Author: Kelly
Story Title: Discovery
Characters: Ares/Joxer
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Joxer's visit to Ares' temple turns carnal.
This rating is for explicit m/m sex.

I don't own these characters, I wish I did. I am making nothing off this but a warm fuzzy feeling when people say it's good.

Here it is, my first J/A first time pairing. Do you know what a pain in the ass this was to write???

Thanks to Erin, and to whomever else beta-read this for me in the painful formative stages and you know who you are. Also, Erin.... thank you for the title, since I couldn't think of one to save my life!!!!

This story contains explicit male/male sex.

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by Kelly

Joxer wasn't sure exactly why he was in Ares' Temple, kneeling in front of Ares' altar. But he was. But it felt right, offering himself to Ares like this.

"Of course it does. You're a warrior, however inept, and I'm your God. It's supposed to feel good." But not look that good, Ares thought, seeing the fragile body bent submissively before the black altar.

Joxer whirled to see Ares. "I--you're here!"

"This is my Temple, Joxer. Where else would I be?" Ares lounged against the wall, casually sharpening a small claw-handled dagger as he spoke.

"I didn't...uh, that is...I thought that...Well, you wouldn't appear for me," Joxer blurted out.

Ares blinked. Joxer was right. Ares had never listened before, so why now? "You just happened to come in," Ares covered smoothly. "So why are you here?"

"I, uh... I don't know, exactly. I was going to meet Xena and Gabrielle, and then I suddenly felt an urge to come in here. So I did. I waited until everyone else left, and that's when I came in."

"You don't normally worship me?" Ares asked, letting a glower stretch his luscious lips, already knowing the answer. Joxer prayed constantly. Ares simply ignored him...until today.

Joxer's legs began to shake as Ares' glower fell on him. "I, uh, yes, I pray to you all the time."

"Then why is it strange that you would come to my Temple like a good little disciple?" The glower slowly converted into a sensual smile, intended to discomfit Joxer more and more, and give Ares a perverse pleasure.

"Well, I guess because when I pray to you, it's just sort of by myself. And I don't really go to your Temples because it's like I don't belong there, so when I came in today, it was something weird."

He didn't understand why Ares was suddenly smiling at him, or why that smile was suddenly shooting heat through his body, but it was, and it all settled in his groin. Joxer found himself having a hard time breathing and he felt dizzy as all the blood rushed away from his brain. Uh is very bad taste to get like this over your god.

Ares watched the effect of his tried and true fuck-me smile on Joxer...saw the growing bulge in Joxer's pants, the flushed skin, the dizzy eyes, and smelled the arousal.

Joxer swayed on his feet, and Ares laid the dagger on the altar as he reached out a hand out to steady the mortal. His skin felt hot under Ares' touch. "Joxer...every warrior belongs at my Temple." Where the hell did that come from? It sure as hell wasn't what I wanted to say. And just when did I decide that I wanted you, hmm? And why?

"So, are you saying that I'm a warrior?"

"I didn't say that," Ares was quick to reply. "No. What I said was, warriors belong at my Temple. If you're a warrior, this is where you belong. If you're not a warrior, then leave." His hand rested on Joxer's arm a moment longer before he dropped it and picked up his dagger again. You're not going to leave, Joxer...I know it. I won't allow it.

"I think I'm a warrior... I mean, I am Joxer the Mighty, after all. Then yeah, I belong here."

Ares sighed. "Now that we've got that out of the way...why are you here? What prayer did you want answered?"

"I...well, uh, I was thinking that if I was a great warrior instead of just a good one, maybe Gabrielle would like me. So I was wondering if you'd help me be a great warrior like Xena so Gabrielle will love me."

Ares' laughter echoed off the walls and Joxer flushed again, this time from embarrassment. "Only you would ask the God of War about love. Yes, I could make you a great warrior. I could turn you into the greatest warrior in the world. But that wouldn't help you. Joxer, even I can see that Gabrielle is obsessed with Xena. No matter what you do, you won't get her mind off her own purpose: to get into Xena's leathers." Not that I blame her...But there is something about you... Ares let that disturbing thought trail off before it finished.

"So you can't help me?"

A totally unbidden thought came to Ares. About helping Joxer to forget Gabrielle. By plunging into Joxer's body, sucking that delectable pink tongue into his own mouth, feeling that smooth mortal skin against his own. "Oh, no, Joxer, I can help you." Just not the way you think.

The dagger fell forgotten to the floor of the Temple as Ares was surprised by Joxer's smile.

