Author: Brown Bettied
Story Title: Varia is the Spice of Life
Characters: Varia/various Amazon Queens, Varia/Young Cyane, (Gabrielle/Varia), Xena/Gabrielle
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Varia is "interviewed" for the position of Amazon Chief of War.
This rating is for explicit f/f sex.

Here's a naughty little story written about Characters that are not mine. I've changed a few names and added some folk but, Xena and Gabrielle, though this is isn't their story, I am inspired by the setting. And minor character that I am now obsessed with: Varia. Me-Ow! Alas. They are the property of Universal Television and Renaissance Pictures. Oh yeah and YAXI YAXI YAXI. I didn't even try to be accurate.

This story contains explicit descriptions of female/female sexual relations.

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_____ *** _____

Varia is the Spice of Life
by Brown Bettied

The Council of Queens met on the night of the waning new moon to discuss the appointments that had been nominated a week prior. All went well, with the exception that Etruas's dealing with the Romans prior to her becoming an Amazon made her a highly suspect candidate for a nominated post as Chief of Trade.

The queens sat in their formal attire. Some familiar names and a few new ones. In general, they were quite young. They sat at the north end of a rotunda; each couched in a throne and flanked by her own standard.

"Good Queens of the Council, there is only one more appointment to make and we agreed that this should come last." Camilla the Roman-born daughter of Metabus rose and her mantle fell back, exposing her dark lovely skin and black curls. She had been committed to the Amazon Nation by her father. He had promised her to Artemis when she was a baby.

Melodia confirmed. "Yes, of course. The Appointment of a Chief of War. There are 3 candidates. Varia of the Thracian Valley, Aetneas of the Mountains and Siobahn of Gaul." This dark-haired queen was said to be the grandchild of the great Queen Melosa. Although she was raised by a tribe of nomads who wandered the deserts of Africa.

"Siobahn of Gaul is with child and not well. She has respectfully asked to be removed from candidacy," Eponia said, rising from her throne. Her short statue and broad musculature seemed comical until you saw her fight. She was small and therefore quick. She was thick and therefore her center of gravity was low. Many an opponent fell before her when the attacker assumed this short woman was not a threat. She was hard to knock down in nearly any situation.

"Send her our best wishes," Camilla offered. "May her daughter be as strong of heart and body."

"We have seen the other two. Camilla, I know you have a preference for Varia, but she is hot headed and rash." Melodia segued into the argument over War Chief.

"I have agreed that she can be too impulsive, but she would not be able to act independently of the Council. We are not asking her to run the Amazon Nation. A War Chief is responsible for strategy in battle tactics, and morale."

"And what about diplomacy?"

"Varia is not a diplomat. She can barely string together a sentence!"

"That's enough Xephiny!"

"Come now Melodia. She can't read."

"We are not asking her to read. We are asking her to lead troops into battle."

"That doesn't mean she's expendable."

"No. Of course not, Gabrielle."

"Varia's greatest strength is that she has the courage of her convictions. She is a fierce, determined warrior. I know that first hand."

Melodia noted the scars healing on Gabrielle's face after her bout with the controversial nominee. "Your comment is duly noted, Gabrielle."

"I suffered at her hands. Her bare hands."

There was a silence.

"The women who have come from my tribe will never follow her into battle."

"Xephiny, we agreed that we must be unanimous in this decision." Melodia reprimanded the angry Queen. "Any overwhelming predisposition should be left at the door. Make this decision wisely. We have two candidates to consider and we will weigh them both carefully."

"Then let's discuss Aetneas. She is a brilliant strategist."

"True, her repeated defeats are something to consider. Yet we have to consider that our army is no longer what it was."

"Besides that, she has heavy causalities and many of us are trained to fight in her fashion."

"We can be taught."

"There is of course another problem with appointing a War Chief. In my tribe and in a few others, the War Chief is the consort or the regent to the Queen. In a tribe of many Queens, how do we change this custom?"

Most of the Queens agreed this was a problem.

"You're right Cyane, this could be a problem."

"We should vote on the chief first-"

"We need more than one. -"

"The duties should be separated. Each Queen should choose her own consort."

