Author: Rickey
Story Title: Two Brothers
Characters: Xena/Gabrielle & Jett, Gabrielle & Joxer, Xena/Gabrielle & Joxer, Xena & Jett
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Joxer returns, only to find his worst nightmare come true yet again. Sequel to Jett's Revenge and Aftermath and Passage.
This rating is for explicit m/f and m/f/f sex.

The characters belong to MCA/Universal/Studios USA and Renaissance Pictures and were used without permission. No copyright infringement was intended and no money was made.

This story contains explicit male/female and female/female sex.

Aftermath and Passage is really the set up for this story where everyone gets to participate, even the audience, if you like. Two Brothers is the sequel to Jett's Revenge and Aftermath and Passage.

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Two Brothers
By Rickey

The open air market bustled with merchants and patrons. Joxer caught a flash of strawberry hair a hundred yards off. The sight of Gabrielle took his breath away. His pulse quickened as he hid behind a nearby wagon to spy her buy a blanket and a large stew pot. She tucked the blanket inside the pot and made her way across the center aisle of the market. She struggled to carry her staff and the pot as she squeezed through the crowd of shoppers. Joxer swallowed hard determined to exude confidence and charm during their reunion. He strode beside her and nonchalantly asked, "Can I help you with that, Miss?"

Gabrielle turned in surprise and as she opened her arms to hug him, she dropped the stew pot on his foot. Followed immediately by her staff bonking him in the forehead.

"Ow, Ow, Owwww." Joxer jumped up and down on one foot. So much for charm and confidence. Will I ever get to play anything but the clown?

"Oh Joxer, I'm so sorry."

He stopped hopping and allowed himself to be embraced by her extended sleek arms. Joxer buried his nose in her hair and closed his eyes as he inhaled the fresh scent of the ocean. Awkwardly he reached his arms around the small of her back. The hug seemed to last for an eternity, but in fact was a mere few seconds. Gabrielle pulled away first. "What a pleasant surprise."

"You mean you missed me?" Joxer replied meekly. Shit, How could I have just asked that?

"It has been a while. What, four moons at least." She wanted to boost his confidence without admitting her feelings. "You know Xena and I like having you around."

Joxer bent down to retrieve the pot. "So where are we headed?"

"It's about and hour to the beach. We're taking a little break." Gabrielle's mind raced. The realization that Jett was accompanying her and Xena sunk in. This was not going to be pretty. Joxer had stayed away for so long, probably to forget about her and Jett. The thought of his homecoming to have Jett flaunting his position in his face made her queasy.

She'd wait to bring up the subject. "So where have you been?" she asked as they began walking.

Joxer told her of the fishing village and exaggerated about the one that got away. She took it literally, but Joxer could see the obvious metaphor.

She told him of how Xena and she had rescued a pious king from an evil warlord by pretending to be dancing girls.

They smiled at each other's stories that had filled the past four months as they marched down the trail leading to the ocean. Gabrielle examined Joxer's face. It was tan from the long days fishing and his eyes sparkled when they met hers. There was an inherent gentility to Joxer that his brother lacked. While Jett satisfied her, it was not his motive. She was fully aware that Jett was motivated strictly by personal gain.

"What are you thinking?" Joxer interrupted her train of thought.

"What?" She glanced in his general direction.

"You seemed out of it there for a minute."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I was just thinking of how I'm going to tell you something."

"What?" Joxer asked excitedly with wishful thinking.

Gabrielle's face was serious as she stopped her stride. "You're not going to like it. But I want to make sure that you understand, that I don't want you to leave again."

Joxer listened attentively trying not to have an anxiety attack before finding out what she had to say.

The bard continued, "Xena and I decided we needed to take a vacation. We haven't had one in quite a long time."

"Yea? That sounds OK to me."

"Joxer, that's not the part that's going to hurt." His eyes were puppy dog sad as he waited for her to tell him the bad news. "Jett is at the beach with us too." Gabrielle searched Joxer's face for a reaction. He looked utterly stunned. Desperately she wished he would speak. The silence held over them, until she couldn't stand it. "Joxer, please say something."

