Author: Bardicway
Story Title: Only One Chance
Characters: Chance/Tracy
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Uber. Chance is a soldier of fortune. She takes on a mission to tame her new lover Tracy, a feisty little strip club dancer in Managua, Nicaragua.
This rating is for explicit f/f sex, bdsm, potentially non-consensual sex and sexual violence.

DISCLAIMER: The characters belong to Studios USA and Renaissance Pictures and were used without permission. No copyright infringement was intended and no money was made.

WARNING: Explicit female/female sex. This story contains consensual and non-consensual graphic, BDSM sexual activity, NC-17. Don't like it---don't read it.

This is a Xena/Gabrielle uber story, taking place in the later part of the 20th century. Chance is a soldier of fortune. She takes on a mission to tame her new lover Tracy, a feisty little strip club dancer in Managua, Nicaragua.

I would like to say thanks to Klancy7 for offering encouragement, beta reading, tech support, friendship, sisterhood, and follow through.

Feedback is welcome as long as it doesn't flame me:


Only One Chance

Tracy knew she should never have attempted to manipulate her lover into changing her mind. She just couldn't seem to stop herself. Then, after Chance was clearly angry about the argument, Tracy fueled the fire by trying to appease with child-like poses and pouting only to be backhanded and locked in her room, naked and bound. She had been left alone then to think about the futility of any attempts at control with Chance, in any way.

Chance had only warned her once, somehow thinking that Tracy would catch on to the truth of who was who in this relationship. Or… perhaps she was hoping the beautiful dancer was stubborn enough to defy her, thereby earning the punishment that Chance had every intention of delivering. Chance had laid claim in the bedroom and assumed that Tracy's passionate compliance extended into every other aspect of their lives together. In Chance's mind, giving was giving and that was that…. or nothing. Tracy belonged to Chance and she would just have to see to it that her young lover understood that. If it meant forcing the understanding into her… so be it. Force was a tactic that Chance excelled in.

Where was she! The sun was getting low and Tracy was beginning to shiver lying there tied and exposed. She had been so sure that she could sweet-talk Chance into allowing her to stay in Managua and keep her dancing job at the Casa de Gatas. But the damned muscle bound she-demon wouldn't listen. Tracy tensed as she recalled the glaze that came over the tall woman's eyes. It was a subtle signal that she had gone over the top with her rattling on about how she loved her job and wanted to stay. Well, she did love her dancing job, along with the money and the attention that came with it.

It was hardly something she wanted to replace with the hardships of traveling through the jungles of Nicaragua as chief cook and bed warmer for the fierce guerrilla. She truly did love Chance but she could not see herself sloshing through mud and undergrowth, battling all sorts of bugs and vermin no matter how much she cared for the woman. Where the hell was she? Fear seeped in on her now as she thought maybe Chance would leave her like this for the hotel manager to find tomorrow after she had failed to show up for work. Visions of the ugly little pervert walking in on her tied and naked body (probably laying in piss by then) caused her stomach to turn.

Chance locked the stable and headed for the hotel above the Casa de Gatas. All the gear needed for the many weeks that they would be in the interior was at last gathered and packed. The two horses Chance managed to score were sturdy and good-natured enough to carry the women and their stuff. Chance checked her weapons: three hand guns, a high power rifle, a whip and two knives. She had decided that this was not a mission for explosives. It was just as well. Chance hated that shit anyway. She preferred hand-to-hand combat… quick and quiet. It would be the only way to break into that hellhole prison, get the Swede genius out and disappear into the jungle. She licked her lips. A certain little dancer was waiting upstairs for a lesson in humility and obedience. Chance was ready to teach.


Fear was rapidly being pushed out. Tracy could feel her body beginning to quake with the rage she felt toward Chance for tying her down to this bed and leaving her alone in this hideously cold, dark and silent room. As if this situation weren't fucked up enough, her bladder was beginning to ache with the need to release. She could not hold back from screaming out a string of profanities, cursing her lover straight to hell. The final scathing insult from her mouth vaporized into silence as the door to her room opened. Chance stood glaring at the naked beauty held helpless to the bed.

