Author: Denise
Story Title: Playing Havoc with Ares
Characters: Ares & f (Havoc), (Xena & Ares)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: After a day of surveying wars and his armies, Ares gets a visit from twin goddesses, and gets an afternoon playing a power game he'll not soon forget.
This rating is for explicit m/f sex and mild bdsm.

The characters belong to Studios USA and Renaissance Pictures and were used without permission. No copyright infringement was intended and no money was made.

This story contains explicit descriptions of male/female sexual relations and mild bdsm.

Other comments: After watching the 'Xena' and 'Hercules' series from the very beginning, I have adored the fact that female characters on both shows are strong both physically and mentally. I have also enjoyed the underlying sexual tensions on the show, so when the fan fiction sites started popping up on the web, I decided a couple of yet unheard of goddesses might be fun to create. In this first story, I make mention of a connection between Havoc and Xena, pre-Ares influence on Xena, that I may explore later.

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Playing Havoc with Ares
by Denise

Ares glanced around the anteroom to the Hall of War. He knew that they, or at least one of them was there; he could sense it. He appeared calm and controlled, but underneath, the God of War was seething.

Earlier in the day, he had returned to the Hall of War after a day surveying the half dozen or so wars that were being waged around the world, some in his honor, others just out of pure chance. One war in particular had captured his attention as it involved a nearby village. His heart and his cock leapt as he sensed his favorite warrior in the area. Xena had always made his blood boil in anticipation, and knowing that she was so close today, brought his temperature up. He'd left her several signs around the area, things he'd hoped would tempt her back into his fold. Once this was accomplished, he checked again on the invading army, pleased with the general he'd handpicked to lead the attack. He felt invincible today, ready to challenge the other gods if necessary, once again thinking how much he would love to have Zeus's position as head of the gods. "Someday," he muttered, "the old man will be gone, and I will have my chance."

Now suddenly, he sensed something different about the temple. He looked around, quick glances here and there. Nothing seemed out of place, but he knew that something was different. Upon closer inspection of several statues that faithful mortals had made of him and left at the temple in his honor, he noticed that they had been slightly and subtly disfigured. One had the eyes crossed in a quizzical expression; another's tongue was out as if taunting the viewer. Little by little, Ares discovered that almost everything in the temple was slightly askew. Someone had desecrated his favorite temple. And he knew only two people who would have the audacity to do this to him. Discord had been with him for the past two days, leaving two other choices apparent.

"Havoc, Chaos!!! Come out, I know you're here!" he thundered. He heard a stifled giggle from somewhere in the temple, hidden from him, trying to tempt him to boil over into a rage. From out of nowhere, snow began to fall, and no matter where Ares moved, the snow seemed to follow him, until it coated his hair and goatee with small white crystals. And it had been such a perfect day.

He stalked over to the throne, tossed the wreath of flowers adorning it to the floor, crushing the petals beneath his boot. He sat down, grasping the arms of the throne, absentmindedly flexing his biceps as he flexed his fingers, gripping and releasing the arms of the throne over and over again, trying not to let this get to him. However, as he settled his bodily structure into the throne, the seat let out a disgusting sound, which caused him to jump up, his rage seething in the air around him.

Suddenly, he felt something on his head. He reached up, felt the soft petals of several flowers topping his head like a crown. This was it, the final straw. He slammed his body back into the seat of the throne, sighing loudly as the throne once again let out the disgusting sound.

"All right, that's it. It's over, come out now, whoever you are!"

As he finished bellowing his command, Havoc suddenly appeared in front of him, reaching over to lift the crown of flowers from his head.

"And I so thought that this would become you, the colors of the flowers complement your complexion, Ares," the goddess whispered in his ear as she leaned over him.

He couldn't help but gaze at the tempting site of Havoc's breasts, mere inches from his face, as she took the wreath from his head and tossed them aside. She lingered there, teasing him, daring him to look further, to reach out and touch the fruit dangled in front of him.

"Tell me, Ares, don't you like what you see?" she asked innocently.

"How could I not like what I see? Especially when it's something so beautiful, so caressable?"

"I was talking about the redecorating of your temple that Chaos and I did earlier. You know how my sister and I so love to stir things up." Havoc took a couple of steps back from the throne, head to one side, a smirk on her lovely face, taunting him, while her hands gripped her leather clad hips.

Ares said nothing, just sat there admiring the view for a few seconds. "Oh that, well, it wasn't exactly my taste, now was it? I prefer things slightly more masculine, well most things anyway," as he took in the entire form and being that was Havoc, one eyebrow raised as his tongue lazily slid over his bottom lip.

"Had to try to cheer things up here, Ares old boy. You seemed to have gone into quite a funk since Callisto took out that little slug, Strife. We thought that maybe things had picked up for you once you let Discord hang around, but I guess once you saw her as a clucking chicken in leather, it sort of spoils seeing her as your slutty little playmate, doesn't it?"

