Author: KitKat
Story Title: Curiosity
Characters: Sovereign/AU Cupid GOW, Ares, Hades, (Ares/Caesar)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Their curiosity getting the best of them, Ares and Hades decide to combine their powers in order to take a peek at the Alternate Universe.
This rating is for explicit m/m sex.

The characters belong to MCA/Universal and were used without permission. No copyright infringement was intended and no money was made.

This is a response to a semi-challenge on the Cupie mailing list, to describe Cupie GOW. Ares, of course, had to find a way into the story, and since this is the first time I've been able to write anything in days, I wasn't going to complain.

**DANGER** SLASH AHEAD. Nothing too explicit, just general god lusting god stuff. It's m/m good!

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by KitKat

Ares moved swiftly through the motions of battle, quick thrusts and slashes at his invisible enemy. The moves were efficient, his muscles supplying the memory of actions, because the War God's mind was elsewhere. In his mind's eye, he could still see that whirling vortex, it's blue light beckoning to him. He had not stepped inside, but he had taken the images from Iolaus' mind. Everyone in his reality, had a counterpart there. Usually, they ended up being polar opposites. As he moved fluidly, he tried to imagine a conservative 'Dite, himself a god of love? He laughed harshly at that thought. Joxer, that bumbling idiot that follows Xena and her bard, a warrior? The one thought that kept coming back to him, was Iolaus' memory of Ares being afraid of Cupid, God of War.

He imagined the Cupid he knew. White wings, short blonde hair. Beautiful, as any son of Aphrodite should be. Too softly beautiful for war. War needed that destructive, dark edge to its beauty. War has a beauty that makes you look even as you want to look away from it. He was still lost in musing, when a large hand rested on his shoulder. He turned around, facing his visitor.

"Hades, what do you want?"

"I know you've been questioning those who've seen this 'alternate' reality. I, too, am curious about this place. Nobody seems to know what my place there was. If we combined our powers, I think we could open up a portal."

Ares thought about it. He was curious, but did not want to get stuck there. Time travel was forbidden, and he wasn't sure if Zeus would punish him for this. He was still on the outs with Zeus for that whole Furies mess.

"How about just a viewing pool? Enough to see what we want, less chance of any unfortunate accidents?"

"OK, let's do it." With that, Hades produced a large basin. Grasping one of Ares hands, the two men used their divine powers to conjure a vision of the alternate world. The water bubbled, shimmering, slowing down to a few ripples, until the water was a smooth as glass. Now, the gods could see a figure in white leather. The tightness of the pants only served to accentuate the curves of his ass and thighs. Then he turned around. It was Ares, God of Love.

Ares, God of War, growled as he heard Hades stifled laughter. "All right already, let's see what you look like here." At that, the water clouded then cleared to show a darkly lit and decadent room. In the center of the room was Hades. This Hades was wearing purple, and a golden crown.

"Wow" Hades nearly whispered. Anything else he was going to say died at the sound of Ares quite audible gasp. The picture had changed. Two figures entered the room, entwined, ripping clothing until they reached one of the many couches. One, was quickly noted as the Sovereign, Hercules counterpart. The other man was the one that held the voyeurs' attention. Glossy black wings, moving softly in the breeze, seemingly an entity separate from their owner. A strong, yet still slender body, muscles rippling as he began to prepare to enter his lover. Leather pants and boots discarded, to display a firm ass, and an aching cock that made Ares' mouth water. As he roughly thrust into the Sovereign, Ares hand snaked down to relieve the pressure on his own cock. Both men watched this act of possession in silence. As the Sovereign came, the winged god turned his face, so that the watchers got their first close-up of him. He was still blond, but the hair was longer, darkened by battle dust. A cruel smile graced the feral face. Hazel eyes blazed, seemingly right through Ares. He then turned back and thrust once more into the Sovereign. When Cupid screamed his climax, the water grew red and the basin exploded.

Ares was glad for the water, for it washed away the evidence of his own orgasm. If Hades noticed anything, he didn't voice it, he simply disappeared. Ares cleaned himself off, feeling more curious than ever. Now he had a face to go along with his fantasies of fucking another war god. Shaking off the reverie, he went to look in a new war. There were rumors of a great man leading the Romans, and he wanted to see for himself. As he walked through the carnage, he saw a lone man surveying the damage. Something familiar about the body called to him. The hair was short and dark, but when the man's head turned, he saw those eyes again. Burning, aggressive, obsessive. He knew he had to have him, had to make this one his. Somehow he doubted it would be that easy, but Ares never backed away from a challenge. Disappearing, he began to make plans to conquer the conqueror.


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