Author: Aly
Story Title: Render Unto Cupid
Characters: Cupid/AU Cupid GOW, Ares/AU Cupid GOW, Ares/Cupid
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Now it's Cupid's turn to pay up. Sequel to Ares on Ares.
This rating is for explicit m/m sex and bdsm.

These characters do not belong to me. This is a work of speculative fiction and no copyright infringement is intended.

This story contains explicit descriptions of male/male sexual relations and bdsm.

This is a sequel to the GOW/GOL Ksmithares challenge Ares on Ares (PWP). Thanks to Dee, Erin, Tham, Lisa and Nandra for the encouragement to write the rest.

You can find more stories by Aly at her site Aly's Ares and Iphicles Slash

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Render Unto Cupid
by Aly

"Do we have a plan here?"

Ares, God of Love crossed his arms across his chest and pouted, thrusting his bottom lip out sexily. He appeared to be considering the question. "A . . . plan ?" Forward planning was obviously not his forte.

"Yeah, a plan. You know - tactics"

By the glazed look in the god's eyes, Ares knew he'd made a mistake using a two syllable word in an effort to explain a one syllable word. He tried again, holding back on his first impulse which was to smack his double senseless. "Think-ing, " he said, pausing to let the important word sink in, "About what we're going to do."

He tried again. Something had to penetrate sooner or later. "You're not just going to send Cupid in there blind, are you ?" He resisted the impulse to wave a hand in front of the Love god's face, just to see if he could get a reaction. Ares sighed heavily, and gave up. Some battles were just doomed.

"Cupid!" he bellowed. His own universe's Love god appeared in a shower of golden sparks, snowy white wings furled tightly behind him, bare chest gleaming in the subdued lighting of his temple.

Cupid glanced from his fellow god of love to his summoner. "Ares," he acknowledged, a little uneasily. "Not still peeved about the bet, are you?" He smiled uncertainly and then gave the god of love a more genuine smile of greeting.

"We'll talk about that . . . later." Ares promised him, showing entirely more teeth than a smile required. "In great detail."

Cupid gulped, even as his crotch tingled. That would be one painful conversation.

"Are you going to help us then ?" he asked, eager to change the subject. "Ares. . . he told you about what I have to do now - with Cupid, God of War." He licked his lips, scared yet turned on at the same time.

Ares nodded, studying Cupid's reaction. "Yeah. You obviously need all the help you can get." He smirked. "Pair of amateurs. Got a plan of attack?"

"I'm not an amateur!" snapped Cupid angrily, his professional pride stung. "I've forgotten more about love and passion than you'll ever know."

Ares ignored the taunt for now, noting it for payback time. "You don't have a plan either, do you? This is war, not love, Cupid. If you don't think this out before you go in there, he's going to chew you up and have you for breakfast." Ares fixed his dark eyes on Cupid's face. "He's bound to have similar reactions to me - so you're gonna get involved in very violent, probably painful sex here. Can you deal with him hurting you while he makes you feel pleasure as well.. ?"

Cupid's mouth opened and closed a few times, surprised at how candid Ares was being. He swallowed hard, aroused by the thought of his dark twin performing unspeakable acts on his willing body. Shivered softly.

Ares laughed, a soft, sensuous sound. "Oh, I can see that it's not a problem." He surveyed Cupid slowly, lingering on the broad muscular chest and narrow hips. "If I'd known that before. . ... you show hidden depths. Still, I doubt any one god could deal with their War god alone. This is what we'll do . . ."


Darkness. Silence. An air of anticipation. Cupid materialised in a large open area central to the alternate universe God of War's temple. There were no signs of human servants, just dark stone walls, a sombre throne and ebony furnishings. He took a few steps, then stopped.

He didn't know how he knew but he was certain that the War god lurked in the shadows of his temple, assessing his visitor. Undoubtedly he didn't receive many visitors if the God of Love's stories were true. Few mortals and even fewer gods would chance upsetting such an unpredictable individual. He stood straight, shoulders back, wings extended. Ares had suggested that his counterpart's curiosity was his best chance of surviving relatively intact, and that showing fear would be a shortcut to pain.

