Author: Klancy7
Story Title: Come To My Window
Characters: Jesstin/Lady Aria
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Uber. A few nights later, the Lady Aria seeks the Courtly Butch in her upper bedchamber . . . . Sequel to The Courtly Butch Meets the Lady Aria.
This rating is for explicit f/f sex and bdsm.

The characters belong to Studios USA and Renaissance Pictures and were used without permission. No copyright infringement was intended and no money was made.

Explicit female/female sexual situations. Disclaimers for forced sex. Offered with love for the Lady Aria.

Sequel to The Courtly Butch Meets the Lady Aria.

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Come To My Window
by Klancy7

The dark woman ignored the quiet tap on her door.

Shadows flickered over the walls of Jess's firelit bedchamber. The tall warrior sat motionless in the oak chair by the hearth, her cobalt eyes focused on the flames.

The polite tap sounded again, and was again ignored.

The polite tap became three short, loud bangs.

There was a long silence. And then Aria unlatched the door, and opened it.

Jess did not look up from the fire as the beautiful woman closed the door quietly behind her, nor did she rise -- a rare lapse in the legendary manners of the Courtly Butch.

"Where was it you hailed from, again, lady?" Jess's low voice was toneless.

Aria stood by the door, her arms folded. "From a land where people rise, when a lady enters the room. My kindred understand simple courtesy."

"But they know nothing of respecting a woman's privacy." Jess's lip curled. "By the look of you, I wouldn't have guessed the Lady Aria came to us from such ill-bred stock."

Cold anger flashed from Aria's lovely eyes, and she stalked to the hearth to confront the seated warrior. "In my homeland, my lord, such boorish rudeness would earn you thirty lashes in the public square." She sighed, exasperated. "Jesstin, look, what is it with you?"

Jess glowered, silent.

"I have been nothing but friendly and appropriate with you from the day we met, and you have been a complete and total ass. " (Far from being ill-bred, Aria's blood kindred were aristocracy -- but they were known for their directness.)

On the large mirror on the wall opposite Jess's wide bed, Aria could see an unwelcome flush rising in her cheeks. She put her hands on her curvaceous hips and glared at Jess. "Now, I want you to tell me why you seal yourself up in here every night -- and why you can't seem to utter a single civil word, in my presence!"

There were nights when Jesstin greatly enjoyed verbal gymnastics; good blistering debate was one of her joys. This was not one of those nights. She stood, abruptly, which startled Aria, who backed up a step, lest their bodies touch.

"You're a bit more impulsive than wise tonight, lady." Controlled ire deepened Jess's voice, and glinted in her blue eyes, as she stepped closer to the smaller woman. She towered over Aria, who had to swallow hard before she could speak.

"All right, fine, you've proved you're bigger than me." Aria heard the haughtiness in her own tone, and cleared her throat. She instinctively raised her hands as Jess stepped nearer, closing the distance between them, and found her palms on the warrior's breasts. She lowered them to her lean waist, quickly. "Are these the smooth moves you're so romantically famous for, Jess, because if they are, you really suck at this -- "

"Watch that insolent tongue, little girl." Jess moved forward again, forcing Aria another step back. "First rule. Never ask me a question if you can't handle the answer."

"I n-never agreed to any rules." Aria held her ground for a moment, but had to surrender another step backwards toward the bed, as Jess advanced. "Listen to me, you overgrown Amazon ape -- "

"Rule number two." The glacial blue of the tall warrior's eyes was beginning to edge toward silver. "All you ever have to do to stop me -- ever -- is ask me to stop."

She bumped, gently, into Aria.

Who said nothing. Her eyes, staring up at the dark woman, were liquid and huge.


Suddenly Aria rushed her, cupping Jess's face in her hands and surging against her solid form. Their lips met in a heated and passionate kiss that was almost brutal at the beginning. Then, as seconds passed, the kiss gentled, and the tall warrior's body actually began to soften. The Lady Aria's full lips moved skillfully against Jess's, tasting her delicately, drawing warm tendrils of pleasure up from her toes.

Time stopped, until the kiss ended.

Then Jess emitted a greedy snarl, and simply walked into Aria, until the smaller woman fell backwards across the bed. The Courtly Butch fell with her, and then lunged to contain the hissing banshee Aria became.

The Lady Aria had the grace of a dancer, and seemingly a panther's lithe strength. She managed to clip the warrior a hard punch across the face, before Jess was able to pull her erect, on her knees. Their harsh gasping filled the firelit bedchamber, and then Aria saw their reflection, in the large gilded mirror across from the high bed.

