Author: G. Bonobo
Story Title: An Episode In Which Joxer Revisits His Past
Characters: Joxer & various f (Meg's girls), Joxer/various m, Ares/Joxer
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Joxer reminisces with Meg's girls.
This rating is for explicit m/f and m/m sex.

These aren't my toys. I'm just borrowing them. I promise to put them back.

This story contains explicit descriptions of male/male sexual relations.

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An Episode In Which Joxer Revisits His Past
by G. Bonobo

Joxer hummed to himself as he walked along the dusty road leading out of town. He was looking forward to seeing the girls again. It had been a while since he'd seen them.

Cissa saw Joxer walking up the lane and called joyfully, "Joxer's coming!" The cry was taken up and echoed by the other women in the house. "Joxer's coming! Joxer's coming!" Ines brushed out her skirt. Chloris fluffed her hair. Acalanthis cleared her throat and hummed a pitch. The others gathered round, grinning from ear to ear. Nessa opened the door to their visitor, and Joxer walked confidently into the room without a stumble or a misstep, knowing he was among friends.

"Joxer the Mighty, Master of Virility..."

Joxer took the stringed instrument down from where it habitually hung, and, tuning it, joined in the song.


After the spanking and the oral sex, Joxer and the women began to reminisce. Crowded onto the orgy-sized bed brought out for special occasions like busy Saturday nights and Joxer's visits, the women begged him for stories of the old days.

"Remember that time that Athenian merchant came through here?" Chloris asked. "When he left, he gave you several pounds of spices."

Joxer smiled, nuzzling her neck. "He was sweet."

"What about that time that Warlord stormed through here, and you were the only one who could calm him? He left most of his treasure with us, then ran out and got killed by someone else's army." Nessa snuggled close for her share of Joxer's attentions.

Acalanthis sat near Joxer's feet, rubbing them. "Do you remember that absolutely divine bard who passed through here? You convinced him to stay for a whole week, and he played every night he was here."

Running her fingers through his hair, Cissa asked Joxer, "Who was your favorite? Of the customers, I mean. I wouldn't ask you to choose between us, because we know you love us all equally."

"Theoretically," Ines grumbled from the cold spot on the edge of the snuggle pile.

"Sounds like someone just can't get enough of my tantalizing stuff," Joxer teased as Chloris changed places with Ines, allowing the other woman access to their "captain of debauchery." With gentle hands and kisses, Joxer warmed the voluptuous prostitute, playing with her peaked nipples and rounded breasts.

The woman sighed. "I've missed this."

"Me, too," Joxer echoed against a mouthful of creamy flesh.

"But you promised us a story," Ines finally insisted.

Reluctantly, Joxer lifted his mouth from the feast of salty skin, and relaxed against the feminine forms of the heterae. "Well, there was this one time..."

"Tell us! Tell us!" the women chorused.

With a smile, Joxer leaned back, his hands idly caressing the women sharing the large bed, and began his story. "Do you remember the big war that was fought around this area about five or six years ago?"

The women nodded.

"I'd been keeping company with one of the lieutenants of the local regiment. He came to see me once a week, usually right after he'd paid his offerings to Ares, then give me what ever he had left over. You know how that went. I taught him to use the sword between his legs, in exchange he was supposed to teach me to use the sword I bought from the weapons smith. But he'd get here late, we'd kiss, go up to my room, and before I knew it he was rushing out the door in his skivvies, yelling that he was going to be late for breakfast."

The girls nodded in sympathy. There was nothing worse than a john who came and went in a rush.

Joxer continued. "He was beautiful. Tall, broad-shouldered, calluses in all the right places..." Joxer sighed, "and he was hung like a Minotaur: long, thick, straight and strong. I taught him to do this thing..." Joxer's own cock began to harden in response to the memory, and the women squirmed happily with anticipation, wetly fingering themselves. "Never mind that," Joxer insisted, returning to the story.