"Am I the only one who hasn't lost his mind?" he blurted out while slamming the pot clanging to the ground. "You two are willingly taking a get-away at Club Jett? Has the world been completely turned inside out? OK, answer 'yes' or 'no'. Is not my brother a cold blooded mercenary assassin, who stands for everything that you fight against?"

Gabrielle struggled with the truth thrown in her face. "Well he hasn't killed anyone, while he's been with us."

With triumphant sarcasm, Joxer retorted, "Oh, that's OK then. It's fine as long as he's an assassin on vacation."

"Don't you think he can change?"

"No!" Joxer grabbed Gabrielle by the shoulders. "Look into his eyes, Gabrielle. He is as cold as a stone. He has no heart. Why Ares has more heart than he does."

"How can you feel this way about your own brother, that he has no chance for redemption."

Joxer gave Gabrielle a good shaking. "Wake up! Just what kind of spell are you under?"

Gabrielle resisted his assault. "Joxer stop. You're hurting me."

He released her and stepped back turning his head away. Picking up the pot and blanket, he headed off in the direction that they had been traveling.

"Joxer," Gabrielle called after him as she followed, "what are you going to do?"

"I'm joining you at the beach. Obviously you and Xena are under some sort of spell. Only I can't imaging that Aphrodite would be this sick. Anyway it's up to me to save the day."

"Joxer, we're not under any spell," Gabrielle responded flatly.

"Sure you're not," he patronized. "Don't worry about a thing. Joxer the Mighty is here."

Gabrielle imagined just what kind of reaction Joxer was going to have to the news of Jett's presence, but this was not it. Denial is not just a river in Egypt, she thought to herself as they continued their journey to the beach. Joxer quietly hummed the Joxer the Mighty song the rest of the way, thus avoiding any further conversation about the matter at hand.


Having finished skinning the rabbits that he had trapped earlier, Jett relaxed alone in the camp. Gabrielle was off buying a pot to stew his catch and Xena was investigating the rumor of an enemy army heading this way. There was really no such thing as a vacation from defending the weak and downtrodden.

In ennui, Jett paced about the campgrounds. "Ah-hah." He found Gabrielle's scrolls while rummaging through her knapsack. "Let's just see what little Miss Gabby has to say about me." He pulled the scrolls out one by one checking on the title. "Xena saves King Gregor's baby, Nah. Xena saves Prometheus, Nope. Callisto, hmmmm kings, gods and bitches....Oh my. Let's see what else do we have in here? Xena, Princess Diana and Meg the whore, maybe I'll save this one for later. Come on where's me?" Jett continued to paw over countless scrolls "No, nope, no, nah, uh-uh, wait a sec...Xena, virgins, Joxer and Meg? Oh this one looks worth a read." Jett skimmed the first few paragraphs. "Just how many women out there look like Xena, and why haven't I met them yet?" He continued his search all the way to the very bottom of the bag before finding what he was looking for. "My days with Jett... she keeps me safe at the bottom, how touching." Jett read the scroll entirely. "Oh Gabby, you dirty girl."

The next thing Jett saw was Joxer standing over him pointing a sword at his chest. "Joxer!" Gabrielle yelled "You promised you wouldn't fight."

Jett swiftly push to blade to the side and tripped Joxer on his ass. "Ah, my long lost brother. Haven't changed a bit have you?"

"And neither have you," Joxer replied through gritted teeth.

Disappointed that Xena wasn't back yet to help her maintain the peace, Gabrielle instructed firmly, "Both of you, chill out. I'm going to prepare the rabbit stew while you both fetch some firewood. Is that clear?"

Jett sat up smiling. "Yes Ma'am." Turning to Joxer he teased, "Don't just love it when she plays the dominatrix."

"Arrrrgggh!" Joxer jumped atop Jett and began to strangle him.

Quite forcibly, Gabrielle pulled him off. "Enough! You promised."

