Author: Tareena
Story Title: Lovers United
Characters: Xena & Hercules
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Xena and Hercules are without their companions and meet up. They confess a secret which has been held for a long time, and after a few unforeseen events, finally get what they have both been waiting for for years.
This rating is for explicit m/f sex.

The characters belong to Studios USA and Renaissance Pictures and were used without permission. No copyright infringement was intended and no money was made.

Yes, there are depictions of explicit consensual sex between a man and a woman. If you are against this, under 18, or this is illegal where you live, then PLEASE leave now. I believe that gab and xena are friends and nothing else, so be aware of that.


Lovers United
by Tareena

INTRODUCTION-Xena, Gabrielle, Hercules and Iolaus all meet up due to a war which they are all trying to prevent. They successfully prevent this war after some good fighting on the part of Herc and Xena. They then travel together for two days at which point a messenger delivers a message telling Gab that her mum is sick and needs her home immediately-this is in the opposite direction of the town where they are headed.  After some discussion they decide Gabrielle and Iolaus will go home and Xena and Herc will continue to on and meet up later due to Gab's family's opinion of Xena. There is sexual tension in the air as Xena and Herc are alone together. To break the silence he asks her about her relationship with Gab's family she goes into detail {very odd} about her past and tells of times before she met Gabrielle.


Looking at Xena from across the campfire, Hercules clearly saw the pain on her face, lit up by the flickering light from the campfire amongst the blackness of the night. She rarely shared her experiences like this and Hercules realised that. A pang of sympathy overtook him as she shuddered from the memory of a torture, long since forgotten. Almost spontaneously he stood and moved over to the other side of the campfire to sit with Xena on her bedroll. She stayed sitting motionless and all was still until he heard a faint sob. Looking down at Xena he saw she had her head facing the ground in an attempt to conceal her eyes from Hercules.

With tentative movements, he moved his arm around and placed it on her shoulder. She hesitated but then rested her head on his chest as he brought his other arm around to encircle her waist. They both sat, staring into the fire, and both contemplated the scene.

Xena was re-living her past-memories which she would rather forget, but the warmth of his body comforted her slightly. Hercules realised that inside her tough appearance she went through hell to overcome her darkside. He felt sympathy for her and realised what a strong woman she was, not just physically but emotionally. At this thought, he started to caress her hair. She shivered and looked up, their eyes locking.

Hercules could see the tears in her eyes and felt a pang of sorrow. Looking into those deep blue pools - so intense and full of feeling -  he realised how beautiful she was. Gently, Hercules reached out his hand to wipe away the tears, but she pulled her head away. Hercules insisted, reaching his hand out further and gradually she relented, turned her head and let him wipe away her tears. Still wiping the tears, Hercules tilted her head upwards so that she had to look at him. As she looked into his eyes, she placed her hand on his chest, sending shockwaves through him.

Hercules realised that Xena was an intensely emotional person and wished he had seen it before. He finished wiping away her tears and she placed her head on his chest. This simple action proved extremely sensual for both parties, Xena enjoying his warmth and kindness and Hercules reveling in this rare act of emotion and reminiscence from Xena.

He placed his hand on her shoulders and, feeling her shudder, tightened his grip, pulling her closer to him. He felt her hot breath on his neck and shivered in delight, but then was overcome by a wave of dread and shame as he realised that he was getting pleasure from this emotional moment.

Xena raised her head, feeling his shiver.

Hercules looked into those intensely blue eyes once again and moved his head closer. Slowly their lips met. Suddenly Hercules pulled away fearing he has done too much and moved too fast. His face burnt and he put his head down in shame and removed his hands from around her. Xena sensed his discomfort and after overcoming the shock of his pleasurable actions, put her hands on his face and pulled his head around to face her.

A look of pain was in his eyes. She smiled, a brilliant smile because her heart was rejoicing. She moved her head forward and lips met once again, but this time Xena opened hers - inviting him to act.

Hercules' lips trembled but he didn't react, so Xena started to kiss his bottom lip. She stopped and read his facial expression - he was smiling. She smiled too and let her hands slide down to his shoulders. He placed his hands on her face and moved his lips to meet hers. This time he opened his lips and pressed his tongue gently against her lips. It met no resistance as she opened her mouth - inviting him in. Their tongue's parried as heated passion overcame both parties.

Suddenly Hercules stopped and pulled away from her. As he tried to regain control of his senses he said firmly, "we can't do this."

