicked back in her chair, feet propped up on her desk, laughing silently at her turmoil. He got great pleasure playing his little jokes on her. Her agony seemed to rejuvenate him, like sex with her used to. Well, not really, but it was the closest thing to it. When the spinning room subsided, she was sticky and sweaty. She thought she'd shower and stood to undress. Ares' eyes watched her intently, becoming aroused as she slowly peeled off the clothing that clung to her damp body.

Ares noticed her breasts perked slightly when exposed to the cool air of the room. He rose and walked to her, bending slightly in front of her and blew across her chest, causing her nipples to jump to a stiffening ache. Without even realizing, Donna brought her hands up, cupping them to warm them. Her fingertips pinching and rolling over the hard tips. She was really horny. She hadn't slept with anyone since Ares. No man seemed to spark her desire enough. But damn it, if she didn't need a good fuck right now!

She lay back down on the bed. As she ran her hands across her body, wishing it were Ares' hands touching her. She pictured her lover, caressing her, kissing her, loving her. Her heart secretly desiring to be his again. She closed her eyes and smiled mischievously as she envisioned Ares. Flashes of momentary pleasure and contentment crossed her face.

Ares, curious at what thoughts could cause such a delightful reaction, closed his eyes and probed her mind for look. A wicked smile rolled across his face as her visions rolled across his mind. It was HIM she was fantasizing about! She longed to taste him. Ached for his touch. Craved his musky scent. Desired his cock in her. His own desires sparked up from the strong passion she was feeling for him. He shifted slightly from one foot to the other to accommodate his growing bulge.

He opened his eyes and stared possessively at her. She already had a hand between her slightly parted legs. He took in a deep breath through his nose and could smell her wet juice. It called to him, and he felt his own need building rapidly. He wanted her badly, and thought about showing himself to her, but knew she would resist him and he didn't want to "take" it from her. He was craving her desire for him, her need of him. It seems to give a sense of purpose to this untimely existence in this strange world.

With a wave of his hand, he cast her mind into a fog that would leave her unsure if she were awake or dreaming. He sat next to her on the bed, remaining invisible, and softly ran his fingertips down an arm. She shuttered and slightly moaned. He moved his head down to capture her right nipple. As soon as his lips touched her, she instinctively called his name, startling him slightly. She arched her back up into his face. She ran her hand over her stomach towards her nether lips. He followed with his own, mimicking her exact actions. She moaned louder. Slowly, he began to take a solid shape - fading in, naked like she was already picturing, his mouth still attached to her breast. Once visible, he ran his lips up her neck until he found the mouth he longed to claim again.

She slipped her fingers through his dark curls; grabbing handfuls of hair and then releasing them again, while his tongue feverishly searched for a taste of her soul. He pressed his body against hers, full length, grinding ever so slightly. Breaking their kiss, he pulled his head back, gazing at her with overflowing lust in his eyes. She looked up at him with half shut eyes and reached her hand up to caress his cheek. He saw the love in her eyes and it gave him power over her.

"I miss you so much, Ares. You just don't know." Ares saw tears forming in her pretty hazel eyes as she spoke. He quickly swooped down and kissed her passionately, almost urgently, running his hands through her soft copper hair, bringing them to stop on each side of her head. He took his thumbs and ran them over her cheekbones and whispered to her.

"Me too, my love. I've missed you as well." He seductively pressed his lips to hers once again, this time extracting that part of her soul that belonged to him. Victory! Yes, he proudly thought. He could read her like a book, knowing that in her fantasy, she envisioned him as gentle and loving with her. And he played his part so perfectly! Relishing in his silent success, his physical need rose another few levels. If he didn't exert a good deal of self-control, her touch could surely cause him to burst.

He burned a path of hot, sensuous kisses down her body, leaving no important place neglected. He positioned himself comfortably at the bottom of the bed, spreading her legs as he moved in to lap some of the glorious sauce that flooding her pussy.

He caressed her thighs, finally coming to slip his hands underneath her buttocks. He blew across her crotch, teasing her, before he moved his mouth to drink in the ample wetness. Allowing his tongue to drag behind his ascending lips to her clit, he wildly flicked the nub upon finding it. Donna cried in pleasure, jerking her hips uncontrollably. Her hands immediately found his head and pushed him further into her aching cunt.

"Oh God, Ares, please . . . don't stop. PLEASE!"

The more she begged, the faster he licked her tasty clit. He took a finger and entered her steamy canal, then a second and third. Within minutes, he had her screaming at the top of her lungs, now begging him to stop.

He did finally, leaving her sweating and out of breath. His cock had grown to a thick and throbbing erection that wanted some much-needed attention. He scrambled on top of her. Sitting straddled on her chest, he brought his aching cock to her mouth.

"Please, baby, suck me!" He said sweetly.

She clamped her hand around the base of his cock and lifted her head to take the swollen tip in her warm mouth. Stroking his length, she sucked the pre-cum from it, relishing the taste of her gorgeous God. She was unable to take much of it due to their position and it was driving her mad.

Bucking him slightly she told him to get off so she could suck him like he deserved to be sucked. Ares moved off her, now sitting with his legs parted. She got on her knees, facing him, and wrapped her mouth around his rock hard cock. She rammed it all the way, till it caused her to gag. Then, pausing briefly she allowed her throat to relax and slowly took it in the rest of the way.

"Oh fuck, Donna. Damn!" Ares eyes widened as he watched her consume the mass of his cock, making it disappear and reappear again and again. It glistened with her saliva. He couldn't hold himself any longer, nor did he want to. He wanted to watch her greedily drink his seed as he exploded in her mouth. His body tensed and he clenched the bedspread with his hands and let out a loud grunt. Donna moaned as she slurped the salty cream in, sucking and nurturing his cock like it was a baby's bottle. She sat up, a few drops of cum still around the sides of her mouth.

"Mmmmm, that was good!" She smiled sexily at him. Instantly, his desire overwhelmed him and he was on top of her again, licking his remains from her face and then greedily taking her mouth. He was grinding on her again.

"Gods, woman! I want you so!" he stated. Then he wiggled his hips into position and thrust into her wet mount. She gasped as he entered her. She was tight. So tight he figured that she had not been with another since they parted. It pleased him, not just because it felt good, but also because she knew that no mere mortal man could ever compare to the great God of War. A feeling of superiority covered him, and he grinned smugly.

He threw her legs over his shoulders and began to pump her harder and deeper. She met each thrust with slamming hips, causing him to completely bury his large cock in her depths.

Her pussy began to convulse as he brought her to a tremendous orgasm, himself coming equally a powerful. They locked lips in the heated moment, drinking in as much of each other as possible. As the intensity subsided, he collapsed on top of her, both covered in sweat, panting. She ran her hands over his strong back, caressing him lovingly, until she fell asleep.


Donna awoke with a smile and turned to embrace her lover, only finding a pile of pillows. Startled, she propped herself up, looking around in bewilderment. She swore she had made love to Ares. Her pussy was still wet from the sex. Then she found it - her dildo hiding under one of the pillows.

"I don't remember getting this out," she said as her mind searched for the missing memory. Was it all just a dream? It couldn't have been - it felt so real!

"DAMN YOU, ARES!" she yelled as she flung the plastic cock across the room. A few tears streamed down her face. She was disappointed that he was not there, realizing how much she had wanted him to be. She became distraught. Curling into a fetal position, she let the tears flow from her soul. They tasted of the pain and loneliness she had been carrying around inside since Greece. Eventually, she fell back to sleep, the top of her pillow completely drenched by her heavy sobs.

With his feet propped up on the desk again, Ares half-smiled, half-glared wickedly. He found it was rather amusing she was having these affectionate thoughts of him. This indicated that all his 'haunting' was paying off. She couldn't get him off of her mind. And now - now that she had tasted him again, he could torment her body as well as her mind. He disappeared as soon as she fell asleep again. Feeling rather rambunctious and full of himself, he thought he might go cause some trouble at one of the local taverns this evening.


After that day, Ares seemed to live life with a renewed purpose. He felt even more confident and sure of himself now. She revived life within the God of War again. He still had not realized that needed her love to survive in this world, and the longer he toyed with poor Donna, the more cold and arrogant his heart became. He had deeply buried his true feelings for her. His distant heart was easily fooled into thinking that just his presence in her life completed him in a strange way. He would not attempt to seduce her again. As much as he would have liked too, it was too risky. She was too smart to be able to trick a second time.

He seldom rested, hating what sleep it brought with it - dreams. She would haunt his dreams with her smile, her voice, her touch and her love for him. He would be content to stay in them forever. "NO!" he'd cry, waking in a cold sweat. He despised those feelings and so later, would take it out on Donna with another cruel joke. The only joy he wanted to feel was at the expense of someone else's pain. He isolated himself from the world he longed to control, unable to concentrate on anything but Donna.

While the life of the God of War didn't seem to be going anywhere, Donna's life, was about to take a turn for the better. Ares stalked Donna so much; she finally came to the conclusion that it was just her guilty conscience reeking havoc on her mind.

Continually having that feeling that he was nearby, she grew used to it and now hardly seemed to notice any longer. Eventually, she started to gain control over her emotions, accepting the untimely pranks that Ares pulled as just 'part of life'. Within six months, Ares began to fade from her mind and the constant stress that seemed to hinder her was slowly easing away.

Then, one of Ares' tricks backfired on him. Ares had given her the weekly flat tire during lunch again, which she quickly learned to remedy by carrying a can of 'Fix-A-Flat' in her trunk. But today she was dressed up for a party at work. She was getting a promotion! Her superiors and co-workers were throwing her a special celebration.

"Oh, Damn! Why today of all days". She exclaimed as she looked down at her sharp yellow and white suit. A smug smile crossed Ares' face. "Every time I touch those frickin' tires I end up with black shit all over everything."

She slapped her hands down against her thighs, and walked to the rear of the car, mumbling as she opened the trunk and searched for the can of flat repair.

"Why - why - why - why - WHY? This always happens to me! Now where is that can? DAMMIT!" Her search became a bit more panicked. "I just bought a new can yesterday. SHIT!" She slammed the trunk closed. Ares was invisibly leaning against a street light about two parking spaces away. There was a trashcan next to the pole. He snickered as he eyed the can of Fix-A-Flat sitting in the trash. A man was approaching Donna.

"Do you need any help, Miss?" The man's voice was gruff sounding, the pitch a spine tingling deep tone. Donna whirled around, just having slammed the truck. He had startled her a little.

"Huh? What?" Her eyes became wide and she gasped as she brought her hand to the center of her chest, just above her breasts.

"I asked if you needed any h.h. . .Donna? Donna Clark? Well I'll be! It's been a long time." The man's voice was filled with excitement accompanied by a big friendly grin, as well.

"Lucas? Lucas Clemmings? My God, that is YOU!"

The two people embraced briefly, and pecked each other's lips. The man, not entirely letting free of Donna, was now rubbing one of her arms. Ares blood started racing in his body as pangs of jealously cut through the cold steel barricade of his heart. He clenched and unclenched his fists, eyes narrowed, as he listened to them cheerfully chatting. Who's this? he thought. He wanted to go and take Donna by the hair and drag her off behind the alley to slap the shit out of her. How DARE she speak to another man? She was HIS.

". . . since we broke up in junior high? Or was it high school?"

"We went steady in junior high, Lucas. Remember, you took me to the Ninth Grade Graduation Dance?" Donna reminisced.

"And I got sick and threw up on your shoes! Oh yeah, I remember now, thank you very much!" They both laughed. "Is this your car? You know you have a flat?"

"I know. I had a can of flat fix in the trunk, but it seems to be missing now. I tend to get a flat about once a week. If figures it would happen to me today. Now I'm going to be late for my own party."

Lucas looked as her quizzically.

"I got promoted at work, officially starting next Monday."

"That's great Donna! Well, we better not let you be late. Come 'on, I give you a ride back to your office, and then I'll come back and fix your tire for you. It will be ready for you when you get off work."

"Lucas! You don't have to . . ."

"I want to. Let's just say it's my way of making up for puking on your shoes." He ushered her to his metallic blue BMW across the street, opening the passenger door for her and ran around the other side. A few seconds later, they were heading back to Donna office, and she wasn't going to be late.

"That MENACING IDIOT!" Ares exclaimed in anger as he kicked the trashcan he was standing by. An unfortunate bicyclist was just about to pass by him and collided with the obstacle, sending him brutally flying into the hard pavement of the street. Sinister evil flashed in Ares face as he watched the man lying on the ground in pain, grasping his bent knee. He chuckled under his breath as he disappeared in a flash of light.


Lucas walked Donna to the front door of her building.

"Are you sure you don't mind doing this?" she asked again.

"No, not at all. Really. I'm off for the rest of the day. I was heading for the gym when I saw you. Nothing pressing," he assured her in a confident voice. "What time do you get off? I'll come pick you up and take you back to your car."

"Oh, that's not necessary. I can get a ride from someone here."

"Don't be silly, Donna. I insist. Besides, I plan to convince you to have dinner with me tonight, as payment for my services," he half joked about it.

