Author: Katelin B.
Story Title: Best Friend
Characters: Xena/Gabrielle
Rating: NC-17
Summary: A first time story, in which our favorite grrls admit their love for one another.
This rating is for explicit f/f sex.

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Well, we all know this song, don't we kiddies. Sing along everybody!! I don't own Xena, Gabrielle, Argo, or any of the villains. They belong to the Action Pack, Universal television and Renaissance Pictures. Wish I did own them; I'd be... STINKIN' RICH!!! Oh, well, you can't have everything.

I should warn the readers that this is rated somewhere between "NC-17" and "My God!! This kind of smut should be illegal!!" Well, all I can say is: "If you can't get it on television, you might as well get it on the Internet." This story does deal with a sexual relationship between two women, so if you are easily offended, or underage (18)... GO AWAY. I don't need the legal trouble. The only thing I own is this computer.

Summary: Oooo-kay. So, this story doesn't fit into the regular time line. Thank the Gods, for that. People would be screaming bloody murder.

Dedication: okay... I don't usually do this, but because of the way this story came about, I just have to. This is for Trace... you know who you are!!... who was inspired and is inspiring. Thanks for kind words, doll! *hugs and kisses*

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Best Friend
By Katelin B.

It had been one of their more dangerous battles. Draco had reared his ugly head again, this time trying to take over a small village that Xena and Gabrielle had been passing through. Draco's army was bigger than last time. Stronger than they had expected, and Draco had left orders that everyone who resisted should be killed. And just like last time, Xena had stopped him.

But not without paying a price. Before the battle had ended with Draco's death, Xena had been injured. Clubbed from behind, Gabrielle had to protect her for the few moments she was down. Of course, when Xena got up, she ignored the pain and finished the fight. She killed Draco, helped tend to the wounded of the village, and watched them leave before she giving in to the injury.

Xena felt her knees go weak, and her head began to swim. Her vision blurred and she stumbled. The warrior princess felt two hands grab her around the waist to hold her upright. Her vision cleared just as quickly, but she remained weak, and unable to stand on her own.

"Xena!" Gabrielle exclaimed in shock as she caught her friend, "Are you all right?!"

"I'm fine, Gabrielle," she replied, trying not to let her voice crack. But when she tried to stand on her own, and stumbled again, Gabrielle really became worried.

"Xena!" Gabrielle said, helping her friend to sit down by the fire she had made, "You need to rest. Do you want me to get one of the villagers? They can't have gone too far yet. I could take Argo, and be back soon."

"No, Gabrielle," she answered, "I'm okay. I just have a little headache. There's nothing that can be done."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. Don't worry." She paused to look into her younger friend's eyes, and saw the affection and concern there. For a moment, Xena felt a strong affection, even stronger than friendship surface, and she quickly pushed it down.

In truth, Xena knew the villagers had wanted to get as far from this place as possible and she wouldn't have called them back here even if she was dying. The warrior princess suspected that Gabrielle knew this too, but she was worried about her friend, and would have dragged their healer back by the hair if Xena had asked her to.

Gabrielle supported most of Xena's weight and helped her settle next to the fire. When Xena had sat down Gabrielle scooped up her bed blanket and wrapped it around the protesting warrior's shoulders.

"Gabrielle," Xena scolded, "You need something to sleep on." She tried to shrug off the blanket, but her young friend held it in place gently.

"No," she said firmly, "Keep it. You're as cold as ice. Besides, I'm not sleeping until I'm sure you're okay."

Xena started to argue, but then fell silent. She had been friends with Gabrielle long enough to know when she wouldn't budge. She had made her mind up, and was not going to back down. The warrior princess smiled slightly at Gabrielle's selflessness. It was really touching.

Gabrielle held the blanket in place until she was sure Xena would keep it there, and stop trying to act tough when she was hurt. Neither woman said anything. They just stared into the fire, quickly becoming the only light in the growing dark. It was when Xena shifted the blanket that Gabrielle noticed how stiff her shoulders were.

She moved her hands firmly over the warrior's shoulders, kneading and working out the knots. Xena moaned softly and pushed her shoulders back; a silent request for Gabrielle to press harder. The younger woman complied and pressed as hard as she could. But it didn't help much because Xena's shoulder plates were in the way.

"You know, this would be a lot easier if you took off your armor," Gabrielle said as she reached for the edge of the blanket. Xena let the blanket fall and helped her friend with the fastenings on the breast plates. In a moment, the heavy armor fell into a heap on the ground and Gabrielle replaced the blanket.

