Author: Rickey
Story Title: Jett's Revenge
Characters: Gabrielle & Jett
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Jett has a unique plan for getting even with Xena, Gabrielle and Joxer.
This rating is for explicit m/f sex, bdsm, and potentially non-consensual sex.

The characters belong to Studios USA and Renaissance Pictures and were used without permission. No copyright infringement was intended and no money was made.

This story contains explicit male/female sex, bdsm and potentially non-consensual sex. Do not read the story if these subjects disturb you.

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Jett's Revenge
By Rickey

Chapter One: A Dish Served Cold

He had been humiliated. His brother Joxer, a total disgrace to the family, with the help of Xena had thwarted his assassination plans and landed him in jail. As the long sunless days passed, Jett plotted his revenge. Not killing, Joxer was his brother after all, but he would need to hurt him where he lives. He needed to come up with something even more spiteful and venomous than the simple tortures of their childhood days. This would take time. Besides, revenge was a dish best served cold. His dark and twisted mind plotted the ultimate torment for his disloyal brother. Jett had noticed Joxer's unrequited affection for Gabrielle. She would be the weapon to pierce Joxer's armor and being Xena's best friend, well, he would wound them both with one strike. Now he needed to escape...

* * *

Jett had to follow Xena and Gabrielle for almost two weeks before his opportunity arose. But Jett unlike his brother was patient. This is what made him a great assassin. He could wait with stealth calm and then quickly move to action at the moment of an opening. Within an hour of Xena leaving Gabrielle, he had her bound and gagged in his horse cart and was riding off to his secluded base camp.

Over the week's journey, Gabrielle had her gag removed for meals, at which time she cursed Jett and swore that Xena would come to her rescue. Trying to scare him, Gabrielle spoke of the beating that Xena would give him when she caught up with them. Only Jett did not scare easily. Xena and Joxer had no idea who might have taken Gabrielle or where. There were no witnesses to the kidnapping. No, Jett knew that Joxer and Xena would only find Gabrielle on his terms and his time table. By then Gabrielle would choose not to return to them, that being the ultimate humiliation for Joxer and an agonizing pain to Xena. He would win and in the meantime he would enjoy the road to victory. Jett had noticed Gabrielle's strong legs and tight stomach and ass. Her moist red lips and fiery disposition excited him. Okay he had been in prison for eight months, but none the less, she was attractive.

When they first arrived at Jett's mountain hideaway, Jett tied Gabrielle to the center post in his hut and proceeded to unpack what few things he had brought with him on his journey. Gabrielle's back was against the post and her arms tied behind it. She wrestled with the knots for an hour, but finally in defeat, slid down the length of the post and sat on the dirt floor. Jett, seeing that he was wearing her down, offered that if she promised to keep quiet, he would remove the gag. Gabrielle was exhausted and nodded affirmatively. Carrying over a bowl of cool water and a sponge, Jett sat next to Gabrielle and removed her gag. He then proceed to gently wash her face and neck. Gabrielle studied his face and hands. Neither spoke a word.

The resemblance to his brother was uncanny; identical, except for the eyes. Even though at this moment Jett was being kind, his eyes were still stone cold. They didn't have the lighthearted warmth of Joxer's eyes. Their souls must be as different as Cupid's and Ares', she figured. But deep inside she hoped that there was something redeeming in Jett. After all, Xena was once that way, part of that dark world.

Jett then began sponging her arms and hands. The cool water was soothing. The trip had been over dusty bumpy trails in the hot sun. Gabrielle gasped when he pulled out a small pocket knife, but he simply used it to clean under her nails and scrape back her cuticles. Jett stood up and filled a larger tub with warm water and salt. He removed Gabrielle's sandals and place her feet in it and left her to relax.

"See, I'm not so bad," he said matter of fact as he left the cabin to hunt dinner. He did not wait to hear her reply.

"I guess not," she whispered as the door shut behind him.

* * *

With a small deer slung over his shoulder, he pounced through the door. "We're having venison for dinner!"

Gabrielle slid back up the post to stand. "Great, I'm starving." She looked on as he started a fire and prepared to roast the deer. He had a collection of spices that he applied liberally. "A man who cooks," she mused to herself. He also chopped some fresh mushrooms that grew wild nearby.

Once dinner was well under way, Jett turned his attentions back to his captive guest. He picked up a brush and began to softly stroke her hair.

"How come you're being so nice to me?" she inquired. "Do you treat all your prisoners this way?"

"Actually, I've never had a prisoner before," he snickered. "I'm an assassin, not a kidnapper. Completely different line of work all together."

"Will you tell me why I'm here then?"

"I'm sorry, but your going to have to figure that out for yourself." Jett continued to brush her long strawberry hair in silence. He worked out the snarls as gently as a caring mother.

"I'm going to untie you now so that you may enjoy our dinner. Don't do anything foolish. Your level of comfort is completely up to you." He made direct eye contact as he spoke. She returned the gaze. Pulling his dagger from its sheath, he cut the rope that bound her. Gabrielle started to rub her wrists, but was quickly interceded by Jett who massaged them for her. His touch was becoming familiar and not at all unpleasant.

