Author: Klancy7
Story Title: Night Rage
Characters: Xena/Gabrielle, Gabrielle & m
Rating: NC-17
Summary: A sampling of multiple bard-ravishings by a love-starved warrior.
This rating is for explicit f/f sex, m/f rape, non-consensual sex, bdsm and graphic sexual violence.

The characters belong to Studios USA and Renaissance Pictures and were used without permission. No copyright infringement was intended and no money was made.

This story contains explicit non-consensual sex and rape, bondage, and considerable violence. If any of those things freak you out, please don't read this. If you're cool with them, enjoy.

The story that follows is a collaboration between me and Kaz, an on-line friend who shares some of my particular kinks. I asked Kaz to tell me one of her favorite fantasies, and I wrote it in story form. You'll find she has a creative erotic imagination. We both hope you'll enjoy it. Please be advised that this story contains rough sex, technically non-consensual, between two women.

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Night Rage
Based on Kaz's Fantasy
by Klancy7

Full, pale breasts, sloping to a taut stomach. The cup of golden hair between strong legs discretely concealed, as Gabrielle turned to leap into the cold water of the lake.

Xena ran faster.

The moon rode high in a night sky devoid of clouds. The pine-scented air was chilly, freezing the sweat on her face and chest as she ran, her breath growing ragged.

The warrior knew she had to banish those images before she could hope to find sleep. Xena did not trust herself to lie down within arm's reach of that trusting young body. Not unless she was so exhausted that not even the scent of Gabrielle's tumbling hair could move her.

The warrior ran at night out of the same protectiveness that drove her to step in front of Gabrielle whenever they faced danger. The carnality infesting Xena frightened her, badly. Gabrielle wasn't safe around her, not when she was like this.

And the bard was oblivious, she had to be. How else, after stepping out of the lake that day, could she have stretched out on her back beside the warrior, to dry her naked body in the sun? How could she lay with her arms and legs splayed loosely in the grass, her face soft and dreaming?

Xena'd had to swim across the damn lake three times before supper.

Suddenly the dark woman stumbled, and would have fallen if she hadn't caught herself on a mossy stump. She willed her pounding heart to quiet as she stared wide-eyed into the darkness, panting.

Gabrielle's face in her mind, twisted in silent screaming.

Xena spun and flipped off a three-foot ridge to reach the trail below. It would carry her back toward their campsite, by the shortest route possible. Gabrielle was in danger -- Xena could hone in clearly on her lifemate's soundless beacon of distress. Her feet barely touched the earth as she streaked over the ground.

She had set off hours ago running uphill, as that exhausted her fastest, so her return route was mostly descent. Xena crashed through bushes and leaped fallen trees, not feeling the gouge of sharp twigs in her flesh. After covering what seemed a league of haunted terrain, she reached the small cliff overlooking their camp.

She draped her lithe body over a rock outcropping, and looked down into the firelit grove where they had laid their bedding. The glade was whitewashed in moonlight, as brightly lit as the pre-dawn that was still hours away. Xena saw immediately why Gabrielle's mind was filled with such astonished horror.

He had her down on her back, not far from the campfire. Gabrielle was fighting him, hard, but he was a big man, larded with muscle. He had ripped open her green halter top, revealing her large breasts. Her skirt was twined around her knees.

Xena's legs tightened, within a heartbeat of launching her off the ledge and down onto the man's broad back. She commanded her legs to move, she ordered them; but she couldn't take her eyes from her young partner's frantic thrashing. Xena crouched, and watched.

He was on top of her. His hands pinned Gabrielle's wrists to the ground at either side of her head. He had straightened his arms and was laughing down at her, watching her breasts bounce as she struggled. His hips were between her legs, keeping her thighs well-spread. He was scrubbing his cock and coarse pubic hair up and down Gabrielle's exposed slit. His conception of foreplay.

He hadn't entered her yet, some part of Xena's mind noted clinically. Gabrielle's face was flushed with shock, but she didn't have that wide-eyed stare, or the clenched-eyed grimace, of a woman being forcefully penetrated. Xena knew that look, had seen it on the faces of many women, and she relished it.

She watched the man's broad hips swivel tightly between Gabrielle's legs. She could feel the friction as if it were her own mound grinding against the plump swell of the bard's sex. The attacker kept laughing, a high-pitched giggle, which Xena found annoying. And he underestimated his prey, which was dangerously stupid.

I am not going to be raped, Gabrielle thought. That's it. If I have to snap my spine to buck this degenerate off me, fine. Eventually he's going to try to poke his accursed - thing in me, but I just have to hold him off. Xena will reach me, if I can buy her time.

