Author: Xebbie
Story Title: Bodyrock
Characters: Gabrielle & Joxer
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Gabrielle finally finds time to spend alone with Joxer. Eighth in the Pillow Talk series.
This rating is for explicit m/f sexual situations.

The characters belong to Studios USA and Renaissance Pictures and were used without permission. No copyright infringement was intended and no money was made.

Explicit male/female sexual situations. NC-17. So very, very NC-17. This is, without a doubt, the *hottest* thing I've ever written. And I'm not in the habit of tooting my own horn. I just happen to know the limits I was at, and I passed them. I'm not saying it's great, I'm just saying it's damn smutty, that's all. ^_^

This is the seventh story in the Pillow Talk series, following Pillow Talk, The Look of Love, My Favourite Mistake, Accidents Will Happen, Heat of the Night, In The Clear Light of a New Day and Frustration Break.

Point in series: Uh, I intended the series to start somewhere around "If The Shoe Fits" or so. Definitely before India.

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by Xebbie
© 06/00 by Xebbie

Her skin is pale like God's only dove
Screams like an angel for your love
And then she makes you watch her from above
And you need her like a drug

Oh... love... you say in love, there are no rules
Oh... love... sweetheart
You're so cruel

--U2, "So Cruel"



A voice crooned through fog. He followed it loyally, but got lost along the way.

"Wakey-wakey, Joxer," the voice said, from somewhere nearby. He frowned and turned in either direction, but the speaker remained invisible.

More sunlight. He hated sunlight in his eyes, so why did it always seem to be aimed at them??

"Rise and shine, sleepyhead... Riiiiiise and shine!"

Grimacing, he opened an eye and found Gabrielle snickering at him, light streaming in through the window behind her. "Ghaa," he managed, and flung an arm over his face. Gabrielle laughed merrily, the sound like music even in his foggy mind.

"Awww," she said, her voice full of mirth. "Rough night, huh?"

He refused to remove his arm from its position across his eyes, but did succeed in speaking this time. "I can't believe you've been waiting all this time to get to say that."

"Say what?"

"'Riiiise and shine'," he imitated nasally, his voice cracking. She laughed again.

"Consider it payback." He heard her moving about the room, and from the sound of things she was opening another set of curtains and letting more light in. Joxer didn't have to look to know it would all end up on his face, somehow, so he didn't bother to move.

Still, her good mood was even more infectious than her bad ones usually were. He composed himself and propped himself up on his elbows, finding two things: one, that his balance wasn't as bad as he'd expected it to be, and two, that the sunlight mercifully did *not* follow his face around the room. Gabrielle finished letting in light, then turned back to him and beamed. It was absolutely the most gorgeous smile he'd seen in his life, and he returned it with every ounce of sincerity he could muster. "You're up early."

"No I'm not," she countered, and crossed her arms, grinning. "You slept in. Way in." As his eyes widened in surprise, her own orbs seemed to twinkle with amusement. "In fact it's nearly noon. But," she said, and patted him on his head, "you had a rough night."

"Ugh," he said, rubbing his eyes.

She smiled, watching him, finding his expression to be quite cute in a dopey sort of way. She'd been in a good mood since she'd awoken; more so since she'd come into his room and found him sprawled on his bed, shirtless and snoring. Well, okay, so the snoring part she could have lived without, but even that seemed kind of cute with the mood she was in now. "Do you remember anything about last night, Joxer?" she asked sweetly.

"You were incredible," he said absently, still rubbing his eyes.

Laughing, she knelt in front of him. "No, stupid. The talk we had-"

"Aw, GODS!" he said, flopping backwards onto the bed again. Evidently he remembered. With his hands plastered over his face, he moaned, "I'm sorry!"

"Don't be sorry." She leaned over him, an amused half-smile playing on her lips.

His only response at first was a groan, followed a bit later by "I was such a jerk."

"Forget it," Gabrielle said, smacking his hands lightly, "I deserved it."

"No, no, no-"

"Yeah, I did. It was about time you stood up to me, Joxer. I was wrong and you had to tell me." She pried the fingers of one of his hands from the death grip on his face. "Just next time, don't get drunk to do it, okay?"

He squinted up at her. "Did I... did I say anything really stupid?"

"Not really. Not except for the usual drunk mushy stuff."

Grimacing, he said weakly, "...Drunk mushy stuff?"

She nodded. "Yeah, you know- come on, come out of there." She pulled his other hand from his face and tugged him up to a sitting position. "You know, the usual... When I got you back up here you were intent on telling me how much you love me. You got really out of it, really quickly. I felt like an old drinking buddy."

"Oh - ha ha. Right, that drunk mushy stuff," he laughed weakly, and felt as if he'd gone pale. Paler than usual. Okay, but it was all right, she was blaming it on the alcohol, and she thought he'd meant it in a general way. Whew. That was it, he was never getting drunk around Gabrielle again; he'd always had a tendency to say too much when he'd had alcohol, and after the kiss he'd given her it had - for some insane reason - seemed at the time like the perfect moment to declare his undying love for her. Oh, he remembered the whole thing perfectly - he'd never been a forgetful drunk. Thank the Gods she'd shoved him into his room before he'd really been able to start spilling his guts... "Perfect time". Idiot.