She began rubbing again, as hard as she dared, and remained silent until she saw Xena's head loll forward in appreciation. "Better?" Gabrielle asked, not stopping even for a moment.

"Much," Xena muttered, trying to remain upright. Her exhaustion and the feelings she usually kept bottled up had added to her light-headedness, and she just wanted to lean back and relax. But she couldn't let the feelings wash over her; she was afraid of what she might do. And she knew, whatever it was, she would regret it later. And so would Gabrielle.

She stiffened at the thought and Gabrielle noticed. Her rubbing paused for a moment, but then resumed, wrongly assuming that Xena was thinking about the battle. "Gabrielle," Xena said softly, trying to keep her voice from wavering, "I think you should stop."

"Why?" she asked, slowing down, but not stopping, "Does it hurt?"

"No," Xena admitted, "It feels too good."

"What?" Gabrielle stopped, her hands resting on Xena's shoulders.

Xena decided she wouldn't hide anything from her friend. "Gabrielle," she began, letting her shoulders relax a bit, "I've been having certain feelings for you. Feelings that I can't explain. I've tried to ignore them, but if you keep rubbing my shoulders, I won't be able to much longer. And I can't give in to them."

"Why?" Gabrielle's voice was soft and barely more than a whisper.

"Because I'm afraid," Xena whispered, admitting it to herself for the first time.

"Afraid of what?"

"Of losing you. If I give in to these feelings, I'm afraid you might hate me, and I couldn't bear to lose your friendship."

Gabrielle removed her hands and shifted herself so that she was facing Xena. The warrior princess had allowed her head to fall forward even more after her confession, so Gabrielle had to hook a finger under her chin to make eye contact.

"Xena," Gabrielle said softly, "I know what you're feeling. I've known for a long time."

"How?" Xena started. Gabrielle's voice was so full of honesty that she couldn't not believe her.

"You talk in your sleep," Gabrielle said with a small smile. Xena closed her eyes and silently cursed Morpheus for the dreams he had given her in spite of an impossible reality. A lone tear trailed a path down Xena's cheek, and she lowered her head again.

"Gabrielle, I'm sorry," she said meekly, her voice barely audible over the crackling of the fire.

"No," Gabrielle said soothingly, "There's nothing to be sorry about." She stopped and waited a moment while Xena raised her head and opened her eyes to gauge the blonde woman's reaction.

"Gabrielle, what are you saying?"

"I'm saying that I have the same feelings, and I have for a long time. But I couldn't say anything until I knew your feelings were the same when you were awake. I didn't want to take the chance that Morpheus was trying to split us up for defeating him last year." Gabrielle reached up and brushed the tear away with her thumb.

Xena reached out at the physical contact and pulled her friend into a fierce hug. Gabrielle returned it with as much strength, cradling Xena's head with her hand. The younger woman rocked slowly, comforting her warrior friend with soft hushing noises.

Xena was very aware of Gabrielle's presence. With her head resting on the younger woman's shoulder, the warrior would smell her sweet skin, and suddenly the feeling was back, stronger than before. She decided to take a leap, with no safety net, for the other side of the gorge. Her lips brushed Gabrielle's shoulder gently. Once, then twice. She felt Gabrielle stiffen for an instant, then turn her head towards Xena's neck.

Gabrielle relaxed again under Xena's touch and the warrior felt a soft kiss on her neck, just below her ear. It felt unsure, hesitant, but wonderful. And it was over far too soon. Xena shivered, and then there was a second kiss, just a bit lower than the first. Xena shivered again and felt Gabrielle's hug soften.

Xena kissed her shoulder again and smiled. She had crossed the gorge and made it to the other side. The warrior princess pulled back slowly and looked into her friend's eyes, seeking silent permission to continue.

Gabrielle's eyes had darkened with anticipation, and Xena finally did see her feelings reflected in those eyes. She leaned forward slightly, but then stopped, waiting patiently for Gabrielle to decide the next move.

As Gabrielle leaned forward, so did Xena, ever so slowly. The warrior mimicked her younger friend's movements. Gabrielle's hand came up from the darkness and caressed Xena's cheek, and Xena did the same. Tingles shot down to her stomach from the touch, but she remained patient.

Gabrielle leaned in, and brushed her lips against Xena's own, softly. Tentative and filled with uncertainty, the kiss was barely that. But then, suddenly, Gabrielle's hand moved from Xena's cheek around to the back of her neck, pulling her closer. Xena did the same, and the kiss became solid.

Xena caught a moan before it could escape. Years of silently sneaking up on her enemy had disconnected the sounds from her intense emotions. But Gabrielle hadn't needed such training. A soft sigh escaped the back of her throat and sent a fire of arousal straight through Xena's body.