"It is only symbolic in my tribe."

Melodia tapped the drum for silence. "Perhaps, we should consider all of these before we vote." She paused. Camilla rose.

"My nominee might help us to decide the fate of that duty. In the Valley, where she was the regent and consort of Queen Marga, she also held the duty of attending to the other women of rank."

"My partner and I are not separating. I think those of us in long term relationships would agree to that." Eponia looked to Gabrielle for support. "Right Gabrielle?"

"Of course not. However, I think what Camilla is saying is that it can be symbolic and functional for the War Chief to serve any of the Queens that might desire it. For those of us that don't want to be involved with her that way we would not be."

"Thelassa, how did Aetneas function as War Chief in your tribe?"

"In our tribe we traditionally abstain from physical pleasure before battle and our War Chieftain is a virgin until she retires."

"Which is rare, I'm sure," said Gabrielle thoughtfully.

"Rare isn't the word."

"Would Aetneas be willing to change her tradition?"

"I must ask her." Thelassa descended her throne and went to her candidate's chamber.

"Camilla, since the other advocate has left, we'd like you to take leave while we discuss our options."

Camilla stood, bowed politely and left. The other queens discussed Aetneas' strategical prowess and Varia's strength and ability to build morale.

"This is ridiculous. This has nothing to do with whether or not a War Chief can be a good sexual attendant or not." Xephiny shook her curls.

"Of course it doesn't, Xephiny, but these are our traditions and we have them for a reason. We can't just abandon them."

"I know Cyane, but it's wrong."

Thelassa returned.

"What is the will of your War Chief?" Melodia asked.

Thelassa's jaw was tense. Her lips were pressed into a flat line. "She will not discard her tradition. She has withdrawn."

Melodia tapped the drum. "So it is Varia."

"By default?" Xephiny was shocked.

"Camilla. Bring her forth."

Camilla rushed "Yes. Right away."

"Bring us our War Chief. We must examine her for her second duties. Are there any objections to the viewing ritual?"

Gabrielle and Eponia looked confused.

"We 'examine' the goods before we make a purchase, " Melodia smiled.

____/@ *** @\____

Part 2

Varia was brought into the room in full mask. She took slow demonstrative steps. A drum beat a slow rhythm as she stepped into the throne room. A quiver tied tautly by a leather strap across her shoulders pressed her cleavage together. She held a crossbow along her arm. A sword hung from her hip. A dagger strapped to her firmly shaped calf. A small chakram was clenched in her teeth. Choblows dangled from the other hand attached by a short chain…and underneath the regalia a fully nude warrior, glistening in oil. Her hair pulled severely away from her cheekbones. Her cheekbones which were striped with the blood of a deer.

Not a queen in that room could deny that she was perfection. The position was hers, but each queen came from a different inspection tradition. So the War Chief demonstrated drills with each weapon. Then she bowed low to her new mistresses. Her golden brown skin was glowing in the firelight. The sheen of sweat added to her luminescence. Varia's brown eyes hid the fear she felt at serving all of these women in one night. Camilla neglected to add that there were only 4 high ranking women in the Valley. There were 9 queens here, more than twice what she was accustomed to. Showing fear was not an option, in this case.

Oemia volunteered to see her first. "Come, Varia. Let us see you." She walked over to the warrior and tore weaponry from the band on her arm. Varia remained still. She trailed her hands over Varia's shoulder. She felt the muscles in her arms and then legs. She lingered over Varia's ass. It was so hard and firm that she had to pat it and caress it.

"Very impressive."

Next was Thelassa. She was slightly crueler to Varia and grabbed her by the throat. Varia blinked but did not react. She placed her lips close to Varia's neck and inhaled deeply. Varia's pungent musk made Thelassa surge unintentionally with desire. She could feel Varia's breasts gently brush against her own. She knew this girl was made to be regent and she could not blame anybody for wanting her in that role.

She stepped back from the musky Amazon and licked her lips. She smiled in spite of her loss. Aetneas was her first choice but she was interested in this custom. She decided to try it for herself, and sooner than later.