Dinner was delicious. Jett explained that food was one the few things left on this earth that he still took any enjoyment from. Her mind drifted into decadent thoughts of what the other things might be, but she quickly brought herself back. He was her captor and she mustn't forget that fact. She needed to think of a way to escape. Obviously, he must be setting some sort of trap for Xena and or Joxer and she was the bait.

After cleaning up the dinner dishes, and allowing Gabrielle a visit to the outhouse, Jett led Gabrielle into the bedroom. "You must trust that I won't harm you, but I must trust that you will always try to escape."

Although his words were meant to be soothing, she still trembled as he tied her arms and legs together and then to the head board of the bed. However, he kept his word and slept on the floor.

The next morning he untied her as soon as she woke and fed her breakfast. After which they went for a walk in the woods. Certainly not to his surprise, she attempted to make a run for it. After a quick sprint, he tackled her from behind and pinned her down. "It is futile to run my dear," he spoke through his heavy breathing. "There is nothing for at least twenty miles and I know every inch of these woods." His body felt warm on top of hers. It had been a long time since she had felt a man so close. He pulled Gabrielle to her feet and held her tightly around the wrist. Looking her up and down, he smiled. "I can see why my brother fancies you. For all his faults, at least he has good taste."

Gabrielle blurted, "You aren't fit to lick his boots!" Where in Hades did that come from? She was quickly confused by the situation. Jett read her face and proceeded to laugh out loud. After a minute she was laughing too. They laughed the whole way back the hut.

Jett tied her arms around the pole again and left her alone so that he could work on his weapons. Gabrielle watched intently as he sharpened knife after knife and sword after sword on his sharpening wheel. The rhythm of the sharpening and his deliberate repetitive motions captivated her attention. He had taken off his shirt and sweat glistened over his chest and back. Occasionally he would glance up and smile at his audience. The afternoon faded to dark as each blade one by one took its turn in Jett's hands. When he was finished he placed all the weapons, save one dagger, into a chest and locked it shut.

He sauntered over to Gabrielle with his dagger in hand. His toned upper body still hot and sweaty from his workout. She breathed in his manly scent and licked her lips in anticipation. This was so strange. He looked just like Joxer and yet she found herself physically attracted to him in a way she had never been to Joxer. Well not under some sort of spell, at least. But maybe it wasn't physical? Maybe it was his dark side, his energy. This was the type of man mother always warned her about. She had always been with kind men, good men. This was a passionate man, a dark passionate man. He knew about things that a gentleman couldn't know. She was curious.

Standing eye to eye he leaned in close bringing his dagger to the nape of her neck. Amazingly she was not scared, merely anxious.

"Don't you know I could slice this through your throat in a second?" he whispered in her ear.

She could taste his salt on her lips. She gulped unable to reply.

"No, No, my pet. That is not what this dagger is for," he explained while lowering the dagger over her chest to the top of her cleavage. He slowly slid the shiny blade in between two of the ties of her top. Again to her surprise, she wanted him to proceed. Her heartbeat was racing and she could feel the blood traveling into her crotch where the pulse between her legs grew stronger and stronger. Jett smiled at her knowingly and ripped the sharpened edge though the string. Pressing his body against hers, he slid the dagger once more underneath the ties. She trembled at the feel of his legs against hers.

Then he stepped backwards pulling the blade through the remaining stays. Her top flew open revealing her firm white breasts and rosy red hard nipples.

He reached out slowly to touch a finger to one of the nipples. He wrapped his hand holding the dagger around her back and rested the blade against the post. Jett leaned in and kissed the top one of her breasts and pinched the other's nipple gently. Gabrielle moaned in submission. He licked and sucked his way across her chest, up her neck and over her jaw. His hot tongue probed over her chin and into her lips. He kissed her with force. She had never been kissed this way before in her life. His bare chest heaved against hers as he pushed and sucked at her lips and tongue. He pulled away too soon for her liking. She could hardly breathe in anticipation of what he would do next.

He glided the dagger back and forth over her stomach before kneeling down to kiss her slender waist. He cut open her skirt and let it fall on her feet. In approval she moaned louder. Standing back up he kissed her on the mouth again and pressed her against the post even harder than before. His growing hard-on rubbed through his leather pants against her stomach and she rocked her hips in encouragement.

'This was so easy," Jett thought to himself. "She's been dying for a good fucking her whole sorry life.'

Gabrielle's mind on the other hand was cluttered and unfinished thoughts raced back and forth through her consciousness. One of which was the idea that all Jett needed was the love of a good woman to turn him around. Another, more accurate thought, was that she desperately wanted to feel what dangerous sex was like. She wanted to feel danger deep inside her, relentlessly fucking her.

"Please Jett, take me," she managed to beg in between kisses.

With that request, Jett slid the dagger along her side and into her very wet underpants. The cold steel against her skin making her knees shake. The dagger ripped through the soft cloth with ease and it fell around her ankles. Jett took two paces back to admire the full length naked body of his soon to be lover.

"First I must claim you as mine," he instructed her.

She was confused but so excited that she didn't try to figure it out. "Anything, just please make love to me right now."

