Author: MB
Story Title: The Dungeon
Characters: Joxer/Jett
Rating: NC-17
Summary: PWP. Joxer and Jett steal away to their private playroom for a bit of fun. Part of the Brotherly Love series.
This rating is for explicit m/m sex, bdsm and incest.

The characters belong to Studios USA and Renaissance Pictures and were used without permission. No copyright infringement was intended and no money was made.

This story contains explicit descriptions of male/male sexual relations, bdsm and incest. Please skip the story if these subjects disturb you.

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The Dungeon
by MB
December 1999

"C'mon Jox."

Joxer froze at the hot whisper on the back of his neck. He knew what that tone in Jett's voice meant. He felt the familiar sinking feeling of fear, mixed with arousal.

Jett's hand closed around his upper arm and he was implacably pulled along behind his brother. He supposed he could fight, or yell. They were surrounded by people, all busy with their own duties and paying no attention to the sons of the house. But he wouldn't yell or fight. He would go quietly, just like he always did. He was already beginning to get hard.


Joxer shivered at the chill in the old dungeon and watched as Jett unlocked the door to one of the cells. He couldn't see inside, as the doors and walls down here were all solid, but he didn't need to. He'd been down here with Jett before. The door swung open and Jett smiled, gesturing for Joxer to precede him into the little room. He then locked the door behind them and turned to look at his brother with burning eyes.

"Strip." Jett's quiet voice belied the intensity of his gaze. He leaned against the door to watch. Joxer complied as if in a dream, kicking off his shoes then removing each garment and folding it neatly on top of them. He then handed the entire stack to Jett, who laid them on a small table near the door. Then he took Joxer's arm again and guided him to the middle of the room, where a set of manacles hung from a chain. He didn't have to adjust them. Nobody came here anymore except Joxer and Jett. Everything was already perfectly adjusted.

"Raise your arms," Jett whispered and Joxer obediently raised them over his head so Jett could close the manacles around his wrists. He then slowly stroked down Joxer's arms, lightly tickling the tender flesh and making Joxer shiver harder. "Are you cold?" Joxer nodded and Jett smiled. "Not to worry, I'll have you warmed up in no time." His hands roamed lower, over Joxer's chest finding the hard nubs of his nipples and rubbing them gently with his fingertips; then pinched. The sensations went straight to Joxer's cock and he felt himself getting harder.

Jett frowned. "I wish I hadn't lost those nipple clamps. They would be perfect today. Oh well, we'll make do, won't we?" He looked at his brother expectantly and Joxer quickly nodded. "Such a good brother." Jett smiled beatifically then leaned quickly forward for a little kiss. "Now then..." he murmured to himself as he sank to his knees.

Joxer gasped at the sensation of fingernails dragging lightly along his thighs and hot breath on his erection. Hands on his ankles, pushing them apart until Joxer was lowered slightly, to the limit of the chain. Then Jett's cool fingers were putting that thing on him, like a harness, tight around the base of his cock and the top of his balls, and the feeling was familiar, pleasure and pain.

"This looks lovely, Jox." Jett sat back on his heels contemplating Joxer's swollen, leaking cock, tightly bound by black leather. He idly rubbed a fingertip around the slick head and chuckled as it jerked at the sensation. He sucked the juice off his finger as he got to his feet. Then he stepped back, looking Joxer over from head to toe and nodding with satisfaction. He walked up behind him, very close, and Joxer could feel his twin's body pressed against his back, Jett's own erection against his buttocks.

"Now, you know how much I love to hear you scream, but today I'm going to gag you." Jett's voice was barely louder than a whisper and his breath gusted over Joxer's neck and ear. "You see," he continued, "I'm going for a look here, and I'm afraid it may take you past the point of screaming. This will make it easier for you. And for me - you know how this room echoes." Joxer felt fear bloom in him. Usually when Jett whipped him Joxer would try not to make a sound, holding out as long as he could, until the cries were wrenched out of him and then Jett would stop. Obviously, something else was going to happen today. Joxer was scared.