As always, Gabrielle's faith in her champion was well-founded. There was a sudden whoosh of air against her belly as Xena lifted the man up off of her by his hair. She threw him bodily through the air to crash to the ground at the other side of the campsite. Xena dove after him, out of Gabrielle's line of vision, and the bard heard her settle in to some serious pummeling.

"Xena -- gods, don't kill him!" Gabrielle's hands were trembling so badly she could hardly tie the torn ends of her halter together across her breasts. "That criminal's not worth it. I will not lose you again, not to that hellish prison!" She sat up and tried to get her legs beneath her so she could help, but the dizziness of relief smacked her between the eyes. Automatically Gabrielle tugged her ragged skirt up her legs to cover herself decently again.

Something solid smacked into Gabrielle's back, and she was thrown headfirst to the ground. Impossible, she thought wildly, impossible that that slow-witted cretin could have escaped Xena --

He hadn't. Gabrielle shook her blonde hair out of her eyes and focused on the slumped form of her assailant, out cold, on the other side of the campfire. She started to scramble to her feet, and long fingers wound themselves into her thick hair and jerked her backwards.


"Are you sure it's me?" Xena whispered, and drew her tongue along the top of Gabrielle's ear. "Are you sure I'm not just another MAN you invited here to fuck you tonight?"

The thick red-blonde tresses were still snarled in Xena's fist, so it was a small matter to tilt Gabrielle's head back to receive her. The warrior's lips engulfed the trembling, full ones beneath them. Her tongue probed between them, then slithered deeply into the moist caverns of her mouth, tasting, swirling. Xena sucked her gently.

Gabrielle's eyes fluttered shut. She opened them at once, the sea-green of them glassing over, but they only closed again. A warm, wet whistling feeling began between her ears, at the base of her neck. Gabrielle's hand moved slowly, rising to slide beneath Xena's snarled hair, and cup the back of her fevered neck.

Then Xena's lips moved lower, over Gabrielle's chin and down the taut tenderness of her slender throat. She nibbled, relishing this light meal, and a soft growling emerged from her mouth, making Gabrielle shudder. Her tongue swirled wetly over the lightly salted skin. Then Xena's lips rested over the pulse beat in the large vein of her neck, measuring its rhythm, and then nipped the soft skin.

Gabrielle's breathing grew shallow, and more rapid, as Xena moved lower. Her mouth began to coast over the smooth, firm upper swells of the bard's breasts. Gabrielle's head dropped back and she thrust her breasts upward, in a surge so singularly graceful it was dance. The warrior's throat released a guttural moan in response.

Not this way, some part of Gabrielle's swimming mind thought. While she could still think, she had to try to stop this. The feeling was getting too intense. She had only been here with Xena in her most private dreams, and in those dreams, Gabrielle had the control. She forced her eyes open. "Xena. Take your hands off of me. P-please."

Xena tightened her arm around the woman's waist. "You ARE going to be fucked tonight, Amazon," she said quietly. "Whether you want it or not. I'm going to make you come, and come, so hard -- I'll have you screaming, Gabrielle."

"Hey, didn't you hear me?" Gabrielle pushed futilely at the arm clamped across her waist. "What's the matter with -- "

"Listen up, farmer!" Xena raised her voice and called to the unconscious man yards away. "You want a little taste of bardsnatch? You went about it all wrong. Pay attention, and learn from the master." She breathed into Gabrielle's ear again. "YOUR master."

"Your first lesson!" Xena shouted to the man. He was still dead to the world, oblivious to the warrior's instruction, but then he wasn't the point. "You don't strip her at first, jackass. Let the bard believe her clothes will protect her from your touch."

Xena slapped her free hand across Gabrielle's left breast and gripped it cruelly. The green fabric bunched between her groping fingers, and Gabrielle shuddered.

"Down here, too." Xena clapped her hand hard between Gabrielle's legs, hefting her mound, squeezing it. Then she slid her fingers between the waistband of Gabrielle's torn skirt, struggling to insert her hand to the wrist, and slipped two fingers briefly between the wet, hairy lips.

Gabrielle bucked in shock, a raw gasp tearing from her throat.

"THEN, you tear the clothes off her body." Xena snagged Gabrielle's halter top and ripped it from her with a ruthlessness that staggered them both. Then she wrenched at the skirt, until the fabric finally tore and she could wrest it from Gabrielle's hips. "You strip her buck naked, farmer, you don't leave one thread on a luscious offering like this."

Xena smacked Gabrielle between the shoulderblades, and the bard stumbled and dropped to all fours, her palms scraping across the grass.

"Xena -- " Gabrielle tried to speak rationally, praying a calm tone would reach her lover through this demonic rage.

"She has to be juiced up." Xena inserted one foot between Gabrielle's knees and nudged them roughly apart.