"Why not?" Xena replied with a tone of loss in her voice.

"Xena, it would be wrong, too spontaneous, and we would regret it for the rest of our lives. We can't just enjoy ourselves then go our merry way. We are friends after all." Hercules stated, trying to sound firm and confident but failing.

"Hercules, I love you...," Hercules gasped, "this isn't just a fling, I truly love you, I always have. I didn't tell you because I didn't want to ruin our friendship. But to tell you the truth, it is Tartarus knowing that I am keeping such a monumental secret from you. I want to spend my life with you,."
Xena confessed, pain and loss in her voice.

Hercules turned to look at her disbelievingly. But when he saw her smiling, that brilliant smile of hers, his heart rejoiced and he realised that this is what he had always wanted to happen.

"I love you too, Xena. Let's not rush this though."

"Good idea." She agreed, happy and relieved.

The couple fell asleep, contented, Xena laying on top of Hercules and his arms wrapped around her, on Xena's bedroll.


The next morning, Hercules woke to find Xena gone. As he looked around he saw all her belongings, even her sword. Panic gripped him as he feared the worst and ran off in search of her. As he reached the riverbank, Hercules found her clothes near the edge, tossed in an untidy pile but could see no sign of her. Seeing blood on her shift he feared that she had been raped, and in a desperate attempt to find his love he stripped off his clothes and jumped into the water unaware that Xena was swimming, perfectly safe, and naked, just around the bend of the river.

Screaming her name he frantically dived, searching under the water and swimming for all he was worth. Nearby she heard his frantic screams and swam as fast as she could hearing the panic in his voice. Hercules saw her swimming from around the bend in the shallow river and desperately swam over to meet her in a shallower part where they can stand.

"Are you alright?" he frantically asked her, worry evident in his voice.

"I'm fine." Xena answered confused, "why are you calling me, what's wrong?"

"I woke up to find you gone and I saw the shift at the edge of the water....with blood on it. Is anyone here, have they done anything to you?"

"No, of course not."

"Then why the blood?"

"I was taking a bath, it is a wound from the war, it must have bled last night." Hercules felt stupid at his mistake and his face turned bright red as he realised they were both near naked. As he put his head down he saw the water lapping at her breasts, just concealing the nipple. He quickly turned his head away, realising that this turned him on and trying to conceal his reaction. Seeing him do this, Xena smiled. "Now you don't think someone could get at me that easily do you? Sorry, I am used to Gabrielle sleeping for ages, I didn't realise you were up. It is nice to have someone care so much."

"Gab cares about you."

"Yes, but she is just a friend - you are more than that."

They looked into each other's eyes.

"When I saw your clothes...i guess I overreacted. I couldn't stand to have anything happen to you, especially something like that. It would be awful."

When she didn't not react and an uneasy silence surrounded them he turned around so he wasn't facing her.

" was stupid of me." He said quietly.

"NO...Hercules, I am gratified that you care about me so much, you don't realise how much that means to me."

Xena waded around to stand in front of him.

She said softly, "Thank you."

As he looked up, she put her arms around him and kissed him. He felt her full breasts against his chest, and as he ran his hands down her back to rest at her waist he felt her nipples harden. This sent shivers through him and he could feel his cock throbbing. She pulled herself closer, unaware, and felt his erect cock against her thigh. She stopped in surprise and pleasure.

Misreading her reaction, Hercules pulled away muttering, "I...I'm so sorry...I,"

Xena interrupted him saying, "it's alright." Realizing that he wouldn't continue when a brief silence followed, she added, "Shall we get out of this water? It's a little cold."


 They both hesitated and eventually Xena turned and waded out, quickly Hercules turned his back in modesty.
After a short time she said, "It's alright, Herc. I have my shift on now."

He reluctantly turned. Neither moved. Hercules nervously fidgeted.

Suddenly it dawned on Xena and she smirked and said, "Oh I see, I will be back at camp."

She smiled and walked away leaving Hercules to take care of things.

Back at the camp Xena was dressed in her leathers, taking some nutbread out of a saddlebag. Hercules returned to camp, embarrassed and self-conscious. As she heard him come, Xena turned around.

Averting her eyes she said quietly, "Want some nutbread, it's not much but it's all we've got."


They both sat and an uneasy silence shrouded the camp. After a while when he had finished his nutbread Hercules said in frustration, "Why are we ignoring this, Xena? There is so much tension between us now that it is awful."