"Fine, but only 'til I get to the bottom of this," Joxer added while returning to his feet and setting off in a huff to fetch the firewood.

"Just what does he mean 'bottom of this'?" Jett asked.

"He thinks we're under some sort of spell."

"Oh, that is rich." Jett laughed before following his brother into the woods lining the beach.

Joxer was bending over to pick up a few fallen branches when he felt something soft hit him in the head. Look at the ground he saw one of Gabrielle's scrolls. "What's this?" he asked turning around to see Jett staring at him smugly.

"Just read it."


Taunting, Jett grunted, "I'll get wood. You read scroll," and left Joxer sitting against a tree opening the scroll.

Joxer read each line with bated breath. It was so suggestive, not like his Gabrielle at all. In one muddled emotion, he felt turned on and enraged. As he read about Jett plundering himself into Gabrielle from behind as she knelt shackled on the cabin floor, he could feel his own dick hardening. It wasn't too difficult to imagine himself being the one taking her so flagrantly. He shook his head to remove the thought from his brain. Was he falling under the spell too?

After finishing the entire story, he sat alone tracing his finger through the soft dirt for hours. He simply did not know how to process Gabrielle's own account of what had happened. It was definitely her handwriting, but he so wanted to believe it a fraud. Finally, he calmed down enough to return to the camp. The sun was almost set and the delicious smell of spicy rabbit stew glided across a light breeze to his nose.

As he strode into the camp, he found Xena telling Jett and Gabrielle that the vacation was coming to a close. There was a small band of ruffians making their way south towards the coastal villages.

The rabbit stew turned out fantastic and he managed to enjoy it, even though Jett's presence was a lingering pang in his stomach.

After dinner, Gabrielle told the story of Icarus and his attempt to fly to the sun with his wax wings. Joxer looked particularly empathetic when she recounted Icarus' demise. She had seen that sad expression before. It reminded her of Joxer's reaction after the whole mess with Aphrodite and the bell. He was so distraught when he realized that his hero abilities where only godly incited and not real. After Gabrielle had finished, she asked Xena to go for a walk with her down by the beach. She wanted to discuss just how they would handle having both Joxer and Jett around. The idea of including Joxer in their tryst seemed appealing yet an impossibility.

Joxer and Jett were left alone by the campfire. Jett sharpened his prize dagger against a rock while Joxer watched him while fighting every urge in his body screaming Kill him; rid the world of this wretched scum!

As Jett wielded his dagger to watch it shine in the fire light he offered this edict, "The difference between us is that with every turn that life offers, I see opportunities and you see obstacles."

If looks could kill, Jett would have been eviscerated. Instead he chose to ignore Joxer's venal stare. After all, grandiose facial expressions ran in the family.

"You know Joxer, your simplicity amazes me. It's so obvious and you just can't see it there right in front of your stupid nose"

"Hey that's dad's nose...and you have it too."

Jett merely frowned at his brother unable to grasp just why Joxer couldn't think on the same wavelength.

Joxer gave into Jett's sullen stare. "OK, what is it?"

"You should pose as me. You've done it before. "

Befuddled Joxer asked, "What do you mean?"

"I mean I'm handing Gabrielle over to you on a silver platter. It will be so easy. You simply pretend to be me and seduce her," Jett instructed.

"I can't do that!" The thought that it would probably work sickened Joxer.

"Well certainly not as well as I can, but with a little coaching you'll do fine."

Joxer was about to protest again when Jett cut him off, "Nope, no need to thank me. I just can't stand to see her have such power over you. It's pathetic."

Standing on his convictions Joxer replied, "I won't do it. It's wrong."

Jett mocked him with a snide imitation. "It's wrong. It's wrong. What is with you?"

"I have morals."

"...And you have blue balls. I'm not sure what's worse," Jett chirped.

"If Gabrielle and I are going to be together, it will happen because she wants to be with me."

"How sickeningly noble, but it can't hold out," Jett replied with his typical smugness. "You'll change your mind." He turned on his heals and left his brother to contemplate just how far he would go to be with Gabrielle.