"So - how are you feeling?" she asked, sitting down on the bed next to him and putting a gentle hand against his bare shoulder.

He smiled weakly. "I'm okay, just ... my head feels like it's full of fuzz. I can't really think clearly."

"So, like every day then?" she said innocently, and batted her eyes sweetly when he glared at her.

"Hmph. Where's Xena? She probably wants to get going soon?"

Gabrielle smiled, almost shyly. "Ahh. Well, Xena's got some errands to run... She wanted to spend some time with Argo, go to the blacksmith, things like that. She said she'd be out 'til mid-afternoon..." She trailed off, her fingers brushing lightly down his shoulder and back, both ticklish and sensual at once. "So... If you... were to want to... what we didn't have time to do a couple of days ago..."

He gave an involuntary giggle, as much in response to her stroking down his back as to her shyness. Here was the love of his life, who had on several occasions practically jumped him, blushing as she implied the possibility of sexual activity. "Are you giving me a choice?"

Her fingers froze. "Um... I'm just saying, if you ever don't want to, it's okay. Including now - I know you just woke up, and you're hung over, and..."

He smiled sheepishly, rolling his weight on his shoulder so that he leaned against her. "Um... Well - I always want to. I just kinda - wait for you to want to, too."

With genuine surprise, she said, "Really? I always heard that was how guys were, when I was growing up, but I thought it was just an exaggeration."

"Nope," he said, pressing his shoulder against hers as they leaned together, "we're all horny creeps."

"Ah. Sounds good to me." She pushed herself at him, knocking him to the bed and devouring his mouth, her lips insistent and impassioned against his. He flailed almost helplessly against her for nearly thirty seconds, until he thought he was going to suffocate - at which point she pulled back and took a breath.

He coughed, choked out "Wow," and yanked her back down. His tongue probed her mouth, sliding against hers, a warm caress that drew a low moan against his lips. She sprawled across his prone form, both hands holding his head as if anchoring him so that she could plunder his mouth, her body already rocking against his as his hands spread across her arms and back.

There was no pretense of control, and for a brief while the only sounds in the room were the wet smacks of their lips, passing over one another in slippery caresses, as they moved in a tangle of legs and arms. Her knee rubbed rhythmically against his groin, as she straddled his thigh and ground her own hips against him, and she loved it, loved it.

"Jox-her," she mumbled, her lips caressing his softly as she spoke, "does yourmm... do-ohm, oh, door, does it mmmm- lock?"

"Duhnmm." He stopped, tried again. "Dunno. Mmmmaybe you shou- mmmph, Gab. Should check. Mmm, Gbrmml - you're so good at this." He pulled her closer, deepening the kiss, his heart pounding deliriously at the feeling of her in his arms.

She slipped from his embrace, planted one final kiss on his closed lips, and whispered, "Be right back" as she stood and darted to the door. He got up and followed her as she searched the doorframe, the handle, the base of the wood, without finding what she was looking for. "No lock," she muttered as he curled his arms around her waist, just below her breasts, and fit his body against her back.

"Mmm," he said dismissively, pressing his lips against her shoulder softly, his lips lingering as he breathed against her, "we'll just have to hope no one comes in." She nodded, smiling joyously at his embrace. There was such a warmth in his arms. This was what had been missing from last night, from her ill-fated attempt at a one-night stand - this, the intimacy, the caring with which he held her. This wasn't about him, or about her, or either of them alone - perhaps it had started that way, but somewhere along the line it had transformed beautifully into them, together.

How could she have been opposed to this? He gave it so willingly, his trust, his affection. He made her feel... special. Valued. Loved, a voice in the back of her mind offered, so quietly she was barely aware of it. "Joxer," she murmured, just to hear his name. His fingers swept her hair from her neck, and his lips brushed at the nape, nudging in soft caresses from her collarbone to her ear and back. She arched her back, sighing quietly as his hand stroked down her side to her hip, playing across her bare midriff, travelling up to her breasts and tugging at the laces of her top.

Joxer's voice was breathless and hot in her ear, "Mmm... so soft..." and punctuated with a kiss as he pulled the fabric apart, pushed it down her shoulders, and stepped back long enough to drop the top off her form before pulling her close again. His chest was warm against her back, warm and soft, and his hands were so hot as they skimmed her breasts, cupping the soft globes of flesh as she lifted her arms and circled them behind his head.

"Squeeze them," she sighed.

He lifted his head from her shoulder. "Huh?"

"Hold them harder, Joxer... squeeze them," she instructed softly, but with intensity. "I like that... Ohh, yes, I do like that." Her breath caught slightly, as he kneaded her breasts a bit more firmly, then with increasing ardour. "Mmm yes... See, you can be rough. They won't break. Ohhh that feels good..."