Donna blushed. "I'll see you here at 5:00 pm." She kissed his cheek.

"See you then."

Donna held her head up high as she strutted back inside her office, humming quietly to herself as Lucas headed back down the road to fix Donna's car, feeling about the same way. Lucas and Donna had dated in junior high for a good year and a half. She had thought that they would be together forever - get married, the whole nine yards.

But they split up the summer after graduation, when Donna walked in on him making out with one of neighborhood girls. He apologized for over three months, calling her, sending her flowers and cards, but she wanted nothing to do with him. Finally, he gave up and she moved across town about eight months later. They had not seen each other since.


At 5:05 pm, Donna walked out to where she was meeting Lucas. He was waiting for her, casually leaning against his car, with a dozen red roses in his hand. She blushed with a huge smile, as a couple of her workmates quizzed her about the stranger. She just told them he was an old friend from school and hurried over to Lucas.

"Your chariot awaits, my lady!" Lucas said playfully.

"Thank you! And the roses are lovely too. You sure know how to make an impressionable escort," she said shyly.

After they were in the car, Lucas reminded Donna about dinner.

"So, may I take you to dinner? There's so much I want to ask you, it been so long. I still can't believe that I ran into you! Someone up there is on my side," Lucas said sincerely.

Donna's thoughts briefly turned to Ares when Lucas had referenced "someone up there". She knew that someone wouldn't have been her God. She started to decline the dinner invitation, but changed her mind. Lucas she knew. He was a regular everyday MORTAL kind of guy. The idea of a normal man appealed to her. Besides, she really hadn't had much of a social life in the past 18 months.

"Sure, I'd love to. It will give us a chance to catch up on old times."

"Terrific! I know the perfect place. Like Italian?" His eyes sparked with excitement.

"Absolutely!" she responded.

"Would you mind if we get your car after dinner? I want to be sure we get there in time."

"In time for what, Lucas?"

"You'll see."


Just before the sun began to set, Lucas pulled into the pier parking lot. He was taking her to a restaurant that sat on the water's edge. As they entered, the hostess recognized him.

"You regular table, Mr. Clemmings?"

"Yes, please, Julie."

He must come in here a lot, Donna thought. The woman escorted them to a private table in a room off the main dining room. It had a fireplace, and a separate bar and two of the walls were clear glass, allowing for a spectacular view of the ocean and of the fabulous sunset that was just beginning.

"Wow, that's beautiful!" Donna said in awe. "I see what you meant now about getting here in time."

"This is one of my favorite places. You can find me here probably three days a week. I do a great deal of business in this room as well."

A tall man in a tuxedo looking black and white outfit entered the room.

"Good evening, Mr. Clemmings. Would you like me to bring you your usual sparkling mineral water?"

"No, Sam. Tonight bring me the best bottle of champagne we have in stock."

"Certainly, sir." the waiter said. Donna was rather impressed by how important he seemed.

"Well, you really MUST spend some time here." It was all she could think of to say at the moment.

"You could put it that way," he chuckled lightly. "I OWN the place. And a few others as well."

"Oh! I see things have worked out in your favor, Lucas. I'm really happy for you. It's a nice place."

"Thanks. I worked hard to build it up from a failing fish fry restaurant to what it is now." He looked proud, but not smug.

The waiter returned with the champagne. After pouring them each a glass, he put the bottle in the ice bucket on the table and left. Ares had materialized next to the fireplace and sat on the cool brick ledge glaring intently at the couple. They were toasting to old times with smiles on both of their faces and laughing. Donna looked to be enjoying herself far too much, Ares told himself.

After a while the waiter returned to take their order. Lucas ordered a special dish for the two of them and the waiter left the room again. Ares' rage was boiling over by the time the waiter returned with their meal. As he walked to the table, carrying the plates of pasta with red tomato sauce, Ares saw an opportunity. "We'll just cut this little get-together real short," he said to himself as he stretched out a leg and tripped the waiter. Both the plates spilled on to Donna, covering her bright yellow and white suit. She screamed.

"Oh my god! Donna, are you alright?" Lucas glared up at Sam. The poor waiter felt terrible. He rushed to get some more cloth napkins.

Donna was retrieving large amounts of spaghetti from down her blouse. Lucas wasn't quite sure what to do. His face flushed at the thought of helping her wipe her chest and lap clean, not that he wouldn't have minded putting his hands all over her body. He had thought she was pretty as a young girl. Now she was even hotter looking to him, turning out to be an even more voluptuous woman. He was feeling quite smitten at the moment. He just kept apologizing for the accident. The waiter returned with a generous amount of napkins and some club soda, his embarrassment apparent. Donna noticed and tried to relieve him of feeling responsible for the situation.

"Don't worry about it, Sam. The new fall colors come out next month, and this color will be out."

She was a complete red tomatoey, stringy mess. She reached for her champagne. A piece of noodle still stuck to the back of her hand. She laughed through her nose.

"I feel so bad, Donna. Let's get you into something else."

"I can't walk through all those people in there like this!" she motioned with her head towards the main dining area. "I'm too embarrassed. Is there a back door?"

"Yes, through the kitchen. Sam will take you there. I'll go get the car and meet you at the door."

They departed the room. Ares walked to the table and picked up a noodle and sucked it into his mouth. Smacking his lips he commented, "Tasty. Shame you didn't get to enjoy any, Donna." He reached for her half filled glass of champagne; bringing it to his nose he inhaled its bouquet. "Mmmm" He sipped the glass. After grabbing the bottle left in the ice bucket, he disappeared.


Lucas had a towel in his gym bag that he used to cover the passenger seat with. Donna quickly got inside, not waiting for him to open the door for her. She flicked her wrists in disgust as the sauce was beginning to dry on her.

"I only live around the corner. We can go there so you can get cleaned up."

"Lucas, you must be a jinx or something. Every time I'm around you all dressed up, something seems to happen." She laughed breaking the tension she felt from him. Donna was happy to see that Lucas had a regular house with a garage. He used the remote to open the garage door and drove in. This way at least no one else would see her. Lucas led her to the master bedroom where there was an attached bathroom. He went to his closet and pulled out a black terrycloth robe.

"Here. You can put this on after your shower. There are clean towels under the sink. Pass me out your suit when you've undressed and I'll see if I can't clean it up some."

"Thanks, Luke," she smiled shyly.


As Donna showered in Lucas' huge bathroom, she looked around in amazement. The guy had certainly done well for himself. She wondered about his family. She figured he'd be married by now, yet there was no indication of any other woman in the place. Well at least not in the bathroom anyway: only men's' cologne, 'Brut' soaps and shaving creams. She figured he must have a housekeeper since the towels were so neatly folded and put away.

Donna didn't bother drying after she got out, but rather just wrapped the large thick terry-robe around her. She brought the sleeve of it to her nose and inhaled deeply. It smelled like Lucas - a manly scent. She briefly imagined his strong arms embracing her. Lucas was quite handsome with short, dark brown hair, steel blue eyes and long dark eyelashes. He apparently spent many hours outdoors since his skin was a golden tan color. But he always had been a good-looking guy! That's why all the girls in the neighborhood used to hang around his house. She knew he worked out. Not only was his body an undeniable example but also he had mentioned he was on his way to the gym when he ran into her earlier. She tightly closed the robe around her and pulled the belt around her waist, tying a knot.

Lucas had a fire burning when she came out of the bedroom. Her suit was hanging on a hanger on a coat rack he had moved by the fire. She couldn't see any red sauce on it.

"Lucas! How did you get my suit so clean?" she said surprisingly.

"It's an old family secret. You'll still have to take it to the cleaners, of course. I'll pay the bill. I am so sorry about the accident."

"Oh hush. It's not that big of a deal." Lucas motioned Donna to have a seat on the couch.

"Well, regardless of all the mishaps, I sure am glad to have run into to you again. I've missed you, Donna. I just didn't know how much until I saw you today." Lucas couldn't look her straight in the eyes, feeling nervous about telling her.

"That's sweet." She smiled and took his hand.

Their eyes locked for a moment, before he quickly rose from the couch and asked her if she wanted something to drink. Donna felt like he wanted to put some distance between the two of them. He's shy, she mused to herself. How cute! Donna couldn't help but admire Lucas' nice ass as he turned and walked to the bar to mix drinks. Even after everything today, it didn't turn out too badly! Lucas was being such a gentleman, acting so concerned for her. She ate it up.


"Uh, huh?"

"Where's your wife?"

"My WHAT? My wife?"

"Yes. Haven't you gotten married?"

"Well . . . no. I never have. I guess you could call me one of those 'work-a-holics'. I purchased my first restaurant right out of high school. I didn't have much time for dating. Then as business grew, I put it on the back burner and never got back around to it. What about you?"

"No, I guess it just not written in the stars for me to do so," she sighed. Donna thought about what the ancient scrolls had said about her 'destiny'. She shifted uncomfortably on the couch.

"Well, luck is on my side." Lucas said cheerfully as he returned to the couch and handed her a drink. She took a sip and set it down on the coffee table.

"So what shall we do while your clothes are drying?" He had decided to take a seat in the chair on her left, instead of next to her on the couch. He was so very attracted to her. She looked delectable in his robe. And knowing she had nothing on underneath was driving him crazy. Donna reached for her drink again. The large robe ballooned open slightly at the neck and Lucas got a nice view of her lovely breasts. Quickly, he moved his eyes away, not wanting Donna to catch him admiring them.

"Well, I'm still hungry."

"OH! Okay. I can whip us up something. I'm a pretty good cook, if I do say so myself." Lucas boasted feeling relieved to do something to keep his mind off her sexy body. He rose and headed towards the kitchen. "Why don't you turn on the television in the mean time? There are plenty of movies in the cabinet on the right," he pointed to the entertainment center against the wall and left the room.

A few moments later Donna appeared in the doorway of the kitchen watching Lucas. There was a skillet cooking on the stove with something that smelled marvelous and Lucas was standing at the sink over the cutting board.

"Can I help?" she startled him, and he accidentally nicked his finger with the knife he was using to cut scallions.

"Ouch! Damn," he snapped, bringing his finger to his lips to clean the blood from it.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you jump. Here - let me see." She walked to him, taking his hand from his face and examined his finger. "It's only a scratch. I think you'll live, Lucas," she teased.

Their faces were mere inches from each other. Donna looked away from his finger up into his sexy blue eyes. Lucas couldn't help himself. He grabbed her around the waist with his other arm and pulled her close to him as he captured her mouth with his, all in the same motion.

Donna responded with a low moan. It felt so good to have the strong arms of a man around her again. She automatically started to run her fingers through his hair, pulling his head harder into her mouth. His hands started flowing down the sides of her body.

"Oh, Donna." he whispered. "I have never stopped thinking of you, all of these years." He kissed her deeply, passionately. She could feel his overwhelming desire for her as his tongue probed her mouth. He continued whispering "I knew I made the biggest mistake of my life by letting you get away." He kissed her again and then lifted her up and set her on the counter. She was shorter than Lucas and now her head was just slightly higher than his.

She took his face with both hands and looked seriously at him. "If I remember correctly, you don't usually get a choice in a break-up. That's why it's called a "break-up", not an "agreed separation". Besides, I was pretty hurt and really mad at you."

"I know, I know. But I should have never given up trying to get back together. You don't know - I was really crushed. And I had no one to blame except myself. Then when you moved away, I thought I had lost you for good. Who would have known you would be sitting right here in front of me today." The look of desire in his eyes caused Donna to become lost in them. If he wanted her, she would not resist him.

He untied the knot in the belt of the robe and parted the material at her breasts. He gasped as he looked at them, caressing one with his hand. Donna closed her eyes and tilted her head back. He laid wet buses along her throat as he opened the robe the rest of the way and exposed her nude body to him. His hands moved around her back, under the robe and scooted her a bit closer to him. She straddled her legs to accommodate for him. His mouth found a nipple and teased it, causing her to giggle in delight.

Ares reached to adjust his cock that was quickly hardening, both furious and aroused by the sight of his woman sensually kissing another man. Anger and lust together was a deadly combination for the God of War. He had followed them from the restaurant, observing them carefully. He probed Lucas' mind wanting to know his intentions with Donna, irritated to find out the man was in love with Donna and had been for quite some time. As Lucas laid Donna down on the counter, Ares probed her mind. The fire of jealously flamed up in his eyes as he realized she desired his touch - his body. He was going to stop this but quick.

Ares looked to the stove where the meal had been simmering and a thought caused it to burn and catch fire. The smoke alarm suddenly sounded, causing the kissing couple to suddenly jump in shock, and Donna slid off the counter and was standing on the floor again. Lucas scrambled to the stove to extinguish the flames. He had pushed Donna back slightly and told her to stay clear. She backed herself against the wall and right into an invisible Ares.

She froze and her eyes widened. She could feel his hot breath against the back of her neck. He reached an arm around and pinched one of her exposed tits. Lowering his head, he spoke in her ear

"Don't even think about fucking him, Donna, or you'll be signing his death warrant. You don't want that, now do you, my sweet Destiny?" He mockingly ran his tongue up her cheek and disappeared. Even thought she couldn't see him, she heard him clearly. His voice was cold and serious. All the color drained from her face. OH NO, ARES! She fainted.