Jett found Gabrielle and Xena talking on the beach. Quickly he stripped and strutted past them. "Lovely night for a swim, ladies."

Smiling wide at Gabrielle, Xena began to undress. "Last one in's a harpy." The two women tore at their clothes and dove into the waves side by side. When they came up for air, they continued to splash and play like children before succumbing to a long sensual kiss. Jett swam to them and stroked their bodies in the water. Sharing kisses and caresses, the three made their way back to the shore.

Xena pushed Jett backwards into the sand and pounced on top of him. "Time for a taste of your own medicine."

Jett was instantly intrigued by the way Xena and Gabrielle were smirking at each other knowingly. He didn't quite like the idea of being completely at their mercy, but he knew that he was no match for Xena's physical prowess. Yes, he would have to submit and he was determined to enjoy it.

Xena held his arms over his head forcibly as she sucked on his neck and collar bone. Her legs held his buried in the sand. Excitement flowed through his veins as her weight pressed against he body.

Gabrielle returned from retrieving their clothes and with her sash, proceeded to tie his wrists together. She whispered in his ear, "I always knew I'd return the favor." His cock was rock hard and poking against Xena's stomach. Xena slid down his body and opened her mouth just above the wavering tower. Jett watched her eyes twinkle as she hesitated bringing her lips down over it. The torment swelled while Gabrielle held his arms down and tongued his ear.

"Oh come on," he begged.

"Uh-uh." Xena displayed her teeth as she ran her fingernails over his inner thighs.

Jett's body writhed and his blood continued to pour into his cock. He gave into his mistresses desires. "Please." He knew that's what they wanted to hear.

"Please what?" Gabrielle snapped in his ear.

"Please suck my cock, Xena."

Xena leaned forward and took Jett in her mouth. Jett sighed in relief. The feeling was amazing. The warrior princess was as adept at giving head as she was in hand to hand combat. Jett could feel her lips wrapped tight around his shaft as she sucked hard up and down.

Gabrielle eased forward and lowered her twat over Jett's face. As Gabrielle rocked in time with Xena's motions, Jett tongued her wildly. The deeper Xena took him down her throat the more frenzied he sucked Gabrielle's pussy. She moaned in delight. Xena could sense Jett nearing orgasm, so she pulled away. Following suit, Gabrielle stood and stepped away.

"Oh please," Jett cried.

"Not yet," Xena ordered as she grabbed his arms and pulled him to his feet. "I've got a better idea." She untied his arms, repositioned them around his back, and then retied them tight. "Now stand there, don't move, and you'll be rewarded." His dick stood straight at attention and his eyes fixed on Gabrielle and Xena embracing just a few feet in front of him.

The two women kissed hungrily and pressed their bodies together. Xena reached her hand between Gabrielle's thighs and slowly caressed upwards. Finding the tender spot, Xena fingered Gabrielle's moist clit. Her girlfriend squirmed and moaned while continuing to unleash kiss after kiss. Screaming out in orgasm, Gabrielle sank to her knees.


(Back at the camp fire...)

Instantly alarmed, Joxer set off to check out Gabrielle's scream.


Xena turned her ministrations toward Jett. He was so riled up that his skin quivered at her touch. "Now for being so patient..." she offered as she dropped in the sand before him. Finally, he was in her mouth again. It was incredible. A recovered Gabrielle walked behind him and untied his wrists. Pressing her flesh against his back, she began to knead his buttocks and stroke his thighs.

Joxer came running toward the beach and stopped dead in his tracks as he caught the three of them in sight. It didn't seem real. His mouth gaped wide and his eyes were transfixed on the scene. He could feel his blood pressure rising.

High waves crashed against the beach in the moonlit night. The roar of the ocean played like a soundtrack to their endeavors. Joxer watched the three nude figures with ardent anticipation. He knew just as the sun would rise in the morning, that he would join his brother as Xena and Gabrielle's lover tonight.

As Xena continued to suck his cock, Jett held her head steady in his hands. He shot his load into her mouth and within seconds slumped in the sand.