It was hard for him to remember that she wasn't fragile - thank the Gods she wasn't shy about reminding him. He pinched her nipples, tugging them slightly, and she wriggled in his arms and against his front. "Gods," he gasped, and kissed her jawbone, "Gabrielle..." She turned her head, shifted slightly, and met his mouth with a quiet whimper.

His state of arousal jumped another notch, and he lost himself in massaging her breasts and worshipping her mouth with his own as she shivered against him. Beautiful Gabrielle, dear Gods, she was amazing.

As if unable to refrain any longer, she twisted in his arms - never breaking the kiss - and turned to face him, pressing her bare skin against his own and running her arms down his back, around his sides, at his - front... oh, yes. She broke the kiss and grinned at him, a rather evil grin, before passing over the part of him he felt needed most attention just now, in favour of the laces of his pants. Tease, he thought, pouting, but her lips and tongue found his collarbone and made their way down his chest, and he sighed and felt that this had merits of its own. And still her hands worked at his pants, tugging them loose, until she was able to push both the trousers and his shorts off in one move, freeing his erection and sucking at one of his nipples at the same time.

She stopped, and looked down, her face pink and cheerful. "Oh, hello," she said to his member, obviously amused. She eyed it, almost contemplatively, as if wondering what she was supposed to do with it. Joxer grit his teeth, aching to have her touch it - she had yet to do more than skim it in passing, so far - but her hands stayed at his chest, never wandering lower than his navel, and despite all the assurance he'd had with her in the past and the interest she obviously had in him, he could never find the words to gracefully ask her to. He had this feeling that no matter how he said it, he'd come out sounding like a pig... at least to her... and this was the one time when he realized that probability in advance, so he was determined not to let it happen. Eventually... she'd get to it herself... right?

Gabrielle lifted her head and looked up at him again - boy, did he look... Wow. Slack-jawed, eyes half-lidded, his face slightly pink, body glistening in a thin layer of sweat, and he was buck naked. Under other circumstances she might have thought he looked foolish, but just at the moment Gabrielle found him to be the most attractive sight she'd ever beheld. Seemed mildly frustrated though... He was breathing heavily, and she thought she had an idea why, but for some reason she couldn't bring herself to touch it yet. Because honestly - she had no idea how the damn thing worked, other than the very basics. With her luck, and especially Joxer's luck, she'd take ahold of it and squeeze it so hard she'd castrate him.

She stared into his eyes, almost black with unreleased passion. Such beautiful, familiar eyes, seen in such a different context now - sometimes she was struck with the wonder of it all. But only for a moment, she amended, as she brushed her fingers across his lips, and he kissed them, and her heart rushed so intensely she forgot about wondering and decided to stick with the whole carnal lust thing for a while.

"I want you," he growled, taking her in his arms, and she pressed herself close to him, feeling the heat of his erection against her stomach - by the Gods it was hot - and breathed against his neck in reply:

"I need you."

He nodded, his lips meeting hers in the barest of contact, his slim hips thrusting slightly against her midriff as he reached down for the belt at her skirt and fumbled for a while. She pretended not to notice, but finally he had to rather sheepishly let go of her for a second so that he could look at what he was doing. With that advantage, however, he got the skirt and the underwear off in almost record time, all things considered. In one sweeping motion he straightened and scooped her up in his arms, which made her instantly nervous because not only was he a klutz when he was only holding himself up, but there were piles of discarded clothing all over the floor now, and this could lead to a really painful situation.

But he made it to the bed, and set her down on the edge of it with such a sweet smile that she immediately felt guilty for even having worried. He hovered over her, as if contemplating various actions, then knelt in front of her and stroked softly against her thighs. Leaning in, pressing against the edge of the bed as she spread her legs, he kissed her throat, down between her collarbone and settled between her breasts, his hand still trailing lightly up and down between her legs. When his fingers finally met her folds, nudging them apart at a torturously slow rate, he dropped his head to her chest and licked along one of her breasts, from the centre in.

She gasped lightly at the simultaneous stimulation on two erogenous zones, and held her breath in as he spread his tongue over her skin in wide strokes, leaving open-mouthed kisses as he nuzzled her flesh, while his hand spread her apart and played her. Fingertips teased at her entrance, not quite pushing past the slick folds of flesh, instead flicking rapidly in a manner that brought her to shivers, and she propped herself up on her hands and rolled her hips, groaning lightly as he sucked on her breast.

He breathed in, gulping air around the slippery nub in his mouth, finding it more difficult to keep it in his mouth at the rate she was starting to gyrate. Gods, she was so hot - she had an intensity all her own, there was something she brought to sex that he'd never experienced with any other woman, something so... so Gabrielle. He had to stop and breathe again, and her nipple fell from his mouth as she grabbed his head and pushed it to the other side, her other arm forcefully nudging his hand further in as he stroked his fingers across her loins. He took the hint, sliding a finger partway into her - but not all the way, and she whined in frustration.