At daybreak, Donna awoke in a confused state of mind. She was unsure of where she was. Suddenly, she realized she was in Lucas' bed and quickly scrambled to get out. She was still in the robe from last night. It had been tied closed again, but now was twisted under the belt in every direction. She tiptoed to the door and peeked out. Lucas was asleep on the couch, snoring.

At least he's still alive! She sighed in relief. She retrieved her now dry suit and quickly dressed. Lucas only slightly stirred as she closed the front door behind her.

She found a phone booth and called a cab. She was a mess. Her clothes still showed the outline of the stains, and were wrinkled horribly. She didn't have any make up on, and her hair was uncombed.

It seemed like forever before that cab arrived. She had been the center of many disapproving stares from the few people who passed her by as she waited. How embarrassing, she thought to herself.

Rachel was sitting at the dining room table when Donna got home.

"Hi, Don." she paused and took a second glance at Donna. "Where have you been? You looked like you've been put through the wringer."

"Long story, I'll fill you in later. Right now, I just want to get out of these clothes." She started down the hall to her room.

"You got a couple of calls already this morning. Two guys. One named Lucas Clemmings and the other named Warren. He didn't leave his last name."

"Did they leave phone numbers?" Donna started to feel sick to her stomach when Rachel said Warren's name.

"Lucas did. The other guy said to tell you he'd see you soon. Who are they anyway? You haven't dated in a year and a half and now, all of a sudden, you've got two guys pursuing you? Come' on, Donna, you used to tell me everything. I'm dying to know."

"Later. Let me change first. You're not going anywhere right now, are you?"

"Nope, no plans at the moment."

"Good, we'll make it an afternoon together. Okay? I will tell you everything."

"That'll be fun, Don. Michelle might be dropping by too, is that okay?"

"Oh sure. I don't mind Michelle!" Donna went to her room to shower. About 20 minutes later she came back out. Michelle had arrived in the mean time.

"So, I hear we are having a girly gossip session this afternoon. We three haven't done that in a long time." Michelle stated. "I'm glad you're still not mad about what happened with that guy at Blue Bells the night of Pete's birthday."

"That's been long forgotten now, Michelle. So how is Pete anyway?"

"Just FINE! And you know he is just the most wonderful man in the world," she bubbled as she held out her hand to show off a nice sized diamond ring to Rachel and Donna.

"No, he didn't! Michelle, why didn't you tell me sooner?" Rachel exclaimed in shock.

"Because I'm telling you now. He only proposed last week. And since then. . well. . we've been kind of. . busy . . . you know?" Michelle blushed.

"Oh, I understand," Rachel blushed as well.

Donna smiled. "Well I'm really happy for you. If anyone deserves a nice guy, it's you, Michelle." She hugged her friend. "Have you set a date?"

"Well sort of, we are going to elope in Vegas next month."

"NEXT MONTH?" Rachel shouted. "Michelle, that doesn't give us much time to plan anything. Why so soon?"

Michelle ran a hand over her stomach in a circular motion. "We're gonna have a baby in about eight months."

"Oh my, I had no idea," Rachel's face shown shock. "You never said anything."

"I didn't know until last week, when I went to the doctor. Pete proposed the following day, giving me the ring." She had that glazed over look in her eyes. She was totally in love - that was apparent.

After Donna and Rachel interrogated Michelle with all of the questions they had for her, Rachel turned to Donna and asked about the two men who had phoned her earlier.

First, she told them all about Lucas, from their courtship in junior high to the break up, the flat tire, the dinner, stopping short of the fact she nearly did the man on his kitchen counter. Then the telephone rang. Rachel answered it.

"It's for you, Don," she said as she handed the phone to Donna.

"Is it Lucas?" she asked.

"He didn't say."

Donna slowly brought the phone to her ear. "Hello?"

"It would be wise for you not to say anything more. DON'T EVEN UTTER MY NAME. Not that they would believe what you do tell them about me. And, Donna, if you ignore my warning. ." Ares' voice had a hint of amusement in it. He was enjoying torturing her. All the color had drained out of Donna's face.

"You'll what?" Donna had a sharp tone in her voice.

"Well, let's just say that your cute little love sick friend sitting across from you won't need to buy any diapers, or pick out china patterns, for that matter!" His evil laughter shoot down her spine and gave her goose bumps.

"You wouldn't?" she whispered.

"Think NOT? Just test me and find out." He snapped.

"You're such an ass! I wish I had never met you." Donna slammed down the phone. She felt Michelle and Rachel's eyes on her. The anger caused the color to return to her face. Her heart beat in hand that was still grasping the phone. It rang again almost immediately, startling her greatly.

"Damn you. LEAVE ME ALONE!" Donna shouted into the phone as she picked it up. She was shaking now.

There was silence on the other end. Then a polite deep voice said "Excuse me, I believed I dialed the wrong number. I'm very sorry."

"Lucas?" she sounded unsure.


"Yeah, it's me. I'm sorry - I thought you were someone else."

"That's okay. I'm just glad I got a hold of you. When I woke up and you were gone, I was a little concerned about you. But I can see your home now. I'll let you go, I feel I've reached you at a bad time."

"No, no, really, Lucas. It's all right. I just had a harassing prank call moments before you called. I thought you were the same person calling back."

"Oh. How come you left without waking me, Don? I was looking forward to seeing you this morning." Disappointment rang clear in his voice.

"You looked so peaceful sleeping, I didn't have the heart to wake you," she said sweetly, attempting to sooth his feelings.

Michelle and Rachel gave a knowing look to each other as they listened to Donna conversation. Rach leaned in towards Michelle.

"That's the guy she stayed overnight with last night." Rachel mentioned to Michelle when they had talked on the phone earlier that Donna didn't come home all night.

Michelle's eyes widened in surprise. "What? Donna, Ms. I Never Sleep With Anyone On The First Date, spent the night with him. Didn't she say she had just run into him yesterday?"

"That's right. But you know she'll deny this being the first date for them since they used to date in junior high."

"That doesn't count. It was too long ago."

"Try telling Donna that." The two girls giggled. Rachel was happy that Donna agreed to even go out with him in the first place. That was a good step. Any other time she had gone out with anyone, she nearly had to be tied and drug. Rachel wondered about this Lucas. Michelle was thinking about Pete, staring at the sparkling diamond on her finger.

"I can't tonight, Lucas. I'm sorry."

"Why not, Donna? Are you seeing someone else? Please tell me if you are."

"No, that's not it. I . . ." Donna searched her mind for a good excuse. "I'm supposed to go over to see my dad tonight. He needs some things done and I told him I would help. He's getting pretty old now and sometime has a hard time."

"Your dad - how is your dad?"

"Lonely, since mom died a few years ago. But doing pretty good, nonetheless."

"You see, I just knew it was another man." Lucas joked with Donna. "But I understand. I'll call you tomorrow, Okay?"

"Okay, thanks. I'll talk to you then." Donna hung up the phone and then picked it up again to call her father. She told him she was going to come by tonight to visit and she would see him later on. She set the phone back down again and turned her attentions back to her two friends.

"Donna, why did you do that?" Rachel quizzed her.

"Do what? What are you talking about?"

"You lied to Lucas about already having plans. Why?"

"I didn't want to see him tonight, that's all."

"Why not?"

"I just didn't, Rachel. Okay? I've got things to do now. I'll see you later, Michelle." Donna quickly rose and stomped down the hall to her room, slamming the door closed behind her.

Michelle didn't even have to speak to Rachel, the look on her face spoke for her.

Rachel shrugged her shoulders "Hey, your guess is as good as mine."


Later that afternoon, Donna pulled into the driveway of her father's house. She noticed a Harley-Davidson motorcycle parked on the walkway that led to the door and wondered whom it belonged to. She locked her car and headed up to the door, opening it without knocking.

"Dad? Daddy? It's Donna. Where are you?"

"We're in the den, sweetheart."

We're in the den? Donna thought. She didn't know her father was having company over tonight. She walked through the kitchen to the back of the house where the den was located. Her dad loved his billiards and darts and had built himself this rec room after she and her two brothers had moved out. That was his 'den', complete with big screen TV and mini fridge.

Donna heard the sound of the pool balls clanking together. She turned the corner into the room to see her dad had just 'broke' the balls for a new game.

"Hi, Daddy!" She walked up to him and pecked him on the lips. Her eyes scanned the room looking for his guest. "I thought someone was here."

"Oh yes, he just went to take a piss. You know how beer runs through you. He'll be out in a second."


"Remember little Mikey from next door?"

"You mean that trouble making juvenile who I always used to catch looking in my bedroom window? Great! His parents were . . . the Fields, right?"

"Yeah, that right. Well, he was in the neighborhood and just decided to stop by to say hello. It turns out he's quite a good pool player. Giving your ol' dad here some stiff competition." He said with a tobacco stained smile.

Just then a tall, dark haired man, wearing black leathers entered the room. Donna's back was to him.

"Hello, Donna!" the deep, monotone voice spoke. Donna froze. She knew that voice and fear crept up into her throat. She slowly turned around to find Ares towering over her.

His broad chest slightly exposed and showed off his sexy trail of hair, his muscular arms looked flexed even though he was relaxed, and he had a wicked smile across his face. "Long time, no see." He raised an eyebrow up as he spoke.

"Wh. . what. Ah, hi little, MIKEY," she emphasized heavily on the name Mikey, her eyes narrowed as she glared at him.

"It's your shot, Mike. You've got solids." Donna's dad interjected.

"Well look at you. All grown up now." Ares walked towards the pool table, pausing to rub Donna's shoulder briefly. "Your daughter has grown up to be quite a beautiful woman, Vern," he said as he made a shot and missed. He turned back to look at Donna, who hadn't moved yet. He eyed her up and down and smiled sexily.

"Yes, I know. She still single, yeah know."

"Dad!" Donna spurted out in a reprimanding way.

"Mike here owns a Harley shop up north now. Says business is going well for him, right, Mike?"

"Yeah, just booming," he smiled seductively at her. "Ever traveled up north, Donna?"

"Nope." Her answer was short along with her voice. He couldn't possibly think that she was going to sit here and make idle chit chat with him. How arrogant can you be? She was fuming inside. How dare he invade her life like this? It was bad enough he had threatened both Lucas and Michelle, but now he's getting all buddy-buddy with her father. Her Father! She was about to blow, but instead went to the kitchen for something to drink. Ares called to her as she was leaving the room.

"Hey, sweet cheeks? Could you please bring back another beer? You want another Vern? (He nodded) And one for your dad too, okay?"

She didn't answer, her anger was almost to the point of causing her to cry in frustration. She opened the fridge and pulled out two cans of beer.

She saw the half-pint bottle of Jack Daniels sitting between the mayo and salad dressing in the door. She grabbed it, opened it, and chugged down at least half of what was left. Capping it, she returned it to the same place.

It burned uncomfortably as it flowed down and warmed her chest. Then she smiled, remembering her unfortunate accident at the restaurant last night. She grabbed a third beer. Taking a glass from the dish drainer, she popped one beer and pored it into the glass, filling it completely. She went back to the den, holding two closed cans of beer and the glass.

Ares was sitting in the recliner as Vern racked the balls for another game. Apparently, he sunk the 8-Ball out of turn and lost. Donna stopped by her father first. He took a can from her. Then she started towards Ares.

"Thanks, doll!" He looked smug as she approached him. He thought it was odd that she was smiling at him, when her eyes clearly showed the anger she was feeling. Then Donna faked a stumbling/fall and dumped her glass of beer all over Ares crotch. He jumped up immediately.

"SHIT!" He tried to wipe off the beer with his hands in reaction.

Donna was on the floor at his feet. "Oh I'm so sorry!" She could barely get the words out through her laughter. An evil smile on her face as she looked up at an extremely upset Ares.

"Are you okay, Donna?" She heard the voice of her concerned father.

"Yes, Daddy, I'm fine. But it looks like poor Mike here got a bit wet. Gee, I hope that it doesn't ruin your leathers," she said sarcastically.

"I'll go see if I have an old pair of sweat pants, Mike."

"That's okay, Vern, I have to be going now anyway. I will take a towel though."

Donna was getting up off the floor as her father went to get Mike a towel. As soon as she was standing, Ares grabbed her by her collar, pulling her tightly to him in a threatening manner. He bore his deep brown eyes into her tender hazel ones. He was pissed!

"What was THAT all about?" he demanded to know.

"You tell me, Ares. What are YOU doing HERE?" her eyes reflected back the same fire as his did.

"I came to see you. I thought we should talk." He released her with a slight shove as he heard Vern coming back with a towel.

Donna took a few steps back and straightened her collar. She turned to her father and said she had to go herself, forgetting to take care of something important. Then she apologized to Mike again for the unfortunate accident. Kissing her father, she started to leave. Mike called after her.