With a grunt of surprise, Gabrielle slid one knee far to the side, feeling the wet lips of her pussy separate with the motion. Her hands, supporting her upper body, clenched in the grass. She could see her naked breasts, bobbing between her arms, and she closed her eyes in shame.

"Down, my little cunt." Xena pushed the bard's head down until her forehead hit the grass between her hands. Her voice was flat, but only through rigid discipline. The sight of Gabrielle on all fours in front of her, her asscheeks raised, her knees widely parted to expose the inverted, furred triangle between her thighs, almost tipped the warrior off her precarious perch of control.

Xena fell to her knees behind the bard, and wormed her fingers between the lips of her upturned sex. Gabrielle gasped, raggedly, but she kept her face pressed to the grass.

Xena held up her hand, and waved her damp fingers at the insensate man. "Well, you juiced the girl well enough, farmer, but not nearly as well-- "

A sob escaped Gabrielle and she bolted, twisting over onto her back -- she HAD to shield her cunt from those ravaging fingers -- and lifted her weight on her feet and hands to skitter away from the leering warrior.

The corner of Xena's mouth lifted, and her eyes sparked with challenge as she dove after her. She landed heavily on Gabrielle's legs, and quickly straddled her waist.

"Xena," Gabrielle gasped, struggling to force the words past her constricted throat. All she could get out was her name. "Xena -- "

"You're slow, Gabrielle." The voice was rich, low music. It was the voice of the Destroyer of Nations, and the bard met the towering woman's gaze in stunned silence. "I'm not Xena, not tonight. At least not any Xena you've ever known. Put your hands behind you. In the small of your back."

Gabrielle did not move at once, and Xena allowed this lapse. She wanted the girl to do this without being forced. It was time for her to take part -- to become an accessory to her own arousal, and therefore deepen it.. Xena balanced on her knees and waited, breathing lightly, smiling cruelly down at her wife, her blue eyes glowing.

Gabrielle's breasts were heaving with her breath, but she lay quietly, mesmerized by the pitiless gaze above her. She swallowed. The she flattened the soles of her feet on the ground and lifted her hips, and slowly slid her cold hands beneath them. Gabrielle rested her hips on the grass again, and waited, faint with fear, her green eyes enormous and still.

"This bard is proud of her tits, farmer." Xena's gaze moved over the full globes of Gabrielle's breasts as palpably as touch, and then she stretched out the fingers of both hands. Her hands were trembling, and she let Gabrielle see the tremor. Then she lowered her rough palms over the bare breasts, and started to rub. "You didn't even touch them. Poor technique."

"All right." Gabrielle lifted her chin and sucked in a breath, trying not to look at the strong fingers kneading her cold breasts. "I don't know what's happened to you, Xena. But you have to stop. You -- "

Xena raised her hand and Gabrielle flinched, expecting a stinging slap across the face. But it was her naked breasts that Xena struck, loudly, with her palm, then the back of her hand, then the palm again. The pale globes bounced and jerked with the blows, then flushed with blotchy color. Xena gripped them again and rolled them roughly together, grinding them in circles.

"You don't want me to stop, Gabrielle," Xena whispered, dropping the pretense of instruction. "You've wanted these hands on you since the day we met, twisting your titties, just like this. You give off the scent of rut every time you look at me, girl. Arch your back."

Gabrielle closed her eyes and turned her head to the side, whimpering. She tightened her lower back and pressed her shoulders down, and her naked breasts swelled more fully into Xena's frantic hands.

"Ah gods," Xena murmured. She could have climaxed then and there, with the young blonde woman arched and whimpering beneath her. But the warrior knew it wasn't her time, whatever her body thought, and she stifled her own arousal with effort. Then she slapped her hands around the base of Gabrielle's breasts and squeezed, and her mouth plunged down to devour their sensitive tips.

Gabrielle cried out, but a part of her reeled in confusion. There was a new heat sneaking through her, something she'd never felt before, ever. It centered in her delicate nipples. And it terrified her.

Xena fit the whole of one full breast in her mouth, her cheeks bulging, and then engulfed the other. She chewed on the cool, creamy flesh, never breaking the skin, but scratching her teeth roughly across it. She pressed her lips tightly around each erect, richly pulsing nipple, chewed, then sucked, sloppily, filling the campsite with the sound of obscene slurping.

Gabrielle ground the top of her head into the grass, her breath whistling out between clenched teeth. Her hands, flattened beneath her back, flexed helplessly. Her wet nipples buzzed and spasmed between Xena's pinching lips, and she quailed inside in terror that she'd be bitten. She did not know this woman. Some part of Gabrielle's mind was aware that more moisture was spurting out of the base of her nether lips, but she refused to accept this as evidence of arousal.

