Author: Erin
Title: A Reasonable Demand
Characters: Hades/Strife, (Ares/Strife)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Sometimes things aren't as simple as they seem.
This rating is for explicit m/m sex and language.

Not making any money off this, no infringement is intended. I'll return the boys unharmed -- mostly.

General Comments: I wrote this as an introduction for when I joined the Asphodel mailing list. I broke my own rules with this one and didn't have it betaed. (Yeah, I know. Go ahead and send Ares and Strife to punish me..... Please?) As a result any mistakes are entirely my bad.

This story contains explicit descriptions of male/male sexual relations and some potentially offensive language.

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A Reasonable Demand
by Erin

© March 2000

"No," said Hades, the calm way he spoke it a dismissal in itself as he turned his attention back to the scrolls piled on the table before him.

For a few seconds Ares stood there. An incredulous look had replaced his usual sardonic mask and he just stared at his uncle seated there in apparent unconcern. Then anger kicked in, overcoming his momentary shock. "Maybe you didn't hear me," he said quietly, his manner radiating danger as he stepped closer to the table and leaned his hands on it. "I. Want. Him. Back. Now!"

"No," Hades replied with as much calm as before. Seemingly unconcerned with either the God of War's shouted demand or the way his nephew loomed over him, he opened another scroll and began reading.

"Why not?" When he received no answer, Ares pushed away from the table with a disgusted sound. "What exactly is the problem here?" He no longer shouted but his voice wasn't all that soft either. "It's not like you haven't done it often enough before! How many times has Iolaus been through here, huh? Three? Four? And I know you never objected when some of the other gods took their lovers back to the mortal world. You've even given me a warlord or two before; so why not Strife?"

Hades set down the scroll with an overly-patient sigh. Leaning back in his chair, he regarded his nephew expressionlessly. "Why now, Ares? It's been over two years since he died."

Ares frowned. "What's that got to do with anything?"

"You'd be surprised," Hades responded dryly, then continued before his nephew could say anything. "This wouldn't have anything to do with that war you're starting in Thrace, would it?"

Ares' temper snapped. He'd come here with a simple request, one Hades hadn't ever refused him before, but now he was standing here arguing what he could already tell was a lost cause. "So what if it does?" he almost growled. "That's not your concern! Just give me Strife and I'll leave!"

"You'll leave anyway." This time Hades' tone took on a dangerous edge, one even the God of War couldn't safely ignore.

"Fine," Ares snarled. He knew further argument would get him nowhere but he still refused to admit defeat entirely. "This isn't over!" Turning on his heel, he strode from the room, slamming the door behind him.


Only when he felt Ares leave the Underworld entirely did Hades relax. Tossing aside the scroll he still held, he removed his crown and armor with a thought, leaving him clad in only his pants and boots. He ran a hand back through his hair, sighing in relief at the release from the confining garments.

"Was that about what you had in mind?" he asked.

"Oh yeah, make him suffer." A form detached itself from the shadows in the back of the room. Light from the candles on the table shown off pale skin as Strife came to stand behind the Lord of the Underworld.

"Suffer?" Hades raised an eyebrow. "Are we talking about the same Ares?" The corner of his mouth quirked up into a half-smile as long, cool fingers began stroking the back of his neck.

"You gotta know what to look for. He's getting desperate."

"Then why make him wait? He has a point. I've bent the rules before and I'll do it again -- if that's what you want." The smile grew as a wet tongue began tracing the back of his ear.

"Mmm, it is," Strife murmured between licks, "but not 'til Ares asks the right way."

"You expect too much. He's the God of War, he'll never say the words you want to hear."

"Yeah he will. He's already close. Keep asking him why he wants me back and he'll give it up."

"You think he values you that highly?" Hades tilted his head to the side, allowing the sharp little nips that moved down his neck. He felt his cock beginning to stir but ignored it for the moment, interested in the reasoning behind this game Strife played.

"I know he does." One last nip, more of a real bite this time that left marks on the pale skin, and Strife rested his chin on Hades' shoulder. "See, he's not sick enough to fuck his own kids so Deimos and Phobos are outta the picture, Discord couldn't suck cock if Aphrodite gave her illustrated instructions and there's no one else in the Pantheon who could take him on the way he really likes it and still enjoy it -- except for me."

"So it's just the sex?" Hades couldn't ignore the twitch in his cock this time as Strife's hand slid down his chest, stopping to toy with a nipple.