Havoc had turned around and begun walking around the temple picking a few things up, putting them down, trailing a finger through dust on the altar. She stopped at one statue, one of the more daring of the statues in the temple, which portrayed Ares naked and quite proud of it. She stifled a giggle as she noticed the bells that been placed on a particularly protruding part of the statue. Havoc continued her tour of the temple. Chaos had certainly outdone herself, she thought, no wonder Ares is ticked. She hadn't heard Ares leap from the throne, so she was startled when he landed solidly in front of her. His eyes blazed with anger.

"You leave Strife out of this, you little bitch," he growled. "He never did anything to you. And as for Discord...." Ares stopped in mid-sentence as he sensed someone behind him. He turned to see who the intruder was, diverting his attention away from Havoc, who immediately grabbed his right arm and pinned it behind his back. Chaos, who had appeared from nowhere, took the other arm and did the same. Suddenly Ares realized that he had been set up.

He tried to shake their hold on him, but with both of them pinning his arms behind him, he was in a very vulnerable position, the element of their surprise astounding him. Havoc alone would have been almost his match in any fight, but with her sister Chaos helping her, they were practically invincible. They pushed Ares back over to the throne, whispering and teasing him all the way there. They forced him onto the throne, chaining his wrists to the throne. He tried to fight them, but once the chains were on him, he knew that they had him....temporarily anyway.

"Go ahead and try, Ares, those chains were made by Hephaestus, which means no matter what you do, you won't be getting away for a while," Havoc handed the key to her twin sister Chaos, whispered something to her and with a wink toward Ares, Chaos disappeared. Havoc unlaced the leather vest slightly that she wore, letting the curve and swell of her breasts jut out a little bit more. She walked over to the throne, straddling Ares's thighs as she slid onto his lap, until she was inches away from his face. Her fingers wove themselves through the dark curls of his hair, gripping them and pulling his head gently back, so that his gaze was on her eyes instead of other parts of her anatomy.

"We're going to play a little game, Ares, you and I. A little game of power, a game of who's got the power. Right now, as you can tell, I have the power, but with a little luck, you may be able to get it back. There are no rules, as you might have guessed since I don't play by any rules, but then again neither do you. Any questions?"

"Mmmm," he murmured thickly, seemingly lost in her eyes, "how will I know when the game is over and who wins?"

"Easy enough," she whispered, leaning in closer to him, nibbling at his earlobe. "If I win, I get what I want, if you win, you'll be out of those chains and you get what you want."

"Sounds like my kind of game," he smirked, his dimples etched deeply into his face.

"There are a few more things that you should know, my mighty warrior god." Her tongue slid over the vein standing out on the side of his neck, up toward his jaw, to his chin and sliding over his chin.

"Yeah, what?" He reveled in the feel of her velvet tongue as it teased his skin with its warmth, its wetness, the way it was driving him wild with the desire to rip the chains from his wrists and pin her to the ground with the weight of his body, as he slid his hips into hers over and over again, pleasuring them both.

"If I win, you dump Discord, send her away, somewhere far away from me, you, basically away from Greece. And you leave Xena alone for a while, a long while."

"What? Are you nuts?" Somehow, Ares managed to throw Havoc off his lap into a pile onto the floor with one quick thrust of his body. She looked at him, a gleam of triumph shining in her eyes.

"That's what I win, Ares. Besides, I think it's only fair since I was the one who originally found Xena. I had so many plans for her, until you intervened, that is. So if I win, you leave Xena alone. That way, maybe I can win her back."

"You are crazy, you know that? Besides, I can't possibly win, Chaos has the key to these damned chains, so you'll automatically win."

"Does that mean that you're conceding the game to me already, Ares? I'm surprised, I figured that you had a bit more fire in you than that."

"Of course I'm not conceding to you yet, I just want a fairer situation. After all, I'd do that for you."

Havoc stood up, undoing the laces completely from her vest. She shrugged the vest from her shoulders, letting it drop to the floor. "Ha," she laughed at him, "I doubt that you'd make any competition or game between the two of us fair if the tables were turned. You certainly haven't before."

Ares could say nothing. It had been years since he and Havoc had been intimate or he had seen her in such a state. She hadn't changed much, she only seemed to have become lovelier, more tightly muscled, sleek, and more feminine. He tried to remember the circumstances that had split them up, but his concentration was not exactly focused on the past at the moment. He swallowed, trying not to let her see that he was certainly at a disadvantage. As much as he hated these odds, knowing that he couldn't possibly win against her, he might certainly enjoy losing to her, even if he had to give up Xena in the process. But even in this altered sense of mind, he knew that he would find some way of keeping Xena around, and get what he wanted from Havoc at the same time. He watched her as she continued to take off the rest of her clothing, until she stood before him completely naked, except for the wicked grin on her face.

"Now, let's even things up a bit for you," she warned.