"And so I shall." Jett walked around behind her and knelt at her ass. He brought the knife's edge to upper corner of the right cheek. Gabrielle squeezed her crotch and ass together tight. The blade cut into her skin and she screamed out. Jett lifted his tongue and licked the blood off the small incision instantly calming her down. He walked over to the fire and pulled out a brand that had been heating in the flames and left the dagger on the mantle. Gabrielle heard Jett's action but could not decipher what was about to happen. The brand seared her wounded flesh. Gabrielle let loose a blood curdling scream. Jett restored the brand to the fire and returned to face Gabrielle. Tears of pain streamed down her cheeks. Softly, he licked them away. He kissed her face and her neck and gently on the lips. Gabrielle closed her eyes and gave into the wave pleasure rising above the pain. As he kissed from her breasts down to her stomach, the swell of desire returned.

Jett brought his face to her crotch, his hot breath flowing through her pubic hair. With a hand grasped around her ankle, he pushed her legs slightly further apart. The other hand parted her pussy lips to expose her clitoris. Sucking lightly at first he then he worked up to flicking it furiously with is tongue. This was completely new for Gabrielle. Her body quaked at the amazing sensation. Her juices flowed over his face as he hungrily continued. Within a few minutes, Gabrielle had forgiven Jett for the branding and was begging for him to make love to her once again.

He rose to his feet and announced, "Yes my dear, now I will fuck you." He provocatively unbuttoned his pants and slid them down to his knees. He was huge. Her jaw dropped in awe. Gabrielle had never seen anything like it before. She sized it up to be about the length of her wrist to her elbow and almost as thick. The first thing that popped into her brain was, "I wonder if Joxer's that big." Then a thought that frightened her and excited her: "How is that whole thing going to fit inside me?"

Jett stepped out of his pants and approached her, stroking himself a couple of times to lubricate with his own pre-cum. Gabrielle watched his rod grow still slightly larger. Jett reached his hands between her legs and prepared her pussy for his entering. The tension mounted as he brought the head to her lips. It was hard and hot as it slid in a quarter of the way. Jett bent his knee and pushed himself in halfway.

By the Gods he felt incredible; Gabrielle wanted to be filled completely. With one more thrust, she had her wish. Gasping for air she could feel him bottom out in her cunt. It hurt a little but felt so much more pleasurable. Jett pushed one arm against the post above her shoulder and pressed her hard against it. With the other hand he lifted one of her legs around his waist and held her there as he continued to thrust upward. With each thrust she moaned. Over the course of a few minutes, he began to drive his shaft harder and faster into her dripping hole. Each time his cock reached the end of her, Gabrielle screamed from the erotic pain. She longed to hold him but her hands were still tied firmly behind her. Her mind went blank and she writhed under his pounding.

Next the strokes became longer. Each time he withdrew just so his head rested at the entrance and paused a moment before rapidly filling her up again. Finally he pumped at a frantic pace. Her individual screams blended into one continuous libidinous cry. The only sound from Jett was his heavy breathing until one low groan when he finally erupted inside her. He quickly withdrew and fell on his ass. Without his support, Gabrielle sank down the post to the ground as well.

They sat in silence for at least fifteen minutes breathing in sexual satisfaction. It was finally broken when Gabrielle began to sob uncontrollably. Her pussy ached, the pain from the brand was pulsating, and she was sitting naked on the floor tied to a post.

Jett immediately crawled to her and brushed her disheveled hair off her face. "Shhhh, shhh." He kissed at her cheek. But the flood gates had opened and she continued to cry. She cried in pain. She cried for all the pleasure in life that she had missed out on. She cried over being completely intoxicated by this dark man before her. She cried that she had wanted him so badly and at the knowledge that she wanted him again. Jett walked over to the mantle and retrieved his dagger. He cut the ropes around her wrists and let her arms rest at her side. After returning the dagger to the mantle, he grabbed a bowl of warm water and a sponge.

He rejoined Gabrielle on the floor and sponged away her tears. Her sobbing weakened as he caressed her skin with sponge, first her neck and arms then her back. He carefully cleaned the branded area. That would take time to heal, and soon display his emblem. He cleansed her whole body and then carried her off the bed.

As he grabbed for the ropes, Gabrielle finally spoke again. "You still don't trust me?"

"No." He tied her spread eagle to the four posts of the bed leaving a lot of slack so that she would be comfortable. Well as comfortable as one could be while tied down. "Would you like me to sleep beside you?" he asked placing a thin blanket over her.

"Yes," she answered, ashamed of her own need.

Jett climbed under the blanket and nuzzled into her.

* * *

Gabrielle woke with the sun. In the hot humid night the blanket had been kicked to the floor. She examined Jett's slender yet muscular body. He had a huge erection. Forgetting the ropes, she reached to touch it, but was held back. Jett awakened with her motion and immediately recognized just what her wide eyes were locked on.

"You mean to say you never heard of the magic of morning wood?"

"Morning wood?" she inquired back with a small smile.

"Here, let me show you." Jett began grinding his hips against the side of her leg. The erection grew and he leaked over her thigh. With his index finger he scooped up his pre-cum and placed it on her lips. She licked curiously.

Jett returned the curiosity. "You've never tasted a man, have you?"

Gabrielle shook her head no with her eyes diverted. She wasn't sure what he meant.