No longer able to stay at Gabrielle's pace, Xena allowed her emotions to take over and pulled her friend closer. Her tongue darted out before she could even think about it, and gently flicked over Gabrielle's lips, inviting them to open. They did, faster than expected; as if Gabrielle had been waiting for Xena's permission.

The kiss deepened quickly, and Xena's hands began to roam. Caressing her friend's back, down to her hips, and along her thighs. Gabrielle moaned deep in her throat, and began doing the same to Xena. A rush of air being expelled was the most sound Xena had made since the kissing started. It was so soft that Gabrielle barely heard it. By the way Xena tensed after the sound, the younger woman guessed what was wrong. The warrior wanted to make noise, any sound of encouragement to her friend, but couldn't on her own. She couldn't completely let go.

Gabrielle decided to help. She broke the kiss and trailed her lips along Xena's jaw, up to that spot below her ear again. She kissed and licked at it softly while Xena reached up and cradled her head. Gabrielle decided to be bold and one hand left Xena's waist and ran up her side. Her fingers trailed so lightly over the leather that Xena couldn't feel the touch. Then the hand closed over her left breast completely, and just rested there. She felt Xena tremble and pull her closer.

Gabrielle smiled slightly and played her hand. She leaned in further and sucked on Xena's earlobe. Nothing. Xena only clutched her tighter. Gabrielle released the lobe and brought her lips up to whisper in the ear. "Xena," she whispered, then squeezed her breast slightly, "I want to hear you." It was the first thing uttered since they had hugged.

Xena merely pushed herself further into Gabrielle's hand. For her part, Gabrielle squeezed harder, and finally she was rewarded with the tiniest of whimpers.

"More, Xena," she responded, nipping and sucking at the earlobe again, "I want to know what makes you happy. Let me hear you." Her hand left the breast and slid down Xena's stomach. It continued down, between her legs and cupped her gently through the fabric. Xena whimpered again, louder this time, and rocked her hips forward slightly.

Gabrielle pulled back only far enough to look at the expression on her face. Xena's eyes were almost closed with desire, and she had caught her lower lip between her teeth. "That's it," the younger woman murmured, leaning in to kiss the corners of her friend's mouth, "Let go. You don't have to worry about anyone finding us. It's just Argo and me. Relax." At the last word, Gabrielle rubbed her hand back and forth once.

Xena groaned wordlessly and brought her hand around to cup Gabrielle's breast firmly. The action was answered with a deep moan and Gabrielle tipped her head back and closed her eyes. Xena caressed her friend gently as a tingle spread through her body at the sound. She realized that she wanted to hear that sound again. It was exciting to know that she had caused that noise; that she could have that sort of power over her friend.

Her friend.

Suddenly, Xena stopped, and pulled back quickly. She felt Gabrielle's hand fall away from her crotch, and suddenly they were staring in each others eyes again. The fear had come back, and she was sure she had done something terribly wrong.

"Xena, what's the matter?" Gabrielle questioned. Her voice held a strong note of concern.

"Gabrielle," Xena began, clearing her foggy mind, "I need to know that you want this. Really want this."

"Xena..." Gabrielle didn't get to say what she was thinking because the warrior princess interrupted.

"I don't want you to do this just because I want you to. I need to know that our friendship won't change."

"Xena," Gabrielle said, and put a finger over her friend's lips to silence her ramblings, "I want this. More than you could know. But I can't say our friendship won't change. It will." She paused for a moment to take a deep breath and calm herself down. "We will be closer than before. Even now we are sharing feelings and thoughts that we never did before."

"But this will be your first time," Xena protested meekly; she sounded somewhat like a frightened child.

"Yes, that's true," Gabrielle agreed, "But I can't think of anyone I would like to share that with more than my best friend." She tipped Xena's chin up so that they were looking deep into each others eyes. "And you are my best friend."

That affirmation was all Xena needed and all her fears were destroyed. She lunged forward and captured Gabrielle's lips with her own. Her lips parted, inviting her friend in. Xena began tugging at Gabrielle's top as their tongues dueled fiercely.

The younger woman took the hint and released the fastenings. The wrap around tunic fell away, and joined Xena's armor and blanket. Xena's hands moved up and over the bare breasts, making Gabrielle groan loudly. She grasped them firmly and kneaded them, the hard tips jutting into her palms. She remembered what she had liked, and did those things, hoping Gabrielle would like them too. It was apparent from her moaning and shifting that she was enjoying the sensations.

