Author: jae
Story Title: Four Friends
Characters: Xena/Gabrielle, Hercules/Iolaus, Xena & Hercules, Iolaus & Gabrielle, Hercules & Gabrielle, Xena & Iolaus
Rating: NC-17
Summary: A run-in with a skunk leads to the happy reunion of four friends.
This rating is for explicit m/f sex.

The characters belong to Renaissance Pictures and USA Studios and were used without permission. No copyright infringement was intended and no money was made.

I have not seen very many stories of this nature. So I decided to write one myself.

This story contains explicit descriptions of male/female sexual relations.

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Four Friends
by jae

"What is that smell?" Xena asked no one in particular, but knowing she would get a response.


"I haven't been able to figure it out yet," said Gabrielle. "But it smells like someone . . . is . . . cooking their laundry?" as she wrinkles her nose.

Xena replied, "It smells more like they are cooking rotten meat." She hides her smile as Gabrielle's face turns green and she turns toward the side of the road.

Xena could tell from what direction the smell was coming, and she debated whether to turn around and head back, or go through the brush to avoid meeting the source of the smell.

"WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?" was yelled out of the forest.

*Just great. I know whose voice that was. But why the hell does it have to come from the direction of the smell?*

"Xena, . . . didn't that sound a lot like Hercules?"

Xena looked Gabrielle over, to study how her lover was doing. She noted the weary eyes, the slump of her shoulders. She couldn't miss the yawn that Gabby was fighting to control. "Ya, that was Hercules. And . . . ," studying the face before her for her reaction, "I bet that is Iolaus with him."

She wasn't disappointed. She saw the twitch of a smile. How could she miss the lust clouding Gabrielle's eyes? She had known for a while, hell, since the day she and Gabrielle met up with Hercules and Iolaus, that Gabby wanted him.

"Oh, . . . should we go and say hi to them?" Gabrielle said hopefully. She knew she couldn't hide anything from Xena. Zeus, how she had tried. But until Xena said anything about it, who was she to bring it up? Xena caught the secretive smile that came over Gabby's face.

"Well, since we are here, we might as well go and stop by." She moved off in the direction of the smell.

As they moved deeper into the forest the sounds of the animated discussion increased.

"And just what else was I supposed to use to boil the skunk smell off of them?" Iolaus asked.

"I don't know. But couldn't you wait till we had some spare clothes before you started?" Hercules replied.

At that last comment Xena froze. She could just picture Hercules naked. The muscular body exposed to the elements. Hell, exposed to her! A grin of pure animal lust spread across her face. She heard the quick intake of breath from next to her, and tried to hide the expression of lust. Too late. She was caught.

"And just which one were you thinking about . . . hmmmm?" purred Gabrielle.

Xena sighed and thought to herself, *what the hell? If I mention it to her, maybe, just maybe . . .*

"Well, . . . I . . . was just . . . thinking of Hercules naked." There. She said it. The look of pure lust in Gabrielle's eyes told her just what had popped into her mind.

"Really? Well, then I guess what I am thinking is not as bad as I thought," replied Gabby.

"Maybe we should think this way more often," Xena replied. "Because I like the look on your face."

She shot her hand out and grabbed the stunned bard and brought her in for a deep kiss. The lust and excitement they felt were indescribable. The heat spreading up from her feet was making thinking difficult. Xena just decided to concentrate on feeling. Now her knees were on fire. She realized that this was only the third time she had ever felt this whole body fire.

Xena pulled apart from Gabby for a much needed breath.

"Are you okay, Xena?" Gabrielle asked concerned. She had never seen Xena like this. Her whole body quivering, the heat of her body . . . scorching her. "Xena . . . ?"

"Wow," Xena breathed. "Gabby, did you feel that?" she asked, searching Gabby's face for signs of excitement.

"Oh yeessss, . . . it felt like you and I were going to blow up . . . or erupt like a Volcano." Gabrielle squealed.

Xena looked around. Searching to the far left of her, she saw some movement. Having forgot who and where they were, she automatically rushed to the bushes. Then, leaping high into the air, pulling her sword out on the downward leap, she found herself holding her sword in front of a naked Iolaus. Looking him up and down, everything came flooding back into her consciousness.