A torch on the wall flared to life, then was joined by all the other torches in the hall. Cupid whirled at a sound behind him and came face to face with Cupid, God of War. His black wings spread wide behind him as he confronted the intruder. The two gods stared at each other, rapt.

Cupid tried the opening that had worked so well for the other God of Love. He licked his suddenly dry lips and whispered.

"I want you."

The reaction was a far cry from anything he'd expected. The War God snarled and leapt at him, his huge dark wings propelling him onto his opponent with enough force to slide them several metres along the floor. They tumbled over and over, punching and kicking, each trying to pin the other to ground. Finally they fetched up against a wall and collapsed into a tangled heap of thrashing limbs and wings, panting and sweating.

There was only one possible end to the struggle. The dark Cupid had infinitely more experience and a certain disregard for his own safety. He subdued his twin and sat firmly across his chest, one hand holding both of the Love God's hands about his head, the other with a firm grip on his neck. His green eyes glinted as he studied his captive, lip curled in contempt.

"You chose the wrong god to play games with," he growled. "Who sent you? That smug bitch, Aphrodite? Did they really think that disguising you to look like me would giving you one second's advantage?"

"Nobody sent me." He twitched, trying to move the wings caught uncomfortably beneath his body. His assailant gave him a warning glare and he subsided. "Really!"

The god straddling his chest grunted disbelievingly.

"I'm from the alternate universe - you must have heard about that." At least Cupid desperately hoped he had.

"So, you're me." He stared at Cupid suspiciously. "You're not War though - that's obvious." He snorted and tightened his grip on Cupid's throat a little more.

"No," admitted Cupid. "I'm Love." He hadn't counted on the paranoia this god was displaying. He certainly didn't like his chances of escaping in one piece.

"Love? I'm insulted !!!! " He punched Cupid brutally. The Love god's head rocked from the blow, a trickle of blood running from the side of his mouth. "They're trying to make me appear a fool !" He brought his head closer and whispered, "Someone will pay for this." He grimaced and bit Cupid's shoulder viciously.

Cupid winced and stared, aghast. This wasn't how things were supposed to go. A flicker of motion teased at the edge of his vision and he turned his head, desperately hoping for help.

"Well, now, isn't this interesting. Is it a game for all the family to play ?" Ares, God of War shimmered into sight already in motion, striding across the hall to the shadowy corner that contained both Cupids. He plucked a free floating feather from the air, twirling it absent-mindedly.

"Oh, please don't let me interrupt you, Cupid. With your permission, I'd like to watch him get what's coming to him."

With a sinking feeling in his gut, the Love god realised that Ares was addressing his fellow War god, not him. The blonde War god stared at the new arrival, assessing him, his body tense.

"Ares ! I thought you were going to help me, not help him !" His voice was a little high-pitched, revealing his growing fear.

Ares sniggered. Cupid really had a lot to learn about trust. "But I am helping you. This is for your own good after all, dear nephew." He smiled broadly, oozing fake sincerity. "You have to learn that everything is war. You and Ares thought you could manipulate me with sex. Now you have to learn that the God of War knows more about the darker side of sex than you'll ever understand."

Cupid stared, uncomprehending. The god pinning him down understood the meaning of the words though, and loosened his stranglehold, staring speculatively first at the tall, dark figure of Ares, then down at the god trapped under him

The Love God felt his tenuous control of the situation slipping and struggled to hide his rising fear. This wasn't in the plan. He was alone in an alternate universe, with one borderline psychopath and one homicidal maniac, both intent on making life very difficult for him. Worse, they appeared to have a mutual appreciation society forming.

Cupid, God of War pulled back his arm ready to administer another punishing slap. The Love god cringed, closing his eyes.