Gabrielle was suddenly not satisfied with just being on the receiving end. She reached for the strap of Xena's leather bodice and pulled it off her shoulder, hoping to get her point across. She did. Xena broke their kiss, gasping for air and pulled her clothes over her head and threw them aside.

Gabrielle did the same, shedding her chiton, and both women began removing their boots. Soon they were completely naked, and came together again. They both groaned as their flesh made contact and renewed their kissing.

Soon, that was no longer enough for either woman. Xena felt Gabrielle push her gently down to the blanket covered ground, and settle on top of her, their lips still glued together.

Suddenly Gabrielle broke away, and began trailing kisses down Xena's throat. When she reached the valley between the warrior's breasts, she moved left and licked the hardened tip. Gabrielle flicked it a few times before closing her mouth over it entirely.

The moist heat of Gabrielle's suckling, nearly sent Xena wild. She cried out, no longer worried about anyone hearing her, and grabbed two fistfuls of Gabrielle's blonde hair, holding her head in place. The pleasure was incredible One hand let go and guided the younger woman's free hand down to that wet place between her legs.

Gabrielle continued suckling one breast, then the other, while her hand caressed the soft curls of hair she found at the apex of Xena's thighs. The warrior's hand fell away, and Gabrielle let her own hand travel lower, working into the slick folds of flesh there.

Xena pulled Gabrielle back up to her and kissed her again. They continued like that for several moments until Gabrielle's caressing changed.

She gently pushed one, then two fingers into the warrior's entrance, and Xena broke the kiss with a gasp of pleasure. Gabrielle smiled, then began stroking in and out slowly, the heel of her hand massaging the hard bud of Xena's clitoris as it moved.

Xena whimpered again and threw her head back. "Like that?" Gabrielle asked, keeping the movement steady.

"Just like that, Gabrielle, just like that. Oh, Gods!" Xena gasped and began rocking her hips in time with the strokes. Xena's whimpers and moans had become constant with each thrust of Gabrielle's fingers, and the younger woman felt her arousal growing at each noise. She leaned in to nip and suckle on her earlobe.

Xena's breath caught in her throat and she rocked against Gabrielle's hand even faster. The younger woman followed Xena's lead and began thrusting her fingers faster. "Harder, Gabrielle," Xena's rasping voice cut through the wordless groans coming from them both, "I'm almost there."

A part of Gabrielle nearly asked, 'almost where?', until she remembered what her sister, newly married had told her the last they had visited. Lila said that a body could only take so much pleasure before it had to be released, and that it was the most wonderful thing she had ever felt. Suddenly, Gabrielle wanted nothing more than to make Xena feel that, and stroked harder and faster.

After a few moments, Gabrielle got her wish, and Xena's entire body went rigid. She screamed as she clutched at her younger friend, holding her tightly. Her hips bucked wildly and her thighs tightened around Gabrielle's hand.

The younger woman kept moving her hand, pressing as hard as she dared, riding out the storm with her friend. One final thrust of Xena's hips and it was over. Gabrielle felt her friend go limp and stop moving completely, though her arms were still secure around her. And Gabrielle could still feel tremors and shudders through her friend's body as the muscles relaxed.

"Stop, stop," Xena pleaded, her voice barely working. Gabrielle's hand slowed to a halt and she remained still, listening to the gasps that came from her friend as she tried to control her breathing.

Once Xena had enough control to open her eyes and release her arms from the grip they had acquired, Gabrielle slowly, and gently pulled her fingers out of her friend. Even this small motion caused Xena to gasp again as another aftershock rumbled through her.

"Xena?" Gabrielle was suddenly feeling very self-conscious, and needed some confirmation that she hadn't done anything wrong.

"Gabrielle," Xena whispered, slowly coming back to reality, "By the Gods, that was amazing." She hugged the younger woman close. "That was the most incredible thing I've ever felt."

"Really?" Gabrielle asked, pulling away, just far enough to look into Xena's eyes.

The warrior princess gave her younger friend the only answer she could at that moment. She kissed her. The kiss was different than the others; tender and full of feeling. Giving rather than taking.

Xena caressed Gabrielle's breasts, kneading them gently. She took her time, wanting to make her friend's first time meaningful, and special. Something she would never forget. Their tongues twirled in each others mouths like slow, exotic dancers.

After a few minutes, Xena could feel Gabrielle's body tense and twitch with desire, so she took it a bit further. Xena pushed her friend back to the blanket and rolled in top of her. Their bodies pressing together made Gabrielle moan in pleasure, and she pulled her warrior friend closer.