"Oh, Iolaus, I am truly . . . not sorry." Xena smirked. She could see Iolaus finally catching onto what she had just said.

"Xena!" he squealed, trying to cover himself. "What in the gods' name are you doing here?"

Finally feeling he had covered as much as could be done, Iolaus stood there waiting for Xena to speak.

Meanwhile, Gabrielle has snuck up on the pair very quietly. When she moved the final leaf out of her way, she was presented with a very nice moon. She stood there gazing at him, oblivious to anything else.

Xena watched Gabrielle watching Iolaus. She saw Gabrielle lick her lips. Xena smiled seductively.

"Well, Iolaus, . . . I seem to have caught you, ahem, I guess with your pants down is an understatement." She laughed at the expression on his face. While he dropped his head down, Xena signaled to Gabby to surprise him.

Gabrielle didn't need to be told twice. While Xena rattled on about who knows what, Gabby inched her way forward quietly.

Iolaus never heard her coming. One minute he was talking to Xena, or rather, was listening and trying to hide himself from her, and the next minute he feels the lightest caress on his backside. It starts at his left shoulder blade and gently moves down and across to end up cupping his right buttcheek. The caress sent tingling sensations down to his toes and back up to his groin. Iolaus felt himself growing hard in his hands. He didn't dare move them for fear Xena would see how excited he had become.

"Hello, Iolaus," was whispered in his ear, sending shivers down his spine.

"Gabrielle," he sighed.

Xena watched with a bemused grin as Gabrielle licked, then sucked on Iolaus' ear. The moaning must of been what drew out the forgotten visitor.

Hercules couldn't believe his eyes. Here was his lover standing naked, holding his hands to cover himself. Hercules could tell that Iolaus was growing hard. He smiled thoughtfully to himself. He saw the person responsible for his lover's reaction and did a double take. Gabrielle!?

Hercules then saw Xena standing a few paces to the front and off to the right of him. Good, she hadn't heard him. Hercules smiled wickedly to himself and quietly snuck upon Xena.

The only warning she got was a warm breath in her ear just seconds before she felt a strong hand go up under her battle skirt and squeeze her arse.

"So, you like to watch do you?"

Xena sucked her breath in. "Sounds," she squeaked, "ahem. Sounds very . . . enticing," she finally managed.

It wasn't surprising that she was having a hard time talking. Or concentrating for that matter. Hercules' fingers had found their way past her breech cloth and into the delectable folds of her womanhood.

"I can feel how excited you already are. Maybe we should take it to our camp?" Hercules offered.

"Yes . . . . Now . . . . Take me," Xena replied, startling him by turning around and kissing him full upon the mouth. Hercules' hand was trapped. He was surprised by her next move. Xena reached down and grasped him by his balls. She caressed him to full mast, felling him like she would her favorite ship.

"Ahhhhh, . . . Xena . . . . Take me," Hercules cried.

That cry brought Iolaus back to earth. He looked up and saw Xena was giving Herc a hand up.

Iolaus returned his attention back to Gabrielle. She was caressing the entrance to his hidden treasure, while fondling his shaft.

"Ummm, Gabby? Let's go into our camp before someone else decides to join the party."

Gabby looked around and saw what he meant. There was Xena stroking Hercules, who had his hand up the back of her skirt. "That has got to hurt," she told Iolaus. He only chuckled and led her off through the under growth.

At the sudden movement Xena turned and watched them walk away. "I guess we should follow the . . ."

She was cut short by the lustful kiss Hercules gave her. He had freed his hand and was moving it up her back to hold her in place. She lowered her hand to her skirt, moved it up under and ripped her breech cloth free. She could feel the evening breeze wash upon her, chilling the fire that would soon have scorched her. The sound of ripping cloth brought Herc back up to full height.

Xena chuckled. "You always did like me ripping the clothes off our backs."

"Yesssss, I do," Herc finally got out. He was further surprised when Xena threw her arms around his neck, then bounced lightly upon his shaft. He could feel himself buried deep within her. "Ohhhh, Xena," Herc moaned.

