Author: JinXavier
Story Title: A New Beginning
Characters: Ares & f (Cassandra)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: A young princess, who always wanted to be a warrior, becomes a priestess of Ares, and is initiated by the War God.
This rating is for explicit m/f sex.

The character of Ares, God of War, belongs to Studios USA and Renaissance Pictures and were used without permission. No copyright infringement was intended and no money was made.

This story contains scenes of graphic consensual sex between a man and a woman. If you are under 18 or this is illegal where you live, please read no further.

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A New Beginning
by JinXavier

Cassandra lost herself in the clash of swords. Oh, the sweetness of being able to wield a blade without having to look over her shoulder to check who might be spying on her. To move unhindered in leather pants and a simple tunic instead of a stiff, fancy dress. She'd never felt so free in her entire life. She sliced away at her opponent, her blood singing with joy as she knocked the sword from the girl's hand and backed her fellow priestess into a wall.

"Yield," she demanded, her dark blue eyes flashing with triumph as she held the sword to her opponent's throat.

"Enough," a deep voice commanded.

Recognizing the owner of that voice, Cass immediately lowered her blade and turned. "My Lord Ares," she said, a little breathlessly.

The God of War eyed his newest priestess with interest. He had been rather hesitant to take this one into his temple. She had been born and raised a princess in some pitiful little kingdom in the north, pampered and spoiled her entire life. He had strong doubts as to whether she would ever make a warrior. But he had capitulated in the end, giving into the wishes of the girl's father, if for no other reason than that she was extremely beautiful. She would make a nice 'decoration' for his temple. And now to find that she was actually skilled with a blade. He was very pleased.

"You've used a sword before," he pointed out.

"Yes, my Lord," she replied.

"And how is that?" he asked. "I was under the impression that you had led quite a sheltered life."

Cass shifted uneasily, fighting down the familiar guilt. "I stole . . . um, borrowed, one of my brother's old swords and talked one of my father's soldiers into showing me how to use it."

Ares smiled slowly, and Cass felt something inside her melt at the warmth in his gaze. Friends in the Temple had assured her that the God of War was very good to his priestesses, and not only with teaching them fighting skills. She had tried not to dwell on that aspect of her service too much. She knew more about what went on between men and women than her father would have believed, but all her knowledge was garnered from books. She might have slipped away unnoticed for sword practice, but in the arena of physical love, she WAS the sheltered princess Ares believed her to be.

Ares watched his new priestess closely, inwardly amused at the expressions flickering over her face, the guilt, the doubt, and then the speculation. He'd been rather busy of late and had neglected the newcomer. Now was the time to remedy that situation.

"You've done well here, Cassandra," he said. "Now let's see how well you fight another kind of battle." He held out his hand. Unsure of his meaning, but unable to resist the physical attraction of the god, Cass took Ares' hand. They disappeared in a flash of light.


Cass slowly opened her eyes, still in awe at the way Ares could move from place to place in the blink of an eye. She was clutching his arm so tightly that her nails were digging into his flesh, but when she looked up into his dark eyes, she saw no pain or anger, just amusement.

The God of War looked around his new priestess' room. "Rather sparse," he commented, noting the lack of decoration, the simplicity of the furnishings.

Cass shrugged. "I didn't bring much with me," she explained.

Ares placed a finger under her chin and tilted her face up so that she was looking full into his deep brown eyes. "I want my priestesses to be happy. Anything you desire, all you need do is ask."

Cass gulped, appalled at the thought that skittered through her brain at his statement. Right now, the only thing she could think of that she wanted was HIM. Suddenly shy, she backed away from him just a bit.

Ares suppressed a grin. He did so love to tease his priestesses, especially the new ones. He glanced around the room once again, noting a pile of sewing beside a chair. He walked over, bent down, and ran his hands over the soft, supple leather. "What's this?" he asked, pointing to an unfinished garment.

"Nothing, my Lord," Cass said, blushing profusely. She had wanted to make him something, some offering to show him how much she appreciated being taken into his temple, but now her meager attempt at a new vest seemed rather silly. Still, she couldn't quite tear her eyes away from his hands, the way they caressed the leather. Suddenly she wanted nothing more than for him to touch her like that. Blushing even harder, she shook her head, trying to dislodge these random thoughts she kept having.

