Author: Rickey
Story Title: Aftermath and Passage
Characters: Gabrielle & Jett, Xena/Gabrielle & Jett
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Xena, Gabrielle, and Joxer try to deal with the consequences. Sequel to Jett's Revenge.
This rating is for explicit m/f and m/f/f sex.

The characters belong to MCA/Universal and were used without permission. No copyright infringement was intended and no money was made.

This is the first of two stories that follow the Jett's Revenge saga.

This story contains explicit male/female and female/female sex.

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Aftermath and Passage
By Rickey

After the three friends had left Jett's cabin, Joxer soon set off on his own. Gabrielle could sense that he needed the time alone to lick his wounds. His heart was heavy and his usually vacant mind was filled with lurid images of Gabrielle with his evil brother. Facing her every day was more than he could take. Gabrielle gave him no argument when he said goodbye and that they would meet up again. She was confident that he would indeed return.

Several months passed that Xena and Gabrielle never spoke of what had happened at Jett's cabin. They logged many adventures over a thousand miles. At first, Gabrielle had wanted to broach the subject, but it never quite seemed like the right time. The awkwardness was soon replaced with fear. Gabrielle was carrying Jett's baby and the thought of telling Xena sent a cold chill down her spine. Hope had carved a huge chasm in their friendship that took the displacement of heaven and earth to cross. The scar remained and the idea of another ill conceived child might possibly push their friendship over the precipice. The secret would have to keep. At least for a little while.

Gabrielle struggled with the duality of wanting Jett's baby and fear of bringing it into her world, thus turning it upside down. On the one hand, she heard the call of motherhood. The desire to be the mother that she never got to be to Hope. Perhaps it was a chance to make amends for Hope or perhaps it would drive a wedge between her and Xena just as Hope had. For on the opposing side, this baby might bring an end of the life and the companionship of a woman that she had come to love. Each day became more difficult knowing that she was one day closer to being unable to conceal her condition.

But the exhausting traveling and battles had proved too much for Gabrielle's body. The duality was smashed to dust. On a starless night, she awoke to sharp cramps and cried out in pain. In an instant, her truest friend was at her side.

Xena never judged her, nor asked her about what happened between her and Jett. She simply let Gabrielle squeeze her hand to help persevere through each agonizing spasm. Xena wiped Gabrielle's sweaty clenched brow with a cool cloth while the cramps overpowered her friend's body.

Gabrielle gritted her teeth amidst soothingly whispered words of strength and relief. Her skin was cold and clammy while her eyes were red with tears. The heavy clotted bleeding persisted over five hours before it tapered off. When it was finally over, Gabrielle felt empty and disillusioned, yet the process was somehow cathartic.

Xena nursed her back to health over the following week, never breaking her vow of silence where Gabrielle's experience with Jett was concerned. She was a friend in the most veritable sense, loving Gabrielle unconditionally and putting Gabrielle's needs above her own curiosity.

Then one day, the two women stopped by a stream to bathe. As Gabrielle undressed, Xena caught a glimpse of the snaked dagger brand. "What's that?"

"What?" Gabrielle asked back completely forgetting her permanent souvenir.

"This." Xena reached out her hand and lightly ran her fingers over the offending art. She had seen that dagger before.

Gabrielle closed her eyes at Xena's soft touch and could not reply.

Xena turned Gabrielle around by the shoulder to make eye contact. "Jett did this to you, didn't he?" Although she phrased it in the form of a question there was no question in her mind that the dagger belonged to Jett.

"I'm not sure I can explain it."


Gabrielle struggled with the explanation, "I was completely absorbed with him. The branding was over before I knew it. I had to have him, Xena, I really did. It was a journey that I had to take and this is the keepsake."

"Keepsake?" Xena was surprised by Gabrielle's light choice of words.

"I'm not sure what else to call it."

Xena looked deep into Gabrielle's green eyes. "What happened to you out there?"

"I found another corridor of my soul. It's not such a simple place after all."


The fish weren't biting. For the past several months, Joxer had immersed himself both physically and emotionally into the workings of a small fishing village on the south coast. But today the fish weren't helping him out and he had no choice but to confront the harsh images of Gabrielle's entanglement with Jett. He had always put her atop a high pedestal and worshipped her with unrequited love. The horror of her returning such feelings, not to him, but to his wayward brother was more than his fragile ego could withstand. However, as the days passed, the horror faded to somber realization that he did not fully know or understand the woman behind the goddess image he had created. Staying hundreds of miles away and wreaking of fish was not going to help him learn about the depths of Gabrielle's being.

Hiding out on the docks had served its purpose, but now he longed to return to his life as the warrior companion of Xena and Gabrielle. He craved action as well as to face Gabby on two solid feet. Above all his amorous ideas, she was a true friend that he deeply desired to remain a part of his life. Yes, she cared about him and tossing relationships by the roadside for imperfection was not a practical way to go through life.