Hippolyta circled Varia, green eyes filling with the delicious sight of the glistening bronze skin. She placed a callused palm against Varia's cheek. It was strong but oddly enough, very soft. "How many winters have you seen, sister?"


"You are very tender."

"Am I?" Varia's brown eyes floated easily to Hippolyta's. They glittered there for a moment. "You are far more tender than I, my Queen. Your reputation precedes you."

The young Queen blushed. She was only 20, but she was a brilliant diplomat and had saved her tribe from the perils of Livia on three occasions.

Varia became aware that she was not responsible for just the physical needs of these nine Queens. She would be their confidant, and in many cases their lover. She saw that it would be easy to make love to Hippolyta, whose shortish auburn hair was cropped just above her broad shoulders. She would probably be Hippolyta's first. The younger one blushed at Varia's erotic grin and hid herself in the deck of queens.

Xephiny took two steps. "On your hands and knees on the table, Varia." Varia had done this before the council when the Medicine Chief needed to examine her. She remembered that Xephiny had been angry that they were not allowed to do the exams themselves. Camilla nearly sanctioned her for the insistent outbursts.

Still this did not prepare her for what Xephiny revealed when her standard came back to the room. Varia did as she was told. Her face burned. The humiliation was apparent but she was determined to bear it. She bit her toasted pink bottom lip. Xephiny turned her around so that she could see Varia's folds nestled in the nest of soft brown hair.

"It's beautiful." Gabrielle let slip. But it was true. Varia's femalia like her facial composition was beautiful, a subtle combination of sweet angles ending in soft, plump, fleshy lips. The standard returned. Varia waited for a moment. Then the large queen cupped Varia's breasts and squeezed each one. Varia remembered grabbing a goat to milk it in much the same fashion.

Xephiny slid her hands back to Varia's hipbones. Then one hand disappeared. Varia felt the stray slipping between her buttocks and then a finger drew itself between the soft folds. She was opened gently. A phallus was pressed against her aperture. Varia's mouth opened sweetly. Xephiny prodded for a moment. Apparently, she was testing the size of her new conquest.

She drew back. She slid one finger easily into Varia's smooth walls. "Very beautiful indeed, Gabrielle." She smiled going back to her throne as her phallus slid to her thighs. She stepped out of it as she announced, "I don't have to change a thing, she's perfect. I might even go larger next time." She was obviously thrilled but tried to hide it with a pissed off bravado. The standard caught the strap-on before it hit the ground. She followed Xephiny to her throne. "Gabrielle, why don't you go next?"

"Ah, I really wish I-I could but Xena would kill us both."

"Gabrielle," Camilla urged her. "This is one of the duties you have as queen. It is one of my favorite. Here, come with me," Camilla walked up to Varia's still postured form. "Varia, you may rest on your back."

Gabrielle trailed the brown-skinned Camilla. She waited close to the edge of the table and watched closely. Camilla liberally caressed Varia's thighs and leaned between her legs to press her lips to Varia's breast for just a brief moment. She wasted no time before dragging her mouth hotly to Varia's damp nest. Varia's hips rocked forward. She and Camilla were certainly not strangers. Camilla wrapped her arms around Varia's thigh and parted the folds pressing her tongue deeply into Varia's steamy honey pot.

"Oh gods," Gabrielle mouthed. Then she blushed. She was not a virgin by any stretch of the imagination. She could still taste Xena on her lips from this morning. But being close to such a hot pair of women who wasted no time getting busy with the task of, well, of doing that and having no qualms about doing it in front of a whole group of people…

Then she dared to look up at Varia's face. She was brightening into a deep flush. She realized Varia had not foreseen this sudden bedding by the Roman-born Queen. Varia bit her lip and then the tip of her tongue made a hot little show as Camilla removed herself.

"Yum," Camilla said. "But much fresher in the morning…"

The tension in the room hung like a lynched centaur. Heavy and about to fall at any second.

Gabrielle was still sitting at Varia's hip when Camilla had returned to her throne. She just looked at Varia almost reverently. Luckily, Melodia had decided to have her viewing. She beckoned Varia to the edge of the table.

"I think, Varia, that you will be very busy in your new position."

"I believe so."