"Wait a second, I'll walk you out," he said in a polite voice. "Well, Vern, it was sure good seeing you again. Thanks for the games and the beers."

"Oh it was my pleasure, son. Stop back by again anytime."

"Why, thank you. I just might do that sometime." Donna glared at him again; her father didn't seem to catch it. The two men shook hands and Ares and Donna departed the house.

As soon as they were outside, Donna stopped and turned around to face Ares. If looks could kill he would have been dead meat.

"How DARE YOU! Just who in the fuck do you think you are? What right do you have to interfere in my life like this?"

"Don't you raise your voice to me!" Ares said crossly. He had his hands on both of her shoulders, squeezing firmly. "I have EVERY right - a God's right. You and your life belong to me - whether you like it or not."

She backed away from him, breaking his hold. He smiled as he saw her fire replaced by momentary fear. He took a step closer to her and reached up a hand to caress her cheek, grabbing her hair instead, pulling it tight. She flinched.

"And just what was that little beer accident all about?" He released her hair.

Donna brought her hand up to the side of her head where he had just pulled the hair, rubbing it slightly.

"I had to do something to get you out of there."

"Why didn't you just ask me to leave?"

"Right. Would you have gone if I did?"

He laughed. "I doubt it."

Donna turned and began walking to her car. Before she could put the key in the door, Ares had her pinned against the car with his body. She closed her eyes as she absorbed the heat she felt where he was pressed against her. She was instantly flooded with passion. It felt good to her. Then she mentally scolded herself for feeling it. This guy is a heartless lunatic, how could you even think about it, Donna?

"And just where do you think you're going, sweet Destiny?" His voice sounded seductive. She shivered as she felt his breath on her neck. She was in trouble now, knowing she wouldn't be able to fight him off for very long before the passion would take her over.

"Home!" She bucks him off her a bit, but was still trapped.

"I don't think so," and in a flash, she was somewhere else. But where? She had no clue. It was a place of complete blackness. She could feel the cold steel of manacles around her wrists and ankles. There was absolute silence, except for her breathing and the sound of her heart pounding loudly in her head. She was scared, very scared, but she refused to show it.

She knew that if she gave into the fear, he would see is as weakness in her. Then, he would overpower her and take control of her destiny. She was not going to allow that to happen. She stood there quietly for about a half an hour. Then she heard whispering voices coming from all around. Unable to make out what was being said, but feeling like it was something about her. She felt like an animal at the zoo - on display for all to gawk at.

"Ares?" No answer. "Ares?" Still, no answer. "THIS ISN'T FUNNY, ARES, BRING ME BACK!" He heard the panic in her voice and bellowed an evil laugh. It echoed around her but a few later, she was standing in front of her apartment building. Her car was parked on the street, like usual. And Ares was nowhere around. She headed inside, mumbling insults at the God under her breath as she climbed the stairs.


Donna opened the door to the apartment and slammed it shut with a hefty whirl. She was livid with Ares. Her mind was spinning a hundred miles an hour.

"Why couldn't he have just shown up like a normal person? Oh yeah, that's right - he's not normal. He's not even a person!" She was speaking out loud to herself. "He could have at least had the decency to kidnap me and leave my family and friends alone. But no - he had to be the Big Bad God of War. The jerk!"

She walked over to the table to pick up her mail and then went into the kitchen to get a soda from the refrigerator. The phone rang. She let the answering machine pick it up. She didn't want to answer if it was Ares. It wasn't. It was Lucas. She moved to lift up the receiver and then hesitated. She wanted to see him, but was so distracted with Ares at the moment, and in such a bad mood, she thought it was better if she didn't. She listened as he left her a message. She could tell Lucas was anxious to see her again by the sound of his voice. Lucas seemed like a bright light compared to the dark feeling Ares was giving her. She sat on the sofa and silently shed tears of frustration and confusion. Why now? Why did he pick this time in my life to show up? She was just starting to get back on track again. And she was very fond of Lucas.

She stomped down the hall to her room and opened the door and stopped dead in her tracks. Her face turned red as she made fists with her hands. Ares was casually kicked back on her bed looking through her briefcase.

"What took you so long?" he asked, not even looking up at her. "I dropped you off in front over 15 minutes ago."

"What are you doing with my briefcase? There is nothing in it that could be of interest to you." She walked to the side of the bed closest to the briefcase and pulled it away from him. She turned around and set it on her desk, straightening the papers he had gotten out of order.

"I got bored waiting for you. Where were you, Donna?" he looked at her crossly.

"None of your damn business! What do you want, Ares? Isn't it obvious that you're not welcome here?"

"You know what I want. You know why I'm here." He stood up and grabbed her shoulders, bringing her face close to his. His eyes were cold and emotionless, cutting through her brave facade and piercing her heart.

"You should show some respect, Donna, and be thankful that you're not already dead for that little incident you pulled in Greece." He spoke harshly to her.

He felt her shutter in his hands and a cruel smirk formed on his face. He had her now, and there was no escaping him this time. He relished in the power he felt, as he knew he now controlled her life. He released her and sat back down on the bed.

"Well?" Donna said as she bore her eyes at him, hands on her hips. She was not happy about this.

"Well, what?" he responded nonchalantly, opening the drawer of her nightstand to look inside.

She slammed the drawer closed again; nearly catching his finger, then turned and leaned against it. She crossed her arms in front of her chest and looked at him with narrow eyes.

"Well what are you going to do to me? Kill me? Beat me? Chain me in the dark again? Huh? Well hurry up and do it. Let's get this over with." She was being pushy with him.

Ares didn't like the tone of voice she was using. He quickly stood again. Grabbing her by the throat, he shoved her back over the little table, knocking a lamp and everything else on to the floor.

"Don't you get smart with me, you fucking little bitch. I have no patience for you. You do not demand from ME. Do you hear me?" Donna saw something in his eyes and heard something in his voice that she had not expected from him. Evil. Pure dark evil. And hatred. She knew he was arrogant and cruel, but she never thought of him as evil. She closed her eyes and started to cry. What had she gotten herself into? He could do anything to her - anything, and no one would be able to stop him.

His hand moved from around her throat and grabbed her shirt. He jerked her up and threw her on the bed so hard; she nearly bounced back off it again. She didn't say a word, afraid she may provoke him into doing something she would regret. He sat down at her desk and started looking through her paperwork again.

"So, I see you got that flat tire of yours fixed," he teased, "and you didn't even have to get your hands dirty this time - how fortunate!"

How did he know...? Donna realized at that moment that Ares had caused the flat and she was fuming inside. She bet he was responsible for all the flats she'd had lately. She still didn't say anything, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of a sharp comment, so he could have a reason to slap her. She glared at him.

"What's wrong, Donna? Cat got your tongue?" He looked over at her and smiled wickedly. "Tongue! Now there is a subject that interests me! Want to play 'Lick My Dick'?" He laughed.

She didn't answer him. She just kept glaring at him, now with disgust.

"Guess not. Oh well, your loss." He turned back to her desk and continued snooping.

Donna brought her legs up on the bed and turned on her side with her back to him. What could she do? Absolutely nothing. She closed her eyes and thought about Lucas and how he made her feel. How she wished now that she had picked up the phone and allowed him to convince her to go see him. Suddenly, she felt cold. She was back in the darkness and chained like an animal again!

"Why are you doing this to me?" she screamed in frustration.

"Because you were thinking about HIM!" There was a flash of blue and white light and Ares was standing in front of her. "Here I've come all this way to see you, spent nearly a year trying to find you and you're not even happy to see me? That's no way to treat your God, Donna." He was speaking softly to her now. He reached up and caressed her cheek briefly. "So now you are just going to have to stay here and think about this. When you start thinking straight again, I'll be back to get you." And he disappeared.


With a loud crackling sound, a bolt of lightening shot out and struck her, knocking her unconscious. She slumped in place, the shackles around her wrists kept her from falling to the ground.

"BITCH!" Ares' voice echoed distantly.


Donna awoke to the strange sounds of the whisperings that she had heard before. She had a terrible headache now and her arms and shoulders were stiff and sore from hanging lifelessly for however long she was out - she had no sense of time. She looked around, straining to see even one little shape or light or anything. A fruitless effort, nonetheless.

"I should have let that bastard die when I had the chance," practically spitting the words out as she said them. She raised her head to speak to her captor, "IN CASE YOU'VE FORGOTTEN - I'M MORTAL! WE MORTALS NEED TO EAT SOMETIMES." She was obviously trying to get the God's attention.

Suddenly a blond haired woman holding a pack appeared in a flash of light. She had a big round bosom and wore a black motorcycle outfit, complete with boots, chains and a cap. She was cute, in a sluttish sort of way. Donna already didn't like her.

"Who are you?" she said rudely.

"I'm Crystal, one of Ares' new priestesses! He sent me to tend to you while you're down here." She had a sickly cheerful smile spread across her face.

"Down here? Down where? For how long? Why doesn't he come himself? Does he ever plan to let me go?" She pumped the girl for information.

"Listen, I don't know anything. I am only supposed to feed you and bathe you. And I don't have the key, so don't bother asking." She sounded as if she had rehearsed that line as few times.

"Bathe me? Why?"

"Yes, he said I was responsible for preparing you for something., . . I .. .I can't remember what he called it, but it some kind of ritual - I think. When I come back tomorrow, I'll have whatever I'm supposed to use to prepare you with."

Donna started to yell at the air above her again. "COWARD! WHY DON'T YOU SHOW YOURSELF TO ME?"

"It won't do you any good to call on him. He's gone right now. He said he had to go and evaluate some new temple recruits and would not return until morning." The blond snickered a little, like she was having a pleasant memory.


"Yes! Future priestesses."

"Why would he have to evaluate them? I would think he would be happy just to have followers. What, do they have to pass a test or something?"

"You might say that. It just his little way to make sure that they really are willing to "serve" him. If you know what I mean?" She snickered again. "Personally, I think it is quite a mutually beneficial arrangement. He gets what he wants, and I get what I want. He is sooo hot, don't you agree?"

Donna didn't answer. She glared at the blond with contempt. Her words felt like a knife piercing her heart. She silently scolded herself for feeling jealous. I've got to be crazy, she told herself.

The blond opened the leather knapsack she had brought along and pulled out something to feed Donna. Crystal seemed to have a sensuous way about her. She fed Donna with grace and even seemed to enjoy the task. Donna was so hungry by this time, she didn't really notice. She only felt degraded by entire situation. Once Donna had her fill, Crystal packed up and cheerfully told Donna she would see her tomorrow. In a blink of an eye, Crystal was gone.

Donna spent one of the most miserable nights of her life trapped in the darkness. Because she was stuck standing, she couldn't sleep and the sounds of the whispering voices nearly drove her insane. She could make out a word here and there, but none of it made much sense.


By the time Crystal arrived the following day, Donna was glad to see her.

"Hello, Donna. Are you hungry?"

"Starved!" she said excitedly.

"Well let's get you fed and bathed. Ares will be expecting you soon enough."

"For what?"

Crystal's eyes moved to the ground at Donna's feet, avoiding eye contact. "I'm forbidden to say. Sorry!"

Donna was feeling much anxiety. She pleaded with Crystal to tell her, desperation apparent in her eyes. Crystal flatly refused.

"I'm not even supposed to be talking to you. If he finds out . . ." she got a look of fear in her eye.

When Donna saw how frightened she looked, she became concerned for the woman. She was sure that Ares exerted his control over all of these "priestesses."

"Crystal, has he hurt you?"

She didn't answer. She just nervously unpacked the items she had with her.


Finally she looked up at Donna and replied. "No, but he did threaten me. And he was serious about it, too!" She quickly returned to her unpacking. "Please - I don't want to talk about it any more. Okay?"

Donna agreed reluctantly.

After Crystal fed Donna, she picked up a pair of scissors and began to cut Donna's clothing.

"HEY! What are you doing?" Donna tried to move away instinctively, but the chains held her in place.

"Don't worry, I won't hurt you. But I need to get your clothes off so you can be cleaned up." Crystal continued cutting again as Donna held stressfully still, until she was finally stripped bare.

"There, that wasn't too bad now, was it?" Crystal pulled an empty clay bowl closer and it magically filled with warm water. She grabbed the large thick sponge and the soap and dipped them, rubbing soap against the sponge. She squeezed the excess water out of the sponge over Donna's back and began to wash her. Donna was surprised how gentle Crystal was, barely using any pressure as she rubbed the soft sponge against her supple skin. The warmth of the water felt good on her tired and sore muscles. She started to relax a bit, as Crystal's hands flowed freely over her body.

Once her back and neck were done, the blonde moved lower to her buttocks and backs of her legs and then to her feet. She moved in front of her, now washing the front of her legs and thighs, she skipped over her crotch but moved to her stomach, hips, face and arms.

The two women did not say a word to each other the entire washing and Donna had kept her eyes shut through most of it. Crystal drenched the sponge in water again and squeezed it out over Donna's breasts. As the water flowed over her nipples, they quickly became hard. Crystal broke the silence by gasping at the sight of it, startling Donna slightly.