Nothing happened. He opened his eyes to see the other Cupid watching him. Slowly, almost as if against his will, the War god bent over and kissed him softly, his tongue gently stroking and parting the bemused god's lips. Cupid opened his mouth and returned the kiss dreamily, enjoying the sensations, his fear melting away.

"Ouch!" Cupid yanked his head away, blood gleaming on his lip. The War god grinned at him and sat upright, displaying the teeth which had bitten his bottom lip. He stroked his hand across the Love god's torso and dug his fingernails in near a sensitive nipple, provoking another yelp. Flattening his hand, he continued to trace tingling patterns on the smooth chest. He bent over again and Cupid tensed. This time he gently bit his left earlobe. The erotic sensation hardened Cupid's cock even as he waited for pleasure to turn into pain.

True to form, the alternate Cupid dug his fingers into his scalp, jerking his head around for easier access. This time however, he continued to nibble tenderly at his twin's ear giving him simultaneous pain and pleasure. His breathing was loud in the Love god's ear, driving Cupid crazy with desire to feel his counterpart's skin under his own hands. He struggled to free his arms from their position above his head.

He had almost succeeded in freeing his arms from the one handed grip on them when he felt two new hands grab his wrists tightly, separate them and hold them to the ground. Looking behind him he saw that Ares was to blame.


Cupid, God of War was resting back on Cupid's chest again, surprised, yet suspicious at the interruption.

"I think you're forgetting that this is your punishment. Cupid is in control here. You get to enjoy or endure what he decides to do - and no manipulation from you." Ares looked straight into the War god's eyes as he spoke, watching his response.

"I like the sound of that," whispered the War god huskily. "Ares holds you down while I do whatever I want." He gazed appreciatively at the way Ares' body filled his tight black leathers, then looked down again. He licked Cupid's neck slowly, bit him. "You can't do anything to stop us."

Cupid shivered softly, aroused by his own helplessness, the sensation of his twin's hardening cock resting against his chest and the feel of Ares' callused hands against his restrained arms. He considered sending a plea to his fellow God of Love for help but the god seated on his chest gave him no respite. The War god slid back along Cupid's torso to rest his weight on his legs. Hooking his fingers under the leather kilt, he ripped it savagely and divested Cupid's body of every scrap of clothing, leaving him naked to the gaze of both War gods. Cupid made a token effort to struggle against the hands holding him down but his swollen cock showed just how turned on he was by the violent foreplay.

Spreading his dark wings for balance, the warrior Cupid slowly bent over and licked the moisture gathering on the head of the Love god's engorged cock. He bared his teeth briefly at the terror in his twin's eyes and took it into his mouth, swirling his tongue around the shaft. The heat and warmth made the young god buck his hips, then gasp as he felt teeth scrape against his cock none too gently. Then the tongue twisted around his flesh again and he thrust upwards again. The mouth slid off his cock, sucking hard as his tormentor pulled back.

"Turn him over, Ares." The War god stood as he spoke, removing his dark leather clothing.

Cupid opened his eyes to the sight of the now naked War god eyeing him. Ares lifted his wrists and neatly flipped the captive onto his stomach. Cupid flexed his wings, straightening crushed feathers.

"Get on your hands and knees, Cupid," ordered Ares softly. Cupid raised himself quickly, staring at the tight bulge in Ares' still leather-clad groin, wondering if he intended to join them or to simply watch. Ares released his wrists and sat back on his heels, eyes fixed on the dark-winged War god positioning himself to penetrate the Love god.

"I'll take his ass. You can have his mouth - if you're game."

Ares' mouth twisted wryly. His fellow War god was paranoid even when the victim was as eager as the God of Love now appeared. Still, a bite on the cock was extremely painful even for a battle-hardened god. He rose and slowly shrugged out of his vest, willing to take his chances.

The blonde War god placed his cock at the opening before him and thrust hard into Cupid's tight ass, provoking a howl of pain at the lack of lubrication. The Love god endured it for a few strokes then used his power to provide the War god's thick cock with a coating of sweetly scented oil. His twin continued fucking him for several more strokes before realising what had happened. His face twisted with anger and pounded his cock home even harder.