"You will have to build up stamina."

"I already have it, my Queen."

"Oh, do you?"

Varia pulled herself to the edge of the table and slipped her legs on Melodia's armrests. "Oh yes. You see, my mother was a nymph."

"Ah, yes." Melodia smiled as the radiant brunette lowered herself to Melodia's lap. She began to ride the High Queen's lap as if she could dance their bodies into one being. Melodia felt the sweet intoxication of being expertly seduced. Varia wrapped her arms around Melodia's head and drew her into a passionate kiss. When she pulled back from her, Melodia was unable to stop herself from bathing her face between Varia's heaving breasts. She opened her mouth and bit the strap that tied the quiver to Varia's back.

Melodia's arm raised and drew the inhabitants of the room closer to her section of the table. Eponia, Hippolyta and Gabrielle held on tight. There was no avoiding this, but gods, could it be more arousing?

Varia was relived of her instruments of war. She was left in just a few straps of leather. Queens from every Nation of Amazon reached for her strong swift, agile body. Varia felt a hot pair of lips open to caress her leg. Hands caressed squeezed and thrust themselves all over her body. Someone's arm snaked around her waist. Another wove between her armpit and pushed her breasts toward two open mouths that suckled at her like little pigs.

Her hair was pulled back and her head with it. She was presented with a dripping hot thatch of fur as someone took the opportunity to sit on her open mouth. Another Queen held her neck supportively. She nearly levitated up from the table. She realized that at least two women had lifted her hindquarters from the table. She was shifted so that they tipped her more backward than forward. Allowing the inhabitant on her face to kneel on the table and the others full reign of her various other parts.

Lips licked cruelly at her right nipple while the other changed players and got a sweet warm bath. A similar bathing happened to her belly button. She opened her eyes and saw a flash of Melodia's impassioned face, half lidded in near despair. The tangle of arms, breasts, legs, hair, nearly-closed eyes and lips was too much. Her legs were parted widely. She felt the council refocus their attention to her opening crotch. Xephiny was back with her phallus. She climbed atop Varia and the Queens continued to drape her with caresses. Melodia left her face and kissed her again.

Another kiss came hard after that one. Varia opened her eyes and Oemia poured her large milky breast into her mouth. Varia licked and suckled at it. Oh how she loved having a breast in her mouth and having hers suckled while she did this was almost too much. Xephiny had shoved her cock deep into Varia's wet hole. She pressed the warrior and started to graze her Artemis spot. (To coin a phrase) Varia knew that she could not come until each of her mistresses had, but she was on the verge. She had to regain control of her senses and do her duty.

She began to pull herself away from these attentions and went to Melodia first. She returned to Melodia's ready body and sank a finger and then two into the High Queen. She spread her buttocks wide and pressed a finger to the queen's tight rose bud. Melodia began to gasp and moan as she came. Varia held her until the tremors stopped. Melodia shook slightly. "Go, you have a lot of work ahead of you."

Oemia she pushed into a throne and fed from her body. Still the caresses encircled her form. Oemia wrapped her legs around Varia's head. She was more difficult and bucked at Varia as her orgasm overtook her. She squeezed the War Chief's head and took a while to release it after she came.

Varia turned around and looked up. Thelassa was caressing her legs with her bosom, arms and mouth. Varia climbed over her and sat on her face, meshing her extremely wet cunt into the redhead's hungry mouth. Before her stood the young blonde Cyane. Varia placed a hand under Cyane's thigh and guided the leg over her shoulder. She wrapped her fingers around her discarded dagger tied into it's thick leathery sheath. She prodded Cyane's nether mouth with the leather scabbard and it slipped all too easily into the slickness.

Varia felt her own passion taunted again as she pumped Cyane with an evil half grin across her lips. Thankfully, Xephiny saw fit to brace Cyane as the thrusting got more intense. Cyane reached down and touched the tip of her orgasm by pressing under her hood. She came softly and like water. She felt very weak and wove against Xephiny's arms.