Tracy let loose. "God damn you Chance! How dare you do this to me! You fucking bitch!" She was shaking with rage and could not stop. "This is fine when it is fun and games and you stick around to play…but not this! You can't do this to me! You don't own me! Now get your ass over here and untie me…NOW… I have to pee!"

Standing with feet apart and muscled arms folded over her chest, the tall woman stayed silent watching those lovely breasts jiggle as Tracy struggled against the bindings that held her firm. "Ooh…nice," she thought and felt a throbbing at her core at the sight. Chance knew that she needed to be patient with this precious little brat and really shouldn't give in to the growing lust to make Tracy bend to her will. She would have to be strong. She focused on maintaining control. Slowly she unfolded her arms and made her way to the bedside in three long and deliberate strides.

Fear returned to the tethered girl when she saw the look on the face of the fighter moving toward her. Her furious words went still in her throat when she recognized the cat-like movements and the blue feral stare from her lover. These were signs of Chance's hunger to control in ways that went beyond keeping the girl bound naked and alone for an afternoon to think about transgressions. Tracy recalled seeing these signs after Chance had caught her flirting with a customer. No explanation of how it was her job to make club clientele comfortable and happy had saved her from a brutal session with Chance's belt and other sexual cruelties. Before it was over Tracy sobbed out promises to do better and pleading for an end to the pain. But the harsh slaps, the fisting and the pounding ass fucking stopped only when Tracy complied with Chance's demand that she say out loud what they both knew was true; that she belonged to Chance, body and soul. Tracy finally screamed it word for word and only then did Chance relent to tenderness and soft whispers of love for her.

Tracy hoped from deep inside that she could get straight to what Chance needed her to say and thus, avoid punishment. But she knew that it was already too late for that when Chance reached the bedside and smiled down at her. She felt hot tears spill out. Her whole body shuddered at the inevitability of what was coming. "Oh, no Chance. Don't…please don't." she cried. But she could see that her pleading only fueled the fire already blazing in her lover.

Chance watched the beautiful green eyes fill with tears. She listened to the soft whimpering sound from that sweet voice she loved so much. She felt her body thrill to the vision of Tracy's gorgeous body tied and helpless, quivering in fear… of her. Chance felt a raw rush of power. But it was not enough. Tracy would learn obedience without question or argument. This time she would understand what she had committed herself to when she pledged her love and her life to the mercenary months ago. Apparently she had not taken it seriously and Chance was determined to change that. She reached down and freed wrists and ankles, keeping the frightened girl pinned down with a look. "Of course you have to go to the bathroom my darling. How thoughtless of me," she purred. "Get up now and take care of that. I will be waiting here when you come back."

Tracy moved slowly, carefully easing her stiff body up to stand and steady her self. She forced her eyes up enough to check the distance between her and Chance. They were close. So close that Tracy's face brushed across a powerful bicep before she could manage to step sideways to get passed. She walked to the bathroom, grateful but not fooled by the accommodating tone of the fighter. She knew it was the calm before the storm, designed to put her more at ease. It was a set up to see if she would try to run or do some other stupid thing. Tracy wasn't always wise and sometimes she was impetuous but she was not stupid. She sat with the bathroom door open knowing that there was no hiding from Chance now. She was determined to obey every command, to fulfill every desire of her dominating lover. She knew Chance was going to hurt her tonight. She only wished to keep from making things worse. She hung her head in silent compliance as she walked back out to face what was to come.

She stopped just outside the bathroom. She meant to keep moving but she was stunned to stillness at the sight of her lover standing naked in the middle of the room. Of course it was not an unfamiliar sight but it was the stark contrast of Chance the mercenary with Chance the beautiful woman that fascinated Tracy. The long raven hair fell over those perfect shoulders and edged down to the tops of luscious nipples. Chance stood nearly six feet on legs that could press the life out of a large man (and probably had done it). Those eyes were deep blue and expressive enough to relay meaning without help from spoken words…like now.