He had to stifle an urge to laugh. It always seemed to go like this for them - a sort of one-upmanship of sexual tension, one teasing the other until the other snapped and retaliated, ending when neither could stand it anymore. Gabrielle seemed, however, to have a very high tolerance for this kind of torture, because he was more often than not the teaser, not the teased. Who was the luckier one in this situation, he couldn't really say.

"Joxeeeeeer," she breathed, a plea in her voice, "c'mon, you know what I want."

Cupping her breast with his free hand, rubbing his thumb over the sides, he raised an eyebrow at her. "Oh? Ya think?"

She had reached the growling stage. "Dammit, Joxer..."

He added another finger, partly to placate her, even though he knew that after a moment she'd figure out that he still wasn't giving her what she wanted. He'd avoided her clitoris so far, quite intentionally actually, although that wasn't going to be a permanent situation. The noise she made at the added penetration was part sigh, part squeak, and part whimper. And all adorable, Joxer thought. She held his head rather gently, running her fingers through his hair in a tender sort of way, and he bent and kissed his way down below her breasts to her navel. Another cry of frustration came from the bard as he pulled his hand from her sex, but she calmed when he wrapped both his arms around her waist and kissed her stomach, almost reverently.

By now she knew where this was going. Her heart sped up and she couldn't hide a grin - damn but he was good at oral. He was good at everything, but she really liked the oral. He slipped back from her waist, trailing more kisses down her abdomen to her sex, and as he passed over her curls she felt his tongue dart out momentarily, flicking over her softly. "Gods, Joxer," she hissed, as his breath hit her leg in an almost ticklish burst of heat, and his fingers stroked her again, dipping into her quickly before the hand in question fell away over the side of the bed, and he kissed the smooth skin of her inner thigh, and licked, and found his way to her centre.

She breathed in shuddering gasps, letting herself fall back to the bedspread as he lashed her with his tongue, probing and exploring and occasionally just kissing. And the best part, the best part, was that he made these sounds, these sort of gasps and moans and little cries that made her aware that he was enjoying it just as much as she was. She held his head between her thighs, staring at the ceiling, rocking her entire body to the rhythm his tongue was establishing within her, and she could picture him without looking - worshipping her weeping sex, his sweat and her juices plastered across his face. Somehow the image gave her a little shudder.

His hand flicked up against her again, immersing itself in her wetness, then disappeared again. A little thought flickered through her mind, and with some effort she forced herself up onto shaky arms. "Wha... what are you - doing?"

The question obviously threw him, as he froze, and looked up at her. "Mph-" He pulled his mouth back a bit, enough to coherently say, "Um... if you have to ask... I guess I'm not doing it right..."

"No... no, I mean..." Her throbbing body was essentially screaming at her to just forget it, who cared, as long as he got back down there and finished, dammit. She exerted all her willpower, and said, "I mean - with your, your hand."

He actually seemed to blush a little, and looked down. "I'm. Ah." Looking back up at her, he shrugged, tilted his head in a "you know" kind of way. Flushed and trembling, gloriously naked and aroused and wet, Gabrielle just stared back at him, looking for all the world as if she had no idea what he was talking about. He sighed, and mumbled, "I'm... um... stroking...?"

"Ahh." Her lips pursed into a smile then, and he got the feeling that the evil woman had known all along. "So you keep touching me to..."

"Uh, lubricate. Yeah."

"Ooh." To his surprise, she actually seemed intrigued. "Do I really excite you that much, Joxer, that you can't keep from-"

"Oh I can stop," he said hastily. "I can, if you want, I was just-"

"I didn't say I wanted you to." Silence fell, as she let that sink in. She had him that hot. Wow- why did she find that so, so... arousing? The idea of masturbation had never even crossed her mind. Which was probably rather naive of her, now that she thought about it. With a sudden sinking feeling she recalled how much the words of that idiot from the night before had bothered her. Stupid little virgin tease. She frowned, wondering if the thing that bothered her about that was the virgin part, the tease part, or her own worry that either one might be true.

Hmph. Well, one way to prove that neither one was. She raised a leg, settling it on Joxer's shoulder, and leered at him. "I don't want you to stop," she said, her mind racing, not entirely sure yet what she was going to do.

"O-okay..." he muttered, having trouble keeping his eyes on her face, as they kept skipping back down to her glistening womanhood. "I'll uh... no problem," he muttered finally, leaning forward again, and she nearly let him - in fact she nearly arched her hips to meet him, before she stopped herself. Hold on. Are you going to sit here and let him do stuff to you and himself, Gabrielle, or are you going to prove that you're no little virgin?

She caught his face, pushing him back, then swept her leg off his shoulder and sat up all the way. "Stand," she ordered. He looked utterly perplexed. "Stand up," she elaborated, so he did, and for a moment all she could do was stare as he stood naked right in front of her, his engorged endowments directly in front of her face, and she was simultaneously intimidated, impressed, and downright horny. "Good Gods," she breathed, close enough for her breath to hit his organ, and he gasped at the stir of air against him. Never, before this moment, had she wanted something so desperately. She reached out for it - but lost her nerve at the last moment, and her hand skirted it again and fell against his hip. She heard him exhale heavily in frustration, pressing his lips together.