"Well then it's time for breakfast, little girl." Jett sat up and straddled her face. In instinct she turned her head to the side and his pre-cum dripped across her neck. Even in her wildest fantasies of men, she had never imagined this. No one ever told her about what Jett expected her to do to him. With one hand he balanced his weight and with the other he turned her face to his penis. The head felt soft against her lips. Opening her mouth, she took in a few inches and ran her tongue over it.

Jett's only tutorial, "Suck."

Gabrielle sucked his hard cock and Jett nodded his head in appreciation. He was in half way when she started to gag. He pulled out a little and allowed her to relax. She enjoyed watching his face react to her mouth's manipulations. She poked at the hole with her tongue, causing him to bite his lip. He held on to the head board with both hands and began to screw her mouth. Yes, her mouth was good for something else besides talking. He increased his rhythm and pushed deeper. She gagged on his monster dick. He let her suffer for a minute before pulling out.

He crept down to her pussy and slid dripping cock in without resistance. Gabrielle lifted her legs in the air as far as the ropes would permit. Jett fucked her harder and harder. With each stab she screamed "Yes" louder and louder. Soon it was "Yes Jett, yes, yes." The feeling of him ramming his dick into her along with the pull of the ropes on her arms and legs was incredible. Her screaming drove him to the brink of orgasm. He pulled out quickly and with the single stroke of his hand he spewed gobs of cum all over her face and tits. He let out a sigh of relief and gave himself a moment to catch his breath.

He left her soaked in his juice to go outside and urinate, which he'd had to do since he first woke. He returned with a wet sponge to wash Gabrielle clean. As he untied her, she asked to go pee. He told her, "Fine, but I'm going to watch." He led her outside completely naked to the edge of the wood. She crouched before him and desperately tried to relax. It took a few minutes before she finally was able to release under his watchful eye. It felt exceptionally strange.

She leaned over her shoulder to eye the brand. The pain was now dull. It was a dagger with a snake around the handle. The same dagger that he tore her clothes with the night before. A shiver went down her spine.

He led her back inside and cooked some eggs for her.

* * * * *


Chapter Two: Dessert

When Gabrielle had vanished into thin air, Xena became frantic. She nearly destroyed the village turning it upside down in the search for her best friend, incredulous that no one had seen Gabrielle. Xena wearily hung around for a week to see if Gabrielle would return, but then set off on a mission to find her.

* * *

For the first week at Jett's hide out, Gabrielle padded around in one of Jett's old black shirts.

"I must get you some real clothes," Jett offered to his paramour.

With a fiendish smile she replied, "You wouldn't have to, if you hadn't torn my old ones to rags."

"Those were the old Gabrielle's," he calmly explained. "My Gabrielle needs something, well...more suitable."

Jett walked to the door. "I'm off to fetch your new attire."

"I'll be here."

While she had been left untied the last three days, this was the first time that Jett had left her unchaperoned. He knew quite well that she was not going anywhere. Gabrielle desired his touch and his company. His plan was a brilliantly executed masterpiece.

He returned a few hours later to find her washing the sex stained bed sheets. Handing her a large cloth bag, he commanded, "Here, put these on."

She grabbed the bag with enthusiasm and then thought for a second. "How'd you get these so fast. I thought the nearest vill..."

Cutting her off: "I lied, it's just a mile down to the base of the hill. And now that you know that you could leave any time you want to, but I don't reckon you do."

Gabrielle paused in thought. She quickly came to the conclusion that she did not want to leave. Not yet anyway. "No." She smiled and headed for the bedroom. "I'll be back in a flash."

* * *

Xena was interviewing some villagers in the main square when Joxer came running up to her.

"Xena, thank the Gods I've found you." He tried to catch his breath. "I've been looking all over for you." He began panting.

"What, Joxer?" she barked at him hoping he wouldn't hyperventilate and pass out before he revealed what he knew, perhaps something about Gabrielle.

"Jett!" he gulped. "I heard that he escaped a few weeks ago and he wanted revenge on us for sending him to prison."

"Damn him to Hades!"

"Well at least I got here in time to warn you."

She grabbed him steady by the shoulders. "Gabrielle's been missing for two weeks. I've had no clues at all, until now."

Joxer looked distraught. "He must have her. You don't think he'd kill her, do you?"

The blood left Joxer's face.

"That psychopath's your brother, you tell me?" Then thinking about it, "No, what kind of revenge would it be if he killed her without our witnessing it. But why no ransom message? If it's a trap for us, then why hasn't it been set?" She lost herself in deep thought.

"Xena we've got to save her. He's a monster," Joxer begged.

This agitated her. "Of course I'll save her. What do you think I've been doing the past two weeks."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry, just tell me where he's taken her."

"I don't know. We didn't exactly keep in close touch." Then light returned to Joxer's face. "But I do know where we might be able to find out."

"Let's go then. There's no time to lose. If Jett is setting a trap, we've got to beat him to the punch."

"It's a ways off," he added. "I'll need a horse."

Joxer bought a horse with his latest gambling winnings and Xena had Argo shod by the local livery. The two set off to the east before nightfall.