It was a moonless night some weeks after Gabrielle had the miscarriage. She and Xena slept on opposite sides of a small fire. A light breeze blew to the west. A shadow crept into the camp and squatted next to Gabrielle. He studied her soft skin as the fire sparked in the wind. The figure laid beside her almost nose to nose before she slowly opened her eyes.

The sight of the face did not alarm her. She was happy to see him. "Joxer, your back."

The man leaned in and kissed her without warning. His tongue parted her lips and hot breath consumed her. Gabrielle pulled her face back in surprise. "Jett, what are you doing here?" she whispered while glancing in Xena's direction.

"You're not happy to see me," he chided with a smug smile, "...and you thought I was my brother."

Gabrielle was almost inaudible in fear she would wake Xena. "No it's not that. I mean... I am glad, but Xena will see you."

"Then you'll have to be quiet," Jett whispered in her ear as he rolled on top of her and began to kiss her again.

Turned on by the overt situation, Gabrielle returned his kisses and ran her hands over his back. Their steamy mouths intertwined desperately searching and quickly they found it. Within in moments, the passion overtook their bodies and minds after a four month hiatus. Jett hungrily sucked on her neck and worked his hands over her breasts. Gabrielle tried to stifle soft moans as he untied the stays and pushed his head into her cleavage.

Their excitement was far too built up for foreplay. Jett quickly pulled up her skirt and placed his hands over her hips sliding her panties downward. In response, Gabrielle undid his pants and tugged at them furiously. He helped her to slide them down and unleash the monster that had been born in his crotch. Before she even got a chance to consider her actions, Jett was crushing against her insides. They were joined in a sultry trance, shutting out the rest of the world.

Xena awoke to groggily spy them across the fire. At first she was convinced she must be dreaming. Gabrielle couldn't be, she wouldn't, not after what she had just gone through. But Xena listened to Gabrielle's soft moans and the sounds of sex. She suppressed her gut reaction to jump up and slit his slimy throat right then and there. The morbid thought of Gabrielle's horror at blood pouring out of Jett's jugular, helped her to keep her cool. Instead, she was drawn in by the fervent rhythm of the act. Her insides twitched at the silhouette of Gabrielle being heartily fucked. Xena reached a finger down under her garment and slid it through the moist trench. She stroked her clit in time with Jett's thrusting. She bit her lip as to remain anonymous as her orgasm drew close.

Jett's own orgasm was closing in as well. He pumped furiously into the hot murky depths of Gabrielle's hole. Placing her hand over her own mouth, Gabrielle muffled her unstoppable screams. Jett's body shuddered as he came in full force causing Gabrielle to hit her zenith as well. They remained frozen with only the light crackle of the fire under the dark sky.

As his body rested atop hers, Gabrielle whispered rhetorically into his ear, "Why do I hunger for you so?"

Jett was not a talker. Most often his eyes and body were the only language that he conferred upon Gabrielle. She clung to them like a spider to its web in a harsh wind. So when Jett chose to speak, his words contained immediate conviction and held his audience at attention.

Jett's face conveyed to Gabrielle that he was about to verbalize something. She awaited in polite silence as he drew a breath in preparation. His expression flowed in a mantra. "We humans are slaves to our passions. It is the only thing which we truly possess with any degree of certainty. You see Gabrielle, desire is a lot like the flu. It comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. It erupts in full potency then ambles through our bodies refusing to give up its stronghold. Even when on the surface the pathos seems to have vanished, it still lingers below in deceptive dormancy."

The bard was receiving a poetry lesson from the assassin. That irony in itself was poetry as well. Her mind absorbed his analogy. Soon it had embedded itself as absolute truth. She searched his dark eyes for the man who had authored such lyrical philosophy, but he was notably absent. "Just where in the obscure recesses of his mind does he hide?" Gabrielle thought to herself. "Or am I seeking something that isn't really there."

Jett backed off of her quietly whispering, "Til' tomorrow."

She watched him stroll away until the fire light no longer reflected off his black leather and he blended into the dark night. Gabrielle then turned her head to check across the waning fire on Xena, who quickly feigned sleep.


On the next evening there was a slight crescent moon that barely provided any additional light than the previous night. Xena and Gabrielle kissed each other on the cheek good night and then proceeded to pretend that they were asleep.

Jett tip-toed into the camp and tapped Gabrielle on the shoulder. After seeing that Xena was asleep, Gabrielle followed him ten or so yards into the wood. Jett seized her and pushed forward her against a tree. Bracing her arms against the tree, Gabrielle bent over to receive Jett's engorged member.

As he slid in, Jett felt a sword pointed into his chest. In the heated frenzy, neither Gabrielle nor Jett had noticed Xena's approach.

"I'll count to three and then you'll be gone, forever," Xena commanded.

Gabrielle's heart raced and was unable to speak or move. Jett on the other hand remained cool and confident.

"Or what, Xena? I thought we've had this conversation."

Xena's anger swelled like a hurricane. "Drop your weapon or I'm going to cut it off with mine."