So instead, she stood up, her hand still on his hip, her other skirting down to the delta between her own legs. "Well. Go back to what you were doing, Joxer," she said, brushing a kiss over his lips, which had gone slack.

"What I was..." he whispered distractedly, staring at the hand which was now parting her lower lips and stroking within her own folds, "I uh - we're not in the pos-"

"To yourself. We've moved on." She put her mouth to his ear, and whispered hotly, "I want to watch you stroke yourself."

His only response was a sort of choked sound, and a nod, and she rested her forehead against his shoulder and looked down as he gripped his shaft and slowly ran his hand along the length. She stared, sliding her fingers into her opening, imagining they were him, and lifted her other hand from his hip, settling over his flat pectoral and tweaking a nipple between her thumb and forefinger. He grunted a little and squeezed harder, a little faster, weaving his arm around her as much for support as for intimacy.

Fascinated, Gabrielle tore her eyes away and pulled his head down to hers, kissing him wetly, and then turned him around so that his back was to the bed. "Sit down," she murmured, pushing at his shoulder, her other hand still fingering her nether regions. He did so without restraint this time, and once he'd settled down she put one leg up on the bed next to his and rested her free hand on it. Chuckling, she said, "So do you like seeing me do this?"

Leaning back on one arm, his fist now squeezing his organ with increasing speed, he nodded weakly without tearing his eyes away from her fluttering hand. "Uh-huh," he added unnecessarily, and licked his lips. "I didn't... uh, do you - do it often?"

"Mmm," she said, running a fingertip around the swollen nub of sensitized flesh near the top of her sex, and she kicked the seduction angle into high gear. "All the time. Well, less now that you and I... work off our frustrations." He nodded distractedly. "But still. I could hardly travel around with just Xena for great lengths of time without... knowing myself pretty damn well, don't you think?"

"Man, Gab..." He looked up into her face, and she grinned at him. He swallowed, straight-faced, and with some obvious trepidation asked, "Do you ever... think about me?"

Her breath caught, her facade slipped, and her arm jerked convulsively, causing her finger to come down a bit too hard on her clit. She winced. Joxer sprang up to a full sitting position, his face inches from her sex, but he was looking only at her eyes. "You okay?" he said anxiously. She stared down at him and her mind raced. Grab his head and- She shook her head minutely, closing her eyes for a moment and then looking back down at him. He was still looking up at her, concern and affection buried in his deep brown eyes, the burning lust only halfway still visible. Pursing her lips into a half smile, she recovered herself; time to get that lust burning again, and maybe relieve some of that concern in the process.

Bending her knee to the bedspread, she lowered herself and climbed over him, then pushed at his shoulder, knocking him off-balance. "Scoot up," she instructed as he lifted his head to look at her questioningly. Obligingly, he wriggled his way up the bed a little more, so that only his knees were still over the side. She crawled up his body and hovered over him on all fours, her breasts grazing his chest, and when she was nose to nose with him she said, "Now it gets interesting."

"Now?" he squeaked, and she smiled affectionately and nipped at his nose.

Lowering her hips slightly, she hung in the air just above his erection, and let her hand graze her mound again. His own hand moved to grip himself, but she swatted it away. "No no," she said chidingly, her fingers stroking from her folds down along her thighs, leaving trails of wetness in their wake, "now you just watch."

And she slid fingers into her entrance, rubbing her clit with her thumb, shivering and rolling her hips with abandon and just watching his face as he watched her. He breathed in heavy pants, as above him her breasts swung across his skin, her nipples tracing lightly across him, and her hand glistened, slipping in and out between her legs. Gods, it was maddening. She was right there! He was dying to touch himself - to touch her, or anything.

But his eyes flicked up to hers, and she was watching him quite seriously, and in her eyes he saw a need of some kind to assert herself, to do this. So he gave it to her, with all his heart, put himself completely in her control for whatever she wanted to do.

Gabrielle pressed her lips together, the waves of her arousal abating slightly as she looked into his eyes and saw... surrender. But not a broken surrender - this was willing, wanting, a warm sort of trusting deliverance of all the control, to her. He was hers, unquestioningly. Their eyes locked in a heated gaze, and she could almost not look away... something in his face, his eyes - his soul was naked to her, she felt... she felt united.

Her heart swelled in her chest, and she actually had to suppress an urge to fall against him and just hold him, kiss him, sweep his hair back from his forehead and kiss his hairline and - Stop. Such an odd time for such feelings to surge up, but they weren't unfamiliar to her, as she often had such tender urges towards him. Usually after the sex, however.

She pursed her lips, bending her head and looking down across their nearly-touching bodies, and her mindset was instantly thrust back into the intensely erotic state it had been in a moment before. Gods - so much to do, so many ways to do it... She could lose herself in this, so easily. Keep your head. Come on, Gabrielle, you've got him wrapped around your finger. Looking back up, she met his eyes again, and gave a brief smile.