Suddenly Xena's eyes were an inch from her own, the blue light searing, and her hand crept up to encircle her slender throat. "I spent one night in Tartarus, imagining you dancing impaled on your husband's cock." A tuft of Gabrielle's hair puffed off her forehead with the force of that word. Dawning awareness filled Gabrielle's eyes.

Xena smiled, and tightened the hand on Gabrielle's throat. The girl could feel the strength in that grip, and knew Xena could snap her neck with a flick of her wrist. Xena rose slowly to her feet, and the bard struggled to move with her. "Now it's my turn, Gabrielle."

The bard forced out one word, high and breathless: "Why?"

"Because I can."

Gabrielle's courage failed her. She whirled and dived, not away from Xena but at her, her face contorted, hissing. It was not rage, but fear that compelled her attack -- Gabrielle believed it possible that she was fighting her lover for her life. She was terrified, but she was the lifemate of a warrior -- she had to resist. Her compact body flew into Xena and she staggered backwards, half-carrying the spitting bard with her.

"That's my girl," Xena whispered. She turned and slammed Gabrielle to the ground, then swarmed over her nakedness, rubbing, probing, slapping. Gabrielle flailed beneath her, all semblance of composure gone, her natural physical grace vanished, landing ineffectual blows against Xena's shoulders and back. She bit back her cries between clenched teeth, conserving her gasping breath for the battle.

"I'm going to lay you over that log, Gabrielle." Xena took the Amazon's left nipple in her teeth and chewed, holding her down. "Then I'm going to stuff my hand up into you. I'm going to punch my fist deep in your dripping cunt. Any questions?" She attacked the other nipple.

Gabrielle bucked desperately, but Xena's weight pinned her down. She reached instinctively for her attacker's face, and when Xena lifted her head, her fingernails found the skin at the base of her throat. Gabrielle scratched her, digging three shallow trenches to the tops of her breasts.

Xena stiffened at the sudden sting, and sat up slowly. She sat back on her heels, and a small smile curved her lips as she studied Gabrielle's face. The bard's expression shifted from abject terror to frightened remorse as the scratches on Xena's throat filled with blood.

"Oh gods," Gabrielle breathed. "I hurt you. . . "

"I've had worse." Xena smiled, twisting their loving in-joke, her response to any new injury, into the mix.

She hauled the young woman upright, and dragged her bodily over to the large fallen log near the campfire. On the way, Xena bent and snatched her chakram out of its pouch near her bedding. She pushed Gabrielle's shoulder, forcing her to sit on the log. Then the warrior bent over the fallen tree and hurled her chakram, sending into the ground on the other side of it. A half-circle of shining steel glinted a few inches from the gnarled wood.

One of Gabrielle's forearms was pressed across her breasts; the other folded across her lower waist protectively. She couldn't bring her breathing under control. The dimples at the base of the girl's neck deepened as she pulled for air. She was afraid to see Xena's face, afraid to look up.. She leaned slightly away from her.

Xena lifted one foot and rested it beside Gabrielle's hip. She crossed her arms over her knee and stared, unblinking, at the top of the bard's head. "Lie down, Gabrielle."

Gabrielle's shoulders began to tremble in defeat. But she forced herself to raise her eyes to meet Xena's predatory glare. Her lover would rape an Amazon queen, not a young girl. Slowly, her eyes on Xena's, Gabrielle lowered herself backward over the swell of the log. It's bulk curved into her back.

"Take hold of the chakram. Don't let go." The voice was liquid threat.

Gabrielle's hands lifted over her head, and down. Her icy fingers found the half-circle of steel, and wrapped numbly through it's center to grip the blunt sides.

Bending, Xena cupped her hands beneath Gabrielle's knees and lifted. She spread her legs far apart and lowered them again, then stood back and looked at her creation.

Her partner was thoroughly spread and exposed, and she knew Gabrielle felt the cool night air on every quivering inch of her pale body. The swell of the log beneath her forced her back into a sharp arch. Her breasts were hanging, bobbing toward her chin, on the far side of the curve. She had to strain to grip the chakram, and her breasts swelled together, the nipples scarlet now from Xena's sucking. Her mound jut upwards between her widely-spread knees, and yes, Gabrielle could feel the breeze tickle through the saturated hair at the edges of her lips.

"My eyes crawl over you, Gabrielle." Xena's own breasts swelled wetly in the V of her leathers, shaking from suppressed tension. "Everything you've hidden from me, flaunted at me for years, is exposed to me now." Xena bent over her. "I take it I have your attention. Look at me."

Gabrielle forced her eyes open and lifted her head, focusing with effort on the burning blue orbs above her.