She looked up, "I'm sorry it's just....I started things, back there and I feel a little guilty knowing that I forced myself on you."


She looked at him confused.

"I stopped because you did. I thought you wanted me to back off after.....well you know...that bit I thought I was forcing myself on you. I just couldn't stop myself."

"Neither could I." She admitted quietly.

"We have to stop avoiding each other."

"I agree." Hercules felt his spirit lift as she smiled that heart-warming smile.

Trying to change the conversation for a reason he didn't not know, Hercules said, "let me see that cut."

"Oh, it's nothing really. Already healed."

Hercules walked over to where Xena was sitting.

"Maybe I should have a look. You have a tendency for being modest, now where is it?"

Smiling, Xena said, "" And pulled up her leathers to expose most of her well toned and shapely leg. Hercules blushed but tried to concentrate as he knelt and studied the cut.

"It is healing well."

"I heal fast."

"Would you like me to bandage it?"

"No, its fine."


Hercules rose to his feet. "Do we need to move today?"

"Not really, why don't we just stay here for a couple of days. There's no need to move yet because we have at least 2 weeks before Gab will be back. We have everything we need here, ample water, a cave in case it rains, good grass for Argo, and a nice clearing for us."

"Yeah, I agree."

Hercules sat down on her bedroll next to her. There was silence for a while. Eventually, Xena quietly said, "thank you, for what you did last night."

Hercules looked at her, trying to read her expression.

"I don't normally react like that, it was just a lot of powerful memories, I...I'm sorry. I must have made it very awkward for you."

"No, not at all."

Xena looked up at him.

"I saw a softer side of you last night. I guess I saw you before as a warrior - changed and good -  but still hard and relatively unfeeling. Last night I saw a very emotional person. And realised that normally you just hide that side of you. It takes a lot of courage to do what you have and I admire that. Besides, I like having someone to comfort."

She smiled at him.

"Thank you, Hercules. I feel a lot better now."

"If you ever want to talk about something, you know I am here and willing to listen, don't you?"

"Yes, and I am very grateful for that."

Suddenly, Xena looked up, wary.

"What is it?"

"There is something in those bushes."

They both quickly stood warily. Xena grabbed her sword and stood ready for an attack.

From the bushes emerged a group of bandits. Xena set to the nearest one clearly overpowering him from the start. Hercules took an another and fought him off. Then, two more emerged to attack Hercules, and as he was preoccupied, five set on Xena. Regardless of her skill, she was confined. And with six barbarians all fighting her they managed to overpower her and take her sword.

Seeing this, the leader stepped from the bushes and yelled out to Hercules. "Well lookie what we've caught. Who ever thought a stroll in the woods could be so productive?" He gave a sneer and spat at Xena's feet. "This one'll make nice entertainment for us tonight, boys. She's gorgeous and voluptuous. Put's up a good fight too. I like a woman that's got fire, don't I, lads?"

Xena was putting on a brave front. Looking straight ahead with an unreadable expression on her face. She struggled against the men holding her.

"Let her go!" Demanded Hercules and started to run towards her.

"Uh,uh,uh," said the leader, as he held a knife to her throat.

The desperation was evident in Hercules' face as he yelled. "What do you want? Money, food, just name it."

"Alright," said the leader, "we want her!" He looked at Xena and could see the rage on her face.

Hercules frantically realised that there was nothing he could do. The leader laughed and stepped towards Xena, removing the knife from her throat.

"Hello, lovely. Wanna play a game?" he asked tauntingly. He pulled her leathers off, leaving her standing in her shift. He smiled seductively as he saw her beautiful body and ran his hand up her leg, then placed the other on her breast and squeezed it.

Hercules thought he was going to be sick. He saw her meet his gaze and she looked at him with pleading eyes. The leader leaned forward and kissed her full on the lips but quickly backed away, blood on his lip, as Xena spat out a chunk of it.

"Aarggh! You will pay for that slut." He slapped Xena hard in the face giving her a nosebleed.

Taking advantage of this distraction, Hercules kicked the three at his side away and headed straight for the leader. He grabbed him by the neck and flung him straight into a tree. He hit with such force that the man's spine audibly cracked. Xena disposed of the attackers at her side and the others started to run away, dragging their dead friends with them.

Xena, now almost too stunned to breathe, just looked at Hercules in shock. He quickly ran over to her.

"Are you alright?" he asked with worry in his voice.