"You," she paused a moment, "you have lovely breasts, Donna! So firm and soft." She was sliding the sponge over them now, very slowly. Donna opened her eyes and saw how delightfully excited Crystal looked to be touching them. She quickly wet the sponge again and this time drizzled the water over each nipple deliberately and watching intently.

Donna moaned, surprising herself. Crystal took the soap and lathered her hands. She began to sensually caress Donna's tits slowly, looking as if she was becoming aroused as well. She moved in closer to Donna and whispered in her ear.

"I like women too!" she said seductively as she pinched one of Donna's nipples. Donna could feel her hot breath in her ear as she spoke. Shocked, Donna turned to look at her and Crystal took advantage of her lips. She turned away quickly.

"What are you doing? Don't!" she said alarmingly.

"Oh, come' on, Donna! Give it a chance. I know I can make you feel good! I can free your mind from this turmoil, even if it is only for a short while." Crystal's voice was low and raspy sounding.

Donna could hear the faint sounds of the whispering again. It was filling her mind with words of lust and sex. A vision flashed in her head and a wicked smile started to curl in the corners of her mouth. Boy - wouldn't Ares just be totally peeved to know that his prisoner was having sex with one of his priestesses? She turned her face back to Crystal and timidly found her lips. When their tongues finally met, Donna moaned into her mouth.

"Oh yes!" Crystal said as she passionately began to move her soapy hand down Donna's stomach to her pussy. She ran her fingernails through the pubic hair, teasing her a moment before running one finger across her slit. Donna became wet instantly as desire overwhelmed her body. Crystal moved her mouth to a nipple, lightly sucking and nipping at it and then did the same with the other.

Donna was stunned at how turned on she got by watching this blonde bombshell fondle and suck her nice tits. Crystal got on her knees in front of her, licking down the length of her stomach; her hands were on Donna's ass, squeezing it.

"Oh damn, girl, I want to taste you so bad, ever since I saw you yesterday." She moved lower down Donna's body. When her face reached Donna's wet mound, Crystal paused and took in a deep breath through her nose. Donna separated her feet as much as the restraints allowed, spreading her legs just enough for Crystal to gain access between them.

Crystal looked up at Donna with desiring eyes. Smiling mischievously, she moved in between her legs, wildly lapping up the abundant wetness there. Sliding her velvet tongue over Donna's clit. Donna threw her head back as the sensations flooded her body. She ground into Crystal's face while moaning quietly.

"Damn, Crystal, you do know what you're doing!" Donna complimented her.

"Squat down as far as you can," Crystal instructed. Donna complied making her steamy hole more accessible. Crystal slowly slid two fingers up her pussy and then returned her tongue to expertly taunt her clit. Within minutes, Donna was shaking and writhing as she came. Her wrists were beginning to show marks from where the cuffs were moving against them. Crystal didn't stop, greedily drinking in the wet juices that flowed rapidly to her mouth.

As Crystal brought Donna to a second explosive orgasm, Donna thought about Ares and laughed. I know you think this is payback for what I did in Greece, but believe me, buddy, I'm liking it right now!

Suddenly, a blue and white light flashed a few feet in front of her and she hear a man's deep voice speak.

"Is she ready yet, CRYSTAL . . .?" Donna and Crystal both froze as they heard Ares. "WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?" and suddenly Crystal vanished. Ares emerged from the shadows. He looked angry.

"What did you do to her, Ares? Don't hurt her!" Donna was still breathing heavy from her orgasm.

"YOU LITTLE TRAMP! I should have known you'd find a way to twist things around in your favor somehow." Ares' eyes narrowed as he spoke to her, running them up and down the length of Donna's luscious body. She looked all hot and bothered and the sight of her naked and chained was a big turn on for him. But he wasn't going to let on about it. It would ruin his plan.

Donna couldn't look Ares in the eye. She felt so violated and ashamed to be standing there in front of him, bound and naked. Yet, at the same time, she hadn't gotten enough from her little blonde caregiver and wanted more. Ares knew that right away! As a matter of fact, he had fully expected to find her in this situation being that he had planned it that way. He always did know how to execute his plans so masterfully.

"DAMMIT, Crystal," he bitched at the absent lady. "You didn't EVEN FINISH PREPARING HER FIRST." He examined Donna with a dissatisfied look. His brows were drawn together and he drew his mouth in tightly, slightly frowning. He brought his hand to his chin. His thumb and forefinger ran along each side of his jawbone as he thought deeply.

"Well," he moved his eyebrows upward and a wrinkle appeared in his forehead. "I guess I'll just have to finish myself." He sighed heavily and held out a hand. A bottle of sweet smelling warm oil appeared.

"Your skin is not protected and it's already beginning to dry out. I want your body to be completely nourished and in good health when the time comes for you to decide about your fate." He poured a good amount of the oil into his palm and began to apply it to Donna's body, starting with her back. He followed the exact same pattern as Crystal had done while bathing her. The only difference being was that Ares did not allow himself to get distracted when he reached between her legs or around her bouncing bosom. He had always loved to tease women and things hadn't changed a bit in all these years. He was so good at playing this game!

Donna restrained herself to keep from begging him to touch her. Her pussy was still hot and wet and when he had lightly brushed his hand across it while oiling her, she almost screamed. She wanted to feel his cock inside her so badly. Desperately trying to resist, she purposely bit her own tongue hard enough that the sharp pain stole her attention away from the desires her yearning body was feeling.

"There, that's better," Ares concluded. When he capped the bottle of oil, it instantly disappeared. He looked at Donna. With a thought she was dressed again. "Now I need to go and deal with Crystal. I'll be back for you shortly. It might be a good idea that you use this time alone to reflect on your recent actions," he said smartly to her as he vanished.

"Reflect on my recent actions? What does that mean? This must be about what I did in Greece or maybe it's about Crystal," she heavily sighed, feeling the entire situation was hopeless. Less than an hour later, Ares appeared again. He pointed at her chains and they fell off of her.

"Let's go," was all he said as he roughly yanked her arm and pulled her against the side of his body. She cried out at the pain in her arms from being chained above her head for so long. They disappeared.


Seconds later, they were standing in Ares' barren apartment. Donna curiously looked about and studied the atmosphere. She believed that you could always tell something about a person from their home. This place seemed cold and empty to her.

"What are we doing here, Ares?" she finally asked after a few moments of silence. She was trying to rub the circulation back into her poor stiff arms. The pain was obvious by expressions her face made.

"Go sit down over there," he motioned with his head towards the couch. She didn't hesitate at the offer. She was exhausted from not sleeping and her body was extremely weak. Ares turned his attention to the newspaper that he had picked up in the hall, outside the front door. He was sitting at the kitchen table, his feet propped up on a free chair. Inside of ten minutes Donna was asleep.

Ares peered over the top of the paper, and observed her for a few minutes. As far as he was concerned, she wasn't done serving her punishment yet. But he knew he couldn't keep her locked up in the darkness for too long without it having some damaging results. She had already been there longer than he should have kept her. He had noticed how she struggled with her arms when they arrived.

He set the paper down and walked to the couch, hovering over her. She didn't stir one bit. He reached down and touched her forehead. His hand began to glow and he watched her body suddenly relax. He had healed her. As he returned to the table to finish reading the paper, he casually waved his hand. A blanket appeared over Donna, neatly tucked under her chin.

Ares spent the remainder of the afternoon feeling restless. He went between the television news and reading the magazines he had picked up earlier that morning trying to keep himself occupied. He became devoid of emotion as soon as Donna fell asleep, like she had taken it with her into the unconsciousness. There was no fire in Ares' eyes, no warmth in his touch and no love in his heart.

Only his mind still churned with heavy thought. Ares was a smart one - not just with cunning and deception, but he was intelligent, too. And capable of expanding on that knowledge. Technology fascinated him. He could spend hours in a store asking the salespeople to demonstrate the latest electronic gadget, whether it was a cell phone, computer or a DVD recording center. He loved it all and wanted to learn more about what was out there in this new world.

As he turned through the pages of 'Modern Technology' he saw an ad that struck him as familiar. Where had he seen that logo before? Then it came to him. He'd seen it on a bunch of Donna's papers in her briefcase! He smiled to himself; a small spark briefly flickered in his eye. His plan was turning out better than he originally thought. He couldn't of been more pleased with himself. "Damn, Ares, you're good!" he said smugly to himself out loud, a wicked smile on his face.


Hours later, Donna finally awoke. She yawned largely as she stretched, amazed how much better her arms felt since she rested. She was unaware that Ares had healed her and she never would find out. He didn't want her to know that he had a soft spot when it came to her. He didn't even want to know he had it, but he felt it, nonetheless.

Donna sat up and spoke to him.

"I need to use the bathroom, Ares. Where is it?"

He didn't answer her at first, engulfed in an article he was reading. When he finished the paragraph, he looked over at her.

"You will do nothing without my permission, woman. If you want something - then you will have to ask me first. I will decide whether or not you shall be granted it." His face was still devoid of emotion.

Donna thought it best not to disagree with the God for her own safety. She lowered her head and her voice got quiet.

"May I speak, my Lord?"

"Continue," he answered. Smiling inside when he heard her call him 'my Lord.'

"May I be excused from you and please use your facilities?"

"You may," he answered and turned back to finish reading his article.

Donna had been gone for about 10 minutes. Ares was just about to go and check on her when he heard the bathroom door open. She returned to her place on the couch again.

"What are we doing here, Ares? This is your place, I take it?" She was rubbing the sand out of her eyes now.

"DID I SAY YOU COULD SPEAK?" he snapped, glaring at her.

"Sorr - rry!" she said in her smart-ass way, moving her head in a small circular motion.

"Don't push me, Donna, or you'll regret it." He said in a low tone. That dark fire flared up in his eyes again. He burned them into Donna and she knew he wasn't joking. She swallowed dryly and leaned back in the couch and kept quiet for the rest of the evening. She was getting really hungry but decided to just go back to sleep, rather than chance pissing Ares off again to ask for something to eat.

Ares knew she was hungry, he had read her thoughts. But he wanted to see how far she could go before she would break down and beg him. This is SUCH fun, he thought to himself.


The next morning, Donna awoke to an empty room. She rose and walked over to the window to see if she recognized anything around that might give her an idea as to where she was.

"Hey, I know this street, it's so familiar. Now, when have I been here before?" she contemplated.

"The night you were at the club singing," a strong voice said.

Donna whirled around to find Ares standing there watching her. He had his arms crossed in front of his chest and his head slightly tilted to the side.

"Why do you want to know, Donna? I know you weren't thinking about trying to escape me AGAIN? That would not be a healthy move on your part." A smirk started to form on his face.

"You can't keep me here forever, Ares. I have family and friends that will get worried and contact the authorities," she stated as she walked back to the couch and sat. "They'll come looking for me."

"Did I say you could speak?" he snapped. "YOU are in no position to be making threats, little lady. But don't fret, my sweet Destiny, I'm not going to be keeping you for very much longer. That is... if you agree to my terms. And if you don't . . . well, let's just say they won't have any trouble finding you when they do go looking." He walked up to her and stood closely. His crotch was level with her head and he was slightly rocking his hips from side to side. It made Donna very uncomfortable and she sat back further into the couch and turned her head away from him slightly.

"What's wrong, Donna? Have you missed my cock? Is it driving you crazy with desire?" He grabbed his bulge and shook it twice, laughing cruelly.

"It's more like DISGUST!" She spat.

Ares frowned and his eyes became narrow and he backhanded Donna across the face. "YOU BETTER LEARN SOME RESPECT REAL QUICK OR I AM GONNA SHOW YOU WHAT HAPPENS TO PEOPLE THAT CROSS ME. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?"

"Yes, My Lord," she said timidly and she rubbed her cheek.

"Oh why do you have to piss me off so much. I was all ready to have our little talk and let you go home, but now you've earned yourself another day of punishment, Donna. Why do you keep doing this to yourself?" He reached down and caressed the cheek he just slapped. He took her chin in his hand and forced her to look him in the eyes.

"I suppose I should give you some nourishment. Perhaps another oiling for your body. Or should I ask Crystal to do that for you? Huh, would you like that, Donna?"

She didn't answer. Ares continued, "You may answer when spoken to. And what is your reply?" He let go of her chin.

"Yes, Lord, I am very hungry."

"That wasn't the question. I asked who you preferred to oil you today, Crystal or myself?"

"It makes no difference to me, my Lord."

He laughed heartily. "Well then, we'll just wait and see how you behave today and maybe if you haven't pissed me off again . . ." He didn't finish the sentence. He had a mischievous sparkle in his eye and he smiled largely. He walked into the kitchen to prepare a meal for her.

"My Lord?"


"May I speak?"


"What are you going to do with me? Crystal said something about a ritual. What kind of ritual?"

"Ritual? Why, I don't know what you're talking about, Donna. You must have been dreaming. Although it quite possible that Crystal misunderstood me. She's not too bright, unfortunately. The Gods blessed her in . . .other ways." He snickered.

