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Fiction preferences: f/f (any shape or form) and preferrably Xena-Gabrielle, but open to any plots that are f/f including Callisto, Amarice, Varia (so under-rated) and Aphrodite.

Qualifications: Published poet, soon-to-be-eventually successful screenwriter with one script sold for a music video, college level Creative Writing courses with high marks, I've completed one novel and researching a non-fiction collection and I've worked as a photojournalist for various East Coast newspapers and several e-zines.

Other relevent material: I've written tons of Uber, Alt and scripts about Xena and Gabrielle, but haven't found the motivation to type them up or upload them. My "partner" and I run our own business on the side to my graveyard shift gig managing a hotel. The URL for our business is There's a brief blurb about me on the site.

Need to know anything else (shoe size, IQ, fave flavor of Pop Ice, etc.), let me know. I work nights and I've read most of what's out in Xenaverse, but I have free time in the mornings.


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Fiction preferences: I greatly prefer m/f fiction, with heavy emphasis on Ares/Xena. I'm not too picky about other pairings (meaning I'll read it), but if it must involve Ares, I refuse to beta anything Ares/Gabrielle.

Qualifications: I'm very picky about spelling, grammar and punctuation, and I'll do limited plot revisions because I believe the plot of a story is uniquely the author's and should not be tampered with.

Posted Fiction:
Soon to be on Ashera's Archive


Fiction preferences: I'll beta m/m fic only with the following pairings only...Ares/Joxer, Cupid/Strife, Ares/Strife and Ares/Cupid

Qualifications: Spelling, grammar, punctuation, plot, etc

Posted Fiction:

Ephiny and Gabrielle

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Ares and Xena

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If you would like to apply as a beta reader, then please send an e-mail to Ashera and include the following information:

  • Your handle
  • Your e-mail address
  • Fiction preferences (f/f, m/m, m/f, mixed, bdsm, romantic, specific characters)
  • Qualifications (your skills with spelling, grammar, plot, etc)
  • Links to your fanfic if you have any up
  • Any other relevant info

Gabrielle and Barnabus

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