He gently touched her face, inspecting it for any signs of a bruise or a broken nose. His kindness turned Xena on but she kept her senses.

"It's alright, Hercules. I'm fine."

"What is it?"

"It's just that I had no idea that you were that strong! You could have snapped me in half when I attacked you a couple of years ago. Why didn't you?"

"I try not to use my full strength in battle."


"Like you, when something angers me, my true colours come out. I just had to pay him back for what he did to you. Nothing has ever hurt me so much as watching him denigrate you."

Xena looked at Hercules, a smile broke out on her face. He turned away, embarrassed as he caught her admiring glance.

"Yeah, they were pretty good weren't they? It was very well organised and planned, the way they did it. It's a good thing that their ringleader isn't around anymore, without his influence they're nothing but a band of barbarians."

"Yeah, we make a good team."

Suddenly aware of his remark he felt tense and an uneasy silence followed. Xena started to put her leathers back on and stepping back. Hercules reached down to pick up Xena's sword for her, when he felt a stabbing pain in his arm, "UUHHHH."

Xena jumped to action, concern in her voice. "What is it? Have you pulled a muscle? Where does it hurt?"

"It's.... I'm alright. Don't worry."

As he stood, Xena saw him grimace, evident on his face.

"No, it's not. Now stop being so stubborn and macho and sit down."

Succumbing to her commanding voice he reluctantly sat.

"Take you shirt off."

Hercules eyes widened. "What for, Xena...."

"Calm down, I am just going to give you a massage. The pain will last for days if I don't tend to this. Come on."

She helped him off with his shirt and knelt behind him. She trembled as she saw his muscular chest in all its glory. His muscles were perfect, toned, tanned and strong. Come on, control yourself, she thought to herself. Xena started to massage on the right side of his neck.

"Gods, there is a lot of tension here, Hercules," she muttered as she worked on his back.

Her nurturing was effecting Hercules too. Her hands were skillful, no one had ever been able to relieve his tension like this before. Her strength really is a good thing, he thought.

As she moved to his arm, her hair fell over his shoulder. He could smell it - a lovely sweet, feminine smell. Her hair was raven black and shiny, beautiful hair, he thought to himself.

"Aarrgh." he groaned as she hit the pulled muscle but as she massaged it, he relaxed and found that the pain was greatly soothed. Eventually she stopped on the back of his arm.


"Yeah, a lot."

"Good," she said, standing and moving around to stand in front of Hercules. He started to stand but she put her hand on his shoulder. "Oh no you don't."

"What?" He asked puzzled.

"I have to do your shoulder yet."


Xena knelt in front of him and started to work on the front of his arm and his right shoulder. From where he was sitting and the way she was leaning, he saw an ample amount of cleavage. He swallowed....hard. He had to get these thoughts out of his mind. He looked up at her face. She was concentrating strongly and he realised what a beautiful face she had. She was absolutely stunning. Her arms were muscled and toned but not excessively. Just right for a woman, he thought. She stopped and sat down to look at him.

"Flex the muscles now and tell me how they feel," she stated in a commanding but gentle voice.

"Good," he answered truthfully.

"I told you." She grinned with satisfaction.

Hercules and Xena were sitting very close together, so close that he could feel her hot breath on his cheek. He saw a strand of hair across her face and reached out to push it out of the way. He picked it up and placed it behind her ear, letting his hand roam down her neck and then leaving it to rest on her shoulder. She looked into his eyes and leaned forward, their lips met and they began to passionately kiss, lips pushing against each other and tongue's parrying. As Xena leaned against him, Hercules allowed himself to fall back onto her bedroll. She was now laying on top of him. Her hands roamed down his body, across his chest and laid to rest on his tight torso. He ran his hands over her back at they came to rest on her firm and perfect buttocks. He started to slip the straps of her leather off her shoulders but then, realising his actions rather reluctantly, pulled away.

"What is it?"

"It's just that... well, we love each other very much this the right thing to do?" Xena looked at the ground ashamed.

"I'm sorry but, Hercules, we both want this to happen so what is the point of stopping it?"

"I know," he said uneasily, "but what...what if you....fall pregnant?"

Smiling at his embarrassment over such issues, she said, "then we will look after the baby together. It would be the biggest blessing of my life. I have always wanted children to nurture and love."

Hercules looked strangely at her.

"Just because I am the Warrior Princess doesn't mean that I can't love, Hercules." She said, evidently hurt by his opinion.