"Nah. I mean we, I dunno, connect, know what I mean? Doesn't hurt that he fucks like a total animal either." A high-pitched giggle accompanied that statement. It would've been annoying except that those talented fingers suddenly moved lower, distracting Hades as they slid over his stomach.

"You enjoy pain." It was a statement of fact, one Strife didn't deny as he began unlacing the leather pants. "How bored you must be," Hades observed, spreading his legs to take some of the pressure off his hard cock, "stuck here with only me to...entertain you." He held back a moan as the laces finally came loose. "No pain, no torture, just slow and gentle, nothing animal-like about it." Looking up at Strife, meeting those unnerving pale blue eyes, he smirked sarcastically. "How nauseating for you."

"Yeah," Strife mirrored the expression. "Just makes me wanna hurl."

Hades watched with amusement that quickly turned to sharp arousal as Strife moved suddenly, stepping between his spread legs and dropping to his knees. Hades didn't help as his pants were yanked down to his hips, freeing his aching cock; he just sat there, enjoying the naked hunger on Strife's face.

"You're beautiful like this," he said quietly. It was the truth. So utterly focused, breath coming fast with desire, cheeks flushed in sharp contrast to the natural paleness of his skin -- Strife was exquisite. Hades envied Ares then, knowing that soon the God of War would have this to himself again.

Strife didn't even look up at him. "Uh-huh. Bet you say that to all the dead gods," he responded distractedly. Pink tongue flicking out over his lips, he gripped the leather-clad thighs hard.

Hades couldn't hold back the moan this time as Strife's mouth closed over the tip of his cock, sliding down slowly, so slowly, until he was buried to the hilt in that hot, tight throat. Strife paused for a long moment, then suddenly slid his mouth back up, tongue dragging along the underside of Hades' cock. He sucked hard at the head, the tip of his tongue pushing briefly into the slit before he plunged down again.

Hands clenching into fists, Hades fought not to thrust up into that lovely mouth. It would feel good, but not nearly as good as what Strife could do uninterrupted. His self-control was rewarded moments later when he felt the light scrape of teeth along the length of his cock, making him gasp aloud.

The tenuous grip he maintained on his control was stretched even further when Strife looked up at him, eyes bright with pleasure, lips swollen as he slowly drew back, letting the thick, glistening shaft slip from his mouth.

Saying nothing, Strife quickly unlaced his pants and pulled out his leaking cock. Closing one hand around it, he thrust into his fist with a harsh moan.

"Yesss," Hades hissed in encouragement, his hand going to his own cock to jerk himself off. But Strife shook his head. Still stroking himself, he yanked Hades' hand away almost violently before taking the dark red shaft deep into his throat.

This time Hades couldn't resist. He thrust up hard and Strife let him, tongue flicking over the head each time Hades pulled back.

He was close. Breath catching in his throat he thrust faster, watching his cock sliding between those swollen lips. Then Strife whimpered, a muffled sound around the cock shoved down his throat. His whole body jerked and he swallowed convulsively, a look of intense pleasure crossing his face.

The muscles rippling around shoved Hades right into orgasm. His head fell back against the chair, mouth open in a silent cry as he came deep in Strife's throat.

Long moments later, little shudders still running through his body, he became aware of a head resting on his thigh, fingers lightly stroking his too-sensitive cock. He grasped Strife's hand, stopping the touch that brought pleasure bordering on pain. Looking down he met heavy-lidded blue eyes, satiation showing clearly in that pale gaze.

Raising the hand to his lips, Hades pressed a gentle kiss to the fingertips. Strife smiled at him, then gasped softly as Hades licked his fingers once, tasting the cooling semen smeared on them. Returning the smile, Hades released him and reached down to lightly stroke his spiky black hair.

"I'll miss you," he admitted quietly, enjoying the feeling of the soft strands moving through his fingers.

"Hey, I'll come back and visit," Strife responded, pushing his head further into the caressing hand.

"No you won't."

Strife glanced up at him, another protest on his lips, but it went unvoiced as Hades watched him calmly. Finally he looked away, eyes closing as he leaned into the stroking caress again.

When Hades smiled a moment later the expression carried as much resignation as sadness. The Underworld carried too many memories of death for Strife; even times such as these were haunted by the knowledge that he wasn't alive. He'd never willingly return here. Hades knew and accepted that, so he just concentrated on making as many memories as he could.

Studying Strife's pale, beautiful features, he memorized the contented look he saw there. This would have to last for the eternity to come.

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