Joxer's smile would have been ridiculous on anyone else. On Joxer, it was almost beautiful. Almost...because of the damn hat. That has got to go, Ares thought. He made the hat vanish, followed quickly by the rest of Joxer's armor. Better. Much better. Joxer's smile disappeared quickly, replaced by first a look of astonishment, then by fear. Ares suddenly wanted to bring that smile back.

He reached up to sweep the soft brown hair off his mortal's forehead. My mortal? I've already claimed him? I must be out of my mind. But...look at you, Joxer. You're beautiful, Ares thought, gazing at the mortal's graceful body.

Ares' gaze made Joxer uncomfortable. "Uh, Ares?" he asked, his voice a whisper.

"Yes, Joxer?" Ares' voice lowered to match Joxer's whisper.

"What are you doing?"

What am I doing? I'm ready to make love to this...mortal who is normally beneath my notice but who I suddenly see as the most attractive mortal on earth. That's what I'm doing. Wait a second... since when is he the most attractive mortal on earth?? What is happening around here today? Aphrodite, if this is your doing--no. 'Dite wouldn't bother.

Ares abandoned that thought as he gazed at Joxer from under hooded lids. The mortal's sensual appear startled him, especially without that ridiculous armor.

Ares' continued silence worried Joxer, but Ares' wandering fingers prompted the mortal to gulp hard and ask "Ares? What are you doing?"

"What do you think I'm doing?"

"I don't know; that's why I'm asking. If I knew, I wouldn't be asking." Joxer sounded a bit testy to his own ears.

"I'm doing what you wanted...I'm helping you with Gabrielle." I'm helping you forget about her, Ares answered before capturing Joxer's lips in a searing kiss. Joxer was tense under Ares' touch, but as the god deepened the kiss and pulled Joxer's tongue into his mouth, the mortal's body lost its stiffness and molded itself to the other body. Ares took that as a sign of submission and acceptance. You just sealed your fate, Joxer.

"Ares," Joxer asked, as the god bent his head to trail gentle nibbles along the mortal's shoulder.

"Yes, Joxer?"

"How is this going to help me with Gabrielle?"

Ares gritted his teeth. "Tell me something, Joxer... do you always talk during sex?" Somehow...I know the answer is yes.

"Not all of the time, no." Only when I'm naked and being kissed by a god and I don't know why...

"Then shut up." Ares gestured and a pile of furs appeared behind Joxer. He gently pushed the mortal down on the furs, lying down alongside him.

Joxer heard the menace in Ares' voice, and decided that shutting up would be the smart thing to do, for the moment. He stopped throwing questions at the god. It would probably be a bad idea to anger the God of War...especially when he's doing things like this to me.

Ares licked his fingertips, and trailed the wet digits along Joxer's nipples, leaving dampness on each nipple. Then he blew gentle breaths across them, watching the skin contract and pucker. The mortal's thoughts echoed in Ares' mind. "Good move," he said quietly, "deciding to shut up." Ares' mouth enveloped the nipple, tongue pushing the hard nub back and forth and Joxer's body arched underneath him. Ares' mouth moved to the other nipple, and teased it with delicate bites that barely marked Joxer's flesh.


"Joxer...if you say one more word, I will gag you."

Joxer closed his mouth, a sad look crossing his delicate features.

Ares sighed into Joxer's neck. That was the same look that a dog got after you kicked it enough times. "What is it, Joxer? I won't gag you." Not yet, anyway...

"What you were doing...I liked it, that's all," Joxer said quietly. "I've, well, it's just...I've never done this before, and it felt good. And you're...well, you're a god. And I'm mortal. And I'm kinda scared, because I like what you're doing, but you're bigger than I am.'ve done this before. Not me. And if you don't like it, you'll kill me."

Ares didn't answer him. Instead, he pulled Joxer's mouth into another kiss. This kiss was sweetly demanding, and the mortal willingly opened his mouth under it. When his tongue stroked back at Ares' gently thrusting one, godly hands tightened convulsively on mortal hips, bruising the skin and causing his lover to cry out in pain.

Ares abruptly released Joxer and moved off him. He quietly cursed his own strength and mortal fragility. "Damn!" Joxer was trying to shift around, to find a position that didn't hurt. "Lay still!" Ares growled. He gently inspected the vivid bruises he'd left on Joxer's pale skin and felt for broken bones. Thank Zeus I didn't kill him, Ares thought, finding no breaks. He laid his hands on the bruises, and a bright blue glow enveloped Joxer from the waist down. When the glow died away, the bruises had gone. "Better?"