"You've forgotten an important truth, my love," Xena whispered. Her voice grew almost tender. "Something you must never forget again. I'll teach it to you, Gabrielle, but you must learn well."

Xena's hand streaked between Gabrielle's spread knees, and her palm clapped stingingly over her open vagina.

"This is mine, bard!"

Xena tightened her grip and shook the girl's cunt in her fist roughly. Gabrielle cried out, but she didn't dare take her wide eyes from Xena's face. The warrior's grip was squeezing spurts of raw desire through her groin. And through her cuntlips, Xena noted -- her palm was soaked.

"And I take what's mine!"

Xena forked the fingers of her hand and delved into Gabrielle's pussy. Her long fingers skittered like a mad spider in her snatch, swarming fast over her clit, roiling through her inner lips.

Gabrielle blanched in horror at the invasion -- but also at the deep pulse of scarlet pleasure that greeted Xena's first thrust.

Xena skewered deeply into her, hypnotized by the flinching of Gabrielle's suspended hips, the immediate, frenzied writhing of her breasts.

"First entry into a reluctant woman." Xena sighed, her eyes glowing as she watched her lover twist. "There's nothing like it, Gabrielle. Look how you rut and dance for me . . . Aphrodite herself created your body, she must have." Again, Xena had to clamp her own thighs together quickly to tame her pulsing clit.

Xena started to pull her long fingers out slowly, noting the wetness shining on them.

"G - G - Go - " The cords in Gabrielle's neck stood out as she tried to speak.

"Go?" Xena whispered, pushing back in, leaning her weight into her wrist to plunge it hard and deep. "Good?"

"GODS!" Gabrielle screamed. "Gods, help me. . . . "

Her scream dwindled into a hissing whine as Xena twisted her way back out of her soaking cunt, and then began a relentless, driving rhythm with four fingers.

Xena put her free hand on the log and leaned over until she could see Gabrielle's flushed face. "LOOK at me, my sweet slut," she ordered.

Again, it was a command the bard could not ignore. Gabrielle lifted her head and saw Xena's raging eyes, which moved slowly over her breasts and fastened again on her twitching cleft. It was as if those maddened eyes beamed rays of pure heat into her snatch, possessing her utterly. Gabrielle struggled to look away and found she couldn't -- her attention remained pinned on Xena's lust-gorged gaze.

The reaming went on and on, Gabrielle's belly heaving, her mound impaled on Xena's ravenous fingers. The spiral of heat rose in her and swirled, licking fire through her loins.

Xena's eyes were growing larger, whites showing all around the blue as she watched her lover's convulsive thrashing. "Your pussy is mine. Say, it, bard."

"M-my . . M-my puss -- "

Xena's hand twisted inside Gabrielle, and she shrieked. "My cunt is YOURS! My cunt is yours, Xena, gods, fuck me, fuck me PLEASE -- "

Xena's scream blended with Gabrielle's as she complied, her forearm pistoning in and out of the bard's sopping sex. Gabrielle snapped rigid, the long vein in her neck bulging prominently. Her green eyes fluttered up until only the whites showed, and she screamed her throat raw as she came. She roared out her climax, jerking on the log like a rutting mare, and Xena came too, gloriously, at last, without ever touching herself. Her wrist would be as sore the next day as Gabrielle's used cunt.

Xena's superior conditioning allowed her to recover first. She lifted her head from the bard's sweat-covered stomach, and saw that Gabrielle's hands had released the chakram. That was all right -- she'd fainted, briefly.

Xena stared down at the girl's lush body, white, but stippled pink now in the firelight, the light sheen of sweat over her breasts, the rippling abs below them, heaving with her breath. And it was as if Xena had not climaxed one minute ago, had not reopened the scratches in her neck with her straining. She was instantly aroused again.

Snarling, Xena dropped to her knees and grappled Gabrielle's legs into her arms. She heaved them over each shoulder, and dug her hands beneath the bard's full hips. Xena straightened her back, slanting Gabrielle's body downward. She was helplessly inverted, her shoulders on the ground, her back over the log, her hips in Xena's hands, her muscular legs over the dark woman's broad shoulders.

Gabrielle came to, disoriented at this new position, and blinked her eyes groggily, trying to see Xena's face.

Which was poised, feral and gloating, just above her split pussy.

"Say it," Xena growled. "You're Amazon royalty, Gabrielle. Command me."

Gabrielle couldn't speak. Her eyes widened as Xena lowered her head and inserted the very tip of her tongue between the lips of her slit. Her tongue glided stealthily up and down, up and down, quivering just inside the lips.

Gabrielle's voice was hushed, almost awe-filled. "Suck me, warrior . . . fuck me -- with your mouth -- "

Xena buried her face between Gabrielle's legs and began an orgy of licking, her tongue cleaving between the greased inner lips of the girl's sex.