Ares glanced back at his priestess, prepared to question her further, but one look at her stance and the way she was twisting the fabric of her tunic with her hands changed his mind. He straightened, and then he noticed something shiny peeking out from behind several books which had been placed carelessly on a shelf. He reached over and pulled the object out, revealing a pewter circlet with a dragon symbol entwined on the front. He raised a questioning gaze to Cass.

"My band of state," she explained shortly, trying her best to fight the pain away. She did NOT want to think about her family now. How she felt betrayed and abandoned by them, even if she HAD gotten her own way in the end.

"This is all you brought with you?"

Cass dropped her head, staring at the floor and fidgeting. "That, a few clothes and books and my sword. That band belonged to my mother. It passed to me when she died, but it means nothing."

Ares moved across the room and cupped her tiny face in his strong hands, grazing his thumb softly down her cheek. "You gave up a kingdom to join my temple?" he asked softly.

Cass smiled wryly. "No, my Lord. The kingdom would never have been mine. Even had something happened to my father and my brother, the council of Lords would never have allowed it. I was not . . . tractable enough to suit them. Nor would I marry any of the men they chose for me."

"You didn't want to be a princess," Ares said with a smile. "You wanted to be a warrior." He cocked his head, gazing down at his new priestess thoughtfully. "But I was under the impression your father sent you here as more of a punishment than anything."

Cass couldn't help but grin. "I convinced him that this was the last place in Greece I wanted to go."

Ares chuckled. "But you really wanted to come here."

"Of course," Cass agreed. "I wanted to learn to fight without having to sneak around to do it. And several of your priestesses were from my kingdom. They were friends of mine. They told me . . . " She trailed off, feeling a hot blush rising once again in her face.

Ares moved behind her and began to unloose her long black hair from its plait, reveling in the feel of the silky strands under his fingers. He bent closer, whispering in her ear. "And just what did they tell you?" he asked.

Cass swallowed nervously. How could something so simple as touching her hair cause such intense pleasure to rise inside her? She was feeling things she'd never felt before for any man. Her body was beginning to ache in a most pleasurable way, aching for him. "They told me how much they enjoy serving you, my Lord," she said simply, praying he wouldn't want details.

Ares chuckled. "And I can imagine exactly what part of their service they described to you fully." He came back to stand in front of her, placing his hands on her shoulders. "Look at me, Cassandra," he said, command plain in his tone.

Cass raised her eyes. The look on his face was frightening. Suddenly, she wasn't so sure what his intention was, why he had brought her here. Exactly what kind of battle did he expect to fight here in her room?

"I expect obedience from my priestesses," Ares said, fighting to keep a smile from his face. He wanted to make a point with this one, so new, but used to the trappings of royalty. She must learn that here, he ruled. That his word was law, and she was bound to do as he said.

"Yes, my Lord," Cass agreed immediately.

"Complete obedience," Ares continued.

Cass nodded, not sure of the point the god was trying to make.

"Now, little priestess, kneel to me."

Cassandra stiffened, and she stared at Ares in confusion. His expression was stern, though, so she bent to her knees before him, her head bowed, her hair streaming around her in long waves. She knelt there tensely, waiting for his next command.

Ares gazed down at the willing priestess, his desire for her growing with each passing second. By the gods, she was a lovely little thing, and there was an added thrill with this one. She was a princess, used to being pandered to, to having others kneel before her, and now she must kneel to him and obey his every command. It was quite a heady feeling. He spoke, his voice rough with suppressed passion. "Now touch me."

Cass looked up at him, not sure she'd heard him correctly, but one look at his face convinced her that she'd better do as he said. She lowered her eyes to the task set before her.

Her heart began to thump rapidly as she gazed at the sight in front of her. His aroused manhood was clearly outlined through the leather pants he wore. She drew in her breath, tentatively reached up a hand and lightly ran a finger across the length of him, marveling at the feel of him, the size of him. She glanced up at his in-drawn breath, but his expression remained impassive. She looked back down and began exploring the hidden shaft, aching to feel him without the leather covering.

As if in response to her wish, the leather suddenly disappeared, leaving the God revealed in all his glory. His manhood sprang from its confines, and Cass could not stop the gasp that escaped her lips at the sheer size of him. She began to stroke him again, lightly at first, then harder as she grew bolder, using both hands to encircle him. His breathing increased as she stroked him faster and faster, but suddenly, he stopped her.

"Now," he commanded. "Use your mouth."