"Am I a tease, Joxer?" she asked huskily, lowering her hips that much more until her slick folds brushed over his skin.

He shuddered, obviously trying not to squirm. "Uh..."

"Lie still." She put her hand on his chest, the hand that had been working her loins, and held him down. He squeezed his eyes shut as her hips rocked against him again, so lightly that it almost didn't feel real. "Would you say I'm a tease?"

"Uh." He panted, opening his eyes again, and she could see the strain in them... but no defiance. She held eye contact fiercely, almost glaring at him, and ground her hips again, this time harder. Running a hand through his hair almost forcefully, he rasped, "Haaaah, yes you are - you're a tease, Gabby, you're a damn tease-"

"Hm." She smiled, almost chuckled, and lifted her hand from his chest, moving it back to her sex. Her fingers stroked down the length of her outer lips, repeatedly, and she sat up and righted herself until she was just barely really balanced atop him, and he was looking at her with such helpless need - and she ran her fingers down again, moaning as she did, and this time let her fingers run over the head of his shaft teasingly before they withdrew. He whimpered, his head rolling back. "You liked that?"

Nodding, he said in a ragged whisper, "Yeah," sweat rolling off his forehead in tiny droplets.

"Maybe I should do it again," she said, stroking herself, and he nodded, gulping. She shrugged. "Or maybe not." Another whimper. Gods, this was hot. "If you're really good, Joxer, I'll do better. Will you be really good for me?"

"I'll be good," he rasped.

"My good little boy?"

"Oh yeah."

She took one of his hands, splayed the fingers, and pushed it against her mound. "Do both of us," she instructed, "fingers there - oh that's right, that's right..." She trailed off as he stroked her with his fore and index fingers, his other fingers curling and stroking himself, his thumb running over the head occasionally. She moaned again, and with half-lidded eyes, leaned up and ran a finger along his cheek, over his lips; he took her hand by the wrist, sucking her fingers one at a time, licking all of the liquid evidence of her arousal from her skin.

It wasn't easy, really - it took a lot of concentration, especially to try and gracefully keep his hand at the task she'd put him to; but the only goal in his mind was to do as she instructed. She was growing more aroused by the second, and had begun grinding her hips down in response to his caresses, sandwiching some of his hand between their slippery genitalia and keeping it so confined that it threatened to cramp up soon. But it didn't matter, none of it mattered, why should it matter? He was almost entirely without conscious thought. Gabrielle was taking him, that was what it really came down to - she knew what she wanted, and she wanted it from him, and damn if she wasn't taking it and damn if she wasn't giving a whole lot in return at the same time. He'd never had an experience like this before. She was almost dominating, but not quite, because it was still shared- she called the shots, but it was shared, it was for both of them, and his little bard was one unbelievably creative woman.

She pulled her fingers from his mouth, pressing both her hands against his chest and riding against him, now catching his hand so totally between the two of them that he could no longer move it. He waited for her to say something before moving it, though, and finally she yanked it out by the wrist and tossed it aside as if it were a discarded toy. Back to the frottage - she had her entire lower body into it now, grinding against him and she was watching him, somehow, almost dispassionately. He felt like he could barely breathe - and then she stopped.

"You want more, Joxer?" she said breathlessly, an edge to her voice that hadn't been there before. "I know you want more than that." He could barely find the strength to nod. She lifted her hips again, dislodging herself from him. "What do you want?"

Through an almost completely dry mouth, he stammered, "I - I..."

She smirked, that edge still within her, and said, "You want to fuck me, don't you." He felt as if the air had been knocked out of him, and just nodded again. "Say it."

Blood ringing in his ears, so that his own voice sounded distant, he managed, "I... I want to fuck you, Gabrielle." She pressed her lips together, her face flushed, her hair falling forward over her breasts. "I wanna fuck you 'til you scream..."

Her stomach tightened at his addition to her script, and she squeezed her eyes shut, fighting for control as her body throbbed and her heart pounded. Funny, some corner of her mind pointed out, how the night before, the same word had shocked and upset her, yet now... now it was so powerful, so arousing, with its context so wildly different. "Bad boy," she said, her voice trembling, "I didn't tell you to say that..."

"Aw, Gab..." His whisper trailed off, the longing in it so apparent she didn't even need to look at him to know how desperately he wanted her. She reached down, finally, and took his silken member in her hand, gently, guiding it to her entrance, pushing down on it so slowly... He groaned loudly, gritting his teeth together, and she was shaking, her heart hammering wildly. Just a little longer. Just play it out a little longer...

"I'm a tease, huh?" she purred, and he nodded emphatically as she squeezed her inner muscles around just the tip, running his hands through his hair, trying desperately not to arch his back or even move. "But you love it," she said. Another nod, and he looked up at her through wet eyelashes, panting as if he'd been running for miles. "You love it." She brought her whole body down, engulfing his organ completely, crying out unashamedly even as he groaned again. Gods, oh Gods oh Gods, let this never end, she begged silently, riding out the initial waves of euphoria. She bent and pulled him up by his head, ravaging his mouth with her tongue, and he sucked at her lips and moaned against her mouth and their hips met, again and again, in delirious synchronicity.

