Author: Erin
Story Title: Settling Differences
Characters: Ares/AU Ares (God of Love), Ares/AU Cupid (God of War)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: What happens when Ares and Ares get together?
This rating is for explicit m/m sex and bdsm.

Don't own 'em, not making any money, no infringement intended, don't sue me please.

NC-17 for graphic m/m sex, violence and language. Spoilers for "Stranger and Stranger". This hasn't been beta-read so all mistakes are my bad.

General comments: I wrote this in a few hours as a challenge response on Ksmithares. Here were the requirements:

"Tham's Ares GoL/GoW Fucking Their Brains Out Challenge

Subject: PWP--don't waste time on a damn plot!!
Length: As long as there's boinking, I don't care.
Time limit: By Friday (but I'll take 'em after if you're slow--I'm that greedy).
Setting: just to speed things along, I'll give you a few. amphitheater (in the stalls, in the arena--just as long as they're fucking...); in the temple of Cupid, GOL/GOW, while he watches; on a ship during a storm (ohbabybaby!!)...

Write fast. Write hard. Write thick, juicy, throbbing."

This isn't my best writing but I thought I'd give it a go, so here's what I ended up with.

You can find more stories by Erin at her site Erin's House-O-Fanfic.

Have comments? Good! Tell me all about 'em! Flames will be posted on slash lists where everyone will laugh at them.

February 1999


Settling Differences
by Erin

"Now, don't be angry," the God of Love said nervously, backing away from his counterpart.

"Angry?" the God of War whispered, his tone low as he advanced on his white-clad near-twin. "Now why would I be angry? You only ruined the best plan of my life! Thanks to you I didn't get there in time to stop my bastard half-brother from finding the other gods!" His voice rose until he was almost shouting.

"But...both our worlds would've been destroyed if Hercules hadn't freed them!" the other god protested.

"Ask me if I care! I had Greece to myself, the way it should be! And now I'll have to deal with my 'family' again." Hatred was thick in the other man's tone as he continued to advance on his twin.

As frightened as he was, the God of Love had to admire the sight his counterpart presented. The War God reminded him of a sleek, black panther, graceful and handsome, yet still so deadly. Ares had to admit that in any world, he looked good. But that did nothing to help his current situation.

He'd been running from his counterpart ever since Hercules had returned to his own world, but he couldn't escape himself it seemed. The War God managed to find him wherever he went, even here, hidden in his main temple.

His only consolation was that his twin couldn't kill him, but that didn't rule out grievous bodily harm. And he had no way to defend himself. The God of Love didn't exactly keep a stash of weapons lying around. He'd thought about trying to get Cupid to help him but that was quite possibly more dangerous than the situation he was in now, so he'd decided he could deal with this himself. That'd been a stupid assumption.

Suddenly Ares found himself backed up against a wall, no where left to go. Oh, he could always keep transporting himself from place to place but eventually he'd run out of energy and then he'd truly be helpless. Better to face this now while he still had a fighting chance, in theory anyway.

"But I was only doing the right thing!" he said. That was definitely the wrong argument to present.

Suddenly he found himself pressed up against the wall by a hard, leather-clad body, callused hands grasping his arms, bruising in their grip. Eyes wide, he stared at the face before him -- his own save for the beard and the furious expression, but still just as handsome, just as desirable.

"Fight me! Or are you too much of a coward?" the War God demanded with obvious contempt.

"I--I'm a lover, not a fighter," Ares responded truthfully, trying to deny his growing response to the violent god.

"Please," the God of War snarled in disgust. "You sniveling, pathetic little--" he abruptly stopped his tirade.

The Love God flinched as those dark eyes narrowed at him, but his pulse began speeding up at the same time.

"You like this!" his twin said with a touch of incredulity.

The grip on his arms tightened and Ares gasped, not from the pain but from the sharp stab of arousal that shot through him.

The other god smirked and pressed closer. "But you don't want to like it, do you?"

"Don't," he started to protest, but it ended in a moan as a leg pushed between his and he felt the War God's cock hardening between them.

"Don't what?" his twin taunted in a whisper.

Before Ares could reply the other god rocked against him, drawing another moan from him.

"I--we can't!" the God of Love tried to explain, making a futile attempt to push his counterpart away.

And suddenly he was no longer standing. In a flash of light he found himself lying on his bed, his arms pinned beneath the War God's knees as the other god straddled his upper chest. With a wave of his twin's hand their clothing disappeared and he found himself looking at an impressively large cock. Granted, he had one just like it, but he'd never seen it from this viewpoint before, and it was gorgeous.

The God of War chuckled darkly, the sound sending a shiver through Ares' body. Then his hair was grasped roughly so he couldn't turn away.

"Suck it!" the other god ordered.

The Love God didn't fight it when the hard cock was shoved half-way down his throat, there was no point when he wanted it just as much as the other man. He eagerly caressed the thick cock with his tongue, sucking hard like his twin wanted.