Her gaze shifted from Tracy to the bed commanding the girl to lie down. Tracy took a step and spotted the belt Chance held doubled over in her hand. She felt all her resolve to be brave crumble. Her legs felt weak. She could not seem to stand. The pleading started before she hit her knees. "Chance, I won't argue any more. I will go with you. Oh God… Chance please don't whip me!" Her tears streamed over her cheeks. When Chance started toward her she fell on her side and rolled into a ball. "No, no…I'll do what you want…say what you want…be what you want. I don't care about the job." The begging ended with a scream of pain. Chance grabbed a handful of blonde hair and pulled up until Tracy was on her feet then slapped her back down to the floor.

"Get up on your knees Tracy…now!" Chance hissed. She waited until her frightened lover managed to scramble to her knees. The way Tracy's breasts shook when she moved caused such a stirring down inside Chance, she almost wanted to enfold the girl in her arms and cover her with tenderness. The desire left quickly. She had an obligation to set her lover on the right path, the path of obedience and dedication to Chance and only Chance. She walked slowly around the cowering young woman. God how beautiful she was.

Chance had always known that she was born to conquer. It was in her blood…ancient and wild. She did not know how she knew. She just knew. What she did not know was why this particular woman affected her as she did. She had always been on her own. The women she had known and fucked were just that to her and no more. Once was always enough. Even on those occasions when she actually liked someone, she never thought far enough past the sex to get into the next day. No woman ever stuck in her mind like this one did. Having Tracy in her arms and her bed just once was unthinkable.

She remembered her own reaction when she first saw the dancer. It was as if everything that ever was or ever would be suddenly came together. A powerful sense of familiarity with the little blonde engulfed Chance the second she twirled down from the stage and leaped high, somersaulting through the air to land directly in front of the taller woman. Their eyes met and Chance caught her breath on the intake at the immediate feeling that they had loved and lost each other somewhere else, some other time. There she was at last! The love of her existence was dancing into her life out of another century.

But there was something about Tracy that brought a fury into Chance, which seemed to have its own life. Chance seemed to need total submission from the girl and when she thought she didn't have it… she took it. She wanted to make her vulnerable and afraid. Her need to possess the girl was overwhelming. She hated how men gawked and drooled over Tracy when she danced and she wanted to punish her. Yet, that was not the only reason she punished harshly.

She did it because she liked it. Chance got intense sexual satisfaction from hurting Tracy. She sometimes held the little wrists together with one hand while lying on the girl, pinching sweet nipples hard with the other. Gradually she would increase the pressure until Tracy was crying and pleading for her to stop; or sometimes she held her over the edge of the bed, face down and pressed fingers into that pink little asshole until the sound of Tracy's screams brought her to ecstasy. Still, Chance never really injured her young mate. She was careful about that. Any marks on that beautiful skin were temporary.

Looking down on the shivering figure kneeling before her, Chance felt the grip of fury. She was thinking of Tracy's defiance at her demand that she quit that fucking job. Chance told Tracy firmly that she was not going back there to do anything but pick up her last paycheck and then she was to prepare for a journey into the jungle. Tracy ignored the demand as if it was just something that Chance needed to get over. She not only did not quit, she went to work and danced, seducing the imaginations of drooling, horny men! She did not get home until this morning when Chance had passed the point of reason and entered into the rage that still carried her.

One thought kept nagging Chance. It was that Tracy had to have been clear about what would happen as a result of her stark defiance. They had been together for months after all. Tracy knew this would happen… and probably wanted it. Why? The question merited further investigation.

"Stay on your knees but spread them far apart little dancer, and do not hesitate!" Came the order. "Put those hands on your head!"

Tracy moved quickly, spreading her thighs as far as she could. She felt awkward and needed her hands free for better balance. But her hands had seen the last of freedom for this night, until Chance chose to release them.

Chance leaned down and gripped Tracy's face with one hand, jerking her head up and holding it firm. She wanted Tracy to look at her for this. Her other hand roamed downward, caressing breasts and nipples and tummy as it went. She watched for response in those gorgeous green eyes and was not disappointed. The girl let out a sharp cry when fingers gripped the golden tuft that covered her center and tugged hard. Chance pulled at the tuft and watched Tracy's face wince with the pain.

