Author: Aly
Story Title: Ares on Ares
Characters: Ares/AU Ares GOL
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Ares and Cupid have a bet... PWP. Response to a GOW/GOL challenge on Ksmithares.
This rating is for explicit m/m sex.

The characters belong to MCA/Universal and were used without permission. No copyright infringement was intended and no money was made.

British spellings.

This is NC-17. Sexual situations, m/m.

This story was a response to a GOW/GOL challenge on the Ksmithares list.

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Ares on Ares
By Aly

"Cupid !" he bellowed. "Get your ass down here and tell me what this crap is about !"

Ares stamped through the hallways of the God of Love's temple, a whirlwind in tight black leather, intent on serious damage. Entering the main hall and finding it empty, he snarled wordlessly and shouted again. "Cupid !" He waved the lightly perfumed, pastel coloured letter as he spoke, holding it by the edges to avoid contamination. "I thought I'd taught you not to involve me in your stupid little games - I'm not interested."

He stood for a few more seconds, then quoted from the letter, sarcastically. "Love carries all before him: we too must yield to Love." He crumpled the flimsy parchment, tossing it contemptuously over his shoulder. "Do you have a special person who writes this drivel or do you agonise over it for hours?" He snorted. "Whatever. To me it's a challenge. Now show yourself. If you're lucky, I'll satisfy myself with just beating the shit out of you. It's for your own good." An unholy smile crossed his face, promising pain and suffering to his as yet unseen victim.

A form materialised in a shower of pink sparkles, looking apologetic. Ares looked upon a face and body which mirrored his own. Clean shaven to his beard, demure to his aggression, light to his darkness. He scowled, circling the new arrival, curling his lip at the close-fitting white clothing, leering at his ass where the new arrival couldn't see.

Ares didn't waste time with questions. It was obvious that his counterpart from the alternate universe had lured him here. Not Cupid. Obviously this Ares knew how to get the reaction he wanted. What else did he want? Ares completed his inspection, finishing only a metre away, face to face. He tensed, ready for a war of words.

"I want you."

With one stroke his opponent laid him open. Confused. He gaped for a moment, grasped the hilt of his sword while he recovered his composure and sense of humour. "Of course you do. Or you wouldn't have sent me that summons." Still unsure and not enjoying the feeling, he asked "But _what_ do you want me to do?"

He paused. "Sacrifice to you? Worship you? Hurt you?"

"Fuck me."

Ares stood still, eyes fixed on his prey, drinking in the smooth muscles, broad shoulders, narrow waist. "Fuck you," he repeated softly. Taut ass, broad chest, soft, vulnerable face. His face. He stood considering the offer. He could do this but only if he exerted some control right now. He needed to establish his dominance.

"You want me to fuck you……" He ran a hand across the shoulders of the Love god, slowly, sensuously and circled him again. Massaged the well defined muscles of his shoulders and back and felt him sway backwards into his touch. He trailed his fingers downwards and cupped that tight, tight ass for a moment, released it. Licked his lips and stared directly, challengingly into the other Ares' eyes.

The god seemed uneasy, dropping his gaze then looked up again. Gentle dark eyes met the hard stare of the War god. Lust glimmered in those depths. "Well, don't you?" insisted Ares.

"Y-yes. Please."

"You're going to let me take you. Here. Now. "

"Yes, yes! Do it." The Love god hesitated, the last shreds of pride disappearing. "Please….'" He stepped towards Ares, slipping his hand behind his head and pulling him into a deep kiss. He brought the other hand forward, cradling the mirror image face before him gently. Slowly at first, then with more passion he stroked the black leather covering the perfectly formed god, slipping his hand down to grasp the War god's fiercely erect cock, massaging it roughly. A gasp escaped as Ares revelled in the sensation of that knowing hand manipulating his hot flesh through the leather. He thrust his hips slowly, encouraging the hand to work his flesh harder, to drive him into a frenzy.

The Love god smiled, unseen by Ares whose eyes were closed as he lost himself in the sensations of cock straining, weeping, jerking against leather and the expert hand stroking and grasping him. His self congratulation did not continue for long. The War god twisting and squirming under his touch, wound his fingers in his tormentor's dark curls and jerked his head back roughly, causing him to cry out in pain.

Ares opened his eyes, bloodlust, desire, rage meshing together. His gaze fixed itself on the Love god as he hissed the other god's name for the first time and sank his teeth into the tender flesh of his lover's neck. His intensity frightened the Love god, yet the pain and fear stiffened his already hard cock, inspired him to stroke Ares' cock harder and faster until the friction burned his hand.