* * *

In silence, Gabrielle emerged from the bedroom a licentious vision. Jett had been awaiting his creation ardently. She sported thigh high black leather boots, a short black leather skirt, and a black leather halter top similar in design to her previous green one. The image incited instant arousal.

Jett circled her twice, admiring his taste. "You look good enough to eat."

He knelt behind her and lifted the back of the skirt up displaying the fact that his purchase did not include undergarments. He licked her ass cheeks tracing his branded emblem with his skilled tongue and then settled underneath her moist crotch. She spread her legs wider and leaned forward to accommodate his probing mouth. He sucked and licked her into a frenzy, occasionally taking her clitoris playfully between his teeth. The sound of his name moaned over and over took him to the limits of restraining his lust.

Without warning he stood and ferociously pushed her face down onto the kitchen table. With one hand he held her down by the back of her neck and with the other he pulled his dick from his pants and shoved it into her sopping pussy. He pumped vigorously as Gabrielle howled for more. The table shook violently. Gabrielle loved it from behind, feeling every inch of Jett throbbing inside her. This was the wildest he had ever been. His fucking was fierce like a savage animal devouring its prey in its entirety.

His free hand stroked her thighs and slipped in and out of the tops of her new boots. She desperately tried to maintain her balance in them for the table she was bent over seemed to be losing its stability. She reached her arms out and clasped the edge of table as Jett continued to ram the apex of her insides. The smell of his sweat, a carnal perfume, emanated from every pore.

Jett's aggression surged as he clutched Gabrielle's shoulders with both hands and drove himself in deeper and still deeper. Just as he was about to fall over the precipice, he slowed to a gentle pace. Gabrielle ground her hips urging him to press onward. The pounding against her inflamed twat hastened.

"Fuck you are so hot," Jett shouted uncharacteristically, breaking his gilded silence usually maintained during their sex.

Jett reached under Gabrielle and seized her breasts through the hot black leather. She squealed with hedonistic delight, inspiring him to rapidly pump with every last ounce of strength within him. Then with one magnificent final thrust he exploded inside her. They both remained motionless savoring the intense moment.

When he finally withdrew he gave her ass a friendly slap. "I like your new clothes."

"Me too," she managed while struggling for air.

Jett headed for the bedroom, stripping his clothes off along the way. Gabrielle followed and joined him naked on the unmade bed. She rested her head on his chest while he ran his fingers through her hair.

"Today while I was in the village, I was offered a job," Jett announced. "I'll be leaving at dawn tomorrow."

"What kind of job?" asked Gabrielle absent mindedly.

Jett smirked, "You know full well what I do."

"Oh," her voice saddened. "I guess I'd hoped those days were behind you."

"No." He was curious to see how she would handle this. He could see the wheels spinning behind her eyes, but she would not betray her thoughts by speaking. So Jett continued, "I'll be gone at least two weeks. I hope you'll be here when I return."

"Why do you do it?"

"I'm compensated for services rendered. Nothing more."

"What about your victims? Don't you ever think of them?"

"I can't... Enough, discussion over," he abruptly ended her inquisition. "You can't change me, Gabrielle. This is who I am." He lifted her head by the chin commanding her attention. "I'd like for you to stay. Now I'm spent and I'm going to sleep." Closing his eyes he rolled over. Gabrielle traced her finger in swirls across his back while contemplating the situation in which she had, though by no will of her own, ended up.

* * *
Chapter Three: Passion and Appetite

A week of solitude had passed. Gabrielle was left to face her conscience. Somehow it always faded away at Jett's savvy touch. She wrote her thoughts and feelings on some scrolls. These were vastly different than she had ever penned before. Knowing that her time of sexual exploration couldn't last, she wanted to preserve it. It was an erotic journey of epic proportions. As she examined their exploits in ink, it felt amazing that it was actually about herself. Still, she figured, Xena has a dark side. I should get to have a dark side.

What was it about Jett? Why did her insides ache for him? Was it that he was the antithesis of every man she had ever fell for, thinking of her brief marriage and Iolaus. Joxer also weighed heavily in her thoughts. She knew full well that he was in love with her and that this would shatter his delicate heart. The truth was she did indeed care for him, his tenderness, something lacking in Jett. Brothers, they were so physically alike yet emotional opposites. Her ramblings turned to Xena, her best friend. It was Xena's face she imagined as she masturbated alone in Jett's bed. She didn't remember when she first started envisioning Xena as a lover. It was so long ago, but she never considered it could exist in reality. She toured the countryside with Xena and Joxer wanting them both and revealing nothing. Perhaps it was being able to express all these emotions that kept her with Jett.

Gabrielle needed a break from her journaling. She donned her black boots for the walk to town. The town was small, but bustling with farmers and merchants. She picked up some groceries and sewing supplies to repair her torn clothing, knowing she would need them again. The black outfit was fun, but it was drawing nasty looks from the simple town folk.

That evening Gabrielle lay naked in bed retracing her thoughts of Jett, Joxer and Xena. Caressing her breasts with her hands she imagined all four of them together in one huge sexual feast. She immediately became wet at the idea. Working her middle finger first into her slippery pussy for lubrication, she traced it up to her magic button, first with slow circular motions as she dreamed of Joxer and Jett on each side suckling her breasts and Xena lying between her legs. Her self pleasure hastened while in her mind, Xena flicked her clit with a powerful tongue. Sounds from outside startled her as she was just about to come.

