Author: Delenn
Story Title: Goddess of Lava
Characters: Ares & f (Dysis)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Mary-sue. The Goddess of Lava has been watching Ares for a long time. She finally decides to introduce herself to him and things go way different then she planned.
This rating is for explicit m/f sex

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_____ *** _____

Goddess of Lava
by Delenn


...I have Violent Violet eyes...
...I have Passionate Purple Lips...
...I have Raging Red hair...
...I have Icy Ivory skin...
...I am Beautiful...

_____ *** _____

Chapter One
~The End & Beginning~

Here I am lying in the arms of my lover. He wakes up and smiles at me. 'Morning, Die.'

I smile as well. 'Morning.'

He kisses me lightly. 'I love you.'

Who would have ever thought that WE of all gods would be saying that? But I reply with no hesitation, 'I love you too. What do we have to do today?'

He replies, wrapping his arms around my waist. 'There's a war brewing in the east, but mortals are so independent now that I don't have to worry about that for at least a couple of days. And one of your Volcano's in Hawaii is supposed to go off you said...'

I smuggle closer. 'That hasn't gone off in several hundred years. They think it's dormant! Oh, the destruction, love. People have been building on it for YEARS!'

He cautiously asks, 'Why are you blowing your top then?'

I growl, 'They aren't paying me proper respect! They think they can just build on MY volcano and call it theirs and I will just sit by and be a good goddess! I'm going to wipe that island off the map and into the sea! Poseidon will just have to deal with it.'

He laughs, and I ask 'What's so funny, War God? You've blown up entire countries for less.'

He holds me closer, and I feel warm and loved. 'Oh, Die, it's not that. I can't wait to see you sink them into the ocean. You're just so cute when you're mad.'

I counter. 'I am NOT cute!'

He amends, letting me win. Oh, I love it when he does that! 'I mean in a deadly sort of way.'

I smile, 'My god of war, what would I do without you?'

He laughs 'You'd have a very boring life!'

We cuddle, yes I said cuddle, and go back to sleep. No pressing matters, mortals are so independent now that most gods can just sit back and relax. It wasn't always like this for us though, we've been together for a lot of millenniums now, and I've lost count. And we aren't afraid to be one of Olympus' couples. No not like the beginning at all. The bad girl, and bad boy of Olympus staying in bed to cuddle, no one would've thought that, well maybe the Fates. And at some point maybe I knew that we were destined for each other too. But surely not like this. I remember the first night we spent and the first morning I woke in his arms. How could I forget? It was my destiny:

Chapter Two
~The Start~

One minute we are kissing the next we are in bed I naked, and him still in his leather pants. He warns me 'Don't do anything' and I shiver, I'm excited. I know I am submitting to a form of control, he is in control and he knows it. I make no move to protest this. I the Goddess of Lava, who could very easily declothe myself, am letting him have all the control, he is still partially dressed while I am not, and we are in HIS bed. But I do not mind, this is what he needs now that control, and I can hardly say it isn't pleasurable an electric current runs through my body I have always loved bad boys. And I have always wanted him, but I waited and now I have him though not in the way I intended. I feel myself shake from an orgasm, he has total control. But I'll have my revenge, for in the great scheme of things it doesn't really matter who came first or who originally had control. For in time he will get to know me and I him. We won't have to fuck roughly, like our positions demand us to be so rough. We can caress and love each other gently. But not now, nor later, for while he has control now, I will take it back. I am more then a match for him in battle, and most likely in bed as well.

Not to say that I dislike this, quite the opposite; I am attracted to bad boys, I am after all a bad girl, and I like to be rough in the midst of passion. But I sense, for sometimes I can tell my future, that I have found my soul mate. And if the truth is told I will be quite happy to have the badest of the bad boys as my lover for all eternity. But for now I am just another woman taken to his bed and letting him have total control, most likely he will be gone in the morning never distinguishing me from the mortals on this list. But yet I have a feeling he will stay, I do not give him control out of fear, but out of pleasure and the fact that I could have control if I wanted it. And I think he knows that and I think it will bring him back.... to see what I can really do.

He surrenders some control, declothing and engaging me more. But just as I said I'd have my revenge, I will, I'll make him cum as violently and pleasurably as I did. I just have to let him have control first... Well not really first.

I appear in his throne room. He is completely oblivious to the flash of Lava colored light that should have alerted him to my presence. I watch him destroying things and decide to tell him that I am there. I stand just close enough to him, his back is to me, and I purr in my sexiest and most domineering voice. "Well, Oh mighty GOD of WAR, are you not in the least bit interested to see who has come to visit you?"

He spins around on realizing he is not alone, as I knew he would, and finds himself very close to me but far enough away to properly inspect me. I see his eyebrow go up, and I know that I am in control as he looks all 5"9 of me over. I know that I am close to his height as not to make the difference difficult, but far enough away from it that I seem small, dainty beautiful and very easy to manipulate. When in reality I am a fiery red head true to her hair color, I have a temper probably as bad as his and I am strong and not one to be dominated. But yet here I am letting him have total control as we make love... Though that is probably not a correct word. I never intended to end up in his bed, simply to introduce myself and kill his angry mood. He looks me over again and asks, in that oh so sexy deep voice, "What are you?"

It is obvious that I am a goddess or else I wouldn't have been able to get in here. I face up to his impressive frame..... I wonder exactly how tall he is... All muscle. I am already feeling my heart beat faster. "The GODDESS of LAVA and REVENGE. Pleased to meet you."

He hasn't moved, though I know he must be thinking. "I haven't heard of you."

I purr again, "Oh, but I've heard of YOU."

He seems amused now. "Oh really?"

I want him to take me seriously, I am the goddess of fucking Revenge for gods sakes! Not many men have the courage to stand up to my strength or my charms. But he is not a man he's the god of war, up to any challenge, that's why I want him. "Yes, REALLY."

I have stepped closer trying to intimidate him, his arms are crossed over his chest I see the strength and the muscles and my heart beats a little faster. But he is still amused "What have you heard, my dear."

Amused and sarcastic, at least he hasn't thrown me out yet. I pretend to ponder the question and I twist a lock of my curly dark red hair. Only to find that it is fiery red, not dark. 'DAMN' I think ''How could my hair betray my feelings like this? And how could I have forgotten that my hair changes colors of red along with my mood. Oh he must have noticed, I wonder when it did it, no wonder he is so amused.' He seems to see my shock, and I see his lip turn upward just slightly... Oh those lips! "Oh mainly that you're a bad boy, dangerous, not to be trusted with anything, the type of man mothers warn you about, young girls should fear for their safety around you... The standard stories people tell to frighten other people."

He is still regarding me, he's making some type of decision, I can see it but I don't know what it is. "Aren't you scared. You're such a little thing, I could be very dangerous. You should have listened to your mother."

Ha! He's fallen for it! I'll show him! "My mother never warned me about bad boys. And I'm not all that little!"

He's rising to the challenge, our personalities seem to fit, how strange. "Yes you are."

I continue as if I haven't heard him... Oh if he thinks of me as a child I am in trouble! "Oh but I LIKE danger. And people have told me that I can be somewhat dangerous, so I doubt that is a concern....."

He asks "What's your name, Goddess of Lava and Revenge, or must I address you by title only. I assume if you've heard of me that you already know mine."

I blush, I my heart is racing and my hair is still fiery red, it does that when my blood races. "Yes I do know yours. I'm Dysis--"

And then I can tell the decision is made... Oh but what is he thinking. Before I even have time to react he is right in front of me, he puts one hand in my hair, and the other around my waist. And suddenly he has leaned down and is kissing me! How did this happen?? It must have been all of 2 seconds. I reach up and wrap my arms around his neck... Oh yes, I'm just the perfect height. He deepens the kiss, our tongues are battling. I feel like my whole body is on fire, like I feel when I am in Lava form. Oh what a charge! I know for sure that my hair is a dark red, it does that when I am VERY happy, I've just experienced something deep and my hair proves it. I am glad that I wore my black skirt with the splits ALL the way up my leg on both sides, it's one of my favorite skirts. Then in a flash we are in the bedroom, I undressed and he only in his leather pants.

Flashbacks. They are funny things. I am totally absorbed in my current activities, I have surrendered control of everything but my mind... I never let go of my mind or my heart... Though maybe he has the latter already, for I have surrendered, which I have never done before. And while it seems long, it must have only been a second I was thinking about that. But we're done now and I am spent. I feel myself drifting to sleep in his arms... Will he be here when I awake, that will be the test whether all my feelings were pure fantasy or an extra sense.

_____ *** _____

Yes I remember that, I remember wondering if it was all just my feelings or if we really had something deeper. I didn't know how deep then, I remember feeling like I was lava, I still feel like that when he kisses me. I also remember the feeling of, for me, surrendering control. And that nagging feeling that if he was gone when I woke that I would have allowed my feelings to get the better of me and would just be another one night stand on the God of War's long list.

Chapter Three
~Make Him Mine~

I awake but keep my eyes closed, I search for his warmth, his presence, and his life force. This is a common ability to sense each other between all gods. AHA! He is here. He has stayed, I have successfully intrigued him enough to make him stay, and he wants to know more about me. I open my eyes, I want to say 'good morning lover' But I haven't earned that right yet, I will now. I roll over and kiss him deeply, passionately. I didn't earn my rank by being docile and quiet. Speak only when you are Spoken to, to Tartarus with that. When we break the kiss he seems amused, he has viewed me simply as another conquest. That will have to change. I take on his words 'Now it's my turn, don't do anything.'

He laughs, knowing that this is my form of REVENGE. Whoever said that revenge had to be painful, hurtful, and bad for one person was an idiot. Revenge can be sweet, playful, and VERY fun in bed. I take total control, perhaps even more so then him, for I never believed that I was in control in the beginning.

Soon I have HIM writhing, and that in its self is a great energy burst for me. Not to mention that I gave myself a sugar high by getting revenge. Probably not good for I think he can tell how excited I am.... Damn sugar high!

_____ *** _____

Yes I remember that also, I remember how I wanted to be in control, when really nobody has control over Destiny. I remember thinking that I WAS in control. But yet, it wasn't quite Destiny, not until we first talked. Or maybe not even then, not till Hera, on any account that's the next thing I clearly remember.

Chapter Four
~Two Paths~

I lay with my head on his chest thinking last night over........ What a wonderful experience. He looks at me 'Dysis...... Goddess of? There must be more then you're telling me.'

'Well,' I twist my hair, I can play with this question... 'Well, I'm only technically the goddess of Lava and Revenge. But there's other things mixed in there. Lava.... Passion, Heat, Destruction... A lot of the same things as you I'd imagine.'

He laughs 'And changing hair color...'

I laugh too 'That's not my fault, I was born with hair like that!'

He looks at me odd 'I think maybe I underestimated you.'

I laugh again 'Don't worry, you're not the first guy to think of me as some nice girl.'

He asks 'Why aren't you at all those damn meetings Zeus calls? I wouldn't think of Revenge as a small realm.'

I state 'It's not, I'm one of the main gods. I've been kicked out of Olympus...'

He looks amused and intrigued at the same time. 'Why ever would Zeus kick a beautiful goddess like you off of Olympus?'

I smile 'Oh you charmer! I'm Poseidon's daughter. And apparently I'm not sweet enough to be his child, so they kicked me out. It's such a simple way to get rid of a problem. I don't care, I get out of meetings, and I am a bad girl so I'm in trouble anyway.'

Ares looks through me and I know he is being called. Then he smiles at me 'Hera's calling a meeting, I have to go.'

I appear across the room from him, fully dressed. I am about to flash out, to leave, so that was it. But he appears next to me, also dressed, and reaches out and grabs my wrist before I can disappear. 'Will you come with me?'

I bite my lip 'Everyone will be pissed.'

He laughs 'Let them be pissed, I want you to come with me. If I have to sit through another boring meeting I want you there to take my mind off of it.'

I twist my hair, a bad habit that to this day I still do. 'Are you sure?'

He pulls me close to him and kisses me, I feel that electric charge again. I've never felt like this before him. Damn, I must WANT danger, I think I am in too deep. Over my head, but I feel so good in his arms. I don't care! Let me go over the edge, I'll drown in him gladly.