Finally the angry god recognised just how much the god bucking under him was enjoying the rough fucking he was receiving, grinding his ass back to meet the wet cock sliding in and out of him. He snarled at his loss of control, eyes narrowing as he considered other methods of punishment even as he enjoyed his twin's ass.

Ares stripped the last of his clothing from his own body and knelt before the Love god. He stroked his face gently, fingered the stubble-coated chin. Cupid looked up at him, lips parted, his eyes glazed from the strong sensations of the God of War pounding his ass. Ares felt his amusement melt away, replaced by lust. "Suck me, Cupid."

The god barely hesitated, opening his now-swollen lips to receive Ares' cock into his warm mouth, running his moist tongue over the taut head before taking it as deep into his throat as he could in one swift movement. The War god behind him responded to the sight with even rougher thrusts. Ares felt the mouth on his cock suck harder. He resisted the urge to increase the leisurely pace of hips, demonstrating his control to the increasingly frantic god blowing him.

Ares could tell just how close Cupid was to coming, even with no stimulation to his own cock so turned on was he by being forced to fuck and suck. His fellow War god knew it too, judging by his scowl. Perhaps it was time for a change of pace.

"You're enjoying this too much, Cupid." Ares caressed the Love god's shoulder, enjoying the smooth muscle under his hand. "Time for another lesson." He withdrew from Cupid's wet mouth slowly, and stood up, stroking his cock lovingly. "It's called patience." He leered invitingly and curled a finger at the blonde God of War, his tongue gliding out to wet his lips.

Cupid felt the god withdraw from his ass, leaving him whimpering, on the edge of cumming. His open face reflected enough disappointment to reconcile Ares to the loss of his blowjob. His double sauntered over to the dark-haired god, not sparing him a backwards glance. The two War gods kissed savagely, hands roving over golden skin. Cupid watched them, eyes dilated with lust and longing. He slipped a hand down to his groin, ran his fingers over his aching cock, wanting to masturbate himself while watching them.

"Don't touch yourself, Cupid. This isn't meant to be a pleasure - not for you anyway. Disobey me and I'll make you wish you were never born." Ares returned his attention to blonde god writhing under his hands, sinking his teeth in. His partner glared at the god seated on the ground and put it plainer.

"Touch your cock and I'll bite it off," he growled. The hint of insanity in his eyes made it a very real threat.

Cupid swallowed, his throat suddenly dry. He sat motionless, eyes fixed on the two figures in front of him, blonde and dark heads close together as they turned a simple kiss into a battle for supremacy, fingernails gouging shallow wounds on both gorgeous bodies. Watching them made Cupid hornier than ever but he wasn't desperate enough to consider disobeying. He could do patience - for a while.

Ares whispered something into the War god's ear. He jerked back suddenly at the suggestion, staring. Ares' hands stroked his bare ass seductively, persuasively, scraping his nails across the sensitive flesh. Finally, he prevailed and the two gods lowered themselves to the floor and arranged themselves head to cock. The dark War god engulfed the other's cock with his hot mouth and had his own straining organ sucked between the blonde god's soft lips. Starting slowly then building up to speed, each god tried to make the other lose control first, sucking, tonguing, moaning and squirming.

Cupid stared, fascinated. The sweating bodies before him exuded heat and lust, even anger, as their competitiveness drove them faster and faster. Ares appeared to be winning, grasping the alt Cupid's ass tightly for leverage and deep-throating him but the fair-haired war god won the contest when he used one free hand to insert a finger roughly in and out of Ares' ass and then smacked him sharply with the other hand, sending the god over the edge, his cock jerking and filling his opponent's mouth with his cum.

The victorious god pulled out of Ares' mouth without ejaculating, elated by his triumph over his equal and beckoned to Cupid. "Clean him up."