"Ahhhh -- Ahhhhh -- " Gabrielle's head fell and dangled, and her hips twisted sinuously in Xena's grip as pleasure sluiced through her again. Her hands snaked up her sides to hover, trembling, over her own breasts, and then lower over them. Gabrielle began to squeeze herself, the white, blue-veined flesh bulging between her fingers. She pinched her nipples and whipped her heavy breasts in circles by them, moaning helplessly.

Xena nibbled, sucked, licked, chewed, sucked again. It was a pattern guaranteed to bring any woman to the brink, it had worked on dozens, willing and not. But she altered the music slightly for Gabrielle, knowing by the bard's squirms of shame how she reacted to having the tip of her clit sucked. Her tongue swarmed over the nerve-rich nub, her teeth chewed it.

And the bard came again, furiously, her jaw dropping, her mouth yawning wide, her screaming coarsened now by her raw throat. Her breasts flopped noisily, as she shook, her fingers digging into her them, harder than Xena's had. Her back spasmed into a tight arch.

This time Xena suppressed herself, but it was as difficult an act of self-discipline as she had ever performed. She lifted her face from Gabrielle's cunt, panting, wincing from the salt-sting of sweat in the scratches on her chest. She stared sightlessly into space for a long moment, and then blinked. She swiveled her stiff neck, and regarded the man who still lay slumped across the campfire.

"St-stamina," Xena croaked, spat into the dirt, and called more clearly, "Stamina, farmer. You'll need it with this youngster." Xena bent, and half-lifted Gabrielle's limp body over the log and onto the thick grass. Then she gripped the bard's ankles and pulled her toward the man, who was wide awake now. Gabrielle gasped softly as the grass burned across her buttocks. Weak tears started in her eyes.

Please, Gabrielle thought, No more. I'm so tired. I want to crawl under three thick blankets, fold my arms around my knees, and sleep for two weeks. With Xena behind me -- the words rose unbidden -- her strong arms warming my shoulders.

Gabrielle's erstwhile rapist made a clumsy effort toward sitting up as the warrior dragged her quarry nearer. He had been awake, and watching with a combination of incredulity, terror, and raw lust since Gabrielle was spread over the log. He hitched himself into a seated position, but he could go nowhere, as Xena had laced the man's wrists to the stump behind him.

Xena tossed Gabrielle's legs down and headed back toward their bedding. "Get on all fours, Gabrielle." She tossed the order back over her shoulder. "Spread your knees, wide, and wait."

The man may have believed that Xena's current guttural growling indicated greater safety than her recent bellowing roar. Gabrielle knew better. She threw a frightened glance at Xena, and scrambled up onto her knees.

The man's trousers were still around his ankles, and his thick penis was erect. "What are you doing, witch?" he squealed.

"Mister, she means it." Gabrielle's voice shook. "Look, don't move, and I'll try to keep her from hurting you -- "

"D'ye think she wants to watch you suck me off? Eh?" The man glanced uneasily at the warrior's back, but the prospect obviously appealed to him. "And if she tells you to do it, you'll do it, girlie, won't ye?"

Gabrielle's emerald eyes went still. "If she tells me to bite you in two I'll do it, you son of a bitch."

The bard stiffened as she heard footfalls coming toward them. She froze in place, a doe hearing the step of the hunter, shivering, her sea-green eyes staring sightlessly before her.

Xena looked down at Gabrielle and commanded her pulse to slow. She would need all her control now, fine-tuned and tireless. She stared at Gabrielle's trembling shoulders, the sleek, arched back, the huddling twin globes of her buttocks. Xena felt tears rise in her eyes, the same tears that threatened whenever she looked upon the most benevolent and beautiful of the gods' creations.

Gabrielle waited, afraid, but patient as moonlight. She heard Xena undressing above her, and her mind's eye pictured her lover perfectly. Peeling her leathers up over a cold and implacable face. Her shoulders and breasts sculpted ivory, her eyes the blue at the base of the most searing flame, her raven hair a wildness framing the austere beauty of her face.

"I told you to spread those knees."

Gabrielle's eyes closed as she shifted, parting her knees as widely as possible. The movement separated her buttocks, slightly, and she felt the warrior's gaze crawl up her dark cleft. Then an even more tangible touch; Gabrielle felt the dry tickle of a leather strip slither up her crack.

Xena's whip.

Gabrielle began to cry. She lowered her head and squeezed her eyes shut, and the tears coursed silently down her cheeks. A mistress of language, she couldn't have explained the quality of her tears.