_____ *** _____

I realize now that that was the split of paths. And I often wonder what would have happened if he had been a second too late, if I had left. He couldn't have come after me, he had a meeting, and I know what I was thinking I felt I was just another notch on his infamous bedpost. I had opened up for no reason. I would've left, somewhere where he couldn't go, I would have gone back to my fathers kingdom. For even in Destiny you have a choice, if he hadn't realized that I was leaving, if he had waited a second longer, if I had listened to my head there would have never been an 'us' but he didn't and I didn't and we went and that was the start of the rest of my life. For that moment when he stopped me from leaving I was his and it's true I did drown in him but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Chapter Five
~Of Your Destiny~

We appeared in the meeting hall still lip and tongue locked. I was in my official goddess attire, a tight dress the color of lava that had a VERY low back, and straps that tied around my neck. It had splits all the way up both my legs but was still tight. The color of Lava it hit past the floor. I am barefoot, and wearing gauntlets. I had a spear in one hand, and a dagger attached to my waist. He was in his usual leather. One of the gods, Athena probably, coughed and said 'Excuse me!'

Oh yeah, that disgusted tone, how I missed Athena. This was too perfect! Ares and I break apart and he laughs and says in that cocky tone of his 'Oh yeah, the meeting.'

Poseidon looks slightly ill, Zeus says 'She can't stay, she doesn't have a throne.'

Ares stands up to his father 'Dysis can sit with me.'

Yep, Poseidon looks ill. I am a floater god, I can't fly but I can float a few inches off the ground. I like to do that when I'm in this dress. So I glide/float over to Poseidon 'Don't worry, Daddy, I won't be a bother.'

Athena looks over to Poseidon 'That's your daughter?' She stresses the word 'that'.

Apollo laughs 'Never would have thought that SHE of all creatures was your daughter.'

I bat my lashes 'Oops, sorry daddy, I didn't know you were keeping me to yourself.'

Poseidon fends the rest of them off 'The meeting!'

I glide over to Ares, who is sitting on his throne, and I sit on his lap, crossing my legs my bare feet dangling. Zeus and Poseidon give Ares and I threatening looks. The truth is they are both terrified of their children. Poseidon cast me out to live with mortals so maybe I wouldn't find out I was the Goddess of Revenge and Lava. Zeus is too terrified of Ares to cast him out. And their worst fear has come true, for together we are MUCH more powerful then them. Aphrodite is winking at me, gods, I DO NOT want to know! Hera smiles at us, I know she has always liked the 'bad' children. She wishes she were one of the 'bad' deities. Hera says 'We are just waiting for Demeter, but she will just have to be late. I have called this meeting because the Fates have predicted a new rule will ensue...'

Ares whispers in my ear 'She hates Demeter because of Persephone. Oh, that's her problem, she's afraid one of us is gonna kill her... get out the Hinds blood!'

I giggle at the joke and Apollo glares at me with a 'shut up' look on his face. I flash him one of my most evil looks and he turns away. Ha, they're all scared! Oh I haven't been to these meetings, I didn't know how much fun they could be! Hera says 'Okay, the Fates are going to appear and tell us who here will be the next order. All of you get up and stand in a line. Facing across the room.'

Ares rolls his eyes and I get off of him so he can get up. Hera, Demeter (who has finally appeared), Zeus, Hades, Hestia and Poseidon are all standing to the side. Everyone else looks uncomfortable except Athena, who is sure she will be the next ruler. I sit back on Ares' throne, I know they don't want me here and certainly don't want me to stand with the gods of which I have been cast out! I should though! I am one of them! But I don't care, I know I won't be the next ruler so why does it matter? The Fates appear, Hera nodes to them, and they look at everyone. Suddenly one walks over to me, I babble, the Fates are VERY *VERY* powerful. 'Oh, should I move? I didn't mean to get in the way?'

The Fate smiles kindly and she says 'You will be the next ruler of Olympus, Dysis. The time is far away, but you will rule eventually.'

I hear Athena scream 'NO! That can't be! She isn't even supposed to be here!'

Another Fate says 'Hush, child, you do not command the Fate of the world. You know nothing. Nor are you very wise.'

I feel myself falling, and I feel strong arms catch me, it's Ares I can tell by the energy. Then everything is black.

_____ *** _____

I still to this day can't believe that I was picked. I sure never expected it! I was just there to piss off the other gods! I remember Athena complaining, and the Fate standing up for me, because that was the FIRST time anyone had ever stood up for me. I was an outcast, but at least now I would be respected! Though many gods have forgotten the prophecy now, Hera and Zeus are still goin' strong! And though everything was dark I could sense Ares catch me. I'm not sure when I even stood up, it must have been when the Fate walked over to me and I thought I was in trouble. And though through the millenniums many people have proved this theory wrong Ares has still stood by me....

Chapter Six
~Stand By Me~

The next thing I remember is waking up in a bed in a room on Olympus, with Ares and Hera sitting the other corner. Hera says 'You know, dear, it was very nice of you to bring her to Olympus, she seems nice enough.'

Ares seems rather worried 'You're not worried that I brought to Olympus the next order?'

Hera laughs 'Son! What a silly thing to say! I was sure one of Zeus' bastards was going to get it! If it can't be you I'm glad it's her.'

Ares seems cautious now 'Why, mother?'

Hera smiles at her son 'Because your father will be mad, and I always feel connected with the 'misunderstood' gods.'

Ares shrugs and looks over at me. 'I didn't know, mother, I didn't just bring her there for power.... I don't know, I just felt like bringing her. She seemed so excluded, I mean she IS one of us.'

Hera sighs 'I know son, that was good of you. But it will be harder proving that now. Don't screw this up like your father did.'

Ares looks surprised 'What do you mean? What do you know that I don't?'

Hera smiles and gets up 'Your father and I were in love once, But he screwed it up....'

Ares is about to protest 'I am no-'

But Hera says 'Shush.. I have to go now, Athena is throwing a royal fit and I am going to put her in her place. Remember what I've said, son.'

I hear Hera disappear and Ares get up and walk over to me, he sits down on the bed next to me and brushes a lock of hair out of my face. 'How's it going...'

I open my eyes and focus on him 'Shocked?'

He chuckles 'I knew you were awake.'

I sit up slowly, I feel like I am sick or something, but that doesn't happen to gods. 'I suppose this isn't a voluntary thing?'

He laughs, he actually laughs, and says 'No, it's not. You should be thrilled.'

I sigh, my hair matches my mood and turns dark maroon almost black, 'It's not that.... I'm happy, I suppose. It's just all so scary, I've never had to deal with you damn gods, I have no clue who to hate!' I laugh 'Truthfully? Well, I don't want to have to deal with my father.'

Ares nods 'I can understand that.... You should relax though, nobody is going to mess with you now.'

He sits behind me and starts massaging my shoulders Suddenly I ask 'What does your mother know?'

He says 'Well you were listening, you should have heard that I don't know. Damn Hera, she can be so cryptic!'

We both laugh, and I lean in to kiss him... So what if I am going to be the next ruler? I can still have a little *fun* can't I? He wraps his arms around my waist. When what do we hear? 'Like ex-squeeze me!'

Ares recognizes the voice and sounds agitated 'Shit, Dite, go AWAY. I'm busy...'

Ooh, the Goddess of Love, I had heard they got along. But she does not 'go away' instead she says 'Yeah, I see.... Sugar high! Anyway.... Mom sent me and...uh... you like might want to turn around you two.....'

Ares pulls away from me and turns around. I feel a rage coming on, I don't WANT Ares to pull away! I slowly turn around as well...... 'Oh, shit....'

I'm not sure if that was Ares or I for a second, then I realize we both said the same thing! Who did Aphrodite bring with her? Poseidon and Selene... SHIT! I am still enraged! How DARE she! I feel myself raising my hand to throw something, but Ares stops me. 'Relax, Dysis, your hair looks pissed.'

I laugh and realize that I was about to throw a fireball. Sure enough my hair is an ENRAGED red. Aphrodite laughs at some unknown joke. 'I knew there was more going on between you...!'

Ares looks slightly red. 'Aphrodite, I'm warning you...........'

She giggles nervously and shuts up. Poseidon looks at me 'Daughter...'

Okay, now THAT was embarrassing! I greet him coolly 'Poseidon. What did you want?'

He says 'Well seeing as I suppose you are going to have your OWN apartments on Olympus and be part of all godly matters--'

Ares interrupts him 'You mean all the things you have been trying to keep her out of?'

I can't believe it! He's standing up for me! Why? I sneer, my words like venom 'You kicked me out, POSEIDON, just because I may rule you are NOT going to reunite with me... I will NOT be played! I AM THE GODDESS OF REVENGE AND LAVA! I have POWERS! I am DANGEROUS. Stay AWAY from me Poseidon. I WILL hurt you.'

I can't believe the anger in my being, I thought I was over this Poseidon is a cold unfeeling god like most of them why should I care? He sent me to live in my mother's world, another bastard, only this time one with full powers. Ares sneers as well, Aphrodite shrinks, as he says 'You heard the Goddess, leave.'

Selene looks from me to Ares to Poseidon 'Why am I here Poseidon, I do not need to be involved in family squabbles with your daughter and her lover. I am the MOON, I am ABOVE THAT!'

Funny how she refers to Ares and I, although I suppose it is true it's the first time somebody else has said it. And suddenly she seems recognizably angry. I stare 'Oh my gods!'

Ares looks at me concerned. My color has drained, my hair is a flat plain red. That's what it is.... Selene's hair, it went from beautiful golden white to BLACK. Selene looks at me 'See Poseidon, look what you have done? The poor dear looks awful... And she looked so fiery a moment ago...'

Poseidon gets defensive 'It isn't MY fault, Selene! Everything's always MY fault with you!'

She turns an icy gaze on Poseidon 'That's because it ALWAYS is YOUR fault, Poseidon!'

Aphrodite, who has been silent since her brothers warning, says 'Look, I'm getting bad vibes here. You so have to fill me in later, bro! I did Hera's errand, I'm out of here.'

The goddess of Love disappears. I feel Ares put an arm around my shoulder protectively, he feels I am his property now and he takes good care of his property. I look at Poseidon, my gaze cold and deadly. 'Why IS she here, Poseidon. Tell ME!'

Poseidon looks from Selene to me 'You're mother.'

I stare as does Selene. I am too shocked to say anything. Selene is shocked as well but she states 'No, Poseidon, she is not our child, our child died... You told me.'

Ares is still worried about me, I can tell, 'You better explain and quick. Or I might just decide to throw you out!'

Poseidon looks to Ares briefly concerned, then he sees the UTTERLY Pissed Off look Selene is giving him. He tries to explain 'You-you were--'

She just screams 'No, Poseidon! Don't you try to pin YOUR bastard child on me! I would know if I had a child... She looks nothing like me! OUR CHILD DIED!' She looks briefly to me 'Oh, no offense, dear.'

I nod to Selene, showing that I am not offended. I resume glaring at Poseidon, and Ares tightens his grip on me. I wonder who he's worried about, Poseidon, himself, or me.

Poseidon tries again 'You were sleeping for Weeks after the birth. I had to handle her all on my own--'

Selene interrupts again 'And you dropped her, that's what you said, you dropped her out of the Balcony, she was screaming and you were annoyed so you held her out and you dropped her. An 'accident' Our child DIED because of YOU.'

I shiver, poor Selene, and how DARE Poseidon try to make up this lie. I lived with my mother on the mortal world... Poseidon tries to ignore that he has been interrupted 'I didn't know what to do, and then she started screaming and I-I took her out to the Balcony to quiet her, and I-I dropped her. I was terrified! I reached down, even though I knew she was dead and a little hand grabbed mine. She was FLOATING. I was relieved! I took her back inside and tried to be patient. But she started screaming again and when I tried to scold her, her hair went this FIERY red color and she threw a blast of LAVA at me. I wasn't expecting it, she was only a few days old, and I was hit. I am all water you know Selene. It was a little bit of Lava, she was such a little child.'