"Just take me to your camp. Then I will tell you the rest," Xena said.

Hercules began walking her towards the camp. He could feel her muscles tightening on his shaft. He felt like he would pass out.

When they came into the clearing they saw Iolaus was stripping Gabrielle. Xena admired how Gabby looked naked in the fire light. Xena hadn't realized how dark it was. She was just floating in the Heavens.

"Herc, do you trust me?" Xena purred.

"Always," was his reply.

"Then, you see the tree behind me?"

Herc nodded.

"I want you to slam me up against it HARD. I mean HARD. Then fuck me like you have never done with a woman."

Herc looked skeptical. But the lustful passion he saw in her eyes convinced him. As he carried her over he realized that this was how he wanted her. He knew he could do it and not worry about breaking her.

As he reached the tree, Xena slapped him full on the face.

"You couldn't please me even if your life depended on it."

The blazing challenge in her eyes got the reaction she wanted. Hercules grunted and slammed her with jaw shattering strength full upon the tree. He then proceeded to slam fully into her.

Herc could hear her moaning. He didn't know how a moan could be so challenging, but hers was. He pulled out so only the tip of his shaft was at the entrance. Her cry satisfied him. He shoved with all his strength back into her. Xena smiled as she cried out in passion.

That cry brought both Iolaus and Gabrielle out of each other. "I bet Xena is going to be walking pretty funny for the next couple of days," Iolaus murmured.

"Ten dinars says Xena will have Herc passing out soon after they are done." Gabrielle smirked.

Iolaus looked at her, smiling lustfully as he watched the fire light play on her naked breasts. He then looked over to Herc and Xena. Herc was being bucked back and forth between Xena's legs. He could hear how hard Herc was breathing. Xena didn't seem to be the slightest bit winded. Iolaus envied Xena, wishing Hercules was pounding into him like that. Looking back at Gabby he decided he wanted to pound her. "You're on," he finally agreed.

As they shook hands, they heard a piercing cry. As they looked towards Hercules and Xena they saw the most amazing sight. Xena was pumping up and down on Herc, hard as she could. The tree was shaking with her efforts. While they watched, Xena screamed in triumph, and Hercules thrust one last time, deep within her. It appeared to the two of them, that Herc was trying to climb into Xena through his orgasm. As Herc's knees started to buckle underneath him, Xena unwound herself from him to catch him as he fell to the ground. Gabrielle and Iolaus rushed to their sides.

"What happened to him?" Gabby breathlessly asked.

"Don't worry, Gab. He just fainted," was Xena's reply.

Looking at Herc, they saw that he had the look of a smuggler who just found the golden loot of King Midas.

"Xena, couldn't you have gone a little easier on him?" smirked Iolaus.

"If I did I wouldn't have had so much pleasure. Nor Herc his." Xena smiled wickedly. "Besides, Gab owes me ten dinars, and if I am not mistaken . . . you had better pay up now," Xena said, looking deep into Iolaus' eyes.

Iolaus could tell how hungry she still was and started to back off. Laughing, Xena said, "Don't worry Iolaus, Herc wore me out."

Iolaus let out a pent up breath.

"Just go and play you two. I am just going to rest here." Sighing, Xena then curled up and laid her head in the crook of Hercules' arm.

"Well, I guess we should leave them alone."

Before Iolaus could say anything else, Gabrielle grabbed him by the arm and twirled him around and let him fall back onto the sleeping pallets.

"Oomph," Iolaus gasped, looking up into the lust-filled eyes of Gabrielle. "Who would have known you were so forceful?"

Gabby smiled seductively. "That is how an Amazon Princess behaves."

As the last word rang out, Gabby jumped forward and landed on Iolaus. As he tried to get his breath, Gabby proceeded to help him lose it. She bent down and kissed him, leaving no room for debate who was in charge. Deciding to go with the flow, Iolaus moaned into the kiss, deepening it as far as he could. Gabby shifted slightly over Iolaus, inching her way down, kissing, licking, gently nibbling his skin as she went.