Breaking free of her mouth, he gasped, almost painfully. "Gabby, are you - ungh, Gods - how close are you?"

She sat up, letting his head fall back down to the bed, and considered, but the question was very quickly overthrown by desire and the fierce power she'd felt over him before. "No Joxer - unh, I want - I want you to come first," she said, staring into his slightly glazed eyes. "But not yet," she added, her lips pursing into a wicked smile, "not 'til I tell you."

"This is... this is payback... isn't it," he panted, and she rather thought he was hiding a grin as she nodded. She rode him harder, slamming her hips down onto him, and he cried out and squinched his eyes shut, his yelps sounding like sobs.

He put his hands on her hips, pulling her down that much more, using her as leverage to thrust as deeply inside her as he could, and she was close. Gods, she was close, closer by the second, too close - pull back - not yet. She put her hand on his stomach, holding him down, and rasped, "Breasts." Obediently his hands skirted up her sides, catching and holding her globes of flesh, and he squeezed and pulled and kneaded them roughly. "Good boy... Don't come yet," she gasped, the only thought she could hold in her mind, and shut her own eyes, losing herself in the rhythm, the throbbing, the warmth and friction and love and desire.

He had to lie still - he had to, it was the only thing keeping him sane, let alone even barely held in check. Even breathing - think about lute lessons - Gods her breasts are incredible - maybe I'll make stew for dinner - don't come yet Joxer, does she have to keep saying that, does she have any idea how HOT it is?! Oh she was - she was - she was touching herself again - don't look don't look. Squeezing his eyes shut, he held on with everything he had. I think I've plateaued, I think I'm okay...

Above him, Gabrielle squeaked, her fingers raking over his stomach. "Harder," she said raggedly. He wanted to cry. No, Gabby, no, do you know how hard this is already, this sweet incredible torture- "Harder, Joxer," she repeated, almost begging, and he couldn't have that, he couldn't, it would ruin what she was doing and she'd get mad at him and he was supposed to do whatever she said, so he'd do it, and he did, opening his eyes and replacing one of his hands on her hip so that he could pull her down more forcefully again. It was almost too much, and tears came to his eyes as he bit his lips and breathed in ragged gulps of air, and she panted, almost mechanically, "Don't - don't you come... yet-"

How she was holding herself back, she had no idea, she could barely think let alone remember much of anything. Oh, he was beautiful, he really was. She'd have smiled if she could but he probably wouldn't have noticed anyway. He was giving her everything - everything, unquestioningly, and it was sooo good... His face was red, tears were leaking from the corners of his eyes, and she thought, Okay, NOW.

"Look at me," she said, softly, and it seemed as if it came from another place. He twisted his head and opened his eyes, still wet, the longing and the surrender and the absolute trust still in them.

He examined her, his eyes searching her own, so desperate and dependent on her word. "Gab, please-" She nodded, and watched his face, and he never broke eye contact as he shuddered beneath her. Finally, after everything, he let himself go, let the walls break; she kept her rhythm above him, and he was sweating like a horse as he grabbed her hips, bringing her down and thrusting up to meet her, aware only of her body, his body, and her eyes. I love you, he thought, the words stuck in his throat, I love you and I want to marry you and have kids with you and grow old with you, I love you...

As orgasms went, for Joxer, this seemed to be a biggie. Aside from their first time, he'd always been more or less silent when he finally came, but this - he cried out so loud it was damn near screaming, calling her name, giving himself completely to her - she didn't even have to tell him to keep his eyes open, he knew, he did, and she saw everything reflected in his eyes and ... by the Gods... it was beautiful. He was hers, he was hers, completely.

By his finish all he had left was a whimper, a small high-pitched sigh, but it was heartfelt. She felt part of herself give as he relaxed slightly beneath her, and squeezed her legs together around him - "Joxer, please don't stop, I need this-" Her fingers ran rapidly over her clit, the engorged flesh throbbing in time with her heartbeat, and he bucked his hips against her with all the fervor he had left in his body, all the fervor she needed.


She shut her eyes, losing herself in the sensations, gasping, "Oh you say my name beautifully - oh Gods - aaah unh GODS -" She shook her head, leaning back, slamming her hips down wildly, "Say my name again..."

"Gabrielle, oh Gods, Gabby - this is incredible..."

"This is - mmm," she threw her head back, gulping for air, and the heat began in a tight spot in her loins, spreading like wildfire through her stomach and the rest of her body, "oh it's - I'm - oh Gods, oh GODS, OH! GODS YES!" The whole thing overpowered her, and she felt there was no way she could keep from screaming without exploding, the carnal release of her body was so intense it needed multiple outlets. Joxer, sweet Joxer, kept himself going inside her - after everything she'd already asked of him today, after everything he'd given.