He looked to us, everyone stared coolly back at him, where was he going with this? Poseidon continued 'I am water, I was out for hours. When I awoke she was a few feet above the floor destroying things. The Lava she had blasted had tired her, she had gotten her baby bottle of Ambrosia and was sipping it. She was just picking things up, heavy things, and throwing them into walls. she was mere god-ling and only a few days old at that. I called to her, we hadn't named her yet, and she turned to me with a look of hatred in her little Violet eyes. I was alone, she had power, I was water, and she seemed to be Lava. You, Selene are the moon, I knew you could have handled her. But I just couldn't. I gathered her in my arms and tried to calm her, but she turned into solid Lava, only her face visible, though lava colored, and her wild red hair. She scalded me, and I was scared. I quickly cast a spell that made her powers disappear, and I took her to earth, for without her powers she was in regular baby form, hairless and all. I remembered some mortal woman I had been with while Selene was pregnant..'

Here Selene stared at him with true hatred 'I knew you cheated on me!'

Poseidon flushed, so that the blue/green water that was he turned slightly pinkish. 'I left the child on the woman's doorstep. I walked away and when Selene woke a few days later I told her how I had dropped the baby, leaving out how I had saved her. It was so far from Olympus, there was no body.'

Selene looked at me, her emotions flickering through her hair, then she gasped. 'Oh, her hair....' Suddenly she rounded on Poseidon and threw a lightening bolt at him. 'You BASTARD! I mourned her! My little child, dead without even a name. But I see you did name her. And you obviously kept tracks on her, she knows that she is your child.'

I pull out of Ares grasp, he reaches for me but I wave him off. I float up to Poseidon and Selene. 'NO! My mother was MORTAL! Her name was Adonia it means 'beautiful' I lived with her until I was 19, then I stopped aging, and I felt a surge of power. And she confessed to me that my father was Poseidon. They had had an affair, a one-night stand. Poseidon had left me. I was just another bastard! So I went to Poseidon's--'

I looked over at Poseidon 'YOUR temple. You appeared and told me that I was an Olympian, but I was disowned, cast out. That I would be waiting for an eternity, literally, if ever I expected you to acknowledge me. I haven't, Poseidon. I grew up, I was cast out of my village, because I was a downed god. I never aged. I grew my powers back. I've spent EONS without you! I remember when Ares was born, Zeus was claiming it wasn't his and took advice from Poseidon and cast Hera out. She came and stayed with me. I was only 3 centuries old, a god-ling. But in mortal terms I was ancient. Hera stayed with me and PROMISED that when, if ever, she was restored to Queen of the gods she would give me my proper place. Treat me as her own, no matter if I was only a Demi-goddess. She showed me how to reactivate my powers. But that never happened, Zeus and Poseidon made SURE of it. Now you have the NERVE to come up with some half assed attempt to change my life, to be a daddy. Yeah, right.'

Poseidon keeps quiet, wisely. Ares is shocked, I can tell, he knew I wasn't that much older then him, but I'm sure he wasn't aware that I had been there for his birth. Selene is still glaring at Poseidon. 'She makes a valid point. That is a rather SKEPTICAL story, Poseidon. Never mind. We will find out if this is true or not. Either way, the young Goddess has made her wish clear that you are NOT her father, even if you rightly are by blood.'

Ares is behind me, I can feel him, and the energy of yelling at Poseidon had drained me. I abruptly stopped floating and would have crashed to the floor but he catches me. I licked my lips, I'd repay him for that later. Ares looks at Poseidon, and I see something resembling caring in his eyes. 'Look what you've done to her, Leave my palace.'

I smile gratefully 'Ares, you should go, keep an eye on Poseidon for me, please?'

Ares smiles evilly 'You OWE me...'

I say, my hair-flashing ruby red for a moment. 'Oh, I know. Don't worry about THAT.'

Ares follows Poseidon out, and I know that he is going to have his own confrontation with the person who is responsible for causing his mother grief, they are very close. Selene looks at me 'Weather you are mine or not, child, I feel for you. Poseidon is a cold god, he WOULDN'T know what to do with a child, and you have suffered greatly due to him being your father. Do you know what to do?'

I smile again, strange for me, I must be tired. 'Thank you, Selene, yes I know.'

Selene is a floater goddess as well. She and I join hands, floating several feet off the ground, a light starts to build between us. We keep our eyes locked together. Slowly, at first we start to spin from the power building, then faster. Our beings connect and feel each other, trying to sense the strong relation that mothers and daughters have. It seems to take hours, yet seconds. But in only a few minutes it is over. The light between us blows apart as we lose eye contact, it blows our hands apart and we are thrown into opposite walls, we both groan painfully. We are utterly drained. Slowly both of us rise, I still in my Lava colored dress. Selene in her long flowing white gown that also clings to her, and is the color of the moon. We are both too drained to float, we can barely rise. As we embrace she says 'Oh my child, so it is true! Only Poseidon would be so manipulative.'

We hug, we are mother and child. I feel anger carousing through me. 'Mother...'

She kisses my head, she is taller then me. I suddenly break away 'I'm gonna kill him.'

Selene reaches out and holds me fast 'No, no, child that will solve nothing. You are a child of the moon, release, you are my child. Your mother is here.'

I lean into her. How could we have not noticed the similarities between us? Our hair, mine that has been every color of red at some point in time and hers that is either white blond or jet black. The bare feet, the body that seems to turn into its realm. The icy skin, cold stare, violent eyes, purple lips, the floating. We are so similar. And yet, as angry as she has to be she is trying to calm me, while I pay no attention to her hurt. I whisper 'It must have hurt, thinking that I was dead, I'm sorry, Selene.'

Selene smiles then frowns 'Oh! I don't even know your name!'

I laugh, 'No problem, most people never even care about my name. Dysis, my name is Dysis.'

She smiles 'That means 'sunset'. I think Poseidon may have named you that because of your hair.'

I laugh 'He should have named me Lava or Fire instead.'

Selene frowns again, I seem to be troubling to her. Well aren't I always trouble? 'All part of the plan that you are NOT a danger to him, oh, Dysis my poor baby girl! I can make no excuses for your father, but I did love him, and he loved us both.'

Outside we hear a large crash, a groan that sounds like Poseidon, Ares laughing and Hera's voice 'ENOUGH! I will not have my brother and son fighting each other. Poseidon, go back to your realm, brother. I will speak to my son.'

Selene and I walk out of the room and watch Hera pull her brother up. Poseidon grumbles, especially upon seeing Selene and I, and disappears. Ares looks towards us. Watching me carefully, he seems worried about me, yet at the same time triumphant about his fight with Poseidon. 'Well, Dysis, how did it go?'

Selene smiled 'We reconciled, thank you for setting this up, sister.'

I look at Hera 'How did you know?'

Hera laughs 'Have you two ever looked in a mirror? I was curious as to who you reminded me of since Ares' birth. You were so young and you had so much power! I remembered that Selene and Poseidon had had a child around your age. I hadn't seen Selene in a long time, but I went to her immediately. Oh you two look so much alike, having spent time with both of you I could see that. But I knew you wouldn't take my word for it, it was as likely that Zeus and I had a child that looked like Poseidon. You can never tell. It's taken me EONS to get Poseidon to confess! I would still be waiting, actually, but I kept an eye on Poseidon at the meeting and I knew he was ready to confess.'

Selene laughs, as do I, she smiles 'So you've known for EONS! I always knew you were a sneak, little sister. Thank you for giving me back my little Dysis all big and beautiful.'

_____ *** _____

'My little Dysis all big and beautiful.' Selene wasn't speaking about my age, she hadn't even known me before that moment. What I didn't understand then was that Selene was referring to her life. When she had given birth to me she had felt 'her little Sunset' I had been something she had looked forward to, being the moon and part of the night I was her last hope her last Rae of sunshine. But then I was gone and for her it was always night. Now she had her child back, and her life was a 'Big and Beautiful Sunset.' I had brought her joy when I was born, but being little not very much. Now that I was grown I had brought a LOT of light and joy into her life. Oh how bittersweet the reunion with my mother was, for Hera was right Selene and I were two of a kind. Both of us dark and deadly, cool and icy, hot and fiery, but with the realization of a mother who loved me came the one of a father who didn't. And with all of Olympus pissed at me for being chosen I was not too popular. So I buried myself in my relationship with Ares. That was the start of my MAJOR years as the bad girl of Olympus. I was rebelling against Poseidon, whom I had almost daily contact with now, I was rebelling to the fact that Selene had to LEARN everything about me because she missed all of my life. And I was rebelling against being the next ruler and all the responsibility that entitled me to.

Chapter Seven
~No, Not LATER!~

Aphrodite appeared 'Ok, you have like SO gotta tell me what's up!'

I smile as sweetly as possible and ask 'Whatever do you mean, Aphrodite?'

Aphrodite laughs 'Call me Dite, and I like so totally saw you two kissing!'

Ares looks from his sister to me, he's not really in any position to deny such accusations. (He's sitting on his throne and I'm sitting on his lap.) 'So?'

Aphrodite rolls her eyes 'Oh come on! You are like gonna make this hard for me, aren't you!'

Ares shakes his head and Aphrodite tries more convincing tactic. She walks up to us, leans on the arm of the throne, bends over so that she's just looking slightly up and, pouting, says 'Bro, PLEASE tell me what's up! I the goddess of love I do have some clue here!'

Ares shifts me on his lap, so that I'm faced with Aphrodite instead of him. I lean down so my face is just an inch from hers 'Ok, I'll tell you a secrete.' She leans closer 'There is nothing to tell!'

Aphrodite steps black and puts her hands on her hips as Ares and I try not to laugh. 'That is like so it! I'm so telling Hera!'

Ares pales 'What are you gonna tell her.'

Aphrodite smiles, seeing that she's got him, 'Well seeing as I can't get anything out of you, I'm just gonna tell mom my speculations....'

Ares, who has his arms wrapped around my waist, snaps his fingers and we are both standing. I complain 'Hey! I was quite comfy, thank you!'

Ares dismisses me, more worried about WHAT Aphrodite plans to tell Hera. 'Yeah, I'll deal with you later.'

Aphrodite smiles, seeing she can get any information she wants now, she knows her brother well, but that is a short lived smile as she sees me. My hair before a relaxed red is suddenly a raging bright color. I am in a short, tight, red leather outfit that is low on the top. It's one of my favorite outfits, with high red heels that match it. I start floating a few feet off the ground. NOBODY dismisses ME! I form a fireball in my hand. I float up right behind Ares, he is used to my presence and is not worried. He waves me off again, with deadly accuracy I throw the fireball, oh and it's a big one too. It hits Ares square in the back throwing him through the wall across the room. I float over to him, he's out cold. 'No, not LATER, War God.'

Aphrodite smiles weakly, she is worried about her brother 'Whoa, chicka, cool down. Bro wasn't gonna forget about YOU.'

I float up to Aphrodite, I am as tall as her even without my heels on. 'Listen, I am not SECOND to anybody about ANYTHING! You want to know what's going on with your brother and I? NOTHING! And don't EVER mess with me again!'

Aphrodite backs up 'Sure thing, Chicka, yeah, that wasn't very smart of Ar was it?'

I smile 'No it wasn't.'

Aphrodite giggles nervously 'Yeah, ok then. See ya, 'Isis!'

She disappears and I float over to Ares. I whisper into his mind 'Either I'm FIRST in everything, or you don't get me.'

Then I disappear as well. That should teach Ares, when he wakes up that is.

_____ *** _____

Oh I was so pissed off at Ares for some time after that. Of course, he was smart, soon as he woke up he came to find me declaring that he was just worried about what his mother would think, Aphrodite is a horrible gossip. That I understood. He also said that I did come first. How could I stay away? I mean do you KNOW Ares? He can be so charming if he has to be, and he's so hot. The truth was I couldn't have stayed away if I had wanted to, and I wanted to come back. Though I am happy to say that Aphrodite never pissed me off ever again. That was fairly soon after the whole Fate thing. But once I came back to Ares I secured my Fate, I was trapped like so many other women had been, and there was no way that 'Dysis' was going to come out better from the experience. Ares and I still weren't comfortable with people thinking we were dating then. But then a few centuries later they discovered our relationship was still going strong, though many are still sure it is only about sex... Hey it might as well be, this IS Ares we are talking about here!