Varia rose to her knees and dragged her pussy lips across Thelassa's face as she turned around to bury her face in Thelassa's bush. She lowered her chest to Thelassa's thighs and allowed her own legs to border the redhead's cheekbones. As she brought Thelassa to the borderline, she felt the teasing of her own wetness as she dribbled it on her partner's chin. Thelassa started to shriek when Varia inserted a thick finger into her and pulled the skin back towards her asshole. Varia pulled the hood of Thelassa's clit and exposed that too. Licking and extending the surface to be assaulted by a deft tongue and expert hands. She shrieked even louder and called out to Artemis. "Oh, Artemis. Great Goddess! Yess! Oh Yess!"

Varia sucked at her until she whimpered and her breath fell.

"This is just perfect. I'm last and I don't come that easily," Xephiny sneered. Again, she pulled Varia's hair back and bent over. She licked Varia's mouth. "Definitely fresher in the morning."

"What makes you think you're last?" Camilla was laying languidly on the table. That abandoned scene of debauchery had been her perch for awhile now.

"Because you can wait until tomorrow." Smart-assed smile.

"And because I care about her. I just might do that." Smart-assed grin.

"How nice of you. Although you're going to have a hard time resisting this. I'm going to fuck the shit out of her." She dragged Varia's weakening body to the table. "Or you could help."

Camilla sat up. She opened her legs and made a brace for Varia to lean against. "I'll hold you," she said breathlessly.

"Hope so. A stone table leaves nasty bruises on the back."

Varia glared at her. Why did she have to fuck this cranky bitch? She let her legs fall open as Xephiny tightened her phallus. She accepted Xephiny's invasion rather quickly and tightened her vaginal muscles, holding her firmly. Xephiny's eyes widened at this unpredictable flexing.

Varia pushed and Xephiny's slick, hard leather phallus was pushed out several inches but still inside the angry appointee.

"Varia…" Camilla chuckled low.

Varia relaxed the muscles. Xephiny reentered with much more respect and started churning into the overworked slick gently. She built urgency and a lilt to her thrust that again pressed into Varia's Artemis spot. (yeah!) She felt her thighs start to tingle dangerously. Xephiny grunted voicelessly at each thrust. Camilla reinforced Varia's balance and found her self thrusting against her backside as well.

"Put your my mouth…unh..." Xephiny groaned as sweat ran down her face. Varia reached up and slid a finger between Xephiny's lips and onto a tongue as soft as milk. Varia said, "mmm" not once but many, many times. She felt her resistance wearing down. She heard weak pleading noises escape her throat.. "oh…oh...oh. ooh." She pleaded with her body.

Xephiny sucked at the finger and released it. "Baby, please come for me. I can't do it without you... Come for me ...yeah that's it...come on..."

Varia shuddered at the permission to come. Her body exploded into flames of hot passion licking every limb and coursing through her veins like lava. She moaned weakly, announcing her orgasm to the throne room. (I am coming!) Xephiny roared into her and crushed her phallus into Varia's quivering pulse. Then they hit a chord and stayed on it for a solid minute…pouring the chord into the room. Camilla felt herself let go. She pressed herself tight against Varia's back and absorbed the energy of the simultaneous orgasm. She had a soft, highly placed orgasm. Nothing like what was happening before her. But remarkable in that she had barely been touched.

They dropped off and Camilla felt the weight as both women slumped onto her. She remembered where and who she was. She looked over at Eponia, Hippolyta and Gabrielle. She knew she would take care of the sweet Hippolyta - and probably tonight from the looks of it.

Gabrielle waited impatiently, her breasts rising and falling with the desire to run to Xena. Eponia too had the look of a baited bear on hot coals.

Melodia raised a cup and said. "All those in favor say aye!"

And some said it with a roar and some with a whimper, but it was unanimous.

Part 3

Xena was comparing her toenails. She knew one was ingrown but she wasn't sure if she should cut it off…when suddenly Gabrielle rushed in and pushed her onto the bed palate. She was sweaty and she pressed Xena's mouth open and forcefully kissed her.

Between kisses Xena tried to ask, "Battle lust?" but it never got out. It was the closet Xena ever came to being raped by her lover and she loved it.

Fifteen minutes later two women in the tribe were left wondering what the hell just happened? And one of them was Xena.

The End

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