"Weapon, hah," Jett laughed. "You wouldn't dare. Look at Gabrielle's face. Look at how she loves it." He pumped hard a few times causing Gabrielle to moan. "Listen to her moan, Xena. That sound is music to your ears, isn't it? You want to touch her. Touch her Xena. She's completely at the mercy of sensation. Yes, you want Gabrielle to feel this way. You want to be a part of this."

Xena had been rash in confronting them. Now it was she who was cornered. She lowered her sword and eyes to the ground. Jett held Gabrielle tight around the waist and resumed his thrusts ignoring Xena standing lost in her own mind beside him. Gabrielle trembled in a complete loss of herself in this unfathomable situation.

Xena gave in to Jett's erotic challenge. She did not have to search her feelings too deeply to know that she wanted to take advantage of this opportunity.

Xena knelt and slowly leaned into Gabrielle and caressed her lips with her own. The kiss matured into something passionate. Their tongues explored each other's warm mouths. Jett smiled knowingly at the visage and continued the fucking of Gabrielle's hot pussy. Xena then stroked Gabrielle's breast with her finger tips and elicited healthy sighs. Gabrielle could hardly process all the stimulation. Jett was fucking her while Xena was kissing and fondling her. The sensation was euphoric and took on an essence of its own. Gabrielle couldn't brace herself on the tree any longer. She sank to her knees bringing Jett and Xena with her.

Xena broke from the kiss. "Oh Gabrielle, I've wanted to do this for so long." There, I finally admitted it. Xena thought.

"Me too, Xena, me too."

Gabrielle's response shocked Xena. Just how long had they both been repressing their desires.

Xena lied on her back underneath Gabrielle and untied her top. Jett continued to thrust as Xena licked the protruding nipples hovering above her.

"Ooohh that feels so good," Gabrielle encouraged her two lovers.

Sliding herself backwards, Xena kissed down to Gabrielle's tight stomach. It had been so dark outside that it was not until now, as she was only a few inches away, that Xena saw just what was making Gabrielle hunger for Jett so. By Zeus, he was huge. The sight of him pulling all the way out to the corona and stuffing himself back in was hypnotizing. She grabbed Gabrielle around the waist and entered the action. She held her tongue out and allowed Jett's penis to flow over it. He moaned softly from the added pleasure. Her tongue then roamed forward and found Gabrielle's danger zone. At its first touch, Gabrielle shuddered. "That's amazing, oh please Xena, please."

Xena continued to lick the inflamed spot, paving the way for Gabrielle's cascade of earth shattering orgasms.

Jett lost control and shot his load partly into Gabrielle and partly over Xena's face.

Xena slid out from under Gabrielle, who promptly fell on her side. Xena lied facing her and the two hungrily kissed each other as Gabrielle lapped up the remains of Jett's cream. He sat nearby and watched the two women giving in to their clandestine passions.

As they kissed, their hands meandered of each other's bodies. They pulled each other close and rolled about over the woodland ground. Their fantasies were colliding with reality. The two were stripped of all inhibitions and held back nothing. Gabrielle, gaining confidence, removed Xena's clothes to finally feel her own skin against that of her warrior princess. It felt like the finest silk and was pliant against her. Gabrielle played with Xena's large nipples between her finger tips. She desired to taste them and soon she was sucking on them as her hands found their way to Xena's heart-shaped ass.

Xena rolled Gabrielle onto her back and kissed down her neck to her breasts. Gabrielle ran her fingers through the long black hair as it pulled away from her. Yanking off Gabrielle's skirt, Xena ventured back to the blonde adorned pussy. Her tongue probed to soft sighs and lightly rocking hips.

Observing the two lustful women had aroused Jett once more. He bent over Xena and slipped a finger into her exposed dripping hole as he whispered into her ear. "You want my hard cock inside you, don't you?"

"Do it," she yelled without breaking from her tongue lashing. But she soon took pause to groan aloud as Jett plunged his thick tool inside her. It was incredible.

No wonder Gabrielle was addicted. He was far more powerful than any opiate.

Jett screwed with a vengeance and Xena transferred the energy into bringing Gabrielle back to orgasm. Flesh trembled and surrendered to the moment. The wanton screams of the two women soon rang off the trees.

The ground was adorned with three sweaty panting bodies. Gabrielle kissed Xena's cheek. "Who'd of thought?"

"That we'd discover out mutual passion through the ministrations of Joxer's delinquent brother...not me," Xena answered. "But I don't regret it."

"Me neither," Gabrielle spoke while running her fingers alongside Xena's arm. "I must confess that it's been you I've been dreaming about."

Jett interjected, "Hey I am still here, ya know."

"Yes I know," Xena said sharply, "...and you can stay...for now."

Jokingly Jett asked, "Is it just for my body?"

"Yes," Gabrielle and Xena replied in unison.

"Works for me." Jett smiled and stood up. "I don't know about you, but it's freezing being butt naked out here. I'm going to back to the fire."

Gabrielle and Xena helped each other to their feet, collected their clothes and followed Jett back to the camp. But first, they shared a long impassioned kiss.

"I love you Xena."

"And I you."

The End

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