"This is mine," was all she said then loosened her fingers to continue searching for the answer she sought. She slipped her fingers over lips and labia that were slick with Tracy's need. In fact, the adorable little brat was wet from her entrance to the tops of her inner thighs. Chance looked at eyes wide and tearful at being discovered and from the ensuing sense of shame. Chance grinned wickedly and whispered, "Well, well, well."

Tracy was mortified. She had been confused over the mix of feelings and physical sensations she had been experiencing since her first night of rough sex with Chance. She was both scared as hell and excited by the awesome power of the woman. She loved and feared her dominating lover and each of these emotions fed on the other. Chance was everything she had ever wanted and much of what she wanted was pain. She did not understand why she became so aroused by pain and the fact gave her shame. Yes, her fear of what Chance would do to her was real and her desire for it was equally real. Now she was exposed by her own body's betrayal. The shame rushed in on her now and covered her in bright red from her throat to her face. She felt like the word, "MASOCHIST" was branded on her forehead.

Chance was delighted. She let go of Tracy's chin and stood towering over the girl's shivering nakedness. Finally, after a moment of understanding passed between them she spoke. "It seems that you have been keeping secrets, Tracy girl. That is unfair, dishonest and not very nice to your lover. It's just one misbehavior after another with you, isn't it?"

Tracy tried to speak through her sobs, "Ch-Chance, can we talk?"

"No, not now."

"Please let me exp-."


"But Cha-" Tracy felt the sting of an open-handed slap to her face, knocking her off balance. She pitched over to the side and fell to the floor.

"Now, get back in position and shut up!"

Chance watched as Tracy regained her place on spread knees, with hands settled at the top of her head. She picked up the belt that was on the floor and stood slapping it against her leg as she spoke. "Now is not the time for talk. Now is the time for me to strap you with my belt. When I am finished with that, I am going to tie you to the bed and fuck you in every imaginable way and I won't be gentle. You are going to learn to do whatever I tell you to do. You will obey me without question and you will understand that I do indeed own you. I always have, Tracy, and I always will." Chance took a breath and commanded Tracy to stand and put her hands out in front of her, wrists together. She watched Tracy's quivering young body as it rose. She held her breath to keep from ravishing her immediately.

It seemed to Tracy that she had been down in that kneeling position for a long time. Her hips and upper legs were stiff in spite of her practiced agility as a dancer. But she dared not hesitate and stood up as quickly as she could. Her face burned from being slapped and she could feel her right cheek swelling. She kept her head low and held her hands in front of her as directed. She waited as Chance went to the dresser and pulled something out of the top drawer. When Chance returned she wrapped Tracy's wrists together with one of the long silk scarves the dancer used in the number she had performed the night they met. Tracy felt the iron grip of Chance's hands around her upper arms. Her head jerked back as she was pulled forward hard. She was lifted to her toes and still she had to look up to meet blazing blue eyes.

"Now, just a couple of guidelines for you to follow to make things easier for us in the future." Tracy felt Chance's hot breath on her face as she spoke. "First, you will tell me your feelings and desires even if you are ashamed of them. There is no need to pretend with me. In fact, the only thing that I dislike about the little fact that you get hot when I hurt you is that you keep it from me. Is that clear? Yes or no, speak!" she hissed.

Tracy was caught between the relief she felt at the meaning of Chance's words and the pain in her upper arms. "Yes," she croaked, and then quickly followed with, "There's something I have to tell you now. May I speak?"

Chance was surprised and delighted that her little captive was asking for permission. "What?"

"I want to understand but it is hard to get it clear while my arms are being squeezed so hard." Tracy winced at the high possibility of another blow to her face.

Chance smiled inside and loosened her grip, lowering Tracy to stand fully on her feet. "Better?" she asked. Tracy nodded and Chance continued, "Good. But don't get too comfortable because I am far from finished with you." She proceeded to lay it out. "You may call me by my name. I don't go for the 'master/mistress' thing although you may think of me in that way if you want. You may never again refer to me as 'fucking bitch' even if that is how you happen to think of me." Chance's voice lowered to a softer tone. The heat in Tracy began to rise again at the silky sound of it.