Xena broke the kiss and began trailing her lips down Gabrielle's naked body. When she reached the younger woman's breasts, she suckled each one briefly, eliciting a soft moan, somewhat like a purr. The warrior felt a tremor ripple through her body at the sound, and she realized why Gabrielle had wanted to hear her. The noises were as intoxicating as a strong port.

Xena's lips left Gabrielle's breasts and resumed their path downward. The warrior replaced her hands on the breasts and pinched the hard tips gently between thumbs and forefingers. Gabrielle squirmed and groaned loudly at the pressure.

Gabrielle's hips had begun to rock without her knowledge, and when she noticed through the foggy haze, they wouldn't obey her silent command to stop. Finally she gave up and closed her eyes, concentrating on the waves of pleasure washing through her.

Xena kissed and licked her way down her friend's stomach, and paused when she reached the downy blonde hair to see the expression on the younger woman's face. Her head was tipped back, eyes closed, and her lips were parted in ecstasy. Xena smiled wickedly at the sight and lowered her head to place a soft kiss in the curly hair.

Gabrielle whimpered and bucked her hips toward the kiss. She obviously wanted to feel more, and Xena was more than willing to comply. The warrior princess parted her lips and moved lower to trace the soft folds with her tongue. Instantly, Gabrielle cried out, and grasped Xena's head with her hands, pushing her hips forward shamelessly.

Stars exploded behind the younger woman's eyes as she moved against the probing tongue. The moist heat of Xena's mouth was like nothing she had ever felt before. It was amazing. Already, Gabrielle could feel the pleasure beginning to build in the pit of her stomach.

Xena brought her hands down to Gabrielle's hips to steady the rocking. One hand rested on the flat plain of the younger woman's stomach while the other traveled lower. Xena brought her hand to her mouth and wet two fingers. Gabrielle was already dripping, but Xena wanted to be sure she wouldn't feel any pain.

Xena pulled her head back and watched as her fingers slowly pushed past Gabrielle's entrance and slid effortlessly into her. The warrior moved her hand slowly, pushing deeply into the bard with gentle stokes. She heard Gabrielle cry out with each thrust, rocking her hips in rhythm with Xena's hand.

Xena could feel Gabrielle's pleasure building, as if it were her own. She found the hard bud of Gabrielle's clitoris and flicked it with her tongue. She sped up the thrusts made by her hand and felt her friend's hips match the rhythm. The motions were fast and frenzied, and Xena could tell her lover was close. Without warning, she withdrew her fingers and both hands held Gabrielle's hips down firmly. At the same instant, she closed her lips over the hard nub of Gabrielle's pleasure and pulled on it. Hard.

"XENA!! XENA!! OH GODS, YEEEEESSSS!!!" Gabrielle screamed as she exploded. Her hips bucked wildly and Xena held on tight, intent on milking every last sensation from her lover. Prolonging her pleasure as long as she could.

The pleasure was so intense Gabrielle thought she was going to pass out. Her whole body felt like it was on fire, and her breath caught painfully in her throat. It seemed to continue or an eternity, and Xena's mouth was relentless.

Finally, the sensations began to fade, and she was no longer able to move her body. As Gabrielle fell limply back on the blanket, Xena stopped with one final kiss in the downy, blonde curls. She scooted up and laid out beside her spent friend, gathering the limp form into her strong arms. Xena reached behind her back and brought Gabrielle's blanket over both their naked bodies.

Gabrielle stirred, and cuddled closer to her lover, resting her head on Xena's chest. She sighed in contentment as her awareness slowly came back, and she realized where she was.

"Xena?" the younger woman asked, the confusion evident in her voice. The closeness in the aftermath was new to her, like many other things that night, and she didn't know what was expected of her.

Xena seemed to understand and hugged her lover close. "Shhh... Gabrielle," she soothed, rubbing the bard's back gently, "This is one of the best parts. We sleep. Safe in the comfort of each other's arms." Xena felt Gabrielle snuggle in closer and breath a sight of relief and happiness.

"Lila was right," Gabrielle mumbled into Xena's neck, as she drifted off to sleep, "It's the most wonderful thing I've ever felt."

Tears sprang to Xena's eyes as Gabrielle's breathing evened out and deepened in slumber. "Yes," Xena whispered softly, placing a kiss in Gabrielle's hair, "Lila was right." The warrior princess relaxed and sighed contentedly. Then as she felt herself slipping into sleep, she had a thought that she felt she must express, even if the recipient was deep in slumber. "Thank you for sharing this with me, Gabrielle," she said, just before sleep claimed her, "I love you." And with those mumbled words, the warrior joined her bard in the world of dreams.

The End?

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