"Oh yeah..," the other man groaned, thrusting hard into the willing mouth.

He swallowed around the cock buried in his throat, drawing a sharp gasp from the god above him. Then his counterpart pulled away, getting off of him. But before the Ares could make a move his legs were being draped over the War God's shoulders.

Then the other man was shoving into him. He winced at the pain but pushed back against his twin, taking him in deeper.

"You really get off on this, don't you?" the other god asked, pulling almost all the way out before thrusting back in hard.

"Yes!" Ares gasped, loving the feel of the War God taking him almost brutally, the huge cock ramming into him over and over. It was incredible, and not enough. Reaching down, he took hold of his own ridged shaft and began pumping hard in time with the other god's quick, deep thrusts.

He wasn't going to make it long, it was too good. Within seconds he was cuming, semen covering his hand and his twin's chest. And then the War God joined him, the gorgeous body shuddering above him as the other god came deep inside him.

Eyes, closed, Ares let his legs slide off of the other man's shoulders, dropping onto the bed. He knew this was going to have serious consequences but he'd enjoyed it too much to really care at the moment.

A gasp from the other god drew his attention. It wasn't a sound of pleasure but one of surprise touched with anger. Opening his eyes, Ares realized that maybe he should've taken those consequences more seriously.

The God of War was utterly still, all of his attention apparently focused on the dagger against his throat and the naked man that held it.

"Didn't anyone ever tell you it's not nice to play with another god's toys without permission?" Cupid hissed, his eyes shining with a psychotic light.

The other god started to speak, but stopped when the dagger pressed in harder, a thin trickle of blood making its way down his neck.

"Get up," the winged god ordered his Ares.

The God of Love quickly obeyed, sitting up and waiting for whatever came next. He didn't think he'd like it but he wasn't foolish enough to run from Cupid either.

"Now, this is what's gonna happen," the winged god said calmly to his captive. Grabbing the back of the other War God's neck, Cupid set the dagger aside. "I'm gonna fuck you, and you're gonna like it. While I'm fucking you, you're gonna blow Ares here. Got it?"

Without waiting for a reply, the blond god shoved the other man down onto his hands and knees. Keeping a firm grip on him, Cupid positioned himself behind the other War God and thrust into him.

"What're ya waiting for?" the winged god growled at his Ares as he continued to fuck the god beneath him.

The Love God didn't want to be part of what he thought was rape -- until he saw the expression on his counterpart's face. The War God was loving it! Every time Cupid shoved into him he looked like he was in Elysia. What the God of Love had taken for groans of pain were just the opposite. His twin was hard again and he was rocking back as the winged god thrust deep inside him.

The sight was more than enough to arouse Ares. He quickly knelt in front of his counterpart. Taking hold of the man's hair as his twin had done to him minutes before, he guided the other god's mouth to his erection.

The first swirl of the god's tongue over the head of his cock made him moan appreciatively. Then his twin was sucking him down hard, and he cried out, thrusting up into the warmth of that mouth.

Cupid was smirking at him as he fucked the War God hard. "Good, huh?" he said breathlessly.

Ares couldn't reply, he was too caught up in the feel of his counterpart's mouth sliding up and down him, that tongue flicking against the underside of his cock -- how had the God of War picked up a talent like this? Not that he cared. Right now his only concern was making that hot, wet mouth take him in deeper and faster.

He hadn't realized he'd spoken aloud until he heard Cupid chuckle a moment before his wish was granted. Ares groaned as his cock was swallowed all the way to the base, the suction increasing. Thrusting up harder into his twin's mouth he felt his balls tightening. He didn't want it to end but he couldn't stop it. He cried out, cuming in long spurts down the War God's throat.

Gasping for breath, Ares sat back to watch the other two gods.

Cupid suddenly pushed the other War God flat on his face, shoving deep into him, rocking the other's body with his hard thrusts. And then they were both cuming, the winged god biting viciously into the other man's shoulder, the other god screaming with the pleasure/pain of it.

It was an incredible sight and Ares found himself hard again just from watching.

Cupid rolled off of the other War God. Lying on his back, wings carefully folded beneath him, he began laughing to himself. Beside him, the other god slowly pushed himself up on his elbows.

Reaching out the other God of War grabbed the dagger Cupid had set aside earlier. In an instant he had it pressed against the winged god's throat.

"Payback time," he growled.

"Not here!" Ares spoke up firmly, causing the other two gods to look at him in surprise. "You've already gone and gotten blood on my nice white silk sheets! If you're gonna do more of that then go back to Cupid's room!"

His twin raised an eyebrow, then looked over at Cupid. The winged god stared back at him. Suddenly a pair of manacles appeared in Cupid's hand and both War Gods looked over at Ares, grinning wickedly.

"Now you can play with my toys," Cupid said, handing the manacles over to the god beside him.

As he took them, the other War God's grin widened. Then, like the panther Ares had compared him to before, he pounced.


Copyright 1999, Erin.

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