And liquid heat flooded her helplessly, beginning with the heightened pulse in her taut throat, then creeping down between her full, upthrust breasts.

The angry woman against her back waited only long enough for that image to register, for them both -- the dark warrior pinning Aria's arms behind her, forcing her back into a tight arch, her breasts straining against her tightly laced bodice. Jess's dangerous eyes flashed over her bare shoulder.

"Tell me to stop, little girl," the tall warrior whispered, and a small moan of arousal fell between Aria's parted lips.

Jess's strong fingers tore into the white silk of Aria's bodice, and ripped it apart with one wrenching pull. The struggling woman's pale breasts were exposed, shuddering in the red firelight, and in the mirror's merciless reflection. An involuntary groan escaped Jess, and she went still for a moment, gazing at the trembling nakedness of those full breasts.

Aria could feel her nipples tighten. She could even see them, capping the pale globes at the bottom of her vision, but she wouldn't take her defiant gaze off the reflection of the dark warrior's face. Two red lines were emerging on the white swell of Aria's breasts, evidence of her seducer's fevered clawing, and a thin line of blood wended from a cut beneath Jess's eye, from Aria's ring.

Aria was struggling in the warrior's arms, because she could not do otherwise. It wasn't in her to surrender to any woman easily, and it never would be. But she wasn't able to keep Jess from shredding the rest of her clothes from her body, and she was too proud to speak the words to stop her.

The fact that the boiling caldron between her thighs wouldn't permit speech was a technicality.

The tall warrior reached down and forced Aria's knees wider apart on the fur bedspread, spreading them to their fullest possible reach. The woman's beautiful sex was exposed, moist and quivering, the clitoris already visibly swollen and tight.

"I don't need fancy toys or pretty language with you, lass." Jess's panting breath was hot on her shoulder and neck. She kept Aria's elbows in the grip of one arm, while the other hand swarmed hotly over her cool breasts, probing, squeezing in confident possession. "All I need are my eyes and my voice. Whenever my gaze falls on you, you'll feel this touch."

Aria groaned helplessly, as the warrior's rough palm scrubbed across her throbbing nipples.

"Whenever you hear my voice, you'll feel my fingers exploring this pretty cunt." Long fingers plunged between Aria's flushed netherlips and surged up into her, in one gliding, deliciously unstoppable rush. The gasping woman's clinging tunnel relaxed at once to admit the fierce thrust, and sharp, static waves of sexual pleasure flashed from her center. Jess began a rhythmic, controlled, penetration.

And then Aria remembered who she was.

"Do you really imagine yourself," She hissed against Jess's pistoning shoulder, "warrior enough to take me?"

And the consuming thrusts paused, for a moment -- just a moment, of genuine surprise, and appreciation -- before beginning again, a dizzying series of twisting probes into her convulsing sex.

The climax hit Aria with such suddenness and power she buckled with it, breath gushing explosively from her lungs. But it was an almost silent sigh, that gasp of agonized pleasure -- Aria did not utter a sound. Her pride would not allow it.

And this forced silence tripled her ecstasy, and she half-swooned in Jess's arms.


"Lady Aria?"

Aria opened her eyes blearily, and saw small, colored images of Xena and Gabrielle flapping, close to her face. It took her a minute to realize Jess was fanning her, worriedly, with a Xena comic book.

Apparently the Courtly Butch hadn't been able to decide whether to cool her, or warm her, after she passed out. Aria was lying back against the warrior, her nakedness covered now with thick furs. She could hear Jess's heart, hammering through her vest. She stirred against her, filled with a sweet lassitude.

"Can we get a cheeseburger?"

"What?" The fanning of the comic book stopped, and Jess's concerned blue eyes peered down at her. "Did you call me a cheeseburger?"

"Warrior's egos," Aria grumbled, scrubbing her cheek luxuriously against Jess's breast. "It always has to be about you. No, I said I want a cheeseburger."

"Me too," the dark woman said softly, and Aria turned her smiling eyes up to meet her blue ones. "I apologize for my earlier coarseness, lady."

Aria's smile broadened, and then she tried to look serious. "I forgive you," she said. "Can we just lay here, and watch the fire for a while? Before YOU go downstairs, to make us double cheeseburgers, no mustard, extra pickles, light on the onions?"

"Sounds good to me," Jess murmured, easing back against the pillows. Her lips moved in Aria's soft hair. "So, lass, are you feeling comfortable enough with me now, to -- "

"Jess?" Aria yawned, every muscle in her body relaxing.


"I'm fine. Shut up. This is nice."

"Yes'm," Jess agreed.

So they watched the fire for a while.


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