"I know...I didn't mean that. It's just...these past few days I have seen a softer side of you, as if committing and loving someone brings out the kindness in you."

Xena smiled.

"I love you, Xena. With all my heart I love you. I never want to spend my life with anyone else. I just wanted to be sure that this was the right thing to do."

Xena gasped and looked at him, her blue eyes trapping him.

"I love you too," her strong voice wavered as if she was about to cry.

Hercules smiled and sat up, facing Xena. He gently reached up and, after much fumbling, succeeded in undoing her armor. He gently took her arms and removed her gauntlets, dropping them on top of the armor. Noticing that she was shaking he looked up at her face to see a tear trickle down her cheek. Worried, he placed his hand on her cheek.

"What's wrong? What have I done?"

"I'm's just that, you're so gentle and kind and loving. So sensual, I have never met anyone so loving. I can't believe it took me so long to admit my feelings to you." Xena smiled.

Hercules lent forward and kissed her, gently at first, then more voraciously and passionately. Eventually Hercules ended the kiss. He put his hands on Xena's shoulders and slid down the straps of her leathers. He then undid the back of her leathers and slid them off. Then he knelt and removed her boots. Now standing just in her shift, Xena was extremely beautiful. Hercules could see the outline of her full breasts through her shift. It was short and revealed long, toned and tanned legs. She had nice hips and a slim waistline and her shiny hair hung over her shoulders like a veil.

Hercules looked at her face and Xena wore a seductive smile. He walked towards her once again and slid the straps of her shift off her shoulders. Making eye-contact, he slowly dropped her shift and stepped forward and claimed her mouth with his. She wrapped her arms around his back and he lifted her up and lay her down on his bedroll. Standing back, he gazed upon her naked body for the first time. It was perfect, she had large breasts and the nipples where a lot darker than her skin highlighting them. Her legs where long and tanned and she had a toned, tanned stomach. Everything about her was perfect. He could feel the pain of his pants constricting his already growing erection.

Xena saw this, smiled and beckoned to him to come over. She kneeled and started to undo the belt on his pants. She slid them down his legs and then removed his boots. Then she sat back to admire his huge cock. It was straining forward and the largest she'd ever seen. She gasped and at this Hercules felt a wave of pleasure stab in his cock to know that this wonderful woman, who had been with so many, was incredibly turned on by him.

Xena stood and wrapped her arms around him. Rolling onto the bedroll, with Xena underneath him, Hercules realized that his dreams were coming true. He was finally going to make love to the beautiful woman of his dreams. He started kissing her lips, then moved down, leaving a burning trail of kisses behind him.

Xena was squirming and tingling all over. She ran her hands over his back and down to his buttocks, but then Hercules stopped and gently pulled her hands away.

"No, Xena. It's your turn." Smiling at her he added, "just relax and enjoy."

Xena found it hard to take the back seat and not be the one dominating. But as he kissed his way down to her breasts, her thoughts were forgotten as she was overtaken by a wave of sensation which ran straight to her core. Hercules rested his hands on her hips and kissed his way between her breasts, then underneath the right one, then the left and finally outlined her breasts with kisses and licks. Xena's nipples were rock hard and she was trying to push them towards Hercules' mouth by thrusting her chest upwards but he was holding her down. She thought she would burst if she had to stand this teasing any longer.

"Please...oh please...Hercules," she gasped breathlessly as wave after wave of sensation coursed through her as Hercules fondled and cupped her breasts, refusing to touch the nipples. But having this powerful, sensual woman, begging him to touch her impacted on Hercules, he was about to burst too but was determined to give Xena the attention she needed before he had his fun. He leaned down and opened his mouth over one of her nipples.

Thinking he was giving in, Xena strained harder than ever to push them into his mouth, but Hercules had her pinned down. He saw her chest moving up and down rapidly as she was breathing very heavily. As he realized, again, how turned on by him she was he felt his erection grow even more. Xena groaned as she felt in press against her stomach. Giving in, he gently breathed on her nipple and Xena almost came, just from that. The sweet, pleasurable feeling of Hercules' moist, hot breath on her straining nipple was almost too much. He looked at her face and saw a mask of pleasure and longing. He reached out with his tongue and quickly licked her nipple, Xena succumbed to a new wave of pleasure and by this time was quite wet. Eventually Hercules relented and covered Xena's nipples with his mouth, alternately sucking and licking it whilst rolling the other between his fingers. Xena thought she was going to come then but each time Hercules sensed this, he would back off. He replaced his mouth with his other hand and moved downwards with his tongue. He licked a path down to Xena's navel where he stopped and looked into her face. It was a mask of pleasure, she looked at him with those intense, blue eyes and he saw love and adoration.