Ares rolled onto his back, still breathing fast, half closing his eyes and inclining his head to acknowledge the win. He lifted his well muscled upper body up on his elbows and watched as Cupid crawled between his legs and licked the sweat and semen from his groin with long, languorous swipes of his tongue. The blood flooded back into his cock as Cupid's lips and tongue gently massaged it, darting into every crevice. Occasionally, the stubble on the young god's chin brushed roughly against his skin and he shuddered. He closed his eyes in enjoyment.

Moments later, his pleasure was interrupted. The War god found the temptation of Cupid's ass thrust in air as he cleaned Ares too much to resist, and threw himself on Cupid's back, luckily landing between the white wings. The War god pierced his ass with one stroke and started rutting, his head thrown back in enjoyment. He appeared to only have one speed - flat out. Cupid had no time to brace and found himself flat on Ares' chest, eye to eye with the amused god. He squirmed as much as the god fucking his ass would permit, trying to move his trapped cock into a more comfortable position without much success. Ares finally took pity on him, taking the weight of both gods for a moment while Cupid wriggled.

Comfy at last, Cupid finally realised just who and what he had pinned beneath him. He thrust his tongue past the soft, lush lips and kissed Ares, moving against him. He tangled his hand in the soft dark curls and tugged it sharply, remembering the god's earlier reaction to pain. The two gods grunted and strained against each other, grinding their cocks together as much as the weight of the God of War on top of Cupid permitted.

The God of Love tensed, pushed and came hard after the long wait. The alternate Cupid followed his lead, announcing his orgasm with an unearthly howl. Ares, still exploring Cupid's mouth, wriggled against the hot flesh pressing him down and groaned as his own orgasm hit him.

All movement in the temple ceased.


"Ares, I know you're watching." The War god spoke to his counterpart in a conversational tone. "Time to join the party and face the music."

The Love god materialised, his customary showy display of pink and gold sparks accentuating his tight-fitting clothing. His clean shaven face bore an innocent expression which fooled no-one.

Ares rolled sideways, as the God of War sprang to his feet, fixing the new arrival with a black glare, removing his weight from Cupid.

"Don't expect any more help from Cupid in the near future - he's surely realised that you manipulated him into doing your dirty work."

Ares snorted. "If using him as shock troops was my first thought, I'm sure it was yours too. Underneath all that 'I'm a lover, not a fighter' crap, you're just as devious as I am."

The God of Love didn't appear ashamed of his sneaky behaviour, flashing a devilish grin and winking at Cupid. "What can I say . .'re right." He strolled nearer to the naked gods, staring openly at his War god's sweat streaked muscles. "And he got off easier than I thought he would. I had no idea our God of War had such interesting ideas about punishment."

Ares grinned. If his counterpart didn't realise that he had been subtly directing his fellow War god's activities, then he deserved all he got the next time he tried to play games with Cupid.

"Well, he's all yours now." Ares turned to look at his own universe's Love god, dressing himself with a thought in his customary black leathers. "Time to go home, Cupid. I'm sure your new friend knows where to find you if he wants you again." With a nod to the temple's owner, the gods faded from sight.


Ares' Temple

Ares sprawled sideways on his silver and black throne, one leg hooked over the side, a satisfied smile on his face. Cupid stood before him, sweat drenched, thoroughly fucked and still pissed about the lack of support. Ares thought he'd never looked more better. Bearing in mind the god's newly discovered liking for the darker things in life, he decided to be conciliatory. It'd be easier to fuck him again later that way.

"Don't be a fool, Cupid. If I'd taken your side, it would have made him worse. You've got to learn to improvise. He was way beyond reasoning" There was a hint of admiration for the dark god's attitude in Ares' manner.

Cupid coughed, and glared at his uncle. "Next time, it's your ass getting reamed, you can improvise." He thought about that for a moment, liking the idea, then added, "And I'll watch."

He leered at the dark god and disappeared with a flourish of white feathers.

The End

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