"So you're not going to burn me on a stake, or cut my liver out for a spell or something like that?" She knew that if he was going to perform some ritual, it was more likely to be of a sexual nature, not a violent one.

"You've been watching too much TV, Donna!" He laughed as he approached her with something to eat. "But soon enough, you'll get to watch a different kind of entertainment." He handed her the plate. "Now eat up. I haven't got all day to waste around here, you know."

Donna was famished and inhaled the breakfast Ares gave her. He watched her with interest the entire time. When she was done, she set down the plate and looked to him.

"Thank you, my Lord," she said respectfully. "That was delicious. I didn't know you could cook."

"There are many, many things that you don't know about your God. You really should take the time one day to learn. You might be pleasantly surprised." He raised his eyebrows up as he spoke to her. "Come now, it time for your oiling." He stood and waited for her to rise. He grabbed her hand and led her to the bedroom.

"Now, do I need to chain you for this or are you going to cooperate?"

"You won't need the chains, my Lord." She couldn't look him in the eye, feeling nervous. She knew he was planning to rub oil all over her nude body again, like the day before, and she was worried about how she would respond to his touch.

"Good. Then let's get started." He moved and sat down on the bed. He crossed his arms and stared at her. "Well? I'm waiting."


"Get undressed, my dear. Do I have to do everything for you?"

"No," her face was red with embarrassment now.

Ares could have easily disrobed her with a thought, but he knew how hard it would be for her to undress herself in front of him. He gloated as he watched her struggling.

Donna slowly removed her shirt, unbuttoning every button with a shaking hand. She already started to feel a burning sensation develop between her legs. The idea of him watching her undress turned her on, even though she was mad and scared at the same time. She worried that her passion would win over her fear and anger.

"Come 'on! Hurry it up now. I've got things to do," he ordered.

She dropped the blouse to the floor and then removed her bra. As she went to unzip her pants, he startled her.

"Wait!" He made the oil appear in his hand. "I want you to rub this oil on your chest, Donna." She stood still and only moved her eyes to look at him. "Well?" he said.

She walked to him and he poured some in her palm. She moved back to where she had been standing and brought her hands to her tits. The oil was warm again and it had an intoxicating smell to it. She began to massage it over her breasts. Ares was finding the sight of this to be quite erotic. He loved the way the oil picked up the light and made her look wet and sexy. How he wanted to take her and fuck her right there, but wouldn't. He unconsciously rubbed his growing cock.

Donna was having a hard time as well as she ran her slick oily hands over her large bosom. She let her head tilt back and closed her eyes as she pinched her nipples, a slight moan escaping at the same time. After a moment, she was getting into it. Then she heard Ares instruct her to remove the rest of her clothing. She stopped and looked at him surprisingly, almost as if she was disappointed to have to stop.

She kicked off her shoes and slid her pants down the length of her legs and did the same with the underwear. She stepped out of them and turned to face Ares; her hands were back on her tits.

"That's enough," he said roughly as he came up off the bed and approached her. He saw a quick flash of fear in her eyes, as he got closer to her.

"Now, put your hands behind your head and lock fingers. That's right. Okay, move your feet further apart. Good! Now don't move from this position and I won't have to restrain you. Can you do that for me, Donna?"

She nodded.

"That's my girl, my sweet Destiny!" he whispered. He began the oiling procedure again, starting on the back as before. When he got to her ass, he massaged it a little longer than he had done the previous day. Down the back of the legs and up the front of them. When he reached her pussy, he paused.

He noticed how wet she was and relished in the thought of her desire, but pretended to ignore it. He oiled his hand again and slid it over the inside of her thigh, one finger brushing against her nether lips. She gasped and slightly jerked. Ares looked up at her.

"Something wrong, my dear?"

"No...nothing, my Lord," she forced out the words.

Ares cupped her entire pussy, slowing sliding his hand over it as he withdrew and continued to apply the oil to the rest of her body. Donna's body was in a fit. He was making her so hot that she thought she wasn't going to be able to control herself before he would finish. He was almost done, her tits being the last thing on her body he attended to. Carefully massaging them, his face was close to hers. His lips were right there, just begging to be kissed. She wet her lips with her tongue and swallowed as she studied his gorgeous features on his face. He was extremely handsome, that hadn't changed since she had last seen him in Greece. His eyes were fixed on his hands moving over her nipples, but when Donna had wet her lips, he quickly snapped them up, locking with hers. She felt her temperature rise and almost brought her arms down to circle his neck and give herself to him.

Ares could read her body language so easily that he didn't have to look into her mind. He suddenly moved away before Donna lost control, fearing that he may not be able to keep his own control if she did give in. That would defeat the whole purpose. He knew exactly what this was doing to her because it was what he planned. Sexual torture. Making her want him so badly and then withhold it from her. He was convinced she would be eating out of his hands before too long.

"Alright, you're done now." She bent over to pick up her clothes from the floor. "No, no, Donna. You are not to get dressed until I tell you to get dressed. Go stand over there with your back against the wall." She did as instructed. "Hands behind your head again, Donna." She complied. Suddenly, she was chained to the wall.

"Wha . . .What's going on? Why did you lock me up again, Ares?" Her eyes were filled with sadness and confusion.

"Because, I have something to do and you would try to get away while I'm gone. We can't have that happen, now can we, Donna?"

Donna didn't bother arguing with him. She knew it would just be wasted words.

"Don't look so sad, Donna. I'll send someone to keep you company," and he disappeared in a blue and white flash of light.


About 15 minutes later, Donna heard the front door of the apartment open. For a moment she thought it might be Ares returning, but then thought he would reappear in the same manner that he left - by way of the Gods. She heard a familiar voice.

"Donna? Donna? Where are you?" It was Crystal.

"I'm in here, Crystal, in the bedroom."

A moment later Crystal entered the room. Her eyes lit up at the sight of Donna's naked body, but had a disapproving expression when she saw that Donna was chained again.

"Oh, you poor thing. Why does he have to chain you up like an animal?" she sympathized.

"Because, he figures I'd run. I would too, if given the chance."

"No, Donna, he would find you and kill you. Please say you won't do that. I don't want you to die!"

"Don't worry, Crystal. I can't see him dropping his guard long enough for me to even contemplate it," she assured the blonde bombshell.

Crystal's eyes were caressing Donna's tits with their gaze. Donna could almost feel it.

"You're so . . . helpless like this, though." A smirk formed across her mouth. She broke her gaze and looked Donna directly in the eyes.

"Damn Ares! That bastard! He's testing me as well! He KNOWS how tempting I find a woman in chains. So what does he do? He chains you up and sends me here to watch you." She turned and moved to the bed to sit, her firm round ass bouncing from side to side as she walked.

Ares had made Donna so hot earlier with his oiling, that she found herself wanting to rub her hands on Crystal's ass. Her eyes caressed it like Crystal's had done her tits a minute before.

"Screw Ares!" Donna said. "I want you to lick me again. I liked it, Crystal. I was really surprised, but I liked it a lot. Please?" Donna was eyeing Crystal seductively.

Crystal sat there for a moment thinking about what to do. She wanted to lick some hot cunt, but was afraid of what Ares might do if he caught her again.

"Look, Crystal. Look how wet I am just thinking about your hot tongue swirling around my clit, making my juices flow into your mouth." her voice sounded slightly raspy.

"Donna . . ."

"Just look!"

Crystal rose from the bed and walked over to Donna. She stood closely so her body slightly touching Donna's. She lowered a hand to Donna's crotch and felt the sweet wetness of her pussy. She closed her eyes and moaned.

"Fuck, Donna!" That was all she said before capturing Donna's lips in a passionate kiss. It was a much hotter kiss than the day before. Crystal's fingers never left Donna's pussy as her tongue trailed down to one of her erect nipples.

Donna moaned. "Oh yes, Crystal, suck it!"

Donna wanted to explode. She needed release badly. It had been building up ever since Ares touched her yesterday. She didn't care how she got it; she just wanted to get it. She began to swivel her hips in an even motion as Crystal dropped to her knees. She took both hands and spread Donna's labia apart, exposing the glossy pink skin and swollen nub that lie within.

"Your cunt is soooo wet, girl! It is soooo hot to look at!" Crystal was turned on now, no doubt. She moved in, immediately flicking the clit with her wet, sassy tongue and then ran it down the entire length of Donna's flooding slit, pausing at her hole to drink in the sweetness she wanted to taste so badly.

"Fuck, you taste soooo good, too!" She had turned up to look at Donna's face. Her mouth and chin were glistening with cum juice. Crystal seemed to be in heaven by her expression. She returned to Donna's pussy, this time attacking it with fervor.

A couple of seconds before Donna was going to let loose, the two girls heard a door close and a deep voice followed. Crystal's eyes got wide and she quickly stood and ran to the bed, wiping her face with her sleeve. She sat and tried to look nonchalant.

"Crystal? Where are you?"

"I'm visiting with Donna, Ares, in the bedroom," she answered.

Ares stopped in the doorway of the room and looked at Crystal, then Donna, then back to Crystal. "You two women were behaving yourselves, weren't you?"

"Of course, Ares!" Crystal giggled nervously and stood to wrap her arms around him.

He shrugged her off and told her to wait in the other room. He walked over to Donna and got up in her face and just stared at her for a moment.

Donna looked angry . . . because she was angry. She was just about to get off when he came back. Almost like he planned it that way, she thought.

"And what about you? Were you behaving yourself, too?" he said seriously.

"I can't really do much like this, Ares!" she said as she moved her wrists in the shackles.

He turned and walked toward the door. "After yesterday, I'm not too sure about that." He called for Crystal to return and looked at her seductively as she entered the room.

"Take off your clothes. It is time for you to service me," he commanded blankly.

Crystal got a small sparkle in her eye as she happily complied. This seemed to please him immensely. No resistance, he liked that! Smiling, he removed his leathers with a thought and sat on the bed. He was in perfect view for Donna to see everything. His cock was already hard and standing erect. He stroked it while Crystal finished to undress herself. When she was done, she stood naked in front of the war God, awaiting his next order.

"Come here, servant, and suck your God's cock."

She raced over to him. She almost looked like a kid who has just arrived at Disneyland for the very first time ever. Kneeling, she wet her lips as her hand grabbed the base of his huge muscle to stroke it. She looked at his face before wrapping her soft, moist lips around his shaft. Sheer joy shown in her face. She sucked it in to her hot mouth and tongue lashing it at the same time, slowly moving it in and out, savoring the taste.

An intense fire was burning heavily in the pit of Donna's stomach as she uselessly fought against the jealously and desire she was suddenly floored with. She glared at Ares, hating him for teasing her - toying with her like this. Hating him for the sexual pleasures he was clearly enjoying. Hating him for denying her the same. And wanting him all that much the more.

Ares had Donna right where he wanted her. He read her mind and knew exactly what she felt as she watched the busty blonde bimbo suck him off. He had a sexy, yet evil grin going as he decided to push another one of Donna's buttons. Sex talk! He knew how it would drive her wild!

"That right, Crystal. Owww . . . Yes, Mama. Suck it, baby . . . No, no, no, no. Slowly. Yeah, now slide your tongue around the head. Ooowww baby . . . oh yeah, that's soooo goood. Yeah . . . more tongue. Now take it all in. Go slowly - I want the feeling of fucking your mouth to last." He was taking in big gasps of air every few words or so. His hips uncontrollably bucked in random intervals. He grabbed Crystal's hair and adjusted her bobbing head to his liking, slowly building up the motion until he was going to bust. He quickly pulled his huge glistening cock out and shot a huge load of cum all over Crystal's face. He rubbed his dick across her cheeks and then lightly slapped her face with it. She delightfully giggled as he teased her.

"Tell me about my cock, Crystal."

She giggled again, taking it and rubbing it over her face herself now. "I love your big, fat, hot cock, my Lord. I love sucking it, putting it in my hot mouth and running my tongue over it. I love how it tastes, how your size fills my mouth entirely. I love the feel of your hot cum squirting out on to my skin"

"And where else do you love my cock to be?"

"OH!! I LOVE it when you fuck my pussy with your hard, thick cock. How it feels when it enters my cunt, stretching the walls inside. GOD!" Crystal was getting really hot now. She stroked the God while she spoke to him. "Oh, my Lord. Fuck me - please? I want you to ram it inside me - show me no mercy. Fuck me, please, my God. Fuck me NOW."

"As you wish, my dear. Bend over the bed and spread open your legs so that Donna can get a good look. I want her to see how much my worshipers enjoy being fucked by their Master."

Crystal quickly and willingly complied. Bending over the bed, Ares slightly adjusted her angle so that Donna could have a good view of both Crystal's cunt and him as he fucked her. Crystal spread herself open wide, exposing the wet, pink walls of her pussy.

Ares squatted down behind her to lick up some of the abundant juices that had begun to run out. She moaned the second his fiery tongue touched her. Donna squinted at him, an expression of rage on her face as she heard Crystal scream with pleasure. Ares paused briefly, shifting his eyes to make sure Donna was still watching. Oh how he was enjoying this torture he was inflicting on his little Destiny. He noticed she had turned her head. He stopped and yelled Donna's name and she quickly turned back.