He felt the women sigh, collectively disappointed, but continued. "One week he didn't come. I tried not to think too much of it, but he was one of my regular customers, and I did worry a bit. That was the week we were trying to decide if we needed to start paying special attention to the foreign customers, trying to earn some immunity in case their side won."

"Oh..." Acalanthis remembered, "that was when I had that Turk who did the kinkiest things with honey and yogurt."

"Is that where you learned that?" Chloris asked curiously. "I never knew."

"Ahem?" Joxer interrupted, not unkindly, before silencing them both with kisses. "Now, where was I?"

"Whatshisnose, 'Minotaur Dick' didn't show up one night," Cissa provided.

"That's right. So I waited up for him," Joxer continued. "I'd heard there had been fighting in the town, so I feared the worst. But, thinking about the fighting, thinking about him fighting, sweat dripping from his body, his armor chafing him in unusual places, I got really hard. I thought I wasn't going to be able to sleep, but, in the dark of the morning, he came to me. He was usually quite a talker, but this time he didn't say much. He just slipped in to bed beside me and whispered, 'Let me hold you for a while.' I thought it was terribly romantic."

The girls sighed, obviously agreeing.

"However, it was also terribly frustrating. I was hard enough to cut diamonds, and he wanted to cuddle. I remember feeling his body hard against my back, his breath hot against my neck. Finally, his hands moved on me. He was not subtle. He grasped my cock with one hand, and pinched my nipples with the other. I wanted to turn my head and kiss him, feel his tongue fill my mouth, but he rolled me onto my stomach, and straddled my thighs. His large hands spread my ass, and I felt him enter me. He felt larger than he'd ever felt before. He filled me completely, and moved in strong, surging pulses."

The women held their breaths.

"He hammered me, again and again. He'd bring me just to the edge, then slow down, then start pounding again. I was crying with frustration, but he was torturing himself, too. I reached down to touch myself, relieve myself a bit, but he didn't like that. Pinning me with his body, he grabbed my wrists, and held them above my head. He continued reaming me like a madman, until finally, he gave in, and with a mighty cry, he came into me, filling me with his cream. The sensation was too much, and I came with him, covering the sheets."

The women sighed. "Wow," Colymbas breathed.

"I didn't want him to leave. I tried to keep him inside me by clenching my asshole, but he pulled out, and wiped us off a little. He was gone before I could turn around. But before he left, I held him long enough to kiss him deeply. He pulled away and left. It was the most intense experience." Joxer's legs moved restlessly, the strength returning to his cock.

"Did you ever see him again?" Ines asked.

"I remember him," Chloris insisted. "Didn't he die sometime that week during the fighting? In fact, I could have sworn he died the day before you say this happened."

"My memory isn't what it was," Joxer confessed, "But that was a long time ago. Why dwell on unhappy things when I've got a bedfull of happy companions?"

Joxer and the women returned to their orgiastic pursuits. Before long, Joxer was eating out one woman, fucking a second, while fondling a third and a fourth, while a fifth was eating his ass. If you practice anything enough, you're bound to gain a certain level of skill.


Joxer left a few days later, sore but happy. As he waved goodbye, he promised to return soon, and give their love to Meg when next he saw her. Alone again, Joxer hummed as he walked through the green forest. He stopped abruptly, seeing a familiar figure leaning against a sturdy tree.


"Why didn't you tell them the rest of the story, Joxer? Are you ashamed of me?" Ares purred. "You're hardly the first war widow I've visited on the eve of her husband's death."

"I'm not going to tell the girls that I was really fucked by Ares, God of War that night. And I didn't find out that it was you until I started traveling with Xena. Besides," Joxer insisted, leaning in close for a kiss from the martial deity, "this way, it's our little secret. It's more fun that way."

Ares growled, but accepted the mortal's kiss. "Yeah. I have a reputation to maintain. I'm a fighter, not a lover. Except when I'm with you." Ares pulled Joxer roughly against him. "How did you get so good at this romantic crap?"

"I practice a lot," Joxer grinned, breathlessly close to the God of War.

"With a fighting spirit like that, I'll make a warrior of you yet," Ares promised.

The End

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