Author: Lilac
Story Title: Sweet Rewards
Characters: Xena & Cupid
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Xena helps Cupid get back his love arrows from a bunch of mischievous kids. Her reward is more than she counted on...
This rating is for explicit f/m sex.

Xena, Cupid, Gabrielle and Aphrodite don't belong to me, they belong to USA/MGM/Universal Studios and Renaissance Pictures.

This story contains explicit descriptions of female/male sexual relations.

Author's Note: This takes place sometime after 'If The Shoe Fits...'

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Sweet Rewards
By Lilac

Xena walked down the path to the Temple, and sighed. The warrior wasn't known to be one to pray, but, after getting an urgent message from the god, she had to go help.

After all, she did owe him for how he helped with his son.

Xena took sort of a liking to Cupid. He was one of her favourite gods, as he was always willing to help out when you needed him.

Ever since Cupid and Psyche's break-up, Cupid wasn't the same old God of Love. Xena swore she sensed him a couple of times when her and Gabrielle were bathing. But, Cupid wasn't known to be a voyeur.

Was he?

The warrior walked into the temple, and looked around. She had told Gabrielle she would see her later. This she needed to do with Cupid.

"Alright, Cupid. You called me here. Now what?" she spoke plainly.

The Love God appeared in a flash of light and a burst of sparkles. He smiled.

"Xena, glad you could make it."

She smiled back. "Hi Cupid. How've ya been?"

"Same 'ole, same 'ole,." he said.

"That bad, huh?" she asked.

He nodded.

"Well, I'm here. What do you want?" She got to the point quickly.

"A bunch of kids took my arrows...and I heard that they're wreaking havoc."

Xena nodded. "So I've heard. Well, you want me to go after them?"

"With me..." he smiled. "I need you to come with me."

She nodded. Of course she would help, she couldn't turn him down. He was her favourite god after all.

As they walked into the town of Thebes, Xena looked around. She saw what was kind of like last time. Couples together, strange couples.

"Yeah, they're here alright." Xena said flatly.

The Love God looked around with his brown orbs, and spotted the kids right away. "There they are," he pointed.

Xena looked to where he had pointed. There were about four kids standing there, older kids. They looked to be in their early teens, 13-16 years old.

She nodded. "Alright, wait here."

Xena snuck around to the other side of where the kids were standing, and plotting. She came up behind them and had on an expressionless look. "Boo!" she said. The kids jumped, and looked at her.

"Xena!" one of the kids exclaimed.

She nodded. "That's right, and you have something that belongs to one of my friends."

The two girls and two boys looked at each other, then put on sweet, innocent faces.

"We don't know what your talking about." One of the boys said.

Xena smirked. "Don't give me that. I know you've got those arrows. Now give 'em here!"

The bigger, and older boy stood in front of them. "Why should we give them back?"

Xena growled. "Because they're not yours!" she snapped.

The older boy looked right into Xena's icy blue eyes with his pale green ones and gulped. He was afraid of what she would do, but he couldn't let his friends know he was scared of her. He grabbed the arrows and took off running. The other kids yelled and screamed. "Go Tobias! Go!"

Xena shook her head, and ran after him. "Come back here!" she yelled.

"Not on your life!" He looked back and laughed, and ran into someone, dropping the arrows. He looked up to see who it was and gasped.

It was Cupid.

"Alright now, you've had your fun," Cupid said, bending down.

Before Tobias could gather up the arrows and take off running, he heard that infamous war cry.


Xena landed on the other side of him, and pulled him up by his collar.

"Now, you listen to me. If I ever catch you stealing again I'll cut out your tongue and feed it to my horse! Ya got that?"

The boy nodded, and scurried off quickly.

Cupid smiled as he picked up the arrows. "Thanks Xena."

She nodded. "No problem, Cupid."

They walked back to his temple, and he smiled at her. "There has to be something I can do to thank you."

She shook her head, "No, really. Don't th--" before she could protest, Cupid had her in a powerful kiss.

Xena blinked. She was amazed by the God's insisting. She returned the kiss with her own, powerful, and deep kiss.

Cupid ran his tongue along the roof of her mouth, as his hands worked on unlacing the leather dress, and pushed her back. As she neared the floor, a bed appeared from nowhere.

Cupid went falling down with the Warrior Princess, landing on top of her, and kissed her down her neck.

Xena closed her eyes, and helped him with her dress, then tugged at his leathers, trying to pull them off. Soon, both of them were naked, still deep in the kiss.

Xena pulled back and kissed him down his chest, and bit his nipple playfully. He moaned in pleasure, running his hands down her back, and grabbing her ass. She ran her hands down his chest, and squeezed his testicles. He leaned over to her and started to suckle on her breasts.

Xena leaned her head back, and moaned in pleasure, her hands moving down to Cupid's half swollen cock, and started to manipulate it.

Cupid moaned louder. He loved how her hands felt against him. He rubbed against her hand, still sucking on her nipple. He licked the nipple until it was hard as stone, and moved over to her over nipple, doing the same.

Before long, Xena had moved her hand, and wrapped her legs around Cupid's waist. Cupid grinned, getting her subtle hint quickly, and thrusted his cock into her roughly.

Xena yelped in pain and pleasure as he pushed his cock into her. He thrusted his cock deeper and deeper into her. Xena pushed violently into his thrusts, screaming out his name. Cupid quickened his thrusts, gaining more screams of pleasure from Xena.

She dug her nails into his back, still pushing into his thrusts violently and hard. Cupid let out a scream of enjoyment as he reached his orgasm, and exploded inside of Xena, and she came at the same time.

He collapsed onto her, breathing heavily, her chest heaving as well.

"I think I'm going to enjoy helping you out from now on." Xena grinned.

Cupid withdrew from her, and laughed, rolling over. "Xena, your welcome to come by anytime." He kissed her forehead.

Xena smiled, and closed her eyes. "Thank you, I'll be sure to take advantage of that."

After she had left, Cupid was still sitting in his temple, thinking.

"So, you and the Warrior Babe are a couple now?" the familiar alto called out.

Cupid groaned. "Don't you have anything better to do that check up on me, Mum?"

The Goddess appeared in a pink light and a burst of heart confetti. "Cupid, you're my son. I *have* to check up on you."

He smirked. "No, you don't..."

"I wouldn't get too attached to her....She's the 'Love 'em and Leave 'em' type," Aphrodite said.

Cupid shook his head. "Xena's different, Mum."

"You really like this one, don't you?" Aphrodite asked, walking over to him.

He nodded. "More than anything..."

She smiled. "Oh! My little boy's got another crush!" She hugged him.

"MOTHER!" he said. "Don't DO that! And can you keep your mouth shut? I don't want anybody to know what happened in here tonight..."

"My lips are sealed, Cupid," she smiled.

Cupid nodded. "Thanks."


"Xena!" The blonde bard called out. "You're back. I didn't think it would take you this long."

Xena smiled and laid down on the already spread out cloth on the ground.

"What happened? What did Cupid need?" the bard asked.

"Just some help..., that's all." Xena replied.

Gabrielle nodded. "Ok, I'll see you in the morning."

Xena nodded, and closed her eyes. "Good night, Gabrielle."

"Night, Xena..." Gabrielle closed her eyes, and almost immediately fell asleep.

The warrior looked up at the sky, and mumbled before she fell asleep. "Good night, Cupid."

The End

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