She said in a husky voice, "please...Hercules...please."

This was all Hercules could stand. He removed his hands from her breasts and moved them downward to rest on her hips. He then slowly, licked his way from her navel to her mound stopping just short of it.

Xena groaned and she thought she was going to die from anticipation. Hearing this, Hercules decided to quicken up his pace and moved downwards. He spread the folds of her vagina with his fingers and blew on her clitoris. Xena jumped and bucked at this erotic sensation. She was groaning almost continually now and Hercules couldn't stand it any longer. He licked his way up and down her clit, allowed his tongue to dip into her sex. He loved the taste and the smell of her. Just giving her pleasure almost made him come. Finally he took one finger and gently pushed it into Xena. She was bucking her hips so he pushed two then three fingers into her. With his thumb he lightly touched her clitoris. She groaned and yelled his name. He was moving his hand in and out of her rhythmically and she met him thrust for thrust. He moved his other hand, slick with her juices, back up to her nipple. He kissed her deeply and she kissed him back. She had her hands on his shoulders, fingers digging into him. He could feel her trembling and bucking. When he moved his mouth to her other nipple, he could feel her climax near. He quickened his thrusts and increased the pressure on her clitoris and lightly bit her nipple. She came screaming his name as he felt a flood of warmth on his hand. He moved back up to lay with her as she recovered. Her chest was heaving and she looked exhausted, or so he thought.

She opened her eyes and said in a husky but breathless voice, "now it's payback time!" With a gleam in her eye, she rolled over on top of Hercules. She kissed him and, smiling, moved down his body. She stopped when her head was above his chest, then lent down and sucked his nipple.

"OOHH," Hercules groaned and Xena could feel his incredibly huge cock pressing against her stomach. This was turning her on and she decided to relent and moved down his body, until her face was just above his huge, engorged member. She decided not to take too long, after all, Hercules had suffered with this whilst he gave her pleasure. With a twinkle in her eye she lowered her head, open her mouth and breathed on his penis. Hercules groaned and threw his head back.

"That's right, two can play at this game." she said. Xena moved her head down his shaft breathing on all of it. She then moved her head, down to his balls and licked them all over. His cock was straining now and she didn't think he could last much longer. She extended her tongue and with just the tip licked the tip of Hercules' massive cock. He groaned and shuddered with pleasure.

"Please..Xena," he barely managed to utter.

She smiled and opened her mouth. Slowly lowering her head she covered Hercules' penis and started to move her mouth up and down. Every time she neared the top she would stop and press her tongue against it. He was very near to coming so she cupped his balls and sucked hard. He came and it seemed like he would never stop coming. All of his magnificent seed spurted down Xena's throat.

Hercules groaned deep in his throat and watched Xena lick her lips. She climbed so she was lying on top of him and smiled. She kissed him and he could taste himself in her. This turned him on.

Xena didn't think any man could recover so quickly but Hercules did. She could already feel his huge cock pressing against her stomach.

Hercules rolled over and kissed her passionately. He felt Xena's sex with his fingers to find that it was practically dripping. Smiling he raised his head and sucked his fingers. Watching him sent shivers through Xena. Realizing she was ready he gently lowered himself into her.

She groaned and he entered and Hercules could feel her inner muscles tighten. He started thrusting, slowly at first but found he couldn't stand it any longer. He thrust harder and faster and Xena matched him thrust for thrust. It was such an exquisite feeling to feel his huge member inside her. He placed his hands on the side of her breasts to steady him. Xena wanted him to go faster so she gripped his buttocks and wrapped her legs around him. He responded and started pounding into her. They looked into each other's eyes as Xena's inner muscles tensed, squeezing Hercules' cock inside her they both flew to the heights of pleasure together.

When they had recovered Hercules was still inside her, he gently pulled himself out and looked at Xena. She looked happier than he had ever seen her. As he lay down next to her, her face practically shone as she rolled over to lay on top of him, with her head on his chest.

"You are amazing." He said to Xena.

"And you're the most wonderful man I have ever been with. I have never had sex that intense." She remarked flashing that winning smile. He smiled back and pulled the covers over them both as they fell into a blissful slumber, wrapped amongst each other the happiest they had ever been and with their soulmates.

The End

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