Chapter Eight

Ares and I were looking for danger, we WANTED to be in trouble. And what better way to get in trouble then to take a risk? If you get caught you'll be murdered, if you don't get caught it's wonderful. I mean, Tartarus, you're talking about the God of War and the Goddess of Lava and Revenge! So we decided we'd test our luck, we went down to Greece for about a century staying in exotic places, indulging in mortal food and in each other. But we were hardly ever caught, and if we were it was usually some mortal that had recognized us. So we went places out of Greece that brought our powers to a minimum, but oh what fun! We'd stay months even years in some of the worlds most beautiful places. Causing as much Havoc as we could! That ended when a Hindu god, Krishna, caught us while we were in his domain. Ares and I were sitting somewhere were we weren't supposed to be, kissing and ignoring most laws. When Krishna appeared, he had been told that some mortals were breaking rules, but when he saw us he recognized that we were Greek Gods. He grabbed us each by an ear and, pulling us on opposite sides from each other, proceeded to lecture us. 'What are you doing in a scared temple? What are you even doing here, Greek gods? You have violated many rules.'

With the lecture still going strong he took us to Zeus, considering us children even though we were both full grown gods, and after screaming at Zeus for not taking control of us left us to face Zeus' wrath. We are to be monitored for about a century or two to make sure we don't go out of Greece. So we've decided to take an even bigger risk. Zeus is still busy trying to stop a fight with the Hindu gods (oops!) and so we're taking advantage of the fact that he's busy. We're in the great Olympian hall, where all the major meetings take place, sitting on Zeus' throne having some *fun* trying not to make any loud noises, what a challenge... Oh shit I hear footsteps. I pull away from Ares and with a snap we are both fully dressed. Just in time to see a priestess of Zeus walk in. Ares whispers to me, both of us standing by his throne, 'Close call, Dysis.'

The priestess seems confused, like she expected Zeus to be there, I do NOT want to know, no, no, not at all... She looks at us both 'But...Zeus? Where...Who are you?'

Ares appears to be looking slightly pale, but I simply try not to laugh. 'I am Dysis and this is Ares. Zeus is not here, we were just...inspecting our thrones.... You should leave.'

The woman gives us an evil look before bowing. Damn priestesses! They really have fucking attitude problems. 'I should tell my lord that you were here... What was the problem with your thrones?'

Ares rises to the challenge 'You, mortal, do not presume to question the gods! LEAVE, we have fixed the problem, no need to inform Zeus.'

She seems hesitant 'But....'


The woman backs out of the room bowing and shaking her head. We were bluffing of course, Zeus doesn't take kindly to his followers being murdered. But just our luck, Athena would have to appear. 'Where is father? Why are YOU here?'

She has never quite gotten over her feeling that I am not an equal. Well I'm not, I'm her better. Ares, always loving to piss his sister off, says 'None of your business, Athena!'

With that he grabs me and we disappear. As I wave to Athena. She hates us both.

So now we are outside one of Ares' temples.... Ooh we're going to harass some priests! We are in our leather, upon entering the temple and a priest immediately stops us and demands 'Who are you, what do you want, what are you doing here?'

Mortals can be so annoying. I speak up 'We are warlords, seeking to pay respects to the god of war for our latest win, mighty god that he is.'

Ares looks at me and we almost laugh, he knows I was teasing. The priest looks suspicious but leads us to the alter room. He stays in the corner. Ares speaks 'Could we have some privacy?'

The priest glares at us 'You have a few minutes.'

With a thought we are in Ares throne room. I always like how he designs his thrones, so BIG and dark..... Ares looks around as he sits in his throne, only being one chair I sit on his lap, since when have either of us minded that? 'This is a new temple, I haven't been here yet.'

I smile 'Oh, inspection.'

I time it; One, Two, Three.... I lean in and kiss Ares, exactly two seconds later an angry shout is heard from the alter room and footsteps spread out through the temple. Good security at least. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... A priest comes in and sees us on Ares throne. I am sitting in his lap, smiling. It WOULD be the annoying priest that let us in. He screams 'What are you doing in here? GET OUT GET OUT!'

Okay, here comes! I state, 'Don't order us around!'

The priest says 'I KNEW you could not be trusted, women warriors...'

This seems to set Ares off, I'll have to find out why later. 'Sometimes the best man for a job is a woman.'

Ares seems to be somewhere else. So I quickly add. 'What, you gonna MAKE us leave?'

The priest nodes 'Yes.'

Ares seems to have recovered. He motions me off of him and I obey, when did I start taking orders? Oh well it's all in fun, right. Ares stands and creates a lighting bolt in his hand. The priest looks scared now. Damn scrawny thing. I mutter 'Burn him, babe, burn him.'

Ares looks to me and reaches out to put an arm around my waist. 'You presume to order your Master the God of War and your Mistress the Goddess of Revenge around?'

I lick my lips, I'm lava, and I can't help it. I whisper only one word 'Burn.'

The priest is about to drop into a bow when the lighting bolt consumes him. He is engulfed in fire as he screams out in pain, a second later he is nothing but ashes. I feel myself liquefying. I turn the color of Lava and for a second I am in Lava form. Then just as quickly I am back to normal, only my fiery hair and sparkling eyes let on that I have changed. But I forgot, Ares has his arm around my waist, he must have been able to tell. 'You liked that, Dysis.'

I reach up, running a hand through his hair, 'Splendid, I loved how he screamed!'

Ares laughs and picks me up, I laugh as well in his arms. He holds me carefully, I know he won't drop me, I'm not that heavy. And in a flash we are gone.

_____ *** _____

I still can't bring myself to feel remorse for the priest who died because of our fun. I probably will never even feel the NEED to be sorry that we killed him. And I have no problems admitting what a rush it gave me to watch Ares just 'burn' him by my command. MY COMMAND. Something I didn't understand until much later. For a mere mortals death was not enough to turn me to Lava form for a second. It was more. It took me till the next day to realize that that had been the first time Ares had introduced us as 'Master and Mistress' For all that priest knew, and many others, they had no mistress. But suddenly Ares was giving me full rights in his temple. It took me quite some time before I remembered to ask Ares about the faraway look he got. His simple explanation was that quite a few centuries ago he had met a mortal woman who had led his army and been his lover, I wasn't jealous, she had left him and though he had loved her she had refused to become immortal and had died. He then proceeded to explain that it was long before he had ever met me and that while she was his best warrior, she was mortal, and that he was with me now and quite happy. I suppose I did feel odd, knowing that he had offered this woman immortality. Ruling me out completely, but she hadn't excepted so it didn't matter. Though had I known I could offer people immortality I probably would have. I'd had mortal lovers that I remembered for one reason or another, and that at the time I had felt I loved. But they were mortal their whole lives a mere moment in time! Ares was allowed the same as I. It's always different with another immortal, now that's the kind of relationship that can last forever, literally. Besides that was soon to leave my mind.

Chapter Nine
~No, It Can't Be!~

Finally! Zeus had announced that Ares and I could go out of Greece again! I was worried, for some reason I didn't think we SHOULD go on a trip just yet. But I put that behind me and Ares and I went to Persia. Having, by now, grown some emotional ties we actually planned to just relax and see some sites. No duties, no fathers. How WONDERFUL! India was our first choice, but we hadn't quite been forgiven there, so we went to Persia. A nice place if you ask me, but I always will be partial to Greece. But I should have listened to my instincts. About two weeks into the trip I started to feel odd and we were forced to come back to Olympus. It took me another week before I realized the extent of my mistake. I started to feel a heartbeat along with my own. Now it was time to panic! I searched through my room, diary, and charts, and I came to the horrifying conclusion that I was pregnant! Oh gods no! I'd always been so careful, and now I was going to have a kid. First things first, I told Ares, who looked rather scared for a moment. I couldn't blame him, then he offered 'You should rest, I'll tell our parents.'

I kissed him 'Thank you!'

Ares smiled at me, made sure I was resting, told one of my priestesses to watch me and left to face our parents. I lay in my bed thinking about pretty much everything. I know that Aphrodite has had quite a few kids. But I've never had them before, I mean she's the goddess of love, who cares if she has kids or not? I'm the goddess of Revenge! I don't want to be stuck watching some baby. Oh gods.... Eros.... he has such a bad relationship with Ares... And what about us? Will Ares be okay with this? Then there's Poseidon, Hera, Selene, and Zeus... Are they going to invade our lives?

I must have drifted to sleep, because I open my eyes just now and Ares is sitting next to me. I sit up and lean on him, maybe everything will be okay. Ares informs me 'Hera and Selene have decided they are going to take care of you. I'm not sure what they mean by that but I don't think you'll like it. So I told them we had to talk.'

He rests a hand on my stomach 'This is going to be interesting.'

I look up at him, confused. 'But you've had kids before....'

Ares shakes his head 'Yes, but I've never been a part of their lives.'

So I'm worrying for nothing! I smile and Ares just holds me, I wonder if he means it or if he's just trying to comfort me. 'Hera and Selene?'

Ares laughs 'Apparently they don't think we are very responsible.... I wonder where they got that idea.'

I laugh as well, 'They'll be coming soon, and I suppose you have to go?'

Ares is suddenly serious 'Only if I don't want to be killed. Good luck with them Dysis, I'll be in my palace if you want me.'

I nod and Ares disappears. I get up, I don't want people thinking I need to be helped! With a thought I am in my lava dress. Within a few seconds I hear a knock on the door. 'Come in.'

Hera and Selene walk in, my mother hugs me. 'My beautiful little sunset! Don't worry, Dysis, we'll take care of you.'

Hera smiles at me, she seems as thrilled as my mother. I back away from them. 'I'm fine, I don't need to be taken care of. Oh, sorry, I have to go, there's something that needs my attention. The duties of a goddess are never done!'

I am about to disappear when Hera grabs me. 'You shouldn't use the aether for a while, Dysis, it might upset the child. And your duties are at an end, the mortal world will be fine without you for a few months. Artemis and Apollo are going to take over your duties for a time.'

Apollo and Artemis? I look up, pleading, 'Does everyone know then! You expect to keep me locked up here!?'

I start to pace, and my mother holds me. 'You are getting worked up, Dysis, you have to relax. You're not being kept here, you just can't use the aether. I went through the same thing with you.'

I pull away from her, resigning that I am stuck with them until this child is born. 'What about your duties?'

Hera smiles 'Selene and I will take turns watching you.'

I give in 'Alright.'

_____ *** _____

I was so terrified, I probably did the poor kid damage, and there were so many things that worried me. Mainly what was going to happen with Ares and I. I also felt trapped, they had me caged like a tiger, I couldn't leave Olympus because the walk would be to tiring for me and I couldn't use the aether while pregnant. For his part Ares was very good to me. He came to visit me, we would talk as he tried to reassure me that everything was fine, but that was hard because either Selene or Hera were always there. He couldn't really reassure me, because you don't explain how nature of our relationship was gonna stay the same when our parents were around! Passion, you gotta love it, weather on the battlefield or in bed. And he stood by me the whole time I was pregnant. And as I watched through a portal he even told our parents for me. Something I feel worthy to note.

Chapter Ten
~The Meeting~

Ares appeared in the grand hall, seated at the table already were Hera, Poseidon, Selene, Zeus and Athena. Ares glared at Athena 'What is she doing here?'

Zeus looked at Ares harshly 'Athena wants to know what is so important for you to call a meeting with the major gods only. She has a war that she wants to bring up as well.'

Ares looked frantically to his mother 'She can't STAY! This doesn't concern her! I didn't ask her to be here.... I'll meet with Athena later to discuss this war.'

Athena looked at Ares 'I think now would be better.'

Hera noticed her sons pleading look and stated. 'Leave, Athena, you can discuss wars later.'

Zeus sighed at his wife's command and waved Athena to go. 'What is it, Ares.'

Now that Athena was gone Ares tried to relax. Poseidon, who was sitting next to Selene said 'Yes, nephew, what have you called us here to say?'

Ares maintained his 'You can't hurt me so I don't care' look. As he simply said 'Dysis... is carrying my child, I thought you should be informed.'