"Lean against the wall," ordered Ares softly. "I'm going to fuck you." He turned his partner round, allowed him to brace himself against the wall as he pulled his throbbing cock from its too-small enclosure in his tight leather trousers. He rubbed it against the thin silky fabric covering that gorgeous taut ass, felt the tingles of anticipation and desire as he stroked his cock up and down.

The other Ares whimpered softly as the war god roughly tore his clothing. "Please Ares, I need you to fuck me!" His own aroused cock stood hard and weeping against his belly despite the lack of direct stimulation. He groaned as the god ran the head of his cock across his ass cheeks, then placed it teasingly at the entrance. "Ohhhhhh."

But Ares didn't push inside to that hot, wet ass. He penetrated shallowly, giving only a taste of the pleasure awaiting. His hands moved to cover those of the Love god outstretched against the wall, drew them together savagely, securing wrist to wrist with a scrap of fabric from the torn and discarded clothing. His lover did not protest, writhing in anticipation, lost in the sensations promised by the heated body behind him.

Satisfied by the binding, Ares grabbed the Love god's hips and buried his cock inside his ass. He felt the heat, the tightness, the strong back muscles tensed against the sudden invasion, and thrust hard. In. Out. "Ooh, that's so gooood." In. Out. "You're so good." In. Out. He grabbed the hips underneath him for leverage and thrust again, harder and deeper, running his tongue over his own lush bottom lip. "Is it good for you too, bitch?" he whispered harshly.

The Love god panted underneath him, the sensation of Ares' huge cock filling his ass completely, driving him out of his mind with pleasure. He managed to nod his head and was rewarded by the touch of Ares' callused hand stroking his balls, stroking his swollen cock lightly. Light feathery touches, designed to tantalise, to increase his desperation for release. Gentle nips on his shoulder, erotically painful. He feared that the War god Ares had his own capacity for cock teasing, that he'd be a whimpering, squirming mess before he was allowed release, ready to do or say anything to be allowed to cum.

"Please, master," he begged. "Please let me come. Fuck me and let me come." Even as he said it, the War god thrust hard in his ass again and stroked his cock firmly, triggering his orgasm, spraying his seed against the wall.

Hearing this willing submission from his own double, acknowledging his superiority, sent Ares over the edge. "Oh yeah," he snarled, coming harder and sweeter than ever before, his pelvis grinding roughly against those smooth ass cheeks, burying his sharp teeth in the hot flesh beneath him. "Oh fuck! " Finally he stood panting, head resting on the sweaty back under him, feeling the muscles quiver and twitch.


"I bet Cupid I could fuck you within ten minutes of meeting you, do it in his temple - and that he could watch the whole thing without you noticing. Now that I've fulfilled my part of the bet, it's his turn." The Love god had rematerialised his leggings, but removed his vest, pleading the heat. The War god watched him like as a cat stalking a bird, appreciating the view of those smooth muscles while he gathered his strength.

"Cupid was watching? I'll have a little talk with him later," promised the War god. He stretched languidly, his body draped bonelessly across a convenient chair, temporarily sated. "What does he have to do now that you've won?" His eyes sparked suddenly, interested. "Can we decide?"

The Love god shook his head, smiling. "He has to do the same thing to my God of War - but without the time limit."

"That's it?" He was obviously disappointed.

The Love god smiled. "Have you ever seen Cupid's counterpart ? He's mad, bad and dangerous to know. No mortal has ever survived sex with him. Only three gods have tried - one changed sex to avoid ever catching his eye again and the other two still haven't been coaxed back from their hiding places."

Ares looked interested, his eyes dark and intent. "Cupid has to go one on one with him?"

"Yeah. Your Cupid must have a streak of insanity in him too - I'd swear he was looking forward to fucking that maniac." The Love god shuddered. "He'll be lucky to escape with all his limbs intact. Unless……"

Ares knew a hook when it was dangled in front of him. "Unless? " he inquired sweetly, baring his teeth.

"Well, we were hoping you'd help. Even a psychopath needs love. Quite frankly, if he doesn't get laid soon, he's going to start killing gods instead of just mortals."

"Oh, count me in. This I want to see," purred Ares. "Perhaps I could even demonstrate how to…restrain him in some of his more homicidal moods." His mouth quivered as he tried not to laugh. A decent opponent was hard to find…and if Cupid went first and did most of the work, Ares had a better than average chance of dominating the alternate Cupid, no matter how crazed or bloodthirsty. He could almost feel the sweetness of that victory.

The End

With apologies to Virgil. "Omnia vincit Amor: et nos cedamus Amori"

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