Joxer nodded, then wiggled his hips. Ares sucked a breath in through his teeth. "You're inviting more bruises, Joxer, when you move like that."

Joxer smiled. "Yeah?" He waited a moment, and when Ares didn't return, he asked, "Ares?"

"What?" He hadn't intended to snap, but from the look on the mortal's face, he knew he had. Damn that look...and damn you for worrying that lower lip between your teeth! Ares tamped down the urge to worry that lip between his teeth instead.

"I was just wondering if you were going to continue." Joxer's voice was shaky and a little unsure.

Ares sighed. "You've got a death wish, then? You're too damn fragile, Joxer; I'll kill you."

"You're killing me anyway," Joxer said quietly, honestly. "I really liked what you were doing to me...I don't want it to end."

Ares looked at Joxer lying naked on the rugs beside him. A dangerous gleam was in his eye. " don't know what you're asking for."

"Show me, then," Joxer said, reaching over for Ares. Ares let Joxer pull him even closer. He gestured again, and the rugs became a bed beneath them. Kneeling up on the bed, Joxer urged Ares up as well, then pushed the leather vest off the god's shoulders, letting the leather puddle on the floor as he ran his hands over Ares' heavily furred chest, seeking the nipples hidden by the hair. When he found them, Joxer licked one of them while playing with the other one until he heard a rumbling...almost a purr, in fact...coming from Ares' throat. He switched, licking the other nipple while Ares' hands rested on his shoulders. The rumbling grew louder, and Ares' hands tightened.

Joxer moved back a little, out of Ares grasp, and unclasped the belt around his waist. He dropped the warm leather on the floor. He rested back on his heels, uncertain, and Ares took the mortal's hands and brought them back to the opening of his pants. Joxer's skillful fingers didn't falter as he opened the clasp and pushed the pants down. He got off the bed and Ares stood, allowing Joxer to peel the leather off, along with his heavy black boots.

When the god was naked, Ares climbed back onto the bed and pulled Joxer on top of him. "I thought of a way that I won't hurt you. But it means you're going to do most of the work."

Joxer blinked in confusion at the god underneath him. "Huh?" Ares pulled Joxer's ear to his mouth and whispered into it. Joxer sat bolt upright. " couldn' have got to be kidding! I...I wouldn't...I mean, I don't think...I don't know where to start!!"

"It's not that hard, Joxer." Ares smiled at his own joke.

"No way! I'll take my chances getting hurt!"

"But I won't," Ares said quietly. "You came in here with the understanding that we were doing this my way. If you don't want to, then you're free to leave. I won't stop you." But if you leave...I'll find you. I won't let you go. That thought startled Ares...where had it come from?

Joxer licked suddenly dry lips. "I don't want to leave," he said. "But I can't do this...what you told me, I mean."

Ares pulled him down and nuzzled his ear before whispering into it. "Then don't leave. You...I'll think of something else." No way I'm letting you out're mine, now. Ares nipped his earlobe, then slid down his throat to the pulse beating there. Male or female, that throbbing pulse, feeling life rushing under his lips...that point always drew Ares. He went to it, licking it, sucking it, just hard enough to leave a mark. Joxer moaned as Ares' mouth worked the flesh there.

"Ares." Joxer sighed his name in a voice thickened with arousal. The responsive tightening in his groin surprised Ares.

"You like that?"


Ares trailed his mouth further down Joxer's body, briefly laving the nipples again before continuing down his chest and stomach. Ares' hands braced himself gently on Joxer's thighs, and his hot mouth enveloped the hard cock.

Joxer's back arched as he thrust deeply into Ares' mouth. He was still, and let Joxer move as he wished, feeling the mortal's cock press against the back of his throat. When he tightened his throat around the engorged organ, it twitched and pulsed as the mortal's orgasm flowed into Ares' throat.

Ares greedily swallowed the salty fluid, reveling in the liquid that was so like blood, that gave life and had the same heat, that even now coursed through his body. Ares sucked and drew on the softening shaft firmly, drawing out every drop he could.

He felt Joxer's hands in his hair, pulling his head up, drawing him close. This time it was Joxer's tongue that parted Ares' lips, Joxer's tongue stroking, Joxer...Joxer...Joxer. That name whirled in Ares' mind as Joxer's kiss burned his lips. Those fiery lips moved from his mouth across his cheek to his ear, delicately nipping the lobe, swirling it before whispering into it. "I don't think I'm saying this right, but I want you to fuck me, Ares, please. I need it."