She moved over to him, undoing the fasteners on his vest, sliding it over his shoulders, so that his chest was bare to her. Her hand slid over his chest, coming to rest on his stomach. She bent her head, covering his lips with hers, sucking the bottom one into her mouth, teasing it with her tongue. A small groan escaped his lips, echoing into her mouth. She slid her tongue into his mouth, exploring the dark moist cavern generously with her tongue. As she did this, her hand slid down to the top of his pants, slowly undoing the ties and giving her fingers an opening for further exploration beneath the taut leather. As she continued to explore, her fingers encountered his already engorged member. She drew it out of the opening in his pants, teasing the head with lazy strokes, her thumb tracing the head, already damp with precum.

By now, his mind was intent only on capturing her mouth with his, trying to gain some sort of advantage this way. The moment that her fingers gripped him, applying pressure in the way that she remembered he liked best, he knew that he had lost to her and surrendered his body to her. Havoc sensed his surrender, but was determined to completely drain him. She knew that if she were to stop now, payback would be such a bitch. She continued her manipulation of his cock for several excruciating moments for Ares as she kissed down his throat and over to his left nipple. She teased it into hard arousal with the sucking and licking. She didn't pause as she plied the other nipple with the same attention. Her hand never stopped gripping and releasing his hard cock, as she stroked the shaft up and down.

She stood back up, never releasing her hand from the attention his body craved. She straddled his lap again, sliding the large head over the curls that framed and hid the swollen nub between her netherlips. She rubbed this spot languorously, teasing both of them, until he moaned, "Alright, alright, you win, I'll leave Xena alone, I'll send Discord away, just please, stop this infernal torture."

Havoc growled contentedly as she guided the throbbing tip to the opening of her wet pussy. With one swift motion, he raised his hips to meet her and slid his shaft up into her, causing her to gasp and grip his hips with her legs. They both settled back onto the throne, moving and thrusting, grinding and dancing that essential male/female dance of ecstasy. His hands could only grip the arms of the throne, as her hands gripped his shoulders and his upper arms as they both rode wave after wave of pleasure. He dipped his head to capture a hard nipple into his mouth to suck it, gently biting it, causing her to throw her head back and let out a whimper of pleasure. His lips left a wet trail to the other nipple, not wanting to deny it any pleasure. As he suckled her breasts, she tightened her grip on his member with her legs and her pussy. She felt the familiar tightening of his body, as he began to stream his pleasure into her body. This caused her body to respond in kind, as she gripped his waist, grinding her hips against him, as they came almost in unison. After what seemed like eons, he leaned back into the throne, breathing hard. She leaned up against him, their bodies still locked together, with her chin on his shoulder. She, too, was breathing hard, and almost seemed to be purring into his ear.

"You know, my dear Havoc, if I admit that I like your little game, I might be encouraging you to try something like this again. On the other hand if I say I deplored the methods that you used in winning, I would be quite the liar. But I'll give you this, you and I do tend to think alike on occasion. But by the gods, I do hate losing."

"Now, now, Ares, you didn't really lose. After all, you did get what you wanted, you just decided to forfeit the game early on. The key wasn't that far away from you at any time, you could have easily won."

"What?!" Ares looked at her with disbelief.

Havoc stretched her right arm up, once again causing Ares to watch the motion of her body, his eyes almost glued to the way her breast moved in front of him. Her fingers glided through her hair, pulling out a small object. She held the small gold figure between them.

"I had the key all along. What I gave Chaos was something else when she left. I figured you might realize that I pulled an old bait and switch trick on you, and give me a run for my dinars, but you ceded the game to me rather quickly."

She slid her body off his, and with a quick motion of her hand, was once again completely clothed. She slid her hands up and over his arms, once again ravishing his lips with hers. As she kissed him, she slid the key into the palm of his hand. "I hope that we get to play this game again, soon, God of War. Oh by the way, you do look quite divine in chains."

She backed up, started to disappear, but stopped. "By the way, you really should thank me. I didn't do anything to your temple, it was all Chaos's idea, but I had a feeling that you wouldn't be pleased at all. I managed to stop her before she did more damage to it and convinced her to let me talk you out of seeking some retribution against her, especially since it fit in nicely with my little game." With that, Havoc blew him a kiss and left Ares chained to the throne, spent, but in even a much better mood than after reviewing his armies in action earlier that day. He chuckled to himself and set about setting himself free from the chains that bound him to the throne.


"Xena, do you think that Ares will ever quit trying to bring you back into his fold?" Gabrielle asked the silent warrior princess, as they sat around the blazing campfire.

Xena looked up from sharpening her sword, running her fingers up the blade as she intently studied the steely edge.

"He might not let her go completely, but I can guarantee you that at least for a while, he won't be giving you any problems."

The two women jumped, as Havoc appeared across the fire from them, Xena leaping to her feet, her sword held out in front of her, ready to defend her closest friend from danger.

Xena breathed deeply as she recognized the goddess seated on the log. "Thanks, Havoc. If you hadn't been able to distract Ares for a while, I don't think that we would be able to take the neighboring village back from his army. I owe you one."

Xena walked over to Havoc, extended her hand to the goddess, then sat down next to her.

Havoc gripped her hand and pulled Xena very close to her, whispering seductively in her ear. "Don't worry, Xena, you don't owe me a thing for this. I've already collected."

The End

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