I breathe out, he did that for me! Hera looks to Selene, who nodes, 'We'll take care of her. You may go son.'

Ares looked relieved 'Wait... Dysis and I should talk.'

Selene nodded 'Of course. We'll come see my daughter when you have finished talking. We have things to discuss here as well.'

Zeus and Poseidon glare at Ares, who nodded and left quickly.

_____ *** _____

I have always thought that was brave of Ares, facing our parents while I stayed in my room hiding. I think they have always thought of the whole thing as his fault, because I wasn't there to voice my support. And how jumpy and nervous I was during the pregnancy. They must have had some screwed up perception of us, but hey we'd done everything in our power for them to think we were screwed up. We were, and it was the only way for them to leave us alone, if you're scared of your evil kid you don't go screw with them! Of course it was NOT Ares' fault, and he did let me escape our fathers. Something I will always be grateful for. The truth is that neither of us was ready for a child, or the responsibility of one.

Chapter Eleven
~Here, You Take It!~

When the baby girl was born I was sort of in shock. I had held on to some sort of belief that I could just leave once the child was born, now I had to face the responsibility. First Ares and I had to decide on a name, we picked Nyx, which means night, because she was so dark. Dark skinned with brown eyes like Ares. Purple lips and a soft shade of Red hair like me, Nyx also had wings, still not sure where that came from. After approving of the name Selene and Hera left Ares and I to take care of the child. The first thing I did was to leave Nyx with Ares and take a trip for a few weeks. I'd been so cooped up! And oh joy, what did I find on returning? Nyx had learned how to fly.. Thanks a lot Eros! Oh it was horrible! I was too drained to float at all, and Ares can't even float and here was Nyx flying around and getting into all sorts of trouble! The only good thing I could imagine was that she would grow up very quickly. Always flying around and throwing things! It was too much! Ares and I had to lock all our weapons and 'dangerous' things up and then Nyx found out how to get into the room! Finally after settling Nyx down tonight we are able to talk. She's driving us crazy! I lean back against Ares 'Do you know Artemis and Apollo still have control in my realm? I haven't had time to reclaim it!'

Ares shakes his head 'I know, Dysis, Athena is getting to much control in my realm too.'

I continue to complain 'We haven't even had time to practice or anything! I'm afraid the next time I hold a sword I'm just going to drop it!'

Ares says 'We have to do something about living, Dysis. I can't have her in my palace, the whole PLACE is dangerous for a kid!'

I sigh 'I know, Ares, it's not fair that you have to be here all the time, and I had to get rid of so many of my things!'

I hear wailing from the other room. I get up and Ares mutters 'Damn it!'

She is killing our fun! There is no way that Ares and I can just go to another realm for a few months. Nyx would never be able to handle it, and who wants a kid there anyway? Suddenly I turn, bottle of ambrosia in my hand, 'Ares..... Let's take a trip.'

Ares looks unsure 'What? Now? How do you plan to do that, Dysis?'

I smile evilly, 'I am so SICK of this Ares! It's been months of the same thing. I have to ask Apollo before I can turn into Lava form! Hera and Selene didn't seem to have so much to do while I was pregnant. What if we asked them to watch Nyx?'

Ares picks me up, spinning me around, I laugh. 'You, Dysis, are a genius! I'll go right now!'

Ares disappears to get Nyx and then go to his mothers. I take Nyx her bottle then lay back in bed, with a thought I am in my leather, though it feels tight. I need some exercise like this. I pull open my secrete room and start packing my weapons and clothes.

A half an hour later Ares appears. It's the middle of the night and a full moon. My mother is busy but Hera isn't. He announces 'It's done, they're going to take Nyx! They think we need a vacation. Shall we Dysis?'

I nod and take his hand, with a thought we are on a beautiful island in one of his temples. I smile 'Wonderful! Tonight we 'relax' and tomorrow we take back our realms!'

_____ *** _____

I don't think Ares or I ever intended to leave Nyx with our parents forever. We were just going to have some *fun*, but somewhere along on our little trip we forgot how to get back. It was only supposed to be for a few months, we returned to Olympus 15 months later. That is a long time away from home. It's not that we wanted to abandon Nyx, Hera and Selene were taking care of her, it was just that we weren't ready to deal with her. But I still believe we meant to come back sooner. Or at least I did, she was our child after all. We must sound like really awful parents and people in general, well the truth is we were. And it was better for Nyx to grow up around adults, not around Ares and I.

Chapter Twelve
~Home Again~

With a shimmer of Blue and Purple light Ares and I appeared on Mount Olympus. We set our stuff down, leave my palace quickly and reappear in the great halls of Olympus. Hera and a young girl are playing by the thrones. Hera looks at the girl 'Casta, come here. You shouldn't play in other people's thrones.'

Hera sees us 'Dysis, Ares?'

Ares walks up to his mother 'Yes, mother? You called?'

Hera laughs 'I thought you were not coming back! You've been gone a long time'

Ares says 'Not that long, we were in India, you like it there, don't you mother?'

I go to sit down on my throne when I notice somebody already on it, that girl. She looks up at me 'Oh is this where you sit?'

She then flies over to Ares' throne and sits down. I look at her, 'Nyx?'

Ares has walked back to me and is standing with his arms around my waist. Hera walks over quickly as the young girl jumps up 'Who? I'm Casta! I won't sit in your throne again, I'm sorry.'

Ares has noticed the girl's appearance by now as well he roars 'Mother!'

The child runs to Hera 'Mam, what do they want.'

Hera ignores the girl's question. 'You were gone....'

I look at Hera suspiciously 'Not so long as all that!'

Hera sighs 'No not long at all, but long for a child. I changed her name to Casta, purity, it seemed to fit her realm better then Night.'

I bend down, I am in my leather because Ares and I were sparing before we came back here. Reaching out my hand to Nyx--Casta I smile 'Baby. Do you remember me?'

She seems to be puzzling something out. She looks from Ares to I then finally to Hera. 'Mam, why do I sort of remember them?'

Hera shrugs 'Stop calling me Mam, you know I don't like that Casta. Call me Grandma like you're supposed to.' Hera then pushes Casta towards us 'Those are your parents. Give them a hug.'

Parents, such an odd term, certainly not one that we deserve. Casta walks up to me and hugs me, she does seem to remember us but her words come out as a question. 'Mommy? Daddy?'

She then hugs Ares, who lifts her up in the air and says. 'You've grown while your mother and I were on a trip.'

It is a simple enough explanation. Ares sets her down and I stand up 'You're three now aren't you, Casta, mommy and daddy brought you a present.'

A necklace appears in my hand. I hand it to Casta. The pendant is a dagger with the rune for emotions on one side and her name, Nyx, on the other. She looks at it and smiles 'Ooh, it's pretty! Thanks!'

Ares laughs and addresses Hera 'Only Three and looking like a Seven year old.'

Hera nodes, I can tell she's not sure what to do. I suddenly turn around 'Where's Selene? Mother!'

A figure clothed in solid white appears. She smiles 'My little night sky, and my beautiful little sunset too!'

I smile and we float over to each other 'Mother!'

Casta runs over to Selene 'Grandma!'

I let go of Selene and walk back over to Ares, who says 'Well, we better be going. I have a war in Thrace and I'm sure Dysis wants to unpack.'

Hera, Casta and Selene nod. Ares and I disappear.

_____ *** _____

I can pinpoint the exact moment when we lost the right to be Casta's parents. It was when we left her to be baby sat by Hera and Selene. Yet nobody ever mentioned that fact and Casta always referred to us as 'Mommy' and 'Daddy'. But that was it, and we both knew it. Casta would stay with her Grandmothers, she was happy there. Ares and/or I only visited Casta occasionally. We went to all events and parties with her, but the atmosphere was strained, for that forced Ares and I to make the appearance together. Something we didn't normally do. We took trips, and once we even brought Casta with us, but she missed Hera and Selene and we cut the trip short. We didn't care, this was the solution to our problems, we did what we wanted and our mothers took care of Casta. Then we stopped spending any time with Casta other then seeing her at formal meetings. It was Casta's 280th birthday, she had stopped aging and was considered a grown god-ling, still to young to be a full goddess. I gave her a new battle dress, and Ares gave her a sword, both with the promise that we would train her. As Casta smiled over her gift and opened her aunt Aphrodite's gift Hera pulled us away from the party. She informed us that such gifts were not acceptable for Casta. We left and never came to visit Casta again, why bother? We were having enough fun on our own.

Chapter Thirteen
~Back To Us~

Fun doesn't even begin to describe it. Having regained our realms in full, and no longer dealing with a child Ares and I had moved out weapons and stuff back to where it belonged. Because our realms are so close together our palaces are right next to each other... How Zeus organized the palaces, by realm. So we built a few extra rooms connecting our palaces. Ares and I can care less what anyone else thinks. Our realms are doing well, our power has grown. We're not even visiting Casta anymore, she's happy with her grandmothers and we're happy without her. It's odd seeing how the mortals have grown, they are wearing some of the silliest clothes now. Aphrodite loves the clothes, she wears these puffy dresses that strap you in and are cut very low on the top, so Aphroditish! I'm not talking to Selene much now, why bother, she wants me to relax, take Casta back and marry Ares. What's up with that shit? It's just not going to fucking happen! Why bring Casta to live with us, what would that accomplish? And why would Ares and I marry? That is just a stupid idea. But Selene is probably the only god of that group that accepts my anger. I think she is like me, oh well maybe I'll visit her tomorrow. I am sitting in a tub, my hair is straight for once because it is wet. I wonder if Ares is done with his new war yet.. Well only one way to find out. 'Ares, you busy?'

I see a flash of blinding blue light across the room. 'For you, Never!'

I say 'My neck hurts, will you give me a massage, please?'

He walks to the back of my tub and starts to give me a massage. Ares gives the BEST massages. 'You're wish is my command, Goddess.'

I giggle 'Stop being silly.'

Oh shit I said the wrong thing. Ares is being mischievous 'Whatever you command--'

I sigh, only one way I'm going to get him to shut up now. I spin around and kiss him, I deepen the kiss, wrapping my arms around Ares' neck before pulling him in the water with me. He pulls away from me, still playing, as I giggle. 'DYSIS! I hate wet leather!'

I giggle again and try to look innocent. 'Oh, you probably should have thought of that.'

With a snap of his fingers Ares is out of his leather. I'm in a large tub, I move as far away from him as I can and bat my eyelashes. Ares gives me a deathly look, 'I'm gonna get you for that, Dysis!'

I try to move around Ares, but he catches be by the arm, shit! Slowly reeling me in Ares wraps his arms around my waist, securely trapping me and sits me down next to him. 'You're being a bad girl, Dysis.'

I smile evilly, so he's not mad! He's still playing with me. I try to look innocent again. I thoughtfully say 'Ooh, I guess you're gonna have to punish me then...'

He pulls me closer still and kisses me brutally. I run one hand over Ares' chest, and wrap the other around his neck. Ares still has his arms around my waist, but he releases his hold and runs one hand up my back then burring his hand in my hair. Steam rises up, hey that's what happens when you mix Lava and Water! When we finally break the kiss I gasp for air, even being a goddess. I straddle Ares, running both hands on his chest, I love all his muscles! My hands are working their way lower, but Ares grabs me by the wrists. He scolds 'Uh uh.'

Oh well! Ares can have control, he's so damn good with it! Oh yeah, Ares and I are having fun with it being just the two of us.

Hours later I am sitting in a room, brushing my hair, I'm going to go see my mother and Casta today. I'm in a white dress with long sleeves, and a modest neck, the dress is down to my knees and has a tight waist. With it I am wearing white leather boots to just below my knees, with a one-inch heel. White... Not a color I normally wear, but I have some urge to connect with my mother and dressing in her color should help. I brush my hair back so that it is only wavy instead of in its usual curls. Ares has gone back to check on his war and I am by myself. Probably why I feel the need to visit my mother. Suddenly in a flash of white light a god appears and screams 'ARES! You've done it this time.'

Oh, I forgot, I'm in Ares room, oh well. The god spots me. 'Well, girl, where is your master?'

I stand and fix this newcomer with a deadly stare. 'Who are you, coming into my place and presuming to order people around?'