Not saying it right? Ares thought incredulously, fighting the urge to let out an ungodlike whimper. "Joxer...lie down. Now."

Joxer heard the commanding urgency in Ares' voice, and lay on the bed, trembling in anticipation. Ares swung over him, and Joxer's eyes ran down the length of Ares' body...from the silky jet-black curls to the hard, furred chest to the washboard stomach and powerful thighs. He moved his legs apart and Ares knelt between them. Joxer's eyes fell on Ares' hard cock, and his eyes widened. "I did that?" He hadn't meant to say it aloud, but it slipped out.

"You did that, Joxer," Ares confirmed in a throaty voice. "Hold out your hands."

"Doesn't it hurt? I mean, when it's that hard?" Joxer asked, doing as Ares had told him to. A small ebony bowl appeared in his outstretched hands, and a strange, musky scent arose from it.

Ares let out a strangled laugh. "Hurt? Not the way you think." Ares dipped his hands into the bowl and massaged his throbbing cock with the scented oil. He dipped his fingers in the oil again, and the bowl vanished. He touched one dripping finger to Joxer's hardening cock, trailed it down the length and over the sac. Then he lifted Joxer's hips gently, and slid one oiled finger into the small ring of muscle between his perfect buttocks.

"Ares!" Joxer cried out breathlessly, and clamped down on Ares' finger.

Ares smiled, "Relax, Joxer. I'm not going to hurt you." Suddenly he realized that was the truth--he didn't want this, their first time, to be painful for the mortal. And just when did I start to care??

When he felt Joxer relaxing, Ares slipped a second finger in, and started to stroke slowly in and out. "Aah! Ares...please!"

Joxer moved underneath him and Ares smiled. He removed his fingers, and his lover protested again. Without speaking, Ares slowly pressed the head of his cock against the stretched ring, and it slipped in, eliciting a gasp. Ares carefully pressed himself into the tight sheath, moving forward inch by inch until he was totally encased within the mortal. Once he was in, he began to stroke in and out with measured thrusts, fighting to hold himself back so as not to harm the fragile mortal again.

Joxer's head was thrown back, and Ares licked the exposed throat, wanting to pierce the skin and drink the lifeblood of the man beneath him, to consume the essence that made Joxer unique. When Joxer pushed back against him, his body clamping tightly around Ares' cock, the god couldn't stop himself. His white teeth broke the skin and the fount opened, pouring the coppery liquid into his mouth. Ares lost himself in the taste of Joxer, in the warmth that was Joxer. Joxer writhed beneath him, moaning in ecstasy as his skin became paler and paler, and Ares realized that he had to stop before he killed the mortal. He kissed the tear in the skin, healing it beneath his lips, then pulled back to look into Joxer's face.

The god caught his lip between his teeth, trying to regain some semblance of control over the animalistic desires that had swept him up. As he fought the urge to crush Joxer with the passion that welled up within him, he wasn't even aware of the trickle of blood that welled from his wounded lip.

Joxer's gaze was caught by the red droplet, glistening and full. It was the symbol of everything that was the God of War. Without thinking, Joxer leaned up and pressed his mouth to Ares', laving the trickle of blood from the sensuous lip. He barely registered Ares' moaning over the sound of his own heart pounding in his ears.

Ares' control was gone. He could no longer restrain himself and he began to pound into Joxer with all his inhuman strength. Joxer lifted his hips to absorb the thrusts, feeling the aftershocks shaking his whole body. Ares' hand had clamped around Joxer's cock and was stroking it savagely, squeezing and milking it as he worked. The mortal's orgasm built in his whole body, rushing and racing to force itself out of the small slit in the head of his cock. His cum coated Ares' dark chest in ribbons of white.

Ares moved his hands from Joxer's cock to his hips, and forced the mortal's tight body up and down his cock. Ares' orgasm ripped from his body in a silent scream that shook the foundations of the Temple. His cum scalded Joxer as it filled him.

Satiated, Ares collapsed half on Joxer, crushing the now-familiar body beside his.


Ares touched Joxer's lips with a finger. "Ssh. Not one word, Joxer. Just...enjoy it."

Joxer obeyed, and shut his mouth on whatever he was going to say. He snuggled in closer to his god, his buttocks brushing Ares' cock. Ares didn't say anything, only draped an arm possessively around his mortal's waist, hand resting on his cock. "Don't worry," Joxer whispered. "I am."

The End

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