Author: Klancy7
Story Title: Aria's Dream
Characters: Jesstin/Lady Aria
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Uber. Aria's dalliances with other Warriors brings Jesstin's retribution, in the form of a nightmare ravishing . . . Sequel to The Courtly Butch Meets the Lady Aria and Come To My Window.
This rating is for explicit f/f sex and bdsm.

The characters belong to Studios USA and Renaissance Pictures and were used without permission. No copyright infringement was intended and no money was made.

Explicit female/female sexual situations and D/s.

Sequel to The Courtly Butch Meets the Lady Aria and Come To My Window.

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Aria's Dream
by Klancy7

The trees that closed behind Aria were black and twisted, with serpentine limbs snarling above the cloaked woman's path.

Aria scowled, already disappointed. Usually her nightmares were more creative than this.

She glanced down, and saw a cool, thick mist rising almost to her knees. Ghostly fog, check. Sinister forest, check.

Still, the utter silence of the moonless night was getting to her, and she felt the base of her neck prickle.

A whispering of voices emerged from the trees ahead, and Aria stopped, her heart leaping in her breast. She strained so intently to hear, her ears actually ached.

"Surround and conquer . . . rise, phoenix, rise!"

"Ikarias? Nessa?" Aria whispered, wonder softening her lovely features. Either of those studly Warriors would prove welcome company, right now. Something darted through the leafy branches high overhead, so quickly and lightly the leaves barely rustled.

Aria made herself go on.

"Lizard shoes . . . " Soft, dark laughter chimed from thin air.

"All right, show your bloody beak, whoever you are!" Aria called, her voice sharp in the oddly muffled air. She turned in a cautious circle, scanning the trees around her with growing dread. This dream held a surreal aura of menace, and it was getting steadily creepier.

"Then wake up, lass."

The words echoed in Aria's mind as she whirled, a gasp escaping her before she could bite it back.

"Wake up," Jesstin repeated. "It's your nightmare, lady. End it, if you wish."

The tall warrior's broad shoulders were sheathed in a black cloak, and her cerulean blue eyes were framed by an ebony cloth mask. She stood in the center of the path, discomfitingly close to Aria, who took a swift and prudent step back.

"Oh, please." Aria wished she could have spoken without stammering. "Appearing out of a mist? I'm sorry, Amazon, but this is a little overwrought, even for -- "

"We'll talk later," Jess said, and abruptly, Aria found herself stripped naked and roped, spread-eagled, between two trees.

"Dream sequences may be trite, but they carry some advantages," Jess drawled, openly enjoying Aria's nakedness. She stood a good twenty feet away. "They dispense with tiresome exposition."

"Untie me, now, you big . . . h-hack-writer bully -- "

"And miss this sweet dance?" The dark woman's blue eyes glittered greedily behind the black mask, as the restrained woman twisted and pulled at her bonds. She stepped toward Aria.

"Wake up, lass, if playing with the big girls frightens you."

"You've found worthy warriors, in Mistress Ikarias and Lord Nessa." The tall Scot's voice was low and compelling. "Play with them, as you will. You have my permission."

"Hey, no one asked for your leave, n-numbnipples!" Aria's bravada was fading fast, as Jess drew nearer. "My body is mine to give."

"Quench your thirst, and satisfy your hunger, by all means." Now Jess stood in front of Aria, and she was impossibly tall. "Gorge yourselves on my sisters, Lady Aria, and they will thank you, for that clit-bursting pleasure. But exquisite lovers that they are, lady, remember that Nessa and Ikarias are . . . appetizers. Come to me, when you're hungry enough for the main course."

Jess's gloved hand darted up between Aria's achingly spread thighs, and clapped hard over her dripping sex. The leathered fingers cupped and squeezed, roughly, and Aria's knees buckled. A wrenching groan escaped her, and the ropes held her erect as heat lightning sizzled from her crotch, and rose to her taut nipples. Her back arched, her full breasts shuddering beneath the masked Amazon's gaze.

"Wake up, little girl," Jess crooned, her fingers scrubbing over Aria's vibrating clitoris. "Aria, look at me."

Aria could have sprouted wings and flown to the Elysian Fields more easily than deny that voice. Her wide eyes met the dark Warrior's, and their gazes locked.

"I'm the stew that warms your belly, the wine that cools your throat," Jess murmured, her hand churning.

Aria cried out again.

"I'm the sun on your face, the wind in your hair, the air in your lungs . . . let your body enjoy the others as you will, Lady Aria . . . but never forget. Your heart and soul are mine."

Aria came with a titanic wave, her crotch jutting out in uncontrollable lunges as orgasm crashed through her.

____ **** ____

Killian's hand on Aria's shoulder finally shook her awake.

"Criminently!" Apparently the young submissive had been repeating this word for some time, as she tried to rouse her elder sister. "Aria? Areeeeeya? I've never heard moans like that! What kind of wine did you have last night, at dinner? And how come I didn't get any?"

Aria sat up groggily, a pretty flush working its way from her creamy cleavage to her fair cheeks. "It was just a . . . hoo . . . just a dream, Killy."

"I guess," Killian agreed cheerfully. "I get some of that wine tonight, right? Please?"

And so began the weekend at the Kindred SpiritLodge . . .



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