"I, on the other hand, will be calling you slut, whore, bitch and anything else that I think suitable while I am taking you. Still clear?" Tracy's eyes looked positively glassed over with lust. Again she nodded. "Alright." Chance's voice had returned to a growl. "You either forgot or never really understood that I am in charge. It has to be that way, Tracy. You are mine. You belong to me and that means all of you."

Chance was speaking louder now. "When I tell you to do something you will do it. When I forbid something I mean it is forbidden!" She felt her rage taking hold again. "Which brings me to the events of last night and this morning. You will never and I mean never show your body to anyone but me ever again! You will not dance for men or money." Chance was shouting now. "You will dance only for me! Do you get it?" She saw how the girl trembled as she nodded. The tall fighter could hardly manage her arousal. She leaned down and once again picked up the belt from the floor. She heard the sharp intake of breath from the naked beauty. "You are my dancer and now you are going to dance for me to the tune of my belt whipping your ass."

Somehow, Tracy was not prepared for the incredible sting of that belt as it hit her left breast. She let out a scream and fell back only to be struck again on her right breast. She twisted around and fell forward onto her knees. The leather stung like fire on her back and ass. Tracy turned and writhed and scrambled and screamed for mercy but the whipping continued. Every exposed part of her body was being whipped hard as her lover raged. Finally she thrashed about the room until she ended crouching in a corner. She had no idea of how long that wicked belt slammed against her naked backside. Her screams turned into moaning and she prayed that she might just pass out.

The blows stopped but the pain went on. She felt like layers of skin must have been whipped off, her body burned so badly. She just stayed where she was, sobbing and moaning pitifully in a state of semi-consciousness. Slumped on the floor in the corner, Tracy could not move. She was vaguely aware of being lifted and carried and lowered gently to the big bed she shared with Chance. She stopped moaning but her breathing was still ragged. She felt the bed move and she knew Chance was coming up beside her. Inwardly she braced herself for whatever was next. She shuddered with relief when she felt cooling salve rubbed gently over her burning, welted skin. Tracy felt the heat on her neck as Chance leaned over her and whispered promises of ecstasy through the pain, in spite of it and because of it.

Chance took a deep breath when she finally dropped her belt and stood over the whimpering, beaten girl. She had nearly lost control. She knew she never wanted to get that angry with her lover again. She was amazed at the white fury this woman brought out. But now the anger was gone and what remained was the intense need to have Tracy beneath her, receiving everything the passionate dominant had. Whipping the girl, watching that impossibly beautiful body shake and twist with each stroke of the strap and hearing how she screamed at the pain, brought the arousal of the imperious woman to a peak and she would not wait much longer.

Tracy felt her tied wrists lifted over her head. Chance was tying them to the brass bar at the head of the bed. She knew it was useless to protest but she couldn't help reacting with a sharp intake of breath and a pleading look into Chance's blue eyes.

"You have a question, Sweetie?" Chance responded.

It felt like a caress and Tracy nodded, knowing not to disobey with a spoken word until Chance permitted.

Chance was pleased. "Go ahead."

"I won't try to get away, Chance. Do you have to tie me?" Tracy's voice was hoarse. She was still shaking but now it was more from the rising heat filling her. She was astonished at her own level of excitement.

Chance enjoyed the way the adorable little blonde's voice sounded so demure and how she asked so politely. She looked down the beautiful body slowly, lightly touching welted breasts. She settled her own naked body down, lying on her side next to the girl. Her hand continued it's light stroking over Tracy's sore, burning skin as she leaned down to speak in her ear. "No love, I don't have to tie you and I don't worry that you will try to get away from me." Her hand was wandering down to the soft hair covering her darling's secret treasure. It lingered there, fingers twirling little tufts gently. She continued. "I tie you because I like you tied. It makes me hot to see you helpless. It is part of your lessons and your lessons are not over yet." She slipped her wet tongue just inside her lover's ear and was rewarded with hearing a quick gasp and feeling a sweet shudder from the girl.

Tracy could feel the wetness between her legs increasing with every honeyed word from her soldier. The fingers playing just inches from her swollen clit were making her squirm. Oh, if only her lover would just take her! She wanted to yell out to Chance that she wanted with all her being to be fucked and used and violated in whatever way the tall dark woman wanted. She held her voice in check but her breathing increased to a heavy pulsing rhythm.