The god decides that I am not his enemy, a bad assumption, and says. 'I am Heracles. God of Mercy, Zeus' son. I am looking for the God of War.'

I try to think who this is, but I have not met this Heracles before. Mercy, hmm, his palace must be next to Athena's. 'Why do you want the God of War. Perhaps I could help you instead.'

Heracles says 'I have been away from Olympus for the last few millennia.'

I nod 'Oh, I've only been here for the last few millennia. Now what do you want with the god of war?'

Deciding on the only way to get any information from me Heracles says. 'Ares has attacked a town under my protection while I was away. That is not allowed! I am going to bring this matter up with Zeus, but I thought it..' He laughs 'MERCIFUL to inform Ares first.'

I carefully question, no need to reveal myself, 'You do not get along with the god of war?'

Heracles shakes his head violently 'No, NEVER! I would never get along with that conniving son of a bitch.'

I refrain from blasting this god. 'You shouldn't say that about Hera, she might hurt you.'

Heracles spits 'Well it's true. Ares is a son of a bitch, and Hera is a bitch.'

Ok, time to bare my ground. 'I wouldn't say that if I were you.'

He questions 'Why?'

I smile evilly. In a flash I am in my official goddess outfit. 'Dysis, goddess of Lava and Revenge, daughter of Poseidon and Selene, pleased to meet you, Heracles.'

He still doesn't get it, this Heracles must be very stupid. 'Oh, maybe you could help me then, Dysis, I have an idea to get to Ares. I have heard he has a daughter, she's with Selene right now I believe. I was thinking I could get the girl, Casta I think, to help me talk to her father. Will you help me if Casta is with your mother?'

I shake my head 'No, Heracles. I didn't finish introducing myself to you, did I? I am Casta's mother. And you just called my daughter's grandmother a bitch. As well as calling the man I'm fucking a son of a bitch. Did you ever check what side of the war I was on before you told me your plans? 'Cause I can assure you, I am your enemy. I am on Ares' side, actually I was the one that ordered the war.'

I advance towards Heracles, a ball of Lava forming in my hand. Heracles gives me an evil look, maybe I am a little crude, whatever. Heracles says 'Zeus will hear of this, and I guess that makes you Ares' bitch then.'

I smile sweetly 'Oh, you do that. You've been away far to long, Heracles, a new order will rule. Hera and Zeus don't do ANYTHING without consulting the next ruler anymore.' I chuckle, changing the subject 'I find it funny that your name means 'Glory of Hera' yet you hate her.'

Heracles stares me down, or tries to. 'Fine, I'll complain to the new ruler. Where can I find them?'

I smile again 'Complaint noted. You are looking at the next ruler of Mt. Olympus. When I rule I will make your life a living Tartarus. Oh and don't worry! I'll give Ares your message.'

I giggle evilly. Heracles says some curse word and disappears. I change back into my white outfit and go visit my mother and daughter. I'll stop by at Ares' war later to tell him about my visitor. I think I've made an enemy! YAY!

_____ *** _____

It doesn't seem like much, but Ares and I spent a few centuries like that! Fighting and fucking, what a combination, we were perfect for each other, especially when we planned wars together! My visit with Selene and Casta was weird, three generations of goddesses. Casta looks so much like Ares! With the dark skin and eyes. It was so strange, there before me was the perfect mix of Ares and myself. It sort of hit me that this was our creation, our blood, and our baby. It was such a strange feeling. Then and there I decided I was going to visit Casta more. With Ares... Just the three of us, no parents, no relatives, we could have picnics or something. Maybe we could've had family outings or something, as Ares had said 'This should be interesting.' It's odd how you plan and really intend to do something, yet somehow you never have time until it's to late.

Chapter Fourteen
~How I Miss You~

I am laying in bed with absolutely nothing on my mind, and nothing to do. Aphrodite has enlisted her brother's help to stop some war that is screwing with her plans. I let Ares deal with it, even though we both started the war, after all she did ask for him. Besides, Ares will get his reward when he gets back, I grow restless with him away. But for a few hours at least I can sit back, relax and enjoy the silence. I don't even have any duties to attend to today, so I haven't even bothered to get up. I'm reading a book, some mortal's opinion on us 'Ancient Greek Gods.' It is not very well written, but the mortal is a favorite of Athena's and she likes to remind us that for how young mortals are he is a wonderful writer. I think I am insulted, how DARE I be called ancient! I'm not ancient, I'm not even half as old as Zeus and Hera. Hera doesn't even have gray hair yet, neither does Selene. With a lazy wave of my hand the window curtains open and I am drowned in light, oh well I (Unlike Ares) like brightness. I snuggle down into the covers more, suddenly in a flash of blue, green, white and red light a goddess appears. Great, just what I need, I was so relaxed. I look up, startled to find my child, not a god-ling, but a full goddess. I sit up abruptly, the covers falling down to my waist revealing my Teal nightgown. 'Casta? Is that you, sweetheart?'

Casta smiles, a smile that is still young and innocent despite the grown up body. When did my baby grow up so? I feel old. 'Hey mom, haven't seen you in a long time. Forget about the picnics you promised me you and Dad would come on?'

She sounds bitter. When did I promise that? It wasn't that long ago was it? Oh my, I guess it was! 'Sorry, sweetheart, Ares and I were very busy. Time just seems to slip by.'

She laughs as she looks at me. 'I see that you were busy. You forget I am the Goddess of Emotions, mom.'

I shrug, I'm still not too concerned with it one way or another. 'We can still go if you want, I suppose, we just have to wait for Ares to get back from helping Aphrodite. You still went on picnics though, didn't you? With Hera and Selene? I'm sure you had more fun with them anyway.'

When did I start sounding so hopeless when it comes to my child? Casta sighs 'Yes I did go on picnics and I did have fun, but.... No, I'm not here to make you feel guilty for things you can't fix, mom. I, well, I wanted to tell you that I am engaged.'

I smile, engaged? Already? Isn't she to young? No, I suppose not, Casta is grown up. 'That's wonderful, Casta. What realm is he from?'

Casta wrings her hands, whom did she learn that from? Certainly not me, well of course it was not me. 'Well, actually, mom, he's mortal.'

I nod, okay, mortal, no big deal. 'So he's okay with you being a goddess! So are you going to make him immortal?'

She smiles fakely 'Hey, you want to go on that picnics? We could go get Dad, I'm sure he wouldn't mind.'

I stop her, she's up to something 'Of course Ares would mind... You didn't answer my question, Casta!?'

Casta sits down on my bed next to me. 'Oh mom, he doesn't know! He doesn't believe in any gods other then the Christian one, it might kill him to find out that there are other gods! So I'm going to give my powers back to the universe, from where they came, I'll become mortal and live my life out with him.'

Why is she confiding in me? Wait.... mortal, that means she has another sixty years, eighty at best, left! I can't have her die so soon! With no hope to be a proper mother to her... why do I care? I never have before. 'Mortal? That's nonsense. You're powers didn't come from the universe, they came from your father and I! You can't do that, Casta, you have to tell him and make him a god. There's no other way around it.'

Casta says, anger in her voice, 'You suddenly care about my life? You've given so much up for me that I owe you this? You know what? I want to die! And this way I will die married to the man I love. Something you can't even imagine, I suspect. I just thought I'd tell you.'

She gets up to leave, I grab onto her, stopping her from making such a mistake! She looks startled, yet reluctant to complain. Is that because I am her mother? Of because I am a powerful and dangerous goddess? 'Let go of me!'

I hold her fast, I'll make sure it's because I am her mother! 'I am your mother, weather you like it or not. Weather I like it or not. You haven't informed your father, have you. Ares wouldn't have you talking like this! MORTAL! You don't know mortal, Casta, it's awful.'

Casta has stopped struggling and is sitting beside me calmly. I call 'Ares, who's more important?'

Casta looks at me strangely, she hasn't seen Ares and I in a long time, and she doesn't even know us. She hasn't seen us interact really ever. Half a second later Ares appears 'You of course, Dysis, what do you want? My sister can deal with her town by herself now.'

I smile, I am first and only, just like it should be. I'm still a bit mad at Aphrodite. 'Look who decided to give us a visit, Ares? Casta is engaged.'

Ares looks from me to our daughter. 'Casta, princess, you look beautiful. Congratulations.'

Casta looks like she wants to hug someone, but we are strangers why would she hug us? So she refrains. 'Dad, I'm going to marry a mortal, I'm giving up my godhood for him. He's Christian.'

Ares laughs, I stare at him and he stops, flashing me that irresistible grin. 'Shame you didn't spend more time with your mother, Casta. Dysis would have taught you that men owe you, not the other way around.'

I smirk, but my eyes flash, warning Ares. 'You're so funny, Ares.'

Ares is serious now, I can tell. 'You don't want to do that, Casta, being mortal is ridiculous, us gods aren't meant for it, we can never adapt. Believe me, I tried it.'

Casta looks at both of us, seeing our reason, as a last attempt she says 'But I LOVE him!'

I shrug, what IS the problem 'So make him immortal, I give you permission and I'm sure your grandparents will too. No big deal, if he loves you he'll handle it.'

Casta smiles suddenly and reaches out and hugs me. I don't know what to do! I pat her on the back. 'Thanks! You know what? I would have done this anyway.'

Ares looks at her cautiously 'Then why did you ask us?'

Casta laughs 'Well, I needed mom's permission. And, well, I REALLY want to go on that picnic you promised me!'

I laugh, how could we have forgotten this goddess was our child? How sneaky and deceitful she is, I'm so proud! Ares shakes his head in amusement and in a flash we are all on a beach in summer clothes. Time for a picnic!

_____ *** _____

'You haven't given up anything for me' How untrue those words were, but how do you tell someone that you gave up the most precious thing for them? You gave up your child. Ares and I could have taken back Casta anytime we wanted, we even talked about it, but we knew what it would be like for her growing up around us. We weren't a good influence on children and our child deserved better then that. Yet, at the same time we didn't care, or really think about Casta. We were thinking about our selves. For that brief moment when Casta said she would become mortal, I felt fear in my heart. Casta was still my only child; my baby and I realized that I had missed all of her life. Or at least most of it! Because how can you compare spending time with your child while they grow up and while they are young, to spending time with your child when they are grown already and you are both adults? The latter is unacceptable, yet Ares and I had asked Casta to expect neither, and she had agreed.

Chapter Fifteen
~Enough Of The Weapons?~

Mortal weddings aren't as grand as a gods wedding, so Casta's husband to be agreed cautiously to let her plan the wedding. I don't think he yet believed that Casta was a goddess. He invited his whole fucking family! All Christians! My girl sure can pick 'em. The wedding is set for about a month later. But he has decided to come up to Ares and my *home* with his parents to make the final arrangements and I think his parents want to meet us. I have been spending more time with my daughter the past two months then ever before, since she was a baby. I'm not sure why either, she seems to be trying to get me to help plan her wedding, but I have no clue what to do. I'm been going through the extremely boring plans with her though, a last ditch attempt to do something motherish I suppose. Finally we are finished, at least for today! I want to kill something… or more precisely some one! I appear in Ares' room, I need to calm down. Casta has been complaining that I have been snapping at her all day. 'What does she expect from me? I'm not a saint and everyone knows that! Most of all her! Even the fact that I'm helping Casta is a shock!'

Ares was standing at a table covered in battle plans. He turns around upon hearing my voice. He chuckles as he looks at me, reclining on the bed twirling my spear, he walks over to me and says 'My dear Dysis, if this is such a hassle why are you planning the wedding?'

I pull him on the bed next to me and swat at him. 'At least I'm TRYING! But gods Ares it's all so mundane!'

I make my spear disappear and stand up and pace as I imitate Casta. 'Where should the flowers go, should his family sit somewhere separate because they are mortal? We don't want to segregate them but what if they are intimidated by all us gods? Mom? Are you listening?'

Ares watches me with an amused grin. I continue pacing but resume my normal voice. 'I could KILL her, Ares! That's not good! I've been snapping at everyone all day, they finally told me to go home, and I really was trying! The bastards!'

Ares stands up and crosses the room, smoothly intercepting my pacing route, 'I love you like this, Dysis. You haven't been in a mood like this since I first met you!'