Ares stood and stroked himself a few more times, an erotic look of lust on his face. He held his thick, throbbing cock at it's base and slowly eased his way into Crystal's welcoming pussy, sighing loudly as he did so.

"Oh, Master, that feels good," Crystal managed to get out.

Ares took his time fucking her, often pulling almost entirely out of her before slamming his engorged cock back inside again. He was pumping her with such force, she nearly lost her footing and almost fell on to the bed but managed to hang on nonetheless. He looked over at Donna, who was trying her hardest to ignore the couple fucking in front her. The sight of the two of them pleasuring each other was driving her crazy with lust. He spoke to her in a firm, powerful voice. "Donna," he snapped. She turned her head to look at him. "Pay attention!"

"What for?" she pitifully asked.

"BECAUSE I SAID TO, DAMMIT! Now keep your eyes open and faced forward." He was pumping Crystal's wet cunt with angry thumps now, although she seemed to like it all the more and moaned loudly.

"Oh, fuck me, Lord! YEAH! I love your huge cock inside me!" she cried as his thrusts increased. "Fuck me harder!"

Donna could easily tell when each was about to hit their peak. She jealously glared at them, frustrated that she couldn't even touch herself. She could feel her own wetness half way down her thigh. The nipples on her breasts were so hard and sensitive that they throbbed painfully with each heartbeat.

As Ares brought Crystal to a shattering culmination, her pussy pulsated around his cock, urging him to give in to his own explosive rewards. Donna watched as a wave of relief and joy rolled across his face, relaxing his shoulders and smiling.

Silent tears spilled from her eyes when Crystal stood and Ares turned her to face him and laid a wet, passionate, sensual kiss on the woman. Donna's heart dropped in her stomach and she went completely numb. That's the way he used to kiss me, she thought. His hands were gently caressing the blonde's cheek now.

Ares pulled away from Crystal's lips and snapped his fingers. They were both dressed instantly. He told her to wait for him in the living room and he'd be right there. He walked over to Donna, his chest was puffed out a bit and he glared at her, looking quite angry. He spoke quietly, almost whispering, leaning in close to her ear.

"You told me you behaved, Donna, you lied! I could taste your pussy on her lips. You've just earned yourself another day of punishment for lying. But I'm going to release you tonight anyway, because you disgust me! When I return, we'll have a little talk." He stood up straight again and smugly continued, "And then you can get out!"

Donna's glazed over eyes seemed to look through him rather than at him. She heard what he said, every word. But she wasn't listening to him, thinking that she was in some kind of a dream, no - a nightmare! Her mind couldn't handle what he had just put her through. Her heart only felt pain and disappointment, as did her body. She was in a mild state of shock.

"Ironic, isn't it? Now you know how I felt when you left me in Greece," he mordantly said to her. Ares truly believed that he didn't need Donna in his life any longer. Oh sure, he was obsessed with her, true. But he didn't need to be. He was just having some fun! He paused at the door before leaving, "As long as you agree to my terms, Donna, you won't ever have to see me again."

Ares entered the room where Crystal was told to wait. He was feeling full of himself, so pleased with how beautifully his torture plan was working. He looked at 'Crystal' just sitting there in a trance-like state. The unsuspecting woman was under the spell of the God of War. She was merely a pawn in his perverse little game, some lonely, woman whose ungrateful husband ignored her except when he wanted his three minutes worth of self-gratifying sex. He waved his hand and her true image returned. She had straggly dishwater hair and moderate looks. He was complacent with his choice, figuring this one could really use a good hot fuck to lift her spirits about now! He waved his hand again and he sent her back to where he found her. He smiled! She wouldn't remember a thing, but would be in a better mood now, no doubt. He did her a service!

He had really outdone himself this time! Everything was working exactly as he planned. Everything except for that irritating feeling of compassion that kept surfacing at in-opportune times, causing his focus to falter. He turned his attentions to Donna again as he morphed himself back into his partner in crime - that naughty blonde bombshell.

Donna had no idea the game Ares was playing with her. She believed that Crystal was just a beautiful, but foolish woman, who used her body instead of her brain to get what she wanted from life. It had never crossed her mind that Crystal wasn't a real person. She also believed there was real priestesses somewhere and that Ares was building up his following again. She feared he would eventually rule the world some day, perhaps not in her lifetime, but some day. But none of these things she believed mattered to her right now. She just wanted to fade into the background and disappear forever. The broken pieces of her heart were too scattered for her to gather. Exhausted both mentally and physically, she felt nothing inside and accepted it willingly.

Crystal entered the room perkily. All the excitement caused her to speak quickly as she moved closer to Donna.

"You can relax now, he's gone! He won't be back for a few hours." He wanted to leave ample time for himself to have a little more fun with Donna. "I can't believe he did that. I'm ashamed to have been a part of it. Really, Donna, I'm sorry."

Donna had been blankly staring at the ground in front of her feet but slowly looked up at Crystal as she apologized.

"It sure didn't look like you were feeling much regret to me, Crystal."

"Well, I was. Really! It wasn't my idea; I would never hurt you that way. But I am his priestess . . ."

"Spare me, please." Donna was becoming irritated with her now.

"Well, since he's gone for a while, why don't you let me take care of that dripping wet pussy of yours? I'm sure, after what just happened, that you've just got to be dying for release." She kneeled in front of Donna, her hands moving up the soft skin of her legs.

"No, not really. Not anymore. Just leave me alone!"

"But, Donna!" Crystal objected, her hand had slid between Donna's thighs easily from the lingering wetness that had oozed from her pussy.

Donna bucked and jerked in rejection to her advances. "Stop! I said NO!"

Crystal looked up at her seductively. "You don't really expect me to believe that, do you?" Her finger was teasing Donna's cunt now, slowly sliding across her wet slit. She knew Donna wouldn't be able to resist too much longer. Soon enough, between her fingers and her tongue, she had Donna writhing and shaking in an orgasm, although it seemed rather empty and passionless.

"See! Now don't you feel better?" Crystal's glistening, cum drenched face glanced up at her through half-shut eyes.

"Yeah, whatever! If you say so." Donna didn't return her stare, appearing preoccupied with thought.

Crystal stood, feeling pleased, despite the fact that Donna hadn't been blown away by her tongued actions. She moved to kiss her, but Donna turned away, rolling her eyes and looking as if she was being bothered and losing patience.

Crystal took a step back and carefully studied Donna. After a moment, she shrugged her shoulders in realization that she was not going to get Donna to respond to her right now. She turned and left the room.

"Well, I won't bother you any more, Donna. I'll be in the other room if you need something."


After about an hour, Ares shed the image of Crystal and returned to his own gorgeous form. He made it sound like he returned and sent Crystal home and went to deal with Donna.

"Well, well. How is my sweet Destiny doing? Did you miss me?" He toyed with her. She didn't answer, she just continued to stare at the floor by her feet. With a thought, Ares dissolved her binds and she suddenly fell forward to the floor. Her arms were stiff again and she was unable to move them quickly enough to break her fall. She landed flat on her face, causing a nosebleed.

Ares chucked as he grabbed her and yanked her to a standing position.

"Get dressed," he barked and left the room.

Donna picked up her clothes and went into the bathroom to dress and clean up. She emerged a few minutes later. Her face was free of blood and her hair was slightly wet but combed. She sat down on the couch and looked at Ares blankly.

He ignored her for a few minutes while he made himself a cup of coffee. When he was done, he sat down with his cup at the kitchen table.

"Well, I suppose you're anxious to get home, so I'll get right to the point." He paused and took a sip of coffee. The copy of 'Modern Technology' was still lying on the table. He picked it up and turned to the ad he had noticed the day before. He folded the magazine back and then slid it across the table towards Donna.

"You work for this company, right?"

As if in slow motion, Donna turned and reached for the magazine. Her arm wrenched painfully and her face shown just how much. Ares smirked. Donna slowly examined the page and looked up at him.

"Yeah, so?"

"Tell me about your company."

"What does my work have to do with letting me go?" A spark of confused impatience rang in her voice.

"You'll answer ALL my questions if you want to go home, little missy. It doesn't matter what they are about - just answer me." His voice became louder to convey that he would not stand for any refusal from her.

"We're a wholesale computer software company."

"And . . ?"

"And what? That's it. We sell computers and computer parts and software at both wholesale and retail levels. Why? You don't think I'm gonna get you a job there, do you?"

Ares busted out laughing, amused at the vision her words created of him working side by side with Donna at her office. "No, no. I don't need a job." He wiped a tear from his eye as he calmed himself.

"Tell me exactly what you do there?"

Donna looked puzzled at his line of questioning. "I am in charge of our Internet sales program. I make sure everything is catalogued correctly, priced correctly, and the web site is kept up-to-date. I am in charge of assessing the demographics for marketing, and help to develop new ad campaigns."

"So you are computer savvy, correct?"

"I guess you could say that."

"Very good!" He had an evil grin on his face as he eyed her. "I want to learn all about the computer - and you're just the person to teach me."

Donna's bewilderment turned to anger as the words sunk in.

"I thought you said I wouldn't have to see you again - ever? Now you want me to teach you how to use a computer? That could take months." The idea of having to spend day after day with him was not sitting very well with her.

"I did say that, that's true. And you won't. I don't lie . . . unlike some people I know." He smiled, enjoying that little stab at her. "You will teach Crystal instead, and then she can teach me."

Now it was Donna's turn to bust out laughing. "That airhead? I doubt if she could program a VCR, and you want me to teach her how to run a computer? That won't take months, it will take years!" Ares frowned and glared as Donna continued, "you even said yourself that she wasn't too bright."

"Don't you worry about that, Donna! I can alter her learning ability to my benefit. Or would you rather teach me directly?"

Donna stopped laughing and sat up straight again. "Not really."

"They you agree to this?"

"These are the 'terms' you were talking about?" Donna didn't believe that Ares would let her off so easily. She didn't trust him whatsoever.

"One of them, yes. Do you agree?"

"It depends. What else do I have to do?"

Ares remained silent for the next few minutes and then simpered. He stood and walked over to Donna. He reached down and took her chin in his hand and moved her head to look at him. He searched her eyes with seriousness and she was unable to hide her emotions, or lack of, from him. He noticed that something had changed in her, that something was missing from the soul he could read so easily before. He couldn't quite put his finger on it.

"My Lord?" She raised her eyebrows in question, waiting for his response to what else he wanted from her.

"You know, Donna, you are mine? Your life belongs to me. Your mind, your soul, and your body." The hand that held her chin moved to gently caress her cheek now. He took a few paces back from her and stood there, facing her. He crossed his arms on his chest and looked seriously at her.

"You will not sleep with another man," he finally stated. "I forbid it."

Donna stared angrily at him. "That's not setting me free!" She was standing now.

"I never said I was releasing you from me, only that you wouldn't have to see me again. I couldn't do that anyway, even if I wanted to. You are bound to me forever and that will not change - unless you're dead, that is. That can be arranged if you want," he said cattily.

"But. . but. ."

"But what? That's the way it has to be." He grabbed her by the arm and smashed her against his firm body, his other arm wrapped around the back of her waist so she could not back away. She moaned in pain under her breath as he yanked her poor sore body.

He captured her eyes with his deep brown hypnotic ones. She froze automatically as she felt them burn through her entire body trying to ignite the spark of passion within her. But he had smothered it earlier in the bedroom and she did not respond as he had figured she would. He kissed her anyway. A long, sensuous kiss that would usually send her over the edge with desire. Still nothing. Upset - he pushed her away from him and turned, not wanting her to see his frustration with the situation.

"Those are the terms, Donna. Do you agree or not?" his voice sounded harsh now. He was growing impatient quickly.

"You're out of your cotton-picking mind if you think I'm going to agree to never sleep with another man. That's cruel and insane. I don't have any problem teaching the computer to Crystal, but to not sleep with anyone? Come 'on, Ares. Be reasonable," she pleaded.

Ares thought deeply for a few minutes as Donna returned to sit on the couch and stared at him without expression. He raised his eyebrows causing the crease in his forehead to return as an idea came to mind.

"Okay, maybe that is a bit unreasonable. I'll tell you what. You can have sex with a man only if he is your husband."

Donna looked slightly confused. He continued.

"If you can find a man to marry you without fucking him first, than you can sleep with him anytime you want. But not before your married. And that includes all sexual pleasures. No oral sex, no jacking off - nothing, to either you or your partner."

"What about kissing?" she interjected.

"Kissing? Well . . .okay, I will allow kissing." He figured that her kissing would only cause her desires to escalate and make her agreement harder to keep. "And if you break the terms of the agreement, then you will have to come live with me and be my personal servant and sex slave - for the rest of your life. Now, do you agree or not? You must decide now, Donna."

Donna's mind was assessing the situation rapidly. She wanted to be sure there were no hidden traps he was setting to try and make her falter and break the agreement. Once she was satisfied there was not, she agreed.

Ares smiled mischievously. "Now you know that I can tell if you ever break these terms. This is a lifelong agreement."