"Now," began the dominant, "we are going to start with obedience. You may speak now because you will be answering questions and repeating things I want you to say." Chance raised up enough to look hard in the girl's eyes only to see them dart to the side. "No" she said, "you will look at me!" She watched as Tracy struggled to match her gaze. "Open your legs, little one. Keep your eyes on mine," she commanded.

Fingers still pressed and teased on Tracy's mound, driving her to distraction. She forced green eyes over to meet blue. It was so hard. She had such shame and the guerrilla was so intimidating. Slowly she parted her legs and felt the burning on her back and ass as she moved. She flinched but held her eyes to their mark. Her lower lip was grasped between her teeth now as she felt fingers moving down. She wanted this but knew that Chance would have something to say that would only increase her shame when all that wetness was discovered. Then Chance's fingers rubbed over one very stimulated clitoris and slipped down to rest just inside the swollen entrance. A moan escaped the captive. Tracy was so flooded with desire for her lover that her hips began to writhe in silent pleading. Still she obeyed and kept her eyes on Chance.

"Oh, you are such a good girl tonight," whispered Chance, her own need thundering in her center. Still she kept her control and began to rub her fingers up and down on the soft and very slick opening. She saw that Tracy's eyes were beginning to waver. "Steady, my love. You are not to look away or I will stop. Is that what you want?"

"N-no, please," Tracy stammered and redoubled her efforts at keeping her eyes still. Then she let out a cry of ecstasy as two strong fingers plunged deep. Her eyes got wide with reaction to the sudden thrust. Then her dark haired tormenter released her from the gaze by moving her larger body down to gain a position that would best serve her purpose. Tracy felt her legs pressed further apart as her lover held fingers high up into her.

The way the girl arched her back, jutting those delicious nipples straight up at that first thrust, drove Chance over the edge of control. She practically leaped between the little blonde's legs. She held her fingers inside the moaning girl while she leaned forward and gripped one sore breast with her large hand and sucked and bit at the nipple. She did this for a long time, going from one quivering mound to the other, reveling in the cries from her captive. Suddenly she rose up and screamed, "You love this, you little whore! MY whore! MINE!"

The pain in Tracy's breasts from the vicious sucking and biting was not only tolerable but increased her need and her pleasure. She wanted this and she wanted more. She stopped thinking about her shame. She only wanted her big, powerful lover to claim her, fuck her, hurt her, and own her. The tenderness she craved would come later. She knew this. Then the dark mercenary stopped assaulting her breasts and screamed a fanatical claim on her body. Tracy gasped at the look of wildness in those blue eyes. The fingers up in her were pulled out quickly leaving the girl aching with need and disappointment. "Oh, please stay with me, Chance, don't stop now. I need you, only you. I am yours alone, I swear!" She was sobbing now as her chest heaved.

Chance stood up as her young lover cried out the oath that she longed to hear. She felt as if she knew and trusted a part of herself that was old beyond belief. Yet, she felt it, understood it and with flashing images of leather and steel, she was comfortable with it. Looking down at her beloved she knew that Tracy's existence was vital to her own. This woman had always been her lover somehow. Her need to conquer and possess the beautiful blonde was part of that ancient power that pulsed through her. She was shaken by the magnitude of a love she never would have guessed that she was capable of.

Tears never came easily for Chance. She was a fighter, a soldier for money, an adventuress and even a killer when she had to be. Still the tears came now at this moment. They filled her and spilled down in a stream on her face. She looked once again into green eyes where she found her loyal soul mate living. She realized that Tracy was no longer crying but was simply looking back at her in quiet amazement. Finally she spoke.

"What I do to you and with you, I do in love. No one understands pleasure through pain like I do, my love. I will give you what you need and I will love you all the more because you have such needs. We match; passion for passion, soul for soul and love for love. You are mine because you have always been mine. Not because I claim you and not because you fear me. That is all part of some game we play to put reason to our desires. Before I make another move to satisfy the raging need in me and in you, I want to hear you say that all I have said is true. I will know if you are saying it to please me or if you believe it."