I challenge 'What do you mean mood?'

Ares laughs 'So ready to kill anything in your path… You are giving me that 'Ares you are dead' look right now!'

I grace Ares with a smile as I advance towards him. He slowly backs up. I pounce and push him to the bed. 'Ares, you are so dead!'

He wraps his arms around my waist. I look through him finding the evilest thing I can do to someone… Ahh, revenge is so sweet! There, I feel much better; I focus on the god beneath me. Ares grins at me 'What did my favorite goddess do now?'

I laugh 'You know me to well! I just drowned some guy in Lava, for drowning his brother.'

Ares laughs and pulls me down to kiss me. Somebody appears across the room and I jump up, well when I have to spend all day going over seating arrangements and names I get a tad... jumpy... Ares sighs as I roll off of him and we both sit up. He growls 'Who is it?'

Casta walks across the room. 'Hi…'

I sigh as well. Standing up and crossing my arms. 'Well? What is it, Casta?'

Casta takes over my pervious pace route 'So yeah, him and his parents are coming tomorrow.'

Ares sighs 'So?'

Casta bounces across the room, bundling up Ares' war plans and making them disappear. I stand in shock. Ares stands up, also crossing his arms over his chest, and glares at Casta. She walks over to my dresser, picks up my spear and makes it disappear. 'We have to get rid of all your weapons and work and intimidating stuff.'

Ares looks over towards me and growls 'Leave our stuff alone, Casta. Where are my battle plans?'

Casta laughs, still bouncing around the room making our stuff disappear. 'Daddy, don't be silly. Everything's just going to the room you store stuff in… Mom, what is that?'

Casta points to three vases, one filled with red and bubbling stuff, one filled with blue and swishing stuff, and one filled with white and swaying stuff. I step up to protect them, pushing Casta's hand away from my stuff. She bounces over to Ares' dresser, much to his dismay, as she waits for me to answer her. 'Those are miniaturized family. One is me, Lava, one is Selene, the moon, and one is Poseidon, water.'

Casta smiles as she makes the weapons on the wall disappear. 'Oh, cool.'

Ares groans, Casta then comes right up to us, grabs Ares' sword, my sword and my dagger. Ares points out 'You missed a few daggers... Dysis always has at least three on her.'

I groan as Casta holds out her hand, smacking Ares I reach down and pull out my boot dagger, he must have quite a view, then I take out my breast dagger. 'You're gonna leave a girl weaponless?'

Both Casta and Ares nod, smiling, but for different reasons, I sigh and Casta heads to the next room, Ares and I follow her. Casta is now making weapons disappear, moving around furniture, and the room is TEAL! I say, my voice pitched higher, 'CASTA!'

Casta turns and smiles. 'But it was all so dark! Black and red, that's not very inviting.'

Ares states, trying to reason with her 'It's not supposed to be INVITING!'

Casta just shrugs and continues to move around our stuff, from room to room, both of our palaces. Finally she ends up in my bedroom. After getting rid of the weapons Casta opens my closet, seeing all my clothes, and asks 'What's this room, mom?'

I sigh, watching her turn half of the room from purple to pink. 'This is my room, Casta. Sweetheart! NOT PINK!'

Casta sighs and turns my room back to purple, she starts to pace, bouncing across the room. She sighs 'Sorry mom, I'm just worried about you all meeting! And dad, mom, you CAN be a little intimidating.'

Ares and I just shake our heads as Casta grabs our hands and we all disappear. Reappearing in Ares and my room Casta waves her arm and the place is in reds and pinks instead of blacks and reds. I look to Ares for help, and he says. 'Casta, princess…'

Casta looks up and smiles 'Yes dad?'

Ares points to the door. 'Get the fuck out of our room.'

Casta stares at us, both with our arms crossed, for a moment, I assure her 'We need to get some sleep if we are having company tomorrow. Okay, Casta?'

She nodes, turns on her heal and leaves, disappearing when she reaches the door.

Ares looks to me 'You fix your palace and I'll take care of mine?'

I nod and we both disappear to fix our stuff back to the way it was. I reappear in our room after about fifteen minutes Ares is not here. I decide to take advantage of the situation and with a snap of my fingers the room is covered in candelabra's and candles. Waving my arm the fireplace is roaring and the candles are lit, casting an eerie glow over the room. It's night and the curtains are closed, so the only light are the candles and fire, not that it's dark, the candles have the room very well lit. I walk over to the full length mirror next to my dresser and pin my hair up, snapping my fingers I am in dark red bikini type outfit, with a lighter red wrap attached to the top and flowing down to my upper thigh, then it splits off into five triangular like points that flow down to around my ankles. The light red material is slightly transparent but it covers fairly well. I take off my boots and gauntlets, seeing as I am still weaponless. Carefully avoiding the candle flames I walk back to the huge four-poster bed. I make fur blankets cover the red satin sheet covered bed. I sit down and pull the red satin pillows out and set them up so that I can lay back on them, hmm funny, my outfit matches the pillows! Once done with this task I lay back on the bed, so I am almost sitting up and, crossing my legs I make a dagger appear to toss until Ares gets back… I wonder what is taking him so long? I have almost dozed off from boredom by the time Ares gets back, he is obviously not in a good mood, well, that can be fixed. I can't decide weather to question the problem or not... I choose the latter, 'Look who's back, finally.'

Ares is about to complain about whatever went wrong when he spots me. I smile and toss the dagger I have been playing with, it lands a few inches in the door across form the bed. No one comes in when they see a dagger in our door... It usually means we are having a fight. Ares notices the dagger imbedded in the door 'Nice shot.'

I giggle wickedly 'I know!'

I slowly get up, like a panther stalking my pray, I move across the bed and slowly get up, walking over to Ares. He eyes me cautiously, you never can tell what I'm going to do. I walk past Ares and spin around, placing my hands on his chest, guiding him back towards the bed. Ares looks me over 'Dysis--'

I kiss him, effectively interrupting him. 'Shh...'

Ares smiles at me, quite willing to see what I have planned. He notices the drawn curtains and candles and raises an eyebrow at me. I giggle and put my finger to his lips, pushing him back on the bed. I quickly undo Ares' vest, but he pushes me back. I sit up, unsure as to his motives, when Ares kisses me and pushes me back down. We vie for dominance for some time, enjoying each other, all troubles forgotten. Sometime in the night, long after the candles have burned out, I lay my head on my lover's chest, he wraps a strong arm around my waist and we discuss the day.

_____ *** _____

It truly was odd, Casta's sudden interest in our life. It must have had something to do with getting married, starting a family of her own. I often wondered why she didn't try to do all that stuff with her grandparents, instead of us. The truth was we were getting sick of someone else constantly in our lives, we still weren't mature enough for a kid, even a grown one. It took me a long time to realize why Casta latched onto us before she got married. We were the closest thing to a couple she knew that actually had a relationship... Which is really a sad statement! But it was true, Hera and Zeus rarely speak to each other, they even have separate bedrooms, besides Zeus is always to busy, usually with some mortal woman, for Hera. Selene and Poseidon don't even speak, they just glare from across the room at each other. Poseidon also has lots of new wives, I hate them and the brothers and sisters that eventually come along. Nymphs and Merpeople, they are obsessed with their realms! I like to screw with their heads... There's something amazingly satisfying about hearing a Nymph shriek in horror and pain as her favorite tree is blasted to oblivion. It was weird though, Casta paying so much attention to our life, it was... STRAINED... Truth be told, we did try to get rid of her on many occasions.

Chapter Sixteen

Of course we did get SOME sleep. Not much, but we're gods, it doesn't matter. I have just awoken, I lift my head off of Ares' chest to see that he is still sleeping, not something that happens often. I attempt to sneak out of bed, I have to figure out what I am going to wear and I think I am supposed to see Selene today. I slip my legs off the edge of the bed and take a moment to make sure I am fully awake. Wrong choice, two strong arms snake around my waist and pull me back to him. I smile, turning around to face my god. 'Ares... We have to get up... We only have a little bit before what's-his-name and the parents arrive!'

Ares chuckles 'Dysis, we are gods, all we have to do in snap our fingers and we're ready for company.'

I complain, only for the sake of it I think, I know Ares is right. 'I am getting up, you can sleep if you want.'

Ares leans close to my ear and whispers, 'Who said anything about sleeping?'

I giggle like a much younger goddess…. Ares has the habit of doing that to me, not that we are old, for we are not. 'ARES! Stop it.... I'm serious, we have to get up.'

Ares sighs, realizing I am really serious, and lets go of me. I jump up quickly; I'm not going to get trapped again. The whole thing is more of a game then anything else, I agree with Ares about most everything, I just don't want to admit that! I walk around our room, absently grabbing my favorite amethyst choker necklace, a gift from Ares, who else? I am thinking about what to wear when Ares groans and says 'You are going to torture me, Dysis?'

I turn, he is standing behind me in his trademark leather. I roll my eyes and with a thought I am in my teal nightgown and robe. I smile wickedly 'So sorry...'

I flash out. I reappear in my old room. I never use it anymore, but I keep almost all my clothes there. I assume Casta wants me to wear something that makes me look older. She should have just asked Hera and Selene instead of Ares and I to come to this! Oh well, I am going to wear what I damn well want. Digging through my closet I look for something just slightly less revealing then what I usually wear. Ooh, perfect! I grab a purple dress, with tight long sleeves, off the shoulder, low cut on top. The long dress flows loosely to the floor, it has a split on one side up to my upper thigh. The empire bodice is tight then it just flows out. With a thought I am in the dress, I leave my hair down and I am about to put on the necklace when I realize I left it in the other room. I reappear to find Ares holding my necklace and grinning charmingly at me. I roll my eyes and spin around, my dress flowing out around me as I spin. 'What do you think?'

Ares walks behind me and puts on my necklace for me. Kissing my neck he says 'I think you look beautiful, Dysis. Though I'm not sure what Casta is going to think.... You forgot your shoes.'

I laugh 'Casta can deal with it. I know I forgot my shoes, silly, they are here!'

Ares shakes his head 'I have a small war to check in on. Call me when Casta gets here.'

I sigh, damn, I could have come if I wasn't already dressed up. Pulling on my favorite pair of black heels I say 'Kill someone for me. Okay?'

Ares sighs as well, I think he was hoping I would change and come with him. I kiss him teasingly 'Have fun...'

With a groan and in a flash of blue light Ares is gone. I don't have a long wait, so I flash to our throne room and settle into my throne. A few minutes later Casta appears she looks stunning in a long blue dress. Casta twitters around the room nervously. I point to Ares' throne. 'Casta, sit. You look wonderful, sweetheart. Are you going to go get...'

I suddenly look up, somewhat horrified at this part of my daughter's life that I know nothing about. 'Casta what are their names?'

Casta settles in her fathers throne, but apparently it is to dark for her and she jumps up abruptly. She is eyeing me with suspicion 'Where's Daddy? Tell me he's not at a war, mom! His name is Tomas the parents are Susan and Joseph. Is that what you are wearing? What's Daddy wearing? No, Hermes is bringing them up. They will be here any minute.'

I smile slowly, I do wish she would slow down! 'Yes Ares is at a War. Don't worry he's coming. I'll call him. Yes this is what I'm wearing Ares is wearing what he always wears. You should be proud of me, I changed into something fancy.'

Casta is pacing by now, her beautiful dress dragging on the ground. 'CALL Dad already!!'

I frown slowly, hoping that if I move slower she will too, she is making me dizzy, I get headaches easily when I don't get much sleep. 'I wish you could float, you are going to ruin that pretty dress. All right, I'll call him. Ares! Casta is waiting for us.'

In a flash of blue light Ares appears on his throne and addresses Casta. 'Already? Aren't you a little inpatient, princess?'

Casta smiles and stops pacing 'FINALLY! Hermes will be here any second, oh Dad I wish you'd changed for once!'

Ares looks down, he is in his usual leather, and I don't think I've hardly ever seen Ares in anything but leather... I shrug and Ares decides to ignore Casta. Sure enough a few seconds later Hermes appears with three VERY well dressed mortals. Hermes winks at me, receives a glare from Ares, and disappears. Casta glares at Ares and I and we reluctantly stand up. The woman comes forward, all smiles, 'Hello. Actually I haven't heard much about either of you! I am Susan and this is my husband Joseph.'