Her head jerked up to look at him in shock, her face flushed now with passion rather than embarrassment, but then a slow smile crossed her face, and she unconsciously licked her lips. Ares fought back a groan as she bent forward and tentatively outlined his shaft with her tongue. She rimmed the sensitive tip, tasting him, then took him fully into her mouth.

Ares couldn't hold back the groan this time, and he thrust forward involuntarily. The feel of her warm mouth on him was almost too much to bear. And when she began to move back and forth, using her tongue on him, it was too much. He threw back his head and growled as his orgasm shot through him.

When the shudders at last subsided, he looked back down to see the kneeling priestess using her tongue to get every last drop of his seed. He grabbed her shoulders and pulled her roughly to her feet, then bent to take possession of her lips, kissing her mouth brutally, passionately, his lust growing once again.

Cass clung to Ares, afraid that if he let go, she would surely fall. Fortunately, he lowered her to the bed and fell across her, his knee working up between her legs, rubbing her deliciously. Her hands went up and plunged into his hair, playing with the soft curls, trying to bring him even closer to her. With a growl and a flick of his wrist, her clothes disappeared, and he began to run his hands over her naked form. His fingers captured a nipple, and she shivered as he lightly squeezed the sensitive tip. She whispered his name as his mouth soon followed his questing fingers. She tugged on his hair lightly, trying to pull his mouth back up to hers.

"Patience, little one," he said with a grin. "It's your turn now. Lie back, relax and enjoy."

His lips began to trace down her body, exploring every inch of her. He rimmed first one nipple, then the other with his tongue. He suckled each one, enjoying the whimpers that the priestess was unable to hold back. Then he continued his way down her flat stomach, running his tongue around her navel, then down, down, until he came to the soft black curls which covered her mound. He moved down, parting her with his fingers, then gently slid one inside her. She was more than ready for this invasion, and her body arched as she tried to capture more of him. He obliged, slipping another finger inside her. Then his tongue flicked out and touched her, and her entire body convulsed in orgasm. She groaned deep in her throat, and he completely engulfed her sensitive bud in his mouth and began to suck gently, adding yet another finger inside her and moving them slowly in and out.

Cass groaned again, completely lost in sensations. She had never known that she was capable of feelings like these. Her body shook again with another mini orgasm, and when the god lightly grazed her with his teeth, she completely lost control. Her body began to writhe, and she called his name over and over again.

Ares allowed the priestess time to come down from the heights, slowly kissing his way back up her body, claiming every portion of it as his own. He reached her mouth, and he outlined her swollen lips with his tongue. Her own tongue joined his, wrestling lightly, and he moved atop her, his mouth taking full possession of hers once again.

He moved himself into position, then pulled back to look down on her passion-flushed face. "Cassandra." His voice was soft, but full of command.

Lashes black as night drifted up, revealing deep blue eyes, dilated with passion.

"You are mine," he said sternly.

"Oh, yes, Ares," she agreed. "Yours. Always."

Assured, he plunged into her waiting warmth.

Cass was so ready for him that there was no pain as he took her virginity, and she immediately responded to his thrusts. She met his every stroke, clinging to him for support, burying her face in the warm crook of his neck, feeling herself peaking toward another orgasm.

Ares was amazed at her response. She showed as much passion in bed as she had on the practice field. She was urging him on to greater heights of passion, but he forced himself to slow, wanting to prolong the sweet agony. Using every ounce of self-control, he pulled himself almost entirely from her.

Cassandra's eyes flew open in distress at the sudden emptiness. She gazed up into his heavy lidded eyes, begging him silently to continue his assault. Suddenly, he plunged fully into her, filling her completely. She bit back a scream as he pulled out once again. By the gods, this was ecstasy. This time, when he plunged back into her, she couldn't stop the scream as it ripped from her throat. Once more, and then, as he filled her again even deeper than before, her orgasm took her, and her entire body began to shake.

As his priestess' body began to convulse around him, Ares at last let himself lose control. He plunged into her one last time, groaning as her body seemed to milk his seed from him, whispering her name when he was finally, totally spent.

They lay in each other's arms as their breathing began to return to normal. Cass smiled to herself. She had assumed that her friends had been exaggerating about their exploits with Ares, but now she realized that every word they had spoken was true. She snuggled closer to him, enjoying the warmth of him.

"Cassandra," a soft voice brought her back from the brink of sleep.

"Hmmm?" she asked sleepily.

"Welcome to my temple."

Cass smiled happily and drifted to sleep, secure and happy for the first time in her life.

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