"Yes, I am aware of that, Ares. Anything else?" All she could think about now is getting home.

"No, I guess not. You can start your teachings with Crystal tomorrow."

"Fine! Can I go home now?"

"Yes, but first," his shifted his body and his face changed to what looked like regret and sorrow, "I want to hold you once more. Kiss you one last time, Donna. Please?" He actually sounded like he was going to miss her or something.

"Whatever," she said in a dismissing way as she stood.

Ares slithered to where she was standing, turning on all his sexual charm in a last effort to ignite her passion for him. He looked seductively at her as he caressed her shoulders and ran his hands down the sides of her shape until he reached her ass. He squeezed both cheeks and drew her close to his hard body, grinding his large cock into her pelvis. He closed his eyes and rolled his head in a moan as he felt his cock touch her body. She just stood there, unresponsive to his deliberate actions, at first. He whispered her name.

"Oh, Donna." Opening his lust filled eyes to penetrate her soul, his lips brush against hers briefly, gently. His hands moved up her back and rested at the base of her neck, playing through her hair. He ran his tongue across his lips to wet them and returned to her mouth for a hot, lustful kiss, probing his fiery tongue inside once again in an attempt to extract the nourishment of her soul that he so badly needed.

As numb as Donna had been feeling, something buried deep within began to stir slightly. She tried to push it back down again, but the sound of his moaning caused her to become lightheaded and she couldn't concentrate. She barely moaned, trying to keep it hidden from him, but he heard it anyway and responded with urgency and passion she had not thought possible. She was losing control again and she hated herself for it, as she felt her body melting in his arms.

His lips moved down under her chin and across her neck as she tilted her head back to accommodate him. One of his hands returned to her ass and pushed her harder into his grinding hips. If her arms hadn't hurt so badly she would had encircled his neck and rubbed her breasts against his chest, but when she had tried, she was instantly reminded of what he had done to her earlier. Mentally, she began to pull away again.

Ares felt it and, without removing his lips from hers, he put his hands on her shoulders and healed the pain she felt. Then he lifted her arms and put them around his neck for her. Surprised by his kindness, she deepened her kiss. Her tongue darted out to meet his as her hold on her well-guarded passion broke free and flooded her body. He lifted her and set her down on the couch, spreading her legs to lean his body fully against hers.

Silently savoring his affect on her, Ares thought about her potential sexuality and how strong it was. She had no clue either, but he could tell. He knew that asking her to refrain from having sex with another man would be impossible for her to manage, and she would be back in his arms once again. Then, when she finally would come to accept her true destiny with the God of War, he would spend many pleasurable nights bringing it all out of her. But for now, patience was the key, never having any doubt that any of this would come to pass.

Donna could feel herself slipping into his seduction. At this point, she was beyond trying to fight herself to stop it from happening, but rather found a good excuse. Well, since this is the last chance I'm gonna have for the rest of my life, I may as well get it while I can, she laughed to herself.

Ares opened the first button on her blouse and explored the newly exposed skin with gentle kisses. He opened the next button and did the same, some of her richly round breasts visible now. His lips swept across them lightly, nudging closer to her still hidden nipples. She loosely combed her fingers through his beautiful dark brown locks and pleasantly hummed. He unbuttoned the next one, this time exposing her aching nipples. She arched her back in reaction to the touch of his fiery tongue as he quickly finds them, moving back and fourth between them, taunting them at will. Donna became mesmerized in watching his handsome face sucking her tits with those sexy, full lips of his. Taking heavy breaths at sporadic intervals and looking as if she couldn't believe that this was happening.

Ares opened the remaining buttons and moved down the rest of her body in the same fashion. Kissing every section of newly revealed soft skin. He took his time, trying to make it last as long as possible. By the time he reached the waist of her pants, she was ready to explode, although she maintained great control. She wanted this to happen, but she didn't want to be the one who made the move. She figured that was just the type of thing Ares would hold against her in some kind of mental blackmail situation of sorts. She forced herself not to get too far ahead of the game here and allowed Ares to be the total controller in this case.

She closed her eyes and grinned as she felt her zipper open and button unsnap and then Ares slid her pants from around her hips. He tossed them aside and parted her legs; opening the wonderful, wet, pink pussy that was hid between them. She was majorly turned on and her juices told him just how much so.

He kissed the inside of one thigh, tantalizing her skin with a brief touch of his tongue and then moved his mouth over her cunt. She felt the heat of his breath on it, driving her crazy for his touch. He glided his tongue lightly over the length of her slit, tasting her, enjoying her. He pressed into her further and wildly flicked her clit back and fourth. He tightened his lips and circled her nub, sucking strongly and allowed his teeth to graze it. Donna screamed and bucked her hips while her pussy flooded with warmth. He moved down to her entrance and quickly plunged his tongue in and out; drawing her orgasm out to the extreme.

"Oh God, ARES," she clutched his hair; her body jerked in spasms. "GOD YES" she cried as she let loose a much needed release of emotion. Silent tears streamed down her face, yet she wasn't crying, she was smiling, and joyfully! He slowly eased up his sweet licking ministrations as she gazed at him with sexy, half-shut eyes.

Oh yea, that is what I wanted to see, Donna, he thought as he looked at her. That desire. Pure raw desire for me. Ares wanted her so badly he couldn't undress quickly enough, even with his powers, but he stopped and made himself take a step back from her. His own body's desire overwhelmed his entire thought.

"What? Is something wrong, Ares?" Her eyes were still half shut.

"Nothing, baby. I just want to look at you! You are so fucking desirable, you make me hotter that anyone." He began to stroke his thick, erect cock, draping over her naked body with his eyes. She could feel them on her as they touched every part of her skin. She watched as he stood in front of her, jacking off, becoming more excited by the sight of his gorgeous form and his hand on his hard muscle. Oh, how she wanted to taste it, to have it in her mouth and suck it. She finally had to close her eyes and turn her head away from him, to keep from grabbing him. Then she felt him kneel by her head and she knew, without looking, that she was going to get her wish!

Ares gently touched his cock to her face trying to get her to open her eyes and see what he was offering her. She smirked and did nothing, hoping he try it again. He did, only this time he slapped it lightly on her cheek and her smile became bigger.

"You like that, huh, Donna?"

"Uumm humm," she answered as she reached and grabbed it and continued to slap it against her face. "It turns me on big time!" she whispered. Her eyes flew open to look directly at his face. With a wickedly charming smile, she captured his eyes and held them designedly. He watched as she opened her mouth and slowly wrapped her luscious lips around his pulsing cock.

The sight of her beautiful, sensually expressive face sucking his dick enthralled him. Her erotic tongue darted around, inflicting pleasure everywhere it touched, causing him to make his own sensual expressions. Pre-cum began to leak from the tip of his cock. She slid her tongue over it, poking the slit and captured the taste of him. Slowly, she closed her eyes and allowed his flavor to flow through her like a drug. When she opened her eyes again, Ares swore he caught a glimmer of himself flickering in her gaze. Suddenly, she surged with sexual energy. Her tongue became a slithering snake as it massaged the length of his muscle, wrapping around his shaft, licking it, teasing it, and loving it! Her lovely ripe, rosy lips were so wet and slick and warm as they kissed his balls and moved back up his shaft. Donna got wilder as she fucked him with her mouth. She rammed it past the back of her throat and took his massive size in completely. She was trying to draw his seed from him, wanting it so badly it seemed like almost an addictive desire to her.

He couldn't take his eyes off of her, wishing it would never end. He started to lose himself in her, feeling he could even be submissive to her desires. She was in rare form, so erotic and sensual, and he really liked it! At that moment, Ares realized that she had the power now. Power over him! Quickly, he withdrew from her mouth and collected his emotions. He had to get hold of the situation so the he was back in control again, not too comfortable with his thoughts of willingly yielding to her. A mortal woman! For Zeus' sake, what had he been thinking?

But Donna had been into sucking his cock far too much to see the effect she had on Ares. At least she didn't notice, he said to himself with a slight sigh of relief. He searched her eyes with confidence and saw that she now looked to be pleading, asking him for more. He smiled inwardly, knowing he was back in charge, as it should be.

He adjusted her position to his liking and kneeled between her legs. He covered her body with his, allowing his full weight to rest atop her and kissed her passionately. His tongue boldly invaded her mouth, finding hers like a magnet and claimed it for all eternity. She buckled beneath him uncontrollably, for she felt the lustful power he exerted. Ares wanted to take her badly, but he wanted her to beg him for it too. Donna felt herself beginning to surrender but fought against it. No way in hell, or Tartarus, as Ares would put it, was she going to give him the satisfaction of her defeat. She was just barely kept control of her desires for him, but for how long? She couldn't resist too much longer.

With Ares' body atop Donna, he rhythmically ground his throbbing cock against her. As his hand found her nipples, tweaking and pinching them, both of their passions were building to an excitement level neither had felt with each other before.

"Tell me, Donna!" he whispered in her ear, his voice softly caressing her. "Tell me what you want and you can have it." He was taunting her again. "Tell me - say the words and it's yours!"

Donna stayed silent and his touch became urgent, demanding even. Her entire body responding with sensitivity to his touch, his kiss, his every action. His mouth covered a nipple and began a ritual of seduction upon it. Suddenly she was crying out in ecstasy, shocked to find herself in a pulsating orgasm from only his touch. Ares was just as surprised and even a bit perturbed. How dare she enjoy his torture like this! It was supposed to drive her to beg him for it, not get her off.

He put one hand on each side of her face and looked her deep in the eyes. "Say the words, Donna. Tell me what you want from me." He looked so serious. She only stared, not uttering a single word and started grinding her pelvis against his hard cock, almost mockingly.

"Tell me," he said louder and seemed to be demanding it from her now. "Tell me you want it, Donna." His eyes narrowed as he looked at her.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer to her face. She spoke in a shy, sexy voice.

"Don't my eyes already tell you? Can't you feel it in my kiss?" She pulled him into a deep, lustful kiss. He broke it a moment later, seemingly out of breath. The way she seductively looked at him caused his fall. He could resist no longer. He plunged his engorged cock between her legs into her hot, dripping cunt. It easily slipped inside her moving through the river of juices that overflowed from her. She gasped deeply and whispered his name as her hands caressed his back.

He thrusts in even strokes, pacing himself for a longer gratification. Her hands moved down and grabbed his tight ass and squeezed, causing him to cry out pleasurably. As her pussy started to contract, it pulled him deeper inside. Her bottom lip quivered and her eyes rolled to the back of her head - she was going to cum! He watched in awe as he took her over the sexual edge once again. Her whole body shook blissfully beneath him and he felt her fingernails digging into his ass.

"Oh yes, that's right, baby. Give it to me," he urged in a most sexy sounding voice. Wicked desire burned in his eyes as he absorbed from her, all of what she gave him. As soon as one delirious orgasm was over and done with, she resumed pumping him for another.

Ares didn't think that Donna would be willing to hang out for another round with him, so he tried to postpone his own release for as long as possible. But he was dangerously close now and would only last another few moments.

He wanted to get the most out of this while he could, being that this was 'supposedly' the last time they would be together. Well, there's always Crystal, he thought. But seducing Donna while in a female form just wasn't quite the same thing as loving her with all of his "manly" attributes. But if that was what he had to resort be it. That is, if she would even allow it to happen again. She didn't seem too interested the last time.

Ares pushed Donna's knees to her chest to increase his depth into her. His thoughts began to fade as he felt his body become tight. Droplets of sweat collected on his brows and would drip off his face and land on Donna's breasts. She rubbed them into her skin, pinching her nipples as she did and causing Ares to become even hotter as he watched. He furiously pumped her now. He scrunched his face together and breathed through tightly drawn lips. The strong arms on both sides of her flexed beautifully as they supported his weight and allowing his body to move freely over her. Just before Ares came, he captured her eyes for a moment that seemed to last forever before he swooped down to claim her mouth as he shot his seed deep with her. She held him tightly, smashing his body against her chest and nearly cutting the circulation off in her arms. Both of them had seen something in the other's eyes that they both chose to ignore - a spark of love.


Immediately afterward, Donna quickly rose and ran into the bathroom to dress. She felt ashamed and angry with herself for allowing him to seduce her. But she knew she couldn't place all the blame on him. She had wanted it just as much and that made her angrier. The last thing she had wanted to do was to give him any satisfaction - in any way. But what's done is done and there wasn't a whole lot she could do about it now. She did have to admit that she was feeling less stressed now. And it was awfully good! She zipped up her pants and left the bathroom.

"Feeling better?" Ares asked in that sarcastic tone of voice of his.

"Why, yes! Thank you for asking," she responded sharply with a blank look upon her face.

"Excellent! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself because that's the last time you'll ever feel that good again," he laughed cruelly.

Before she could speak, he continued. "Tomorrow I will send Crystal to your house to begin her lessons."


"6:30 PM - sharp."


"Good," he smiled and reached for her.

She backed away and narrowed her eyes at him. "Just send me home now, please."



He waved his hand and she disappeared.

"Until tomorrow, my sweet Destiny," he whispered after her.

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