The three turned their heads to witness Joxer's slow approach. Eyes met in approval where words could not possibly serve. How strange the sensation, as he was about to have what he had so vehemently coveted. Joxer stood before Gabrielle's beautiful body allowing his eyes to soak in the sight as he drank in the scent of her desire.

Eagerly he kissed her, pulling her body tight to his own. Gabrielle was overwhelmed by his forcefulness. His hands slid across the contour of her back and hips. Xena stood behind him and began to remove his clothes. The cloth and armor fell piece by piece to the ground. In his wildest fantasy, he had never so completely let go of all his mores and inhibitions. They were gone and every inch of his body trembled with excitement.

Gabrielle withdrew from their malingering kiss and dropped to her knees in the soft sand. As she grasped his stiff cock he let out a loud groan. She raised it to her lips and tasted the soft moist flesh. Xena reached her arm around Joxer's chest and stroked his nipples with her fingernails while kissing his neck and back. Gabrielle rolled her tongue over the tip of his penis and proceeded to take him in her mouth. It was warm and comforting but causing him to lose his balance. Xena supported him by pressing her body close to his. Joxer could feel Xena's pubic hair gently caressing his ass all the while Gabrielle continued to suck his long thick rod. The unearthly sensation consumed his body with heated passion. He had to have her.

He withdrew himself from Gabrielle's mouth and sank to his knees to kiss her face, her lips and her neck. Joxer sat his ass in the sand and pulled Gabrielle on top of him. Responsively she mounted him. Ever so deliberate, she inched down his cock savoring the new feeling until he was completely covered with her. She slowly glided her body up and down over his shaft. Xena crouched over Joxer's face and bent forward to kiss Gabrielle. The two women's tongues danced with hearty lust. Joxer pressed his face to Xena's moist slit and tasted the love juices of the Warrior Princess. Xena ground her hips to his tongue as Gabrielle used hers to ride his throbbing cock. There was no way he could hold out any longer under such intense stimulation. Desperate to release, he kindly lifted Xena from his face and reached for Gabrielle's hips. Holding her steady he pumped vigorously for a minute before letting out a savage scream as he erupted inside her.

Gabrielle collapsed on top of him kissing his neck. Her hair felt like dove feathers brushing against his collarbone. Holding her tight, Joxer continued to kiss her. He could not bear to lose the feeling of being inside her. He needed this moment to last for as long as she would stand it.

Xena was on all fours at arms length away. When Joxer had pushed Xena aside, Jett came to her service. His cock was hard again and he plundered into her aching hole.

While Gabrielle lay on top of him, Joxer watched Jett viscously screwing Xena. This whole thing was like some crazy masturbation fantasy. It couldn't be real, could it? As Joxer contemplated reality, Gabrielle separated herself from him and made her way to Xena and Jett.

Gabrielle slid underneath Xena and began to rub the warrior princess clit with her finger. Appreciatively, Xena groaned.

Joxer could not resist Gabrielle's body. It called to him. He knelt in front of Xena's face watching it contort under the stress of carnal pleasure. Then he lied down and pushed his face into Gabrielle's crotch. Gabrielle moaned at the first sensation of hot breath against her pussy. Sliding his tongue inside, he could taste her body mixed with his own. He explored up to her clit and softly tongued it, eliciting more sighs.

Gabrielle continued to stroke Xena's clit as she felt Jett driving himself inside harder and harder and Joxer licking her own clit. Both Gabrielle and Xena screamed in hedonistic ecstasy. The sound was like a Siren's call to Joxer and he licked Gabrielle into a quivering frenzy. Jett came with one loud moan and rested against Xena's back.

Xena and Jett moved off to the side to catch their breath, while Joxer continued to attack Gabrielle's clit like he was on a mission from Zeus himself. Gabrielle couldn't take it anymore and yelled, "Fuck me Joxer, fuck me now."