Tracy was stunned. Something happened in Chance that changed her. Did she say love? Chance was crying, actually crying. The things she said touched a place in Tracy that she could not name but it felt like a kind of coming home. There she was, bound, naked and sore from a blazing whipping, yet suddenly feeling safe. The love coming from Chance surrounded and entered her. This was not the Chance she knew but this was the Chance she wanted- always.

"Chance," she whispered.

"Tracy?" Chance waited.

Tracy found her voice. "Yes," she answered. "All you have said is true." It was simple and without pretense.

Chance's whole face was grinning. Her sparkling eyes revealed her joy at Tracy's response. Now she would tend to the needs of her little prize. She turned and walked to the bed stand and pulled her favorite toy from the drawer. "Watch me put it on." Her voice was husky from the lust that returned to drive her.

The beautiful blonde obeyed and watched as Chance fastened the harness to her. Her eyes were riveted on the large latex phallus, knowing how it would be used. She could feel her nipples harden as her own throbbing desire returned.

Chance untied the girl's hands from the brass bar but kept her wrists tied together. Leaning down she reached an arm around Tracy's waist and flipped her over in one swift motion. She resumed her place between open thighs, pushing them further apart roughly. With both hands she pulled up hard on the tiny waist, lifting the young dancer to her knees and elbows. She pressed two fingers against the soft opening of Tracy's very wet cunt. Keeping one arm firmly around her waist, she held the girls bottom high and plunged those two fingers deep. Chance could tell that the yelp from her lover was one of pleasure. "Tell me what is going to happen now, little girl," Chance growled. "Tell me!"

"You are going to fuck me," Tracy managed.

"And how am I going to fuck you?" Chance was pushing her fingers in and out of the precious opening slowly.

"I-I don't know"

Fingers pulled out and Tracy got a hard slap on her already sore buttocks.

"Wrong answer! This is not your first time, my little slut. Now tell me how I am going to fuck you."

"H-hard. You are going to fuck me hard."

Chance resumed the slow finger fucking. "Where am I going to fuck you?"

Tracy swallowed as she felt Chance pull her fingers out of her center and begin a slow pressure against her soft asshole. She shuddered with a mixture of anticipation and dread, knowing the answer.

"I'm waiting." Chance was breathing heavily.

"You are going to fuck me in my ass." Tracy began to cry.

Chance's wet fingers pushed slowly into the tiny opening. Tracy stiffened and instinctively tried to pull away but Chance held her in place and pushed deeper.

"Ooow-ooh" Tracy cried out at the invasion.

"It's what you want me to do, isn't it? Hmmmm? Tell me the truth baby."

"Yes!" Cried the helpless girl. "It's what I want. Please do it!" She closed her eyes tight as if that could somehow brace her against the pain.

Chance pulled out fingers and rammed the big cock into the tender orifice. She held the squirming young body tight. She began rocking into the girl with abandon. She sailed to ecstasy on the struggles and screams of the gorgeous young girl beneath her. Harder and harder she pumped, grabbing and squeezing tender flesh as she rode the most beautiful round ass she had ever seen. She reached down in front of her twisting little lover and pressed her fingers against a slippery clit. She mumbled out lewd desires and obscene promises of things to come as her climax hit with a force that nearly carried her to unconsciousness. She let out a wild howl with animal abandon and dropped forward to drape across the backside of her kneeling lover.

Tracy had never known such a mingling of intense pleasure and pain - never thought it possible. At the moment she gave herself to her lover and cried out a promise to take all the dark soldier could give, she felt the ease of her own surrender. No more fighting, no more secrets, no more shame. She took the pain because she always wanted the pain and could not hold up denial as a barrier any longer. She opened heart, mind and body and rose up to meet the stabbing phallus, welcoming every searing thrust into her tortured anus. She felt Chance's hand slapping onto her clit, causing her orgasm to come crashing, hard, fierce and long. She heard the feral scream above her as Chance rammed hard one last time and held strong through her own orgasm.

Tracy sensed how she belonged, how perfectly matched she was with her beloved, and then collapsed onto the bed and into unconsciousness.

The End

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