Fear, a healthy dose of it -- she had seen the damage Xena could inflict with that whip. If she meant to beat her, Gabrielle wasn't sure she could hold her position; but the prospect of disobedience at this point frightened her even more. And her tears fell, too, because it had been too easy to forget the full intensity of her love for this woman, in the day to day grind of their travels, and now she was weak with it again.

And Gabrielle wept with gratitude that her lover had brought her here, to a new richness of sensation even the bard's vivid imagination hadn't believed possible. She wasn't sure she could survive the pleasure the whip would bring, if Xena put it inside her. She wasn't sure if any woman could survive it.

Begods, the man thought, what's this crazy bitch doing! She knelt behind the young witch, but now she was stringing that bullwhip between her own damn legs! And bringing the thin end of it up over her shoulder, and around her own fist. And now fitting the end of the thick handle between the blond's -- ahh. He got it. When the banshee fucked the youngster, the leather could be scraped back and forth in her own gash, and she could yank on it whenever she wanted a harder rub. He licked his lips, aroused to the point of bursting.

"Are you crying, Gabrielle?" Xena asked softly. She eased the thick circular end of the whip handle into the opening of Gabrielle's slick vagina..

She couldn't see Gabrielle's face, so she let other images of the bard, weeping, fill her mind. The last time Xena had seen those tears was when Gabrielle stitched Xena's injured shoulder. Her partner's green eyes kept filling, to her annoyance, because she knew how badly her hands were hurting her. Xena had teased her, gently. Now she teased the leather bullwhip into her twitching sex. Xena eased the whiphandle's end through the tight ring of muscle at the opening of the girl's channel.

Gabrielle's sobs emerged as hitching groans, as tendrils of liquid fire began to lick through her groin.

"Listen well, farmer." Xena's voice was not quite sane, and the man ogled her. "It's a bitter truth, true, but you must never forget it. She won't. This sweet woman-cunt you wanted? This cunt, that you hoped to steal from me? It's mine. No one else can ever possess it. No one else can fill it with fire, like this."

Xena warned herself to take her time fucking Gabrielle -- the shaft was quite thick. Gabrielle's small vagina had to strain to accept it, even after the recent reaming by Xena's hand. She had to be stretched, gradually, to accept the leather rod. Xena was up to the challenge. The bard was so oozingly wet, she could probably accommodate the hilt of a sword, eventually. A pity the night was fleeting, Xena thought, as the whip finally sank fully into the girl's snatch.

From the moment she had leaped down into the campsite, Xena had not injured Gabrielle. She wouldn't, without the bard's permission. She had treated her with great roughness, but her skin, even her tenderest netherskin, was unbroken. Gabrielle would have bruises in the morning, but fewer than Xena herself. Gabrielle couldn't know it, but Xena had punished her own body far more, physically, that night. Suppressing climax called for an actual cramping of all the muscles in her back, and now Xena's broad shoulders felt like she'd tried to raise a wall with them.

The twinge in her lower back sounded again, as she began to rotate the whiphandle deep between Gabrielle's legs, forcing sloshing noises from her depths. She eased the whip out, drawing a low moan from the bard. Then she pushed it back in, slowly, slowly. A twist. Back out. In. Faster now.

"Ahh-hhh." Gabrielle began to lunge forward on her hands with the rocking force of the penetration. Her face contorted, flushing red. The tendril of flame within her was growing, swelling -- and then it held, simmering, as Xena's hand left the whip. Gabrielle gasped, in frustrated loss.

"And these are mine." Xena's cold fingers slid up Gabrielle's sides, then below her to cup her pendulous breasts. She squeezed them, viciously, and Gabrielle's head shot up, her hair snapping over her shoulders, before sinking down again. "These will always be mine, farmer."

Xena's fingers pinched the helpless Amazon's breasts, and raked her fingernails gently over her nipples. Then she resumed fucking her with the whip, plunging it in and out of the golden-furred twat. "You're going to write about this adventure, Gabrielle," Xena breathed. "And you'll read that scroll aloud to me, every night, while you pleasure yourself." Xena punched the whip faster.

Gabrielle sobbed harder, and flinched as heat surged deeply through her again. She could hear herself, hear the wet noises her pussy made as it convulsed around the whip handle, and the sound shot her arousal higher. She tried, very hard, to prevent it -- but felt her hips began to churn in small circles, a lewd display she was helpless to stop.

Xena closed her eyes quickly at the sight, and eased up on the strength in her left hand, that had been pulling the whip over her shoulder and grinding smooth leather over her clit. She intended to make this last, for both of them.