I look at Joseph for a moment 'You're a writer. Athena likes you. YOU called me ANCIENT!'

Casta sighs, what a start to get off to, 'Mom, please. In mortal terms you are a little old.'

Joseph receives a glare form Tomas. 'If I had ever met you I would have never thought you were---'

Susan, who seems to be an okay woman, cuts him off. 'Joseph! Honestly, you don't tell a woman their age. So sorry about that, dear.'

DEAR? How young does she think I am? Ares shakes his head at me, reminding me to let it go, for Casta. 'I'm Ares, God of War and this is Dysis--'

I smile, cutting him off sweetly, 'Goddess of Lava.'

Tomas smiles uncertainly 'Nice to meet you, I've been dying to meet Casta's parents.'

I nod politely, who knew I could be polite? 'Yes, it is nice to finally meet the man my daughter is marring.'

Casta moves towards the living room. We follow her; I like to show off that I have some better weapons then Ares, but she has redecorated this room, so I don't get a chance. Susan and Joseph sit on one couch, Casta and Tomas on the other. Ares and I sit on a third. We don't usually use this room, it adjoins our palaces. Casta must have remodeled the furniture a bit, I know we didn't have this many couches before. Susan seems to be very talkative; she asks 'How long have you two been married?'

Ares and I look at each other. I lean closer to Ares as he explains 'We're not married.'

Joseph asks 'Divorced? You know god doesn't like people divorcing. Till death do you part.'

I smile lightly, here goes! Poor Casta. 'We've never been married. You're in our realm now and we are the gods. There are fourteen major gods, then all the minor ones. But you should know that, you did that book...'

Casta looks pale, these Christians are so damn annoying. Susan carefully asks 'You are Casta's parents, right?'

Casta answers this time, how sweet of her, though I think she was just trying to avoid an argument. 'Yes, these are my parents. You will meet the rest of my family at the wedding, I am looking forward to meeting all of your family.'

Smooth way to change the subject, I am proud of my girl. Joseph is giving me an evil look. I want to hurt him. Damn it! Ares is trying to be the good guy for once! He's holding me firmly. I can't make a lava stream unless he lets go of me! I frown, well Casta being happy is all that matters, I can't fry his parents. Tomas speaks up 'I was wondering how this is going to work, becoming one of you.'

He says 'You' like we're some vile creatures, well I can deal with that. Casta looks helplessly to me. I sigh, if only Hera was here she could explain this. 'At the end of the wedding Zeus will give you each a glass of Ambrosia, when Tomas drinks he will become a god. Then you will each be given a ring with the others symbol of power on it. You are then bonded for life. At least that's what Hera says happens. I wouldn't know, I haven't seen any weddings.'

Susan asks, still all smiles but some of them seem to be a little strained. 'What do we do?'

I sigh 'Something about giving our blessing or something. I have to assign Tomas his new realm, and Ares and Athena are in the middle of a War, so we can't stay long. Hera and Selene will instruct you further, I think. Ares and I will approve, but there is a lot of work to do, I'm sure you understand. I have to find a vacant spot for Tomas by the next day and I have a volcano set to go off.'

Joseph asks, still eyeing me. I wish Ares would let go of me already! 'Who are Hera and Selene?'

Ares answers this time, still holding me firmly, 'My mother is Hera. Dysis' mother is Selene. They spend a lot of time with Casta.'

Casta smiles nervously 'My aunt Aphrodite will conduct the wedding, her husband, my uncle Hephaestus, will have the rings made with the Fates. My Grandparents, Zeus and Hera, will give the final vows because they are king and queen of the gods and my aunt Aphrodite can't. Mom will then give the approval vows and will pick a place for Tomas.... It's not that complicated, it just seems so.'

Tomas nodes. Suddenly I turn to Casta 'What about your brother? Doesn't he usually help Aphrodite with the weddings?'

Casta shrugs and looks to Ares who glares at me for bringing Eros up. 'I don't know what Eros is planning to do, you'll have to ask Aphrodite.'

Susan and Tomas look totally lost. Joseph doesn't seem to care. Casta sighs 'You know Eros' mom is no help!'

Ares finally lets me go and glares at Casta 'No I wouldn't know. As I said you will have to ask Aphrodite.'

I move away from Ares and give him a hurt look then shift my attention to Casta. 'You talk with Eros?'

Casta moves closer to Tomas, I think it is because of the look Ares is giving us. 'Uh, I do, sometimes. Always busy casting a love spell on someone, like his mother.'

Tomas asks 'Who is Eros' mother?'

Casta sighs 'Oh I'm sorry, Eros' mother is my aunt Aphrodite.'

Ares pulls me closer to him, trying to get me to forgive him, and states 'It was a long time ago. My sister and I no longer get along very well.'

I bite my lip 'That's my fault, I got mad at Aphrodite for awhile.'

Casta suddenly pales again, realizing she has revealed too much family history. She quickly changes the subject and Ares lets out a sigh of relief. 'Okay… Uh is Grandfather going to be there… mom?'

I shake my head a little stunned, from a subject Ares doesn't like to one I don't like. Casta really doesn't know us that well. 'Poseidon? Yes I assume he will be there, he has to, I think. I don't talk to my father, you know that, Casta.'

Casta glares at both Ares and I 'Oh, really? I didn't know that mom.'

I shrug, what does she really want to get into a fight with ME? I rest my head on Ares' shoulder; Joseph looks ready to kill us. 'What else do we need to discuss, Casta? I'm tired, Ares and I didn't get much sleep last night.'

Casta rolls her eyes and Ares grins slyly at me. Susan's eyes get wide and she looks about ready to faint. Tomas is the only one who seems to be taking this in stride. Casta has either warned him about us or he isn't the good boy he seems... He better not mess around on my daughter, I'll fry him. Tomas asks 'Do I have a choice as to which god I become?'

I sigh, centuries of assigning gods their place really is tiring. 'I suppose, if it's an open position. You understand that you won't be a major deity, right?'

Tomas nodes 'What about being the god of Daring?'

Ares snaps his fingers and a large scroll of open positions appears in front of Tomas. I smile, thankful, 'Those are your choices... Is daring on there?' I look over to Ares for help, he has been on Olympus a lot longer then I have, 'Wasn't Pan Daring? Or was he mischief? I thought that Eris was Mischief and Strife...'

Ares shrugs, great, I wasn't on Olympus and he doesn't care. I stand up and point to the spots on the list 'Anyway I think Nature, Perspective, Truth and Life are open.'

Tomas sighs 'What would Perspective entail?'

Ares spares me 'You would all sides of every matter. There is more to it, of course, but that is one of the things that would change.'

I nod, sometimes I think Ares and I have spent too much time with mortals, we almost understand them! Casta leans closer to Tomas, holding his hand in hers, much to his parent's dismay. I hear her say 'Perspective and Emotions go together nicely, I think.'

Tomas nods 'That sounds just grand... may I call you mother?'

Mother? Oh I feel ill, before I know it my feet have given out and I am in Ares' arms. Ares scoop's me up easily and settles me back on the couch; everyone rushes over with 'Are you alright?'

I focus on Ares, as everything has been a blur, except for energies, carefully I turn to Tomas. 'Dysis, please.'

Susan asks 'Are you alright, dear?'

Ares speaks for me, chuckling lightly, 'Dysis is fine, I'm afraid you just gave her a shock. I don't think she expected Tomas to call her 'mother' right goddess?'

I nod, slowly sitting up, Ares' steadying arm at my waist. 'Casta, why don't you and Tomas go explore the grounds? I'm sure he's anxious to see your palace. Don't worry, sweetheart, I'm fine.'

Casta looks towards Tomas, who nods and they run off. Susan and Joseph look at us firmly, I can tell they have been waiting for Casta and Tomas to leave to get a piece of us. Susan asks, eyeing Ares' arm at my waist, 'You have never been married?'

I smile as Ares answers 'Married? No. If your asking if we sleep together the answer is yes. Is that a problem?'

Susan swallows hard and asks 'Other people know about this?'

I grin, remembering a particular time when Ares and I went down to check on a battle, and I ended up with my legs wrapped around his waist as we kissed… In the middle of a field of soldiers, I think they knew we were fucking. 'We're… Affectionate in public, yeah, I don't know what they know, but it doesn't really matter.'

I lick my lips, projecting the memory to Ares, who looks at me with a raised eyebrow. Joseph pulls out a book, one of his and flips through it. 'Forgive me, but I think I have a mistake in my writing, would you correct me?'

Ares and I nod, Joseph continues 'It says here 'Ares, god of war, first born son of Zeus and Hera.' Is that true?'

Ares nods 'Yeah, those are my parents. So what?'

Joseph smiles, happy about the detail in his book, 'Dysis, goddess of lava, daughter of Selene… I'm sorry, I do not know your father.'

I sigh, hasn't he been listening? 'Poseidon, my father is Poseidon, and my mother is Selene.'

Joseph says 'Now, this is what confuses me, it says that Poseidon, Hera, Zeus, Demeter, and Hades are Cronus and Rhea's children, and Selene is Zeus' cousin, how can that be right?'

I shrug, as does Ares, he answers though, for he knows more about Olympus 'Yeah, it's right. Cronus and Rhea were my grandparents, so what?'

Joseph looks slightly ill 'But… Doesn't that make you two closer then cousins?'

I roll my eyes 'What did you expect? I thought you had done research on us? It's not a big deal for gods…'

Susan sighs, trying not to condemn us immediately. 'I just-I don't think it's appropriate for the wedding!'

Ares chuckles 'You mean you want us to be cold, distant, and…. Unaffectionate at the wedding?'

Joseph blurts out 'Well yes! I will not blame your daughter for her parents folly, she obviously hasn't been raised to be a heathen woman, but I don't think our family would feel the same way, we have a reputation to keep up.'

I giggle 'Don't worry about it! Party atmospheres aren't really our trip… We'll be good…'

Joseph and Susan seem relieved, if not totally terrified by us. Joseph looks to Susan and states 'We'd like to go home now.'

Both Ares and I shrug and Ares adds 'We don't do that stuff.'

I nod, seeming the terrified looks that cross their faces on the thought of being stuck with us. 'Hermes, get down here!'

Hermes appears in a flash of light, keeping his eyes on the floor and away from me… he had to learn that lesson the hard way. 'What is it, Dysis, what do you want me to deliver.'

Ares gestures towards Joseph and Susan, asserting his position, I think he's still mad at Hermes. 'Them, take them to wherever they came from.'

Hermes nods, keeping his eyes to the floor until he turns towards Susan and Joseph 'Okay the ride is leaving, let's go, or I'll leave you here with them!'

Both Susan and Joseph jump up and take Hermes hands, I call out 'Bye, nice meeting you all. Hermes…'

He looks up and I glare at him 'Don't look at me.'

Hermes nods quickly disappearing with his charges. I giggle, swinging around on the couch so I am on top of Ares 'Mortals are so boring!'

Ares nods, raising an eyebrow at me, 'What are you thinking, goddess?'

I run my hand through his hair 'I am thinking of changing and going out to the gardens.'

Ares asks 'Really? The gardens… I think, Dysis, that I just might join you.'

I giggle again 'Oh please do!'

That said I disappear, to the gardens, sure that Ares will be right behind me.

_____ *** _____

Those mortals are really strange, I recall asking Athena about that Joseph guy, and her response was that he was working on a new book that she would rather not comment on. I of course got the book, actually it was left on my alter… I think Joseph meant it as an insult. It's in my personal library… Yes I have a library, a very large one and it's not all blood and gore either. But back to the book; It was all about the heathen gods of ancient times. Full of sex and war and immoral relationships, not very descript, but it was funny the impression we made. Of course there was a companion book, about the proper morals… Ares and I were listed quite a lot for bad examples… Even Athena was listed, we all know what for. So I enjoyed in all fun and games… especially in Ares. How was I supposed to know that one bit of fun would change my life… yet again.

To Be Continued with Chapter Seventeen ~Let's Play One More Time~

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