She felt blitzed after it, as she came down, almost falling over backwards at first before his arms went around her waist and pulled her towards him. "Wow," he said softly, as though stunned. The warmth remained in her body, and she felt slippery and hot and made of molten liquid, and she realized that if she kept fingering herself like this she was about halfway to another orgasm.

He noticed that she wasn't stopping, her hand still stroking herself, and when he pulled her forward he tilted his head, reaching her breasts and gently caressing them with his tongue, washing them with a pleased tenderness in his mannerisms. She shut her eyes, holding herself up over him and redoubling her hand's movements, as he put his arms around her back and so softly claimed her breasts in his mouth; and now, finally, she gave herself to him, purring his name and stroking his hair back from his brow. Joxer. Oh, Joxer, you give me so much. She shuddered as his tongue traced circles around her nipple, his lips tugging gently at the nub, and somewhere in the back of her mind it occurred to her that she never, ever wanted anyone else.

Where the first one had been fierce, intense, this one was quieter and smaller, washing over her like a rain shower. She exhaled, almost whining, and slid one finger slowly into her hot entrance, curling it slightly against the walls of muscle as his tongue and her other fingers completed their work. "Jox-herrrrr," she moaned, almost in a whisper, and liked the way his name sounded. "Joxer, I... ohhhhhhhh." Another burst of warmth through her body, another clench of muscles, and she let herself fall against him at last, managing to maintain the piece of mind to move down his body so that she fell against his chest instead of his face.

His arms curled around his bard, her heart beating furiously, and he smiled contentedly. "Mmm, you sounded like you needed that."

"Nnnnnh." She didn't bother to lift her head, and her hair covered her face and pooled over his chest. "Yeeeaaaah." She slid her hand over his skin, up to his shoulder. "Thank you."

"No problem." He couldn't help it, tightening his arms around her and holding her affectionately against his chest, his feelings for her threatening to overwhelm him. She inhaled, almost yawning, stretching and extending her arms, and finally lifted her head and smiled sleepily at him. "You look happy."

"Shut up," she said, and crept up a bit along him then pressed her lips sweetly to his. He was surprised when, rather than rolling off him, she just shifted and planted her arms on either side of his head, then settled and kissed him again - sweet, little kisses, the likes of which she'd never really given him before. Then she propped herself up and smiled down at him, running a finger along his cheek, and kissed his chin. "So was I... good?"

"Oh Gods, Gabrielle," he said emphatically, "you were... that was... intense. That was amazing."

"I was good." She grinned, almost self-consciously. "You're okay with... with what I did."

Exhaling heavily, his heart rate speeding up at the memory alone, he sighed, "Any time. Any time. It was hot, Gab."

"Mm. You weren't bad either, now I think about it..."

"I think I pulled something."

She giggled. "No little virgin tease, me."

"Huh? I never said that." He looked away uncertainly. "Not the virgin part anyway."

"Oh, no." She put her head back down, nuzzling into his neck. "Not you, that jerk last night. He said I was a stupid little-"

Joxer snorted. "He's an idiot."

"I know!" Gabrielle said indignantly, popping back up for a moment, her nose wrinkled in distaste. "He doesn't know what he's missing."

"Damn straight." He cuddled her again, enjoying himself. "And... he never will, right?"

She snorted. "'Course not! I have some taste." She put a finger to his nose, pursing her lips in amusement. "Not a whole lot, obviously, but..."

"Ha. Ha. Ha."

She lay her head back down against him, sighing. That post-orgasmic glow always had such a strange effect on her... She always felt so - affectionate towards him, somehow. He seemed so sweet, so funny, and nothing he said - no matter how dumb - seemed that bad. She enjoyed it while it lasted; it gave her a warm feeling, a sweet feeling deep inside. The feeling cooled, a little, as she realized how close she'd come to throwing this away - just for some stupid misperception she'd clung to, for no other reason than stubbornness. Her emotions so close to the surface, she found that her eyes were suddenly wet, and she asked, "Um... Did this... make up for the past couple of days?"

"Ya know," he said thoughtfully, "I would go through a year's worth of the last couple of days for what we just did." She sighed again and smiled. "In fact - I think I have."

"Hey!" When she rose up again, he caught her and pulled her down, kissing her and smiling and, by the end of it, trying not to laugh. They both began giggling against each others lips, and finally she had to roll off him and bury her face in the bedspread while he sat up and put his face in his hands, both snickering uncontrollably. When she could manage, she sat up a little, and asked, "What - what are we laughing at?"

He shook his head, giggling harder after her question, and eventually he took a deep breath, wiped his eyes, and pulled a sheet up over them both as he lay back down, lengthwise across the bed this time. "Ahhh... So when is Xena coming back?"

Checking the window, she judged that about an hour had passed, and said, "Maybe an hour and a half?"



He gave her one of his earnest, full-faced grins. "Give me about... fifteen minutes and we'll see how long round two takes."


Ten days of no sex left a lot to catch up on.

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