The mighty one did not need to be asked twice. He flung himself forward across her body and was inside her in seconds. Screwing playfully, he smiled at the pleased face before him. Gabrielle grabbed his head and pulled his lips to hers. Her tongue was in his mouth again and he reveled in the feeling. Her eyes pierced his as he fucked with long deliberated strokes. Soon he felt her legs wrapping tight around his waist. It felt so glorious inside her. He did not want it to end, but the tension was building. At the sound of her voice moaning, "Yes Joxer, Yes!" he was compelled to fuck harder and faster. Their bodies collided in sweat and their tongues probed each other's mouths. He was losing the battle. He was going to have to come. With a rebel yell, he exploded. In the aftermath, he felt Gabrielle's soft lips tickling his neck. Hiding his face in her hair, Joxer wept softly. She allowed him this moment and held him in silence.

The four of them were spent and made their way back to the camp to get some well earned sleep. Jett put a couple of logs on the fire and Xena settled down with a blanket.

Joxer picked up two blankets and handed one to Gabrielle. As they wrapped themselves he asked her, "Would you please walk with me for a few minutes?"

Gabrielle smiled kindly. "Sure, Joxer."

They made their way back to the shore and along the edge of the continent with the waves running over their toes. The moon shone bright as they walked side by side.

"Gabrielle, I know that this may very well be our one and only night together..."

She quickly cut him off, "Oh I don't know if that's true."

"Maybe. It's just how it feels." Joxer struggled, "And, well, I'd like to spend tonight with you."

She replied lightly, "I'm not going anywhere."

"No...what I'm trying to spit out is that..." Joxer took Gabrielle and his arms and stared deeply into her eyes "I want to have this one night where you sleep in my arms and I feel your body next to mine. I want to have just one morning where I wake up and you're curled up against my side. So I know this wasn't a dream." Joxer brought his lips softly to her ear. "I want to pretend, if only for one night, that you cared just a fraction for me of what I care for you."

All his pretentiousness was stripped away. His raw emotions were exposed before her amidst the moonlight and the sea. It wasn't pity she felt. It was compassion. Gabrielle squeezed Joxer tight and kissed the single tear that had streamed down his cheek. "You don't have to pretend." They kissed with quiet passion until the tide crept up to their knees.

While their hearts basked in a glow, their legs were almost numb. Taking Gabrielle's hand in his, Joxer escorted her back to the camp fire.

Already fast asleep, Jett and Xena were resting their over-sexed bodies. Joxer spread his blanket out next to the waning fire and laid his body down. Gabrielle enjoyed the sight of his smooth toned body displayed in the light and shadow from the camp fire back light. He was handsome, but not in that ultra macho Herculean way. Joxer was a man of simple lines and softness. His masculinity came from his desire to comfort, care for and please women. Not his warrior hero false bravado, that didn't suit him at all. In fact, it was a great injustice.

Gabrielle knelt over him and kissed his lips with tender touch. Joxer could still taste the mixture of their sex and the ocean on them. His body twitched as hers settled in beside him and pulled her blanket over them. It was so warm, so comforting. This is what the Elysian fields must feel like, was Joxer's last thought before drifting into unconsciousness.


When Gabrielle awoke, she saw Xena cooking breakfast. Joxer and Jett were nowhere to be found.

"Where are the guys?"

"Jett was gone when I woke. He left this note." She handed the note to Gabrielle.

Gabrielle read the note, "Til' we meet again?"

"I think it will be a while. Actually the truth be told, I hope this was the last we see of Jett."

"Where's Joxer?"

"I told him we'd be moving up the coast to try and intercept that warlord. He said that he'd meet us there tomorrow."

Gabrielle muttered sadly, "Oh"

"He also told me that he was glad that he was up before you, that he couldn't bear the thought of waking up without you."

"I'm not sure what to do, Xena. I don't want to lose him as my friend."

Xena consoled her, "I think he knows that last night was one of those rare situations and that he's dealing with it."

"I hope so. " Gabrielle turned the subject around, "And what about us, was it rare for us?"

"Doesn't have to be." Xena flashed a subtle smile.

Gabrielle returned the grin. "I think not."

The End

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