As if he'd read his mind, Jett soothed him, stroking his back. "Don't worry, Jox. It's going to be all right. I'm going to make a lovely design on you. It's going to be beautiful." Joxer moaned quietly as Jett stepped around him again, now pressed against his front, a black leather gag in his hand. Joxer's hypersensitive cock was pressed against the soft material of Jett's pants and he moaned again, unable to resist moving his hips against his brother's erection. Jett laughed and bent to kiss Joxer, not a fast kiss this time, but a long, slow, deep one. The smell and taste was overwhelming and Joxer felt drugged and dazed when Jett finally pulled back.

"I'm going to gag you now. Anything to say?" Jett smiled sweetly, his lips swollen from the kiss and Joxer could see the madness in his eyes. Several possibilities flitted across his mind, were considered and rejected. Jett waited patiently. Finally Joxer realized there was nothing to say and slowly shook his head. Jett must have recognized his fear, for he was very gentle as he positioned and buckled the gag. Then he gently stroked his twin's forehead, brushing away a lock of hair before he walked behind him again. Adrenaline surged through Joxer's tense body, and he was no longer shivering, but beginning to sweat as he waited for the first strike.


"Jox, I wish you could see this." Joxer lifted his head at the sound of Jett's voice. He was trembling with relief that Jett had paused, desperately hoping that he was finished. "I think we need to get a mirror down here so you can watch," he continued.

Suddenly Jett was in front of him again, looking at him with a slight frown of concern. "Jox?" Jett unbuckled the gag and Joxer slowly licked his lips. "My design isn't quite finished, but I don't think you can handle any more today." He gently caressed Joxer's damp, tear-stained face. "I wish you could see yourself. You're so beautiful like this." Joxer closed his eyes and leaned into the hand on his cheek. Then Jett was kissing him again, pressing his body close, making Joxer suddenly remember his neglected erection. He winced as Jett grasped his tender buttocks, but it turned into a moan as he was pulled forward, cocks grinding together.

"Please..." Joxer whispered.

Jett laughed. "Since you ask so nicely..." He walked behind Joxer again. Joxer waited, cataloging sensations in his mind; from the minor trembling knees and chafed wrists, to the almost overwhelming fire where Jett had whipped him and the painful ache of his over-aroused cock. And overlying it all was the thrill of being at Jett's mercy. He waited for the first touch.

Joxer gasped as cold, slippery fingers stroked along the cleft of his ass, circling his opening. Then Jett was painfully squeezing his cheeks, pulling them open and pressing his cock against the entry.

"Relax," Jett's whisper was hot on Joxer's neck. "I don't want to hurt you." Joxer briefly wondered if his brother had any idea how crazy that sounded, but all thoughts were banished as Jett slowly pushed inside, all the way in. Jett had removed his clothes and Joxer felt cool skin pressed against his fevered back. Jett grasped his hips and began to thrust slowly. After a while Joxer could hear the familiar, telltale sounds of Jett's impending orgasm and he almost wept with relief as Jett slid one arm tight around his waist, and reached down with the other to grasp his aching cock. It was all too much and it took only a few strokes before he came hard, jerking against Jett's strong hand and crying out incoherently. Then Jett was coming too, shuddering against Joxer's body, whimpering softly against the back of his neck. They stood like that for some time, leaning against each other, absorbing the aftershocks of pleasure.

Finally, with a reluctant sigh, Jett pulled away, returning a moment later with a damp cloth and the key to the manacles. He tenderly wiped away the sweat and oil and semen from Joxer's exhausted body, then reached up to release his wrists. Joxer cautiously eyed the cloth and was relieved to see no blood. Jett had been much more careful since the time...

"Get dressed." Jett's voice interrupted his reverie and Joxer retrieved his clothes and silently dressed. He wondered again how things had come to be this way between them. He knew he could avoid if not all, at least some of it; but he didn't even try. And he thought Jett was insane? Jett unlocked the door and Joxer walked past him into the hall, waiting while Jett re-locked it.

Fighting post-coital haze, Joxer murmured, "I'm ready for lunch and a nap." Jett nodded in agreement. They walked slowly down the hall together, close but not quite touching.

"That was great, wasn't it Jox?" Jett turned and smiled at him, a charming wide smile.

Joxer grinned. "Yeah, it was."

The end

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