"I've wanted this for years, my bard," Xena whispered, eyes still closed, fucking Gabrielle steadily with the whip. "To drape you naked over altars. To fuck you senseless in your bedroll, every bloody n-night -- "

Xena's voice broke, and she began sawing her hips to and fro, digging the leather whip into her own cunt. She bit her lower lip so brutally a small pearl of blood emerged between her teeth. She pummelled the whip in and out of Gabrielle with growing fervor. "Don't you come, Gabrielle," she hissed. "Not until I allow it. Focus. You may not."

To Gabrielle's anguish, she heard herself grunt. She grunted each time Xena slammed the whiphandle deep into her, and she grunted when it was dragged slickly out. The guttural sound was the antithesis of this graceful woman, wild with shame and heat. But she was powerless to stop the horrendous noise, because molten lava was swirling from the tip of the whip, through her juicing passages, spurting from her clit . . .

"Like this, baby?" Xena purred, her eyes on Gabrielle measuring and sure.. "Is this what you want, being whipfucked from behind by my hand? Do I know you, beloved?"

There was a humility that lived in the deepest part of Xena that asked this question with loving deference. But the rest of her core knew the answer, knew the bard. And knew she was ready. Xena released them both.

"Come apart, Gabrielle."

Xena ground the whip into her own clit so hard that she didn't just climax once, she couldn't stop doing it, and then Gabrielle screamed so hideously with her own chain of orgasms that she started coming harder.

The desperately erect intruder finally succeeded in unlacing his own wrists, and clambered clumsily to his feet. He took one last look at the two furies, still convulsing against each other and emitting sounds that would haunt his dreams, and then he turned tail and ran, awkwardly, but as if Hades himself pursued him.

The aftermath was like the peace that follows a grueling battle.

They lay together, Xena slumped over Gabrielle's heaving back. Maybe one was unconscious for awhile, maybe both. Gabrielle didn't stir until she felt the engorging whip pulling slowly out of her. She shuddered, but didn't lift her head.

Xena had to use her free hand to pry open the fingers that were clenched around the whip's shaft before she could drop it. Wincing, Xena stretched and snagged a blanket from their pile of bedding. She shook it out and lay it flat over the grass, beside Gabrielle.

"Lie down, Bri."

Gabrielle simply fell over onto her right side. The warrior grabbed a second blanket to cover them, and stood over the bard for a moment, studying her face.

Gabrielle lay on her side, eyes closed, her face still streaked with tears. Xena eased herself down beside her. She lay a hand on the girl's bare shoulder, and pulled her gently over onto her back, sliding her left arm out to pillow Gabrielle's head. She spread the second woolskin over them both, warming their nakedness.

Xena hummed softly as she cleaned her lover's face, licking her fingers and smoothing them over the cooling cheeks. Finally Gabrielle's eyes opened, and she reached up and took Xena's hand from her face and held it, sleepily, in her own.

Xena's rich alto was quiet, and kind. "Did I hurt you, Gabrielle?"

Gabrielle frowned, and shifted experimentally, thinking about it. Then she cleared her throat, and looked up into the warrior's concerned eyes, with a faint sparkle in her own. "I'll have worse," she murmured.

A smile curved Xena's lips, and she nodded. "I can promise you that."

Gabrielle lay saturated in a delicious lassitude. She felt as if she'd slept, hard and well, for a week, and was just awakening now before another quick nap. She was sated, warm, relaxed. Safe.

The bard turned her head on the woolskin, and her bleary eyes focused on the dried tendril of blood over Xena's breast, and then the three deep scratches her fingernails had dug into the base of her throat. And now she noticed other scratches on her lover's wide shoulders, from the brush she exploded through trying to reach her. Gabrielle's lovely face filled with remorse, and she traced two fingertips lightly over the worst cut on Xena's chest.

"Did you have a good run?" Gabrielle asked sadly.

Xena snorted in startled laughter, and Gabrielle slipped her hand beneath her dark hair to cup the back of her neck and pull her down to meet her lips. The movement began gently, but Xena felt the hand on her neck clench, and press her head down hard. She ground her lips against the swollen ones of the bard, and this time it was Gabrielle's tongue that snaked into her own. It was the last, sparkling remnant of passion that remained in them, and they fed on each other for long moments of predatory pleasure.

The kiss grew tender, again, as it ended. Then Xena smiled down at Gabrielle, and kissed her, chastely, on the cheek, a sisterly note of thanks. Gabrielle smiled sleepily up at her, then yawned, her left arm curling on the blanket above her head.

Xena rested her arm protectively across Gabrielle's waist and nestled her head in the soft pillow of her golden hair. The warrior sighed, the long, quivering exhalation of the truly drained. She fell, within one heartbeat and the next, into the dark, swirling luxury of deep sleep.

Gabrielle lifted Xena's fingers to her lips and kissed them. She moved closer to her lover's bare breast, rested her forehead against it, and she slept, too.

----------- end--------------

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