There was an approaching horse followed by footsteps to the front door. She wasn't expecting Jett to be back so soon. Gabrielle peeked into the living room as the door flung open. The tall figure stepped inside. Jett was home early from the kill.

Gabrielle sauntered naked before her returning lover. Jett was hot and sweaty from the trip and his serious stare cut through her childish play and dictated for her to come to him. He motioned with his head for her to remove his sword and dagger to which she complied placing them on the mantle. "Good girl," he praised her. Stepping forward he removed his vest and then his shirt handing them to Gabrielle who obediently folded them over a chair.

Jett placed his hands squarely on her shoulders and forced her down to her knees, pushing her face against the stretching leather. "Take it out," he commanded. "It's missed you." She obeyed and released his growing erection from its confines. His pants fell around his ankles. Gabrielle caressed Jett's testicles with one hand while grabbing the base of his already swollen cock with the other. Dragging her tongue along the front of the shaft, she reached the head and gently kissed it. Jett sighed as the first few drops of pre-cum oozed out. Gabrielle lapped them up. Watching her excited Jett. She eagerly took him in her mouth and began to suck all the way down to the grip of her hand. She integrated hard sucking, circling with her tongue and jerking him off. After ten minutes of non-stop oral attention, Jett commended her, "You know, your getting very good at this."

Flashing and evil smile, Gabrielle raised the intensity. Jett couldn't hold out any longer. Holding the back of her head, he ejaculated down her throat. Licking him clean she swallowed every last drop. Jett removed his boots and pants and sat back to rest in a chair.

Gabrielle sat on the floor spreading her legs so Jett had a clear view of her snatch. She massaged her clit with her middle finger. Gently strumming, she began to groan.

Rising to his feet, "Oh no you don't!" Jett lunged for Gabrielle's offending hand. "That's my pussy and it doesn't come until I say so." He yanked her to her feet and dragged her over to the strong box in the corner of the room. Holding her wrist tight, he pulled out a set of shackles containing a key on a string from the box. Gabrielle writhed in excitement.

Jett placed her hands in the shackles and hung the key around his neck. He produced a black silk scarf and tied it tight around her eyes. Leading her back to the center of the room he pushed her down on all fours. Gabrielle's breathing heightened as he playfully stuck a finger inside her craving pussy. Jett worked in a second finger, then a third, and then a fourth. She gasped as he advanced his whole fist and rotated it along her soft walls. When he withdrew it, she sighed in disappointment. He left her blindfolded and shackled on the floor for a few minutes provoking her fears to surface.

Jett walked back over to the strong box and found his bull whip. He cracked it once in announcement to Gabrielle. She trembled at the sound of his approaching steps. He let the tip lightly trace over her ass, which she clenched in anxiety. Jett pressed the end of thick handle at the base of Gabrielle's dripping hole. She moaned in appreciation. He eased it in an inch at a time, while licking her branded ass. As he fondled a breast, he fucked her slowly with the whip handle. Gabrielle's hips responded to the gentle stroking. He kneeled behind her and drenched his fingers with her flowing juices. His index finger poked at her butt hole. He eased in two fingers and matched the rhythm of the whip, eliciting more sighs of pleasure.

Jett could feel himself hardening again so and pulled the sodden whip out and dragged it up her crotch and to her ass. The whip handle sunk into her ass hole stretching it with each jab. When Jett had it in five or so inches, he plunged his own rod deep into her cunt. Jett's enraged fucking provoked intense screams. He held her tight around the waist and repeatedly rammed himself in the limits of her cavern. Occasionally he would grab the whip handle and ease it in and out of her aching butt as he relentlessly pursued his assault on her pussy.

"Now you may come!" Jett shouted as he reached his hand around to finger her clit. Gabrielle howled over and over in ecstasy, each orgasm rippling over the last. At one point she thought she was going to pass out from the feeling as it overwhelmed her body.

Jett pulled the whip from her ass and toppled her to her stomach keeping his cock buried within her. The tightness felt surreal around his dick. He continued the fuck, supporting his weight with just his arms. The key dangling around his neck traced up and down her spine. He erupted with fury. His body lay atop of hers, squeezing the key between them. She reveled in the post haze of the homecoming. Jett pulled out the key and released her from the shackles, rubbing her wrists as he smothered her like a woolen blanket.

* * *

"Are you sure this is the place?" Xena asked Joxer.

"Oh yes, yes. I definitely came here years ago with Jett. He said that this was the only place to get real quality designs. Jett only likes the best, real detailed stuff, very pretty." Joxer smiled. Xena was not impressed.

They entered the arms store and began to check out the merchandise.

Andor, an ornery looking stocky man with a thick black beard, greeted them, "And what can I do for you today? A new sword perhaps?" He skeptically looked Xena up and down. "That chakram's a bit of an unusual weapon for such a beautiful woman."

With one fluid motion, Xena released the chakram from its clip and flung it to the left wall of the shop. The chakram then crossed in front of Andor, trimming an inch off his beard, then rebounded off the right wall of the shop and returned to Xena's capable hand.