Reaching his chest, she flicked her tongue over one sensitive nipple. Holding it between her tongue and teeth. Iolaus moaned loudly, arching his back to press into the sensations. Gabrielle worked her way over to the other nipple, giving it the same treatment. She used her thumb and forefinger to pinch sharply at his other nipple, causing Iolaus to thrash uncontrollably. Finished with his nipples, Gabby moved lower, caressing the golden hair leading to his shaft.

She caressed the underside of his cock, feeling it pulse as she lightly stroked it, teasing him, letting him know more was to come, but holding back. Crying out in frustration Iolaus shifted his hips, trying to reach harder stimulation. Laughing, Gabrielle took pity on him. Swifter than he had ever seen before, she engulfed him to the base of his cock. Creating a suction with her mouth and tongue, she proceeded to give everything she had. Sucking harder, she pulled her head up and Iolaus thrust his hips into her mouth. Gabrielle let him gently fuck her mouth, while she gently cupped his balls.

She put one finger in her mouth between her cheek and his shaft, lightly stroking. Iolaus stiffened at the touch, moaning incoherently, thrashing wildly as Gabby withdrew the finger. Moving the finger down behind his balls, she caressed his entrance.

Iolaus, feeling what she was doing, stiffened in surprise. Taking advantage of the moment, Gabrielle deep throated him, shaking her head from side to side. As she hoped, it distracted Iolaus enough for her to shove her finger deep inside his body, only stopping because of her fist.

Iolaus screamed out in pleasure, causing two forgotten people to startle with surprise.

Hercules looked on in lust as his love was devoured by Gabrielle, watching Iolaus thrashing wildly, bucking into Gabby's open mouth. He saw Gabrielle twist her hand so that her finger would catch the nub of pleasure inside his loved one.

"Makes you want to be the one doing that," Xena murmured into his ear. "Or be the one having that done to you?" She asked.

"I don't think I am up for any more than a good show right now," Herc replied.

Feeling a hand grasp his cock, he was proven wrong.

"This feels up to watching them, I take it?" Xena asked smugly, pumping her hand in rhythm to Gabrielle's mouth.

"I did promise you something big to watch, didn't I?" Herc replied breathlessly.

"Yes, you did," Xena purred. "Now shut up and watch."

Gabrielle could feel the pressure mounting up in Iolaus. Knowing he was close, she sucked his cock in further and tighter while she shoved another finger in him. Twisting them slightly she heard/felt Iolaus cry out as he came, flooding her mouth. Gabrielle swallowed it greedily. As his waves crested, she slid up his length.

Kissing him, letting him taste himself on her tongue, moaning into the kiss, Gabrielle felt callused hands spreading her ass open. Than she felt a large probe at her entrance. Turning to her side she saw Hercules behind her, and felt him penetrate her. Shoving his full length into her, he proceeded to pound into her. Gabrielle moved back against his thrust, forcing him in deeper. Her body slid over Iolaus as he watched Herc taking her.

Iolaus felt a hand grab his shaft and tug lightly to get him to move out from under Gabrielle. As soon as he had settled a few feet away Xena was straddling him. Arching her back to take him fully within, she began to pump her thighs up and down. As the four of them moved, they heard the each other's moans, driving all of them to move faster, harder; reach their peak. Xena screamed out in triumph, having heard Iolaus, then Gabby, then Herc, she having caused this chain reaction.

Settling down on sleeping pallets, the four friends began to eat a small meal.

"I was wondering . . . " asked Gabrielle. "What were the two of you shouting about before we came?"

"Gods, the clothes." Iolaus cried. Jumping up and running to a pot over a fire. He used a stick to bring his and Hercules clothes out of the pot. After hanging them out to dry. He then went over and sat next to Herc.

"Well, I was trying to teach Herc how to hunt in this really dense brush."

Herc groaned and rolled his eyes.

"When this skunk came out and sprayed us."

Laughing, he couldn't say anymore. Xena and Gabrielle joined him. Finally Herc joined them too. And laughing, they all laid down to sleep.

The End

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