"Not really," Xena boasted.

"Ten percent off," Andor offered, running his fingers over his beard, "as a means of paying you for my haircut."

"Actually it's information we want." Xena tugged at Joxer's sleeve and approached Andor. "See this face." Xena squeezed Joxer's cheeks. Andor's eyes displayed recognition. "Where's the match?"

"Surely I don't know what you mean," he copped.

"Yes you do," interjected Joxer. "My brother buys all his weapons from you."

"Brother? Who's your brother? I don't know your brother," Andor whined.

Andor didn't even have a split second to flinch. Xena peeled her sword from its sheath and poked it into Andor's bulging chest. "Now before I make you a twin, tell us where Jett is," Xena demanded.

"Oh, you mean Jett." Andor cooperated; big man, small stomach. "There's a village to the east, a day's journey from here. He's renting a cabin on one the hills above it. I don't know anymore than that. I haven't been there."

"When did you see him last?" Xena probed.

"Not since the before the last moon. He picked up a dagger that I made for him. It was some of my best work, a serpent wrapped around the handle."

Xena returned her sword and turned to leave taking Joxer with her.

"Thanks," Joxer yelled gleefully as they passed the doorway. Xena rolled her eyes at him as they left.

* * * * *
Chapter Four: Reason and Judgement

Xena and Joxer arrived in the village at sundown and decided that it would be best to catch a night's rest. They had traveled the last two days without stopping and they would need to be fresh for a fight with Jett, if it came to that.

They asked many of the villagers if they had seen Gabrielle and or Jett without much success. Late in the tavern they spoke with a merchant woman who finally volunteered some help.

"Yes I saw the blonde woman," the woman explained to Xena's and Joxer's relief. "She came to my booth yesterday to buy some fruit. She was wearing this outrageous black outfit, very revealing with tall black boots. No offense," she offered to Xena.

"None taken, but that doesn't sound like our Gabrielle."

"Yes, that's the name she introduced herself with. She was surprisingly nice." The woman added, "When I asked her where she was from, she told me she was staying with a friend in a cabin on the northern hillside."

Joxer incredulously asked, "A friend?"

"Yes, that's what she said."

Joxer and Xena stared at each other in bewilderment.

* * *

Jett awoke with a raging hard-on desiring Gabrielle. In peaceful slumber, she lay on her back beside him. He stroked the erection to lubricate it with its own pre-cum and stealthily mounted her.

As he penetrated, her eyelids sprang open to meet Jett's dark stare. "Ohhhh," she cooed as he pushed himself in completely. Collapsing his full weight on top of her, he nuzzled his face into her neck. They laid still basking in the intimate pleasure. After a minute, Jett propped himself up and bequeathed long full strokes. Gabrielle lifted her legs to allow him in deeper to which he complied. Faster and faster he pumped. Gabrielle closed her eyes and cleared her mind of all thoughts with exception of Jett's enormous dick sliding against her walls.

Jett pulled both her legs up over his shoulders and pressed forward. Their lips met in a hungry kiss, their tongues aimlessly roaming in between heavy gasps for oxygen. Jett reached for her arms and pinned them over her head as he elevated the rhythm of his fucking.

Gabrielle moaned in his ear as she nibbled on the lobe. Sweat poured from his brow from his vigorous administrations. Harder and harder he pushed onward to bring the act to its fruition. Gabrielle had the sensation of her body floating outside of itself. She begged of Jett, "Please come baby, come for me please."

Jett obliged and fornicated with reckless abandon. Finally he erupted and waves of pleasure met with waves of his seed. He released her arms, lowered her legs and held her body close. "Good morning," he whispered in her ear.

Gabrielle smiled and kissed her lovers sweaty neck. "Why yes, yes it is."

* * *

Xena and Joxer stood on either side of the front entrance to the cabin brandishing their swords. The adrenaline coursed through their veins. Joxer had never been so petrified in all his life. With a quick nod to Joxer, Xena kicked the door in and plundered into the cabin with Joxer following behind her. Thinking it was Jett, Gabrielle stepped into the bedroom doorway and hit a seductive pose.

The six pairs of eyes made contact in astonishment. Gabrielle's pose quickly changed to a stance of embarrassment. Joxer and Xena lowered their swords and ogled Gabrielle in her black leather outfit, boots and all. For both of them the first reaction was arousal instantly followed by bewilderment over its probable meaning.

Xena finally broke the tension, "Come on Gabrielle, you're free now. We're taking you with us."

Gabrielle searched for words that would not come. In the midst of her hesitation, Jett strode into the cabin behind Xena and Joxer. "Gabrielle has been free to go whenever she wants. It's her choice, Xena." Joxer's hand trembled in shock and dropped his sword with a loud clang.

Xena and Joxer turned to meet Jett's cocky glare. An eternity of silence passed until Joxer screamed "I'll kill you!" and flung himself headlong tackling Jett. The two brothers rolled over the floor grappling with each other. Joxer prevailed on top choking Jett.

Gabrielle raced to Jett's aide pulling at Joxer's shoulders. "Stop it, he can't breathe."

"That's the idea," Joxer shouted with uncharacteristic rage.

Through choked breath Jett sneered, "You think this will make her love you?"

"Damn you to Hades!" Joxer pounded Jett's head once against the floor and then released him in frustration. "May your tormentors have less mercy on your soul than me."

Joxer stood and scanned Gabrielle's eyes. There was no inkling of denial. She put her arms around Jett and helped him to his feet. Xena watched the whole scene unfold in dismay. Her upper lip trembling in anger, or was it jealousy.

"I think I'm gonna be sick," Joxer gulped as he ran from the cabin and proceeded to puke up his breakfast over the front yard. Gabrielle chased after him to witness dry heaves rock his body to its knees. When they subsided, she knelt down and put a sympathetic arm around him only to feel his body pull away. "Go away," he mumbled unconvincingly holding back a river of tears.

Gabrielle's heart broke for him in utter guilt over having caused this pain. She stood and extended her hand to him. He begrudgingly took it. Leading him to the well, she fetched him a drink. The cool water soothed the acid in his throat and helped dam the rapids of his tears.

"I know you may never forgive me, but I am so sorry," she apologized in vain.

"What's done is done," Joxer announced in defeat desperately flinging himself into a state of denial.

Meanwhile in the cabin, Xena took the time alone to set the record straight with Jett. She approached the mantle and picked up Jett's dagger, admiring the handle. Wielding the instrument, she commented, "Nice workmanship."

Jett joined Xena by the fire place. "It's part of a matched set."

"I know what's going on, Jett. You've got Gabrielle believing she's in love with you."

"I wouldn't say love more like lust," Jett turned the tables. "Gabrielle's no innocent, and neither are you. You know what that's like. You used to seduce your captains to solicit their loyalty. Your own deviant sexual habits precede you, Xena."

Xena abruptly spun the dagger on its master, the blade brushing against his jugular. Their eyes locked in a test of wills. Xena offered him a truce. "Gabrielle's mind may not be clear enough to decide, but yours is. You are going to tell her that you're leaving and I'll let you."

"And why should I do that?"

Xena outlined the plan with sarcasm, "Alpha: you're an escaped convict. The authorities are hunting you down and you couldn't bear to put Gabrielle through being on the run. And beta: If you don't, you'll find out what it's like on the other end of this dagger."

Jett stood his ground. "You're not going to kill me, Xena."

"And why do you believe such a foolish notion?"

"No, not foolish. You know what Gabrielle's reaction would be to your killing me. I don't think you'd want to live with that. Gabrielle's approval is probably the most important thing in the world to you. I'm guessing that my existence is quite further down on that list."

Xena held the dagger in its place never diverting her gaze.

"However," Jett offered, "Your first reason is convincing enough. If you promise not to alert the bounty hunters on my tail, I'll leave tomorrow."

"You'll leave now."

Negotiating Jett requested, "I'll leave right after I say goodbye to Gabrielle, alone."

"Fine," Xena hissed and returned the dagger to the mantle just as Gabrielle and Joxer came back inside.

Xena walked over to Joxer and pulled him back outside. "We're letting them say goodbye."

"Goodbye?" questioned Gabrielle as Xena and Joxer were already out of earshot.

Jett stretched out his arm to her which she eagerly took. "My pet," he spoke softly, "I need to be going."

"Why? What did Xena say to you?"

"Not her, bounty hunters. Have you forgotten? I am an escaped prisoner and there's 500 dinars on my head. I wish not to return to that prison," he was laying it on thick, "but I will always be a prisoner of your heart. Come, I'll help you pack your things. I suppose you should change your clothes too."

Gabrielle barely had time to digest the situation when Jett leaned down and kissed her passionately. She closed her eyes and breathed in his intoxicating scent one last time, her body surrendering to his embrace. The kiss lingered on her lips as Jett pulled away.

Gabrielle fought through her feelings. "No, I can take care of it myself," she answered him. "You've got your own things to pack." She made her way to the bedroom and turned her head back in a last minute thought. "Good luck, Jett."

She packed up her scrolls and changed into her repaired green outfit. As she pulled on the skirt, she stared at Jett's dagger brand on her ass and said aloud to herself, "I'm not sure they'll be able to handle that." She stuffed her black leather in the bag holding her scrolls and joined Xena and Joxer who were waiting for her outside.

They headed down the hill in silence.

Visions of Gabrielle and Jett in intimate embraces projected themselves in Joxer's mind. Joxer brooded over his unrequited feelings for Gabrielle and the consummated feelings between Gabrielle and Jett.

Xena thought of her years of giving into her sexual appetite and using it to further her own ambition. She also viewed her best friend and companion in a new light. Gabrielle had given into dark sexual pleasures. Pleasures that Xena herself wanted to bestow upon her, but always assumed that Gabrielle was not interested in such elements of carnal nature. Xena recognized her jealousy as it mocked her.

Gabrielle tried to come up with some way of explaining what had happened to Xena. Nothing sprang to mind. No words could explain her avaricious relationship with Jett. She couldn't even reconcile her desires in her own conscience.

They each were locked in their own minds and skepticism ran rampant. There was so much to say, yet much more that would be left unsaid. Jett's revenge was complete. He whistled happily to himself as he left the cabin heading in the opposite direction.

The End

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